Our Mission/Values


To be a leader, striving for excellence in program and service offerings, addressing the variety of needs and enhancing the lives of community members along the north coast



Community Members

We commit to offering community members comprehensive services and programs and honouring their right to choose while providing support throughout their journey.


We acknowledge, respect and value other people’s perspectives and the diversity of our communities. 

We hold ourselves to service standards of excellence, trusting our colleagues to achieve the same.

Ethical Service Delivery

We embrace cultural diversity and respect the privacy and confidentiality of others in all aspects of our work.

We create professional boundaries with all clients, funding agencies and our communities.

We meet all contractual obligations, providing quality services and effective reporting systems.


We continue to foster long-term progressive working relationships with external and internal stakeholders.

We commit to enhancing program, community and provincial partnerships. 

Through partnerships, we strive to enrich our knowledge, skills and abilities to expand comprehensive services on the north coast.


We provide a positive work environment which fosters collaboration and safety through open dialogue, welcoming contributions throughout decision making processes.

We enrich our employees’ knowledge, skills and abilities through professional development and training opportunities. 

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