Common Bowl Project (Supervised Access Visits) – Family Skills Program

Parents whose children are in the custody of the Ministry of Children and Family Development can visit in a safe and supportive environment.  Family Support Workers provide non-judgmental guidance to parents to help ensure visits are a positive experience for their children and themselves.

For those parents who are eligible, the Common Bowl Project will provide another avenue to reconnect with their children.  Parents will learn practical, hands-on skills to support themselves and their children while completing day to day tasks, such as meal preparation and grocery shopping.  Participating in cultural activities, crafts and events will have a significant role within the Project, providing another avenue to reconnect parents with their children.

Closed referral process through Ministry of Children and Family Development 
Please call NCCS at 250.627.7166 or 250.624.7594 (then press #1) to speak with an MCFD Social Worker for more information.

Funded by the Ministry of Children and Family Development

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