PEACE Program:

Counsellors support children and youth in their development of self-esteem, build awareness of safety issues, understand of their emotions and the dynamics of the violence they have experienced. (formerly Children Who Witness Abuse Program)

Community-Based Victim Services

The Victim Services Worker provides support to those individuals who are survivors of violent crimes. The Worker offers emotional support and assistance to prepare safety plans and court documents.

Empowerment Program

Children and youth of ages three to nineteen are provided with support to enhance their social and life skills and provide encouragement to become independent and successful.

Family Skills

Family Support Workers provide resources and support for parents who may, at times, need additional guidance with parenting challenges and enhancing healthy lifestyles to improve the lives of their children and themselves.

Infant/Support Child Development Program

Consultants provide resources, guidance and support for parents whose children, aged 0 – 18, who may have or have been diagnosed with special needs. Consultants provide resources, guidance and access to additional child care support funds while on »

Common Bowl Project (Supervised Access Visits) – Family Skills Program

Parents whose children are in the custody of the Ministry of Children and Family Development can visit in a safe and supportive environment. The Common Bowl Project offers an innovative service delivery model, bringing parents and their children on »

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