Easy reading for kindergarten

21 Kindergarten Books That Will Wow and Inspire Your Little Readers!

Inside: Kindergarten books are vitally important for early readers, and these are some of our favorites. Check them out!

Kindergarten Books are Essential for Young Readers!

Watching my oldest son’s development while he was in kindergarten was nothing short of amazing.

He began the year mesmerized by books but not at all able to read them. Yet, by the time June came around, he had his own stack of awesome books for kindergarten readers (all of which he could read fluently,) he knew exactly which stories were “just right” for him in our school library (ok, ok — so I may be his school librarian — but it’s exciting nonetheless!!), and he would stay up way past his bedtime reading with his special book light.

It was incredible. And, of course, it made my book-loving heart so, so happy.

Just as he grew, so did his love of reading. I credit so much of this love not only to great kindergarten read-alouds, but also to getting the perfect books into his hands when he began his reading journey.

What Makes a “Good” Book for Kindergartners?

When our children begin kindergarten, most of us typically have one thought in mind: my child will read this year! After all, is there anything more synonymous with kindergarten than this singular goal?

Finding the “right” kindergarten books is therefore essential. We want to give them books that will excite them, delight them, make them laugh and boost their confidence as they begin to tackle a brand new challenge.

So how do you know if a book is perfect for your beginning reader? What makes a great kindergarten book different from an easy chapter book? Check out these tips!

Large Fonts Help Kindergarten Readers Comprehend

Believe it or not, larger fonts really make a difference for new readers! Larger fonts have been linked to a boost in decoding skills, in addition to greater fluency and enhanced comprehension. Larger text in kindergarten books is also much less intimidating to new readers, as pages inherently have more white space and less words. It allows children to easily see where their eyes should go next.

Short Sentences in Kindergarten Books is Essential

Simplicity is key for new readers. Why? The longer the sentence, the more confusion your child will feel. Remember — kindergarten books are for those kids who are just learning to read. That means they have not yet mastered fluency and speed, nor do they understand the nuances of punctuation. And forget about a sentence extending over a page turn — these are the things that do nothing but frustrate our new readers. Thus, short and simple is key!

Repetition Helps Young Readers Grasp New Concepts

Repetitive books for kindergarteners are like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. These are the best! This type of story includes both repetitive structures and vocabulary words. Repetition in early readers allows children to master new words and skills. On their first read through, a child may stumble and pause frequently as they sound out what they see on the page. Yet, the more frequently they read a passage, sentence or word, the more flow and fluency will improve. The best part? When fluency improves, so does confidence.

Kindergarten Books Should Contain Easy-to-Decode Words

Many beginning readers and kindergarten books incorporate easy to read words. But what are those words? These early readers contain not only sight words, but also words that can be decoded easily using the rules of phonics and “chunking” strategies (ie., breaking words up into smaller components.)

Illustrations Provide Supportive Clues to Early Readers

Illustrations in kindergarten books should not just be engaging, but they should also provide supportive, or “context” clues to the reader. This means that a great early reader contains pictures that correspond to the text, support both the plot and mood of the book, and help readers decode unknown vocabulary words.

These Kindergarten Books Will Engage and Captivate Your New Readers!

Keep in mind that the easiest of these books are at the top of the list, and the more challenging (and longer) reads are at the end.


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The Adventures of Otto: See Pip Flap, by David Milgrim: We absolutely love these books about Otto the Robot and all of his great adventures! The Adventures of Otto stories are perfect kindergarten books for brand new readers who are beginning to master sight words and decode text all on their own. Several books in this set have won Theodore Seuss Geisel Award Honors for being distinguished books for beginning readers. We can’t rave about this starter set enough! Shop See Pip Flap & support local bookstores here! Shop Amazon here!

Stop! Bot!, by James Yang: Winner of the 2020 Geisel Award, this is a darling picture book mystery with simple text and fabulous illustrations that tell much of the story in and of themselves. A young boy stops to show a doorman his new “bot,” but the bot suddenly gets away from him and floats high into the air like a balloon! As the doorman rushes from floor to floor in the building, the people on each floor get zanier and zanier. Will they be able to rescue the bot before it’s too late? Vibrant and engaging, we simply love this one! Shop Stop! Bot! & support local bookstores here! Shop Amazon here!

Go, Dog, Go!, by P.D. Eastman: This was one of the first books my son read aloud from start to finish, and there is so much to love about it! From big dogs to little dogs, dogs going in to dogs going out, fast dogs, red dogs, blue dogs and more, children for years have adored this silly story that is also a perfect one for beginning readers to share aloud. Read it once, your kids will laugh. Read it twice, and your kids will forever ask everyone “do you like my hat?” The best! Shop Go, Dog, Go! & support local bookstores here! Shop Amazon here!

The Cat and the Rat and the Hat, by Em Lynas and illustrated by Matt Hunt: This book is such a delight, and such fun, too! We love reading this aloud because it undoubtedly has kids erupt into giggle fits each and every time. This is the story of cat sitting on a mat when a rat arrives wearing a very nice hat. Need I say more? Between the silly text and the hilarious pictures, it’s sure to be a hit. It will go over especially well with kids  learning the “at” family of sounds, too.  Shop The Cat and the Rat and the Hat  & support local bookstores here! Shop Amazon here!

Look, by Fiona Woodcock: This simple book contains just one word on each page, each of which contains the diagraph “oo.” Here, a brother and sister wake up in the morning and go spend some time at the zoo, were they see kangaroos and bring home balloons! This engaging book and its fabulous, creative illustrations make this one a winner, especially as the repeated “oo” diagraph is an important early literacy concept. Shop Look & support local bookstores here! Shop Amazon here!

Cat the Cat, Who is That?, by Mo Willems: Cat the Cat loves her friends, and she’s pretty sure you will, too. It’s only natural, then, that she wants to introduce the reader to all her pals. With simple text, a repetitive structure, and Willems’ trademark humor, this short early reader will boost confidence in children who want to read a story on their own but aren’t quite ready for longer beginning books. Shop Cat the Cat Who is That? & support local bookstores here! Shop Amazon here!

What will Fat Cat Sit On, by Jan Thomas: In this funny story, Fat Cat is looking for a seat — and all of the animals in this silly story are hoping Fat Cat won’t sit on them! With each animal hoping he is not the victim, they have got to find something else for Fat Cat to sit on. Will a chair suffice? And if so, what will Fat Cat do for lunch? This one is so much fun! Shop What Will Fat Cat Sit On & support local bookstores here! Shop Amazon here!

Big Dog and Little Dog Tales of Adventure, by Dav Pilkey: Did you know the creator of the famous Dog Man and Captain Underpants series also writes beginning books for kids? This collection of five simple stories captures the friendship — and hilarious shenanigans — of Big Dog and Little Dog, both entertaining your children and developing their reading skills at the very same time. This collection was a huge winner in our house when my oldest first made the jump to beginning readers. Shop Big Dog and Little Dog & support local bookstores here! Shop Amazon here!

The Book Hog, by Greg Pizzoli: If you guessed that the book hog loves books, you guessed correctly! He loves everything about them — from the way they feel to the way they smell. One thing he doesn’t love, though? He can’t read them. Leave it to a special librarian to help him unlock the magic within each story! We love this one, a Geisel Honor from 2020. Shop The Book Hog & support local bookstores here! Shop Amazon here!

Flubby is Not a Good Pet, by J E Morris: Flubby is a big, fat cat, but unfortunately, he can’t do what a lot of other pets do. Flubby can’t sing or catch — he can’t even jump! But Flubby needs his owner – and his owner needs him, too. And that’s enough. A sweet book, with repetition, simple text and pictures that help tell this adorable story. Another 2020 Geisel honor book! Shop Flubby is Not a Good Pet & support local bookstores here! Shop Amazon here!

Fox the Tiger, by Corey R. Tabor: Fox desperately wishes he was a tiger. Why? Tigers are sneaky! Fast! Big! This leaves Fox with an important mission- he will turn himself into a tiger by painting himself some stripes! Soon other animals join in the fun— but when it comes right down to it, Fox quickly discovers one very important lesson- the best thing to be is himself. Clever, fun and with an awesome message to boot, it’s no wonder this great book won the 2019 Geisel Award. For our full review of Fox the Tiger, click here! Shop Fox the Tiger & support local bookstores here! Shop Amazon here!

Jack at Bat, by Greg Pizzoli: We are loving this new series for beginning readers, with its big pictures, big text, simple prose, and plots that will undoubtedly make your kids laugh as they perfect their new reading skills. Is there anything better than that? In this book, it’s up to Jack to make a winning run during a baseball game… but on the way to the plate, he spots some snacks. Uh oh! Between Jack the rabbit, his funny dog, and a cranky old lady, this series is a delight! Shop Jack at Bat & support local bookstores here! Shop Amazon here!

My Kite is Stuck! and Other Stories, by Salina Yoon: In this Geisel Honor early reader series, Big Duck constantly bosses around her little brother, Little Duck. And this means that when Porcupine joins their crew, Big Duck is definitely the leader. This darling book contains stories about making lemonade, new friends, and kite flying. We love this lively and engaging series! Shop My Kite is Stuck & support local bookstores here! Shop Amazon here!

Harold and Hog Pretend for Real, by Dan Santat: What happens when Harold and Hog pretend to be Elephant and Piggie? The two love Gerald and Piggie, and they even don costumes to get into character. But uptight Hog can’t be quite as carefree as Piggie — and Harold can’t be quite as careful as Gerald. This one is so much fun, a perfect kindergarten book for home or the classroom, and a great twist on the beloved Elephant and Piggie stories! Shop Harold and Hog Pretend for Real & support local bookstores here! Shop Amazon here!

Little Bear, by Else Holmelund Minarik and illustrated by Maurice Sendek: In this classic early reader, Little Bear’s mama always seems to know just what he needs. Something warm to wear when he is playing in the snow, a hot lunch after he returns from a trip to the moon, and a special birthday surprise. You can never go wrong when Sendak illustrates a children’s book, and this one has staying power for all the right reasons. Repetition and easy to decode words give kids a confidence boost when reading aloud this “longer” book! Shop Little Bear & support local bookstores here! Shop Amazon here!

Frank and Bean, by Jamie Michalak and illustrated by Bob Kolar: What happens when calm and quiet Frank meets toot-toot-tooting Bean who just loves playing his trumpet? These two total opposites may be in trouble when they end up camping right next to each other. Can two seemingly different characters find a way to be… friends? This goofy kindergarten book is perfect for your kids who want a longer story to read where they can practice their skills and laugh at the very same time. Shop Frank and Bean & support local bookstores here! Shop Amazon here!

Smell My Foot!, by Cece Bell: if you want someone to smell your foot, no matter whether you think that scent will be good or bad, you better make sure to use your manners and say please!! My big one could not get through this book without laughing hysterically. And when I read it with him for the first time, I too was laughing so hard I could not catch my breath. If you want a book that’s sure to be a hit for new readers, with easy to read text, hilarious illustrations, and bucket loads of fun, this one is a must! Shop Smell My Foot! & support local bookstores here! Shop Amazon here!

Tiger vs. Nightmare, by Emily Tetri: In this graphic novel for early readers, Tiger and Monster play together — a lot. Monster would never scare Tiger, but he does have to scare something. So what should he scare? Maybe he can scare Tiger’s nightmares away. It works, to a point. Until a nightmare comes that’s so big and so brave, Monster knows he can’t fight it alone. For beginning readers ready for graphic novels, this one is wonderful. It shows the value of teamwork, friendship, and courage, too! Shop Tiger vs. Nightmare & support local bookstores here! Shop Amazon here!

Don’t Worry, Bee Happy, by Ross Burach: Bumble and Bee cause lots of mischief in the pond, and their cranky best friend Frog isn’t all that happy about giving up his peace and quiet. He won’t smile for pictures! He won’t do a waggle dance! Nonetheless, these guys are best friends… despite their very different personalities. This is another great graphic novel and part of Scholastic’s Acorn line which is aimed at children who are learning to read. We love the Acorn books and its various series that have been recently published! Shop Don’t Worry, Bee Happy & support local bookstores here! Shop Amazon here!

Beneath the Bed and Other Scary Stories, by Max Brallier and illustrated by Letizia Rubenni: Another book in Scholastic’s Acorn line, this one is perfect for your brave readers who love the thrill of a scary children’s book! What kind of monsters are hiding under the bed, and what on earth is scratching at the window? These five stories will give kids a fright — and a giggle. There’s just one question – will they be brave enough to turn the lights off? Shop Beneath the Bed & support local bookstores here! Shop Amazon here!

Henry and Mudge, by Cynthia Rylant and illustrated by Sucie Stevenson: Meet Henry and Mudge, companions, friends and forever partners! Henry has no siblings and no friends on his street, so he convinces his parents to get him a pup — who grows into a very large dog. These delightful stories are terrific for children moving just beyond beginning readers, as they feature more complex sentences, longer paragraphs and short chapters. A classic series for newly independent readers looking for easy chapter books! Shop Henry and Mudge & support local bookstores here! Shop Amazon here!

Free Stories and Free eBooks for the Kindergarten, First Grade, and Beginning Reader; Edmark 1 Stories, Read Well Stories, Children Stories, Libros de español gratis para el lector principiante

Free Stories and Free eBooks for the Kindergarten, First Grade, and Beginning Reader; Edmark 1 Stories, Read Well Stories, Children Stories, Libros de español gratis para el lector principiante


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10 interesting books for young children and preschoolers: from fairy tales to instructive stories

Preschoolers can only be envied. They have an endless supply of great children's books, no summer recommended reading lists, and parents and grandparents ready to read aloud. We have selected books for you that will appeal not only to children, but also to adults - because they will read them together.

1. Marfa from Sosnovka, Nina Pavlova

Martha Pig comes out of any situation with a high snout. Charismatic, goal-oriented and very enterprising. Flight to the moon? Own icebreaker? Easy! And in general, the whole order in Sosnovka rests solely on this mischievous, eccentric, infinitely kind and risky pig.

Funny and instructive stories, in the epigraph to which it says that there is a little bit of Martha in every reader.

2. "The Secret of Chocolate Bunnies", Valentina Degteva

Every child at least once in his life dreamed of growing up quickly to become an adult and that his parents and grandparents would understand him. But Timofey Kornev faced the opposite problem: his relatives suddenly became his peers! And how to return everything to its place in the remaining half an hour before the New Year, and even in the company of a good-for-nothing Santa Claus, is completely incomprehensible. nine0003

A funny and instructive story about how important it is to correctly formulate your desires, and about how to deal with the requirements and expectations of parents.

3. "Let's go catch the monster!", Asya Ploshkina

If the children, Lelya and Petrik, decide to put things in order in Mirror Bay, which was covered in fog by some sea monster, then they will certainly cope. Even if they are expected to meet with vampires, trolls, mermaids and huge mountain snails, and the caves under the Giant Mountain are still fraught with a lot of secrets and obstacles insurmountable for adults. nine0003

4. How the Cricket Got Well by Toon Tellegen

A cozy and slow-paced story that helps children better deal with their emotions. In this philosophical tale, Toon Tellegen tells children in simple language about the "gloomy feeling" that has settled in the cricket's head - depression.

And what if you don't even want to celebrate your own birthday? All the forest dwellers rush to help, each with their own history and character.

Of course, the "gloomy feeling" will go away, and the children, turning over the last page of the book, will remain with the confidence that any troubles can be overcome with the support of loved ones. nine0003

5. "Library", Sarah Stewart

A funny story in verse for one tooth for those who love to read, but are embarrassed to admit it. No wonder - after all, everyone around is dancing, walking and doing who knows what! But Elizabeth Brown prefers to read and spend all her money not on shoes, but on books. True, soon there will be no room at all in the house, and then ... What will happen next, you will find out when you finish reading the book to the end.

6. Captain Nemo, Winnie Ang, Charlotte Severins

Jakob doesn't like solving examples, but loves the sea and drawing fish. He dreams of building a submarine and conquering the depths of the sea. Parents will definitely remember the story of Captain Nemo, and this colorful book motivates children not to give up and go towards their dream, even if everyone around is against it.

7. Petrushka the Lion by Michael Bond

Paddington Bear definitely has a competitor! Leo Petrushka and his friend the dog Dill live in the Garden of Herbs and Spices, and their life is wonderful, because you never know what will happen to you the next moment. And what happens to them is an egg mess, and an exhibition of sketches, more like the fact that a trash can exploded near a Bay leaf, and also an inventive and automotive mood and ... you can’t remember everything. nine0003

Funny and funny stories with a game of words and meanings in the best traditions of classical English literature. Children will receive lessons for all occasions, and parents will enjoy a great sense of humor. And, by the way, they will replenish their piggy bank of ideas for games with preschoolers.

8. "Skunk and Badger" by Amy Timberlake

Can a Badger the Stoneman (almost like a round dance, only about stones) and a Skunk with a chicken whistle in a suitcase get along under the same roof of a red brick house? A children's book filled with a lot of meanings for adults. Children will find in it tips on how to make friends and how to communicate, how to build personal boundaries and how to learn to be truly kind and responsive. And adults will enjoy the Easter eggs left for them about traveling salesmen and "hospitality". nine0003

9. "Bee music" and "Everything in the forest sings", Vasily Sukhomlinsky

For most people, Vasily Sukhomlinsky is an innovative teacher, the creator of the pedagogical system. And meanwhile, he was also a children's writer! And he wrote more than 1200 fairy tales and short stories.

The collections published in Rosmen on exclusive rights include Sukhomlinsky's most famous short stories about nature, children and animals. The texts easily and clearly tell children about important human values, show the difference between good and bad deeds and their consequences. nine0003

10. "Kindergarten, eighth group", Victoria Lederman

Light and funny poems for children who know what it's like to lie quietly under the covers at a quiet hour, when you want to indulge, and another children's song is spinning in your head, memorized in the morning at a music lesson. And on the locker, instead of your favorite superheroes, there is a boring carrot. The collection contains a whole year of life in kindergarten from autumn to summer. By the way, the author has one more cycle - “We bought Sasha a hamster”. These books will be useful to those who decide to get a pet. nine0003

List of works of fiction for reading to children on lexical topics in the preparatory group | Card file on correctional pedagogy (preparatory group) on the topic:


Topic: Flowers bloom (in the park, in the forest, in the steppe)

Tolstoy "Bells".

2. E. Trutneva "Bell".

3. E. Blaginina "Dandelion", "Bird cherry". nine0003

4. E. Serova "Lily of the valley", "Carnation", "Forget-me-nots".

5. N. Sladkov "A lover of flowers".

6. Yu. Moritz "Flower".

7. M. Poznanskaya "Dandelion"

Theme: Autumn (periods of autumn, autumn months, trees in autumn)

1. A.N. Maikov "Autumn".

2. S. Yesenin "Fields are compressed ...".

3. A.S. Pushkin “Already the sky was breathing in autumn”.

4. E. Trutneva "Autumn"

5. V. Bianchi "Sinichkin calendar"

6. F. Tyutchev “There is in the original autumn…”

7. A. Pleshcheev “Autumn has come”.

8. A.K. Tolstoy "Autumn! Our poor garden is sprinkled."

9. M. Isakovsky "Cherry".

10. L.N. Tolstoy "Oak and hazel".

11. I. Tokmakova "Oak". F. Vasiliev "Before the rain."

12 B. Serov "October".

13 S. Kupriyanov "Autumn" (from the album "Illustrative Material...").

14 S. Kupriyanova "Late Autumn" (from the album "Illustrative Material..."). nine0003

15 N. Osenev "Autumn".

16 K. Ushinsky "Dispute of trees".

17 S. Voronin “My birch. In autumn.

Theme: Bread

1. M. Prishvin "Fox bread"

2. Yu.

3. L.Kon from the "Book of Plants" ("Wheat", "Rye").

4. Ya Dyaguty "Hands of Man" (from the book "Rye Sings".

5. M. Glinskaya "Bread"

6. Ukr.0002 7. I. Taits "Everyone is here."

Theme: Vegetables, fruits

1. L.N. Pushkin “... it is full of ripe juice ...”

3. M. Isakovsky “Cherry”

4. Yu. Tuvim “Vegetables”

5. The folk tale in the processing of K. Ushinsky “The top and roots”.

6. N. Nosov "Cucumbers", "About the turnip", "Gardeners".

7. B. Zhitkov "What I saw".

8. A. Plastov. "Bonfire in the field." nine0003

9. G. Rodari "Cipollino".

10 V. Suteev "A bag of apples".

11 K. Ushinsky "The history of one apple tree".

12. L. Tolstoy “The old man planted apple trees ...”

Topic: mushrooms, berries

1. E. Trutneva “Mushrooms”

2. V. Kataev “Mushrooms”

3. A. Prokofiev "Borovik"

4. Y. Taits "About berries".

5. Ya. Taits "About mushrooms".

6. V. Zotov Blueberry, Blueberry, Blackberry, Cranberry, White mushroom,

"Volnushka", "Autumn Mushroom" (from the book "Forest Mosaic").

7. V. Suteev "Under the Mushroom" (from the book "Tales and Pictures").

Subject: Migratory and waterfowl

  1. K.D. Ushinsky "Swallow".
  2. G. Snegirev "Swallow", "Starling".
  3. V. Sukhomlinsky "Let there be a nightingale and a beetle."
  4. M. Prishvin "Children and ducklings".
  5. Ukr.n.s. "Little Duck".
  6. LN Tolstoy "Bird". nine0209
  7. I. Sokolov-Mikitov "The Cranes Are Flying Away".
  8. P. Voronko "Cranes".
  9. V.A. Sukhomlinsky "I'm ashamed before the nightingale".
  10. V. Bianchi "Bird Year - Autumn" (from the book "Our Birds").
  11. G.Kh. Andersen "Wild swans".
  12. V. Garshin "Traveling Frog".

Subject: Our city. My street.

1. Z. Aleksandrova "Motherland"

2. S. Mikhalkov "My Street".

3. Yu. Antonov’s song “There are central streets…”

Subject: Autumn clothes, shoes, hats

1. K. Ushinsky "How a shirt grew in the field."

2. Z. Aleksandrova "Sarafanchik".

3. S. Mikhalkov "And what about you?".

4. Br. Grimm "The Brave Little Tailor"

5. S. Marshak "That's how absent-minded."

6. N. Nosov "Live Hat", "Patch".

7. E.D. Berestov "Pictures in puddles".

8. V. Dragunsky "Deniska's stories". nine0003

9. Brothers Grimm "The Brave Tailor".

Subject: Pets and their babies.

1. E. Charushin "What kind of beast?"

2. G. Auster "A Kitten named Woof".

3. L.N. Tolstoy "Lion and dog", "Kitten".

4. Br. Grimm "The Bremen Town Musicians"

5. R.s.s. "The wolf and the seven Young goats".

7. K. Paustovsky "Cat-thief".

8. V. Suteev "The Capricious Cat" (from the book "Tales and Pictures"). nine0003

Subject: Wild animals and their babies.

1. A.K. Tolstoy "Squirrel and Wolf".

2. R.s.c. "Zayushkina hut"

3. G. Snegirev "Trace of a deer"

4. I. Sokolov - Mikitov "Bear family", "Squirrels", "Belyak", "Hedgehog",

"Fox hole", "Lynx ", "The Bears".

5. R.s.s. "Zimovye".

6. V. Oseeva "Ezhinka"

7. G. Skrebitsky "in the forest clearing".

8. V. Bianchi "Bathing the cubs". nine).

13 I. Gurvich "Malka and Milka" (from the book "Intimate word").

14 V. Suteev "The Magic Wand" (from the book "Tales and Pictures").

Theme: Late autumn. Fore-winter

7. A.S. Pushkin “Already the sky was breathing in autumn”

8. D.M. Siberian "Grey Neck"

9. V.M. Garshin "Frog - Traveler".

10. A. S. Pushkin “Winter!.. The peasant triumphant…”

11. S.A. Yesenia "Birch", "Winter sings - calls out." nine0003

12. I.S. Nikitin "Meeting of Winter"

Theme: Winter. Wintering birds

6. L.N. Tolstoy "Bird"

7. Nenets folk tale "Cuckoo"

8. S. Mikhalkov "Chaffinch".

9. I.S. Turgenev "Sparrow".

10. I. Sokolov - Mikitov "Capercaillie", "Black grouse".

11. A.A. Block "Snow and snow all around."

12. I.Z. Surikov "Winter"

13. N.A. Nekrasov "frost - governor". . nine0003

14 V. Sukhomlinsky "Bird pantry", "Like a Squirrel - Woodpecker

shepherded", "Curious Woodpecker", What woodpeckers are.

15 . Sokolov-Mikitov "Capercaillie".

16 A. Plastov "The First Snow".

17 G. Nissky "Above the Snows".

18 A. Savrasov "Winter Landscape".

19 Subject pictures on the theme "Wintering Birds".

20 S. Odoevsky "Moroz Ivanovich".

21 V. Oseeva "On the skating rink".

22 S. Voronin “My birch. In winter."

Subject: Library. Books.

1. S. Marshak "How was the book printed?"

2. V. Mayakovsky "This little book is mine about the seas and about the lighthouse."

3. "What is good and what is bad."

Subject: Transport. Traffic Laws.

1. S. Ya. Marshak "Baggage".

2. Leila Berg "Stories about a small car".

3. S. Sakharnov "The best ship".

4. N. Sakonskaya “song about the metro”

5. M. Ilyin, E. Segal “Cars on our street”

6 .N. Kalinin "How the guys crossed the street."

7. A. Gaidar "Chuk and Gek".

Theme: New Year. Winter entertainment.

  1. S. Marshak "Twelve months".
  2. Year-round (December)
  3. R. n. With. "Snegurochka"
  4. E. Trutneva "Happy New Year!". nine0209
  5. L. Voronkova “Tanya chooses a Christmas tree”.
  6. N. Nosov "Dreamers".
  7. F. Gubin "Gorka".
  8. V. Odoevsky "moroz Ivanovich".
  9. I.Z. Surikov "Childhood". "Winter"
  10. A.A. Block "Dilapidated hut".
  11. S.D. Drozhzhin "Grandfather Frost".
  12. S. Cherny "Running like the wind on skates."
  13. R.s.s. "Two Frosts".
  14. R.s.s. "Visiting Santa Claus"
  15. 15 R.s.c. "Morozko"
  16. Brothers Grimm "Lady Blizzard". nine0209
  17. V. Suteev "Christmas Tree" (from the book "Tales and Pictures").

Subject: The end of winter

  1. I. Nikitin "Wizard the Magician". S. Ivanov "What is the snow."
  2. R. Snegirev "Overnight in winter".
  3. F. Tyutchev "The Enchanting Winter".
  4. S. Kozlov "Winter's Tale"
  5. K. D. Ushinsky "Wind and Sun".
  6. N. Nekrasov It is not the wind that rages over the forest "Winter fun".
  7. V. Dal "The old man of the year"
  8. A. S. Pushkin "For the beauty of nature in spring"0209
  9. B. Grimm “Belyanochka and Pink”

Topic: winter animals

1. S. Kozlov “Like a hedgehog with a teddy bear, wiped the star”

2. N. SLOW “Bear”

3. A. Milne "Winnie the Pooh and all-all-all"

4. V. Shulzhik "White bear cub"

5. V. Bianchi "Bathing the cubs"

6. E. Charushin "Bear cub"

7. I. Sokolov-Nikitov "Bear family", "Bears"

8. R. n. with "Bear Linden Leg"

9. R. n. With. "The Old Man and the Bear"

10. I. Sokolov-Nikitov "In the Lair"

Theme: Animals of hot countries. Animals of cold countries.

  1. B. Zakhoder "Turtle". "Giraffe".
  2. Tajik fairy tale "tiger and fox"
  3. K. Chukovsky "Turtle"
  4. D.R. Kipling stories from the book "The Jungle Book"
  5. B. Zhitkov "About the Elephant".
  6. N. Sladkov "In the ice".
  7. E. Charushin "Elephant", Monkeys". "Rhinoceros", "Behemoth", "Lion" (from the book "My First Zoology"). nine0209
  8. L. Tolstoy "The Lion and the Dog". "The Elephant".
  9. L. Rozhkovsky "In the Menagerie", "Three Crocodiles", "Long Neck".
  10. V. Stepanov "Tiger".
  11. D. Rodovich "Crocodile".
  12. M. Moskvina "What happened to the crocodile".
  13. Y. Dmitriev "Camel and donkey".
  14. AI Kuprin "Elephant"
  15. S. Baruzdin "Camel".
  16. Khmelnitsky "The Caterpillar and the Crocodile"
  17. BS Zhitkov "How the Elephant Saved the Master from the Tiger".
  18. B. Zhitkov "About the Elephant", "Mongoose", "How the Elephant Saved the Master from the Tiger". nine0209

Subject: My family. Person.

G. Brailovskaya "Our mothers, our fathers".

V. Oseeva "Just an old woman".

Ya Segel "How I was a mother".

P. Voronko "Help the Boy"

D. Gabet "My Family".

A Barto "Vovka - a kind soul"

Senior researcher Sister Alyonushka and brother Ivanushka.

L.N. Tolstoy "Old grandfather and granddaughters".

E. Blaginina "Alenushka".

Subject: The house and its parts. Furniture.

Y. Tuvim "Table".

S. Marshak "Where did the table come from?".

V. Mayakovsky "What to be?"

A. Tolstoy's fairy tale "Three fat men".

A. Lindgren "Carlson who lives on the roof" (first chapter)

S. Marshak "Cat's House".

Subject: Aquarium and river fish. animal world of the ocean

A.S. Pushkin "The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish".

N. Nosov "Karasik"

R.s.s. “At the command of a pike”, “Sister-chanterelle and a gray wolf”.

G.-H. Andersen "The Little Mermaid".

E. Permyak "The First Fish".

L.N. Tolstoy "Shark".

V. Danko "Tadpole".

O. Grigoriev "Catfish"

B. Zakhoder "The Whale and the Cat".

S. Sugar "Sea Tales".

S. Voronin "Kind Shell" (from the book "Unusual Chamomile").

Subject: Toys. Russian folk toy.

B. Zhitkov "What I saw".

S Marshak "Ball"

A. Barto "Rope", "Toys".

V. Kataev "Flower - seven-flower"

E. Serova "Bad story".

V. Kataev "Flower - seven-flower"

. E. Serova "Bad story"

Subject: Work in the countryside in winter

  1. A. Zhabsky "Control milking".
  2. Belarusian folk tale "Light bread".
  3. Russian folk tale "Vasilisa the Beautiful". nine0209

Subject: Tools. Tools.

1. "Bad hammer and naughty nails."

2. Marshak, "What kind of hammers are. "

3 C. Black Screwdriver.

4 M. Shapiro "Needle and thread".

5. Fairy tale "About a needle and a naughty thread".

6 Fairy tale "How the fingers argued who should wear the thimble".

7 R. Boyko "Our Dear Army"

8 I Shamov "At the far frontier"

9 A. Zharov "Border Guard"

10 . Fairy tale "Porridge from an ax."

11 S. Marshak "How a plane made a plane".

Subject: Defenders of the fatherland. military professions.

1. O. Vysotskaya "My brother went to the border", "At the TV".

2. A. Tvardovsky "Tankman's Tale".

3. Z. Alexandrova "Patrol".

4. L. Kassil "Your defenders"

Subject: Indoor plants.

  1. V. Kataev "Flower-Semitsvetik"
  2. S.T. Aksakov "The Scarlet Flower"
  3. G.-H. Andersen "Thumbelina".

Theme: Early spring. March 8.

M. Rodina "Mom's hands".

E. Blaginina "Mother's Day", "Let's Sit in Silence".

E. Permyak "Mom's work"

V. Sukhomlinsky "My mother smells like bread".

L. Kvitko "Grandma's hands".

S. Mikhalkov "What about you?".

N. Nekrasov "Grandfather Mazai and Hares".

I. Tyutchev "Winter gets angry for good reason", "Spring", "Spring Waters".

I. Sokolov-Mikitov "Spring in the Forest", "Early Spring".

N Sladkov “The Birds Brought Spring”, “Spring Streams”, etc.

S Marshak “All the Year Round”

G. Skrebitsky “April”. "March".

V. Bianchi "Three Springs" .. "April" How animals and birds meet spring "

I. Tyutchev "Winter is angry for good reason"

"The story of the Snowman"

G. Ladonshchikov "Spring helpers

I. Sokolov-Mikitov Early Spring”, “Forest Pictures”, “Spring in the Forest”

M. Prishvin “Spring in the Forest”, “What Color is Spring?”, “Trees in Captivity”

N. Sladkov “Bear” and the Sun”, “Spring Streams”, “Flower Lover”, “Flight of Flowers” ​​

V. Stewart “Snowdrop”

I. Lopukhina “Helper”

. G. Armand - Tkachenko "Beginning of Spring"

P. Radimov "March"

N. Plavinovshchikov "Drops, thawed patches"

O. Vysotskaya "Conversation with Spring", "Mimosa"

fairy tale "Spring song"

E. Shim "Stone, stream, icicle and sun"

I. Tokmakova "Spring"

.P. Solovyov "Snowdrop"

K. Yuon "March Sun".

A. Gritsai "Flood". N. Romadin "March".

V. Kulkova "Ice Drift" (from the album "Illustrative Material".

V. Sukhomlinsky "Spring Wind".

A. Yeritsay "The First Days of May". book "Extraordinary Daisy").

Theme: Arrival of birds

1. I. Sokolov-Mikitov "Over the swamp", "Heron"

2. N. Sladkov "The birds brought spring", "Serious bird", "Cuckoo years"

3. V. Chaplin "Rooks have arrived", "Birds in our forest"

4. V. Bianchi "Masters without an ax", "Rooks opened the spring"

5. M. Prishvin "The talking rook"

6. V. A. Sukhomlinsky "Like sparrows were waiting for the sun"

7. K. Bed "Cranes", "Sterkh", "Oriole"

8. A. Prokofiev "Spring Telegram", "Rooks"

9. A. Krylov "The Cuckoo and the Rooster"

10. N. Batsanova "The Cuckoo"

11. G. Skrebitsky "Forest Voice"

12. Ratya Grimm "King Drozdovik"

13. R. n. With. Tricky Science»

14. Fairy tale «Spring of white and blue»

15. B. Asanalis «Colors of spring»

16. V. Stuart «Spring has come»

17. V. Flint. "Birds"

18. V. Permyak "Bird houses"

19. V. Chaplin "Birds in our forest"

20. "Cuckoo" Nenets fairy tale

21. Ya. Akim "Spring"

22. A. A. Pleshcheev "Swallow", "Spring"

23 G. Glukhov "Bird Trouble".

24. Slovak fairy tale "Visiting the Sun"

25. S. Yesenin The White Birch

26. S. Osipov "Bird's Dining Room".

27. Arranged by S. Marshak "The Agile Swallow"

28. N. Nosov "Knock-Knock-Knock"

29. N. Romanova "Kitka and Birdie". nine0003

30. "Geese Swans" b. n. p

31 L. Chersky "Thank you" (from the book "Intimate word").

32 S. Voronin "Once in the Spring", "Children of an Old Mallard", "Nine White Swans" (from the book "An Extraordinary Daisy").

Subject: Mail.

S. Marshak "Post".

I'm Akim "incompetent".

A. Shibarev "Mailbox".

Subject: Construction. Professions, machines and mechanisms.

S. Baruzdin "Who built this house?" nine0003

V. Mayakovsky "What to be?", "Construction".

M. Pozharova "Painters"

G. Lyushnin "Builders"

E. Permyak "Mother's work".

Subject: Professions.

G.Rodari “What color are crafts?”, “What do crafts smell like?”

I am Akim "Neumeyka".

A. Shibarev "Mailbox".

V. V. Mayakovsky "What to be"

S. Mikhalkov "What do you have?"

K Chukovsky "Doctor Aibolit"

R. n. With. Seven Semeons - seven workers"

C. Perrot "Cinderella"

G. H. Anderson "Swineherd"

G. Srebitsky "Four Artists"

E. Uspensky "Children's doctor" (from the album "Children about professions").

Russian folk tale "Seven Simeons - seven workers". V. Dragunsky "From top to bottom, obliquely."

Subject: Dishes

1. A. Gaidar "Blue Cup".

2. K. Chukovsky "Fedorino grief", "Fly-Tsokotuha", "Moydodyr"

3. Br. Grimm "Pot of Porridge". nine0003

4. R. n. With. "fox and crane".

5. L. Berg "Pete and the Sparrow"

6. R. n. With. "Three Bears"

7. "The Tale of a Cup"

8. "How Alyonka Broke a Cup"

9. G. Gorbovsky "At Dinner", "Wooden Spoon".

10. Z. Alexandrova "About the Saucepan", "Big Spoon"

11 Matveeva "Blue Cup".

Subject: Space. Cosmonautics Day.

1. A. Barto "Rope".

2. S. Ya. Marshak "The Story of an Unknown Hero". nine0003

3. Yu. A. Gagarin “I see the earth”.

Subject: Insects.

1. V. Bianchi "Ant's Adventure".

2. I. A. Krylov "Dragonfly and Ant".

3. K. Ushinsky "Cabbage"

4. Yu. Arakcheev "The Story of a Green Country".

5. Yu. Moritz "Lucky bug".

6. V. Lunin "Beetle"

7. V. Bryusov "Green worm".

8. N. Sladkov "Domestic Butterfly"

9. I. Maznin "Spider". nine0003

10 I. Repin "Dragonfly".

11 S. Voronin "Unusual Daisy" (stories).

12 V. Zotov "Woodcutter", "Beetle", "Ant" (from the book "Forest Mosaic").

Subject: Food.

1. I. Tokmakova "Porridge"

2. Z. Aleksandrova "Delicious porridge".

3. E. Moshkovskaya "Masha and porridge"

4. M. Plyatskovsky "Whoever likes what."

5. V. Oseeva "Cookie".

6. R. n. With. "Pot of porridge"

Subject: Victory Day.

1. S. Alekseev "The First Night Ram", "Dom"

2. M Isakovsky "A Red Army soldier is buried here."

3. A. Tvardovsky "Tankman's story".

4. A. Mityaev "A bag of oatmeal", "Victory Day"

5. M. Isakovsky "Remember forever".

6. S. Baruzdin "Glory".

7. K. Simonov "The Son of an Artilleryman".

8. L. Serova "Grandfather's Galosh"

9. B. Zakhoder Gray Star"

10. V. Oseeva “Battering ram”, “Forest partisans”, “What is easier”, Direct fire”

11. V. Stepanov “Holiday”

12. A. Smirnov “Who was at war”

13. V. Lebedev - Kumach "We are brave people"

Subject: Our Motherland Russia. Moscow is the capital of Russia.

1. A. Prokofiev "Motherland".

2. Z. Aleksandrova "Motherland".

3. M. Yu. Lermontov "Motherland"

4. S. Baruzdin "For the Motherland"

5 Book "My Motherland". nine0003

6 E. I. Osetrov "My Moscow".

Subject: We are reading. S.Ya. Marshak

S. Marshak "multi-colored book".

V. Lebedev "ten books for children" (illustrations for the works of S. Marshak).

Subject: We are reading. KI Chukovsky

K. Chukovsky "fairy tales" (with illustrations by V. Konashevich).

Subject: We are reading. S.V. Mikhalkov

S. Mikhalkov “from three to ten”. nine0003

Subject: We are reading. A. L. Barto

A. Barto “for flowers in the winter forest”.

Subject: We are reading.

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