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MOTHER Synonyms: 17 Synonyms & Antonyms for MOTHER

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  • nounfemale person who has borne children

synonyms for mother

  • mom
  • parent
  • ancestor
  • creator
  • mommy
  • origin
  • predecessor
  • progenitor
  • source
  • child-bearer
  • forebearer
  • procreator

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What is another word for mother?

There are many synonyms for mother.

The most common is mom, which is an informal, familiar version of mother. The equivalent mum is commonly used in the U.K. and other places.

An even more informal and familiar word is mommy, which is especially used by children.

A similarly informal word is mama (and its alternate spellings momma and mamma).

All of these terms should be capitalized when they’re used as a way of addressing someone (in other words, when they’re used as a name or a substitute for a name).

A mother is a parent. A term that specifically references the role of a mother in bearing a child is child-bearer.

The term birthing parent is sometimes used as a gender-neutral term in the context of pregnancy and childbirth.

A mother who’s the leader of a family might be called a matriarch.

Because mothers are traditionally associated with nurture and caregiving, related words are sometimes used as synonyms, such as nurturer and caregiver.

Mother is also sometimes used as a verb meaning to care for someone as a mother or like a mother. Sometimes, it’s used in a negative way that implies that a person is smothering or being overbearing toward the person, as in Please don’t mother me—I can take care of myself.

How do you use mother in a sentence?

antonyms for mother


  • descendant
  • effect
  • end
  • result
  • father

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How to use mother in a sentence

Though a mother of a US citizen who had lived in the US for decades would typically be able to apply for deportation relief, Binam’s conviction and plea deal made her ineligible.


In one spot, a mother in Texas shares the story of her son who has leukemia.


In the same way my mother thought she knew what she would name me before I was born, I thought I knew where I would bury her before she died.


Quannah Chasing Horse Potts said Mallott never propositioned her and that neither she nor her mother spoke to Downing.


Psychologists Don Moore, of the University of California, Berkeley, and Max Bazerman of Harvard, call it “the mother of all biases” in their textbook on decision making.


Jackson and a group of other men on May 26 reportedly attacked McDade after he assaulted his mother in her home.


My mother was a teenage mom who started as a receptionist in a marketing firm and fought her way to becoming a successful proven leader in the marketing industry who has now worked with some of the world’s biggest brands.


For many women, the trade in khat has been passed through generations, from mother to daughter and so on.


However, the hospital was adamant, her family told ProPublica, and her children came to believe that the decision to discharge their mother had already been made.


Erma Winston’s children remain convinced that Ochsner pushed their 83-year old mother into hospice because resources were limited and she had no family at her bedside to advocate for her.



  • antecedent
  • ascendent
  • father
  • forbear
  • forefather
  • foregoer
  • foremother
  • mother
  • parent
  • predecessor
  • progenitor
  • biological father
  • biological mother
  • birth father
  • birth mother
  • birth parent
  • father
  • mother
  • natural parent
  • biological father
  • biological mother
  • birth father
  • birth mother
  • father
  • mother
  • natural parent
  • attend
  • baby sit
  • father
  • keep an eye on
  • keep tabs on
  • look after
  • mind
  • mind the store
  • minister
  • mother
  • nurse
  • nurture
  • pay attention to
  • protect
  • provide for
  • ride herd on
  • take pains
  • tend
  • wait on
  • watch
  • watch over
  • au pair
  • babysitter
  • caretaker
  • custodian
  • father
  • governess
  • mother
  • nanny
  • nurse
  • parent
  • attends
  • baby sits
  • considers
  • fosters
  • keeps an eye on
  • keeps tabs on
  • looks after
  • minds
  • minds the store
  • ministers
  • mothers
  • nurses
  • nurtures
  • pays attention to
  • protects
  • provides for
  • rides herd on
  • sits
  • takes pains
  • tends
  • treasures
  • waits on
  • watches
  • watches over

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15 Synonyms of MOM | Merriam-Webster Thesaurus

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as in mother

a female human parent be sure to tell your mom and dad that you'll be home late for supper

  • mother

  • mommy

  • mama

  • momma

  • ma

  • mamma

  • mammy

  • stepmother

  • mater

  • old lady

  • matron

  • matriarch

  • supermom

  • materfamilias

  • superwoman

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"Mommy", "mommy" and "mother".

How different forms of the word reflect our attitude

On the eve of March 8, when many children in the garden and school diligently draw “Happy Holidays Mommy” on cards with flowers, our regular author and mother of three children Ksenia Buksha talks about the shades of the meaning of this word. Agree, there is a giant abyss between "mommy" and "mommy".

1. “Mom” (or simply “Mom!”, “Ma-a-am!”, “Ma”)

“Mom” is, by the way, the vocative case of the word “mom”. In modern Russian, it has not been preserved for all words. Only those who are called more often, who are addressed - for example, "God!". So the mother is also called very often, because the child really needs her. nine0003

Abbreviated "ma" is neutral like "mom", but saves time, especially when writing. When you just need to designate or name, without much emotion. Partly replaces the vocative "mum".

If he just wants to name his mother, tell about her, then "mother" is the most common form of the word. By the way, it’s not for nothing that “mother” sounds so similar in many languages. This word is onomatopoeic, the same as "nanny", and initially, by origin, it is associated with sucking, smacking breast milk - the first infant food. nine0003

"Mom" feeds the child: first, in the truest sense of the word, and then (if everything goes right) she feeds him with her love all her life.

2. “Mother”

In modern language, the word “mother” has an official connotation (“Mother of the child, full name, telephone number. Father of the child, full name, telephone number”). Or solemn. (“Happy is the mother who can give…” and so on). Or harsh, without tenderness. (For example, in some village stories: "Mother, collect on the table"). Or, what good, generally abusive (we can do without examples). Well, in extreme cases, ironic: “I am a viper mother, my child has learned to do homework by himself, because I am too lazy to study with him, and now he explains to me what the Moon revolves around. ” nine0003

3. “Mommy”

Older preschoolers and younger schoolchildren love this word. Children at this age often express love in this way: “Mommy, you are my very, very favorite!” Moreover, “mommy” sounds both when the child’s heart is overflowing with sincere tenderness, and in cases when I really want ice cream: “Mommy, why do you think we haven’t bought anything delicious for so long?”

Another common use of the word “mommy” is the so-called diminutive-pejorative naming, most often at a doctor in a state maternity hospital or clinic: “Mommy, put on shoe covers! Let's go to the office!" Brr! A person is reduced to his maternal role, and even commanded. They remind you: here, on our territory, you are not Olga Olegovna and not a person at all, but something in between the victim and the accused. Unpleasant. nine0003

4. “Mommy”

And also “mommy”, “mommy”, “mommy”, “mommy”, “mommy” and “mummy”. Affectionate, touching, a little familiar form - depends on the shades. Children of any age can call their mother this way, but usually teenagers and older children have a “mom” if they have a good, warm relationship with their mother. They communicate freely with their mother, they are not afraid to seem funny and small: mother will always understand; they are not afraid to make their mother angry, because a mother will always forgive. This is a good game: sometimes I'm small, sometimes a little mother and you can stroke her hair, and in general, my shoe size is already forty-three, and she has thirty-seven. nine0003

5. “Mother”

Children rarely call mother “mother”: the word is not very modern. In part, this word is not about a mother at all, but about an older woman, presumably a child. A kind of Soviet version of "Madame". Sometimes it replaces "mommy" - and for some reason it does not sound so offensive (although it depends on the context). In some cases, "mommy" is a rude word, for example, when they want to emphasize that "your child interferes with restaurant visitors" or that "unfortunate mothers", for example, drink beer straight from the neck, while their children are trying to pull the bone out of their mouths at the bull terrier. The scornful and derogatory "mommy" is from the same series, but even more offensive. But once "mother" sounded almost affectionate. nine0003

6. "Mama"

And also "maman". Sometimes - affectionate and familiar between an adult child, more often a son, and a mother. But more often in the conversation of third parties, when they describe some of their mother's jambs: "Maman today asks:" Vitya, do you remember what your daughter's middle name is "?". Historically, “mom” is a cozy, homely word in which mother appears as a bulwark of reliability, warmth, a strong rear where you can return. “Mom” is the one who always pours a plate of borscht, consoles and caresses, no matter how old you are. nine0003

7. Mom!

Also "mammiz!". Written Internet collective word when communicating in parent chats and forums. Perhaps it has already gone out of fashion - I don’t go to chats and I don’t observe the evolution of this word. But at some point it was very popular.



He smells of old times, some kind of Leo Tolstoy, Leskov, Odoevsky. Noble children's room of the 19th century. Mom comes in to kiss before going to bed, and this is the main moment of the whole evening. She was probably already dressed for the trip ... In general, a fleeting vision, something angelically pure, endlessly adored, idealized. And not only because you rarely see her, but also because the eternal separation of parents from children then happened much more often than now. nine0003

“Mother” is also an old version, but more “merchant” and with a slightly different shade. It has less morbid adoration and more official respect. Nowadays, "mother" (if we are not talking about the wife of a priest) is used rather ironically and more often by adult children in a conversation about mother.

9. "Mother Ksyusha"

And it happens. If, for example, your own beloved mother has died, it is impossible to forget her and replace her with anyone, but at the same time there is a person nearby who, in essence, does everything that mothers do: cares, loves, scolds, praises, is responsible for you. How to call such a person? What compromise can be made? There is such an option: "mother" plus a name. And the memory of that only native mother, according to feelings, you do not betray, and you show the new mother that you recognize her as a parent. nine0003

10. "Mamulence"

...and other intricate, playful options. Chukovsky has a description of such a game: Galyonok. - "Mommy". - Galencia. - "Mamentia". - "Duck!" - "Mamumuha!" And in some families, they don’t call each other by traditional names and designations of kinship at all, but come up with funny nicknames. True, more often parents call them children, but it happens that the children of their parents.

11. Anya - by name (or Anna Petrovna - by patronymic and "you")

The options, of course, are completely different. Anna Petrovna and "you" - the maximum degree of respect and removal. This is either a tribute to tradition, or a sign that familiarity is not at all accepted in the family, and in general feelings are reluctant to share, or both at once. nine0003

But in order to call mother by name, the reasons can be completely different. Maybe mom just likes it that way and people agreed that way. And maybe something else. It all depends on who initiated such an appeal and whether both the child and the parent like it.

Illustrations: Shutterstock (Churovskaya Sofia)

Mammoth Song, Mother's Eyes, Mother's Ballad and 19 other favorite songs

Yuriy Shatunov. Photo: Vladimir Velengurin nine0003

Motherhood has always been fertile ground for songs. Mothers - kind, understanding and forgiving - are dedicated to many compositions. Listening to our rating, you can cry over the "Ballad of the Mother", feel mutual gratitude with the dearest person, inspired by the song of Angelica Varum, marvel at the wisdom of the mother from Philip Kirkorov's composition, mock "Shooter" over "Mommy" and not only. So, the best songs about mom.

1. Edita Piekha "Mom"

  • Released: 1965
  • Authors: Alexander Bronevitsky (music), Oleg Milyavsky (lyrics)

The song "Mama" was first heard in "Blue Light" in 1965. The measured melody and uncomplicated, but heartfelt text immediately fell in love with the audience. Perhaps the secret of people's love for "Mama" lies in the sincerity of its performance - this composition has elements of biographical: "I remember the first time she saw me off, trying to hide her tears. You asked the car for one thing - only to write more often ” . Ten years earlier, Edita Stanislavovna, having graduated from the Pedagogical School in Poland with honors and won the competition, received a referral to study in the USSR. Standing at the station and seeing her daughter off to a foreign country, her mother felt in her heart that her daughter would never come back in the full sense of the word. And so it happened.

2. "Mother's Ballad": various artists

  • Released: 1972
  • Authors: Evgeny Martynov (music), Andrey Dementiev (poetry)

This dramatic song is based on a story about an elderly woman heard by the poet Andrey Dementiev in a sanatorium in the Caucasus. Her 20-year-old son once went to the front. Soon he went missing, there was no information about him, but his mother continued to believe that one day he would return. Many years later, she saw her son on the footage of a military newsreel. ..

Thus were born lines about all-consuming maternal love, which is not a hindrance neither years, nor distance, nor even death: “Mother recognized her son at that very moment, and a mother's cry swept through. - Alexei! Alyoshenka! Son! As if her son could hear her. He rushed out of the trench into battle. His mother got up to cover him with herself…” Later, a graduate of the conservatory, Yevgeny Martynov, wrote music for this poignant text.

The song was first performed in 1972 at the festival "Hello, we are looking for talents!" - it was performed by the soloist of the ensemble "Vodogray" Lyudmila Artemenko. In the same period, Martynov offered the composition to Sofia Rotaru, and she gladly included it in her repertoire. In 1974, the song performed by her became the finalist of the Song of the Year.

Subsequently, "The Ballad of the Mother" was also performed by Evgeny Martynov, Lev Leshchenko, Iosif Kobzon, Zara and others. nine0003

3. Valentina Tolkunova "Talk to me, mother"

  • Released: 1973
  • Authors: Vladimir Migulya (music), Viktor Ginzbursky (lyrics)

By the time the song was written, Viktor Ginzbursky was already the author of several dozen songs, and Vladimir Migulya, a student of the composer department at the conservatory, was just starting to take his first steps in the musical field. He wrote a soulful melody and showed it to Ginzbursky, with whom he was not even familiar before, and the latter immediately had lines in his head : "Talk to me, mom, talk about something."

But it wasn't there: their joint creation was smashed to smithereens at the song section of the Union of Composers. Ginzbursky was very upset, and Migulya, confident in the great future of the song, decided to look for other loopholes on the stage and offer the composition to Lyudmila Zykina. However, then the singer was on tour, and the proposal was forwarded at that time to the rising star Valentina Tolkunova, who gladly accepted it.

The song was first performed on the Good Morning program on March 8, 1973, and in 1974 it became a laureate of the Song of the Year music festival.

4. “Song about Mom” (“Mom is the first word”)

  • Released: 1976
  • Authors: Temistocle Popa and Gerard Bourgeois (music), Yuri Entin (lyrics)

Few people remember that the song, which has now become just a hymn to motherhood, was originally played at the end of the joint Soviet-Romanian-French musical film "Mama" based on the fairy tale "A Goat and Seven Kids" (although there were five kids there ), which premiered in the USSR at 1977, in Romania - in 1976. The role of Aunt Masha's Goat was played by Lyudmila Gurchenko, Mikhail Boyarsky reincarnated as a wolf named Gray.

During the filming of the scene at the skating rink, Gurchenko broke her leg, and while she was in the hospital, director Elizabeth Boston was offered to replace the actress, but she categorically refused, specifying that she would either work with Gurchenko or leave this project. As a result, Lyudmila Markovna continued to shoot in a cast.

Today the film is undeservedly forgotten, but the heartfelt, tender song lives on: “Mom is the first word, the main word in every life. Mom gave life, gave the world to me and you.

5. Klara Rumyanova "Mammoth's Song"

  • Released: 1981
  • Authors: Vladimir Shainsky (music), Dina Romanovich (lyrics)

“Let mother hear, let mother come, let mother find me by all means. After all, it doesn’t happen in the world that children are lost” , - this touching song sounded in the childish voice of Clara Rumyanova, who voiced the main character, in the cartoon “Mammoth is looking for mom”. nine0003

Kind, at times sad and disturbing, but always with a happy ending, it was based on a fairy tale by the children's writer Dina Nepomnyashchaya (real name Romanovich). And the fairy tale, in turn, was written under the impression of a high-profile event in the world of science - in 1977, in the Magadan region, while developing a gold deposit, a perfectly preserved mammoth cub was accidentally found in the ice. Scientists have suggested that tens of thousands of years ago, the baby died after falling into a hole with water and mud. Dina Nepomnyashchaya added kindness, warmth and fantasy to this story - and it turned out to be a fairy tale that is loved by more than the first generation of children. nine0003

By the way, the same mammoth that inspired the author to write it settled in the Zoological Museum of the Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences and received the unspoken name Dima.

6. Mirage "Music connected us"

  • Released: 1988
  • Authors: Andrey Lityagin (music), Valery Sokolov (lyrics)

“Forget about this day, no one needs an argument. Don’t lecture me - mom, it’s useless ", - listening to the song" Music connected us ", which was extremely popular at one time, it's hard to believe that its text was very hard for the author Valery Sokolov: the lines did not want to lie on the written Andrey Lityagin melody. nine0003

The final version of the text was inspired by the story told by Lityagin. A few years ago, at one of the discos, the future composer invited Margarita Sukhankina, who was starting to take her first steps in her singing career, to dance. The young people started talking and found a common ground - a love of music, which allowed them to subsequently record a song, but at an amateur level (we are talking about the alternative project "Activity Zone").

This story could have ended, but at 19In 86, Lityagin assembled the first composition of the Mirage group and, in collaboration with Sokolov, wrote compositions for the first album. Sukhankina was invited to perform vocal parts - however, she recorded only three songs (the other five are Natalia Gulkina), relying on the development of a career as an opera, and not a pop singer. When working on the second album, Sokolov again remembered Margarita, with whom he was connected by music, which served as the idea for the next song.

By the way, the authors and performers did not see it as a future hit at all, considering it a passing option. But the audience decided otherwise. nine0003

7. Yuri Shatunov "Mama"

  • Released: 1994
  • Author: Sergey Kuznetsov (words and music)

The disturbing, heart-rending song "Mama", in which notes of regret and hopelessness sound, was released after the departure of soloist Yura Shatunov from the group "Tender May" and was included in his debut solo album "Do you remember ..." (1994) . The popularity of the composition is connected not only with the name and soulful manner of the performer, but, probably, with the fact that he managed to express his own pain through creativity: “Walking home from school, I met a sick and mournful day. Like hopeless injections, warm jets lash the city…”

Let us remind you that Yura Shatunov had a difficult childhood. An 18-year-old mother and a 23-year-old father had no time for raising their son, and therefore he spent most of his time with his grandparents. Soon the parents divorced, the grandfather died, and the mother married a second time, but the boy did not have a relationship with his stepfather. Then Yura ended up in a boarding school - the reason was serious health problems with his mother. She died of heart failure when her son was only 11 years old. nine0003

8. Tamara Gverdtsiteli "Mother's Eyes"

  • Released: 1995
  • Authors: Evgeny Kobylyansky (music), Simon Osiashvili (lyrics)

Music for the future song "Mother's Eyes" came to the composer Evgeny Kobylyansky as an insight, without drafts - as if from above, when grief happened in his family - it became known about his mother's cancer. He showed the written melody to the poet Simon Osiashvili, who wrote the text, which brings tears to everyone's eyes without exception: “Mom's eyes, God forbid you to see the happiness of all your children and forgive, not say goodbye. Mom's eyes, what a pity that you can not go out.

The authors saw only Tamara Gverdtsiteli as the performer of the composition, and she was impressed by this work. During the recording of the song, she asked me to do everything possible to cope with the work from one to a maximum of two takes, since during the performance there is a deep inner work, an emotional outburst that cannot be repeated several times in a row. And the song was recorded from the first take. By the way, for the same reason, Tamara Gverdtsiteli never sings "Mother's Eyes" for an encore. nine0003

9. Philip Kirkorov "My mother spoke softly to me"

  • Year of publication: 1995
  • Authors: Chaim Moshe (music), Ilya Reznik (poetry)

The song "My mother spoke softly to me", included in Philip Kirkorov's album "Tell the Sun:" Yes! In the Israeli version, this composition is about gratitude to the Almighty for everything that is in this world. And she, in turn, "grew" from the Greek "Ola kala, ola orea" ("Everything is in order", 1969) Yorgas Dalaras, who tells about the relationship of a lyrical hero with a windy lover against the backdrop of a historical event - unrest in Cyprus in the 60s.

Philip Kirkorov's version of the melody, which is widely known almost all over the world, was accompanied by a text-confession to the mother: “My mother quietly said to me: “Why did you leave your father's house?” I caught a firebird in the high sky - I fell on the stones without strength. Your prodigal son, your prodigal son, has come to his native valleys to confess. nine0084

10. Oleg Gazmanov "Mama"

  • Released: 1996
  • Author: Oleg Gazmanov (music and lyrics)

A strong, tear-squeezing song even from the most reserved listeners, the song was written in the 90s and was included in the album "Vagabond" (1996). According to one version, at that moment the mother of the poet, composer and performer Oleg Gazmanov, Zinaida Abramovna, was seriously ill, but her son, for a number of objective reasons, could not be near her. The soul-grabbing lines, coupled with a melody penetrating right into the heart, seem to help to ask for forgiveness: “Mom, I always miss you. Mom, I go and meet trains. Mom, how sad I am without your warm hands.

By the way, Zinaida Abramovna, who went through the Great Patriotic War and worked for many years as a cardiologist, died in 2006 at the age of 86. In 2020, on his page on the social network, Oleg Gazmanov shared pictures from the family archive and spoke about the heroine of the song, noting that she could have turned 100 that day.

According to another version (by the way, voiced by Gazmanov himself in 2018 on social networks), he wrote the composition “Mom” for his son Rodion, but the guy’s voice was starting to break at that moment, and therefore he could not pull out the right notes for a long time. The father had to take over his son's "work". nine0003

11. Mom hands

  • Released: 1997
  • Authors: Leonid Velichkovsky (music), Margarita Pushkina (lyrics)

“She says you can't kiss, you can only hold hands. She can’t stand the scene in bed and says that the whole country is on the panel ", - with this provocative song in places and the same daring video (although it fit perfectly into the musical context of the 90s), the path on the stage of the Strelka group began. 29On November 1997, the clip was aired on the RTR TV channel, and this day is considered to be the band's birthday. Then "Mommy" was included in the debut album "Arrows Go Forward" (1998).

Interestingly, the text of this quite pop song was written by the rock poetess Margarita Pushkina, known for her collaboration with the bands "Aria" and "Kipelov". She is also the author of another song "Shooter" - "Well, well, well, well..."


  • Authors: Igor Eskov (music), Lisits Region (lyrics)
  • "Mom, for God's sake, I'm not a bit drunk, and not alone, and not just in love - I'm lost, I'm lost" , - this song was included in the 1997 album of the same name. The authors described the video for it as a melodrama (this is indicated in the opening credits), and the main roles in it were played by Lyubov Uspenskaya and Boris Shcherbakov. By the way, the actor two years earlier starred in the video of the performer of chanson and urban romances for the song "Carousel". Subsequently, he admitted that it was after these music videos that they began to recognize him on the street. And rumors also spread that the relationship between Uspenskaya and Shcherbakov went beyond purely professional, but the heroes of speculation themselves refute this information. Moreover, Shcherbakov's wife is on excellent terms with Uspenskaya. nine0003

    13. Dmitry Malikov Happy Birthday Mom

    • Released: 1999
    • Authors: Dmitry Malikov (music), Tatyana Dashkevich (lyrics)

    The song "Happy Birthday, Mom" ​​was included in the album "Beads" (2000) by Dmitry Malikov, and in 1999 was awarded the "Golden Gramophone" award. The clip for it deserves special attention - this video directed by Yuri Grymov can be called a full-fledged drama film in miniature. By the way, real actors were involved in it: Valery Troshin, whose hero - a lover of nightclubs and illegal substances - ends up behind bars, as well as Larisa Luzhina, who played his mother. Filming was carried out for three days, and not only in the pavilions, but also in a nightclub and a courthouse. nine0003

    “Your grandchildren are already growing up. Life is hard as pain and simple as gamma. Forgive me for the pain, forgive me for the pain. I love you, dear mother ”, - the lines of this song were very fond of the listeners and have not been forgotten to this day.

    14. Igorek "Let's wait"

    • Released: 1999
    • Author: Igor Sorokin (music and lyrics)

    A song with a provocative refrain “Wait for your mother, wait for your mother” was written by Igor Sorokin (“passport” name Igorka) when the population of the country unanimously raked up the consequences of the default 1998 years. At that time, the guy lived in Novosibirsk, and there was not enough money even for food. One day, wandering around the city with an empty stomach, he saw an expensive foreign car driven by a beautiful girl. At that moment, for some reason, he thought that if he were her young man, he would remain hungry, for sure she is not strong in cooking. So, in a few minutes, perhaps the only hit of Igorka was born: “Yesterday I sat very sad - I haven’t eaten anything since the morning. In my refrigerator, it felt like a ball - I actually forgot that there was once something there. nine0084

    By the way, those who saw the rise of this song still cannot understand the words of the chorus: what does the main character's girlfriend's mother cook? Coffee? Porridge? Great?

    15. Irina and Lala Allegrova "Mama"

    • Released: 2000
    • Authors: Alexey Gornizov (music), Yuri Garin (lyrics)

    A song with wise words and an Allegro-like daring melody sunk into the hearts of the listeners: “Mom, don't regret anything - your autumn is far away. Mom, far, until September. Your daughter has just grown up.” nine0084 She was released in 2000 and was included in the album All Over Again (2001).

    Initially, Irina Allegrova performed this composition together with her daughter Lala, later a solo version appeared. True, some lines had to be replaced. “And I fell asleep more often, but not to a lullaby, but to a cassette with your song” , Lala sang in a duet with her mother. “You rocked my daughter, but not to a lullaby…” – Irina Allegrova addressed her mother solo from the stage.

    Perhaps the success of the composition is due to its autobiographical nature. At 19years, the aspiring singer Irina Allegrova jumped out to get married, the following year she gave birth to a daughter (“I’m sorry that you were very early, you became a grandmother so early ...”), divorced her husband and continued to build a career, regularly leaving Lala in the care of her grandmother. Grandmother, by the way, she is Irina's mother - also comes from the world of beauty: Serafima Sosnovskaya was an actress and singer ("Ah, mother, my singing bird!").

    The performance of mother's song was especially striking at Allegrova's benefit performance in 2000. Then four generations of their family gathered on the stage: Serafima Mikhailovna, Irina Aleksandrovna herself, Lala, as well as Lala's little son Alexander. nine0003

    16. Turbo mod "Mama"

    • Released: 2000
    • Authors: Sergey Zhukov (music and lyrics), Dmitry Kokhanovsky (music and lyrics)

    “But you are leaving for your mother, whose heart is a stone – never melt with tears…” – this teenage-lyrical song was used by couples at school discos in the early 2000s. Its performer was the Turbomoda team - the brainchild of the most popular group Hands Up! (by the way, for the similarity of the repertoire and musical direction, they were constantly confused at first). nine0003

    The video with an unexpected ending for this song became the debut for Turbomoda, and the frontman of the Ruki Vverh! group was directly involved in its creation. Sergey Zhukov. “I wanted to show a tragic story of great and pure love, which happens only once in a lifetime. Everything turned out quite plausibly, and the main character was found quite by accident - Vasya flew to St. Petersburg to relax, and eventually ended up on the set, ”Zhukov said then.

    17. Paints "Today I came home to my mother"

    • Released: 2001
    • Author: Oksana Kovalevskaya (music and lyrics)

    “Don’t touch me, don’t touch me, don’t ask me stupid questions in vain and don’t shake your head so angrily - today I came home to my mother” , is one of the first songs of the Kraski group, which started its creativity in Belarus. In 2001, in a Minsk nightclub, they presented the album “You are already an adult”, which included this song, which later gained popularity throughout the CIS. In 2002, the album was re-released in Moscow under the title "Big Brother". nine0003

    While filming a video for a song about a long-awaited meeting with her mother, stylists brought the group's soloist Oksana Kovalevskaya to tears. The girl got used to her trademark hairstyle with pinned strands, and now it was necessary to remove all the numerous hairpins. Oksana cried for an hour, but agreed to the experiment. True, later, when the filming location changed to a nightclub, she still returned to her usual image.

    18. Diana Gurtskaya "You know, mom"

    • Released: 2002
    • Authors: Igor Krutoy (music), Evgeny Muraviev (lyrics)

    With the song "You know, mother" Diana Gurtskaya, like a Phoenix bird, rose from the ashes. The fact is that in 2001 her mother died of cancer, who had been a support, support and best friend of a special daughter all her life. Diana was very upset by the loss, there was no question of going on stage. And when Igor Krutoy was offered to perform a new song-confession, the performer, imbued, gradually began to return to life: "Now there are clouds between us - I can't talk to you. You know how painful it is, mom, to walk the earth alone.

    A clip was filmed for the song. The director was Tigran Keosayan, whose words full of deep sadness, combined with a soul-grabbing melody, were brought to tears. By the way, the video begins with a real portrait of Diana Gurtskaya's mother.

    The performer also considers this song prophetic. “Reliable, affectionate, dear, he is only mine, he is mine. And I'm behind him like behind a wall…” - all this can be said about the lawyer Petr Kucherenko, who became Diana's legal spouse in 2005.


    Louna "Mama"
    • Released: 2012
    • Authors: Lusine Gevorkyan, Vitaly Demidenko, Ruben Kazaryan, Leonid Kinzbursky, Sergey Ponkratiev (music), Vitaly Demidenko (lyrics)

    The song "Mama" was included in the second album "Time X" (2012) by the rock band "Louna". In it, the participants seem to apologize - each to their closest person - for having chosen rock music as a matter of life, because ordinary people have a stereotype that musicians of this direction are lazy and rebels: “Mom, I ask you not to scold me if I go to bed at the beginning of the day. I opened the door and he entered. My life is now rock and roll!” The composition was at the top of the Nashe Radio chart for three weeks in a row, having spent a total of 13 weeks on this chart.

    Interestingly, not only the band members, but also their mothers took part in the filming of the video for this song (directed by Svyatoslav Podgaevsky) - everyone except the mother of guitarist Sergei Ponkratiev, who could not overcome her embarrassment in front of the camera. Moreover, the video includes several fragments of interviews with mothers, where the latter talk about their attitude towards the choice of children. Despite the "rockiness" of the music and characteristic vocals, the clip turned out to be very warm and cozy. And also - sincere, because there are a lot of non-staged moments in it. nine0003

    20. Valeria and Anna Shulgina "You are mine"

    • Released: 2014
    • Authors: Ilya Brylin (music), Natalia Kasimtseva (lyrics)

    The history of harmonious relations between mother and daughter is presented in the incredibly kind, bright and touching song "You are mine" performed by Valeria and her daughter Anna Shulgina. According to the plot of the video, adult Anna comes to her mother's house, and they spend a cozy family evening: they bake a cake, look at old photos and videos, enjoy communication with each other. nine0083 "If I painted the world, you would be the happiest" - both verses begin with this line, one of which is filled with pure maternal love, the other with daughter love.

    By the way, in one of the interviews, Valeria and Anna said that their relationship was not always so ideal. During adolescence, the daughter was a prickly hedgehog, which is not easy to approach. But they passed this test together and now they are confident in each other: “You are better than me, you are more beautiful than me – I will not get tired of repeating. You are better than me. You are kinder than me…”

    21. Anzhelika Varum "Mama"

    • Released: 2017
    • Authors: Igor Krutoy (music), Leonid Agutin (lyrics)

    The soulful song "Mama", as well as the stunning beauty of the clip, directed by Sergei Tkachenko, immediately won a place in the hearts of Anzhelika Varum's fans. It is known that the melody was written by Igor Krutoy for Lara Fabian, but after hearing it, Varum got the idea to sing along to it herself, and the composer did not mind.

    “You and I hear each other like that. You are me, in twenty-odd. My mother, you give birth again and again to selfless love ” , - the song and video tell the story of the relationship between the two closest people. An elderly mother and a middle-aged daughter walk along the ocean, under a fantastically beautiful sky, against the backdrop of rocks, recall the past and in their memories are transported back decades, getting younger before our eyes: “More and more often I want to look back, leafing through an old album. Such young eyes, this sundress - you are beautiful in it. nine0003

    According to Varum, the start of filming had to be postponed due to the fact that the search for the main character dragged on. As a result, they layered on the singer's tour, so she had to control the filming process remotely. “But in the end, everything turned out exactly as I imagined,” summed up Angelica.

    22. Marie Crimebrery and Elka Thanks for Everything Mom

    • Released: 2019
    • Author: Marina Zhadan (music and lyrics)

    The single “Thank you for everything, mom”, which became a joint song for Mari Kraimbreri (Marina Zhadan) and Elka (Elizaveta Ivantsiv), reaches the very depths of the soul. It is curious that the first verse in it is dedicated to Marie's mother ( "We'll sit until the morning, and I'll go quietly. You yourself brought up such a wild ..." ), and the second - to their common producer with Elka Alena Mikhailova, whom the singers consider the second mother ( “I wished you for myself so many times, and now - my second mother, with goosebumps ...” ). All this combined with an emotionally powerful chorus ( "Thank you for everything Mom! I have always been beyond my years, trusting the stars and not trusting my eyes. There is truth in idle talk, in darkness there is light, but you repainted this world in pink!” ) just doesn't give listeners a chance to hold back their tears.

    The live version of the song was presented in December 2019 on Marie Crimebrery's solo album. The performance was complemented by video recordings from the singer's childhood, general shots with Alena Mikhailova and studio video portraits of the performers, which made a very strong impression on the audience.

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