A fairy princess

The Fairy Princess & the Unicorn (2019)

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Original title: Bayala: A Magical Adventure

  • 20192019
  • 1h 25m





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Fantasy country of Bayala is on danger. Only twin sisters Surah and Sera can save it.Fantasy country of Bayala is on danger. Only twin sisters Surah and Sera can save it.Fantasy country of Bayala is on danger. Only twin sisters Surah and Sera can save it.





    • Aina Järvine
    • Federico Milella(co-director)
  • Writers
    • Pamela Hickey(screenplay)
    • Jeffrey Hylton(comedy punch up)
    • Dennys McCoy(cowriter)
  • Stars
    • Madison Mullahey(voice)
    • Jessica Webb(voice)
    • Sara Petersen(voice)
    • Aina Järvine
    • Federico Milella(co-director)
  • Writers
    • Pamela Hickey(screenplay)
    • Jeffrey Hylton(comedy punch up)
    • Dennys McCoy(cowriter)
  • Stars
    • Madison Mullahey(voice)
    • Jessica Webb(voice)
    • Sara Petersen(voice)
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    • 7User reviews
    • 16Critic reviews
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    Top cast

    Madison Mullahey

    • Surah
    • (voice)

    Jessica Webb

    • Sera
    • (voice)

    Sara Petersen

    • Eyela
    • (voice)

    Marc Thompson

    • Falaroy
    • (voice)

    Gregory Max

    • Jaro
    • (voice)

    Lisa Ortiz

    • Ophira
    • (voice)

    Rebecca Becker

    • Nuray
    • (voice)

    Kathryn Cahill

    • Bilara
    • (voice)

    Louise White

    • Feya
    • (voice)

    Shannon Conley

    • Ice Queen
    • (voice)
    • (as Vibe Jones)

    Andrew Watts

    • Rainbow King
    • (voice)

    David Wills

    • Forest King
    • (voice)

    Michael Kargus

    • Piuh
    • (voice)

    Franciska Friede

    • Eyela
    • (voice)

    Olivia Grace Manning

    • Marween
      • Aina Järvine
      • Federico Milella(co-director)
    • Writers
      • Pamela Hickey(screenplay)
      • Jeffrey Hylton(comedy punch up)
      • Dennys McCoy(cowriter) (screenplay)
    • All cast & crew
    • Production, box office & more at IMDbPro

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    User reviews7


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    Beautifully made movie, Extremely amazing animations like pixar but mistitled

    This movie is simply beautiful to watch. The quality of animation is amazing. It is sad that many people don't know about this, but this movie deserves the same recognition as frozen. If the story was a bit more emotional and well written as well as Titling it correctly would have made this a popular movie. There is literally less than 20 second screen time for the unicorn. The good Queen and the blonde princess are really beautifully created.



    • thebestjamesbond-820-322340
    • Aug 7, 2020


    • Release date
      • August 4, 2020 (United States)
      • Germany
      • Luxembourg
      • English
    • Also known as
      • Bayala: A Magical Adventure
    • Production companies
      • Ulysses Filmproduktion
      • Fabrique d'Images
      • Telepool
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    Box office

    Technical specs

    • 1 hour 25 minutes

      • Dolby Digital

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    In the magical world of Bayala, a pair of twin fairies set off to save a dragon from the kingdom's evil fairy queen. more

    In the magical world of Bayala, a pair of twin fairies set off to...More

    Starring: Madison MullaheyJessica WebbOlivia Grace Manning

    Director: Aina Järvine

    TVPGFantasyScience FictionAdventureActionFamilyKidsAnimationMovie2019

    • 5.1

    • hd

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    In the magical world of Bayala, a pair of twin fairies set off to save a dragon from the kingdom's evil fairy queen.

    Starring: Madison MullaheyJessica WebbOlivia Grace ManningSara PetersenMarc Thompson

    Director: Aina Järvine

    TVPGFantasyScience FictionAdventureActionFamilyKidsAnimationMovie2019

    • 5.1

    • hd


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    The Fairy Princess and the Unicorn - Trailer

    About this Movie

    The Fairy Princess and the Unicorn

    In the magical world of Bayala, a pair of twin fairies set off to save a dragon from the kingdom's evil fairy queen.

    Starring: Madison MullaheyJessica WebbOlivia Grace ManningSara PetersenMarc Thompson

    Director: Aina Järvine

    TVPGFantasyScience FictionAdventureActionFamilyKidsAnimationMovie2019

    • 5.1

    • hd

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    Read online Little Dragon. Part II. Fairy Princess”, Dmitry Moiseevich Gerasimchuk – LitRes

    Many thanks to my wife Marina, who knitted toys for my book. Thanks to her, the characters of the fairy tale became bright and alive.


    The alarm has beeped. Dasha reluctantly opened her eyes and turned it off with a yawn. I really didn't want to go to work.

    - Oh! - Dasha slipped on her son's typewriter - there was a crunch.

    “Maximka will be upset,” she thought, “his favorite car was. Henceforth there will be science for him! How many times he was told not to scatter toys. nine0005

    Dasha picked up the pieces of the toy and threw them into the trash. She began to get ready for work, rubbing her foot with her fingers - her leg ached a little.

    Maxim got up in the morning, had breakfast with his dad and got ready to go to school.

    “Take out the trash,” Vadik said and handed him a package.

    Maxim took it and … saw familiar red pieces of a car inside the rubbish.

    - This is my car! – the stunned boy exclaimed and reached out with his hand to the wreckage.

    - There is nothing to rummage through the trash, - dad took the package back. - All right, I'll take it myself. Now, perhaps, you will learn to fold toys neatly, and not throw them anywhere. nine0005

    Maxim trudged to school with tears in his eyes.

    "This is Ksyushka, there is no one else," he thought. - “I’ll come from school, she will get it from me!”

    Coming home from school, Maxim immediately rushed to his younger sister's room:

    – Why did you break my typewriter? - he asked.

    “I didn’t break anything,” Ksyusha answered, braiding the doll’s hair.

    “It’s you,” Maksimka accused her, “there’s no one else. I'll break your doll too!

    – If you don’t break it, I’ll tell my mother, – sister pressed the doll to her. nine0005

    - I'll tell my mom everything! - said the offended boy and went to his room, where he quietly began to cry, remembering his favorite toy.

    “When your mother comes, she will punish you,” he muttered, sobbing. He lay like that for a long time until he fell asleep. And he had a dream.

    Chapter 1. Book of fairy tales

    Little dragon Ii-ya was looking out the window. It was raining outside for the third day in a row. Autumn came, and the dragon realized that he did not like this season at all. While the weather was sunny, it was interesting: the leaves on the trees became bright and beautiful, and then began to crumble. Colored leaf fall caused admiration and delight until it started to rain. nine0005

    “The kids went to school last week,” thought Eey-ya, bored. “And Garham said I still had to grow up. Yesterday he himself went on a long journey, as usual, probably to where it is warm and sunny. Now not earlier than in a week will return. Scar is visiting Slepy, they have more fun there. Almost everyone gathered in the chicken coop. And I’m cramped with them, I don’t even have anywhere to sit down, so I have to toil at home alone, as if I don’t have any friends at all.

    The little dragon sighed and moved away from the window. The rain didn't seem to stop. Ii-I started building an unfinished castle out of blocks, but immediately gave up. And so three times in a row collected, how much can you? I also had a bite recently (I ate a big beautiful ice cream castle), and there is still a whole hour before lunch. nine0005

    The little dragon sighed a second time, went to the library, but, as expected, did not find any new fairy tales. I went into the wizard's room. It was clean and tidy there. This greatly surprised the dragon. Usually Garham's room was littered with all sorts of things, both magical and simple. Now, all things were collected in one magical bottomless bag, which took up very little space. It was possible to shake out the bag, try on a cowboy hat or a chef's hat, but the dragon was tired of this for a long time. Here were objects not dangerous, in Garham's opinion, for a baby dragon. And the dangerous ones were stored in a large chest that stood in the very corner of the room. It was on him that I fixed my gaze. nine0005

    “Not all things here are dangerous,” thought the dragon, going up to the chest. He scratched the lid thoughtfully with a claw. “I myself caught a glimpse of a crystal ball and a book of some kind here when Garham was getting out his witch powders. They are, of course, dangerous if you do not know how to handle them. The book, probably, with some terrible spells, since the wizard hid it from me. But the ball is not dangerous, what's wrong with it? – Iy-ya thought naively. He is so shiny and handsome. It can be seen that Garham is afraid that I will drop him and break him, considers me small. And I haven't broken anything in a long time: a whole week! You can just look at the ball and not touch anything. The magician only strictly forbade me to touch it, if I look, I won’t violate his prohibition. nine0005

    So decided Eey-ya, bending over the chest, which Garham locked with a padlock, and carried the key with him, so he had never been able to open the coveted cache. This time, a corner of the flying carpet stuck out from under the lid. The wizard probably didn't notice it when he slammed the lid shut, and that's why the lock didn't click. The little dragon even stopped breathing from excitement and carefully picked up the lid with a claw.

    “Whoa,” he breathed as the lid opened. The chest was full of things. It contained a flying carpet, a cap of invisibility, a crystal ball the size of a grapefruit, and next to it was a thick, very thick book. nine0005

    “Fairy tales are real and magical,” Iy-ya read. His hand itself reached out to the book, carefully grabbed it and picked it up from some kind of cape from the chest.

    “Slam,” the door slammed. It was the dog Polkan who entered the house.

    The dragon shuddered in surprise and looked sharply towards the corridor. His strained hearing picked up Polkan's footsteps as they retired to the kitchen.

    "It's just Polkan," Ii-ya thought with relief. “Garham strictly forbade me from touching anything from the chest, because there are dangerous magical things in here. But how can a book of fairy tales be dangerous? Garham must have put it here by mistake. I will read the fairy tales and return the book to its place.” nine0005

    The baby dragon went to the kitchen. There, the dog served cutlets on a plate for himself and Scar.

    - Uncle Polkan, - said Ii-ya. - I found a book with fairy tales in Garham's room. Can I read it and then return it to its place?

    “You can,” the dog allowed, taking a carton of milk from the magic refrigerator. After a little thought, he took out another bone: there will be something to do in such rainy weather.

    The little dragon did not count on another answer.

    Joyful, he came to his room, sat down on the carpet on the floor and opened the book. Immediately, the whole room was flooded with golden light, multi-colored flashes flashed, someone's voices were heard. Then suddenly everything disappeared. nine0005

    “It's okay,” Eey-ya reassured himself. “The stories are magical.”

    And the little dragon began to read the first fairy tale, which was called “Princess Xenia”. He did not suspect that the multi-colored flashes that burst out were nothing more than the end of this story that began to live its own life. And only when a new fairy tale appears in full, it will return to the book as a continuation of the first story.

    Chapter 2. Princess Xenia

    There was a king in a certain kingdom, in a certain state. His name was Alexei the Third. His wife, Queen Sofia, helped him rule, and their only daughter Xenia distracted him from routine state affairs. The king and queen were still young and beautiful, although Alexei had a noticeable belly, as befits a royal person. Princess Xenia was charming. Everyone in the kingdom loved her very much, despite the fact that at times she was quite capricious. nine0005

    One day the princess came up to Alexei the Third, who was sitting on the throne in the palace, hugged him tightly, kissed him on the cheek and asked:

    – Dad, what will you give me for my birthday?

    - For your birthday? - the king asked, coming out of deep thought, as he thought about important state affairs. What else to think about when it's raining outside?

    - Yes. After all, the day after tomorrow I will be nine years old.

    Aleksey began to remember intensely what he and his wife had decided to give their daughter for her birthday? Finally remembered: a big toy castle with a prince, princess and courtiers. But Sofia forbade telling her daughter about the gift. nine0005

    - You know, Ksyusha, - the king began, - this is a surprise. I can't tell you what the present will be.

    “Please,” the princess begged, kissing her father on the other cheek. “I won’t tell my mother what you told me.

    The king squinted at the nobles standing near the throne. They will most likely spill the beans. So I decided to lie.

    - We will give you a pony.

    - You gave me a pony last year!

    - Yes? Alexei III thought for a second. Then the crocodile. nine0005

    “Dad,” Ksenia laughed, “why do I need a crocodile?

    - Let me into the pool. You will feed something.

    - No, - my daughter, becoming more serious, refused. - I do not need a crocodile, what if he eats someone?

    “I don’t need it, I don’t need it,” the king agreed. “What would you like for your birthday then?” - Alexey decided to give the little princess a second gift, if only not to spoil the surprise that he and the queen had prepared.

    This is exactly the question Ksyusha was waiting for. nine0005

    - I want, - said the princess, leaning towards her father's ear and hugging him even tighter, - ... a baby dragon.

    - What? Alexey III was surprised. “Dragons don't exist.

    - No, they exist! Ksenia exclaimed, pulling away from her father and stamping her foot. - I saw it in my dream today.

    “You never know what you dreamed about,” objected the king. “There are definitely no dragons.

    - No, there is! - capricious princess. And I want a dragon! Tears flowed from her beautiful eyes, the color of a clear sky. nine0005

    “Well, don’t cry, don’t cry,” the king began to calm the little whim. When the princess began to cry, he was ready to give anything. But how to give something that does not exist?

    “Your Majesty,” the nobleman, who was standing to his right, whispered into the king’s ear. “You could promise a reward to whoever brings a baby dragon for the princess’s birthday.”

    “And this is the way out,” Alexei Trety was delighted. “Of course, no one will bring the dragon, but my daughter will understand that I did everything possible and impossible.” nine0005

    “Let it be announced throughout the kingdom.” The king stood up majestically, giving the order. “Whoever delivers the dragon to my princess's birthday will be rewarded with two sacks of… no, three sacks of gold.

    “That's it,” the king sighed with relief as he sat down on the throne. “If a dragon exists, then for such a reward they will definitely find it and bring it.”

    “Your Majesty, with your permission, I myself will go in search of this fabulous beast,” volunteered the nobleman, who submitted the idea of ​​a reward. “I only ask you to provide me with two brave soldiers from the royal army to help me. nine0005

    This nobleman's name was Boris. He was very full, and all the courtiers smiled and giggled, imagining how he, with his belly, was chasing a dragon.

    The king also smiled, but still ordered:

    - Give him everything he needs to search.

    “Your Majesty, I can’t weaken the palace guards on two brave warriors at once,” objected the head of the guard, Pyotr, looking at the rain outside the window. In weather like this, he wasn't going to send his people out to chase after stories. nine0005

    Alexey the Third frowned at such words, and Peter had to make concessions.

    Learn more