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ABC: The Look of Love (Music Video 1982)

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The music video for the song, taped on a soundstage, was influenced by old British music hall, the chalk pavement sequence in the film Mary Poppins, carnival sideshows, and Punch and Judy pu... Read allThe music video for the song, taped on a soundstage, was influenced by old British music hall, the chalk pavement sequence in the film Mary Poppins, carnival sideshows, and Punch and Judy puppet shows; the four band members were featured wearing Edwardian-style light suits with v... Read allThe music video for the song, taped on a soundstage, was influenced by old British music hall, the chalk pavement sequence in the film Mary Poppins, carnival sideshows, and Punch and Judy puppet shows; the four band members were featured wearing Edwardian-style light suits with vertical pastel stripes, accompanied by many colorful extras, including a Charlie Chaplin i. .. Read all





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    • Brian Grant
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  • Stars
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    • Martin Fry
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    top 14 rating according to KP

    Photo: frame from the film

    Lyricist Maksim Tuvim

    There are not just a lot of songs about love, but a lot of them - believe me, it took us more than one hour to make the perfect playlist for Valentine's Day. Moreover, we decided not to go "into the depths of time" - all these songs are no more than 50 years old. There are no Russian-language hits here either - this is a topic for a separate material. nine0003

    Best Love Songs Ranking: KP Top 14 Ranking

    Here is our Top 14 Love Songs Ranking. And please don't forget: you need to remind your significant other how much they are dear to you, not only on February 14, but every day.

    1. "So Far Away"

    Performer Carol King
    Year 1971

    near sooner or later - you need, however, to learn to wait. nine0003

    Fact One of King's most famous songs is "Crying in the Rain", which became a hit in the 1960s for the American duo The Everly Brothers and in the 1990s for the Norwegian trio A-ha.

    2. "You Are the Sunshine of My Life"

    Performer Stevie Wonder
    Year 1972

    Soul classic about human love being the sunshine we miss so much in winter . The musician himself, as you know, has an idea about light only from the stories of other people: shortly after his birth, Wonder went blind. nine0003

    Fact "You Are the Sunshine of My Life" won the artist a Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance.

    3 . Lovin ' YOU Minnie Ryperton
    1974 1974

    Welcome to the world of tags, aid in the world love makes beautiful not only people, but also the surrounding reality - it's always May outside, and birds sing in the parks. Ah…

    Fact In the 90s, the famous Turkish chewing gum was advertised on TV under “Lovin’ You”.

    4 . à TOI

    Contractor Joe Dassen

    This song, which could be heard on the air of the All -Union radio (for example, on the transmission of “on the application” noon"), transported millions of Soviet women to the famous Parisian street Shans-Elise. After all, it was here in the crowd that one could see Joe - romantic, imposing and in a snow-white suit. nine0003

    Fact Dassin, a native of New York, managed to release a single album in English - "Home Made Ice Cream" (1979).

    5 . "Silly Love Songs"

    Artist Wings
    Year 1976

    According to Paul McCartney, sentimentality is not a vice. And love songs have always been, are and will be, if only because every minute somewhere someone gently says to someone: “I love you”. nine0003

    Fact In May 1978, an article about Summer appeared in Krugozor magazine, along with a flexible record with two hits by the American disco diva - "I Feel Love" and "I Remember Yesterday".


    Contractor Fleetwood Mac
    9000 to follow his beloved to the ends of the world - if only he wanted it. nine0003

    Fact The script for the video clip "Everywhere" is based on the poem "The Robber" by the English writer Alfred Noyes - the story of the relationship between the tavern owner's daughter and a romantic from the high road.

    8. "Nothing Can Come Between Us"

    Artist Sade
    Year 1988

    honesty. «Nothing Can Come Between Us» is a peppy disco-funk that you want to listen to somewhere on a tropical island or at least in the country, away from the bustle of the city. nine0003

    Fact Even today, many do not know that Sade is not a solo project of a sweet-voiced Englishwoman with Nigerian roots, but a whole soul quartet. By the way, in 2022 the group will celebrate its 40th anniversary.

    9. “Friday i'm in Love”

    Contractor The Cure
    1992 9000 do it on Friday - after all, the weekend is ahead, you can calmly sit down and sort out the sincerity of feelings. nine0003

    Fact The video clip "Friday I'm in Love" is a homage to one of the first films in the fantasy genre, Georges Méliès' nine-minute 1907 film "Solar Eclipse and Other Space Accidents".

    10. I Will Always Love You

    1992 9000 You”: absolutely everyone knows this song about devotion! nine0003

    Fact The country ballad "I Will Always Love You", written by Dolly Parton back in 1973, was first performed in Martin Scorsese's tragicomedy "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore". The world, of course, learned about this song already in the early 1990s, when a romantic thriller about a bodyguard (Kevin Costner) and a pop diva (Whitney Houston) was released. Know

    Fact One of the members of the Daft Punk duo, Tom Bangalter, was born in the family of composer and producer Daniel Vangarde, the man responsible for the Ottawan hits "D. I.S.C.O." and "Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart)".

    13. Video Games

    Contractor Lana Del Rey 2011 9000 how nice it is to love a person who sits at home in the evenings and plays video games. Yes, and this happens ... By the way, the singer once admitted that "Video Games" is autobiographical. nine0003

    Fact In 1997, on the eve of Valentine's Day, The Divine Comedy released a mini-album called "A Short Album About Love" - ​​seven very sincere songs for all lovers.

    Jah Khalib - Love song lyrics ft Cat Baloo

    View all lyrics Jah Khalib

    Freshness, cold morning, you are near
    Eyes do not lie, and if they lie, then it is sweet
    We are, you know, I need someone to trust
    Words are like birds, they fly0003

    North, hot tea, letter
    I don't know anything, I lost the meaning
    I was given life, you and eternity
    Cold blue wind
    But with ardent heat we burn scarlet

    At a distance of one soul, two hands
    Together forever we, you and me
    Only fiction in years, borrow time
    Everything will burn to the end in these verses
    And do not need thoughts, smokes, sums, angers
    Tonight, where are you?

    We sow blindly, but is there joy in all this? nine0023 Happiness, fiction, bliss, death, fiction to life
    Phoenix invented, strange miracle
    And I still grow a fairy garden
    My boat floats in the sea of ​​love, and for me the earth is you
    Without you, without you I. ..

    Like life without spring, spring without leaves
    Foliage without thunderstorm and thunderstorm without lightning

    So the years are boring, without the right to love
    Fly to the call or your silent moan
    Alas, you can’t predict trouble, call me, I’ll take the blow

    Let me give my head for this
    Guessing the price is not for me, my love
    Let me give my head for this
    Guessing about the price is not for me, my love

    The roads of love, we are not easy
    But they are generous to us, white moss and clover
    The nightingales are full of happy longing
    And springs are generous, return to the north
    There is a land where there are so many separations
    She will suddenly marry us herself

    But we are faithful to the birds of spring
    We can hear them even in winter, my love
    But that we are faithful to the birds of spring
    We hear them even in winter, my love

    But we are faithful to the birds of spring
    We can hear them even in winter, my love
    But that we are faithful to the birds of spring
    We can hear them even in winter, darling

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