Activities for twos

40+ Quick & Easy Activities for Two-Year-Olds

Our two-year-old kids *love* to BE BUSY with all sorts of activities.   We have a two-year-old boy and girl and they are constantly doing and creating. I am sure my toddlers are not alone in the seemingly boundless energy. Below are some of the games that my 2-year-olds love to play.

Let’s play today!

Fun Activities for Two Year Olds

1. Measuring Activity for 2-Year-olds

Help your child learn how to measure using kitchen stuff in this fun activity from Kids Activities Blog.

2. Letter Recognition Activity

Your 2-year-old will enjoy learning about letters when you make letters with playdough along with them!

3. Simple Baking Soda and Vinegar Experiment

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Awaken the scientist in your toddler as you both explore chemical reactions with baking soda and vinegar.

4. Fun Music Time with Toddlers

Jam to musical instruments with your 2-year-old in this fun musical activity!


Cool Color Game for Your Little One

Play with a muffin tin and toy balls as a color game for toddlers.

6. Colorful Playdough Hair Activity

Get wacky with your 2-year-old as you both decorate faces with playdough hair.

7. Fun Squishy Aquarium Project

Make Squishy bags into an aquarium for your kids to explore.

8. Healthy Snack Necklace

Make a fruit (or veggie) snack necklace for your little ones to make and eat.

9. Wondeful Toddler Birthday Party Ideas

Throw your child’s favorite toy, a birthday party.

10. Bubbles and Balls Bath Play

Play with bubbles and balls in a tub.

11. Awesome Music Tubes for 2-year-olds

Get some PVC pipes, add some seeds – tubes for toddlers!

12. Foam Plate Fun Activity

Stab at a foam plate with this toddler activity from Creative with Kids.

Help your Child Develop With these Fun Toddler Activities

13. Cut-Up Straw Bracelets

Make bracelets from cut-up straws. Great for fine motor development!

14. Pick-Up Items Game for 2-Year-Olds

Dig out the kitchen tongs and have fun picking up items.

15. Super Fun Pompom Game Idea

Play with pompoms! Let your kiddo try blowing them across the floor.

16. Fun Craft Stick Ideas For 2-Year-Olds

Build with craft sticks –  just use Velcro dots to make them reusable.

17. Collage-Making Toddler Project

Make collages together. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Nature collage from Studio Sprout
  • Foil art collage
  • Easy flower collage

18. Basketful of Play Items for Toddlers

Create a basket of play items like this one from The Imagination Tree.

19. Plank Walk Balancing Game

Practice balancing with a plank of wood (aka. Balance beam).

20. Yummy Edible Sand

Create an edible “sand” using cheerios and start the afternoon toddler fun!

Easy Toddler Crafts & Ways to Get creative with Play


Crafty Beads and Pipe Cleaners Project

Use beads and pipe cleaners to create sculptures like this example from Studio Sprout.

22. Colorful Spray Bottle Paint

Watch your kids have fun and create with “spray bottle” paint.

23. Fun Outdoor Nature Activity

Go on a nature hunt around your neighborhood with your 2-year-old.

24. Lovely Luminary Project

Make a night light for your kids to interact with. This tutorial is for a Halloween luminary but you can easily make it with any shapes and characters your child loves.

25. Edible Jewels for 2-Year-Olds

Play with “edible jewels” and eat pomegranate seeds.

26. Toddler Finger Painting Activity

Finger paint while in the bath. It is a great way to have less-mess art time.

27. Fun Chalkboard Games

Make chalkboard games with your kiddo, outside!

28. Clever Animal Tracks in Playdough

Let your little ones make tracks in playdough with their favorite toy animals.

29. Awesome Pouring Activity with 2-Year-Olds

Practice pouring with your child. Give them a pitcher and some cups.

30. Crafty Slime Recipes for Kiddos

Make different slime recipes with your kids to expose them to many weird and ooey-gooey textures.

More Toddler Fun for 2 Year Olds

31. Baby Shark in the Bathtub Game

Your 2-year-old will love playing with Baby Shark crayons in the bathtub.

32. Fine Motor Practice with Scissors

Give your child a pair of funky scissors and let them shred paper.

33. Lovely Floating Bouquet

Let your little ones play with petals in a floating bouquet.

34. Playdough and LEGO Activity

Make lego puzzles in playdough to teach your 2-year-old about shape matching.

35. Crafty Felt Binder Activity

For a quiet-time Kids Activity, have your kids play with a felt activity binder.

36. Floating Bouquet Project for Toddlers

Play with petals in a floating bouquet in this super fun activity!


Toddler-Friendly Edible Playdough

Make edible play dough, just in case.

38. Fun Crafts and Activities for Toddlers

Here are 32 *other* fun ideas of things to do with your kids.

39. Colorful Sensory Bags for Little Ones

Create sensory bags with your toddler and watch them get amazed!

40. Clever Invitation Ideas

Create an invitation to playtime – in a bag! Every kid will love to get one.

Toddler Early Learning Fun

Have you tried the ABC Mouse app? Our toddlers learned how to count and learned the alphabet from playing games on it! Check it out and get a 30-day FREE trial here!

So many fun things to do…

More Fun Activities For Kids from Kids Activities Blog

What 2-year-old activities are your toddler’s favorite play ideas?

80 of the BEST Toddler Activities for 2 Year Olds

If you are looking for ideas as to what to do with your toddler today, you have come to the right place. We have a big list of activities for 2 year olds, toddler games, 2 year old toys and fun things to do with toddlers. Pssst…while this list was created with the 2 year old in mind, younger and older toddlers will enjoy many of the things we have selected.

The best thing about 2 year olds is they LOVE to play!

BEST Activities for 2 Year Olds Toddlers

As my youngest toddler is crossing the threshold and becoming a three-year old, but before they do I want them to get the most out of this year so here are 80 of the BEST Activities for 2 Year Olds!

These are either things that my two year old enjoyed or would if we had thought of doing them this last year! These toddler activities and toddler games are guaranteed to keep little hands busy with great ideas in a bunch of different ways.

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2 Year Olds Love to Play

While every 2 year old is going to be a little different, one of the common traits found in 2-3 year old toddlers is that they love to play.

In fact, anything they do turns into toddler games!

I absolutely love that about two year old children…everything they play turns into toddler games. It is something we should all learn from!

Toddler Physical Abilities

Physically, toddlers are active participants in almost any activity that includes climbing, kicking, running (short distances), scribbling, squatting, hopping and the way they walk starts to appear more like an adult or child than a baby. It is amazing how quickly those gross motor skills develop.

Through play, 2 year olds develop coordination, spacial recognition and so much more…

Toddler Mental Abilities

Mentally, two year olds are grasping language with more skill, being more thoughtful and starting to strategize and hold concepts. In fact, it is at age 2 that toddlers often start running through scenarios in their head that can predict outcomes of actions.

Toddler Play Abilities

It is one of the reasons why play is such an important part of a 2 year olds life…it helps them develop both mentally and physically! Oh, and don’t forget that important toddler social component as well…remember that everything is toddler games to a two year old.

The world is full of color & 2 year olds want to see and taste it all!

Fun Things For 2 Year Olds to Do to Exploring Color

1. Let’s Make Leftovers Art

Create colorful art using leftovers from around the house. Got different colors of scraps of paper, felt, and other odds and ends from other 2 year old crafts? These are perfect to create a wonderfully abstract masterpiece!

2. Play with Erupting Rainbow Chalk Paint

Side walk chalk is always a fun outdoor activity for kids. Let them create colorful designs and pictures. Then add a bit of science. Let them use a spray bottle of vinegar to watch their creations puff up!

3. Color Learning Activities For 2 Year Olds

Create a color wheel by painting each section of a pie chart a color. Then pick out little toys and trinkets that are the same color. Once you have a basket of goodies allow your child to put each item in its corresponding color. This is such a fun way to learn the colors even on a rainy day.

4. Let’s Make a Summer Time Bucket List for 2 Year Olds

Get outside in the summer time and have fun with one of these simple busy toddler activities or make your summer exciting and try to do them all. It will keep your 2 year old active, exploring, moving, and learning each day.

5. Create Rainbow Hand Kites

These rainbow hand kites are an amazing way to not only learn colors, but to appreciate them as well! Your child will be mesmerized by the way the colorful ribbons and dance and flow with each movement in different ways.

6. Play a Color Wheel Game

Sorting is something that teaches kids patterns, helps them to learn how to differentiate, and is *fun* for little kids! The best part is, toddlers have multiple ideas for learning colors so these activities for 2 year olds never gets dull and are so much fun.

7. Make Rainbow Healthy Gummies Together

Help your kids eat all the colors of the rainbow – these gummy snacks for kids are fun to make, and tasty for even picky kiddos. Your 2 year old will never know they’re eating fruits and veggies, they taste so good.

8. Let’s Play Color And Word Games For 2 Year Olds

Jump through the different shapes and colors with a DIY hopscotch-like mat. Your child must follow the path across the mat by following the same color or the same shape. Plus, looking for some fun activities to do at home to teach your toddler words? There is also a magnetic word game as well!

Yes, 2 year olds love to craft and make art…

Easy Crafts For 2 Year Olds

9. Paintsicles are Fun for Toddlers

Make finger painting more exciting by freezing paint in ice cubes for a cool colorful project. Do single colors, mix colors, add glitter, make it unique. Either way, your 2 year old will get to make a neat art project and work on their fine motor skills. It is a win-win.

10. Have Fun with a Sibling Made Toddler Puzzle

Need fun activities at home for older kids? Get an older sibling to paint a picture and turn it into a toddler puzzle. They can do a portrait, make a train, or whatever else your 2 year old may fancy. Plus, it is a great way to get your children to bond and promote kindness.

11. Painting With Cookie Cutters

Make prints with plastic letters – a great way to play with color and the alphabet at the same time. Not only is this a fun way to teach your 2 year old about letters, but it is a great way to start teaching them about words!

12. Teaching Your 2 Year Old About Germs

The year 2020 brought a sobering reminder that germs are very real. Making your own hand sanitizer and cleaning your toddlers hands with homemade hand sanitizer is a great way to remind them we must always clean our hands!

13. Fork Painted Fish Craft

Get creative with paint. Use different objects to make prints. Check out this forked fish. The texture is so neat and makes the fish looks like it has scales. Mix colors, make zig zags, stagger the strokes, these fish are your canvas!


Make Paper Plate Roses Together

Roses are such beautiful flowers with such deep meanings. Now your toddler can make their own Paper Plate Roses. They are colorful, fun, and an easy craft for your toddler. The best part is you can make different colored ones! All you need is different colored paper plates.

15. Let’s Play with Kids Face Painting

Face painting is something that my kiddos love. The first thing they do with markers is draw on themselves. Now you can put together a face painting kit! Use non-toxic paints and markers in your kits and add things like napkins, a towel, paintbrushes, and a couple other items you they will need.

16. Hey, Let’s Make DIY Chalk

Another favorite at our house is diy side walk chalk. They love to smash the chalk to bits in colorful blotches. Make your own paintable chalk version. Or you could make spray chalk, erupting ice chalk, glow in the dark chalk, there are so many options.


Oh So Many Crafts For 2 Year Olds

Get crafting with our huge list of toddler crafts. We have over 100 toddler crafts available from parents and bloggers just like you! From painting, tea parties, dry erase games, educational activities, dress up, gifts,, we have a little bit of everything!

18. Let’s Paint with Bathtub Paint

Bathtub paint for kids is one of our favorite ways to make bath time fun! It is so easy to make! You probably have most of the ingredients already in your pantry.

19. Sensory Paint Play

Explore different textures! Paint on unusual surfaces, like bubble wrap with your kids. You can add other textures like pebbles and beads! Paint in a bin, on skin, it is fun and makes finger painting more exciting.

Sensory activities for two year olds make sense…they love getting into everything!

Sensory Activities Your 2 Year old will Love!

20. Easy Rainbow Pasta Fun

Rainbow Spaghetti is a fun medium for kids to explore. Dye it for extra fun. Noodles have a very squishy and sticky texture, it is fun to place with, safe if your toddler puts it in their mouth, plus, save some for later for a fun dinner.

21. Kool Aid Shaving Cream Sensory Play

Shaving cream is a great sensory tool for kids. Add Koolaid for colors and scent variations. If you want to make this a little safer for 2 year olds and babies who may still stick their fingers in their mouths you can substitute shaving cream for Cool Whip.

23. Make a Paper Plate Bird Craft

Feathers are a fun thing to craft and play with. Create a fun, colorful bird in this preschool craft. This is a fun and colorful craft, not only because of the paint, but because of the rainbow feathers! Feathers are such a fun texture to play with.

24. Play in a Rainbow Sensory Tub

Pasta is a blast to play with in a sensory tub. Dye it and add some element shapes for kids to have fun digging, sorting, and touching. Add in colorful rings and plastic coins for even more textures. Add cups for the kids to shake the noodles and trinkets around.

25. Process Art is Fun Toddler Play

Kids love big canvases. Keep one around the house for your kids to paint whenever the desire strikes. Let them spray the paint, mix it, use rollers, and brushes to create a giant, beautiful, piece of art.

26. Rainbow Finger Bath Paint

If you don’t like mess, maybe the bath tub will be a better place for your kids to explore color mixing. These paints are non-toxic and safe for kids and your bathtub and the best part is, while they’re learning their colors you won’t be scrubbing paint off of chairs and the floor.

27. Make a Confetti Collage

Give your kids a hole punch and colorful sheets of paper. They will have a blast creating confetti – and afterwards craft with the bits. Use a paintbrush and glue and then sprinkle the confetti on top to create a rainbow masterpiece.

28. Play with Rainbows

Preschoolers can learn about more than color as they explore. This is a fun rainbow-themed math activity. It uses paint, toilet paper rolls, stickers, clay, and coins! Who knew math could be so fun?

Sensory play is just plain PLAY…so many things to touch and explore with 2 year olds…

Toddler Games & Sensory Play Ideas for 2 Year Olds

29. Playdough, Beads, And Pipe Cleaners Toddler Activities

Add pipe cleaners and large beads to playdough play – it will help your kids develop fine motor skills. Plus, they create all sorts of creatures and monsters! Let their imaginations run wild.

30. Stacking Cups for Gross Motor Play

Two year olds have fun rolling stacking cups, and pretending to drink/eat. Add beans or rice and let them scoop and pour. Even better, let them shake them all around to make neat sounds. Worried they’ll put a bean in their mouth? Use Fruity Pebbles instead any round cereal like Coco Puffs or Cheerios for their toddler game.

31. Make Chocolate Ice Cream Play Dough

Chocolate Ice Cream, our preschoolers love to eat it – and this play dough recipe smells delish! Let them pretend to work at an ice cream shop. Give them other color playdough to make sprinkles and cherries! Just a heads up, this chocolate ice cream playdough may smell amazing, however, it is not edible! A taste won’t hurt, it won’t taste good, but this is not one of our edible recipes.

32. Creative Activities For Toddlers At Home

Rice is a fun sensory table addition. It’s cheap and easy to find, and kids love the texture falling through their fingers. Add wooden spoons, tiny cups, hide treasure in the rice, let them pour the rice through a funnel.

33. Arts And Crafts For 2 Year Olds

Toddler art projects can be daunting. Here are 10 easy and fun sensory arts and crafts for two year olds. Promote imaginary play with an ice cream dough bar, play with water beads, paint with yogurt, and there are so many more fun activities to choose from.

34. Who Made That Footprint

Make footprints in playdough with your 2 year old’s favorite toys, then see if they can match the footprints to the toys! It is such a cute game and a great problem solving game as they have to match each footprint with their toys. Plus, it teaches about body parts like feet as they have to search for toys with feet.

35. Let’s Make Homemade Story Stones

Story-telling is a great way to help toddlers develop language patterns and learn sequencing of events. Make your own story stones using pictures of: animals, bugs, aliens, toys, and automobiles. Put them all in a basket and then let the pick one at a time to continue the story.

36. Play Concentration Game

Play a learning game of concentration with your kiddo. Put three items up and remove one. Have your child identify which object was removed. It is a great way to work on problem solving and refine your child’s memory and teaches them to pay attention.

37. Playdough Kabobs are Fun to Make

Make Kabobs of play dough. Form beads and thread them. Great way for kids to explore texture and motor control. Plus it will teach your child about colors and they can count each playdough balls.

38. Fruity Bubble Tea for Play

Water beads are the rage. Here are water beads that toddlers can play with, and even eat as part of a bubble tea. It is a fun texture to play with, to eat, plus they’re full of calories if your child doesn’t like to eat a lot.

There is a world of wonder outside for a 2 year old!

Toddler Games & Fun Things to Do with a 2 Year Old Outside

39. Play in a Mud Pie Kitchen

Mudpies!! It’s a quintessential kids activity – make an mini-outdoor kitchen for your kids to cook and create in. Use a wooden crate and add a bowl, a whisk, spoons, pans, a kettle full of water, and don’t forget the chalkboard menu.

40. Colored Cloud Dough Play

Cloud dough is so soft and squishy, they will play with it for hours. Plus, it is made from a lot of things you may already have at home. It is a fun sensory craft for 2 year olds. Let them build, squish, and smash this soft cloud dough.

41. Make Sandbox On Wheels

Sandboxes are a mess… but what if they were small, easy to cover, and you could drag it into the garage when you were done?? Win! This is a sandbox on wheels. Pile on the toys to hide them and keep your yard clean.

42. Ways To Spend Time With Your 2 Year Old

When was the last time you surprised your child with a picnic – for breakfast? This site has a bunch of other creative ways to connect with your kids. It has great tips to spend time with your kids everyday even in the smallest of moments.

43. Playing with Frozen Water Beads

On a hot afternoon, frozen water beads are a huge hit! Fill a big bucket with them. They’re cold and great for a hot day, but you can spray water on them to thaw them out. There textures change and it makes a fun sensory bin.

44. Outdoor Activities For Toddlers

Do your kids hide in clothes at a department store? Mine do! Recreate that experience by hanging fabric for your kids to run through at home. You can hang sheets, blankets, dresses, long shirts and let them run through!

45. DIY Outdoor Sound/Music Station

This is so cool! Create a sound/music station for your 2 year old using pots, pans, racks, and bells. Bang the afternoon away with a fun musical wall – attach it to a fence in your back yard.

46. Nature And Water Play For Toddlers

It’s a soup!! Only you can’t eat it. This soup is made from flower petals and cut up fruit and water. Smells lovely, and is a hit with the kids! You can add other things too like leaves, stones, and stir with sticks or spoons. Make this nature soup your own.

47. Egg Carton Color Sorting

Use egg cartons to help your kids differentiate between colors with this fun sorting activity. Paint each egg carton a different color and then fill a bowl full of pom poms. Put each pom pom in its correlating colors. If you use spoons and tongs it also helps refine your child’s fine motor skills.

48. How To Make Sponge Bombs

Sponge bombs are the BEST! Make a big batch of them, and add them to your tots bath toys. They also make amazing summer toys as well! Plus, they’re safer for 2 year olds than water balloons.

49. Sidewalk Simon Game

Play with all the colors of the rainbow in this fun Simon Says game. This is a fun outdoors game that will teach your 2 year old about colors while keeping them moving. Say a color and they will need to hop to that color.

50. Cardboard Boat For 2 Year Olds

Card board boats are a blast. This is a fun pretend version you can add to your backyard. It will be loved until it can no longer hold it together anymore. It promotes pretend play, and if you’re able to tape boxes together or use a large box there will even be room for you!


Rainbow Bubble Snakes

2 year olds love bubbles, colors, and messy activities! These rainbow bubble snakes are all 3! Bubbles are a blast, especially lots of them. These bubble snakes are perfect for kids who want to learn to blow or who love popping bubbles and they are rainbow!

Let’s keep those 2 year olds busy at home!

Fun Toddler Activities For 2 Year Olds Who Are Active

52. Exploring Color Theory

Summer time ice-cube sculptures. Your two year old can stack colored blocks of ice and watch the colors melt together. Not only is this a fun way to beat the heat, but it is a fun way to learn colors and learn about mixing colors like red and blue make purple. Make this even more fun, and tasty, and freeze different color Kool-Aid’s!

53. Make a Snack Together

Is your child a snacker? Spend time together cooking and make a batch of snacks for toddlers and have a picnic together. Make popsicles from real fruit, muffins, fruit snacks, yogurt gummies, trail mix and more.

54. Water Bead And Flower Sensory Tub

Do your kids love flowers?? Mine do! Check out this flower sensory bin. Add water beads and different flowers and water! This changes the texture of the water beads and each flower feels different as some will be wet and others dry. Dip your hands or feet in the bin.

55. Let’s Make an Indoor Fort Together

Who doesn’t love pillow forts? Building forts and hanging out inside forts is a blast for kids. They love cubbies to crawl into. We love these indoor forts for toddlers. There are 25 to choose from and each one is cool and unique in its own right.

56. Pretend Play is Toddler Fun

Pretend play is such an important thing for kids to do. It promotes social skills, cooperative play, and problem solving. Young preschoolers are just beginning to play pretend. These 75+ Pretend games help them build an imaginary world.

57. Watermelon Activities

Your kids don’t need to have blocks to build. Use chunks of watermelon this summer with your preschoolers. Not only can you build with it, but you can make squish bags, math bags, and best of all, snack!

58. No-Mess Finger Painting

You can fill bags of paint for kids to squish and trace in as mess free finger paint. It is clean play so you don’t have to worry about any scrubbing or baths afterwards. They can still draw pictures in the paint and even mix the colors.

59. Play with a Ball Maze

Drop the ball through a fun maze – your kids can create and explore with long paper tubes. You could even use toy cars with this maze. Either way, it is a lot of fun! All you need is cardboard tubes, can boxes, cutting utensils and a hot glue gun as well as ping pong balls.

60. Spaghetti Shop Play

Promote pretend play with this fun activity. Make an “invitation to play” for your kids cooked noodles (plain and red dyed), paper plates, tongues, forks and strainers – it’s a pasta party! Not only will it promote pretend play, but using tongues and letting two year olds move noodles from various containers is a great way to promote fine motor skill practice.

61. Play with Learning Letters

Water – everything is more fun with water. Use a squirt gun or spray bottle to learn the letters with your toddler. Write letters on a chalkboard. They can be in order or they can be all mixed up. Then name a letter and let your child find it and spray it with a water bottle to erase it from the lineup. A normal water bottle may be hard for 2 year olds, so a wet rag or sponge could also work.

Fun Activity Ideas For Toddlers At Home

62. Quiet Play for Toddlers

It isn’t often you can get 2 year olds to be quiet or settle down. But this toilet paper activity is perfect. You don’t need fancy toys to build towers. Use toilet paper – if your kids are like mine, they will enjoy unraveling a roll or two, too. But they can build, drive cars over and around them, and knock them down!

63. Water Play Ideas For 2 Year Olds

We have 20 easy young toddler water play ideas will get them outside on a hot day! Splash in puddles, dance in the rain, wash the car, build your own water table, paint with water, and there are many more fun ideas that you can do together!


Five Senses Exploration

Learn all about the five senses with this fun printable for kids. This is such a well-rounded sensory activity as it focuses on: touching, hearing, smelling, sight, and tasting. It is a great way to teach 2 year olds about the world around them and help them explore different textures and different items around them.

65. Simple Play With A Ramp

This is one of our go-to activities for 2 year olds. Grab a box – it can be a terrific launch ramp for toy cars. If you have stairs you can lay the box against them or if you don’t a chair or the couch. But then watch the cars and bikes fly!

66. Make Toddler Friendship Bracelets

Toddler friendship bracelets are a fun way to practice cutting and threading fine motor skills. Plus, they are super cute! Cut up different colored straws and use the pieces as beads and loop them onto a pipe cleaner.

67. Easy Indoor Ring Toss For Toddlers

Use a lump of play dough and a wooden spoon to create a pole to toss rings on. This is a great way for kids to develop hand-eye coordination. Use plastic bracelets as the rings.

68. Bucket List For Toddlers

Encourage your kids to be active with one of these 25 super simple activities. We have silly activities like singing into a fan (robot voice!) and simple activities like moping the floor with socks, or building forts, and so many more! Your 2 year old will love them all!

69. Free Quiet Book Template

Create a quiet book to entertain your 2 year olds during nap time or another calm period. This free template helps you put together a book full of fun felt puzzles and activities. It will keep your child busy for hours!

70. Toddler Kerplunk Game

Kerplunk is such a fun classic game and is one of our favorite activities for 2 year olds. Grab a spaghetti strainer and some pom-poms for a fun game. Don’t worry the plastic sticks aren’t sharp because they are straws! This is such a fun problem solving game!


Rock Sensory Box

Rocks. My kids love to play with them when they are at the park. Teach them not to throw rocks at home with a fun box. Plus, each rock has different textures. Some are smooth, some are tiny, some are jagged, and some are rough like pumice.

72. Edible Sand For 2 Year Olds

Do your kids want to play in the sandbox, but they are just a touch to young as they put everything in their mouths?? Create edible sand! All you need is a food processor and crackers! You could probably also use something like cheerios or graham crackers for a sweeter version of this edible sand. Either way, your 2 year old will love it!

73. Foam Block Building Ideas

Build with blocks in a water table – a fun outdoor experience. Trace the foam blocks with chalk! That way 2 year olds can learn colors and shapes. Work on your 2 year olds motor skills by sticking the foam blocks to sticky paper. Last, promote pretend play while working on your 2 year olds fine motor skills by letting them build. Use shaving cream as cement!

Almost anything is fun when it is play!

Activities to Encourage Independence in our 2 Year Olds

74. Printable Chore List

Help foster independence and teach work ethic with ideas from our chore list for your preschooler. Each chore list is sectioned off by age groups. So there are lists for toddlers, preschoolers, elementary kids, older elementary kids, and middle schoolers.

75. Building Towers

Build towers with all the old boxes you can collect – use tape to keep them together and bring a step stool. Let the kids do all the “heavy lifting” (they’re empty so no back brace is needed) and then let them decorate their amazing towers with paint!

76. Introduction To A Ruler

Your kids may not understand lengths and how to use a ruler yet, but they can learn to intuitively grasp varying amounts with the help of scissors, play dough and a ruler. It is a great way to introduce tools they’ll need for school and work on their fine motor skills.

77. Fine Motor Activities For Toddlers At Home

Colanders and straws are the perfect way to help 2 year olds practice their fine motor skills. This can even be used as one of our fun games for 3 years old. It is simple, let your child stick straws through the holes in the colander. It will take precision to get them in!

78. DIY Cutting Station

Create a cutting station! It is one of our fun activities to do at home. Not only is it fun, but helps your 2 year old practice their fine motor skills as well. Use a bucket and tie a pair of scissors to it. Hopefully, kids will keep the scraps contained this way.

79. Making Clean Up Fun

How to get kids to clean? Make cleaning fun! Add music, set a timer, hide prizes around the room! Also breaking down the cleaning tasks and even taking a before an after picture will make it easier on kids and make them feel more accomplished for doing their chores.


Toddlers can Help Clean

Encourage your kids to contribute and clean with some of these tips. Mop the floors with socks! Make your own cleaner out of non-toxic items in your home and let your child spray and wipe! This will make cleaning fun, but also teach them responsibility.

Oh so many ways for toddlers to play!

More Kids Activities for 2 year olds

Leave a Comment: Which of these toddler activities did your 2 year old enjoy the most? Did we miss a great activity on our list of toddler activities?

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1st Khoroshevsky pr-d, 4, office 1
Visit to the "Museum of Illusions" on the Arbat

The most incredible and exciting photo adventures await you! You can feel like a passenger of the famous Titanic, score the decisive goal in the Champions League match, interact with giant toys and much, much more. Don't forget to take your camera with you when you go to the museum. Take pictures that will decorate your photo album. nine0009

A special coupon to be printed out will give two visitors a 42% discount.

You can buy a ticket here.

Maly Nikolopeskovsky lane, 4
Visit to the Disneyland for adults erotic museum nine0054

At the G-Point Museum you will see that erotica is also an art! The atmosphere here is very unusual: you will not meet elderly caretakers, you will not have to listen to boring lectures of guides. On a very decent area there is a collection of paintings, sculptures and posters created in different eras. In addition, the museum presents an exposition of Russian works of erotic art.

The ticket provides a 30% discount.

You can buy a ticket here. nine0009

Novy Arbat, 15
Visit the "Mirror Maze"

You will make an exciting journey through the Looking Glass, where it will not be so easy to find the right path surrounded by dozens of reflections, among deceit and illusions! The laws of physics do not apply here, it is not clear where the floor is and where the ceiling is, bright spots of light form into fantastic patterns, into a kaleidoscope, music sounds from all sides ... You must try to find a way out of the fairy-tale world, where the unknown and fascinating. And if you don't forget to take your camera with you, the pictures of the magical Through the Looking-Glass will remind you of this wonderful adventure! nine0009

You can buy a ticket for two with a 42% discount.

Buy a ticket - follow the link.

st. Novy Arbat, 15
Boat trip with dinner for two "Romance of the river Moscow" nine0054

You will go on a two-hour walk along the Moscow River, which includes a boat trip, a musical program and a romantic dinner. During the voyage, a view of the most famous sights of the capital will open from a new angle, the guide will tell legends and traditions associated with the city, stories about where the tradition of dating on bridges came from, and which of the famous personalities met their chosen ones here. A dinner in a romantic setting will turn this evening into a real holiday! nine0009

You are offered a river trip with a 50% discount.

You can buy a ticket here.

Frunzenskaya embankment
Romantic segway ride for two nine0054

You will spend an unforgettable date with your significant other in one of the most picturesque places in Moscow! On Segways you will ride along the landscaped alleys of the Exhibition Center, admire the architectural monuments, enjoy the fresh air and wonderful views. On this walk you will be transported to another world and take a break from the bustle of the city, bored problems, recharge your batteries and get new impressions!

You can buy a ticket here.

Prospect Mira, 119
A date on the roof near the Picturesque Bridge

On one of the Moscow rooftops you will be alone with each other, feel that the whole world belongs only to you, spend a magical hour filled with romance and unforgettable impressions. Standing on a platform strewn with rose petals, you will enjoy the views of the evening city, romantic music, fresh strawberries and a glass of drink! nine0009

This wonderful date is offered with a 43% discount.

You can buy a ticket here.

Karamyshevskaya embankment 48
Quest "Curse of the Labyrinth" nine0054

Gather a team of up to four people and go on an exciting quest! In total darkness, where slippery stones, stone walls, blood dripping from somewhere above are barely visible, you are surrounded by mysterious creatures and piercing sounds. It is impossible to make out the boundaries between real life and fantasy, only one thing is clear - you need to get out of here somehow, and as soon as possible! And for this you will need to strain all your composure and logical thinking, remain calm and quickly solve complex problems. nine0009

14% discount for the company.

You can buy a ticket here.

Proezd Berezovaya Grove, 12
Ribbon labyrinth "Möbius"

Journey through an unparalleled labyrinth of tapes, where physical laws are simultaneously confirmed and refuted. In this illusory world, you will immerse yourself in a space with unusual properties, where there are no walls and corners, the sense of direction disappears, and the illusion of weightlessness appears instead.

Those over 18 are invited to the tour with a 42% discount.

You must have an identity document with you.

You can buy a ticket here. nine0009

st. Novy Arbat, 15
Excursion "Night Moscow from the 56th floor of the Moscow City site"

You will have a stunning bird's-eye view of the capital at night! Nothing will prevent you from admiring the beauty of the city flooded with lights, the grandeur of architectural monuments, the life that boils under your feet. And at the same time, a romantic atmosphere will envelop you, everything that you are used to seeing every day will be perceived from a new angle. nine0009

You can buy a ticket here.

Presnenskaya embankment, 6

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60 fresh ideas on how to spend an unforgettable evening together

November 12, 2016 Relationship

People are so accustomed to living online that even evenings with loved ones disappear into the virtual space, leaving no trace of memories. Forget about the Internet for a few hours and get a lot of fun by arranging an unusual date.


1. Classics of the genre. Light candles, prepare fragrant tea and talk about everything in the world. In the cycle of life, there is so little time left for spiritual conversations with a loved one.

2. Romantic astronomy. Gaze at the stars with a constellation chart or telescope. Dream up, creating your own original combinations of stars.

3. Theme dinner. Try to cook a French or Italian dish, and then eat a joint culinary masterpiece, washed down with a glass of good wine. nine0009

4. Evening for body and soul. Find a spa program for two. Aroma massage with essential oils, body wrap with honey, vanilla-scented sauna and delicious tea… What could be better?

5. Photo history. Arrange a creative home photo session. You will need a camera (or a smartphone with a good camera), a tripod, and a creative mood!

6. Back to the past. Review the wedding video and joint photos. These beautiful, bonding moments will remind you how much you love each other and how wonderful it is to be one family. nine0009

7. First date again. Imagine that you are two strangers who really liked each other and decided to go to a cafe together. Try not to leave the role for a while. You can rediscover each other.

8. Family portrait. Both pleasant and useful. Such a canvas can encourage the study of the genealogy and the compilation of a family history book for future generations.

9. Reincarnation. In each person lives a personality unknown and unexpected for us. Try to reincarnate into the personality that you always wanted to try on. Dressing up, changing your demeanor, and even creating a new biography will help you with this. nine0009

10. Renewal of the senses. Get a honeymoon hotel room, dress up for the occasion, hire a luxury taxi and spend time like newlyweds. May there be only you, love and happiness in the whole world!

Game lovers

1. Evening in the anti-cafe. A great way to change the situation, play enough, have fun and meet interesting people.

2. Game night. Fight on the game console for the title of the best gamer or form a strong team of two fighters. Passing exciting levels will color the evening with vivid emotions. nine0009

3. Board games. Start with the classic ones (chess, checkers, backgammon), and then move on to Monopoly, Tower, Battle of the Sexes and a hundred more funny, mystical, serious, logic games.

4. Dungeons and Dragons. is an amazing fantasy tabletop RPG that will keep you engrossed for hours. You can search for D&D organizers in your city and simply join the team. Playing on your own will require reading the manual, having character sheets, and a set of dice with a given number of sides. nine0009

5. Play store. This is a paradise for gamers. Here you can not only try out a lot of new games that have just appeared on sale, but also replenish your home collection.

6. Puzzles and games on paper. Forgotten, but not lost their relevance "Tic-tac-toe on an endless field", "Labyrinth", "Sea battle", "Points", "Balda", "Football 8 × 12".

7. Intellectual battles. Discover, for example, the logic game of Go with deep strategic content, one of the five core disciplines of the World Mind Games. nine0009

8. Puzzles. Instead of classic puzzles with thousands of elements, you can try to assemble spherical or figured puzzles.

9. Entertainment games. Create a selection of fun games in advance that are suitable for fun. For example, the popular pantomime game "Crocodile" will charge you with a positive mood for the whole evening.

10. Passage of quests. Original stories, entourage, interesting tasks, riddles, puzzles and the opportunity to be anyone. Choose any quest you like. nine0009

Active and restless

1. Sports event. Go to any sporting event in your city and cheer for any selected team from the bottom of your heart.

2. Step forward. Going in for sports together is inexpressible. Be sure to go for a trial workout in the gym, swim in the pool or try yourself in martial arts.

3. Shopping. As you know, you can walk more than one kilometer in a shopping center. Both useful and pleasant. At the same time, look for gifts for relatives and friends. nine0009

4. Dance lesson. Passionate bachata, classical waltz, fiery salsa, rumba, foxtrot or tango - communicate in body language and have fun.

5. Trying something new. A great option for a date is to attend a class together in a new type of physical activity for you, such as yoga or stretching.

6. Fitness for two. Evening jog, warming up on the machines, doing stretching exercises and preparing a light dinner together is the perfect plan for an active, healthy and enjoyable evening. nine0009

7. Forward with the wind. Go for a bike ride, go rollerblading or try your hand at a skateboard. On the way, you can fly a kite and admire the beautiful scenery. Open up new horizons of possibilities.

8. Dance simulator. If you absolutely do not want to leave the house, then you can plunge into the world of movements with animated dancers to popular music tracks. Move along with your partner, learning dance elements and earning points. nine0009

9. Alone with nature. Make an interesting urban walking route. Visit places where you have never been before.

10. Picnic. Arrange a camping trip with an overnight stay in a tent under the stars and long conversations by the fire. Let it take only one day, but it will remain in memory for many years.

Connoisseurs of peace and tranquility

1. Rustling pages. Read your favorite books, wrapping yourself up in a cozy blanket and making hot berry tea. nine0009

2. At the peak of calm. Take a thermos, sandwiches, warm blankets and spend the evening on the roof of a high-rise building, watching life boil far below.

3. Library evening. Spend some time in the library with a cup of coffee. You may be able to get to an evening of poetry or a bard song.

4. Movie night. Find out in advance in which cafe the movie night will be held. This is a great opportunity to take a break from the hustle and bustle and travel through fictional worlds. nine0009

5. Trip out of town. Autumn forest, a secluded house with a fireplace and you two. You can walk, fish, take pictures, warm your legs by the fire and enjoy the slow pace of life.

6. Riding lesson. Communication with horses relaxes, relieves stress and brings real happiness. No wonder hippotherapy works wonders.

7. Swimming with dolphins. An evening with these fantastic creatures will give you a real childhood joy and an excellent photo session as a keepsake. nine0009

8. Bird feeding. Stock up on bird treats and head to the nearest park. And take a walk, and breathe the air, and make the birds pleasant.

9. Cultural program. An excellent solution for everyone who does not like fuss is to visit a performance, opera, ballet.

10. Live music. You can book a table in a jazz club or a blues club. An unforgettable evening is guaranteed.


1. Lead us, Susanin. Map the points of interest in your city or area. Find as much information as you can about them in advance and take a walking tour in the evening, telling each other about what you have learned.

2. Explore the microworld. Borrow a microscope from friends or acquaintances for the evening. You can make at least fifty discoveries at a time.

3. Be scientists. Doing chemistry experiments or creating your own watercolors at home will bring a lot of fun. nine0009

4. Handmade gifts. This could include making your own soap, custom candles, or a family recipe for one amazing dessert. And the resulting masterpiece can be presented to your loved ones.

5. Taste. Go to a cafe where you have never been and order a dish from Indian, Japanese, Korean or any other cuisine.

6. Industrial tourism. If you want to know how real chocolate is made, wine or Coca-Cola drinks are made, visit the corresponding enterprise with a tour. It will be really informative and interesting. nine0009

7. Tricks. Have an evening of wonders and try some unusual magic tricks or math tricks. You can learn the secrets of magic the day before the joint evening.

8. Learning together. Finally start learning the foreign language you like. Together it is much more fun and productive.

9. Lectures. An excellent find for the curious will be visiting open popular science lectures, which are often held in higher educational institutions. This also includes chamber meetings with interesting creative people. nine0009

10. Origami. The art of origami is the folding of unusual paper figures. For example, on the eve of Halloween, you can try to fold a creepy hand with claws or a gravestone.

Extreme lovers

1. Making a tattoo. A romantic adventure filled with adrenaline. The tattoo will become your little, original secret.

2. Image change. Change the style, hairstyles and hair color in the beauty salon. Look at life in a new way. nine0009

3. Climbing. The first lesson on the climbing wall can turn into a common passion with subsequent trips to overcome real rocky terrain.

4. Ghostbusters. Stay overnight in a place steeped in macabre legends and mystical fame. Try to capture otherworldly inhabitants on camera and feel the true nature of fear.

5. Two warriors. Play paintball or laser tag - high-tech games that take place in real time and space. Modern weapons, well-equipped training grounds, scenarios of famous computer games and movies will help you unwind and feel like a team. nine0009

6. Jailoo tourism. This is a completely new type of tourism, which involves rest in complete isolation from civilization in places where mobile communications do not work and there is no electricity. A good opportunity to test your resourcefulness, endurance and patience.

7. Parkour. Parkour is urban acrobatics.

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