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Storytime has to be the sweetest part of the bedtime routine. What’s better than cuddling up with a picture book that helps our little ones slow down, relax and ease into dreamland?

These 16 tried-and-true bedtime books are perfect for those last moments before drifting off to sleep—warm, soothing and sometimes silly, for going to bed with a smile on your face.

All the animals, from sheep to geese, are snuggling down with their mamas. Tender bedtime rhymes soothe like a lullaby and the beautiful illustrations are an invitation to sleep in this bedtime book.

This classic bedtime book comforts kids by saying goodnight to—and demystifying—each object in the bedroom, from chairs to a picture of bears.

You can’t go wrong with a Sandra Boynton board book. Here, she imagines a boat full of friendly animals going about their bedtime routines (gotta brush those teeth!) before rocking gently to sleep.

Another Boynton favorite turns bedtime into a party complete with song and dance moves. But don’t worry, the after-party takes place in dreamland.

In this bedtime book, a tricky gorilla steals the zookeeper’s keys and lets all the animals out of their cages. When the zookeeper’s wife discovers the animals napping in her bedroom, she gently leads them home so they can all get a good night’s sleep.

The reader is entrusted with a very important and difficult job—don’t let the pigeon stay up late! The crafty pigeon will use every excuse and stall tactic, so it won’t be easy, but it will be funny.

Patient Mr. Panda reminds his animal friends to follow the steps of their bedtime routines, like taking a bath and brushing teeth. Sloth and skunk make excuses, but cheerful Lemur sticks to the plan. (Let’s all be like Lemur.)

What better way is there to say goodnight than with tons of kisses? Count down from “10 little kisses on teeny tiny toes” and learn body parts and numbers along the way with this sweet bedtime book.

Are you more of a hugger? This day in-the-life of a busy bunny is chock full of hug breaks, especially at bedtime!

Cement mixers and crane trucks have bedtimes too in this popular bedtime book about things that go.

Everyone’s favorite toddler tiger wants to play, but it’s time for bed. Dad gently moves Daniel through bath, teeth, PJ’s, story and a song until he’s too sleepy to protest anymore.

Your little one falls asleep to the sound of your loving affirmations, like “I love you like mice love cheese! I love you like vines love trees!” in this bedtime book for babies.

A little owl resists bedtime, claiming he’s not remotely tired—despite all evidence to the contrary. Sound like anyone you know?

A little boy imagines himself as a robot powering down at bedtime. It’s hard to stop jumping and beeping, but by “turning off” each body part, he can finally achieve sleep.

For littles with the wiggles, learning these gentle and poetically expressed yoga poses is a great way to settle in for bed.

A hilarious twist on the traditional bedtime story has our child narrator sending her exhausted and haggard looking parents to bed, which requires taking away their computers, magazines, TV and cell phones. “Remain calm. Do not negotiate,” she advises. Sounds familiar.

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Bedtime Books for Babies and Toddlers

One of my favorite times to read to babies and toddlers is right before naptime or bedtime.  And, since little ones take at least one nap and eventually go to sleep at night, that gives us at least two reading sessions a day.   Enjoy these bedtime books for babies and toddlers.

Of course, you don’t have to read a book about bedtime right before tucking little ones in for sleep.  You can read a book on any topic.  But, I do like to help little ones get in that wind-down mindset with these soothing stories.

Bedtime Books for Babies

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I’m Still Up by Antoinette Portis is a sweet and playful book about the moon being up and the baby still up too. (board book)

Get ready for the soothing waves to rock you to sleep in this lullaby tale set under the sea. Jane Yolen brings us Merbaby’s Lullaby. (board book)

Good Night – Buenas Noches by Meritxell Marti allows little ones to say goodnight to all the things in this bilingual book. Each item closes its eyes when you pull the tab. (board book)

Get sleepy as we say goodnight to all the animals on land and in the sea. Little ones even get to pull a tab to help some animals go to sleep. Enjoy Night Night, Little Ones by Hegarty. (board book)

The Going to Bed Book by Sandra Boynton is a board book great for the little ones.  The sun has set and now it’s time to prepare for bed.  Follow the animals on the boat as they prepare for bedtime.  This one was on repeat for us when my boys were little.

And, if you aren’t familiar with Sandra Boynton and her amazing books for little ones, check out this post where I share our favorite Boynton book.—> Favorite Sandra Boynton Books

I adore Mem Fox.  Her board book, Time for Bed, is a sweet, soft read perfect for reading right before you tuck your child in for the night.

Bedtime Books for Toddlers

Many toddlers especially young twos will still appreciate many of the books in the baby category above.  But, you can also start to venture into slightly longer reads with these books.

Baby’s First Bedtime by Tiger Tales will tire little ones out as they say goodnight to all the animals in their homes from the puppies in the kennel to the rabbits in the hutch. There are two sturdy lift-the-flaps per spread. First, children are invited to take a peek at the baby animal and then open the bigger flap to reveal the parent and babies. (board book for younger toddlers)

Night Night, Little Digger by Nicola Edwards will delight all little construction vehicle lovers with soothing rhyming text as we wish each big and little construction vehicle goodnight. There are touch-and-feel parts on each spread although some are an awkward texture and don’t add to the reading experience. (board book)

Toddlers will enjoy the illustrations in My Nap Mi Siesta by Raúl the Third which is part of the Coco Rocho series. There is so much to notice in the illustrations as we see all the different places to squeeze in a siesta. Plus, the book is bilingual. (board book)

Ever wish you could reach up into the sky and hold the moon in your hands? Well, now you can hold the moon in Our Friend Moon by Lea Redmond. The book is shaped like the moon and you turn the pages through the phases of the moon with soothing text. Perfect for bedtime. (board book)

Dream My Child by r.h. Sin is a beautiful and softly illustrated soothing story to drift off to. Dream your way around the world in this snuggly read. (picture book)

“This is a mushroom that grows in the park. This is a mushroom that glows in the dark.” Now get ready to climb into the mushroom just for you. Cuddle up in your mushroom bed. And, get ready for some mushroom dreams. Mushroom Lullaby by Kenneth Kraegel is a beautiful nighttime read. (picture book)

Printable Book List of Bedtime Stories for Little Ones

Grab this printable book list to take to the library or to give to family members for gift ideas.

Also, enjoy these baby and toddler book lists.

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Best Bedtime Reading Books for Kids


  1. Sleepy Selection: 10 Bedtime Books for Kids
  2. Llama Red Pajamas
  3. Sleep, Dragon, bye-bye!
  4. When the heels fall asleep
  5. Where does sleep wander?
  6. Good night
  7. Construction site, bayushki-bayu
  8. Sleepy tales
  9. Rabbit who wants to sleep. Fairy tale to help parents
  10. Little fairy can't sleep
  11. I don't want to sleep! Fairy tale for little owlets
  12. More Bedtime Books for Kids
  13. Useful Links

Best Bedtime Books for Kids: Calming books to read at night before bed to help your child fall asleep.

Not all children fall asleep equally . There are mothers who do not know what problems with getting to sleep are: tired - fell asleep. But still, most babies fall asleep with difficulty.

Form the "correct" associations falling asleep , come up with your own sleep ritual - regular routine before going to bed. For example: bathing, feeding, turning off the lights together, lullabies, sleep books, putting toys to bed, saying goodbye to loved ones and various objects. If you see signs of fatigue, so as not to “interrupt sleep” and not cause overexcitation, the ritual can be neglected.

If your baby does not sleep well, book-sleep ritual will help you : try to organize the reading of stories at the same time. Choose books that are related to sleep or will be calm in plot so that the child does not get overexcited.

Sleepy Selection: 10 Bedtime Books for Children

Here are some soothing books with an interesting but not too fast-paced story, suitable for reading to children at night before bed.

The difficulty with putting young children to bed is that immaturity makes them very dependent on caregivers. They perceive going to bed as a separation, and this causes anxiety.

Lama red pajamas

Little Lama used to go to bed with his mother. But she is busy with something today and left the Lama alone. He starts to worry. Recognized world bestseller and winner of many awards. Including included in the list of "100 best books for children" (Scholastic Parent and Child).

Below you can read the text of the poem, but 95% of the book's success lies in brilliant illustrations, vivid experiences reflected in the eyes of the little Lama and a sense of peace at the end.

👉 Read book reviews

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Lama red pajamas
I listened to the tale of Lama Mama.
Mom hugged Lamu,
Turned off the light. Gone.

The Lama has become lonely...
He wants to snuggle up to his mother.
Wants a fairy tale... and compote...
But mother has a job.

No, little Lama can't sleep.
He called softly to his mother.
"I'm going," my mother said.
But little Lama is excited.

Little Lama is listening,
Is Lama mother in a hurry?
Mom does not come for a long time,
Little Lama is disturbed.

Llama red pajamas
Quietly whimpers - where is mom?
Mom's phone rings,
Lama's stomach growls.

Little Lama is restless.
Village And he thinks about his mother.
Where did mom go?
Did you fall into the clutches of a monster?

Llama red pajamas
What is urine shouted: "Mom!"
Lama stomped, got angry.
Lama jumped, got angry.

Llama red pajamas
In the dark. One. Without mom.
He huddles under the covers...

Lama red pajamas
Whining, howling: where is mother?
Lama burst into tears:
Come soon, MOM!

What kind of performance is this?
Well, where is your patience?
Lama's mother has things to do,
And don't do drama.

You know, little Lama,
Mother loves you dearly.
Mom thinks about Lama,
If she is busy with business.

My dearest, most beloved,
Mom will kiss you!
Let mom stroke the paw.
Little Lama sleeps sweetly.

Sleep, Drakosha, bye-bye!

Shhh! The most harmful Dragon has just fallen asleep... Do not wake her up! So that Drakosha does not suddenly wake up. We don't want to wake her up, do we?

To prevent the Dragon from waking up, the baby needs to carefully turn over the pages, lull the restless beast, which is a very light sleeper. Cozy reading in the evening will help the child fall asleep easily and quickly.

Books of the Drakosha series for children aged 2-5 have already been translated into 12 languages.

👉 Watch a book on the publishing house website

when the heels are poured

The book can act as one of the elements of the laying ritual due to:

  • Logging the pacifier of the poem on the topic of frightening,
  • Sederable massage game proposed in the text of the poem,
  • element of the director's game: the child himself is invited to put a cardboard figurine-character into the crib-pocket (a psychological device that helps the child's psyche to open up to the idea of ​​sleep),
  • illustrations about sleep.

Show hidden content

Do you know how squirrels fall asleep?
First, their tails fall asleep.

Do you know how zebras sleep?
First, the strips fall asleep.

And tigers, how do tigers sleep?
At first, their growling falls asleep!

Tell me how the lions fall asleep.
Their shaggy mane falls asleep.

Do you know how a bear sleeps?
Mighty paws fall asleep.

Do you know how foxes fall asleep?
Red muzzles fall asleep.

How do hares fall asleep at night?
Their sensitive ears fall asleep.

Do you know how hedgehogs fall asleep?
First, all their needles fall asleep.

How do crocodiles sleep at night?
Their terrible teeth fall asleep!

Do you know how an owl falls asleep?
The owl's big eyes go to sleep...

- Wow! - cried the owl - and no.
Fled into the night,
And the feathers swirl.

Do you know how an eagle sleeps?
His proud beak falls asleep.

How do walruses sleep on an ice floe?
At first, their mustaches fall asleep.

Do you know how dogs fall asleep?
At first, their wet nose falls asleep.

How do cats fall asleep, meow?
Their flexible back falls asleep.

Do you know how children fall asleep?
Soft heels fall asleep,

Toes and then knees,
Back, tummy and then the handles.
The head is sleeping, and the eyes are closed.

Where does sleep roam?

Kitten Jacques couldn't sleep, so he thought that his sleep had been stolen. He learned that the dream was lost not only from him, but also from his friends, together they go in search. But can they find it?

A touching story in verse that will help the baby fall asleep and will tell you a few secrets of creating a sleepy atmosphere.

👉 Buy the book on the publisher's website

Good night

A collection of children's stories based on meditative practices that will relieve emotional stress before going to bed and improve your mood. Cute heroes will calm the baby and give him pleasant dreams.

Total 15 sleepy tales for children 3-5 years old.

👉 Watch the book on the publisher's website

Construction site, bayushka

Every child likes to look at cars. Especially if they are beautiful. In the reviews, you can read that the book fell in love not only with boys, but also with girls. And not only in Russia, but also in the world.

"Bayushka-Bayu Construction" - the number one nightly reading book by the New York Times. “A wonderful train rushes to sleep” is another book by the same authors. Wonderful verses about the locomotive of dreams. Polar bears, monkeys and turtles, elephants and giraffes help load his wagons with unusual cargo, and then go to sleep on it.

👉 Books by Sherry Dusky Rinker on Labyrinth.

Sleepy tales

A collection of special psychological tales by I. Gurina, I. Slavitsky and M. Shkurina, which will help parents put their child to sleep without tears and whims.

Quiet, meditative stories will calm even the most angry child. And fairy tales in which the main characters, like a baby, refuse to sleep, will teach that everything has its time and that sleep can be very pleasant and interesting.

👉 Read book reviews

A rabbit that wants to sleep. Fairy tale to help parents

The world-famous fairy tale (and its sequels about Baby Elephant and Tractor Baby) relieves stress and gently puts the child to sleep thanks to special techniques based on Erickson's hypnosis method. These bedtime books have been translated into 43 languages. 1.6 million copies sold worldwide.

Little fairy can't sleep

Little fairy named Floria can't sleep. It is a warm summer night, the moon is shining brightly, and Floria goes for a walk in the night forest. It turns out that many inhabitants of the forest have not gone to bed tonight, and even the Sandman needs to collect twice as much magic sleepy sand as usual in order for the children to finally fall asleep ...

Bedtime books with such beautiful but dim illustrations are the best choice.

👉 Reviews about the book

I don't want to sleep! Fairy tale for little owls

Therapeutic fairy tale from the Useful Tales series, published by Peter.

Little cockerel Styopa is a real "owlet". His brothers and sisters have been sleeping for a long time, and he does not close his eyes. There are so many interesting things around, but it's boring to sleep! “Why go to bed if you get up again in the morning?” he straightens up. But one night he dreamed of this, after which he decided to always go to bed and get up before everyone else. Do you want to know what happened to him? Get comfortable! It's time for a good fairy tale from mommy kitty.

More books to read before bed for children

If from the personal TOP 10 children's books before bed, tested on the author's children, the material is not enough for you, and our tastes differ, use this list:

  • Little Bobo's Adventures . Stories in pictures for the little ones . Seven simple stories for kids, at the end of each of which the main character - a small sleepy animal Bobo - falls asleep. From myself: not too beautiful pictures from the point of view of parents and a huge success of the book in children under 3 years old. For us, this is just a magical and iconic book. See reviews of Labyrinth.
  • Bayushki-bayu. Russian folk rhymes . Favorite nursery rhymes (not only about sleep) are framed by drawings in a fabulous Russian style, with colorful letters. For lovers of baby classics. See pictures.
  • Going to bed . Cardboard book from the cartoon series “ Pieces of Wood ”, familiar to kids. Link to the book
  • Good night, Planet! An interesting comic book with brilliant illustrations. But the text is so small that it may have to be thought out, as in the case of Wimmelbuchs. See reviews of the book here.
  • The one that… A bedtime book for rascals. This is a playbook about a naughty boy! The one who bit, who kicked, who butted! But because he did not want to sleep, like many children. On each page, the main character is a hooligan, and readers play with him, following the prompts. For daily activities with the baby, there are additional tips for working with the book - tasks for counting, getting to know color, attention and logic.
  • Mouse lost his sleep... Mom put little Mouse to bed, hugged and kissed before going to sleep. But here's the annoyance, no matter how hard the Mouse tries, he can't sleep. He comes to his mother for advice. A wise mother offers him various activities that can help him. And read a book, and count all the cakes that he could eat, and remember all the names of the berries that are found in sweets. At the end of the story, the little Mouse will fall asleep sweetly. Personally, I don't like pictures, but it's a matter of taste . Watch a book.
  • Dodo donkey goes to bed . The book is dedicated to the little good friends of every kid - soft toys. They are so small that you can always take them with you, and falling asleep, it is so sweet to squeeze them in your arms. From the series Bedtime Stories published by Hobbitek.
  • Good night! Big book of bedtime stories. A plump book for reading before bed: a collection of fascinating, kind stories. The book includes four beautifully illustrated fairy tales, creating an atmosphere of silence, comfort and magical mystery.
  • My book wants to sleep . An unusual book that sets a task for the child: put the book to bed! Read reviews
  • Hunt for sleep! Sleepy tale with audio tale . A little fox and his dad go on the most difficult hunt in the world... Hunt for a dream! They have to learn many tricks and secrets before sleep finds its way to their house. Choo-choo-choo... It seems that he is already close!
    This story will tell the kids how to behave in order not to frighten off dreams. At the end you will find tips for reading this tale.

Useful links

  • A selection of books for your baby's peaceful sleep on the Labyrinth.
  • A selection of Therapeutic fairy tales for children on our website.

What books do your children like before bed?

What to read before bed to children? Review of children's books from BabySleep




Conditions for restful sleep

The author of the article

Ekaterina Taran

Ekaterina Taran

Senior sleep consultant, psychologist, lecturer

Mother of two children

Parents often face the question of what book to choose for evening reading. Agree, it's nice to pick up a book in a convenient format with beautiful printing, look at the pictures with pleasure, iron the neat binding and the cover, smelling of printing ink. But that's not all that makes a book suitable for bedtime reading. In this article, we show you how to choose a "sleep book" and recommend you the best bedtime books according to BabySleep consultants.

Child's crisis calendar

Always consider the interests of the child and the meaning of the book

The language of the book is very important, because the child must understand what you are reading. Find a book whose character is similar to your baby or is his favorite toy. For a child, the main character is not just a fairy-tale character, he is literally a Hero. It is likely that your baby will do the same things, experience the same emotions and feel the same as the characters in the book. Maybe your kid is delighted with a particular animal, or vice versa, he is interested in technology, or maybe he likes looking at pictures and making up stories more than reading . ..

Quality and quantity of illustrations

For the little ones, thick cardboard books are best. Illustrations of any fairy tales before going to bed should be kind, truthful and associated with something calm, pleasant.

Format and binding

Do not purchase heavy or oversized books for children. It is difficult for a child to cope with it on his own, and it will be difficult for him to cover a large page with his eyes.

The most important factor is age. The content of the book should be chosen depending on the age, taking into account the duration of reading.

0–2 years. Beautiful illustrations and short text

Il Sung Na
"Ts-ts-ts... Sleep book"
Publishing house "Vector-Childhood"

The book perfectly prepares the child for sleep and is attractive for children from 1.5 years old. The owl as the main element of the illustration on each page carries an association with sleep and at the same time tells about which of the animals sleeps. And in the morning everyone wakes up (the most beautiful and bright spread with happy little animals). Everything except the owl - she was tired during the night. After reading the book leaves good and positive emotions.

Anna Dewdney
"Llama red pajamas"
Publishing house "Career Press"

A wonderful book with a small rhythmic text. The child learns to understand that if the mother has gone somewhere, she still remembers him and will definitely return, caress and soothe. At the end of the book, there is an excellent ritual of farewell to the baby Lama (kisses and good night wishes), which parents of babies aged 1 year and over can adopt. This book evokes only the most tender feelings!

Rinker Dusky
"Construction, bayushki-bayu"
Career Press Publishing House

Is your kid a fan of construction equipment? Then this book is for him! On 32 pages, it is described in poetic form that all the favorite machines (concrete mixer, dump truck, tractor, bulldozer, etc. ) worked at a large construction site during the day, and now they also go to bed. And each typewriter can wish good night!

Rinker Dusky
"A wonderful train rushes to sleep"
Career Press Publishing House

An excellent version of a soothing bedtime story for children closer to 2 years old, especially if they like trains. All illustrations are in dark blue, and against this background the events unfold. Each page is a separate type of car (freight, platform, sleeping, etc.). Polar bears, monkeys, turtles, elephants and giraffes help to load the cars with much-needed children's goods, and then go to sleep on them. Wonderful poems about the locomotive of dreams!!

Rotrout Suzanne Berner
Night Book
Publishing house "Samokat"

Night fell in the city. People and animals go to bed. But not all. The book has no text, only a lot of pictures that are very interesting to look at. Suitable for the development of imagination and answers to the question "What happens at night?". And at night, amazing events take place in the city. Someone spent the night in a tent, someone caught a thief, and someone attended a holiday. Here is the house. In one apartment, the whole family is already sleeping sweetly in their cozy beds, and in the other, the mother is putting the baby to bed. A neighbor from the 3rd floor sings while taking a bath. And his downstairs neighbor knocks on the ceiling with a mop, hinting to him that it’s too late for the arias. At the station at night, life just boils. Trains come, tourists go on a trip, they can't sleep. The perfect book to chat with your child and come up with interesting stories with him.

Karol Roth
Bedtime Stories
Makhaon Publishing House

This book includes 3 fairy tales. The first one is about Winnie the bunny, who was bored sleeping alone, and he went to friends, asking for a place to sleep, but in the end he was convinced that his bed was the best, and returned home. The second story is about the same hare, how he went to bed, and he dreamed of wolves, and how his mother "chased" them away. The third is about Lenny the lamb, whose mother stayed late and was put to bed by a cow, a cat, a horse, a pig and a duck, but they did everything wrong, and when the mother came, she turned out to be the best. These kind, short, touching, beautifully illustrated fairy tales are perfect for reading to children at night. When going to bed, the kids will ask you to read these fairy tales again and again.

2-4 years. Psychological fairy tales for the most restless

Debi Gliori
"Whatever happens"
Polyandria Publishing House

An unusual book about a fox cub with good illustrations and deep meaning. Parental love is boundless, and no matter what the child has done, no matter what happens to him, they will never stop loving him less! It is useful for both parents (Big foxes) and children (Little foxes). The book helps to relieve stress and helps to tune in to sleep. After reading it, you will certainly want to cuddle with your little and playful fox!

Waddell Martin
"Why are you not sleeping?"
Polyandria Publishing House

A wonderful book with colorful and cozy pictures, a simple and kind story. The little bear does not want to sleep and is cunning that he is afraid of the dark. Even the 2 flashlights that dad brought him did not help. And Big Bear came up with something so that his son would finally fall asleep. Parents are so creative! Children recognize themselves in this little teddy bear, which is why they love this story so much. Yes, and the winter night itself with twinkling stars and a huge moon - you can look at it for a long time and with pleasure!

Erlin Forssen
"Rabbit who wants to sleep"
Mann, Ivanov & Ferber Publishing House

This is a psychological bedtime story that has been translated into 43 languages. In this story, you go in search of sleep with Roger Bunny and his mother. The wizard Uncle Zeva, the wise Sleepy Owl and the very slow Old Man Snail know how to help you. This incredibly popular fairy tale all over the world was written by a professional psychologist. The book contains recommendations for reading. The book is built on special psychological techniques that help children fall asleep easier and faster every day. Psychologists say: the book is completely safe, and the effect of reading depends on the characteristics of the child. Most children fall asleep halfway through the story.

Rotrout Suzanne Berner
"Good night, Carlchen!"
Melik-Pashaev Publishing House

Cardboard book with one story about how dad put his son to bed. Karlchen says goodbye to his mother, brushes his teeth and goes to bed. But the baby does not want to sleep at all. And then dad goes with him on a Big trip on a high-speed slipper train. The first stop is Morkovburg, then the city of Moyburg awaits them. Finally, after many adventures, they arrive at the terminus Spiburg in the children's room. A simple, unpretentious story for children's perception. Kind, child-friendly pencil drawings with many small details that you can pay attention to when reading this story. Recommended for children 2-3 years old.

Gurina, Shkurina, Slavitsky
"Sleepy Tales"
Rech Publishing House

This book contains special psychological tales of modern authors that will help parents put their child to sleep without tears and whims. Quiet meditative stories will calm the most angry child. And fairy tales in which the main characters, like a baby, refuse to sleep, will teach that everything has its time and that sleep can be very pleasant and interesting. Every kid will find their favorite fairy tale here. For example, about the crib that "ran away." Or about Sleepy Splash, who liked to sleep so much that he fell asleep immediately after waking up. Designed for children from 3 years old.

Sheridan Cave
"Where to put the bunny?"
Publishing house "Melik-Pashayev"

Recommended for parents to read to children from 2 to 4 years old. For older children, this book may be suitable for independent reading. The book tells a kind story about how a mother bunny is looking for the best, safest and most comfortable place for her bunny to sleep.

5-6 years old. Fairy Tales

Ulf Stark
"Christmas in the Forest"
Publishing house "Samokat"

A very good New Year's fairy tale about forest animals and a dwarf named Buka. A large family of rabbits lives in the forest under an old oak tree: mom, dad, aunt and uncle, grandfather and children - you can’t count them, because they run, scream, jump all the time. Two rabbits, Nina and Nika, find among the leaves and moss a red hat blown away by the wind from a gnome who always comes to the forest at Christmas. But what is Christmas? Squirrels and crows said that Christmas is the most joyful holiday. No one knows how to meet him, but everyone is looking forward to him and preparing for the arrival of the gnome: they compose a joyful song of the gnome, bake goodies, tidy up the house, prepare gifts and dress up a tree in the forest from all sorts of things. The fairy tale teaches to help relatives in difficulties, to be patient and to believe in a miracle. The illustrations are very beautiful, sincere, winter.

Hans Christian Andersen
Ole Lukoye

Let's not forget the classics. The tale of Ole Lukoye is one of Andersen's most famous. Thanks to this fairy tale, many children got acquainted with an amazing creature that bears the usual Danish name - Ole. But the second part of his name means "close your eyes." Ole Lukoye comes to the little children when they go to bed, and sprinkles sweet milk in their faces, and then blows on the top of their heads. The children fall asleep, and Ole begins his wonderful story... It is very comfortable to fall asleep with this book.

7-12 years old. Reflection Stories

Rune Belswick
Winter from beginning to end»
Publishing house "Samokat"

The book about Prostodursen consists of three stories: autumn, winter and spring. All three are very beautiful and kind. The narrative is measured and thoughtful. The book covers many important topics. What is loneliness? Friendship? Love? What will I be when I grow up? Is it good abroad? The simplest things are filled with a special meaning and penetrate deep into the soul. The book is suitable for both independent reading and for joint reading on cold winter evenings.

Hoffman E.T.A.
"The Nutcracker and the Mouse King"

This fairytale story has fascinated children and adults over and over again for 200 years. Especially during the winter holidays. Little girl Marie inspires the wooden Nutcracker to exploits, and together they confront the huge army of the mouse king. As a reward for sincere love, a kind heart and selfless courage, their most cherished dreams come true. The Nutcracker becomes a beautiful young man, and Marie becomes his bride. Together they rule a wonderful country of marzipan castles and candied groves.

Gianni Rodari
"Tales on the phone"

The ability to fantasize, imagine, conjecture, imagine is very important for any person. This skill can and should be taught to children as early as possible. "Tales on the Phone" amaze with the richness of fantasy, light humor and optimism. In almost every one you will find the main idea, expressed in aphoristic form, usually at the end of the story. Using the fairy tales of Gianni Rodari, you can, moving from simple to complex, first talk with the child about himself - who he is and what he is. Then you can help him come up with the end of the tale, as the writer suggests. Finally, it is worth inviting the child to compose some funny story himself, using the techniques of an Italian storyteller. The book is aimed at children of primary school age.

Mark Twain
"The Adventures of Tom Sawyer"

Wonderful stories about boys! "Tom Sawyer", which was released in 1876, still does not lose its significance. This book is remarkable in terms of the events described: on the one hand, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is a rather funny book that describes many of the funny stories from Tom's school life. On the other hand, this book makes you look at life in a real light and learn from every situation.

Mark Twain
The Prince and the Pauper

The Prince and the Pauper is Mark Twain's calling card, a historical novel, ironic and poignant. The story of the poor boy Tom Canty is described in great detail, like two drops of water similar to the spoiled Prince Edward.

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