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10 Interesting Short Stories That Could Change the Way You Think

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Blog – Posted on Friday, Apr 19

Some people see short stories as somehow lesser than novels: charcoal sketches compared to the massive oil canvases. But this medium, when written with great skill and care, is capable of having just as great an impact on readers as any 300-page tome. In just a few pages, great short stories can just as effectively make you cry, laugh, or even think…

In this post, we’re listing some of the most interesting short stories that will challenge how you think or feel.

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1. "Harrison Bergeron" by Kurt Vonnegut

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First published in 1961, Vonnegut’s satirical story imagines a future in which America’s quest for egalitarianism has resulted in laws preventing anyone from being “better than average.” Our title character is born strong, handsome and intelligent — and in order to make him equal to others, he is given golf-style “handicaps.” He has to wear glasses that make it hard for him to see (and that give him headaches). He has to wear weighted clothes and a rubber mask to counteract his strength and good looks.

The US Declaration of Independence states as a self-evident truth that “all Men are created equal,” but in Vonnegut’s story, that idea is extrapolated to an absurd degree — offering some answers that may be uncomfortable to us.

2. "Story of Your Life" by Ted Chiang

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Better known as the basis for the film Arrival, this award-winning story from Ted Chiang is, in the best way possible, Independence Day for grown-ups. It’s narrated by Louise Banks, a linguist tasked with communicating with aliens who have arrived on Earth. As the story progresses, we learn that the aliens don’t experience time sequentially (one event at a time) but all at once — they are as aware of the future as they are of the present. This insight forces Louise to face some heavy questions, such as: if there are creatures who already know the future, what does that mean for free will?

3. "Other People" by Neil Gaiman

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This fan favorite from the American Gods author takes its title from Sartre’s No Exit — a play set in an afterlife where three strangers are trapped in a room together. Over the course of their increasingly antagonistic interaction, they discover that “hell is other people.” Gaiman’s short story gives this concept a sharp twist and focuses on the idea of guilt and punishment, presenting only two characters: a man and his mysterious, demonic torturer.

For a treat, why not check out this video of the author reading the “Other People” in front of a live audience?

4. "In a Grove" by Ryūnosuke Akutagawa

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A samurai has been found murdered in a bamboo grove. So opens the best-known work from Japan’s undisputed master of the short story (the country’s leading literary prize is named after him, don’t ya know?). Through three conflicting witness accounts — from a woodcutter, a bounty hunter, and an old woman — the story raises the important question of subjectivity when it comes to how we perceive truth.

Akira Kurosawa’s 1950 film adaptation, Rashomon, has since become a byword for stories told by multiple unreliable narrators — but this is the story that started it all. Now the very device of retelling a story from multiple perspectives has become a trope in its own right, appearing in just about every cop show under the sun.

5. "Gooseberries" by Anton Chekhov

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No list of short stories would be complete without an entry from the Russian master. In “Gooseberries,” which acclaimed short story writer (and Booker-winning novelist) George Saunders cites as a personal favorite, two friends on a hunting trip get rained on and take refuge at a friend’s house. One of the men, Ivan, relates in disgust how his brother’s lifelong dream was to own a small estate and eat the gooseberries that he would grow outside. Ivan’s anecdote soon devolves into a full-on screed about how the pursuit of personal happiness is selfish and disgusting. And thanks to Chekhov’s skills as a writer, you might find yourself agreeing with Ivan’s points. Not exactly a comfort read...

6. "The Swimmer" by John Cheever

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Once called “the Chekhov of the suburbs,” John Cheever’s most compelling works deal with middle-class struggles. He was from a generation that grew up during the Great Depression but matured into America’s post-war boom, with its picket fences, Coupe de Villes, and backyard swimming pools. And it’s those very pools that factor into Cheever’s most famous story.

Ned Merrill is a respected member of his society in an affluent neighborhood. One summer’s day, while lounging by his friend’s pool, he spontaneously decides to get home by passing through every single swimming pool between there and his own house. The story quickly grows surreal and dark. But under the strangeness of the conceit is the fraught connection between wealth and happiness in this classic story of suburban ennui.

And… thanks to the internet, you can hear the author read the story in his peculiar New England accent.

7. "A Small Good Thing" by Raymond Carver

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One of the many fantastic stories in Carver’s Cathedral, “A Small Good Thing” finds a young mother and father in a period of shock when their son is left unconscious and after a hit-and-run. To make matters worse, they keep getting calls in the middle of the night from a shopping mall baker telling them to pick up their son’s birthday cake — a cake that might never be eaten.

While it’s true that a lot of short stories are smarter than they are humane, the final act of “A Small Good Thing” delivers a graceful moment of emotional truth: one that will likely stick with you for a while.

8. "The Second Bakery Attack" by Haruki Murakami

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And, while we’re on the subject of bakeries, let’s dip our toe into this story from Murakami’s The Elephant Vanishes, which also has a lot in common with a few other entries in this list. A couple of newlyweds in Tokyo wake up hungry in the middle of the night and decide to break into a bakery — a plan that goes awry as they eventually raid a McDonald’s.

Elements of surreal humor are mixed with discussions of free will vs. determinism in a blend that will delight fans of Murakami’s stranger works. If you grew up with Reading Rainbow, perhaps you will enjoy this reading of the story by LeVar Burton.

9. "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge"

by Ambrose Bierce

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A plantation owner and supporter of the Confederacy stands on a bridge, awaiting his execution by Union soldiers. Recalling the circumstances that led him to this point, the narrative jumps into stream-of-conscious mode as he makes his daring escape and begins his journey back to his wife and kids.

A 1962 French adaptation of Bierce’s short story was aired in America as an episode of The Twilight Zone, which may give you a hint of what’s to come at the end of the tale.

10. "The Gift of the Magi" by O. Henry

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If you’ve reached this point (and have been dutifully reading each story as they appear), then you deserve a nice, uplifting palate cleanser. So many short stories have twist endings that find our characters in awful situations that they had never expected — which is why this classic from O. Henry is such a delight. The premise is simple: it’s Christmas time and a young husband and wife are determined to find the perfect present for each other, despite their meager means.

Named after the author, The O. Henry Award is given each year to short stories of exceptional merit — just one of the many short story contests that have been established to encourage new writers to pursue this medium.


Looking to try your hand at writing your own stories? Why not give yourself a head start by using one of our pre-selected short story ideas. Or broaden your reading horizons by picking up one of the 100 Best Graphic Novels!

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Long Distance Phone Call – A Lesbian Short Story by Marty B – Reedsy Prompts

You can talk to the dead on the pay phone in front of Seventh Street Market in West Oakland.   

There is also a donut store where they sell burgers, and a check cashing store in the small strip mall, but everybody references the market when talking about the Phone. I didn't tell my Dad we were going to California so he could talk to his dead wife, my Mom, until we hit Olympia, Washington. 

“That is the stupidest goddamn thing I have ever heard of! We are driving to Oakland to have a seance on a pay phone?” He said when I told him our actual destination. "I thought we were going to a baseball game!” 

“Dad, come on, I want to do this. Please, come along and we’ll see how it goes. And then we’ll see your Mariners play the Oakland A’s.” 

Although I always think of him as so much bigger than me, we were about the same size now, he had lost so much weight from stress over the past year. He spent all day on his recliner, alone, he even stopped working in his garden. My dad had nothing else to do, and no matter what he said, he has always loved car trips.  He needed something to shake him up, and I knew speaking to Mom again would do it.   

He looked over at me, “Don’t you have work? Did you lose your job again!” His face was turning red under his battered Seattle mariners cap.

“I had a difference of opinion with my Bruce.-” I started.

“-Let me guess, you were right, and he was wrong.” 

“He was a sexist asshole who wouldn’t know Python if it was actually a snake and bit him.” I shouted at the windshield.” I write good code, and he just-” I glanced at my dad, he was shaking his head. “Yes, I was right, but he's the Boss, so-”

“-You always blame someone else, your school or your boss or me. Maybe, just maybe- it is you?"

“You just don't understand! I don’t need your advice!”  

That ended our conversation, but I knew how to get him engaged.

I gave my Dad a map, my phone to look up yelp reviews, and the real destination. To make him work a little bit I gave him some parameters- only six hours of driving a day, restaurants had to be Mexican, Indian or Greek, and we had to fit in two tourist sites per day.  Once I set it up that way, he was in. He had the map spread out and outlined our route. We could have kept going south till we hit the bottom of Argentina. He was in his element. 

I remember when I was young going on road trips all the time. Or maybe I remember talking about the road trips. He would plan out detailed itineraries, with each day's miles, gas and restaurant stops picked out in advance. Pretty amazing as this was all pre-internet. Dad would go on and on about what motel we would stay at, what we were going to see when we got there, how long we would stay, every little bit. The funny part was he was usually so happy before we left, and then miserable on the trip. Because of course, life does not follow such pre-laid plans. I would need to make an unplanned bathroom stop or the restaurant is closed or the motel full. And then once one thing got off track, then the issues snowballed and as he would day, ‘why did I even plan at all!’ 

He understood anything mechanical, however he could not understand his daughter.  I couldn’t be fixed like a fan motor. We have not really gotten along since high school. When I was little, I was the son he never had, throwing the ball, watching baseball together. But when I realized I preferred girls to boys, and made some poor choices, our relationship took a left turn. My Mom understood my need to rebel, but Dad never did. 

He worked at Microsoft, in facilities, for my whole life. He retired last year to take care of Mom, and that is when things started going sideways. Her leukemia diagnosis gave him a reason to plan, to map out her recovery. When the cancer did not follow the plan and Mom passed last month, he got lost. I had to do something. 

In Redding, California, my Dad picked a gas station several miles out of the way. He had identified it as the lowest cost gas for the next 100 miles. As we pulled into a line of cars waiting to enter the gas station my phone rang in my Dad's hand. He showed me the caller ID, it read ‘Rosie’. 

Damn. I grabbed it to answer.  

“Hey, Rosie-”

-”No, Rocko is fine at my place, he is used to it now-”

-”No, do not bring him back to your apartment!”

-”Rosie, I’ll be back in 2 days! That is kidnapping! He will be fine where he is!” 

“No, but-"

 The phone call ended and I dropped it in the cup holder.

“It was Rosie.” I begin.” I didn’t tell you. We broke up. I moved out. Rosie is getting the apartment, and I am getting Rocko- except she just took him back”

“The cat?” my Dad said. 

The line moved up and I eased toward an open gas pump. 

“Rosie thinks the apartment and the cat go together, and really Rocko does too. But I don’t want to give in. Rosie is the reason we broke up! And, I don’t like living alone, so it is good to have Rocko there. We were together for three years- I don’t know if I can find someone again.” I pause to breathe out. “I feel lost, I need to map out my next step, I-”

“-Pop the hood” My Dad said as if we were not talking at all. He had opened the car door before the car had completely stopped.  

He checked the oil, checked the belts, and looked at the tires. 

I just watch him exasperated. He gets back in and looks at me,

“Did you put in the gas?”  

“Dad, you don't listen!” 

“Listen to what?” 

“Dad, I was telling you about how I feel!”    

“How you feel- about the cat?” 

“Oh my goodness.” I got out to fill up the gas.  

Leaving the gas station, I switched on the radio, loud. ‘Faith,’ by George Michael came on. 

“'Because I gotta have faith, faith, faith…” 

I was singing along, when all of a sudden, my Dad switched it off. “Do you hear that?”

“Dad, what the F- are you doing!” I switched the radio back on, louder.

My Dad switched it off again, “No listen! “

“You turned off the radio, what can I listen to!” 

“The engine, the engine! Do you hear that? What kind of gas did you put in?” 

There was a faint regular knocking sound coming from the engine. 

“The cheapest, isn't that why we went to that random gas station?”

“87!?” My dad said, “you have to put in 89, or 91 for your car! The engine will knock.

“What are you talking about ‘knocks’?” I asked.

“ You put in the wrong gas Gina, oh goodness, we are going to have to listen to this for 300 miles!”

I looked at my Dad and shook my head. “Well how about George Michael then,” and I turned the radio back on. 

We got to West Oakland on Friday night and I smelled the San Francisco Bay. It reminded me of Lake Sammamish. It's not a good smell. My Dad had picked out a motel right across from the Port. This was the industrial part of Oakland and was had few houses, mostly factories and large buildings.

 I went for a walk by myself that night. Amazing murals covered many of the buildings. One building was entirely painted sky blue with waving trees, mythical animals and tree-people dancing around it. I stopped in front of a huge mural, a fantastical map of the universe all flowing from the open heart of a man floating in rapture. Right in front of it was a burned out shell of a car.  

If there was any place that could have a Phone to speak to the dead, it would be here.  The sense of anticipation was building in me. 

Early Saturday we got to Seventh Street Market, and Dad asked me to drive around the block one more time before we pulled into the small parking lot. 

“Dad, it is a real thing. I heard about it on a podcast. ‘Mystical Dimensions’.” We were both staring at the words spray painted on the wall in smoky gray graffiti letters, ‘Speak to the Dead’. “The episode talked to people who had spoken on the phone to their loved ones who had died.” I was not explaining this well.

Inside of a plexiglass phone booth missing its doors, a dilapidated Pacific Bell payphone waited. I can't remember the last time I saw a pay phone.

 “So, I guess that is it. Do you want to talk on the Phone?” I said without turning.

 He didn’t answer. From the car we watched people go into the market, the donut shop and getting cash for their payday checks. 

“Do you want a donut?” 

“No." He just looked away.  

Everything in my life was going sideways, Gina, gone. The job, gone. And it was a good job, about to go IPO. Until I lost my temper with Bruce. Damn, what am I doing? Dad might be right, it could be me. Mom used to listen to me, give me advice when I screwed up. I don’t know how to talk to my Dad. I want to have a connection to him again. I had hoped this road trip would be a chance to connect, but nothing had changed. 

“Hey. I’ll go.” I got out of the car and walked up to the beat-up pay phone. A large portion of the bottom of the phone is missing. Was this a good idea? Maybe I was trying to escape my own problems. For the first time, the idea of a pay phone to talk to the dead seemed really dumb. This whole trip has been a bust, another well planned, poorly executed trips. 

I pick up the receiver, and listen to the silence. Maybe I am supposed to speak first. 

 “Hello, Mom, I brought Dad…”

While I listened for a response, I looked inside the market and saw a profile of a woman who looked exactly like my mother. I looked at the receiver in shock and then looked inside again. The dusty phone booth blurred my view into the store. 

 A strong wind began to blow and I suddenly became aware of the feeling of the phone in my hand, the ground underneath me. The back of my neck buzzed, I had goosebumps on my arms. The wind swirled trash and leaves into a small dust devil just outside the booth.  

She is at the cash register, I could only see her from the back. The way of she held her head, it was exactly how I remembered mom. Was this possible? 

Suddenly I felt the loss of my Mom course through me, the bottom has been ripped out. She was the only one who I could talk to, who would listen to me. I desperately needed to see her again, to hold her hand like I did at the end when she couldn't get out of bed. 

I saw her begin to leave and I turned to watch the front door. My heart grew with anticipation. A woman of about 30 walks out, her hair style exactly like my Mom had when I was young, but this woman is a stranger. She saw me starting, nodded and walked away.  My heart was racing and I breathed. She was truly gone and the tears' blurred my vision.

“Mom, please help me know what to do with my life.” I hang up the receiver and get back in the car. Another 30 minutes went by and I brought it up again. 

“Dad, do you want to try now?”

 I see his hands clenched tighter.  

“I miss Mom.” I said.

“I do too.”  

We watched people from the neighborhood come and go, and then a minivan parked and an entire family got out. Asian, they are dressed differently than anyone we have seen yet, more corporate than streetwear. A man, a woman holding a baby, and a teenage girl walked up to look at the phone. The young girl looks back at her Mom, and then goes to the pay phone and picks up the receiver. 

I get out of the car, and my Dad does too. 

“Excuse me ma’am, are you here for the Phone?” My Dad asks the Mom.  

The woman looks over and smiles.

“Yes, We drive down every couple months. Our son, Ayaka’s little brother, died of cancer last year. Today would have been Yoshi’s birthday, and...” She tears up, and looks down at her sleeping baby. 

“My wife passed away last month.” Dad paused and looked around the parking lot. “Does Yoshi answer back?” Dad asked. 

“It depends what you mean by ‘answer’.” The mom gave a soft smile, and then took Ayaka’s place at the phone, followed by the Dad.  

Ayaka looked over at us, and then went back inside the phone booth and picked up the receiver.  

““I am sorry for your loss.” The Mom says, as she put the baby in the car seat.

Ayaka hung up the phone and turned to my Dad. 

“I asked Yoshi to go get your wife so you can talk to her.”

The family gets in the minivan and drove off. 

Finally, my dad walked up to the phone booth. He reached out and picked up the receiver. After a few minutes I watched him begin to sob, his shoulders shaking. 

He hung up the phone and got back in the car.

“Your Mom said you should come live with me, at least until you are back on your feet. " He said. "You can even bring the cat.”

“She said that?” 

My Dad looked at me and smiled, the first I had seen in a long time. 

“I think we both need to figure out where we are going.” 

“OK, Dad. Let’s go see a baseball game. You have the map, show us where we need to go.”

Mom answered after all.

12 Contemporary Stories That Don't Get Bored of Teenagers - Orthodox Magazine "Foma"

Approximate reading time: 6 min.




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At school, children study the literature of past centuries, but they have the most vague ideas about modern Russian (as well as foreign) prose. Meanwhile, there are many modern stories that are not just accessible, but quite interesting to a teenager. But not only that: if children read them and discuss them with their parents, such reading can greatly bring different generations closer together. Recommendations for such family reading are given by Rimma Isakovna Zandman, Honored Teacher of Russia, teacher of Russian language and literature at Moscow Gymnasium No. 1512.

At my gymnasium, in addition to Russian language and literature lessons, I run a literary studio where teenagers come from the age of 13-14. In these classes, the children and I read and discuss the latest Russian prose. It is a misconception that it is not available to teenagers, that they are only attracted to fantasy and horror films. No, they read with keen interest those stories by contemporary Russian-speaking writers that I recommend to them, and discuss them vigorously. And our studio is open, and parents often come to classes, and participate in the discussion along with the children.

So, I noticed a long time ago that such joint reading and discussion not only develops children, but also improves their relationship with their parents (as well as with grandparents), helps different generations in the family to better understand each other.

And, of course, such joint reading and discussion can take place not only in the format of a school literary studio, but simply at home. The initiative, of course, here should come from the parents.

However, the question immediately arises: what exactly to read with children? In my opinion, it is short stories that are best suited for this, and not novels and novels. This is a reading that does not strain, but is very meaningful, deep, and in the family can be discussed in detail. It is important that these are stories from today, from life that children understand.

But where exactly do you get them, such stories? I have long taught my children to use the largest online resource that publishes high-quality modern prose and poetry - the Magazine Room ( In addition, a lot of good stories can be found on the long list of the Yuri Kazakov Literary Prize (it is also published in the Journal Hall).

It is clear that the selection of such stories for reading and discussion with teenagers requires a lot of work. I constantly monitor periodicals, go to bookstores and study the contents of the shelves with modern prose. But I am a teacher, this is my job, but for parents, especially those far from philology, it will be more difficult. Therefore, I took the liberty of recommending to the readers of "Thomas" several stories from those that we, together with our children and parents, discussed in the classes of the literary studio. All of these stories are available online for free.


Irina Polyanskaya. "Iron and ice cream"

This is a sad story that quite clearly poses the problem of the relationship between the child and the family. A story about how tragically parents can not understand their children and how children lose confidence in their relatives. Of course, now this topic is being developed very actively in the literature for middle and older adolescents.

Suitable for teenagers from 14 years old.


Vyacheslav Komkov. " I am German"

A story on the same topic - the relationship between parents and children, but here the situation is opposite. A very difficult child - and the patience and love of parents ... Such stories must be discussed after reading together, to analyze the situations described there. But to show the artistic features of the text is the job of the teacher.

Suitable for teenagers from 12 years old.


Elena Dolgopyat. "Clock"

This story is fantastic, or rather, even fabulous - there the teenage hero has the opportunity to change something in his past, but any such change changes his present. Is it worth it? A question that is very useful to discuss with children. After all, behind the fantastic entourage here is a very real problem - responsibility for any choice, awareness of its consequences.

Suitable for teenagers from 12 years old.


Anna Ignatova. "Djinn Seva"

This is a terribly funny story. We were drinking Jay Seven juice and suddenly an orange subject appeared from the bag. They ask him - who are you? He replies that since it is made of liquid, it means gin. Why not from a bottle? But because, he answers, you can’t get enough bottles for us genies. And this genie Seva, according to all fairy-tale canons, must fulfill the desires of the heroine-girl. The encounter with this new formation genie is very funny, and the girl in it turns out to be kinder and better than the genie. When she has only one wish left, she asks: let there be peace in the whole world for at least five minutes ..

Suitable for children over 10 years old.

By the way, I draw your attention to the magazine "October", which periodically publishes children's issues - entirely consisting of works addressed to the young reader. And there, too, you can look for stories to read together with children.

There are stories that are better given to high school students (although in some cases they are quite accessible to children from 14 years old). For example, these:


Nina Litvinets. "Antiquarian"

A sad story about old people, about their perception of life. There is also a sharp social line - the plot is built on how a certain rogue antiquarian deceives an elderly woman. It seems that, from a rational point of view, nothing of the kind happened, but the heroine of the story could not survive what happened. “She was tormented by her conscience, she felt like a traitor - in relation to Alyosha, to the happy years lived together, to jointly acquired things that did not represent antique value, but were so dear to both of them.” Thanks to such stories, teenagers will be much better able to understand the inner world of their grandparents.

Suitable for teenagers from 14 years old.


Oleg Ryabov. "The Death of an Old Man"

This very lyrical, poignant, soul-stirring story has a very important theme - coming to faith. If you read it together with children, it will contribute to the spiritual rapprochement of older and younger.

Suitable for teenagers from 16 years old.


Andrey Volos. "Wicket"

A story about how an old man's wife died and he lost the meaning of life — and this is a reason to talk about how love gives meaning to life. Here you can talk about how fragile human life is. The story ends with the fact that the old man, after crying over his wife's grave, steps over the low fence without opening the gate, and suddenly thinks: Lord, what is human life? So you stepped over - and you are in the world of the living, stepped back - and you are already in some other world.

Suitable for teenagers from 16 years old.


Leonid Yuzefovich. "Late Call"

This is a story that both 10th and 11th graders and parents will enjoy reading. A story about how a work appeared, in which, by some indirect signs, a person recognizes the fate of his grandfather. And since the grandfather looks very unpresentable in the work, his grandson calls the author, the showdown begins ... And here the correlation of creativity and life is very interesting, the desire to preserve the reputation of the family is important here. This is very important for discussion at home. And in some cases, you can read it with 13-14-year-old teenagers.

Suitable for teenagers from 16 years old.


Elena Dolgopyat. "The Miserly Knight"

How wonderfully the literary tradition can be traced here! How interesting it is to show what life is in general! And how unexpectedly it is shown here that any house in which there is love and kindness can become a kind of Noah's ark. Moreover, all this is not torn off the ground; the intersecting spaces of human life are depicted there very interestingly - from the market to the monastery. And the hotel - with the meaning that here, on earth, we are only guests. In general, there are a lot of semantic layers in this story.

Suitable for teenagers from 16 years old.


Alexander Snegirev. “Photo in a black jacket”

This is about the vicissitudes of human destiny, about responsibility for every step of one's life, about the consequences of lies, about courage, about resisting aggressive fanaticism.

Suitable for teenagers from 15 years old.


Mikhail Shishkin. "Coat with a strap"

By and large, this work is about how a work is born, about what underlies creativity. And it turns out that for the writer - the hero of the story, this is a relationship with his mother.

Suitable for teenagers from 14 years old.


Igor Levshin. "Flight"

A very subtle, intellectual fantasy story about a man's encounter with a new virtual civilization. Human consciousness and artificial intelligence: how they interact. And it turns out that this computer world gives rise to its own Mephistophiles and Fausts.

Suitable for teenagers from 16 years old. Stories for children. Interesting and funny stories for kids. Grade 1-2

A famous story about two friends and a kitten whose hat fell off a chest of drawers. The boys at first thought that the hat had come to life and were very frightened. But soon the secret of the hat was discovered ... The story Living hat read The hat lay on ...

Dragunsky's funny and instructive story about how Deniska imagined himself as an adult. The boy dreamed about how he would reprimand his father, mother and grandmother for misbehavior: being late, walking without a hat, talking at dinner, etc. This ...

Grade 3

An interesting and informative story about two friends who bought two toy phones for negotiations with a friend. Yes, only Mishka decided to disassemble his apparatus and see how it works. And to collect, as it was, and ...

A story about two friends who were left alone at the dacha for two days. When leaving, my mother explained how to cook porridge and soup. Yes, only the boys did not listen to advice at all. Read how friends caught fleeing porridge, took out a bucket...

Dragunsky's story about Denisk and Mishka, who did their homework together. At the same time, Deniska tells a friend about lemurs. Then the boys decide to check each other's work and find many mistakes - everything needs to be redone. After…

A funny story about how the yard dog Bobik came to visit his master's Barbos. Bobik was surprised by everything in the house: a wall clock, a hairbrush, a mirror, a TV set. Watchdog, as a hospitable host, explained to a friend about the purpose of objects. And then...

Grade 1

A funny story about Mishutka and Stasik, who told each other all sorts of fables - they competed who would misrepresent whom. One day neighbor Igor sat down on the bench. The boy told how he really deceived his mother by eating half a can of jam ...

Grade 2

A funny story about a boy who didn't want to eat semolina. Mom promised to take him to the Kremlin if he ate all the porridge. Deniska adds sugar, salt, water and even horseradish to the porridge to make it more…

Dragunsky's story about Denisk, who came to visit his friend Mishka. Mishka gathered a lot of guys. And then it was decided to play hide and seek. Deniska decided to outsmart everyone and hide in one of the communal rooms….

Grade 1

Dragunsky's story about three guys who didn't pronounce the letter Sh. It all started when a truck with a Christmas tree drove into the courtyard of the house. Alyonka says: “Look, there are detectives hanging on the Christmas tree.” This is where it started. ..

A story about rescuing a dog and a kitten on the river during the ice drift. The guys threw a board on the ice floe and the dog in its teeth with the kitten moved to the shore. She missed her owner very much and was very happy when he…

1-2 grade

A story about a boy and a girl who read the fairy tale Three Little Pigs and decided to build a house out of blankets and chairs. And suddenly it seemed to the boy that a gray wolf grabbed him by the leg… Zateinika's story read We and…

Grade 4

An instructive story about shame, about not taking other people's things, about the fact that a misdemeanor will be punished. Read the story about Lela and Minka, who ate sweets from the New Year tree and opened gifts ... Christmas tree read ...

An instructive story about the blacksmith's son Vasya. The boy was very fond of riding a cart drawn by his father's horse. The blacksmith did not approve of this. Once Vasya took a cart and went to the forest. A branch got into the wheel and started whipping the boy…

A story about how a teacher wittily taught Fedya Rybkin to stop laughing in class. The boy was smeared with mascara, the whole class could not look at him without laughing. This made Fred very happy. The teacher, having discovered the reason for the fun, said that on ...

2nd grade

A story about a boy, Bobka, who had wonderful khaki pants. Climbing over the fence, the boy tore his pants, and his mother got angry and did not sew them up. Bobka decided to fix the patch himself… The story The patch to read U…

Nosov's instructive story, which teaches that you shouldn't take someone else's. Pavlik and Kotka once picked cucumbers in the collective farm garden. Kotka's mother saw cucumbers in her son's pocket and found out how he got them. This is strong for her…

Grade 2

A story about a boy Kotka, who was sitting at home and did not want to build a hill. However, when the guys built a slide and went home, Kotka went out into the yard to skate. And he wanted to ride from a new mountain. Climb up…

A cautionary tale about honesty. Minka got an A at school and got so upset that he forgot his diary on a park bench. They brought him a new diary and again put a unit there. In the evening a guest came and brought a forgotten diary...

A humorous story about Denisk and Mishka, who were assigned to sing a duet with satirical verses at a concert. The boys rehearsed for a long time, but during the performance Mishka got excited and repeated the first verse three times. The whole hall fell from ...

The best stories of Russian writers are collected here. Children love to read about adventures and funny stories from the life of their peers, as well as about funny animals. Funny dialogues, unusual plots and vivid illustrations make young readers fall in love with them from the first pages.

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Interesting and exciting stories for children of preschool and primary school age are collected in this section. More than one generation of people grew up on the wonderful works of the classics of children's literature Nosov, Dragunsky, Zoshchenko, Permyak, Golyavkin and other equally popular authors. Surprisingly, all these writers so deeply and penetratingly revealed the character of the characters, so interestingly and with humor conveyed the situations that happen to them, that one can only be surprised at their abilities and insight. They seemed to experience the mood of the characters themselves, as if they were describing their own lives. The emotionality of the word, which holds attention, and the detailed description of the nature that is happening around are striking. Each of the options presented here deserves attention, do not miss the chance to enjoy reading quality literature addressed to children.
From the first lines, these works make you fall in love with an eloquent word, an unbanal and fascinating plot. Can't stop reading. Here are collected those stories that will be of interest to children, stories about school and peers, about animals, about nature. The first emotional experiences, insults, emotions, sympathy and kindness towards animals are shown. These are the most popular and demanded works. A unique student library is presented to your attention. It is difficult to imagine life without a book; love for it arises at a young age precisely from such short, but such fascinating stories.
Masterpieces of Russian writers are printed without abridgements, you will find options from the school curriculum recommended for additional reading. All this indicates the high quality of the presented material. Each book is accompanied by illustrations, colorful, unusual, which increases the interest in reading. The child will like the characters described by the masters of children's literature. You can read any of the works at any time at your request or on the instructions of the teacher. And having considered the corresponding illustrations, it is easy to imagine the essence of what is happening.

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  • Asterisk

    Ingush fairy tale

    A fairy tale about a girl who was allowed to walk at night by her grandmother. Once, during a night walk, the girl made friends with an asterisk: either the girl is chasing the starlight, or the starlight is chasing the girl ... “Asterisk” read This is a fairy tale, that is ...

  • 0003

    Tale of the Comanche Indian people. The sun in those parts sometimes shines without end, then leaves, and there comes a long, long night. Somehow the animals gathered and began to think: what to do with the sun? .. “Why the bear waddles” read In our ...

  • The count's beard

    helped the people of his city. Every evening, when the herd returned from the valley to the barn, the cattle disappeared. People thought it was the witch Michillina doing it. “Beard…

  • Cobra princess

    Spanish fairy tale

    The king and queen had a daughter, but a witch came to the palace and turned the little princess into a cobra. The witch cast a terrible spell on the little girl: her human appearance will return to her only when she touches the calf. ..

    A story about how a goose and her goslings got into a polynya on the Yenisei. The hero of the story and his friends saved the geese from death, they risked themselves. "Geese in the polynya" read Freezing on the Yenisei comes gradually. First…

  • The smell of hay

    Astafiev V.P.

    Two boys, cousins, are eager to help their grandfather and uncle bring hay from distant mowing. However, they are not taken with them, the road is hard, the work is difficult. But in the evening, when the hay is already in the yard, the guys are eager and ...

  • Autumn sorrows and joys

    Autumn is a hot time. It is necessary to collect and prepare the entire crop. A story about how a large amount of cabbage is salted for the winter in one of the Siberian villages. It is in some way a mystical and interesting ritual and process….

  • Photo without me

    Astafiev V. P.

    A story about true friendship, sincere love for the native land and shows what a real teacher should be like. It is important to remember those who were with you as a child. These people can be an important part of your life. And together…

  • Russian women

    Nekrasov N.A.

    Contents: ♦ I. Princess Trubetskaya ♦ Part one ♦ Part two ♦ Princess M.N. Volkonskaya ♦ Chapter I ♦ Chapter II ♦ Chapter III ♦ Chapter IV…

  • Tam Glen

    Burns R.

    Oh, aunt, I ask for advice! With such a young man, I don’t have to be afraid of the fate of change. I’ll be glad of poverty, - If only I would be with me ...

  • Lines about war and love I give my blood In that life-creating battle, What we call love. I glorify the triumph of the world, Contentment and prosperity. It is more pleasant to create one Than to destroy a dozen!

  • What's a girl to do

    Burns R.

    What's a girl to do? What shall I do, little girl? How shall I, little girl, live with my hubby? He is grouchy and sick, always dissatisfied. There is cold in his chest, ice in his hands. He grunts, ... has analogues in the tales of many other peoples. Our site presents a version of a folk tale in the processing of A.N. Tolstoy. "Kolobok" read Once upon a time there was an old man with an old woman. Here ...

  • 2 - Three little pigs

    Mikhalkov S.

    A fairy tale about three pig brothers who built houses for themselves. One brother built a house out of straw, another out of twigs and twigs, and a third out of bricks. "Three Little Pigs" read Once upon a time there were three little pigs in the world. Three brothers. All…

  • 3 - Little Red Riding Hood

    Charles Perrault

    A short story about a trusting girl and a cunning gray wolf. Disobeying her mother, the girl turns off the road and talks to a stranger - a gray wolf . .. "Little Red Riding Hood" read Once upon a time there was a little girl. Her mother loved her without memory, and her grandmother ...

  • 4 - Turnip

    Russian folk tale

    Turnip is a famous fairy tale for the little ones with a lot of repetitions. The child quickly remembers the sequence of presentation and a simple plot. "Turnip" read Grandfather planted a turnip and says: - Grow a turnip, sweet, sweet! Grow big, big! A turnip has grown, sweet and big, big….

  • 5 - Bremen Town Musicians

    Entin Yu.S. and Livanov V.B.

    The story of the animals and the young Troubadour who went to the city of Bremen to become street musicians. In the city they stopped in front of the royal castle. The king and princess came out onto the balcony of the palace, the townspeople ran to the square and it began ...

  • 6 - Wolf and seven kids

    Russian folk tale

    The story tells about an evil wolf who changed his voice, made his way into the goat's house and ate little kids. But the mother goat will be able to save her children and get rid of the wolf. "The Wolf and the Seven Kids" read Once upon a time there was a goat with kids ....

  • 7 - Flower of seven flowers

    Kataev V.P.

    A fairy tale about a girl Zhenya, who was presented with a magic seven-flower flower. It had seven petals and could grant any seven wishes. Zhenya spent the first six wishes, but did not receive any pleasure and only made her last wish ...

  • 8 - The Snow Queen

    Hans Christian Andersen

    The Snow Queen is one of Hans Christian Andersen's most famous fairy tales about love that can overcome any trial and melt even an icy heart! "The Snow Queen" read Table of Contents: ♦   The first story, which tells about ...

  • 9 - The Tale of Tsar Saltan

    Pushkin A.S.

    The tale of Tsar Saltan, of his son, the glorious and mighty hero Prince Gvidon Saltanovich, and of the beautiful Swan Princess was created on the basis of the folk tale "Wonderful Sons". Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin enriched the folk work with new plot twists, ...

  • 10 - Three Bears

    Russian folk tale

    Three Bears is a fairy tale about a girl who got lost in the forest and ended up in the bears' house. There she behaved very rudely: without permission, she ate from every cup, sat on every chair, lay in every bed, ...

  • 11 - Geese-Swans

    the swan geese carried the boy away and the little sister went to look for him. The stove, apple tree and river helped the girl save her brother. Read the fairy tale in the processing of A.N. Tolstoy. "Geese-swans" read There lived a man and a woman. At…

  • 12 - Wizard of the Emerald City

    Volkov A.M.

    "The Wizard of the Emerald City" - a fairy tale story by Alexander Volkov written in 1939 based on the fairy tale "The Wise Man of Oz" by American writer Frank Baum with some changes. In 1959, a new edition of the book was published, significantly revised . ..

  • 13 - The Frog Princess

    Russian folk tale

    The Frog Princess is a Russian folk tale where the main character, Ivan Tsarevich, married a frog by the will of fate. Ivan had no idea that his wife was Vasilisa the Wise, turned by Koshchei into a frog. Ivan hurried, burned the frog skin and had to ...

  • 14 - The Fox and the Crane

    Russian folk tale

    The Fox and the Crane is a fairy tale about friendship between a cunning fox and a clever crane. The crane could not eat the semolina porridge, which the Fox smeared on a plate. He invited her to his place and treated her to a tasty okroshka, which he put down…

  • 15 - Winnie the Pooh and all, all, all

    Alan Milne

    A cheerful and beloved fairy tale about Winnie the Pooh does not obey the laws of the fairy tale genre. The tale is devoid of negative characters, the struggle between good and evil forces. The main characters of the tale are the toys of the boy Christopher, with whom funny situations happen in a magical ...

  • 16 - Masha and the Bear

    Russian folk tale

    Masha and the Bear is a fairy tale about a girl who got lost in the forest and ended up in a bear's hut. The bear did not let Mashenka go home, however, the girl came up with a way to return to her grandparents. Masha and…

  • 17 - The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish

    Pushkin A.S.

    The tale of a poor fisherman who caught a golden fish in his net. The old man took pity on the fish, released it into the sea. For this, the fish promised to fulfill his every wish. The old man didn’t ask for anything, but when he returned home, he told about…

  • 18 - Hen Ryaba

    Russian folk tale

    Hen Ryaba is the first fairy tale that mothers read to their babies. Children quickly grasp a simple plot and remember it by heart. Hen Ryaba read Once upon a time there was a grandfather and a woman. And they had a Ryaba Hen. The hen laid an egg, yes…

  • 19 - The Little Mermaid

    Hans Christian Andersen

    A touching tale about the Little Mermaid's strong love for the prince. The little mermaid is ready to give up everything that is dear to her for the sake of the human soul and the love of the prince ... The fairy tale formed the basis of the plots of many films, cartoons and musicals. Little Mermaid read In the open…

  • 20 - Thumbelina

    Hans Christian Andersen

    The fairy tale about Thumbelina is loved by children all over the world. A tiny girl born from a flower goes through many trials on the way to her happiness. Fate rewards Thumbelina for her kind heart. The swallow she rescued earlier is carrying…

  • 21 - Puss in Boots

    Charles Perrault

    The tale of an unusual cat that was inherited by the younger brother from the miller's father. The young man was not very happy at first with his share of the inheritance, but the cunning and intelligent cat made him the richest man and son-in-law of the king ... The cat in ...

  • 22 - Sleeping Beauty

    Charles Perrault

    A fairy tale about a beautiful princess who was cursed by an offended fairy at a party in honor of her birth. The old fairy predicted the girl's death from a spindle prick, but the good fairy was able to commute the sentence. The girl didn't die, but fell asleep on…

  • 23 - Ax porridge

    Russian folk tale

    Ax porridge is a short fairy tale about a witty soldier. The greedy old woman did not want to feed the soldier, but he outwitted her and got porridge with butter ... Read porridge from an ax The old soldier went on a visit. Tired in…

  • 24 - The ugly duckling

    Hans Christian Andersen

    A fairy tale about the miraculous transformation of an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. The duckling was born unlike his brothers, the inhabitants of the poultry yard disliked him for his dissimilarity to the others. The duckling had to leave the house and go through many trials before he…

  • 25 - The Princess and the Pea

    Hans Christian Andersen

    A short story about how the prince wanted to marry a real princess. One day, a girl knocked on the gate, who was soaked to the skin, but assured that she was a real princess. She was allowed to sleep, and the old queen gave her a check……

  • 26 - Sister Alyonushka and brother Ivanushka

    Russian folk tale

    Sister Alyonushka and brother Ivanushka is a fairy tale about how the younger brother disobeyed his sister, got drunk from a hoof and turned into a goat kid to read ... Sister Alyonushka and brother Ivanushka lived -there was an old man and an old woman, they had ...

  • 27 - Bean seed

    Russian folk tale

    Cockerel and bean seed - Russian folk tale about a rooster who was always in a hurry when he pecked the grains. The hen warned him all the time and asked him to peck more slowly. One day he choked on a bean seed and fell down. But the chicken ...

  • 28 - Fear has big eyes

    Russian folk tale

    Fear has big eyes — a short fairy tale about the fact that because of fear you can see what was not really there ... (from the collection of M.M. Serova) In fear eyes are big to read Once upon a time there was an old grandmother, a laughing granddaughter, a hen-klohtushka and a mouse-leaf. Every…

  • 29 - Sivka Burka

    Russian folk tale

    Sivka-Burka is a fairy tale about the adventures of Ivan the Fool and his gallant horse. Sivka Burka read The old man had three sons: two smart ones, and the third Ivanushka the Fool; day and night the fool is lying on the stove. The old man sowed wheat, and it grew ...

  • 30 - Baba Yaga

    Russian folk tale

    A fairy tale about a girl who was able to get out of the clutches of Baba Yaga, thanks to the advice of her own aunt and a kind cat . .. Baba Yaga read Once upon a time there was a husband and wife, and they had a daughter. The wife fell ill and died. I mourned-mourned…

  • 31 - Teremok

    Russian folk audio fairy tale

    Listen to the Russian folk tale "Teremok" online on the Mishkina Books website!

  • 32 - Crocodile Gena and his friends

    Uspensky E.N.

    Tale about a lonely crocodile Gena. Coming home from work from the zoo, he was left alone and bored. Crocodile Gena decided to make friends with someone. He wrote an announcement that he was looking for friends, posted them around the city and…

  • 33 - Twelve months

    Samuil Marshak

    Do you know how many months there are in a year? - Twelve. And what are their names? — January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December. As soon as one month ends, another immediately begins. And…

  • 34 - The tale of the priest and his worker Balda

    Pushkin A.S.

    The tale of the stingy priest and resourceful worker Balda. Somehow Balda was hired for the service for three clicks on the forehead of the priest. When the time of reckoning was approaching, the priest decided to give Balda an impossible task in order to get rid of him. But Balda…

  • 35 - Little Humpbacked Horse

    Ershov P.

    An old man lived in a village and had three sons. They grew wheat and sold it in the market. But then someone got into the habit of trampling wheat in the field at night ... Table of contents: ♦ Part one. Starting…

  • 36 - Alice in Wonderland

    Carroll L.

    A captivating story about a girl Alice, who met a talking White Rabbit and ended up in amazing worlds where she met very unusual characters ... Chapter 1.

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