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Get a well of joy and entertainment with the newest collection of the most popular fairy tales for children by Kids Academy!

Kids Academy has compiled the best fairy tales for children in one collection. Now your kids and you can read bedtime stories one after another without any interruptions.


Rapunzel is one of most well-known fairy tales for kids by the Grimm Brothers which was written more than 200 years ago but it is still truly enjoyed by kids. This fairy tale is about a nice girl with beautiful long hair. She is kept in a high tower by the wicked Witch.

The second story is Puss in Boots, one of fairy tales from the collection by Charles Perrault. The story appeared in the middle of the 17th century and is about a smart cat who manages to gain power, wealth, prosperity and princess’s love for his poorly and low-class born master.


The Princess and the Pea, written by Hans Christian Andersen and published in 1835, tells a story about a young princess whose real identity is discovered with the help of a pea. She is given a shelter in a Prince’s house and offered to sleep in a bed with twenty matrasses and twenty feather beds. In the morning she complains that she couldn’t sleep all night as she felt something really hard in the bed. The prince is convinced that only a truly royal person can feel that and eagerly marries the princess.


The bedtime story collection from Kids Academy is followed by Three Little Pigs by Joseph Jackson, a fairy about three anthropomorphic piglets who build their houses of different materials, namely of straw, sticks and bricks. One day The Big Bad Wolf shows up and destroys the shabby houses made of straw and sticks. And only the house of bricks does not fall down.

Cinderella, also known as The Little Glass Slipper by Charles Perrault, a must-read-to-kids fairy tale, is also in the bedtime stories compilation. The fairy tale tells about a poor girl who has a wicked step mother and two stepsisters. Cinderella’s fairy godmother helps her find true love and become happy.


Little Red Riding Hood is a fairy tale with a catchy plot so loved by kids. It is a story about a little girl, her grandmother and the wicked wolf who swallows both of them. The Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother are luckily saved by a huntsman.

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Great app!

This app is wonderful for my 7 years old son! :) It focuses on basic reading, writing, and math skills. The reward system is great and consistent!


Such a great app!

This was a really fun way to get my kids to practice their math. I usually struggle to get them into it and Kids Academy makes it easy.

Fernanndas Stoun

Daughter's favorite

Still a top favorite for our 7 year old. She loves earning her stars as she learns to trace letters and numbers. Coloring and the sounds are engaging and are on target for her age group and being Pre K.


Great for kids

Our 7 years old daughter loves reading activities and every off-line game Kids Academy offers. This is a very good app, I highly recommend it!


So engaging

We love how we can focus on math with this app. It is engaging and we love how we are able to adjust and tailor the levels according to our son’s knowledge and skill levels!

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Great app

Wow! This app is really great. For the first time my kids actually enjoy learning math and reading. The games on Kids Academy are educational and really fun.


The Tortoise and the Hare Fairy Tales and Bedtime Stories for Kids - SchoolTube

The Tortoise and the Hare bedtime stories for kids cartoon animation

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"The Tortoise and the Hare" is one of Aesop's Fables and is numbered 226 in the Perry Index. [1] The account of a race between unequal partners has attracted conflicting interpretations. It is itself a variant of a common folktale theme in which ingenuity and trickery (rather than doggedness) are employed to overcome a stronger opponent.

The story concerns a Hare who ridicules a slow-moving Tortoise. Tired of the Hare's arrogant behavior, the Tortoise challenges him to a race.[2] The hare soon leaves the tortoise behind and, confident of winning, takes a nap midway through the race. When the Hare awakes however, he finds that his competitor, crawling slowly but steadily, has arrived before him. The later version of the story in La Fontaine's Fables (VI.10), while more long-winded, differs hardly at all from Aesop's.[3]

As in several other fables by Aesop, the lesson it is teaching appears ambiguous. In Classical times it was not the Tortoise’s plucky conduct in taking on a bully that was emphasised but the Hare’s foolish over-confidence. An old Greek source comments that 'many people have good natural abilities which are ruined by idleness; on the other hand, sobriety, zeal and perseverance can prevail over indolence'. [4] When the fable entered the European emblem tradition, the precept to ‘hasten slowly’ (festina lente) was recommended to lovers by Otto van Veen in his Emblemata Amorum (1608), using a relation of the story. There the infant figure of Eros is shown passing through a landscape and pointing to the tortoise as it overtakes the sleeping hare under the motto “perseverance winneth.”[5] Later interpreters too have asserted that the fable's moral is the proverbial 'the more haste, the worse speed' (Samuel Croxall) or have applied to it the biblical observation that 'the race is not to the swift' (Ecclesiastes 9.11).


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Video fairy tales in English for children: watch online




Hello everyone!

On this page I have collected for you the best video fairy tales in English for children. Among them there are well-known Russian fairy tales-cartoons, and English versions.

Watching such fairy tales on their own, the child quickly gets used to English speech and can begin to give you the English words you like in sound. If you watch them together with your child, commenting on something and explaining, this can be a great help in teaching English. nine0003

I also have a good selection of audio stories and fairy tales to read. Follow the links and learn!

Enjoy watching!

The Tale of the Three Bears in English interpretation:

The story of Carlson and the Kid in English.

The Tale of the Three Little Pigs in English.

City and country mouse.

Snow White.

Winnie PUKH

Council: Mandatory d Asset, Asset Tales every day. Before watching, you can voice him a couple of words from a fairy tale, and when he hears them, he will be very pleased! nine0174

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