Free beginner reading worksheets

Early Literacy

Alphabet Worksheets

Students will trace, color, and write letters on these alphabet worksheets.


Assemble and read these simple mini-books for very young readers.

Poems and Poetry

Looking for cute poems to share with your class? We have lots!

Printing Letters

Trace and print each letter of the alphabet. We have worksheets with upper and lowercase letters.

Phonics Worksheets

We have a page of worksheets for each consonant and vowel sound, as well as blends and digraphs.

Phonics: Consonant Blends

This page will link to you hundreds of phonics worksheets for teaching consonant blends.

Phonics: Vowel Sounds

Practice reading and recognizing words with long and short vowel sounds.

Phonics Word Wheels

Assemble the word wheels. Then kids can read the word family words aloud as you spin the wheels.

Rhyming Worksheets

Learn about rhyming words with these activities.

Sentences (Basic Building Sentences)

With these cut-and-glue activities, young children can build very simple sentences.

Sentences (Basic Writing)

Write basic sentences with simple, repeated beginnings. Easy writing activities for Kindergarten and first graders.

Sight Word Units

We have an entire curriculum of 30 sight word units. Each unit has a take-home list, practice worksheets, reading practice tools, and assessment sheets. We recommend doing one unit per week.

Sight Words (Individual Words)

Here you'll find a list of over 150 sight words. Each word has a several worksheets. (For example, you'll find several worksheets for teaching students to read and write the word that.)

Sight Words (Dolch Words)

Use these flashcards, bingo games, checklists, and worksheets to help your students master all 220 Dolch sight words.

Sight Words (Fry Words)

We have word wheels, games, and worksheets to help your kids master the Fry Instant Sight Words.

Word Family Units

This page contains a collection of word families units. Includes -an words, -am words, -ear words, -ack words, -ail words, and dozens more. Each unit contains worksheets, word wheels, flashcards, and sliders.

See Also:

First Grade Reading Comprehension

We have simple reading comprehension passages with questions for first graders.

First Grade Spelling

We have a full first grade spelling curriculum, complete with printable word lists, worksheets, and test forms.

Kindergarten Worksheets

We have hundreds of worksheets and printable activities for Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten students. Browse the entire collection.

Theme Printables

Themes include farm worksheets, zoo animal printables, sea life activities, and apple worksheets.

Reading Worksheets | All Kids Network

Reading worksheets are the perfect tool to help your child develop a love for reading at an early age. By giving your child the basic tools they need to read at an early age, you can increase their chances of becoming a great reader. This collection of free reading worksheets covers a variety of subjects like alphabet recognition, phonics, sight words, comprehension and more. Each reading worksheet in this collection is easy to print in either color or black and white to meet your needs.

A child's ability to recognize the letters of t...

This group of free reading worksheets is focuss...

Correlating sounds with letters and groups of l...

Check out this set of printable sight word work...

Choose a word from the word bank to complete ea...

We created this set of word recognition workshe...

Follow the instructions under each picture to k...

We have a nice collection of compound word work...

Check out our free worksheet geared towards tea...

Help kids improve their vocabulary with our col...

This collection of free worksheets is dedicated...

This set of free phonics worksheets is geared t...

Use the pictures to help unscramble the letters...

This set of names worksheets will help teach ch...

Groups of different worksheets for each of the ...

Check out our collection of synonym worksheets . ..

Check out our collection of antonym worksheets ...

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Worksheets for Educators: 10 Resources to Create



Preparing for lessons takes time. Regular planning is required to prepare for class. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the psychological and pedagogical characteristics of students, forms of work, techniques, methods, teaching technologies. To facilitate the work of teachers, didactic materials and visual aids are created. However, this does not make the lesson interesting for students. Do not despair. It will be possible to cope with the problem with worksheets (worksheets).

We have prepared an article that will help you save time and improve the quality of your lessons.

The site offers many tasks, presentations and video tutorials. For convenience, here you can independently set the search criteria for the topic, the level of difficulty of the exercise, the type of lesson, the student's abilities, etc. No additional investment is required to use the resources, and registration does not take much time.

Registration is possible on behalf of a teacher or student. Website options are available in other languages: Russian, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese. If you feel like you have something to share with colleagues and students, then upload worksheets with exercises or create instructional videos.

Learning English will be easier with this resource. Site navigation is facilitated by the search bar on the main page. There are articles on grammar, listening, reading and pronunciation.

Other sections feature worksheets, workbooks and free posters that are available for download. If the visitor of the resource has encountered difficulties, then hints will help him out. As a game element, there is a reward for hints. To work with young students, teachers will find coloring pages on the site.

The resource is suitable for working with young students. To do this, a list of materials is attached: lesson plans, color flash cards, games, songs and books for teachers of English.

In practice, teachers can use coloring, matching and drawing exercises with children. As a rest after the games, the guys can do independent creative work. For engagement during the exercise, it will be useful to ask clarifying questions: What is it? What color is it? and so on.

Worksheets from the ESL-LOUNGE website

The ESL-LOUNGE portal offers visitors video lessons, educational cartoons, lesson plans, lesson plans for the level of student preparation, testing for knowledge assessment. It is possible to study the material in Russian, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

A distinctive feature of the resource is the presence of a paid account, which differs from a free account in the number of tasks and materials.

We recommend this site for work with preschoolers and younger students. Teachers will find board games, flash cards, lesson plans and worksheets here. The resource is free to use.

When a child begins to learn a foreign language, the goal must be clearly formulated. The most common tasks are: getting to know the culture of English-speaking countries, communicating with foreigners, getting education abroad, career advancement, internships and employment in another country.

The site contains articles on politics, sports, travel and everyday life. The portal is suitable for adult students.

To diversify the lesson, the resource offers the following exercises: solve a crossword puzzle, a puzzle, complete a word search puzzle (differ in difficulty level), cope with encrypted words and encoded text.

Don't let the next site put you off with navigation - the richest source of information is worth the time spent searching for information. It is suitable for both teachers and students. The developers claim that quizzes, tests and puzzles will help you master a foreign language perfectly.

Thousands of teachers participated in its filling. An adjacent link from the site provides access to bilingual tests, grammar, vocabulary.

Here you will find both free and paid exercises. Visitors to the site have access to tasks for listening, working on an interactive whiteboard, and doing crafts. In the paid version, more exercises are available, simulators for creating custom games and tables, a library of clip art and a weekly newsletter.

Prymaryleap is a worksheet site for English learners. You can search by date added, age, subject and topic. Daily updated exercises in English, mathematics, geography, history, logic and science. For those who want to follow the progress, there is a function of entering the results into a report. Progress will be displayed as a chart.


Earlier we published a set of tools for designing worksheets. Use these seven services to create a unique graphic style.

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