Practice writing lowercase letters

A-Z Uppercase Lowercase Letter Tracing Worksheets

Learning the ABC and practice writing the alphabet is among the very first things that kids spend a lot of time with teachers and parents exploring, teaching and learning together. At this very early age, learning should be experienced through playing, practicing and repeating to make the whole process fun and easy for kids to absorb and remember.

In previous posts, I presented a lot of alphabet coloring pages to help kids recognize all the letters from A-Z through coloring activities with both uppercase and lowercase letters. In this post, I’m introducing to you series of alphabet manuscript tracing worksheets. Happy playing & learning!

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I’ve been using these alphabet tracing worksheets for my kids to practice writing when they were at preschool and kindergarten. If you are a teacher or parent who happen to use the materials on this site and have feedback or suggestions for future materials, please feel free to add your comment using the form located at the bottom of the page. Much appreciated!

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Top 10 Worksheets To Practice Writing The Alphabet

Learning to write is an important process in a young child’s life. It often takes plenty of practice and patience for them to get it right too! How can you support your child as they learn to write the alphabet? One great tool is printable alphabet worksheets that offer guidance and support for young ones who are learning to write the alphabet. They can help develop the motor skills that your child needs for perfect alphabet writing skills. We’ve collected ten excellent alphabet practice sheets to help your pre-k, kindergarten, and first-grade students learn and drill their alphabet writing.

1. Alphabet Handwriting Practice Sheets: Letter by Letter

With this set of 26 alphabet worksheets, children can practice the uppercase and lowercase letters one by one. This allows them to focus and fine-tune the motor skills for each character, and the cute pictures on each card also help phonemic awareness with common everyday items.

Learn More: Kiddo Worksheets

2. Full Alphabet Practice Resource

Here’s another set of printable alphabet worksheets that take kids through all of the letters. They should trace the dotted lines to make each new letter. The progression focuses on going through each letter carefully to ensure mastery before moving on to the next letter in the alphabet.  

Learn More: Etsy 

3. Fun Alphabet Practice Activities: Printables

These fun alphabet handwriting worksheets are a great way to introduce and practice writing all of the letters. These alphabet resources include plenty of chances to trace along the dotted lines, as well as some coloring activities. You can even use this as an alphabet review quiz for more advanced writers. 

Learn More: Planes and Balloons

4. Alphabet Printables and Coloring Pages

This is a whole pack of alphabet practice that also includes cute coloring activities and cut-and-paste alphabet worksheets. You can use these no-prep alphabet worksheets to take kids through all of the letters with ease and a sense of adventure!

Learn More: 123 Kids Fun

5. Alphabet Letter Hunt Worksheets

This activity has kids looking around the house and yard for things that start with the letters of the alphabet. That means that this is a great game for building up phonemic awareness, and it also focuses on the basics of print handwriting and letter formation. 

Learn More: Tot Schooling

6. Free Alphabet Handwriting Worksheets

This is one of the best print handwriting practice worksheets because it’s simple! There isn’t much to distract from the main goal of teaching motor skills and muscle memory as kids trace lines for the letters of the alphabet from A to Z.

Learn More: PreSchool Play & Learn 

7. Alphabet Play Dough Cards

In this activity, kids trace the lines of each letter, but instead of using a pen or pencil, they use play dough! It’s a fun game for kids who are just learning to recognize the different letters. You can use it as a prep activity before your child picks up their pencil. 

Learn More: Kindergarten Worksheets and Games 

8. Uppercase Letters Tracing with Animals

This alphabet bundle focuses on the uppercase letters and it incorporates adorable animals to help kids identify the sounds of each letter. You can use these alphabet coloring pages to reinforce phonemic awareness of initial letter learning. 

Learn More: PreSchool Play & Learn

9. Lowercase Letter Tracing Alphabet Lesson

Here is a straightforward worksheet that has one goal: to follow the dotted lines and improve motor skills and muscle memory for writing lowercase letters. It’s an effective way to help kids both learn and improve their lowercase letters, and it can be a fun review, too!

Learn More: Mungfali

10. Beginning Sound Coloring Alphabet Activity

This is a great way to help kids identify the sound pictures start with. The collection of everyday items makes it an easy and effective way to combine phonemic awareness with alphabet handwriting literacy lessons. Plus, since kids get to color in the pictures themselves, they’re much more invested in the activity. 

Learn More: Pinterest

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How to teach a child to write in words

Home 9000

Is it possible to teach a child to write beautiful capital letters? Of course! The main thing is to arm yourself with patience and pay attention to simple exercises that will help the baby successfully master capital letters and, ultimately, become the owner of an even, beautiful handwriting. nine0022

You have taught baby to keep posture while sitting at the desk, picked up the right writing supplies and practiced preparatory exercises, it's time for copybooks.
It is absolutely not necessary to wait for the start of school - the more confident the child will write by the beginning of school, the easier and more pleasant it will be for him to get high marks in writing lessons.

How to learn to write in cursive?

Step one. nine0026 Start by showing your child how to write the basic elements that make up all letters. Among them there are vertical sticks, and sticks rounded at the top or bottom, and other "squiggles". Discuss with the baby the appearance of each element, pay attention to the position of the stick relative to the line - after all, all elements of the letters should not go beyond the lines. Start writing these elements - first at pre-set points, then on your own. Second step . Choose any printed letter, draw the child's attention to it. Do an exercise with this letter - for example, ask your child to find this letter in the text, or cut it out of paper.

Third step . Continuing the game with the letter from the task above, show your baby how it magically turns into a capital! This metamorphosis is of great importance, because often children do not see the connection between "concise" printed letters and intricate cursive cursives. In order to consolidate the comparative stage, proceed to writing this letter. For now, do it yourself - slowly, slowly, commenting on each movement: "I put a dot over the line and move my hand up," etc.

Fourth step . Be sure to use motor memory in your writing lessons! Using the same letter, write it in the air . Ask the child to carefully follow your movements - he must guess which letter you are depicting. Letter guessed? Ask your child to repeat your "air pas" writing letters. Help him for the first time - take his hand in yours and move it in the air, drawing the desired letter and commenting on the movements. Then ask your child to do the exercise on their own. Repeat the task several times. nine0003

Step five . And now, finally, the most crucial moment has come! Ask your child to write this letter in cursive. To begin with, point by point, then independently. Help the kid with your comments in difficult places, and then, after several attempts, ask him to comment on each of his actions.

Syllables and words . When each letter of the alphabet is familiar and learned with the help of such games, it will be possible to move on to writing syllables and even whole words. Be sure to accompany these reading classes and games to develop attention - this is how you will achieve real success!

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Writing capital and lowercase letters Г, г

Lesson objectives:

  • exercise in writing capital and lowercase letters Г, г , compounds and words with these letters;
  • to promote the development of the emotional sphere of children on the basis of moral and educational influence;
  • develop attention, memory, logical thinking;
  • to cultivate interest in the native language, in the subject being studied. nine0094

Equipment: tape recorder, audio cassette with music by P.I. Tchaikovsky, illustration of the mushroom kingdom, table.

1. Organizational moment.

Greeting guests.

Checking readiness for the lesson.

2. Setting the theme of the lesson.

What sound did you learn at the last lesson and what letter did you learn to write? (We got acquainted with the sound [r] and learned to write the letter Г, г )

What did we learn about the sound [g]? (Sound [r] consonant, voiced; can be hard and soft, paired [g / k])

Today we will continue to practice writing capital and lowercase letters Г, г , compounds and words with this letter.

Only our lesson is not easy, we will travel through a fairy tale.

We will give the name of the fairy tale at the end of the lesson.

3. Work on new material.


Who knows what words a fairy tale comes from? (Once upon a time...)

So, once upon a time, mushrooms lived in the Mushroom Kingdom, a fabulous state. At the head of it was the mushroom Borovik.

(Picture - Borovik)

Who knows what people call him? (Cep)

The words boletus and porcini are close in meaning, but different in sound.

What are such words called? (Synonyms)

They lived together. They went to visit each other. But one day...

Listen to the music and try to imagine what happened? (Mushrooms quarreled)

(Tape recorder - audio cassette)

Why do you think so? (Anxious, militant, angry, terrible, evil music)

Once a poisonous fly agaric, pale grebes, false chanterelles and honey mushrooms captured Tsar Borovik along with the letter Gg .

(Illustration of the mushroom kingdom; boletus mushroom; letter Gg)

Why are these mushrooms called false? (Very similar to edible mushrooms, but they are poisonous)

Russula and chanterelles, boletus and boletus did not want to put up with this. They decided to restore justice and return Tsar Borovik and the letter Gg from captivity.

But in order to free them, you have to pass several trials. The boletus mushroom turned to you guys with a request for help.

So what? Let's help him? (Yes!)

We are facing difficult trials. To get to the dungeon where Tsar Borovik is being held, one has to go through a dense forest and a swampy swamp, climb over a fence.

So, let's hit the road.

The letter G

The first test that the evil fly agaric offers us is to remember how capital and lowercase letters are written Gg.

Who can tell me how to spell the letter G? (We put the pen 1/3 from the top in the additional line, go down in a straight inclined line, put the “stick”, remove the pen. In the middle 1/3 of the additional line we write out the “inverted stick” (we transfer all attention to the upper ruler in the additional line and thus keep the parallel [Ilyukhina V.A.])

(Student tells - I write on the blackboard)

Letter of the letter on the blackboard

Letter of the letter in the air


Writing a letter in a notebook. Write as many times as there are fly agarics on the board. (3)

(There are 3 fly agarics on the board)

Tell me how to write the lowercase letter g? (We put the handle 1/3 from the top in the working line, climb the hook line to the top ruler, touching, go down in a straight inclined line, turn in place, climb the hook to the middle [Ilyukhina V.A.]) nine0003

(Student tells - I write on the blackboard)

Writing a letter on the blackboard.

Letter of the letter in the air.


Letter of the letter in a notebook. Write 2 letters more than the capital letter D .

(There are 5 fly agarics on the board)

Complete the line to the end, alternating between a capital letter and a lowercase letter.

Letter repetition P p, T t, P p

Now I will name the words, and you write down only the first letter of each word on the next line 1 time: P avel, p Art, T Anya, T ORT, OMA, P Decree.


What letters did you write? nine0091 (Capital P, T, R, lowercase p, p, t)

Why did you capitalize P, T, R? (People's names are capitalized)

Why do you think we repeat the spelling of these letters ? (There are similar elements with a letter g, g )

(letters P P , T , R on the board) 9000 9000 9000, which ? nine0091 (Elongated oblique straight line with a rounding to the right, oblique straight line with a rounding at the top and bottom)

Well done guys, rescued the letter Gg from trouble. They didn't let her disappear into the dark forest. But there is still a long time before the liberation of Borovik.

Here comes the II obstacle.

Letter connections

Take a close look at the connections

(On the board)

Name the fusion syllables. (Ge, Ga, gi, go)

Why wasn't the compound named gr? (There is no vowel. There are as many syllables as there are vowels in a word)

Write these connections according to the model, observing the secrets: “nests”, “hut”, the place where the letters join [Ilyukhina V.A.].


Emphasize soft consonants.

Circle the vowels that indicate the softness of consonants. nine0003

Name the syllables with soft consonants. (Ge, gi)

What vowels indicate the softness of consonants? (e, u)

4. Consolidation of the past.

Writing words

Read the words. Orthoepically, then orthographically. Galya, Gena, Egor

Why are the words Galya, Gena, Egor capitalized? (People's names are capitalized)

What are the compounds that we have already repeated? (Ga, Ge, go, gr)

Write the words according to the model.


Divide into syllables. Put emphasis.

Phonetic analysis of proper names.

Gr and b - gr and b. A mistaken place.

How to check an unstressed vowel?

Well, we passed the second test. nine0064

5. Physical exercise.

(Picture - box)

Mushrooms grew in a forest, in a pine forest.
You are a friend, do not be lazy,
You need a mushroom - reach for it.
We will take the porcini mushroom with us, russula too.
And butterdish, and chanterelle, put in the box.

Name a synonym for the word box. (Basket, basket)

Body - a box made of bast or birch bark.

Bast - bast of young linden, willow and some other trees, divided into layers and narrow strips.

6. Review of the past.

Work on the offer

Guys, the birch tree sent us a letter. He asks you to help him put all the words in the sentence in their proper place. This is the next test.

What do you know about the offer? (The sentence expresses a complete thought. The words in the sentence are connected in meaning. At the end of the sentence is put .!? The first word in the sentence is capitalized.)

(Gali mushrooms)

Who made the offer? (Gali has mushrooms.)

How many words are in the sentence?

What is the 1st word? How do we write?

What is the 2nd word? How do we write?

Say the 3rd word. A mistaken place.

How to check an unstressed vowel?

Write a sentence following all the secrets.

(1 student on the board)

And we passed this test. nine0064

Well done. Let's go further.

Conversation. The story of the witch rings.

Most often, mushrooms in the forest grow in rows, in groups.

And look how interesting these mushrooms grow.

(Picture, presentation )

There was a time when people argued about mushrooms, who created them - God or the devil? Those who believed that the devil created mushrooms talked about mushroom round dances, that mushrooms can grow in circles, and in the middle of this circle there is bare ground on which nothing grows. These mushroom circles became known as "witch" rings, as it was believed that witches gathered and danced inside these circles, and therefore grass did not grow there. People were afraid of these circles and believed that a person who came to this circle would fall ill with a dangerous disease. nine0003

Mushrooms grow in a circle because of the mycelium - the opinion of scientists. When the mycelium begins to grow, it spreads in all directions. Then mushrooms appear from behind its threads. And since the threads grow evenly in all directions and their length is the same, the mushrooms appear at the same distance from each other, as if in a circle. We see mushrooms, but there is no mycelium, and we don’t know that in the middle of the circle the mycelium has grown, taken from the earth all the useful substances, water. Nothing grows inside the "witch" ring. Such "witch" rings are found in glades, meadows, and are around trees. nine0003

What geometric shape does it resemble?

Yes, mushrooms can grow in rings or circles.

Read the words: rows, circles.

What word does the scheme fit? Why?

Write this word according to the model, following all the secrets.


In what number is this word used? (Plural)

Singularize the word circles (Circle)

Name the mistaken place (Circle-circle)

How do I check a double consonant?

7. The results of the lesson.

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