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Tracing Numbers

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Search Printable Preschool Math Worksheets

Want to get young kids excited about the early learning process? Make it as enjoyable as possible. Our preschool math worksheets do just that, using cute characters and familiar objects to introduce little ones to numbers, counting, shapes, and simple addition. Whether it’s a fruit themed color by number page or adding single-digit numbers using clown faces and balloons, these preschool math worksheets instill fundamental math principles in a fun way.

Encourage an Early Love of Math with Preschool Math Worksheets

Preschool is the ideal time to begin developing such essential early math skills as shape and number recognition, skip counting, and sequencing. Just as important, it’s the ideal time to begin developing a love of math that hopefully will last throughout elementary school and far beyond. After all, it’s no secret that the more kids become interested in a subject, the quicker they tend to learn it.

So how can parents get their little ones excited about math? One way is to enroll them in preschool, where they will learn the basics along with their peers. Another way is to reinforce those basics at home with our endless supply of preschool math worksheets. These worksheets allow young students to practice everything from counting and writing numbers to doing simple addition and subtraction.

A final way to instill a love for math is turn everyday household items like food, toys, playing cards, and even furnishings into math activities that are as fun as they are educational.

Preschool Math Worksheets PDF | Prekinders math printables

Pre K Math Activities Worksheets

These Preschool Math Worksheets PDF are being designed to improve the lateral thinking and cognitive skills of children. Prekinders Math Printables give the opportunity to exercise on every single topic in a very simple manner which is also easy for children to understand.

  • Count object up to 3 with model
    Print it. ..
  • Counting objects to 3
    Print it...
  • Learn to count up to 3
    Print it...
  • Representing shapes up to 3
    Print it...
    • Draw up to 3 shapes in the bag
      Print it...
    • Counting frog to 5 with model
      Print it...
    • Count up to 5 with flowers
      Print it...
    • Count up to 5 practice
      Print it. ..
    • Fill the bag with shapes up to 5
      Print it...
    • Counting to 5 with shapes
      Print it...
  • Learning to count up to 10
    Print it...
  • Representing shapes up to 10
    Print it...
  • Counting objects to 10
    Print it...
  • Draw up to 10 shapes in the bag
    Print it...
  • Count to 10 with fingers
    Print it. ..
  • Are there enough comparing practice
    Print it...
  • More or less comparing practice
    Print it...
  • Compare in a mixed group
    Print it...
  • Position practice: inside and outside
    Print it...
  • Left and right positions practice
    Print it...
  • Positions - Left, middle and right
    Print it...
  • Top and bottom positions practice
    Print it...
    • Positions - Top, middle and bottom
      Print it. ..
    • Sort and circle shapes - Classification
      Print it...
    • Classifying shapes by colors practice
      Print it...
    • Color patterns (1)
      Print it...
    • Color patterns (2)
      Print it...
    • Size patterns practice
      Print it...
  • Count to 20 with model
    Print it...
  • Counting up to 20 with shapes
    Print it. ..
  • Size practice : Short and tall
    Print it...
  • Find out flat shapes by name
    Print it...

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Pre K Math Activities Worksheets

Preschool learning is the best time to embed the concept of math in the minds of kids, where learning takes place amidst playing. That is why we have provided astonishing preschool math worksheets PDF that will give your child the fastest skills of math and number awareness. Preschoolers begin to master basic math concepts as our Prekinders math printables offer very simple and interesting bits of every math exercises. As a result, these children will in no time develop an excess love for math. Moreover, they will be ready to learn and interact easily when they move to advanced classes.

Basic math requires a number of skills, which our pre K math activities worksheets will certainly provide your kids. These skills give kids the talents to recognize, identify and count numbers from 1 to 10 in a very fluent manner. In that light, the preschool math worksheet consist of Addition and subtraction, Arithmetic, Comparing of numbers, Geometry and positions, tracing of items (numbers, shapes etc.)

Basic math made easy for pre k – understanding basic math concepts

Grab our preschool math worksheets PDF and enjoy the best of basic math made easy for pre k. Children at their early years unconsciously use math every day during playtime. Understanding basic math concepts will therefore be no problem for them. This is because our pre k math activities worksheets are full of beautiful models relevant to kids daily routines and activities.

Prekinders math printables through a gradual process has made kids to successfully develop an innate number sense and easily understand the concept of numbers and their relationships. Number sense, which is the first vital skill a child must understand has been handled in a gradual and easy way, i.e. count 0 to 3; 0 to 5; and 0 to 10, comparing, position; classify; pattern and style.


Pre K Math Activities Worksheets are very important because it brings into play the critical thinking capacities of children.

Take for example a problem is been place in front of a kid, he or she wreck his or her brains trying to find the answer to that particular problem. Also, the pre-k worksheet is accompanied by colourful contents to make kids enjoy learning new concept.

The minds of the kids are very much younger so, kids don't like listening to long lectures but learning by playing games actually make them to understand more better.

The preschool math worksheet consist of Addition and Subtraction, Arithmetic, Comparing of numbers, Geometry and positions, tracing of items (numbers, shapes etc.)

Entertaining math for preschoolers, online math games and tasks



Learning shapes course

View all

What is symmetry?

Part of the whole

We study the figures (1)

We study the figures (2)

Study the figures (3)

We study the figures (4)

Posal Line


polygons (1)

View all

Course Learn numbers

View all

Number 1 (1)

Distinguish numbers from 0 to 9 (1)

Distinguish numbers from 0 to 9 (2)

Distinguish numbers from 0 to 9 (3) 9000

Distinguish numbers from 0 to 9 (4)

Number line up to 10 (1)

Digit 1 (2)

Digit 2 (1)

Digit 2 (2)

See all

View all

Funny numbers (1)

Funny numbers (2)

Cheerful count up to 3

Cheerful count up to 5

Where else? (1)

Where is more? (2)

Let's count!

Remove the numbers up to 3

We play and consider

View all

Consider up to 10

View all

Funny account up to 10 (1)

Funny score up to 10 (2)

Tasks for up to 10 up to 10 (1)

Number line problems up to 10 (2)

Play and count (1)

Play and count (2)

Which is in order up to 10?

Count down from 10 to 1 (1)

Count down from 10 to 1 (2)

View all

Count up to 20

View all order up to 20 (1)

We correlate objects and numbers up to 20 (1)

Composition of the number 12

Count in pairs up to 20 (1)

Count objects up to 20

Count objects up to 20 (2)

Count items up to 20 (3)

Count items up to 20 (4)

View all

Count up to 100

View all

Approximate count (2)


Approximate count (1)

Arrange in order to 100 (1)

Count to one hundred

View all

Number composition

View all

Number composition 3 20 90Ol000 Learning to solve problems up to 10 (1)

Learning to solve problems up to 10 (2)

Examples in pictures

Subtract and add

Subtraction with the transition through a dozen (2)

Subtraction through ten (3)

Drag answer

Addition. Terms. Sum. (1)

Addition. Terms. Sum. (2)

View all

Compare numbers

View all

Longer, shorter, equal in length

Comparing numbers in pictures up to 10

Odd or even

Comparing expressions. Equalities and inequalities

Comparison of numbers within a million

Comparison of numbers in pictures up to 20

Comparison of numbers within 20

Compare the numbers

View all

We multiply and divide

View all

Remember the multiplication table

Division by 10 and 100

Division with a remainder of

The division of a three -digit number by a single -digit

Multiplication and division problems

Do you know the multiplication table? (1)

Do you know the multiplication table? (2)

Written division with remainder

Written multiplication by a two -digit number

View all

We solve problems and examples

View all

Learning to solve problems up to 10 (1)

Money LOVE


Subtraction checks for multiplication tasks and tasks for multiplication and division

Examples with brackets

Add and subtract

Composition of the number

Composition of the number

View all

Determine the time

View all

days of the week (1)

days of the week (2)

Memorial months (2)

Distinguish the seasons

We remember months (1)

Determine the time by shooters

hours with arrows

Autumn riddles (1)

Seasons - spring (2)

View all

Why do we need mathematics?

Mathematics is a fundamental science that appeared at the moment when a person needed to calculate something. We can say that her age is not much different from the age of mankind. Mathematics helps, on the one hand, to develop abstract thinking, on the other hand, to solve applied problems in everyday life. nine0003

Mathematical thinking, or mathematical mindset, is based on logic, the ability to build cause-and-effect relationships, critical thinking, the desire to get to the bottom of a question or problem.

Mathematics forms skills that are relevant for any historical period, especially for the present.

What is entertaining mathematics?

Undoubtedly, mathematical abilities are developed by special efforts.

One option is to study mathematics by solving mathematical problems. For an easier and more exciting learning process, a special section is used - entertaining mathematics. In thoughtful game tasks, interesting plots, using humor, the science of mathematics appears in the most attractive form, which is especially important when teaching children. Children's curiosity and excitement allow you to get involved in the world of abstract calculations and go from entertaining puzzles to real complex mathematics. nine0003

Why does the child not understand mathematics?

There is no definite answer to this question. Perhaps the child has not yet fully mastered the skills of counting. Here, counting games from very simple to complicated options, for example, with dice (as an option, rpg board games) will help.

Very young children may still have unformed abstract thinking: it is easier for them to operate with visual objects. A parent or teacher always shows the application of mathematics, explaining why mathematics is needed in life. nine0003

If we are talking about an older age, then it is possible to structure abstract thinking in the form of diagrams on paper, helping not to keep all the data in mind, but to see the full picture visually.

If mathematics is difficult for a child, it may be worth paying additional attention to the development of imagination. It is not necessary to use the detailed solution of math problems; you can go through mazes, cut out patterns, collect various crafts according to the schemes. Creativity is welcome, because mathematics is not always about dry numbers. nine0003

Math in pictures for preschoolers online is now available to every child. The section includes tasks and games in arithmetic for children, exciting tasks that develop addition and subtraction lessons for children. The exercises in this section will help develop attention and concentration, form elementary mathematical concepts in children.

Playful activities

Your child will have a fun and productive time.

Children are engaged with pleasure, are completely immersed in the learning process and achieve results. For children under 6 who have not yet learned to read, we voiced each task. nine0003

Cups and medals for children

Awards that motivate children to achieve success.

Each child has his own “hall of awards and achievements”. If the tasks are completed correctly, children receive cups, medals and nominal diplomas. The awards can be shared on social networks, and the diploma can be printed.

Personal training

Fully controlled development of the child. nine0003

We save all the successes of the child and show you what you should pay special attention to. Make up your own training programs so that the child develops harmoniously in all the right directions.

Start studying with your child
today - it's free

Register and get 20 tasks for free. To remove restrictions and achieve great results in your studies - choose and pay for the tariff plan that suits you. nine0003

Register orChoose a plan

Math for kids 4, 5, 6, 7 years old

children, both at home and in preschool and school institutions. With the help of our article 11 best activities for learning numbers from one to ten, you can teach numbers and counting to a child of any age. Learning math in a playful way is a very interesting activity even for those children who do not show much love for learning. Also, such tasks are great for little fidgets who cannot sit in one place for 5 minutes. Each game task is designed for a younger child - it is designed in such a way that the child does not get tired, and at the same time receives a useful portion of knowledge and skills. The main thing is not to solve all the tasks at once, only one at a time! nine0003

Mathematics for children 4, 5, 6, 7 years old - choose a section for learning

Mathematics for children is presented in several sections, each of which develops certain skills in teaching a child. For example, counting up to 10 and 20 is intended for children who are learning to count objects, but still do not know numbers well and do not know how to solve mathematical expressions. In the section with tasks in mathematics, more complex tasks are presented, in which examples, tasks, and various tasks for adding, subtracting, dividing the number of objects into equal parts, etc. can be found. In tasks with geometric shapes, children will get acquainted with the shapes and names of geometric shapes, perform simple tasks to consolidate the learned material. Also, tasks with mathematical signs (greater than, less than, equals sign) are given separately. nine0003

In this section, we learn to count to 10 with fun picture activities for preschoolers. Learning to count in a playful way is a very interesting activity even for those children who do not show much love for learning.

Here we learn to count up to 20 by completing interesting game tasks in pictures. The tasks below are suitable for children who have already mastered counting up to 10 and are starting to learn counting up to 20.

Here are interesting and colorful picture math tasks for children who are preparing for school or studying in 1st grade. Assignments can be very useful for teachers in kindergartens and elementary schools to teach children about mathematical expressions more effectively. nine0003

Geometric shapes for children - Interesting tasks

Here you can download and print geometric shapes for children in the form of interesting tasks in pictures, the implementation of which will not only benefit the child, but also a lot of fun.

Numbers for children in various designs are presented here - numbers in the form of flowers, three-dimensional, gold, with various textures, ice, puzzle numbers, as well as simple numbers in black and red.

Mathematical signs and symbols - Picture tasks

Learn math signs and symbols with fun picture activities. By completing tasks, the child will learn to distinguish between greater than and less than signs, as well as plus, minus and equal signs.

Other interesting topics with mathematics

Educational games "Mathematics for kids"

Games developed by the children's portal Chudo-Yudo especially for the youngest children (from 2 years old), who are just starting to learn to count up to 10.

Learn more