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Deutsch: Die drei kleinen Schweinchen, auch Die drei Schweinchen, Die kleinen Schweinchen, Das Märchen/Die Geschichte von den (drei) kleinen Schweinchen ist ein englisches Märchen, das unter anderem von Joseph Jacobs veröffentlicht wurde.


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For the articles of the same name, see Les Trois Petits Cochons (disambiguation).

"The Three Little Pigs" first appears in print in Nursery Rhymes of England by James Halliwell (London and New York, 1886), who is said to have received the story from a wet nurse. Thus, this tale is believed to have a traditional oral origin that may have gone back to the 18th century or even earlier. This story was made famous in the world by adaptation at the Disney Studios at 1933, from the version that the Australian folklorist Joseph Jacobs published in his Tales English Magic in June 1890. The tale does not seem to be known in France until the film adaptation of the cartoon about Mickey in 1934, as well as the translation of the song about the piglets "Beware of the big bad wolf ".


  • 1 History (Joseph Jacobs version)
  • 2 Other versions
  • 3 options
    • 3.1 Tale of the Italian Tyrol
    • 3. 2 Spanish fairy tale
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History (Joseph Jacobs version)

Three little pigs want to live their lives and leave the family home to try their luck in this world. The first pig builds a straw house for himself. The second pig is building a house out of wood. The third pig builds a house out of bricks and cement.

Three little pigs and their mother. Illustration by L. Leslie Brooke from The Golden Goose , London, Frederick Warne, 1905

The big bad wolf manages to destroy the houses of the first two little pigs by blowing on them and devouring them. On the other hand, he is powerless against the third pig.

To get him out of the house, the wolf suggests that he go for turnips. But the pig comes out early in the morning and goes home with turnips before the wolf comes. The wolf tries his luck again and invites the pig to go picking apples. The pig leaves early again, but, struggling to climb the tree, the wolf also appears. The pig then throws the apple very far away, offering the wolf a taste of it. While the wolf picks him up, he runs away. The wolf insists and invites the pig to go to the fair. The pig arrives first at the fair and buys a churn. On the way back, he sees a wolf approaching: he hides in a churn and runs down the slope, which frightens the wolf.

The last one returns to the piglet's house and finds that the piglet scared him. Angry, he decides to go back through the fireplace to eat the pig. But it falls into a pot of boiling soup, and the pig eats it for its own dinner.

Other versions

In the Walt Disney version, the first two piglets survive; first, the wolf destroys the thatched house by blowing on it, and the first piglet runs away to take refuge in his brother's wooden house. Once again, the wolf destroys the wooden house by blowing on it. The two piglets run away and take refuge in their third brother's brick house. This time, no matter how much the wolf breathes, it cannot destroy the house. Enraged, he leaves and returns a few days later, determined to capture the three piglets by entering through the house's chimney. The piglets saw him approaching, and the third piglet, the smartest one, puts a pot of boiling water in the fireplace. The wolf falls into the pot and burns the bottom so badly that he goes through the fireplace and never comes back.

The wolf falls into the pot. Illustration by L. Leslie Brooke, 1905.


Tale of the Italian Tyrol

In a fairy tale from the Italian Tyrol, three little geese returning from a fair are forced to spend the night in the forest, and each builds a house to protect himself from the wolf; the first two geese build themselves a house of straw and wood, respectively, and the third builds a house of iron. The wolf knocks on the first goose and tells him that if she refuses to open the door for him, he will destroy his house. She refuses, the wolf demolishes the straw house and eats it. The same with the wooden house and the second goose. But trying to overthrow the iron house of the third, the wolf breaks its paw. One locksmith has redone it and he comes back to knock on the third goose and adds that he would like to come in to make soup. The goose answers him that she will cook for him. When the water boils, she asks the wolf to open his mouth and makes him drink it through the window. The wolf dies, and the third goose takes out its sisters from the womb.

In an almost identical Venetian tale, the wolf knocks down the houses of the first two little geese not with his paw, but with a certain cannonade.

Spanish fairy tale

In a Spanish fairy tale (F. Caballero, Cuentos populares i infantiles, p. 53 of the Leipzig edition) three lambs come together to build a house out of branches and grass. When it's finished, the elder enters, closes the door, and lets the others out. They build another house in which the second one is locked. A little girl, left alone, sees a stonemason passing by, touched by his tears, who is building a house for her bristling with iron spikes to keep her safe from attacks Carlanco , a kind of werewolf. Carlanco really comes and says more sheep to open it to him; refusing, he breaks the door out of the branches and eats the sheep. He eats second. But when he comes to the third house and wants to open the door, he throws himself on the thorns that penetrate his body and dies.


The tale of the three little pigs inspired many authors to rewrite. Among other things, we can quote:

  • Roald Dahl's poem " The Three Little Pigs ", published in the collection Revolting Rhymes .
After eating the first two pigs, the wolf tries to destroy the brick house of the third pig. Unsuccessfully, he decides to return at night and destroy it with dynamite. In a panic, the pig takes the phone and calls Little Red Riding Hood for help. She shoots the wolf in the head with a gun hidden in her panties. She makes a fur coat with a dead wolf, then a pigskin suitcase ...
  • The Truth About the Three Little Pigs , an album by J. Sheska, illustrated by Lane Smith: the wolf states his version of the facts and denies being the greater evil.
  • Three Wolf Cubs and a Big Bad Pig , an album by Eugène Trivizas, illustrated by Helen Oxenbury: three cute wolves want to build a house. But here comes the terrible Big Bad Pig...
  • Les Trois Petites Cochonnes , album by Frederic Stehr: three little whores leave their mothers to look for a husband... The problem is that the wolf is very good at disguising himself as the perfect pig.
  • "Three Pigs" , an album by David Wiesner: when the three little pigs decide to run away from the pages of the book, the wolf can blow, push, as soon as he starts to do so, the rest of the story changes . ..
  • The Three Little Pigs , a comic strip by Tarek, Aurélien Morinier and Swart: two pacifist wolves are summoned by a wizard in a large wet forest. The latter teaches them that they are lucky in the new fairy tale. Lost in a large rainforest, our two wolves are horrified to learn that their mission is to be big bad wolves and eat pigs. But that's impossible, our two wolves don't eat pigs and they're sick of being called the bad guys when they weren't doing anything.


The most obvious interpretation of this tale is the capacity for anticipation and courage in the face of adversity, symbolized by the wolf. The man who is content to prepare himself, like the first two little pigs, will be destroyed by the vicissitudes of life. Only a person who builds a solid foundation can deal with the dangers.

Also, according to Bruno Bettelheim in Psychoanalysis of fairy tales about children, it is a way of telling children that one cannot always act in accordance with the pleasure principle in life - the first two little pigs think only of themselves. must obey the reality principle when life requires it. According to the author, this tale (in the version presented here) is especially suitable for young children between the ages of four and five.

It is also an allegory, reminding us that grown children leave the family home to live their own lives, and that life consists of choices - good or bad - that must be made.


  • 1933: The Three Little Pigs , an animated short film from Disney
  • 1942: Blitz Wolf , cartoon by Tex Avery. In the middle of World War II, director Tex Avery puts three little pigs into battle against a big bad wolf embodying Adolf Hitler (the animated film Propaganda).
  • 1943: La Polka des pourceaux (Pigs in the Polka) , a Merrie Melodies short film featuring "The Three Little Pigs" and "The Big Bad Wolf" set to Hungarian Dances by Johannes Brahms.
  • 1949: In A Bunny in the Wind (The Hare) Windborne , a cartoon by Robert McKimson starring Bugs Bunny, bugs the first two little piggies who sell them, respectively, to a straw house and a forest. In retaliation for the big bad wolf that destroyed his homes, Bugs takes an unexpected turn in history.
  • 2007: Les 3 P'tits Cochons , Quebec feature film by Patrick Huard. This is a very loose and modern adaptation.
  • 2010: episode of the animated series Simsala Grimm .
  • 2013: Le Grand Méchant Loup , a French feature film by Nicolas Charlet and Bruno Lavin. A remake of the aforementioned Quebec film.
  • 2017: editions Cabanes, Aurélien Débat, Les Grandes People.

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The Three Little Pigs 2.0 / Sudo Null IT News

One day the Three Little Pigs decided to start a startup.

The piglets were young, but very advanced, one might say, arrogant (the experience of communication with recruiting agencies affected, where piglets freshly released from Almasvinka were lured to all kinds of bread positions - both in campomos, and in Ostankino, and wherever they were invited). But the piglets had heard about pig-boss and luhsvin-type plants, where normal pigs are turned into siem-may meat, and, having familiarized themselves with the situation on the market, they decided that they were no worse than any brins and muzzle-books.

The piglets were called Poh-Poh, Nah-Nah and Naf-Naf. They read the classic about three little pigs 1.0, so they decided to build a startup together, and only share shares. At first they wanted to divide the shares 33-33-33, and give the future investor 1%, but, having visited the investment section on the izdefe, they nevertheless decided that venture wolfs also need something to eat, and divided the shares 20-20-20 and 30 (There was a slight scuffle between Nah-Nah and Naf-Naf. Poh-Poh, as always, was calm, for obvious reason, thanks to which he got his name).

Having finished with the distribution of future income, they bought a domain (8d / year), hosting (3d / month), put simies (0d) there, and painted a huge list of the advantages of their project (copy-pasted from an article from Oreilly about web20). And for a while they calmed down: Naf-Naf sat down to look at comparative analyzes of the merits of modern SUVs, Nah-Nah plunged into WoW, and Poh-Poh looked through fresh pig porn.

Suddenly someone knocked on their door.
- Who's there? - Asked Naf-naf?
— I am a venture investor.
- Whats up?
- I want to give money.
- A lot of?
- well ... 100 thousand.
Pigs rolling on the floor:
— Ha-ha-ha! What kind of venture are you, you are a typical angel! Vali otsedova!
The old wolf (and it was him) trampled offendedly and left.

In the meantime, the Pigs ran out for pizza (EU, vegetarian), hosted a wiki (wiki-wiki! wiki-wiki! - Nah-Nakh grunted funny during team building exercises), blogs, photo hosting and personalization (on in fact, they just stole a PHP script from a Google sandbox, but everything looked very cool). Poh-Poh posted on the forum his institute photos of mud games with Yum-Nyam (an excellent student in pig breeding, by the way), and sent it to the contact list, as a result of which as many as 200 people signed up in pigs. Puff, a former double-dealer, now a well-known journalist who was once rejected by Yum-Num, wrote an article in Swinworld magazine about a new word in pork. A number of experts predicted a boom and estimated the capitalization of at 5 billion acorns and predicted an increase of 988768.9%. After 3 days, 20,000 users signed up for pigs, and the tariff plan had to be upgraded to 9.99 / month.

There was another knock on the door.
- Guys, it's me again, - Wolf, it seems, has read a number of articles and is better acquainted with the financial prospects of - I have ten million here ...
— Nalom?, — Nakh-Nakh strictly clarified, — otherwise…
“Nalom, of course, cash,” the wolf began to fuss. - Fresh, only from the pipe, they even smell a little oil ...

And the work began to boil. The first thing is personnel, of course. Naf-Naf called his friends sysadmins and programmers, Nah-Nah called his friends managers and secretaries, and Poh-Poh hung on the phone with Yum-Num for days, supposedly discussing the incredible PR campaign "Trough as a gift", but in fact indulging in dirty nostalgic novel. Attracted by extreme programming, buzzwords, and free acorns, the people were simply eager to work in the pigs.

Wolf occasionally looked into their office, saw rows of tails raised to the sky and, calling back to a portfolio investor (according to rumors, a certain Medved was behind all this), soothingly whispered into the phone “the forecast of ebidda increased ... yes, three hundred percent ... I am absolutely sure "... then he hung up and sat for a long time on a chair in the corner, looking at the young and pink pigs, who now and then scurried to the machine with free water and acorns, laughed and exchanged various double-dealing jokes. It all upset him, the piglets looked too young, too incomprehensible... to calm down, he reread the articles in the "swingpert" and read the reviews on the boarweek... and also looked at the screen with the attendance graph confidently pointing upwards.

In the meantime, the pig houses have rented a Class A office in the heart of the swinepolis and organized a continuous supply and deployment of new servers, and opened a 24-hour campus with free Himalayan water and Chilean acorns served by broken sows.

The Old Wolf sold his shares to OJSC Medved-Group. In parting, he shook the hands of Nah-Nah and the others for a long time, saying, “Oh, I remember in our forest, it used to be that you would go for floppy disks ...”, and at the final banquet he got terribly drunk.

There were some serious guys in Medved-Group OJSC who didn't even lower themselves to visit the office of pigs. Auditors sometimes came from them, who had long conversations in the office with Poh-Poh (who became vice president of investments) and listened with serious faces to presentations by Naf-Naf, who became vice president of marketing. And Nah-Nakh was in charge of sales (he seemed to be selling ads... at least he said so)...

A year later, went public with an IPO on the London farm itself. Nah-Nah, he flew like crazy on his jet to London and back, the auditors from PigKidHouseSuper dug their noses under all the oaks, but everything went well ...

Many of the workers, especially those who started in the first pigsty, sold their options and became millionaires and downshifted to the Tambov province.

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