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  Word Pronunciation Score ?
1 swung s_wang 2361 Definition
2 won wan 2266 Definition
3 once wan_s 2266 Definition
4 one wan 2266 Definition
5 swum s_wam 2266 Definition
6 ones wan_z 2266 Definition
7 disjunct disjang_k_t 2225 Definition
8 conjunct kuhnjang_k_t 2225 Definition
9 junk jang_k 2225 Definition
10 injunct injang_k_t 2225 Definition
11 skunk s_kang_k 2200 Definition
12 punk pang_k 2200 Definition
13 pung pang 2200 Definition
14 plunk p_lang_k 2200 Definition
15 overstrung uh_uuvuhrs_t_rang 2200 Definition
16 slung s_lang 2200 Definition
17 slunk s_lang_k 2200 Definition
18 tung tang 2200 Definition
19 trunk t_rang_k 2200 Definition
20 tongue tang 2200 Definition
21 sunk sang_k 2200 Definition
22 sung sang 2200 Definition
23 stunk s_tang_k 2200 Definition
24 strung s_t_rang 2200 Definition
25 spunk s_pang_k 2200 Definition
26 sprung s_p_rang 2200 Definition
27 unstrung ans_t_rang 2200 Definition
28 hung hang 2200 Definition
29 defunct difang_k_t 2200 Definition
30 funked fang_k_t 2200 Definition
31 stung s_tang 2200 Definition
32 funk fang_k 2200 Definition
33 flunk f_lang_k 2200 Definition
34 flung f_lang 2200 Definition
35 hunk hang_k 2200 Definition
36 hunks hang_k_s 2200 Definition
37 clung k_lang 2200 Definition
38 dunc dang_k 2163 Definition
39 gunk gang_k 2163 Definition
40 chunk chang_k 2163 Definition
41 debunk dibang_k 2163 Definition
42 rung rang 2163 Definition
43 bunk bang_k 2163 Definition
44 shrunk sh_rang_k 2163 Definition
45 drunk d_rang_k 2163 Definition
46 dunk dang_k 2163 Definition
47 dung dang 2163 Definition
48 mung mang 2163 Definition
49 lungs lang_z 2163 Definition
50 among uhmang 2163 Definition
51 amongst uhmang_s_t 2163 Definition
52 lung lang 2163 Definition
53 bung bang 2163 Definition
54 monk mang_k 2163 Definition
55 liang l_yarng 2134 Definition
56 jump jam_p 2131 Definition
57 thrum th_ram 2105 Definition
58 stun s_tan 2105 Definition
59 stunt s_tan_t 2105 Definition
60 succumb suhkam 2105 Definition
61 stump s_tam_p 2105 Definition
62 sump sam_p 2105 Definition
63 ton tan 2105 Definition
64 sun san 2105 Definition
65 trump t_ram_p 2105 Definition
66 tum tam 2105 Definition
67 tun tan 2105 Definition
68 tonne tan 2105 Definition
69 unplumbed anp_lam_d 2105 Definition
70 thumb tham 2105 Definition
71 thump tham_p 2105 Definition
72 sum sam 2105 Definition
73 strum s_t_ram 2105 Definition
74 pun pan 2105 Definition
75 pump pam_p 2105 Definition
76 hum ham 2105 Definition
77 plunge p_lan_j 2105 Definition
78 plump p_lam_p 2105 Definition
79 plumb p_lam 2105 Definition
80 plum p_lam 2105 Definition
81 hump ham_p 2105 Definition
82 overcome uh_uuvuhrkam 2105 Definition
83 humph ham_f 2105 Definition
84 hunch han_ch 2105 Definition
85 punch pan_ch 2105 Definition
86 hon han 2105 Definition
87 punt pan_t 2105 Definition
88 spun s_pan 2105 Definition
89 sponge s_pan_j 2105 Definition
90 son san 2105 Definition
91 some sam 2105 Definition
92 rotund ruh_uutan_d 2105 Definition
93 slump s_lam_p 2105 Definition
94 slum s_lam 2105 Definition
95 scum s_kam 2105 Definition
96 scrunch s_k_ran_ch 2105 Definition
97 riverfront rivuhrf_ran_t 2105 Definition
98 refund rifan_d 2105 Definition
99 hunt han_t 2105 Definition

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Words That Rhyme With Happy (for Poetry & Learning)


    words that rhyme with happy


    Westend61 / Getty Images


    Used under Getty Images license

Happiness is infectious and fun. This is especially true if you are using the word happy in your poetry or as part of your learning lesson. Having trouble thinking of words that rhyme with happy? Get some sappy rhymes for happy, and hope your students aren’t yappy.

Find Perfect Rhymes for the Word Happy

It’s time to rhyme. Time to find a perfect rhyme for happy, that is. If you're wondering, "What rhymes with happy?" the answer is it's one of those words that doesn’t have many perfect rhymes, but there are a few of them out there you can try with your class or in your poems. Young kids and adults alike can appreciate a good rhyme for the word happy. So that you can get the most out of your rhyming adventure, some of these rhymes come from British English in addition to American English.











Near Rhymes for Happy

While perfect rhymes for happy are a little sparse, don’t let that make you sad. Why? Because you can astound your audience with a few near rhymes for happy. Near rhymes don’t have a perfect rhyming pattern, but they are pretty close. These words’ sounds are so similar to happy that you don’t even notice most of the time. For example, near rhymes of happy might end in -by or -ty like Abby and natty. Investigate a few near rhymes for happy.


































Synonyms For Words That Rhyme With Happy

Did happy not fit in your poetry the way you wanted it to? Are you teaching your class about synonyms as well as rhymes? In that case, it’s beneficial to look at a few synonyms for happy. This not only makes your rhyme game stronger but gives you a bit of variety when you are stumped for that next line. Explore these synonyms for happy, along with a few rhyming words.


Words That Rhyme With Happiness

When you’re trying to create the imagery of being happy, but it’s not working with your rhyme scheme, happiness can quickly fill the spot. Explore a list of different words that rhyme or nearly rhyme with happiness to make your readers and learners happy.













Words That Rhyme With Joy

Boy, now it’s time to look at words that rhyme with joy! Now is not the time to be coy because there is a nice list of perfect rhymes for joy. Hopefully, they don’t annoy!























What Words Rhyme With Happy?

When it comes to words that rhyme with happy, you can find a few. While not an expansive list, if you look at a slant or near rhymes for happy, you’ll find a few more. Don’t let this joy end now. Keep your exploration of rhyme words going by looking at words related to smile. For example, you might explore words that rhyme with heart or words that rhyme with smile.

Things to do at home. 80 exciting, enjoyable and rewarding activities

May 1, 2022 Likbez Relaxation

It just seems that staying at home is boring.

Print this list, cut it into narrow strips with one item each, and put them in a box or jar. When you get bored at home, just pull out any note at random - and act according to the plan.

1. Dance. To your favorite music, of course!

2. Test the new game. For example, Morphite or Alto's Odyssey. nine0003

3. Watch all episodes of Game of Thrones in one fell swoop. If enough weekends, of course.

4. Take a lot of selfies, choose the best and update avatars in instant messengers and social networks.

5. Try on all the current clothes, putting together a few stylish looks.

6. Move furniture to freshen up the interior. Any changes in the surrounding space benefit brain cells, improve memory and mood.

7. Make a plank.

8. Discover new music. You can search for it in as many as 40 different ways. Try it and you will understand how many great songs you have not heard yet!

9. Rhyme everything that you see around, even if it is "cat - cattle." Perhaps you will have a poem! It's also a great brain workout.

10. Compose and beautifully design a crossword puzzle.

11. Explore a site you like and get ideas from it. Dig deep!

12. Start your own blog or Telegram channel. nine0003

13. Get lost on Pinterest. What to pair your new pencil skirt with, how to spend your child's first birthday - millions of ideas await you for every taste!

14. Build your own private Pinterest page by saving ideas that interest you.

15. Take a bubble bath with a few drops of your favorite aromatic oil.

16. Arrange a spa at home: with face and hair masks, hand bath and heel brush.

17. Prepare and slowly, savoring every sip, drink cocoa or perfect hot chocolate. nine0003

18. Give yourself a massage.

19. Start reading a book about travel, space or magic.

20. Turn on a light relaxing film - about something good and without unnecessary frills.

21. Thoughtfully fill an anti-stress coloring book with all possible colors.

22. Start painting by numbers.

23. Practice yoga. All you need is some floor space and a rug (although a rug will do). nine0003

24. Seduce a partner.

25. Learn to meditate.

26. Take a nap.

27. Sit in front of the window with a cup of coffee and watch passers-by, leaves and clouds. Feel happy.

28. Spend the whole day on the couch and not worry a bit about it.

29. Read the instructions for household appliances and finally figure out how to make a double latte in a cool new coffee maker.

30. Cook something interesting according to the recipe of some culinary guru. Or master express dishes that take no more than 5 minutes. Or finally cook the best borscht in your life. nine0003

31. Clean your computer and smartphone from unnecessary applications.

32. Start listening to podcasts: educational or entertaining.

33. Choose an interesting online course and listen to it.

34. View photos and videos stored in the smartphone's memory. Remove redundant.

35. Update the software on the laptop and gadgets. Make sure you have the latest OS and antivirus installed.

36. Take pictures of unnecessary things and post them on Avito. nine0003

37. Go to Avito and look for the thing you've been thinking about buying for a long time. Find an inexpensive ideal option, order.

38. Go through the closet and put things in a bag that you can then give to those in need.

39. Dismantle the first-aid kit, leaving only the necessary and not expired in it.

40. Make a unique interior decoration with your own hands. Lots of ideas and instructions.

41. Start keeping a personal diary.

42. Make a list of goals for the next month, six months, year. nine0003

43. Update and expand your resume with hacks that can double your salary.

44. Update your profile on a dating site. If you are registered there, of course.

45. Make a facial massage.

46. Explore Wikipedia. Fall down the "rabbit hole" for a while: follow the links inside the article that interests you, expanding your knowledge of the issue more and more.

47. Set up a mini-garden on the windowsill: in a couple of weeks you will have your own organic greenery. nine0003

48. Prepare lunches for the office ahead of time, divide them into portions and place them in the refrigerator.

49. Clean up. For example, according to the Japanese principles of kaizen.

50. Shine a bathroom.

51. Wash windows.

52. List the pros and cons of a task that you think about a lot. Whether to have children? Should I buy a car? Go on vacation abroad or within the country?

53. Assemble an emergency case in case of an emergency. nine0003

54. Wash and clean combs and makeup brushes.

55. Learn how to tie a tie or scarf in a dozen stylish ways.

56. Recall an old friend with whom you have not communicated for a long time and send him a message in a messenger or voice mail.

57. Write a letter (real paper!) to grandparents. Tell everything about yourself, your life and how you love your recipients.

58. Write short messages to your loved one on small pieces of paper, so that later you can put them discreetly in his pockets and bag. nine0003

59. Take colored paper, scissors, glue and make some greeting cards for friends and family for the coming holidays. Lifehacker wrote about homemade gifts for February 23 and March 8. But the ideas are so good that they can be used all year round.

60. Make (and write down, so as not to forget!) a list of gifts that will please your loved ones.

61. Watch with friends those series that perfectly match your mood. Don't forget to order pizza! nine0003

62. Talk with a partner about joint plans and goals and be sure to agree on the dates of the next adventure.

63. Meet a friend. Make each other cool hairstyles.

64. Play board games with friends or children.

65. Teach your friends card tricks or surprise them with simple tricks based on the laws of physics.

66. Compete: who can fold the farthest-flying paper airplane? Anything can be used for aircraft construction: from office paper to old magazines and newspapers. nine0003

67. Together with someone, start putting together a huge puzzle of a thousand pieces.

68. Give your partner a foot massage.

69. Fortune telling. For example, take the thickest book and invite friends to name the page and line number, and then read the prediction together. Or make magic cookies.

70. Enough to take pictures with friends.

71. Blow soap bubbles.

72. Make a new bed, toy or scratching post for your pet. Lifehacker has already collected instructions. nine0003

73. Write a letter with your children to your family in the future. Hide it in a time capsule and promise to open it and read it in a year.

74. Make a clear joint plan with the children on how you will spend your summer holidays or the next weekend. Choose movies on the sites of the nearest cinemas, book a ticket, make an itinerary…

75. Snuggle the kids, arrange pillow fights (it's nice, and such memories will remain in children for a long time).

76. Finally go in for sports. Have you been dreaming of tightening your stomach or buttocks for a long time? nine0003

77. Together with the children, build a cardboard castle from old boxes and color it. If you put several boxes together, cutting doors into them, you get a multi-room house!

78. Arrange a dress-up show with the children (at the same time you will sort out the closet in the nursery).

79. Draw a big picture together on a huge sheet or glued landscape sheets.

80. Take paints and a piece of drawing paper and leave prints of your palms on it. Date and store carefully. nine0003

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What things will never go out of fashion - answers on our website


Vysotskaya Life ∙ Administrator,

November 12, 2018, 13:02

Coco Chanel said: "Fashion passes, but style remains. " It's hard to argue with that. A woman will always look elegant if her wardrobe contains basic items that never lose their relevance. They can be complemented with trendy chips, accessories and shoes. This is the main secret of how to always stay fashionable and not spend too much money on creating your image. Basic things can be worn for 10-20 years or more, remaining modern and stylish in any situation. In addition, these are clothes beyond the age that both an 18-year-old girl and a mature lady of 50 years old can wear. Now let's find out what things will never go out of fashion and how to create a universal wardrobe for all occasions. Elena Galant, a blogger-stylist from Odessa, will share her ideas and experience. nine0003


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Articles 1296

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Trench coat — classic style

Classic sand-colored trench coat with all the traditional darts, yokes and straps — it's hard for a modern urban fashionista to do without such a thing. The standard of style in this regard is the Burberry brand, whose products, alas, not every woman can afford. But at least you can see what to aim for. Decent trench coats are produced by Massimo Dutti, J. Crew and Asos, and they offer raincoats for every taste - both short and long. Trench coats can be worn not only as part of a classic look, but also with jeans, colorful summer dresses, wide trousers, denim shirts and even vests. Trench coats look amazing with stilettos, pumps, ballet flats, over the knee boots and sports shoes. You can combine this piece of clothing with any outfit and look stunning at any age. nine0003

White and white again

White sneakers of a neutral style without logos, prints, inserts or any decor are also included in the basic set of essentials. They can be worn in hot summers and warm winters with any outfit you like. Such shoes are in harmony not only with short and long trousers, but also with skirts and romantic dresses made of organza or chiffon. The best sneaker models are offered by Reebok, Nike and Converse.

Elena Galant

Blogger-stylist from Odessa

“My 66-year-old mother wears white Converse sneakers and is very pleased. She says she feels young and elegant in these shoes. She is comfortable walking around the city in white American sneakers, and when she wore out one pair a few years later, she bought the same shoes for the second time!

The grace of black pumps

Among the things that will never go out of fashion are black pumps with a pointed toe, stiletto heels or low, but always thin heels. Ideally, if the shoes are suede, because suede looks better with tight black tights. Suede shoes, unlike leather ones, merge with the matte texture of hosiery and look more sophisticated, especially if the heel is also covered with suede. If you don't wear stilettos, choose models with lower and wider heels, as long as they are sleek and elegant. Black pumps are the most versatile and practical shoes, because they go with any outfit and the combinations with it are endless. By the way, what is especially important - boats look appropriate both in the office and at a social or business event. nine0003

Freedom of movement

Classic white shirt of neutral style, straight, not fitted, only with darts on the chest, is a self-sufficient wardrobe item. This thing will be relevant for more than a dozen years. The shirt should be a length just below the fly so that it can be worn tucked in or loose in a relaxed casual style. Of the decorative elements, only patch pockets are allowed.

There is a small remark. A cotton shirt gives volume, so it is best to combine it with a narrow bottom - jeans, skinny trousers or leggings. Models made of light flowing fabrics are in harmony with any trousers and skirts. nine0003

Classic black

It is impossible to imagine a modern woman's wardrobe without a black turtleneck, which can be worn everywhere and in any combination. It seems simple, but thanks to the versatility of use, it always looks new. It is worn with trousers and skirts of all styles, worn under sundresses, jackets, jackets and cardigans. A turtleneck is in harmony with stoles and ponchos, with a leather and denim jacket. But so that it does not look boring, you need accessories - large jewelry, a bright neckerchief or scarf, a belt, a handbag in contrasting colors. nine0003

What Chanel would say

The legendary little black dress, according to Coco Chanel, should be in the wardrobe of any woman, regardless of her age, physique and lifestyle. This is a versatile outfit that can be worn to work and to a party, complementing your look with stylish shoes, jewelry and accessories. The little black dress is one of the eternal trends, but its modern versions are much more diverse than what Coco Chanel offered.

That's why choose the models that are right for you. They can be different in materials and styles - tight-fitting or spacious, short and long. In general, any! nine0003

Coat for life

Robe coat with belt became fashionable with the help of the Italian brand Max Mara. Usually it is sewn from cashmere and drape, and the length, colors, design of the collar, pockets and sleeves can be different. A coat-robe is a versatile and comfortable thing. It will fit into any style and will fit perfectly even on very full women.

The same can be said about the jacket coat. Classics of the genre - a minimum of decor, a strict and straight cut. But modern designers are gradually moving away from this tradition and making styles more original. nine0003

If you have one of these things in your wardrobe, you will always look elegant and tasteful. A well-tailored item can be worn for a lifetime.

Jeans again

Never out of fashion jeans were worn thirty years ago and will be worn twenty years from now. However, the styles of jeans can be different, here the straight model of medium fit, slightly shortened, from classic washed blue denim is universal.

One of the most interesting models is flared jeans, incredibly spectacular and emphasizing the femininity of the figure. The only downside to flared jeans is that they have to be worn with heels. But otherwise, this is an ideal option, especially when you consider that such a model is slimming and hides all the flaws of the figure. nine0003

Oxfords and brogues

Another basic shoe that will help you always stay fashionable is brogues or oxfords. They are out of trend and out of time. With lacing and perforations, these unique shoes rhyme with absolutely any outfit. Wearing such shoes, you will look stylish in a strict business suit, in a tight skirt and a strict blouse, in ripped jeans and a long dress. Often in nightclubs you can see girls in oxfords and brogues with golfs and avant-garde outfits.

Biker jacket for all ages

If you think that a leather biker jacket is only suitable for teenagers and young people, you are wrong. It all depends on the style. Many older women wear stunningly elegant leather jackets. Of course, this requires a special way of life, far from offices and business meetings. And it still takes courage. Not every woman can defy tradition, but it certainly commands respect. The main thing is to choose an aristocratic model and skillfully combine it with other clothes. nine0003

A nod to tradition

Trousers with a high waist, medium-wide legs and possibly small tucks are always flattering to the female figure and visually elongate the legs. Tucks are needed for a perfect fit and in order not to worry that you have gained a few kilograms. This little detail gives you the freedom to fit so you don't have to buy new pants because of your shape change.

Black trousers are a classic and an indispensable part of the very base on which the universal women's wardrobe rests. These trousers can only be compared with a white shirt. Without them, your closet will always be missing something...

Black, simple, laconic

If you don't have a rigid black bag, your wardrobe can hardly be called complete. Why is this particular model relevant? Strict forms of bags structure the image, and it already looks like a whole, and does not fall apart into separate parts. However, in such bags there should be a minimum of metal fittings, since bright decorative elements always take us away from the universal style. You can wear a black bag of a rigid shape without decor for years. This is a must-have for any woman who is looking for her unique look in the fashion world. nine0003

Delicate studs

Precious metal studs with stones are also timeless pieces. Especially if it's diamond jewelry. You can always wear them without taking them off. Carnations will suit absolutely any style! But it is not necessary to buy expensive stones. Pearls, zirconium, Swarovski crystals and even jewelry look great. The most important thing is that the earrings differ in jewelry design and look elegant. The task of a universal decoration is to make only a slight accent. Remember that all attention should be focused only on you and your image. nine0003

Just a T-shirt

Another must-have piece of clothing is a neutral white T-shirt with no prints or graphics.

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