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One, Two, Buckle My Shoe Activities – Homeschool Lounge

Written by Nathan Income-School in Language Arts Lesson Plans,Lesson Plans

The nursery rhyme “One, Two, Buckle My Shoe” has been used since 1805 to teach kids how to count. It is still used in preschool and kindergarten classes today. Use our one two buckle my shoe activities to teach your child to do more than just number sense and sequential counting.

These funny videos, exciting online interactive video games, colorful books, and our “One, Two, Buckle My Shoe” activity story cards will help them develop awareness of rhymes, gives them a sense of the dynamics of sound (loud/soft) and tempo (fast/slow).

Besides, it’s fun to move to the beat of the words.

This nursery rhyme first appeared in an 1805 children songs book called Songs for the Nursery, edited by Laura Pendleton McCartney, in London, England. Originally the song might describe a regular day of lace-makers who were traditional workers back then.  Thanks to the Internet Archive the book is available to view online.

This lesson is part of the Scope and Sequence for “What Your Third Grader Needs to Know (Revised and Updated): Fundamentals of a Good Third-Grade Education” by E. D. Hirsch Jr. It is available in paperback, or Kindle. These are affiliate links.

You can print our list of nursery rhymes to learn and then cross them off as you teach them to your child.


Start by previewing your expectations about what students will learn. You can decide to do some or all of the “One, Two, Buckle my shoe” activities listed below.

  • Develop awareness of rhymes.
  • Express the dynamics of of sound (loud/soft) and tempo (fast/slow) of music
  • Move to the beat, rhythm, and form of music
  • Improvise movement to a song
  • Learn number sense and sequential counting


Below you will find our collection of the very best videos, online games, books, and activities to learn this nursery rhyme. We also have collected free nursery rhymes downloads for you as well. Print out our lesson plan worksheet to keep track of what your child accomplished.

When your child has completed the activities be sure to sign his name at the bottom of the worksheet and date. This will look awesome in the end of year portfolio!



  • Click on the birthday candles and hear the numbers being counted. Then get 3 choices of what symbol matches that number.
  • Order the numbers 1 – 10.
  • Plant and count the flowers with Curious George.


  • One, Two, Buckle My Shoe! by Jane Cabrera
  • Move-Along Nursery Rhymes by by Laura Huliska-Beith (Illustrator), Rob Hefferan (Illustrator), Virginia Allyn (Illustrator) – Bonus materials at the back of each book help children develop important school-readiness skills, including counting, animal sounds, color recognition, critical thinking, and more.
  • 101 Nursery Rhymes & Sing-Along Songs for Kids by Jennifer M Edwards
  • The Real Mother Goose by Blanche Fisher Wright
  • Mary Engelbreit’s Mother Goose: One Hundred Best-Loved Verses


Learning how to tie your shoes

Learn to tie shoes by following these directions that Understood. org put into a video. You can even get special shoelaces from Amazon using our affiliate link made just for early shoe tying learners.

Learning how to clap the beat in a rhyme

The “Little Baby Bum” song in the above video has a great beat to clap along, stomp, or knee-slap in time to the beat of the rhyme. This kind of movement is great for large motor skills. It is also fun to act out the song as you sing along. As you sing along with your kindergarten student hold up your fingers to show the numbers.

Then, have your child do the finger motions along with you. He may not understand the correlation at first. You are just introducing the concept for now. Later, ask him to get two books and bring them to you, hold up two fingers as you say this. When he brings them back hold each one up at a time and say, “This is one book, this is two books.”

Throughout the week point out similar items and count them out loud to your kid. Then watch the video again soon after to reinforce the idea of counting.

Try one, or all, of the activities on Reading Rockets Math & Literacy page using the “One, Two, Buckle My Shoe” poem. They have an activity for learning about numbers, sizes, volumes, and data analysis. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the article for the free printable PDF. They have the article translated to Spanish!

Try these preschool activities from The Classroom.


Hearing and memorizing nursery rhymes is the first step to language development. The better language development is encouraged in a playful way the better the child learns to read. The best part about the nursery rhyme “One, Two, Buckle My Shoe” is that it also teaches numeracy.

Have fun singing and dancing with your child!


This lesson is based on the scope and sequence in the book, “What Your Kindergartner Needs to Know (Revised and updated): Preparing Your Child for a Lifetime of Learning ” written by E.D. Hirsch Jr. which is available from Amazon.

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Chapter 91: Wear high heels! | I am Villain Gao Fushuai

“From… Starting from the feet?” Yan Ruyue panicked after hearing Lin Yuan's words."

Lin Yuan wants to hurt her and disguise it as a way to cure her illness?

But what Yang Ruyue did not expect was that Lin Yuan only glanced and then looked away from her.

This brought great relief to Yan Ruyue.

“There are a few key points for treating your illness.” Lin Yuan spoke slowly. nine0003

“The first thing is to have the courage to have contact with men and give up fear and aversion towards men, which is of course very difficult for you.””

“So you should start with me, not with other men.””

Hearing Lin Yuan's suggestion, Yan Ruyue breathed a sigh of relief and nodded.

What's more, she doesn't feel repulsed when talking to Lin Yuan.

As for other men, she still does not want to get close.

Lin Yuan continued, “The second key point is to face your own personality, your own beauty.””

“Face your own beauty?” Hearing this, Yang Ruyue was stunned.”

"Miss Yan, have you ever worn high heels?" Lin Yuan looked at Yan Ruyue's long legs and smiled.

Yan Ruyue was stunned again. How did Lin Yuan know?

She never wore high heels because she knew that her slender and perfectly rounded legs would attract the attention of men.

If she wears high heels, her legs will be emphasized even more, and then these disgusting men will definitely make her sick. nine0003

This is the main and only reason why she has never worn high heels all her life and prefers flat shoes.

However, it is not surprising that Lin Yuan knew this, since if you pay attention, you can definitely draw the same conclusion.

So Lin Yuan regularly pays attention to her?

【Ding! Favor of Yang Ruyue +2! Rewards, 200 counterattack points! 】

Lin Yuan was surprised to hear the system prompt. nine0003

Why is there a reward? And what caused the favor to increase?

Lin Yuan didn't quite understand Yan Ruiyue's somewhat happy appearance.

But anyway, it's good, so Lin Yuan didn't bother with words and continued, “You don't wear high heels because you hate them because you're afraid of men, right? But you are you, you don't need to care about other people's ideas.”

“YES….” Yang Ruiyue nodded in agreement.

“Now. Go to the shoe store and buy a pair of high heels,” Lin Yuan said. nine0003

“Now?!” Yang Ruyue was stunned by Lin Yuan's sudden order."

“Well then,” Lin Yuan said in a serious tone.

Hearing Lin Yuan's serious tone, Yang Ruyue remembered that she had promised Lin Yuan before, no matter what he said, she must obey.

Yan Ruiyue followed him and went to the high heel shop with Lin Yuan.

Almost all types of high heels are sold in a shoe store with high heels, and they are all dazzling. nine0003

High-heeled shoes are divided into low, medium and extra high.

After looking around for a bit, Yang Ruiyue chose two pairs of low-heeled shoes.

Although she followed Lin Yuan's order, subconsciously she doesn't want to choose those that are too high.

This is a self-protection mechanism.

But she didn't even get a chance to try on those low heels.

A pair of high-heeled shoes appeared right in front of her eyes.

“Put this on,” Lin Yuan said lightly, his tone sounding like a royal command. nine0003

Yan Ruiyue wanted to refuse, but after seeing the indifferent expression in Lin Yuan's eyes, she could not disobey him.

Since she has already fully agreed, she cannot break the contract on first demand.

“The difficulty level of wearing low to medium heels isn't that far off, so start with super high heels. After all, those high heels are too low on you. I will never let you wear them,” Lin Yuan said.

Yang Ruyue was speechless. nine0003

All she could do was put down a pair of low-heeled shoes and pick up a pair of very high-heeled shoes that Lin Yuan had specially chosen for her.

These were high black lace-up shoes.

Wearing high heels, Yang Ruiyue, feeling a little rusty, stood trembling.

Yang Ruiyue looked very embarrassed because it was her first time wearing high heels.

Even the simple act of standing makes the legs twitch so much.

But I must say that high heels really match Yang Ruyue's perfect long legs.

Especially the belt of high heels can have a visually lengthening effect when worn.

Yan Ruiyue's already perfect long legs look even longer than most models after wearing these black lace-up high heels.

Her perfect long legs are emphasized and very attractive.

Even though the shop assistants in the high heel store were all women, during this time their eyes were focused on Yang Ruyue's legs. nine0003

They cannot afford even the slightest comparison. They can only envy Yang Ruyue's perfect long legs.

“Miss, this pair of high heels chosen by your boyfriend really suits you. You have the longest and most beautiful legs I have ever seen. This pair of high heels is just a pair made in heaven for you.””

Although one might suspect that such remarks are just to sell shoes, the saleswomen's compliment seemed sincere. nine0003

“He is not my boyfriend…. .” Yang Ruiyue blushed slightly.”

It's unclear if she blushed at the thought that Lin Yuan seemed to be her boyfriend or the compliments she received.

But even though he wasn't her boyfriend, Yan Ruiyue turned to Lin Yuan to see his reaction.

“This is just to cure the disease,” Yan Ruiyue secretly told herself.

When she saw that Lin Yuan nodded slightly as if to express approval, she couldn't help but feel a little charmed in her heart. nine0003

Yang Ruiyue looked in the mirror. A clear satisfaction is written on her face, which cannot be hidden.

So she bought high heels and left with Lin Yuan.

Holding her replacement flats in the box, Yan Ruiyue and Lin Yuan left the store together.

Although she wanted to hide her joy as much as possible, Yang Ruiyue couldn't help but smile slightly because she found that she didn't mind wearing high heels.

No girl likes to be beautiful. nine0003

Many girls in their youth secretly wore their mother's high-heeled shoes.

Yan Ruiyue also did this when she was still a child, but when she witnessed her father's domestic violence against her mother, it left a big shadow in her heart.

And after discovering how attractive her long legs were, she never wore the same again.

Today, wearing high heels, she felt much more beautiful when she looked in the mirror and felt more satisfied. nine0003

Maybe if she wears high heels, she can match the girl next to Lin Yuan?

Maybe the gap won't be so big?

I'm Villain Gao Fushuai

Upcoming chapters:

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Chapter 86 | The Villain Wants to Live

Chapter 86: Everyone's Future (2)

After finishing the Emperor's lessons, I walked through the corridors of the Imperial Palace with Julie, who maintained a vigilant posture no matter where we were. Jolang appeared in the middle of our path. nine0003

“Sir Ukline. There was an incident in the basement.”

After agreeing to go with him, we headed underground through the only passage leading to the [Demon Mirror], the darkness of this place.


“It's closed. That's the problem." He frowned.

The cellar door was covered with a dry, tar-thick cloth.

“Since when has he been like this?”

“Today only. It used to be an ordinary door before it became like this.” He grabbed the doorknob and shook it randomly, but it didn't budge. “Even the knights couldn’t open it, so I had to send them all back.” nine0003

I nodded.

"Then perhaps the right time has not yet come."

“You mean… Sir Eucline, do you know what's inside?”


What was hidden in this basement and what did the quest “Darkness of the Imperial Palace” mean.

I not only witnessed this. I also cleared it as a player.

Ultimately, this indicated the darkness embraced by the owner of the Imperial Palace.

In other words, Sophien's "past" was waiting for us behind this door, and the mirror was the passage to it. nine0003

The demon wanting to be involved in this was only natural. After all, her death would mean the end of this world.

Like I said, if she died, it would be [Game Over]. Here's how the system worked.

Since Sophien was a regressor, there were dozens of quests offering opportunities to explore the past. Among them, this was an extremely important task, but, surprisingly, it did not need to be treated with special urgency at the moment. nine0003

“How should I know if I haven't even logged in? And now I'm leaving. Let me know when it opens."

“yes. I will do it".

When Jolang turned around with a bitter, suspicious expression, Julie muttered, “That's weird. Why was the basement of the Imperial Palace like this?”

"You don't have to know."


"Don't even think about interfering."


Her eyes narrowed, but I ignored it. She must never know what lurks in this place. nine0003

Death of Sophien.

The former head of Freyden, her father, was also partly involved in this.

“Let's go. I have a lot of things to do today".

“… Good.”

We left the Imperial Palace together.

Ren, who was waiting in the car at the castle gate, looked at his notebook.

“Your next agenda is in Rohalack, Ukline County.” His voice sounded different than usual.

With no sign of noticing this, I entered the car. nine0003

“Let's go.”



Etherina, Sylvia, and Carixel arrive at the Wizard's Wealth Isle, finding its mystical landscape now somewhat familiar.


Eferina felt nervous and excited at the same time. To get to the Training Island, the location of the Solda Promotion Test, they had to board a plane called an airship, so they were now standing on its platform. Of course, she had never seen them before, let alone boarded them. nine0003

“Are you all leaving?”

Fortunately, although Sylvia was quiet, the adventurer, Carixel, was erudite and talkative.

“Do… Should I just come in? Or should I do something ahead of time?”

“No, no. You just need to sit quietly, as if you were entering a house. I'll go first~”

He climbed the high stairs to the platform ahead of them. Staring blankly at his back, she followed him.

But Sylvia grabbed the hood of her robe before she could. nine0003

“Wow—! Hey! What's your problem?"

“Stupid Etherina”.


Her eyes narrowed at Sylvia, who silently stared at her shoes.


Etherina chuckled as she understood what she meant.

“You mean my shoes? I already know it. Do you think I'm stupid?"

She confidently tapped her chest.

Since Carixel said, "It's like you're entering a house," she thought she should take off her shoes. nine0003

“I'll go upstairs now~”

Eferina climbed the stairs gracefully like a noblewoman, then took off her shoes before boarding the airship. Then she looked around for a shoe cabinet.

“… Ha.”

There was no one there.

"Are we supposed to take care of this ourselves?"

Soon another passenger giggled when he noticed her feet. Finding this reaction strange, she looked around.

… Everyone was wearing shoes.

“Pfft.” nine0003

Sylvia's scornful chuckle reached her ears as she walked past her in her shoes, causing Etherina to blush in shame.

“That girl! Seriously!"

She put on her shoes again and ran until a familiar figure caught her eye.

“… Associate Professor Allen?”

“Etherine. I see you've got your boots back on."

Sylvia took her seat, her large cheeks seemed to fill with laughter.

“Oh~? Yes, good~ Was it fun~? I pretended to be a fool on purpose to make you feel happy. You look depressed these days, you know…”

Etherina tried to keep her pride as she also sat down in her allotted seat, which was next to Sylvia.

— Please fasten your seat belts. Airship 305D is about to fly away.

She did as the voice commanded. Sylvia, closely following her gestures, taunted her.

“I think you know how to fasten your seat belt.”

“Humpf. As I said, I did it on purpose to cheer you up.”


The airship has risen.


“What are you doing?”

Etherina instinctively grabbed Sylvia's shoulder, who out of surprise did her best to push her away.


“Stop, stop.”

The more the plane shook, the more she squeezed it, and the more Sylvia pushed her away.

"Let me go."

“Woahhaha, he's swimming. He swims, woo…”

“You idiot. I told you to let go."

However, instead, Etherina clung even tighter to her body, tightly wrapping her arms around her waist and pressing her forehead against her forearm.

"Don't cling to me, idiot."

Content taken from

“Wait, airsickness. I'm sick".


“Uh… Ugh. What is wrong with me? I have an allergy?"

“There's no such thing as an allergy to airships, stupid. Oh no, don't puke. Resist it. If you vomit, I will kill you… Ah.”


... They arrived at the Training Island at night, forbidding Eferene and Sylvia to look around, as it was already dark outside.

“Debutante Silvia and Eferina. You two are in room 503. Your exam starts in 48 hours. Please feel free to rest until then. However, before that, you must first put your seal on this document and put it in the [Goro's Mouth] outside the door.”

Immediately heading to their assigned room as instructed by the staff, Eferina was surprised at how spacious their accommodation was. nine0003

She thought it would be like a college dorm, but it was much bigger.

"... This is better than my house."

It had two beds, tables and refrigerators. There were also two bathrooms and one sofa.

Everything was symmetrical.

Eferina idly walked over to the window and looked out.

“Wow… There's a cliff right in front of us. I can even see clouds."


A sudden roar echoed through the magic of Sylvia, who built a wall in the middle of their large room, dividing it into two spaces. nine0003


Eferena thought it was funny, but soon realized.

Since she was recently dumped, Sylvia will need some alone time.


Concentrating on unpacking her belongings, she put her Roahok in the fridge and her essentials, including candy bars, in the inside pocket of her dressing gown.

She then reviewed the documents given to her by the testing staff.

───[Solda promotion test confirmation]───

◆ Exam Director: Rose Rio, Gindalf, Adrienne.

◆ Leaders: Ropal, Mimic, Relin, Deculain, Ihelm, Krancha and 13 others.

◆ Security Officer: Decoulin.

◆ Videos and reports recorded during the test can be purchased by various magic towers, Wizard Wealth Island, and families on the continent. This will be used as an intelligence resource.

◆ Wizard's Wealth Island cannot be held responsible for any injury sustained during the exam. nine0003

◆ Your fingerprint: [ ]


“…They don’t take any responsibility.”

This scared her a little.

Knock, knock—

Startled, Eferina cautiously asked, “Who is this…?”

— It's me, Carixel. I have something for you.


Opening the door, she found the adventurer smiling softly.

“Eferen…your room is a little unusual. It's different for me."

"Sylvia did it."

“Oh. So those are the three primary colors? She has a truly creative talent.”

In admiration, he looked around the dormitory, which Sylvia perfectly divided in half and even installed two doors in it.

“What brings you here?”

“Ah. I'm here to give you this."

He held out cylindrical containers. When she tilted her head in confusion, he explained.

“It's called cup noodles, quite a popular food in the South. Just dissolve its powder by pouring boiling water over it. Please pass one to Sylvia too." nine0003

“Oh, I understand~ Thank you. I was just starting to get hungry."

“Ha ha. Well then, see you tomorrow!”

When he left, she stared blankly at two cups of noodles before knocking on Sylvia's door.


It opened.

“hello. This is a gift. Take it".


Sylvia walked past her without even looking at what she was holding.

“Where are you going?”

Goro's mouth.

“Oh, right.” nine0003

Eferina also came out with documents.

[Goro's Mouth] was in the hallway of the dorm. He was as black as can be and he had huge lips.

Sylvia was the first to put her stack of papers into it, followed by Eferina.


“That's funny. He chews them."

[Goro's Mouth] spat out two crystals after swallowing their documents, one for each of them.

“What is this?”

“Personal crystal ball. You can communicate through it, and in a critical situation, it sends a signal to the head of security. It has several other functions, so please be careful not to lose it,” the magician standing next to the [Goro’s Mouth] explained. nine0003

“Oh~ good. Thank you".


Etherina put it in her pocket while Sylvia first stared at the crystal for a while. Maybe it was because the head of security was "that professor".

Laughing melancholy, she noticed someone familiar on the other side of the corridor.


At first she thought it was Associate Professor Allen, but upon closer inspection she realized otherwise.

"She looks like him." nine0003

The woman looked like Allen, but she had large breasts, unlike the assistant professor. Even in a dressing gown, they swayed quite noticeably.

This was an inconvenience that Eferena was familiar with.

Her outfit, always slightly larger than her actual size, was no coincidence. Not only did she do it to avoid the stares of others, but wearing the right clothes also made her uncomfortable as it was too tight on her chest.

“Oh. Do you know about this food called noodles in a cup…?” she asked, but Sylvia had already disappeared. nine0003

“… It's very difficult to get close to her. She looks like a stray cat.”

Taking a deep breath, Eferina returned to her room.


Ukline County, early morning.

—Keep in mind that today is an important meeting.

"I will do it."

Lilia Primien, deputy director of the Public Security Bureau, lazily answered the director's crystal ball.

—Don't say anything that might offend the professor. Be careful with your words. nine0003


—Professor Decoulin is the most powerful person on the continent these days. He is completely different from the normal nobles you deal with.

“I know. I'll hang up."

—No, deputy director! If you say something wrong, not only you, but the entire Public Security Bureau─


She hung up.

As the director said, today's meeting could be quite difficult.

Follow the current romance on

The topic of discussion was Demon Blood Suppression, and the venue was the Rohalak concentration camp. In fact, it was a meeting convened by Decoulin under the guise of a camp audit.


She carefully concealed her Blood Demon affiliation, but even so, she still couldn't help but get nervous every time she met him.

“Are we almost there?”

“yes. This is our destination."

Hearing the driver's words, Primien looked out the window. nine0003

[Rohalak concentration camp]

In the middle of this desolate wasteland, they found infrastructure still under construction. Staring at him, Primien curled her lips cynically.

"We are here."


As soon as she got out of the car, she looked around for Deculain.

"He's there."

At that moment, Julie, the white knight, came up and pointed out to her a high watchtower, on top of which was Decoulin, towering over the camp. Even in this desolate and stuffy space, he was still wearing a suit. nine0003

… Anyway, he killed seven people in one night.

Primien felt her anger seething, but she calmly approached him anyway.


He glanced sideways and nodded as soon as his eyes fell on her.

"You have come."

“yes. We have another guest. Looks like you didn't invite him."

Primienne gestured behind her, from where the wizard, who had just got out of the car, approached them.

“Oh, professor!” nine0003

The stocky, muscular man smiled broadly at Deculain.

“It's me, Bethan!”

Even though he was one of the people who argued with him during the Bercht conference, today he gave him his brightest smile.


“yes. We had a huge misunderstanding last time. I didn’t even understand your intentions!”

Bethan looked around the Rohalak concentration camp with a satisfied expression.

“So I came here to personally apologize. Anyway, it's a really nice place. It's amazing". nine0003

What the hell was he saying?

Looking at them, she couldn't help but radiate hostility.

“… Right. This is a good place". Decoulin answered quietly and descended from the watchtower. Then he addressed her:

“Deputy Director Primien. I heard that the Public Security Bureau is checking the camps, so what do you think? I didn’t waste the center’s support for nothing, did I?”


Primienne alternated between Decoulin, the Betan and the camp. nine0003

“You don't have to worry about my opinion about a simple concentration camp. Feel free to do what needs to be done.” she said, feeling a piercing pain seize her heart. Her lips were dry as she thought of her clan dying in this place.

“Of course! No amount of gratitude or praise is enough for your great idea! Professor, if you need Beorad's men, please let me know. I, Bethan, and my family will always be on the side of the Uklines." nine0003

“…really?” Deculine laughed as he remembered how he had behaved in Bercht.

“Well, if there's nothing to say here, then there's no need to stay here any longer. Let's go to one of the restaurants in Hadekain."


"... Of course."

Unlike the energetic Betan, Primienne reluctantly agreed.


Decoulin took them to [Light and Salt], the most famous restaurant in Hadekain despite the many 'three-star' restaurants in it. nine0003

“It's up to me to treat you, professor. If you visit Beorad, I will repay you with dignity.”


Primien looked at the two heads of families in turn.

Both of them were a living hell.

"Thank you for blessing us with your presence, my lord."

The restaurant manager handed the menu to Decoulin.

“I'll let you decide. You are my guests."

He gladly yielded to his company.

Primien thought about the steak, but Bethan chuckled as if he had noticed something she had completely missed. nine0003

“Ha ha ha. I understand. Good. As expected of you, professor. Primien?

“Come on.”

"Please serve us three soups with Rotalia as an appetizer."


Primien's fingertips trembled slightly.

Rotailly was a fungus known for purifying demonic energy.

As a rare high quality ingredient, it was used not only in recipes, but also as an antidote. She won't die if she eats it, but it will reveal her true identity due to outward reactions. nine0003

Eventually, the blood of their species responded to the cleansing effect of Rotailly.

“…What do you think, Deputy Director Primienne?” Bethan asked slyly.

She nodded, her face impassive.

“Mushrooms are, unfortunately, one of my biggest dislikes, but…because it's a high quality mushroom, I should be able to eat it. It's also good for health, right?”

Her voice was calm, but her heart was pounding.

"correct. This is very good".

Bethan smiled, but Deculain remained silent.


Was visiting this restaurant a challenge?

Involuntarily pushing herself to the edge of the cliff, she remained motionless. It should not show any physical changes.

“Rotailly soup with Vasily”.

Thank you.

Soon the waiter served them snacks.

She hoped that he would not return.

Bethan took the spoon as soon as one of the bowls was placed in front of him. Decoulin did the same while Primien first drank a glass of water. nine0003

Watching her, the professor asked, “Do you dislike mushrooms that much?”

“yes. This is because of the trauma I received from eating a poisonous mushroom in the countryside as a child. After all, I came from a poor village.”

Bethan intervened.

“It's still Spinning, deputy director. Given the same weight, it is more expensive than gold. It is not only good for your health, but also very tasty. It may even heal your injury.”

“Understood”. Nodding, she picked up the spoon, dipped it into the soup, and slowly scooped it up, causing the thick liquid to spread all over the dish. nine0003

At that moment, Primien felt that time was stretching endlessly.




Thick yellowish drops of liquid fell back into the bowl.

She heard noble laughter filling the restaurant.

What's more, she could hear her heart beating as she desperately kept a straight face.

… As soon as the staff member arrived at their table, Primien dragged her down with [Psychokinesis]. nine0003


While falling, the employees grabbed the tablecloth of their table.


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Primien's soup bowl fell to the floor, shattering.

For a moment, the restaurant's attention focused on them. However, she suppressed a sigh of relief.

- hey! What are you doing?!"

“Sorry, sorry! I'm really sorry!"

She bowed to them several times, begging for forgiveness. nine0003

Decoulin put down his spoon and looked at Primien. Catching his eye, Bethan chuckled and nodded.

“Enough. Just bring another soup!”

“Yes, yes. I am sorry. I will pay for this—”


The professor raised his hand and stopped her.

Bethan, misunderstanding his intention, added: “That's right. Forget about the refund, so just bring another soup—”

“It's all right.”

“… What?”

"Don't do anything useless." nine0003

Deculane stared at him.

To be honest, Bethan's pushy behavior bothered him.

“Deputy Director Primienne is my guest.”

“Ah… Of course.”

Bethan still seemed suspicious, but said nothing more. Primien calmly stroked her chest.

The noble customers of the restaurant turned their attention back to lunch.

Classical music, which calmed everyone, played in the background as they continued their meal in the establishment's elegant atmosphere. nine0003

After the starter, the main course was served. Primien cut a garlic steak, and Deculaine and Bethan ordered a sumptuous Parana fish stew.

“Oh, by any chance, aren't you going to Training Island soon?”


“As expected. Let's go together. I plan to stay there for a while so as not to miss the opportunity to see wizards grow…”

Beorad's Head wagged its tail non-stop in the direction of Uclain's Head. His body was strong, but he was like a dwarf in height. Therefore, when he spoke to the tall and chiseled professor, he looked like a short Doberman who behaves nicely with a person. nine0003


Primienne chewed on the meat in front of her and was suspicious of Decoulin.

He was called the genius of magical interpretation.

Was it even possible that he didn't notice her [Psychokinesis]?

… Lost in her thoughts for a while, she began to doubt whether she was eating through her nose or her mouth.

Despite this, after somehow finishing the steak, Primien cautiously asked, “It was excellent food. May I leave my seat for a moment?” nine0003

“Don't be shy.”

When Decoulin gave her permission, Primien got up, walked indifferently into the bathroom, grabbed the sink and looked in the mirror.

“… I feel sick.” She muttered something. Realizing the state of her body, she went to the toilet and lifted the lid.

Right after that…


She vomited everything she ate, none of them looked overcooked, and then she came out.

“Deputy Director”.

… Decoulin was standing right in front of the tub. nine0003

She felt sick again.

Indifferently he asked: “Did you vomit?”

“yes. I think the dinner upset my stomach. Have you finished your meal yet?”

“Bethan and I are done, but Julie is still eating.”

“… Right. Then I'll have to go first."

Primien tried to walk past him, but his next words stopped her.

“Today I heard for the first time that you hate mushrooms.”

"Well, we haven't dined together so many times yet." nine0003


Deculain's subtle reaction disturbed her. She coughed and turned to him.

His gaze seemed to pierce right through her.

“Do you remember, Primienne?”


“We have already met in Bercht and ate at one of the restaurants there.”

She nodded, remembering that day.

What confused her was why he started talking about it out of the blue.

“There was steak with mushrooms on the menu back then.” nine0003


Primienna is very tense.

He stared at her, silence penetrating his cold and impassive blue eyes. She felt like a ghost was watching her.

Face to face with the demon, she thought about both life and death.

She had a headache, as if her brain had been crushed into pieces, and her heart was pounding.

… Deculain's lips curled into a smile.

Shrugging his shoulders, he corrected himself.

“I'm joking. How could I remember… something I ate so long ago?” nine0003

His gloved hand patted her on the shoulder a couple of times, presumably to congratulate her.

“You worked hard today. I apologize for Bethan's rudeness."

“…Don't worry about it. Be careful on your way home."

Julia, who finished her meal just in time, left in a hurry and left the restaurant with Deculain.


Primien froze for a moment, then took a few steps down the corridor.

However, she soon returned slowly to the bathroom, pretending that nothing had happened. nine0003

After you lift the toilet lid again...






Three times.

Four times.

Five times.

She remembered her life as many times as she vomited until her stomach juices ran out.

"... Hmm."

Then she went back to the sink.

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