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15 Best Nonfiction Books for Kids

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Getting kids to read books outside the classroom can sometimes feel like you're pulling teeth. But that won't be the case with these nonfiction titles. Each is based on real people, places, and events that will keep them engaged, excited, and turning page after page.

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'Mae Among The Stars' by Roda Ahmed



A story about how determination can turn imagination into reality, this children's book is out-of-this-world remarkable. It follows the journey of Mae Jemison, the first African American woman in space, and details how she accomplished her childhood dream of soaring amongst the stars.

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'I Dissent: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Makes Her Mark' by Debbie Levy



Standing up for what you believe in is a lesson we try to instill in kids from an early age, which is why little ones should read this illustrated biography that celebrates Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She spent her life speaking up for others and arguing against unfair treatment, and her biggest — and most influential — dissents are detailed here.

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'Hidden Figures' by Margot Lee Shetterly



You fell in love with the female African American mathematicians who worked at NASA when you watched the Hidden Figures film. But now your kids can get to know them too, as this nonfiction book shares even more empowering elements of scientific and social history.

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'Worst of Friends' by Suzanne Tripp Jurmain



Humor meets history in this funny (but true!) story about two friends and political rivals. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams had very different views on how to best govern in the early days of the U.S., and this story tells the tale of how they managed to put their issues aside for the sake of friendship.

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'I Am Malala' by Malala Yousafzai



Malala Yousafzai, now the youngest Nobel Peace Prize recipient, tells her inspiring story of standing up to the Taliban and fighting for girls’ education worldwide. Trust us: there’s no one better to let your child know that age really is just a number when you want to make a difference.

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'Little Leaders: Visionary Women Around the World' by Vashti Harrison



Kids can never have too many role models, and this book is packed with them. Each page-long biography delves into the life, accomplishments, and legacy of iconic women from around the globe, ranging from writers and artists to inventors and scientists. Whether they identify with environmental activist Wangari Maathai or architect Zaha Hadid doesn't matter — each woman will help them realize that they too can grow up to do something amazing.

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'When You Grow Up to Vote' by Eleanor Roosevelt with Michelle Markel



It’s never too early to learn about civic duty, and who better to teach your child about how the government works than former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt? Originally published in 1932, her words have been supplemented with updated info and eye-catching art in this nonfiction book for kids.

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'Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl' by Anne Frank



It may be one of the most monumental nonfiction books you read as a kid, and now your child can experience the same emotions while flipping through the diary of 13-year-old Anne Frank. Her entries detail what life was like for her family while hiding in Amsterdam during World War II. Each one displays Anne's youthfulness, wisdom beyond her years, and the admirable ability to hold onto her spirit during an incredibly dark time.

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'She Persisted' by Chelsea Clinton



This children's book shines a spotlight on the American women who have made a difference through their bold actions and tenaciousness. From Helen Keller to Sonia Sotomayor, kids will learn the value of boldness and the magic that can happen when you stand up for yourself and others.

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'This is How We Do It' by Matt Lamothe



Have any little ones in your life who could use some perspective? This is How We Do It compares an average day of seven different kids from countries around the world. By learning about different cultures, kids can pick out which daily rituals are different and similar to their own, in turn fostering empathy and acceptance for all.

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'The Bee Book' by Charlotte Milner



This colorful book is filled with lighthearted graphics and charts that will open your child's mind to the very complex and fascinating role of the honey bee. Kids will learn how this species talks to one another, what it takes to become a Queen bee, and how exactly they make so much honey. And as nature's hardest workers, your kid may just pick up a thing or two about developing a solid work ethic.

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'Neo Leo' by Gene Barretta



A true renaissance man, did you know that Leonardo da Vinci came up with ideas for inventions that wouldn't come to fruition until years later? From contact lenses to cars and robots, da Vinci thought about them all, and this book introduces one of the world's greatest thinkers to your kids.

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'How Does My Home Work?' by Lucia Gaggiotti



For the kid who always asks “How?,” this image-packed book should satisfy some around-the-house curiosities, like how exactly you get electricity and water. The illustrated charts and information may even teach you a thing or two about the things in your home that you take for granted.

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'Finding Winnie' by Lindsay Mattick



Your kids probably know all about Winnie-the-Pooh, but what about the non-cartoon bear? This adorable book tells the true story of how veterinarian Harry Colebourn rescued and adopted a baby bear, named her Winnie, and eventually brought her to the London Zoo, where she met a little boy named Christopher.

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'Water Can Be...' by Laura Purdie Salas



From a thirst quencher to a kid drencher, this poetic children's book teaches young ones about all the many different things that water can be. They'll love the constant rhymes and fun pictures, and may even try to brainstorm new ways to use water once they flip the final page.

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Herewith the Wikijunior big book of Science Experiments featuring the first five featured experiments from Wikijunior. Contents Slime recipes Yucky gooey slime! Isn’t it just great?! We love it! Oobleck – is it a liquid or a solid? Red cabbage indicator Red cabbage indicators are great for showing if something is an acid or base. …

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Read online “Naughty girl. Fantastic stories and fairy tales for children”, Sergey Syursin – LitRes

© Sergey Syursin, 2017

ISBN 978-5-4485-3643-4

map and highlighting it with a "beacon", he once again checked the direction. So far, everything matched with the map data. There was no dangerous place. But instinct suggested otherwise. And in this case, the slightest mistake decided the outcome of the whole case. Cautiously turning his head, he looked around, tenaciously grasping the smallest details.

In front of him lay an illuminated area about twenty meters wide. The blinding beams of spotlights mounted on openwork pillars somewhere high above the head, crossing each other, fell to the ground, illuminating every bush, every hillock so that not the slightest shadow was left of them. The shadow appeared further, at the installation. Its bulk, caught in a web of overpasses, arches and outbuildings, soared high into the sky, getting lost in the darkness slightly illuminated by stars. The searchlights were no longer able to cope with such power, and at the base of the installation lay a shaky gray twilight.

A piece of illuminated space in the midst of absolute darkness evoked a feeling of unreality, something fantastic. Crossing it seemed impossible.

From the left, the sand crunched underfoot. He silently crawled back into the darkness. A soldier with a machine gun over his shoulder passed and disappeared in a haze of light. Hourly? But according to the map, it shouldn't be here. No wonder he sensed danger.

He carefully crawled behind the sentry, trying to stay away from the border of light and shadow. After walking a little, the sentry turned and headed back. So his sector of protection ends here.

After some time, another sentry emerged from the blinding light, turned around and left. He crawled away into the shadows and began to watch patiently.

Half an hour has passed. During this time, he determined that sentries go around their sectors in about three minutes. He has about a minute at his disposal. No more - they can find out.

The sentry on the left approached the sector boundary and stopped. Noticed? He froze and pressed himself into the sand, holding his breath and trying to calm his pounding heart. No, it worked out. The other one approached the sentry. They smoked furtively, exchanged a few words, and parted ways.

That's it, the moment has come. He waited for the sentries to disperse further, and, stealthily, rushed to the installation, expecting a shout every second. The saving darkness is getting closer and closer. He flew into the shadows and fell to the ground. There was nothing to breathe, my heart beat loudly in my chest. But it is dangerous to linger here too. Only forward. He crawled around the piles and beams sticking out in disorder, and only leaning against the wall of some outbuilding did he relax.

One difficult stage behind. Everything is going well so far. The sentries did not notice, they continue to monotonously walk back and forth. Then there are none, except perhaps at the elevator. The photo eye is not so scary if you know where it is installed. And they were poked on all the stairs and platforms. Therefore, you can't go there. He looked up. Metal beams, intertwined into a network, were lost in the sky, completely covering the stars. He took out a map, covered himself with a hollow jacket and began to study the further route. An elevator with a sentry is somewhere on the opposite side. Here is a small capture area. You need to go to the left, to the big capture. Looked at the clock. A little more than three hours remained before dawn. Gotta hurry up.

Having strayed a lot, he finally made it to the base of the big hold. Time drove on. After resting for a couple of minutes, he unwound the cord wound around his belt with a lead weight at the end, checked the knot at the other end of the cord tied to a carabiner on a strong leather belt. For a long time he peered into the confusion of beams and, finally, having tried on, threw the weight up. Having flown over the beam, the weight fell down, pulling the cord behind it. Picking up some slack and pausing for a moment, saying goodbye to the firm, reliable support of the earth, he grabbed the free end of the cord and, pulling himself up on it, began to slowly rise up. Having reached the beam, I fastened another piece of cord with a carabiner to the nearest post and only then rested a little. Then he pulled up the end with the weight and threw it again.

Higher and higher. Tired hands had to give more and more time to rest. The head became cloudy from fatigue, the orientation of movements was lost. And the treacherous stairs and platforms were calling to give up the heavy climb and step on them. But in no case should you give in. Otherwise, the howl of a siren, the tramp of the feet of sentries and the inglorious end of the whole undertaking. With a photo eye, jokes are bad.

The first stars began to be seen above. Near the end of the climb. The beams got thicker. It was possible to climb them without using a cord. Bloody hands and feet in broken, torn shoes hurt mercilessly. Having chosen a comfortable place, he fastened the safety cord and took out a map. In the pre-dawn twilight, individual details could already be discerned. Yep, that's the body itself. Somewhere to the left and above there should be an elevator cabin. Another leap.

There was a hatch in the building next to the elevator. It was closed. It is useless and dangerous to meddle in it - you can fall under the invisible beam of the photo eye. All that remained was to wait. He climbed onto the elevator car and, trying not to touch the cables and fixed, but ready to move, rotating parts, lay down on the platform, leaning against the engine.

And then fatigue came in full force. Sore hands and feet. There seemed to be no more strength to make any movement. I was unbearably thirsty. Eyes closed in betrayal. With an effort, he drove away the dream, but it again and again rolled in a wave.

Waking up half asleep, he nearly fell off the elevator cage. The engine howled strainedly, rumbled, winding the rope, the drum.

- Overslept!? Still, he could not stand it, he fell asleep!

He looked around. It was already dawn, although the sun had not yet risen from the horizon. Only the scarlet dawn lit up in the east. The steppe spread all around. In the distance could be seen the boxes of his native city.

Longing for home, for relatives. I wanted to close my eyes so that this night turned out to be an absurd nightmare.

He gritted his teeth and turned away.

Very close, stretch out your hand, the hull of the spaceship was white, towards which it had been striving all night. The hatch was still closed. So no one got up. Cars were parked at the outbuildings below, people swarming like ants between them. And in the elevator someone was already going up here. He woke up on time.

The elevator clicked and stopped. Two people came out of it, hung with equipment. Not astronauts, but, apparently, operators from the flight support service. The hatch cover silently went inside, the operators stepped into the vestibule. He waited.

After a while, one of them left without equipment, entered the elevator car and went down. The most opportune moment, the best is unlikely to come. The second one will not go down, but several more people may well go up. He carefully, gritting his teeth from the sharp pain in his swollen arms and legs, descended from the platform and looked inside the ship. In front of it was a small vestibule with a narrow passage between containers fixed on both sides. Behind them, through another open hatch, one could see the cabin of the ship. The remaining operator was sitting in front of the console with headphones on his head and talking to the Earth about something, moving and switching levers on the console.

Where to hide? The containers were tight, without gaps, all closed. He pulled the handle of one, another, a third. Finally, some kind of container opened. It was filled almost to the top with small packages. He wanted to continue searching, but then the elevator started working. Frantically unpacking the bags, he squeezed himself into the container and lowered the lid. The lock clicked. He instinctively twitched, but the lid didn't budge. A chill ran down my back.

- This was just not enough! To fall asleep on such trifles when the most difficult is already behind. Get caught like a mousetrap... Suffocate...

Carefully raking the packages with his sweaty palms, he approached the castle. There is a gap between the cover and the case, there is no chance of suffocation. And the lock turned out to be simple, you can open it from the inside. Having calmed down, he lay down more comfortably and, no longer shuddering from the steps of the operators, calmly fell asleep.

An incredible heaviness that had fallen on him woke him up. A muffled rumble weighed heavily on his ears. The whole body was so heavy that there was no strength to move. The lungs heavily, with a creak, parted the ribs of the chest in order to draw in a little air. He screamed hoarsely and lost consciousness.

When he woke up, he was surprised at the unusual lightness in his body. There was dead silence.

- What happened? Accident? he thought. Has the takeoff been delayed?

Opening the lid, he awkwardly turned around and… flew up. Hitting a nearby container, he convulsively grabbed onto a ledge. Why is the floor above your head?

And then it dawned on him. They took off!.. Already in space... Weightlessness...

Clumsily somersaulting, groaning from pain in his joints - the consequences of an overload during takeoff - he reached the hatch, opened it and floated into the cabin. The cosmonaut was sitting in an armchair with his back to him, watching the screens on the remote control. The lights flickered frantically, and the intercom muttered something unintelligible.

The cosmonaut asked something again, slowly turned around and stared at him, stunned, with his jaw dropped.

– Who are you? the astronaut asked, stuttering.

- Vitka. Kryukov, he replied.

So another name was inscribed in the annals of the history of astronautics. The first boy-cosmonaut, a fifth grade student of school number two in the city of Baikonur. The first "space hare". Vitka even managed to stay at the space station for two weeks, until the Americans, who were scheduled to launch the next spacecraft, removed it from the station and returned it to Earth.

But the saddest thing about this story was that the whole world went around the photo, in which Vitka, screaming and resisting, was being pulled by the cosmonauts by the legs into the vestibule of the docked spacecraft. As if they couldn't choose another, better one!

It, son of the Earth

Fantastic story

The flock scattered. Eating the branches greedily, It did not notice how the bush shuddered and missed the signal to escape. Startled, the bush quickly shrank and disappeared underground. Taking Ita with him. It's consciousness faded.

Lyolka was in a hurry. There was not much left to the end of the strawberry patch, but it was already dripping. We had to have time to pick strawberries before it started to rain. Wet berries spoil quickly.

And in the sky above her head, gloomy clouds swollen with moisture swirled menacingly. Sparks ran between them, rolling down to the cloud closest to the ground. But Lyolka tried not to look up. Otherwise, you can get scared, drop everything and run away to the safe porch of the house, where sister Ksyusha impatiently jumped and urged on.

Lyolka didn't have time. The last thing she remembered was a blinding flash and a deafening roar. Losing consciousness, Lyolka fell into the garden.

Ksyusha, ignoring the pouring downpour, ran up to her fallen sister.

- Lelya! Get up! - she grabbed Lelka by the hand and tried with all her might to lift it. Lyolka did not respond. Ksyusha cried.

- Mom! Mother! she screamed as she rushed home. - Lelya is ill.

Mom ran out of the house. Picking up Lyolka in her arms, she carried her to the porch in the pouring rain.

- What's wrong with her? she screamed. - What happened?

“Lightning struck,” Ksyusha murmured through her tears. - I saw. Right into her.

- Horror! - she began to perform artificial respiration on Lelka, trying to bring her back to consciousness. - Shock beats! Call an ambulance!

Ksyusha ran for her mobile phone and started calling an ambulance.

The ambulance arrived quickly. The doctor, shivering from electric shocks when touching Lelka and involuntarily cursing, checked her condition.

- Breathable. The heart is working normally,” she stated. - What happened to her?

“Lightning struck,” Mom replied. The youngest saw.

“Strange,” the doctor said. - There are no burn marks. The state is normal. That's just the current beats. This not normal. I need to go to the hospital for an examination.

As if hearing about the hospital, Lyolka stirred. Her eyes opened, looked at her mother, Ksyusha, the doctor in a white coat bending over her, took on a meaningful expression.

- I woke up! Mom rejoiced. - Daughter, how are you?

- Fine, - Lyolka rose to her elbows. - My head is just spinning.

“I have to go to the hospital,” the doctor repeated. - Diagnose.

- Yes, everything is fine, - Lyolka was against it. - Everything is fine. I am well. I don't want to go to the hospital.

The doctor looked at my mother.

“No,” she answered a silent question. - I don't think it's worth it. Everything is fine with my daughter.

“If it gives you an electric shock,” the doctor objected, “it’s not quite normal.

- It happens to everyone. Especially in winter. And in dry weather. It will pass.

- Well, look, mother! the doctor said displeased. - The responsibility lies with you.

“I agree,” the mother replied, catching her daughter’s pleading gaze.

- If the condition worsens, - the doctor got up, - call immediately.

The ambulance left.

- Can I help you? - Mom reached out to Lelka, but immediately pulled her hand away. - What the? .. Will you get up yourself?

- Yes, - Lyolka sat down. - All right, Mom.

- Anyway, go and lie down at home, in the shade. Lightning is no joke.

Trying not to touch, mother and Ksyusha escorted Lelka into the house and made sure that she lay down on the sofa. Ksyusha carefully sat down with a book next to her, her mother went to continue cooking in the kitchen. Lyolka pulled the headphones over her ears and turned on the music.

It came to his senses.

- Alive! was his first thought.

He found himself in a viscous place, like soft mountains, but denser. And there was food, albeit in small quantities. But there was no connection with the earth and sky, the place seemed isolated and located somewhere deep underground.

“That’s why no one has yet managed to get out of a shrinking bush alive,” thought It. - There is no way out of it. But I don't want to die.

The measured rhythm penetrating him for some reason invigorated and revived the craving for life.

Zhenya, Lelka's friend, came running. The news of what had happened instantly spread around their small village and reached Zhenya's ears.

“Tell me,” he demanded anxiously.

- Yes, nothing special, - Lyolka got up. “It was just lightning that struck me. I picked strawberries before the rain.

- Phew! Zhenya breathed out. - And in the village they just didn’t invent anything. Word of mouth, damn it!

Zhenya drove Ksyusha away and sat down in her place.

“Just don’t touch me,” Lelka warned.

– What? Ouch! Zhenya immediately jumped up, stung by the current.

“I warned you,” Lelka laughed. - I am a dragon, be afraid!

- Yeah! Zhenya was shocked. - Horror! You are now unapproachable. Where did you get that?

“I don’t know,” Lyolka shrugged. - Appeared after this incident. And how - I do not understand.

“Maybe,” Zhenya thought, “ball lightning has moved into you.

- I didn't see her. Yes, and Ksyusha too.

- She could sneak up unnoticed from behind and slam into you. Come on, show your back. No, - he scratched his nose, looking at Lyolka's clean back. - But from a simple lightning current will not strike. Is it only from the ball.

- Smart guy! Lyolka pushed him. - Go now!

They chatted a little more, and Zhenya left, reassured.

Convinced that it was impossible to get out of the trap he fell into, It decided to settle in a new place. The trap was small. Beyond its borders was land, hard, merciless, through which it was impossible to penetrate. If it were in the ground, It would inevitably die from the inability to move and eventually exhaustion.

Quickly exploring the limited area, all its nooks and crannies, bends and protruding areas, It settled in the lowest branch, where food was the most. And here thoughts began to overtake him. But thoughts are not his. Alien thoughts. It was as if someone else was here, invisible. Perhaps even the same as him, the poor fellow. Thoughts were as viscous as the trap itself, slow and blurry. But, having shown diligence, it was possible partially, despite the slowness, to catch them.

- Who are you? - Unable to stand it, shouted It. - Respond!

Lyolka spent a restless night. She dreamed that someone entered her head, read her thoughts and even tried to talk to her.

Are you okay? Mom asked in the morning. - You were tossing about in your sleep, talking.

“Everything is fine, mother,” Lelka reassured her. - The dream came true.

- Tell me.

“I don’t remember,” Lelka paused, trying to remember, “I forgot.

The next night the dream happened again. Again, someone climbed into her dreams, tried to talk to her.

- Who are you? - Lyolka could not stand it and answered the call.

There was silence in response. But Lyolka somehow felt the stranger's state of shock.

– Where are you? Lelka continued mentally. - Where are you from? And how do you speak to me?

“I am It,” the stranger recovered from his shock. I fell into a trap pit and I can't get out. And I usually say, how else? And who are you?

- I am Lyolka. You speak unusually, Not with a voice, but with thoughts.

- With your voice? It was surprised. - What is it like?

- How, how, - Lelka answered. - Voice is mouth. Exhale the air and say the word out loud.

- What is a mouth?

- What a fool you are! Lyolka laughed. - A mouth is a mouth. They are eaten, they are told. They breathe.

- But I don't have a mouth!

- How not? Lyolka was surprised. - What do you eat, breathe then?

- As usual, with the body. Whole body.

- It doesn't happen like that. Also say that you have no belly, stomach, lungs.

- N-no. And what is it? Or are you playing me?

- No, I'm not playing tricks, - it was Lyolka's turn to be surprised. - What do you have then? Are there eyes? Body, arms, legs, head?

Andrey Salomatov - Fantastic stories read online

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Andrey Salomatov

Fantastic stories

History lesson

The history lesson in the sixth "b" was the last one. Inna Ivanovna took the children to the hall, from where they were supposed to move as a whole class ninety million years ago to the Mesozoic era, at a time when dinosaurs roamed the planet like ordinary animals.

In the transfer hall, the students were instructed and put under a protective transparent cap, under which even midges from the past could not penetrate. But the boys have long known how to get out from under the cap. In order not to fall under the force field, it was only necessary to cover yourself with a briefcase like an umbrella and jump out. This is exactly what one of the students, Petka Sentsov, was going to do.

Petka studied poorly, if not worse, but he was a very proud person and loved to show off his prowess to his classmates. True, there were no predators or robbers at school, but here he had the opportunity to turn around to the fullest and become the hero of the week, or even the month.

As soon as the class moved into the distant past of the Earth, a one and a half meter dinosaur formed next to the protective hemisphere. The mouth of the lizard was littered with sharp teeth, its eyes looked at the aliens without blinking, and its front paws with long claws greedily grabbed the air all the time.

— This is a Velociraptor, — Inna Ivanovna said calmly and poked a pointer at the dinosaur. - Write it down, otherwise you will later call it a bicycle or a bicycle scratch. Pay attention to his claws. With such a weapon, a predator easily cracks down on its herbivorous prey.

And the velociraptor jumped around the protective cap, snapping its jaws and poking its scary muzzle into the force field.

“Probably he thinks that this is a feeder, and we are cutlets,” said Tanya Zueva and took out a notebook.

"You should kick him," Sentsov casually threw in and added: "Is this a predator?" Last week was an Allosaurus. Ten times more. Here is the beast.

“No one will be crutching anyone,” Inna Ivanovna said when she heard Petka. - You can’t hurt animals, even if they are tyrannosaurs.

Inna Ivanovna continued the lesson, and Sentsov pushed his desk mate Pavlik in the side, wiped his nose with his fist and pointed to a stone that lay ten meters away from the cap under a huge tree fern.

- Bet three clicks I'll run out and fetch that rock over there?

— We bet — Pavlik caught fire, but immediately got scared and said: — What if this auto-cutter grabs you?

“We have seen such motor adapters,” Petka declared boastfully. He went to the transparent wall, covered himself with his briefcase and jumped out.

Outside the hemisphere, Sentsov felt a little scared. Eerie sounds came from the dense Mesozoic forest: either the hungry roar of some dinosaurs, or the death cries of others. Because of this, it seemed to Petka that the predators were just waiting for him to move away from the protective cap in order to rush at him. He already wanted to return, but he saw Pavlik's mocking smirk and made up his mind. Throwing the briefcase, he rushed headlong to the stone, grabbed it and at that moment heard the battle cry of a dinosaur. He noticed the student, carnivorously snapped his jaws and rushed to his victim. In one second, the velociraptor cut off Sentsov from the cap. Petka had no time to think, and with a plaintive cry he jumped into the Mesozoic bushes.

Sentsov was lucky. Behind the dense thickets of horsetails, he discovered someone's hole. Its hole was wide enough for him to crawl through on all fours. The dinosaur was a moment too late. He clicked his mouth in front of the entrance and roared offendedly.

In the meantime, a real panic arose under the cap. Inna Ivanovna even staggered in horror, and two students had to grab her by the arms. The girls squealed deafeningly and pointed fingers at the velociraptor, the boys shifted from foot to foot in embarrassment. And the culprit of the commotion crawled into the hole, but soon stopped, because he saw in front of him someone's round burning eyes.

- Mommy! Petka cried out strangledly and stepped back. On trembling knees, he climbed out of the hole and turned around. The predator, with his briefcase in his teeth, was already rushing towards Sentsov at full speed.

Petka himself did not understand how he flew up to the tree fern. He barely had time to pull up his legs, and the unlucky dinosaur missed again. Huge jaws clicked just a millimeter from the heel.

- Daddy! cried Sentsov, clinging convulsively to the branches. But here, too, an unpleasant surprise awaited him. Glancing up, Petka saw burning round eyes in the dense dark crown and, in horror, almost fell down right into the mouth of the velociraptor.

Inna Ivanovna quickly came to her senses and immediately began to act. The miniature history teacher covered herself with her daddy and jumped out from under the cap. She bravely rushed to the edge of the forest, on the run tore horsetail as thick as her arm from the ground, and the whole Mesozoic forest screamed:

"Hold on, Sentsov!" I'm going to help!

The dinosaur was taken aback by such impudence. He looked at little Inna Ivanovna in confusion and roared again, but his roar was immediately drowned out by the many-voiced cry of the sixth "b" class.

- Give me a dinosaur! shouted Zueva Tanya and jumped out.

— Hurr! - picked up the girls and all as one followed their friend.

- Forward to the assault on veloricinpopins! barked Pavlik and, together with the boys, rushed forward.

Velociraptor obviously did not expect such a turn of events. Having received from the fragile teacher several times a horsetail in the face, he recoiled in fright and shook his head. But when a whole horde of screaming students ran up to him, the dinosaur saved. The huge predator fled from the battlefield like a hare, and the class followed him with whoops for some time. They waved their briefcases, and the girls squealed so piercingly that all living things for many kilometers around calmed down respectfully.

Petka came down from the tree as pale as a wall. At first, he could not even speak, but only mumbled something. It immediately became clear that the predator had thrown Sentsov's briefcase somewhere, but they did not look for it in such dense thickets.

- All march under the cap! - adjusting her glasses with her finger, Inna Ivanova ordered. - The lesson continues.

Since then, Petka has become quieter and more modest. And a month later, he even began to study better. This happened after the class was taken on an excursion to the paleontological museum. The lecture was very interesting, and at the end the guide led the children to the window, pointed to the petrified briefcase and said:

- And this is the latest sensational discovery of paleontologists. She changed our understanding of dinosaurs. The briefcase was found in a cave next to the bones of a Velociraptor.

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