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Sesame Street Sings the Alphabet

None Come on, get ready! Come on, get set! Join Sesame Street and sing the alphabet! Come on, get ready. Come on, get set! Join Sesame Street and sing the alphabet! All your Sesame friends are ready to sing, and each word starts with a letter of the alphabet. A is for Abby, B is for Bert. C is for Cookie Monster, and D is Cookie Monster’s dessert. Even Oscar’s joining in as he sings his name! Then meet a queen that quacks on Q, T is for Telly and a tuba to blow in, and Y is for YOU! What’s your favorite letter of the alphabet? What words start with that letter? show full description Show Short Description

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Enjoy songs and short stories for preschoolers and pre-k that help your child learn the ABCs, colors, opposites, and more.

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The ABC Song


Robot's First Day of School


PANTONE Colors, The Song

Do Your Ears Hang Low?

Sesame Street Sings the Alphabet

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Come on, get ready! Come on, get set! It’s time for the Sesame Street alphabet! A is for Abby. B is for Bert. C is for Cookie Monster, D for dessert. E is for Elmo. F is for frog. “Ribbit.” G is for Grover. H is for hog. “Oink, oink.” I is for insect, J, jar of jam. K is for kitten. “Meow.” L is for lamb. M is for Murray. N is for noodle. O is for Oscar. P is for poodle. “Yuck.” Q is for queen, a queen who likes to quack. “Quack, quack, quack.” R is for Rosita. S is for snack. “Mmm.” T is for Telly and a tuba to blow in. U for ukulele, and V for violin. W is for worm, wiggling. “Ah-ah, ah-ah-ah.” X is for xylophone. Y is for you. Z is for Zoe and zoo. Now let’s sing it together all the way through. A is for Abby. B is for Bert. C is for Cookie Monster, D for dessert. E is for Elmo. F is for frog. “Ribbit.” G is for Grover. H is for hog. “Oink, oink.” I is for insect, J, jar of jam. K is for kitten. “Meow.” L is for lamb. M is for Murray. N is for noodle. O is for Oscar. P is for poodle. “Yuck.” Q is for queen, a queen who likes to quack. “Quack, quack, quack.” R is for Rosita. S is for snack. “Mmm.” T is for Telly and a tuba to blow in. U for ukulele, and V for violin. W is for worm wiggling. “Wee, ha-hee, ha-ha-ha.” X is for xylophone. Y is for you. Z is for Zoe and zoo. And now the Sesame Street alphabet, the Sesame Street alphabet, (the Sesame Street alphabet is through) the Sesame Street alphabet is through.


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9 Fun Versions of the Alphabet Song to Sing with Kids

Learning to sing the alphabet song is an important part of the process of  learning letter recognition on the journey to reading and writing. While I am pretty sure we all know the traditional alphabet song, these super cool versions are lots of fun and fabulous for bringing the letters of the alphabet to life for preschool, kindergarten and early elementary/primary aged children.

The Alphabet Song by The LMNOPs: An upbeat, groovy version of the classic song.

The Alphabet Song by Super Simple Songs: The most traditional version of the song in this collection with a great animation with plastic letters, great for encouraging kids to follow along.

Elmo Sings a Rap Alphabet Song: So Sesame Street has to have the most fabulous of all video alphabet resources, right?!! I’ve featured a few here, including this fun version with Elmo rapping.

ABC Disco with Grover: Now this is classic Sesame Street. In fact, I am pretty sure I first saw it in the 70s when I was a child! You just can’t go past disco!

Sesame Street’s Outer Space ABCs: A more classic song version from Sesame Street with a cool, space themed animation.

ABC Song by Debbie Doo: Debbie sings a catchy jazz version of the classic alphabet song.

The ABC Song by StoryBots: A fun robot animation with cool robotic singing voices.

ABC Phonics Song by The Learning Station: Teaching the alphabet through different musical styles! Love the rock version.

Animal Alphabet by Key Wilde: An fun alphabet story told through a song about fun animal antics with gorgeous illustrations. I can see this inspiring some great alphabet animal drawing with older children.

Have fun singing the alphabet! Do you have a favourite version?

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Where was Sesame Street filmed? Celebrate 50+ Years


Source: PBS

April 26, 2021 Updated 11:02 PM ET

A sunny day sweeping away clouds is what we think of when we think of Sesame Street . But naturally, we have the following question: can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street ? And the answer is much more complicated than just saying where Sesame Street is.

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Since Sesame Street has been in operation for over 50 years, in fact it was filmed in many different locations. And of course, the inspiration for Sesame Street could actually be a real place, so there are a lot of answers about how we get to Sesame Street and where it was filmed.

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"Sesame Street" is based on a real location in New York City.

From its inception, Sesame Street has been a New York gem, so much so that it's almost been named 123 Avenue B , but according to New York Magazine , the name was dropped due to being too New York City specific. And while it was a title like 1-2-3-A-B-C, the alphabet city wasn't really the visual inspiration for the show.

Apparently, production designer Charles Rosen founded Sesame Street in the areas in Harlem, the Bronx, the Upper West Side and surrounding areas where was shot, which is now located instead of Lincoln Center. Now remember Sesame Street started in 1969, so Charles was inspired by a very different New York.

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Still from 'West Side Story'

It is also likely that 123 Sesame Street, where Maria and Louis live next to Ernie and Bert, is actually based on a brownstone on Columbia Avenue, and the old 72nd subway station and Broadway inspired us to create the subway station we see at Sesame Street .

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'Sesame Street' was filmed in several studios around New York.

Although it hasn't changed as much in 51 seasons as one might expect, Sesame Street has had its home in several different studios. His first home during the first season was in a studio near Broadway, but a strike apparently forced Sesame Street to shoot at Teletape Studios at CBS Studio 72, or Second Stage, at 81st Street and Broadway. nine0005

Unfortunately, this studio has been demolished, except for its facade.

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Because he had such a simple dial, TTY was perfect for what Sesame Street needed. But as the show grew, so did the set, so they had to move. Elmo and Big Bird's next home was Dick Cavett's former studio at 9th Avenue and 55th Street, where they lived from 1982 to 1992.

Then at 19In 1993, everything changed, and Sesame Street would become what we know today. Twenty-eight years ago, Sesame Street moved again, this time permanently, to where it is currently filming. Although Sesame Street is deeply inspired by Manhattan, it is currently filming in Astoria, Queens at Kaufman Astoria Studios.

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Sesame Street is currently filming at Kaufman Astoria Studios, which has a fascinating history of its own. nine0029

Kaufman Studios has been around since the 1920s when it was built as a studio for Famous Players-Lasky to be relatively close to Broadway (via the East River). Since then, his story has only grown. The very first Sherlock Holmes movie was actually filmed at Kaufman Studios.

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Ironically, the couple who met on the set of Sesame Street Martin P. Robinson and Annie Evans got married in the studio on the steps of 123 Sesame Street as a tribute to their shared history. As if Kaufman Studios wasn't unique enough, it can now be said to be one of the few studios that hosted an actual wedding ceremony and reception. nine0005

Source: Getty Images.

As the only studio in New York, Kaufman Studios is home to several New York TV shows filmed both on location and in large numbers. Other than the Sesame Street , his most notable designs include the Orange - the new black and the Goodfellas .

However, we can probably all agree that the real home of Sesame Street is not where it's filmed, but in the hearts and minds of those who have grown up with it over the past 50 years. nine0005

Top 3 YouTube channels for children to learn English

Marina Mural, co-founder of FamiLingvo, a community of parents who raise bilingual children, regularly writes a column for Osvita Nova on a hot topic. Today Marina shared interesting and informative YouTube channels for learning English from the cradle.

When our daughter was seven months old and already sitting confidently, we decided to start showing her children's educational videos in English. nine0117 I will say right away that our family is not categorical in watching cartoons by such young children. Now my daughter is almost three years old, and we also allow her to watch them. But at the same time, we carefully select cartoons and limit the time of watching them - no more than 15 minutes in a row and no more than 1.5 hours a day. Therefore, it is necessary to decide whether to show cartoons at all and when to start doing this, individually and at the family council.

Where did we look for children's videos in English? Our choice was YouTube, where you can find videos for kids on any subject and in any language if you know what to look for. Children's YouTube channels are a treasure trove of foreign language presented in a fun way and taking into account children's preferences. During all this time we have tried many channels and learned English from each one. These are numbers, and the names of flowers, animals, objects. nine0117 But my daughter and I especially liked the three YouTube channels that provide high-quality and varied content.

1. HooplaKidz

This was the very first channel we offered our daughter. Therefore, if you decide to show videos to a baby up to a year old, then you should start with it. And here's why:
- the graphics of the videos are simple and not all objects in them move, which allows the child to focus better on the picture and not waste his attention; nine0117 - they are short in time;
- the main classical songs and rhymes of the English language are played there;
- melodies are unobtrusive, pleasant to the ears of parents and do not irritate;
- There are subtitles if you want to learn the words too.
On the channel you can find a lot of videos on learning the alphabet, numbers, colors, animals and their sounds. There are also three main characters in many videos - the girl Annie, her dog Ben and the monkey Mango. This makes them connected and helps the baby to keep attention. nine0117 In addition to the channel with cartoons, HooplaKidz made a channel on certain topics. They are suitable for school children:

1. HooplaKidz Recipes - cooking video.
2. HooplaKidz HowTo - arts and crafts channel.
3. HooplaKidz Sing- A-long - a channel with karaoke videos of popular children's songs.
4. HooplaKidz Lab - videos of various simple science experiments.
5. HooplaKidz Style - fashion and style video channel for kids. nine0117

2. Super Simple Song

This channel is for preschoolers and schoolchildren. High-quality and different animation. There are simply drawn ones, there are three-dimensional 3D ones, there are with dolls from Sesame Street.
The videos are varied in content, but what was especially interesting to me is that there are videos that show the little ones how to brush their teeth, comb their hair, bathe, clean up and get dressed. Children simply repeat everything they see on the screen. This is how my daughter learned and understood how to brush her teeth and take a bath. nine0117 Since my daughter loves animals, another plus of the channel is the presence of playlists about animals with such songs as Wag your tail, Walking in the jungle, Animal farm, Lets go to the zoo.
We also constantly watched the Get up and move compilation, which is very stimulating for children to move and dance. And through movement, words are remembered much better. Therefore, you should definitely choose something similar for your child.
In the playlists ABCs and Phonics there are videos for each letter, where the words are given for them. Good and simple selection Counting songs . There is even a separate channel for learning the alphabet - Super Simple ABCs.

3. Mother Goose Club

The channel won me over with its quality and the fact that almost all songs are performed by children. Very good selection of actors, talented performance, high-quality editing. It turns out such a mini theatrical performance.
Most of the videos are set to all the famous English songs, rhymes and nursery rhymes. And there are six heroes in them - Jack B. Nimble, Eep the Mouse, Little Bo Beep, Teddy Bear, Mary Quite Contrary and Baa baa sheep.
My daughter started to like this channel somewhere at the age of two, and precisely because everything is performed by real people and children. Another huge advantage is the participation of people of different nationalities. This gives toddlers the opportunity to learn that there are people of different races and skin colors.
For learning it is better to use ready-made playlists. For example - Mealtime songs - here are collected all the songs where food is mentioned, Counting songs - songs including counting and numbers, Jump up and Rhyme - dance videos.
There are a lot of videos on the channel, but there is also a separate one - Mother Goose Club Playhouse.

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