Alphabet for infants

English for Babies: ABC |

Note to parents: Learn English with your baby. All underlined words are explained in Wordchecker below.

Introduce letters to your baby as soon as possible. Point out letters when you see them on blocks. Teach your baby to recognize a few letters at a time. Start with A, B, C, and the first letter of his or her name. You can also teach M for Mommy or D for Daddy. Some babies pick their own favourite letters.

Read and Listen: New Words

  1. A, a
  2. B, b
  3. C, c
  4. J, j (for Joey)
  5. M, m (for Mommy)

Surround your baby with letters. Find plastic, foam, and wooden letters for your baby to play with. Bring letters into the bath, playroom, and yard. Ask a family member who can sew to make stuffed fabric letters that spell your baby's name. Put the letters on the wall in your baby's room. You can even have fun with letters at mealtime. The sooner they learn their letters the sooner they will read in English.

Safety Tip: Most magnetic letters are choking hazards for young children. Babies love to put them in their mouths because they are colourful. Don't use these until your child is 3+ and there are no babies in the house.

On my lap

  1. Put the baby on your lap.
  2. Say the baby's name.
  3. Point at the picture on the screen.
  4. Look for the letter that your baby's name starts with.
  5. Say, "Let's find J for Joey."
  6. Say: "There's J. J is for Joey."
  7. Open a word document and type some large J's for your baby to see. Or get a piece of paper and write a large J.
  8. Show excitement when he points at letters even if he doesn't say the right ones.
    Clap your hands and say:
    That's right! Letters!
    That's the J. J is for Joey.
    Good job!

Song, Rhyme or Story time

The Alphabet Song

Y and Z.
Now I know my ABC's.
Next time won't you sing with me?

Baby's First Alphabet Book

Make your baby an English alphabet book or set of flashcards. Choose your baby's favourite things. Draw or cut out pictures to go with the letters. Here are some ideas for alphabet words that babies and young children hear often.

A a is for apple or airplane
B b is for baby
C c is for cat or cereal
D d is for dog
E e is for egg

F f s for fish
G g is for go or giraffe
H h is for house

I i is for ice cream
J j is for jump
K k is for kiss
L l for love
M m is for Mommy
N n is for nose
O o is for on or open.
P p is for pig
Q q is for quiet
R r is for run
S s is for sleep
T t is for toy
U u is for under
V v is for vegetable
W w is for water
X x is for x-ray
Y y is for yo yo
Z z is for zebra


Fun with Chalk

Decorate the outdoors with the alphabet. Use sidewalk chalk to print the alphabet on a pathway or driveway. Each time you pass it sing the alphabet song with your baby.


The bath is a great place to play with letters. Foam letters stick to tiles or the side of the tub. Dump all of the letters into the tub and ask your baby to fish for a letter that she knows. You can also use bath crayons to write the alphabet on the tiles or tub. Write your baby's name and point out the letters.

recognize: know which one (from seeing often)
surround: put all around
yard: playing area outside at the back or front of your home
sew: make by hand using thread, material, and a needle (or machine)
stuffed: filled with soft material to make it look like a pillow
fabric: material such as cotton
magnetic: sticks to metal
choking hazard: small enough to get caught in a person's throat; prevents a child from breathing
flashcards: picture cards used for teaching vocabulary

Infants, Toddlers & Twos – Alphabet Academy & The Nest

It’s now time for you to think about having your child attend a “day care. ” With this decision weighing on your mind, you’re sure to have anxiety about finding the right place for your most precious infant or toddler.

We know that your hope is to find teachers who will treat your child with the same care and wonder that you do.

We understand.

Alphabet Academy & The Nest’s early learning environment is designed to provide that warmth, serenity and sense of belonging that you’ve given your child throughout his young life, from the first time he steps (or crawls) inside our doors, to the day he graduates. You and your family will feel the elusive sense of peace that comes from knowing that your child is at a school with teachers that will love, care and nurture him.

The Infant Classroom

In the infant room, our number one priority is holistic care for your child and family. Infants are whole beings who should be respected as such, keeping in mind that development (physical, emotional, social, and cognitive) is unique to each child.  We aim to provide an environment that allows each child to explore and play, read books, sing songs, snuggle, rest, and eat on their own schedule. We work with each family to create a smooth transition from home to school.  We understand that your baby is your most cherished gift and we treat her as such.

Respect for an infant focuses not only on their schedule and development, but also the way we communicate with the children, change their diapers, move them around the room, accept their emotions, and assist them with emotional self-regulation. We communicate with our words, movements, and materials/activities that we offer them.  Our language is responsive to their needs and emotions, while also helping them to regulate their own emotions, which sets them up for success later on.  Our infants are told what we are preparing to do, how we are going to do it, and when we are going to do it (e.g. “I see that you need a clean diaper.  I am going to pick you up and take you to change your diaper. ” And we will wait for their cues.). As for materials and activities, we aim for everything in our room to be developmentally appropriate, including appropriate risks and challenges.  These will also be offered based on the interests and needs of the infants in the classroom.

As your child develops, their time at Alphabet Academy & The Nest will become more defined. Beginning with our toddler room, each classroom has a daily schedule, which provides the children with the comfort of knowing what comes next. While predictability is key, we still allow room for flexibility when needed.

A toddler’s sense of wonder

As your child enters the toddler room, their day will become more defined.  There is a daily schedule, which allows flexibility as needed, but provides the children with the comfort of predictability.

A toddler’s sense of wonder is something to behold and appreciate. We understand that toddlers learn by doing, therefore, we provide ample time for intentional free-play. Teachers observe the children so that they can provide materials and activities that meet the interests and needs of the children in their classroom.  We work with the children to become more independent and help develop their sense of pride and self-confidence as they accomplish new tasks on their own.

Learning to communicate is also an exciting, albeit sometimes frustrating milestone for very young children, so we support them through the use of baby sign language. It’s so gratifying to see how quickly little ones pick up on signing, resulting in productive communication not only between your child and their teacher but also between your child and her classmates! We find teachable moments throughout our day. These moments may happen while children listen to the birds outside, feel smooth, slippery textures in the sensory table, or sit on a teacher’s lap and leisurely investigate the many dimensions of Sandra Boynton.

Communication with parents

We cherish our intimate relationships with our families and prosper in the idea that together we create the bond that ultimately becomes the foundation of your child’s success. We understand that our common goal is to be able to share with you, almost verbatim, your child’s day. Not only will you have the opportunity to speak with a teacher in the morning and afternoon, you will also receive emails, phone calls, blog posts, Facebook and Instagram updates. In your child’s classroom you’ll also find a personal portfolio filled with Learning Stories, photographs, and samples of your child’s works of art. At the end of the day, you’ll receive an email from Brightwheel, our online daily report service.  

Alfavit Our baby - vitamin and mineral complex for children from 1.5 to 3 years old

ALFAVIT Our baby

  • The composition includes all the necessary vitamins and minerals for the normal growth and development of the child.
  • Free of colorants, preservatives, fragrances
  • Unlike other complexes, it was developed taking into account scientific recommendations for separate and joint intake of nutrients. As a result:
    • the likelihood of allergic reactions is minimized;
    • vitamin prophylaxis is more effective on average by 30-50%.
    It is recommended to take the components of the complex:
  • to improve appetite, normalize sleep;
  • reduce irritability and nervous excitability;
  • strengthening the body's defenses;
  • recovery from illness;
  • stimulate mental development.

Convenient form of application - powder for solution (drink).

Watch video instruction


11 vitamins and 5 minerals. Dosages correspond to the established in the Russian Federation, physiological norms for the consumption of vitamins and minerals.

Since many foods intended for children under 3 years of age are fortified with vitamins and minerals, some active ingredients are part of ALFAVIT Our baby in the amount of 25-50% of the recommended daily allowance consumption. This avoids an overabundance of components with regular intake and at the same time ensures children's body with all the necessary substances in sufficient volume.

Sachet No. 1

Vitamins % off
D3 5 mcg 50
Calcium pantothenate 1.25 mg 50
B12 0.35 mcg 50
Folic acid 25 mcg 25
Calcium 80 mg 10

Sachet No. 2

Vitamins % off
Beta carotene 0.675 mg -
B2 0.45 mg 50
B6 0.45 mg 50
Nicotinamide 4 mg 50
E 2 50
C 11. 25 mg 25
Magnesium 8 mg 10
Zinc 2.5 mg 50
Iodine 35 mcg 50

Sachet No. 3

Vitamins % off
Beta-carotene 0.675 mg -
B1 0. 4 mg 50
C 11.25 mg 25
Folic acid 25 mcg 25
Iron 5 mg 50

* - percentage of the recommended level consumption of food and biologically active substances in accordance with MR

** - nutritional information of the product is determined by calculation by the average value of the content of biologically active substance in product.

How to take

Take 1 sachet of each type per day with meals, in any order. Dissolve the contents of the sachet, stirring vigorously, in 3 dessert spoons (30 ml) of warm boiled water. The solution should be prepared immediately before use.

Due to the absence of dyes, dissolving the contents of Sachet No. 1 results in a colorless, opaque liquid. The bright orange color of drinks obtained by dissolving powders from sachets No. 2 and No. 3 is due to the constituent their composition with beta-carotene - a natural substance that gives a bright color to carrots, persimmons, pumpkins and others brightly colored vegetables and fruits.

Admission procedure
sachet unimportant

If for any reason during the next feeding your child did not take the ALPHABET Our baby, then with the next meal you can resume vitamin prophylaxis and prepare a drink from any powder. For example, you forgot to give your child the ALPHABET Our baby in the morning, at breakfast. In this case, you can continue taking the drug in the afternoon, giving the child a “morning” sachet, or the one that you usually give at lunch time.

Remember that the degree of lack of vitamins and minerals is an individual indicator. Typically, to solve problems and eliminate the lack of useful substances in the body, it is necessary to conduct 2-3 courses, with an interval 10-15 days between them.


45 sachets
(3 sachets with different
composition, 15 sachets


for use

Children from 1.5 to 3 years old, 1 sachet of each type per day with meals, in any order, having previously dissolved the contents of the sachet pack (3 g) in 3 dessert spoons (30 ml) of warm boiled water at intensive stirring (at least 3 minutes). The solution should be prepared immediately before use. Over time, a precipitate may settle in the solution. The duration of admission is 1 month.


Individual intolerance to components, impaired carbohydrate metabolism, overweight. Before use, it is recommended to consult a pediatrician.

Not a drug. SGR No. RU. dated March 24, 2020



Vitamins for children from 1.5 to 3 years old are preparations with a special composition. Dosages of useful substances in them should be lower than in "adult" complexes, since the needs of babies are not the same high.

At the same time, the need to introduce children's vitamins into the diet from the age of 1 is supported specialists, as it helps the mental and physical development of the child, makes it complete food.

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies in the first years of life are very common. Associated with him phenomena such as:

  • lack of appetite,
  • lethargy,
  • insomnia or, conversely, drowsiness,
  • irritability and nervous excitability.

Regular intake of vitamin and mineral complexes, such as ALFAVIT Our baby, helps to deal with such problems.

Another important quality that vitamins should have for children aged 1.5-3 years is hypoallergenic. Therefore, in the composition of ALFAVIT Our baby there are no dyes, preservatives and flavorings, and useful substances are presented in their non-allergenic forms (for example, vitamin A is replaced to its safe precursor, beta-carotene).

When choosing vitamins for a child aged 1. 5 to 3 years, it is also important to pay attention to on their form and method of administration. Tablets traditional for vitamin preparations are inconvenient. Here why ALPHABET Our baby is produced in the form of powders that are diluted in water and turn into a drink that is easy to give to a child during or after a meal.

Alphabet Our baby powder for children from 1

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Alphabet Our baby

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You can buy Alfavit Our baby powder for children from 1 to 3 years old in sachets 45 pcs at the price of 636 ₽ in the pharmacies of GORZDRAV in Moscow and Moscow region


Instructions for use



Form of release



The day contains: Sasha NO 1: Vitamins D 3 5 μg are contained in the vitamin Ditamin powder. Pantothenic acid 1.88 mg. Vitamin B 12 0.35 mcg. Folic acid 40 mcg. Minerals: Calcium 80 mg. Excipients Powdered sugar, aerosil. 1 sachet contains 3 g of powder. Sachet pack No. 2: Powder for oral administration contains: Vitamins: Beta-carotene 1.

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