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By Happiest Baby Staff

Storytime has to be the sweetest part of the bedtime routine. What’s better than cuddling up with a picture book that helps our little ones slow down, relax and ease into dreamland?

These 16 tried-and-true bedtime books are perfect for those last moments before drifting off to sleep—warm, soothing and sometimes silly, for going to bed with a smile on your face.

All the animals, from sheep to geese, are snuggling down with their mamas. Tender bedtime rhymes soothe like a lullaby and the beautiful illustrations are an invitation to sleep in this bedtime book.

This classic bedtime book comforts kids by saying goodnight to—and demystifying—each object in the bedroom, from chairs to a picture of bears.

You can’t go wrong with a Sandra Boynton board book. Here, she imagines a boat full of friendly animals going about their bedtime routines (gotta brush those teeth!) before rocking gently to sleep.

Another Boynton favorite turns bedtime into a party complete with song and dance moves. But don’t worry, the after-party takes place in dreamland.

In this bedtime book, a tricky gorilla steals the zookeeper’s keys and lets all the animals out of their cages. When the zookeeper’s wife discovers the animals napping in her bedroom, she gently leads them home so they can all get a good night’s sleep.

The reader is entrusted with a very important and difficult job—don’t let the pigeon stay up late! The crafty pigeon will use every excuse and stall tactic, so it won’t be easy, but it will be funny.

Patient Mr. Panda reminds his animal friends to follow the steps of their bedtime routines, like taking a bath and brushing teeth. Sloth and skunk make excuses, but cheerful Lemur sticks to the plan. (Let’s all be like Lemur.)

What better way is there to say goodnight than with tons of kisses? Count down from “10 little kisses on teeny tiny toes” and learn body parts and numbers along the way with this sweet bedtime book.

Are you more of a hugger? This day in-the-life of a busy bunny is chock full of hug breaks, especially at bedtime!

Cement mixers and crane trucks have bedtimes too in this popular bedtime book about things that go.

Everyone’s favorite toddler tiger wants to play, but it’s time for bed. Dad gently moves Daniel through bath, teeth, PJ’s, story and a song until he’s too sleepy to protest anymore.

Your little one falls asleep to the sound of your loving affirmations, like “I love you like mice love cheese! I love you like vines love trees!” in this bedtime book for babies.

A little owl resists bedtime, claiming he’s not remotely tired—despite all evidence to the contrary. Sound like anyone you know?

A little boy imagines himself as a robot powering down at bedtime. It’s hard to stop jumping and beeping, but by “turning off” each body part, he can finally achieve sleep.

For littles with the wiggles, learning these gentle and poetically expressed yoga poses is a great way to settle in for bed.

A hilarious twist on the traditional bedtime story has our child narrator sending her exhausted and haggard looking parents to bed, which requires taking away their computers, magazines, TV and cell phones. “Remain calm. Do not negotiate,” she advises. Sounds familiar.

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Jack and the Beanstalk

This is the video description for Jack and the Beanstalk This is the video description for Jack and the Beanstalk HOMER is an early learning program for kids ages 2-8. It includes access to hundreds of interactive stories and a personalized learn-to-read plan. Try it free for 30 days! Jack’s tired of milking his old cow, so he decides to sell her at the market. On the way, a peddler convinces Jack to trade the cow for magic beans, and his mother’s none too happy about it. When she tosses the beans out the window and a beanstalk shoots up into the sky, Jack just can’t resist finding out what’s at the top—a giant castle! There he finds a goose that can lay golden eggs, and . . . what’s that? “Fee fi fo fummy!” It’s a giant that thinks Jack smells “yum, yum, yummy!” But when the giant follows Jack down the beanstalk, Jack and the giant find a way to become friends. show full description Show Short Description

Fairy Tales

Browse our collection of fairy tales including those made famous by The Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen

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Jack and the Beanstalk

Goldilocks and the Three Bears


Harold's Fairy Tale

Little Red Riding Hood

The Three Little Pigs

Three Little Pigs

One membership, two learning apps for ages 2-8.


Full Text

Once upon a time, a boy named Jack got himself into the biggest, most humongous heap of trouble ever. It all started when Jack’s mama asked him to milk the old cow. But Jack decided he was tired of milking cows. “No way, no how. I’m not milking this brown cow now,” said Jack, and he decided to sell the old cow, so he’d never have to milk it again! Jack was on his way to market to sell the cow when he came across a peddler. “Hi, Mr. Peddler,” said Jack. “Where are you headed?” asked the peddler. “I’m going to sell my cow at the market,” Jack answered. “Why sell your cow?” asked the peddler. “Trade her for beans!” “Beans?” asked Jack. “Not just any kind of beans,” said the peddler, “magic beans.” “What do they do?” asked Jack. “They do magic!” said the peddler. “Magic? Sold!” said Jack, and he traded the cow for three magic beans. Jack got home and told his mama he had sold the cow so he wouldn’t have to milk her anymore. “Oh dear, you did what?” Jack’s mama asked. “I sold her for magic beans,” said Jack. “You sold a cow for magic beans?” Jack’s mama couldn’t believe what Jack was telling her. “There’s no such thing as magic beans,” she said as she threw the beans out the window. “Well, I did make them disappear, but that still doesn’t make them magic!” Suddenly, the ground rumbled and began to shake. A magic beanstalk grew up right before their eyes! Jack saw it and immediately began to climb the tall beanstalk. “Get back here this instant!” called Jack’s mama, but Jack wasn’t listening. Jack climbed up and up and up and up the beanstalk. At the top of the beanstalk, Jack found a giant castle. He walked up to the giant door, cracked it open, and went inside. Inside the castle, Jack saw the most amazing thing he had ever seen. It was a goose. But it wasn’t just any old ordinary goose. This goose laid eggs made of gold! “That is so cool,” thought Jack. “Think of all the things you could do with golden eggs!” And then, Jack got the worst idea he’d ever had—he was going to take the goose! Jack lifted the goose off of its perch. Just then, the biggest, most fearsome, and only giant Jack had ever seen came into the room. The giant saw that his goose wasn’t in its usual spot! “Fee fi fo funch, if you took my goose, I’ll eat you for lunch!” “Oh no,” thought Jack. “That giant’s going to eat me! I’ve got to get out of here without him seeing me!” Quietly and carefully, Jack took the goose and made his way toward the door. He was almost out of the room when—honk! The goose cried out and the giant spotted Jack! “Fee fi fo fummy, give that back or I’ll call my mummy!” roared the giant. “Ahhh!” screamed Jack. He ran toward the beanstalk. Jack ran as quickly as he could down the beanstalk, but the giant was following close behind. Just as Jack put his feet back on the ground, the giant picked up Jack in his enormous hands. “Fee fi fo fummy, I bet you taste yum yum yummy!” said the giant. Just as the giant was about to eat Jack, the ground began to shake, and there, standing right behind the giant, was an even bigger, taller, more humongous lady giant! “Two giants!” thought Jack. “They’ll eat me now for sure!” “Put that boy down, Willifred,” the giant mama told her son. The giant put Jack back down on the ground. “Now what have I told you?” she asked. “Don’t eat other kids,” said the giant sheepishly. “That’s right, we don’t eat other kids,” said the mama giant. “But he took my goose!” cried the giant. Just then, Jack’s mama came out of the farmhouse. “What on earth is going on here?” she asked. “Well,” Jack began, “there was this castle, and inside was the coolest goose ever—it lays golden eggs! As I was taking it, this giant kid came in and was all ‘fee fi fo fum’ and then I—” “You mean you took this boy’s goose?” Jack’s mama interrupted. “Yeah, but it lays golden eggs!” Jack paused and thought about it. “Huh. Now that you mention it, I guess that wasn’t very nice,” said Jack. Jack looked at the giant. “I’m sorry I took your goose. I know I shouldn’t take things that don’t belong to me.” “That’s OK. I suppose I should’ve asked you to give me back the goose without trying to eat you. I’m sorry too,” said the giant. “Hey, do you want to play baseball?” Jack and the giant became good friends, using the beanstalk to visit each other whenever they wanted. “You know,” Jack said, “if it weren’t for those three magic beans, I never would have learned how to play giant baseball.” “You’re right,” said the giant. “I’d say the whole adventure was a giant success!”


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    Baby bedding in Yekaterinburg.

    Baby bed linen Newborn bed linen Teenage bed linen

    Options and preferences. How to choose bedding for a child?

    Choosing bed linen for your child is a responsible and difficult task. It's like choosing a toy: one toy can become a favorite for many years, and the other can just gather dust in the closet. Same with bed linens. With the right bed linen, your child will fall asleep easily and with pleasure, and he will dream of the characters of his favorite cartoons. nine0007

    Now it is difficult to imagine a child who has never watched cartoons. Children live in a fairy-tale world and are very attached to their favorite cartoon characters, not wanting to part with them even in a dream. Therefore, wanting to please our kids, give them joy and good mood, children's bedding with the image of favorite fairy-tale characters was invented.

    Modern manufacturers of bed linen for children offer a wide selection of patterns and pictures for every child's taste, so that the child can put his favorite cartoon character in his room, or suddenly find himself in a fairy-tale land filled with wonders. This whole magical world that your child dreams about will settle next to him, in his room and his bed! nine0007

    Children's bed linen is divided into several groups, depending on the age of your child and the size of the bed linen.

    Bedding for the little ones (up to 3 years old) is distinguished by the kindest and most cheerful pictures. Images of such traditionally beloved by our kids heroes as Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Bambi, Tom and Jerry predominate. Images of kind and funny little animals enjoy great love of our kids: dogs, cats, bunnies and cubs. nine0007

    Bedding for children from 5 years old. Older children have different preferences, because a five-year-old child may no longer be satisfied with bedding with animals, but the opinion of the owner of the room has to be taken into account! At this age, the gender of the child is already of great importance. The girls want to be in the "princess's bedroom", and the boys in the "real man's" room.

    Bed linen for girls

    Pink colors, favorite romantic characters, princes on white horses, fabulous fairies, princesses, beauties prevail here. Traditional Barbie, Pixie, Rapunzel and other cartoon characters. nine0007

    Bed linen for boys

    Boys have many interests: cars, football, travel and adventure. In accordance with this, it is easy to choose bed linen for boys with a certain pattern. The modern heroes of our boys are Batman and Spiderman, as well as pirates, football players and racing drivers. Cars from the cartoon "Cars" are especially loved by modern boys.

    Bed linen for teenagers

    At this age, children always want to appear adults. And themes from cartoons will no longer suit them. Therefore, teenagers often want to see on their bedding images and scenes from their favorite "adult" films, such as "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Harry Potter", "Star Wars". Symbols of football and hockey clubs, images of Formula 1 cars always attract the attention of "real men". nine0007

    As a rule, the leading manufacturers of baby bedding produce it in three main standards:

    1. Bed linen for the smallest (babies) from 0 to 3 years.

    - Crystiller 125x125 cm, sheet 138x100 cm, pillowcase 45x45 cm.
    - Crystick 115x145 cm, sheet 120x150 cm, pillowcase 40x60 cm.

    2. Lighting for children (junior) from 3 to 10 years.

    - Duvet cover 125x147 cm, sheet 120x150 cm, pillowcase 40x60 cm.
    - Duvet cover 115x145 cm, sheet 120x150 cm, pillowcase 40x60 cm.

    - Crystiller 145x215 cm, sheet 150x215 cm, pillowcase 70x70 cm or 50x70 cm.
    - Crystick 148x215 cm, sheet 150x215 cm, pillowcase 70x70 cm or 50x70 cm.

    In our online store "Domopt 948"0447 bed linen , made in leading factories in Russia and China.
    Company TDL-Textile , a leading manufacturer of bed linen and home textiles in Ivanovo, and trademark Vasilisa represent children's bed linen "Cornflower", "Fairy Tales" and "Disney" . This is a seamless bed linen made in accordance with GOST from high-quality coarse calico using exclusive designs and a wide range of sizes.
    Bed linen for children brand Domomania is made of ranfors (poplin) and high quality satin using Italian designs. Produced for children from 7-10 years.
    Bed linen for children of the company Soavita is made from dense and soft satin of the highest quality and depicts the characters of your favorite cartoons.
    Baby bed linen Touch, Tango, Aria is of the highest quality, made from satin and ranfors, has a festive package and is based on the plots of Disney cartoons. nine0487 Children's bed linen Marianna is made from silk, "as for adults". The sheet and pillowcases are made of ranfors (100% cotton) and the duvet cover is made of rayon. The set looks extremely impressive when unfolded.

    Buy baby bedding in the online store "Domopt96" in Yekaterinburg is simple, easy and profitable! We always have a great selection, great prices and free shipping.

    Learn more


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