Benefits of having a family

10 Benefits of Spending Time With Family

There is not an investment wiser than spending quality time with family. The word “family” is a collective term. In other words, it is not just a couple of individuals living together under the same roof, but a group of people who are connected and share good as well as bad times. A few of the benefits of spending time with family are that nobody knows you like your family and they can be a source of comfort and safety. Family is not always perfect but it is important to build family bonds that will get you through the tough times. There are quite a few advantages of family. Here are some of the benefits of family time together as well as some family time statistics that you may find surprising.

Advantages Of Family

To me, the advantages of family are that you have people to love and who love you. No matter what. The advantages of family are having people catch you when you fall, guide you when you are lost, and restore hope when it is waning. Having someone who knows you through and through and loves you and believes in you, maybe even more than you believe in yourself. Well, that type of family relationship is just invaluable!

Sometimes it is easy to take our family for granted but they are a gift. If you ever lose a family member, you will be reminded how precious they are, how fleeting time is, and how we should treasure our family every day. An extended family with grandparents and uncles and aunts and cousins just means more people to love and care about each other. It gives you an even sturdier foundation to build your life on.

There are also more pragmatic advantages of family.  Having a whole nuclear family under one roof, as opposed to split families under multiple roofs is more financially sound. That huge savings allows more spending money for things the whole family may need and want. More financial stability also tends to mean that the people in the family have more time to spend with each other. There are many benefits of family time and many positive statistics to help prove that.

10 Benefits of Family Time

If you have ever been asked why is family time important, here are 10 strong reasons why spending time with family is important!

1. Strengthens Family Bonding

One of the benefits of spending time with family and indulging in leisure activities together, is that it strengthens the family bond. This holds true to all type of family activities. They don’t always need to be fancy activities that require a bigger sum of money. Even home-based, low-cost activities such as game night, movie night, gardening, or playing outdoors have a big impact on the ‘health’ of the family relationships. These positive behaviors make everybody in the family feel closer emotionally to each other, which is always a good thing. These mundane everyday group activities are known as a family’s “core” activities. Those that require much time, money and planning (special events, vacations) are called “balance” activities.

Finding fun ways to spend special time together should be a source of joy. The benefits of family bonding are deeply related to a family’s ability to better adapt to the changes that come with life. The strengthening of family bonds is one of the important benefits of family time. Strong family bonds are one of the best ways to make us more resilient to the changes and challenges of life.

2. Quality Family Time Improves Child’s Academic Performance

The academic success of a child is associated with having his/her parents provide help and guidance when needed. The first steps are always the hardest and most important. This holds true especially in terms of studying. If you, as a parent, provide essential guidance through your child’s first academic school years, this will have a really positive effect on the child’s life in future. If you help your kid with school matters, it is more likely for him/her to receive a better education. This gives them an opportunity to land a better paying job in the future.

It starts in Kindergarten when you spend enough time letting your child know that you value education. You also need to let them know you expect them to put forth their best effort. Encourage your child to do well and get better grades. Asking about their day and what they learned helps them understand the importance of learning. They will enjoy getting attention for doing well in school activities. One of the benefits of family time is the opportunity to help young children achieve academic skills, confidence, and success.  Success in academic performance often leads to better jobs and more financial security.

3. Spending Time With Family Helps Kids Develop Parenting Skills

Time together with the parents helps the kids develop parenting skills. As strange as it may sound, it really is true. Kids learn by example. If you set a good example on how to behave with your children, your son or daughter will definitely remember that. They will naturally apply these ‘parenting skills‘ in the future with their children. In fact, you will probably notice siblings treating each other in the ways you treat them. I have heard my daughter tell my son, “Now Leo, would you like it if someone did that to you? Don’t do something you wouldn’t like done to you.”

4. More Family Time Results In Less Behavioral Problems

Family time is beneficial for parents and children.  Youths who communicate more with their parents tend to have less behavioral problems. One of the benefits of family time is that they are learning interpersonal skills from the way we treat them. Communication skills are the key to the solution of all problems.

If you help your children learn to talk through problems when they are little, they will naturally do the same as they grow older. Especially when it comes to kids in their teen years. Everybody knows teenagers go through a lot of hard moments. Nothing can make it better for them than having non-judgmental advice from a caring parent. If they know they can come to you with their tricky situations, they will likely act out less and choose better solutions to their problems.

5. Spending Time With Family Results In Less Violence

Adolescents that have a closer relationship with their parents are less likely to engage in acts of violence. Teenagers are often enraged for various reasons. This period of their lives is usually full of emotions, which are sometimes difficult to control. Unchecked emotions can often escalate to random acts of violence either against peers or as an act of self infliction. A conversation with a parent and quality time spent together is capable of relieving these feelings of anxiety and anger. Knowing they can turn to someone who cares and that someone can understand what they are going through helps calm them and leave them less frustrated. One of the benefits of spending time with family is helping each other with coping skills and healthy lifestyles.

6. More Family Time Means Less Chance of Drug Abuse

Studies show that teenagers who spend more time with their family are less likely to engage in substance abuse. Youths who experience various problems and are, in general, frustrated, are likely to seek ‘salvation’ in experiencing artificial highs. This, they ‘accomplish’ by using unlawful substances like drugs. Needless to say, the use of such substances could have great damage to their health and mental health.

Teenagers that always have an understanding and helping parent by their side will be less likely to have big problems. It is less likely that they will feel the urge to use such substances. It is also less likely that they will give in to peer pressure to try drugs when they understand that a parent has their best interest in mind. Parent expectations play an important role. Kids do not like to disappoint a parent who they feel is always there for them and who has made it clear that drugs are a poor choice.

7. Spending Time With Family Results in Greater Happiness

A lot of who we are as people is developed when we are kids. All we know is our parents and family initially. Developing a sense of belonging as a child is a huge benefit of family that stays with you throughout your life. A sense of belonging can lead to a happier child. A benefit of family time is learning that we are cared for and needed and both elements are important to happiness. Families need all their members to be an active giving part of the circle to function at their best.

8. More Family Time Can Lead To Greater Self-Confidence

Another benefit of family time can be building self-confidence. When parents display self-confidence in a way that shows they have a positive value of themselves without putting others down, kids can learn to value themselves. Family can foster a healthy self-esteem and a positive self-concept. This occurs not only through modeling behavior but also through helping the child develop important skills. Social competence and problem solving skills naturally improve the child’s self confidence. Family members can make a real difference in how members view themselves and their ability to succeed in life.

9. Spending Time With Family Results in Conflict Resolution Skills

Every family is sure to suffer its share of conflicts. At times, siblings seem born to argue with each other. Sometimes I just sit back and let them argue it out. After all it is good for them to learn to express their emotions and say what is bothering them. It is good for them to learn to talk through things.

Then there are times when they need help progressing through the argument in a constructive way. I try to be there to mediate and help them learn how to resolve conflicts on their own. The thing about family is that they are always there and it is hard to just avoid them or forget about them. That means you have to learn to work things out, to let the little things slide, and to make up and move on. Conflict resolution is an important life skill. One of the benefits of spending time with family is that they can help you learn to problem solve and forgive.

10. More Family Time Offers More Chance Of Success

One of the most important benefits of spending time with family is increased chances for success. A positive family environment allows the individuals to blossom instead of worry. All of the great benefits of family that I have already mentioned just set up family members for more success.

When everything is positive at home, each family member has a chance to grow to their potential and support each other in their growth. Family stability is key to academic success. Family helps provide you with a safety net and gives you reason to push yourself to succeed. Cleverism said that 66% defined success as “good relationships with friends and family,” so you can see right there how important family time is. And as Zig Ziglar said, “a synergism exists between your personal, family and business lives, and what you do in one affects the other two.”

There is also the point that more family members working for a common goal helps you get ahead. The help of the entire family helps have a bigger positive impact on any of life’s challenges.

Why Spending Time With Family Matters

These ten benefits of spending time with family are probably more concrete than you even expected. Less quantifiable benefits of family include being there each other and helping each other be better in all areas.  

The good news it is that quality time doesn’t have to a family vacation, it can be a simple family night. Every little bit of time counts When we spend time as family cooking, cleaning, shopping, or building, we are teaching our children our family values and important skills that will help them function better in life.  

From a bedtime story to a family meeting, creating positive memories creates a strong family bond. Which of these advantages of family bonding time surprised you? What are your favorite benefits of family time?


The advantages of family are many but don’t take them for granted. Building and maintaining a strong family unit takes you making it a priority and giving it your time and attention. I think a solid family life really helps children feel more secure and grow up to be more confident. Try a family dinner and group activity like a board game as a great way to enjoy each other’s company. The importance of having a good family relationship can not underestimated. Family bonding time pays dividends in the future.

Did any of these benefits of family bonding time surprise you? What do you think are the main advantages of spending time with family?

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10 Incredible Benefits Of Spending Time With Family


In the busyness of life, you should not lose out on the benefits of spending time with your family. It is important to carve out quality time as it can help you live a long, healthy life. Spending time with loved ones helps in reducing stress, boosts productivity, and improves your mental and physical health. It is not easy to maintain a work-life balance, so you need to come up with simple ways to strengthen the relationship with your family without compromising on your career goals! Scroll down to learn more.

In This Article

Benefits Of Spending Time With Family


  • Strengthens Family Bonds

The most significant benefit of spending quality time with family is that it helps you strengthen your family bonds. You need not plan out something elaborate to spend time with your near and dear ones. It can be something as simple as playing indoor games or cooking dinner together. You can even incorporate a fun element into your family time activity so that everyone finds it interesting. The rest will work out on its own.

StyleCraze Says

Simply being present as a family in a room without conflict and doing what interests you as individuals can be beneficial and increase the comfort all the members share with each other. This act sends the message that your individualities are accepted and acknowledged, which deepens the emotional connection between family members.

  • Reduces Stress

The time spent in the company of your family, away from the hassles of job deadlines and work commitments, can help refresh your mind and body. Quality time with family can make you feel energized and ready to take on the world once more. It is an effective way to reduce stress and improve your mental health.

  • Encourages Communication

People often find no time to communicate with their family members due to a hectic schedule. But spending time with your loved ones is a chance to overcome this issue. You can talk freely and listen to what others have to say. It helps create a space for easy and open communication between the members of your family.

  • Fulfills Emotional Needs

Often our emotional needs remain neglected while being caught up in the daily activities. By spending time with your parents, spouse, or kids, you can fulfill your and your family members’ emotional needs. It can leave you in a constructive frame of mind, which is a priceless achievement.

  • Creates Positive Vibes

If a family seldom gets time to spend together, the home environment can get charged up. With every member dealing with their pressures, there seems to be no outlet. Making time for family can help ease up such stress and monotony. When you spend time with your family, and everyone is happy and joyful, it creates positive vibes in your home.

  • Improves Relationship Dynamics

It is a known fact that children imitate the behavior of their parents. If they find their parents are always stressed out and have no time for them, they can internalize such things. This might hinder their healthy mental growth and development.

Thus, by having a good time with your family, you can set an example of happy family life and improve relationship dynamics. It will make the kids understand that even if there are stressful situations in life, one can always depend on the family to deal with them.

  • Keeps Behavioral Issues In Check

More often than not, kids experience behavioral issues as they step into their teens. This can impact their well-being and prevent them from growing up into happy and confident individuals. By spending more family time, you can help your adolescent kids to open up about the issues they are facing. If you adopt a non-judgmental attitude towards their problems, they will take your advice and implement it into their lives. If they know there is someone at home to help them out of tricky situations or peer pressure, they are less likely to have behavioral issues.

  • Improves Mental Health

With more time on social media platforms, people have been able to increase their virtual friends and acquaintances. But the downside is that they are losing touch with those near them, particularly family and friends. When you enjoy your time with your family, you are in a better position to share your anxieties and seek guidance or opinion. Being surrounded by your loved ones can help improve your mental state and boost your energy to overcome any challenges.

  • Improves Academic Performance Of Children

Kids who come from happy families are often able to concentrate better and do well academically. Also, when parents spend time with family, they can help children with their academic activities and learning. One of the benefits of a family spending time together is that the kids can pick up communication and problem-solving skills and build confidence. These can play a significant role in shaping their personality and help them excel in academics.

  • Creates Lifelong Memories

You get to create lifelong memories by spending a good time with your family. Your kids will grow up in time. You and your spouse will age. But the happy moments spent as a family will always remain etched in the memories of each one of you. Just the thought of happy moments – all of you laughing, talking, and doing things together will bring a smile to your face.

Family time is the best time. Even if you are caught up with your professional commitments, spare some time for your family. Here are the 10 simple yet effective ways to spend quality time with your family.

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How To Spend Time With Your Family


1. Enjoy At Least One Meal Together

Sitting together for at least one meal a day can be a great way to bond with your family. You can opt for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, depending on the schedules of your family members. Eating a meal together enables a family to have lively conversations and exchange thoughts, ideas, and views on various topics.

2. Keep Your Phones Switched Off

It is a healthy practice to switch off your mobile phones while spending time with your family. There will be no distraction from work calls or emails when you are engrossed in a family activity or conversation. This will keep your focus on your family and improve the quality of time you all spend together.

3.Opt For Daily Reading Sessions

Reading together as a family has many benefits. You can enjoy this as a family activity and spend some quality time with your loved ones. You can also incorporate the habit of reading in your children. If your children are too small to read by themselves, you and your spouse can take turns to read out to them. For adolescent kids, you all can read together and exchange ideas.

StyleCraze Says

You can also have shared music sessions where each member gets a turn to play their favorite songs for the family. This can create a mood of relaxation and also offer a chance to learn about the tastes and preferences of the other family members.

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4. Go For Post-Dinner Walks

After-dinner walks are a good way to maintain your health and improve your digestion. Well, it is also an easy way to enjoy family time. Every night after dinner, take a walk with your family members. Strolling at night can be an exciting experience for the kids and help you indulge in talking and discussion.

5. Enjoy A Day Out Every Month

Make it a point to go on a long drive or picnic every month. Spending the whole day out with your family can be a lot of fun. Select the picnic destination or drive route in advance and decide how you want to spend the day. You can involve your kids in the planning to create excitement about the whole affair and increase their enthusiasm.

6. Share Family Stories

What can be a better way to bond with your family than sharing family stories? All your family members can share stories about special family moments or funny stories from their childhood.  Not only will your children enjoy such sessions, but they will also be able to know better about each member.

7. Create Photo Collections

As a family activity to spend time together, you can show your old photo albums to your kids. You can also create new albums to store photos of the special moments you spend with your kids. This way, the kids will also be interested in adding up to the photo collection, and in no time, you will have new albums with splendid memories.

8. Dance Together

One stress-busting activity that can enrich your family time is dancing away to the tunes of the latest chartbusters. It will help every family member to let go of any tensions and enjoy some amazing moments together. You can also make it a part of your weekly family time activity.

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9. Try Baking And Bonding In The Kitchen

Who does not like those baked treats, especially if they are fresh and homemade? You can work out a baking session to spend quality family time. Plan what you want to bake and get your kids involved in the process. You can ask the kids to help you with small tasks – they will enjoy the whole process of cooking and learn some life skills. Before you know, your kitchen will be full of the aroma of freshly baked goodies, the laughter of your kids, and the warmth of baking as a family.

10. Take Up A New Hobby Together

Spending family time together can become more enjoyable when you take up a new hobby together. It can be painting, gardening, arts and crafts, or photography. You can even take turns to accomplish tasks in your hobby. For instance, if you have taken up gardening as a hobby, your spouse can prepare the soil and pots while your kids can water the plants and make sure they get enough sunlight.

The base of a happy family depends on the partnership of the couple. Therefore, it is important to spend quality family time with your spouse. Here’s what makes family time important for couples.

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Importance Of Family Time For Couples


Strengthens Your Bond

Having your partner around for some time daily, undistracted by professional issues, can work wonders for your relationship. It can help develop a sense of security and strengthen your marital bond. You will be able to count on each other for support. Seeing you as a happy couple will also make your kids feel happy and secured.

  • Helps Grow With Each Other

No one is absolutely perfect in a marriage. There are bound to be moments when you both may not agree on something. But by spending quality time together, you will be able to understand why each one of you is thinking differently. Even if you fail to arrive at a common ground, you will be able to disagree agreeably.

  • Revives Your Energy And Mood

Maintaining the pressures of work and home is never easy. When you feel tired and exhausted, look forward to reviving your energy and mood during the family hour. It will help you draw strength and pass your day without feeling miserable.

Family time is equally important for the children. Let us look at how family time can be helpful for children.

Importance Of Family Time For Children


Develops A Sense Of Security

Kids are more sensitive than grown-ups. When you spend time as a family, it gives them a sense of security and well-being. They love the comfortable atmosphere created by the immediate family members. This helps kids open up about their issues faced at schools, such as bullying or peer pressure.

  • Keeps Negative Influence In Check

As kids grow up, they become exposed to good and bad influences. With a solid base at home, they will be able to distinguish the good from the bad. Even if you notice changes in their behavior, talk with them regarding any issue they may be facing.

  • Helps Build Confidence

When children have a happy environment at home, they often grow up to be confident individuals. The communication skills they pick up at home help them create friends outside. Such children are also likely to have a positive view of life.

How Much Time Should You Spend With Your Family?

The duration is not as important as the quality of time with your family. You may spend just 30 minutes of family time daily. But if you can connect with your family and everybody is happy at the end of these 30 minutes, it is enough.

What matters is everyone should be able to participate in the activities without compromising on their daily routine. You can also increase your family time over the weekends for a couple of hours each day.

Busy life and hectic schedules are among the main reasons behind parents not getting enough time to spend with their children. But such a situation can lead to many adverse effects.

What Would Happen If You Are Not Spending Time With Your Child?


Emotional Turmoil

As children grow up, their psychological and emotional needs start to grow. If parents do not find time to meet these needs, the children may suffer from emotional turmoil and feel isolated.

  • Enhanced Dependence On Technology

Children are attracted to the online world and the latest gadgets. When they do not get enough time and attention from their parents, they may spend their time in the virtual platform and become detached from the original world.

  • Poor Academic Performance

If children face any emotional distress at home, it is bound to impact their academic performance. Also, when parents are unable to guide them in their studies, it can become difficult for them to cope with their lessons at school.

Are you spending enough time with your family? Although most of us would love to answer in the affirmative, the truth may not be so. Check out the following signs that indicate you may not be spending enough family time.

What Are The Warning Signs I Am Not Spending Enough Time With Family?

  • You are so involved in your professional life that your kids and spouse are almost always asleep when you reach home. You may have subconsciously detached yourself from the daily activities of your kids. You are not aware of your children’s favorite things, be it their games, food, toys, or cartoons. On top of that, you have no clue who their friends are.
  • You forgot when was the last time you went on a family holiday and had fun together.
  • It is not you but your parents or another family member who knows your kid better than you.
  • Your child seems to be more comfortable in the company of their caregiver or nanny than you.

There is nothing more precious than time. While it is vital to build a career and provide a comfortable life to your family, make sure that you do not do so at the cost of their happiness. Your family will be happy to have you around, even if it is for a little while. So, take out some time for your family and cherish the big and small joys of life in their company.

Spending some quality time with family can improve mental health and boost your self-confidence. Therefore, building and maintaining a strong family bond should be your priority. There are many benefits of spending time with family, including strong family bonds and reduced stress. Though building a career is important, make sure that you do not do it at the cost of your family member’s happiness. Spare some time with your family, and they will be happy to have you around. So, take some time for your family and enjoy the little joys of life in their valuable company.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a family lead a happy life?

A family can lead a happy life through open communication, playing activities together, showing appreciation and commitment, and balancing work-home life efficiently.

Why do families influence you the most?

Families influence a positive development and growth in you. Your family influences your decisions on any religion, value, emotional learning, and important life choices such as education.

What brings a family together?

A strong connection and good communication among members can bring a family closer together.

Is family necessary for happiness?

Yes, a family or familial group of friends is necessary to have. A supportive family can help you get rid of unnecessary stress and anxiety. You have people to share your accomplishments and celebrate with. However, if you have a negative family, they can tear you down and it is better to find a trustworthy family in your friends instead.

Key Takeaways

  • Spending some quality time with family can strengthen bonds, reduce stress, and improve mental health.
  • It helps improve relationship dynamics, positively impacts the kids, and gives them a sense of security.
  • You may try to have meals together or go for family holidays, drives, and picnics at least once a month.

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Pros and cons of the family | Stud-plusStudent-plus

An article discussing the pros and cons of a family in the modern world.



Modern life has changed a lot over the past 20-30 years and dictates different rules of life. It would be more accurate to say that at last the rules as dogma and the expression of harsh public opinion disappeared, and they were replaced by freedom: thoughts, self-expression, lifestyle. This freedom is even frightening - before it was clear which road awaits you. School - professional education - wedding - work - retirement ... Boring, but stable and understandable. Family life in this list occupied its honorable role. Unmarried ladies and single men were considered, as it were, insufficiently full-fledged members of society. nine0004

Now the statistics of marriages and divorces confirms that family and marriage are no longer such an important value. Now everyone decides whether to create a family and when, or live in free solitude. Of course, you can’t sit on two chairs, and you still have to choose whether to marry or not. You can make a decision thoughtfully, based on objective information - the pros and cons of the family.

Advantages of family life

1. Economic sustainability.
When 2 or more people share the house and life, it naturally reduces the cost of many components of everyday life. You do not need to purchase 2 washing machines, 2 refrigerators, 2 stoves, etc. And even one car in the family is more common than two. Thus, these costs are divided in half. nine0004

Another aspect: if one spouse loses his job or even decides to consciously change it and try a new type of activity or business, the other can financially support him during the time of uncertainty.

In traditional families, the main breadwinner and breadwinner was a man, and a woman under his wing felt warm and comfortable, she did not have to worry about tomorrow. Now, many representatives of the weaker sex are not so weak, and they will still give odds to many men. Women are generally better adapted to stress, and during the times of not weak economic upheavals in our country, they have successfully learned independence. Maybe this is the reason for the crisis of the modern family? nine0004

2. The presence of a loved one nearby, emotional support.
An important factor that allows you to satisfy a person's needs for belonging and close relationships. Love, respect, the opportunity to share painful things are necessary for everyone, it helps to feel the fullness of life, to share it with a loved one.

However: this function (vest, adviser and listener) can also be assigned to other people - mother, girlfriend and even a psychoanalyst. Therefore, if a family is created for the most part in order to have someone to speak out, one should think about why this is so necessary, why can't we rely on ourselves? nine0004

But just being able to communicate with someone who loves and understands you is a big plus of family life.

3. Help in everyday matters.
It is not in vain that gender differences are laid down by nature - men are strong and courageous, and women are stress-resistant and hardy. In life, there are a lot of situations when a person cannot cope alone - this applies to both trifles (such as moving a closet) and more serious matters, such as building a house in the country. In family life, these issues are resolved much easier than for a single person. Yes, and joint activities are very close, make you feel needed, necessary and useful, which increases overall self-confidence and satisfaction with life. nine0004

5. Regular sex.
An important advantage of family life is the presence of a constant sexual partner nearby, with all the consequences.
The fact that this is a close person with whom you share sorrows and joys, knowing, among other things, his characteristics in the sexual sphere is a fat plus. And the emotional connection in such relationships is much deeper than in casual or short-lived relationships, which, of course, gives the process a special charm.

6. Social status.
For many, it is important, and, moreover, it is taken into account in social life - when applying for a job, when issuing a loan, etc. The position of a married woman or a married person gives the personality an aura of seriousness, maturity, such people seem to others more responsible and reliable. A family man is more likely to be trusted with some important business than a bachelor. nine0004

7. Opportunity to bear and raise children.
A complete family with children will undoubtedly give the child more advantages than having only one parent living with him. Of course, a single happy mother is better than a nervous and twitchy one, but with her father - but these are already extreme cases.

It is in a complete family that children feel stability, develop calmly and naturally learn both social norms of behavior and peculiarities of gender relations. In the future, it will be easier for such children to build relationships with the opposite sex, because, using the example of their own family, they have learned to take into account the opinions of others, show tolerance and kindness, and make compromises. nine0004

8. Opportunity for personal growth.
I like this item the most 😊 Many modern psychologists tend to believe that a person can develop alone only up to a certain level. Then, for complete personal harmony, he needs a partner. Only in pairs can many important qualities be improved.
I tend to agree. Alone, we can almost achieve zen by skillfully maneuvering relationships and building a financial base. But it is worth starting a family, and all emotional stability can fly to dust. You treat your partner differently than the rest of those around you, you hang your expectations, projections on him, you demand that he fulfill his desires and take into account his opinion, respect, love, etc. At a minimum, family life is ideal for working out the ego. nine0004

Of course, such an opinion of psychologists has the right to life. Or maybe it's just a hysterical propaganda of family life against the backdrop of the current family crisis...

Having a certain level of personality development will allow a person to choose a suitable partner with whom there will be fewer conflicts and more cooperation. And the presence of common interests, values, goals brings people together and allows you to enjoy life more fully and make your dreams come true faster. How harmonious your family and relationship with a partner is also reflects the personal level of a person. nine0004

Disadvantages of family life

1. Economic instability.
When you live alone, you are naturally responsible for yourself and plan your employment accordingly. And if you are a solid, purposeful person who is used to planning everything in advance, the likelihood of a personal financial crisis is reduced. In family life, it is possible that your partner will be left without a source of income and you will have to distribute your own income more economically, taking into account all other family members. nine0004

Honestly, I don't even know if this is a minus. When love, respect and devotion reign in the family, then you are naturally happy to support a loved one. Isn't that what we live for?

2. Restriction of personal freedom.
In rare families, spouses lead a free lifestyle, not taking into account the opinion of the other half. Usually, even meetings with friends or colleagues occur with the tacit (or verbal) approval of the spouse. Not to mention the long vacation. Free time is planned taking into account the opinion and schedule of the partner. Large purchases are also usually made jointly. nine0004

If living alone is a full-flowing and deep river that flows evenly and calmly (because you only need to consult with yourself), then family life is a stormy mountain river with whirlpools and rapids, unexpectedly occurring around the corner. And in order to survive in it, you need to skillfully maneuver, taking into account the interests of your partner, and not forget about your own. Not everyone is capable of it.

This also includes fewer opportunities to be alone. Many people, especially introverted individuals, need personal space. Stop, listen to the voice of your thoughts, gather strength, and finally, just do what you love. But in the conditions of living together - when you return home from work, you meet children and your spouse, and it is very difficult to be alone with yourself. Freelancing can solve the problem (as it happened for me), but you still won’t be able to fully manage your time. In especially neglected cases, there is a feeling that you are like a squirrel in a wheel and do not belong to yourself. nine0004

3. Existence of household duties.

It is easier for a person who lives alone to arrange his life and keep order. There is no need to cook for the whole family, clean up things that are not scattered by you, take care that everyone living in this territory is comfortable and convenient.

And in general, in order to exist in a family, everyday compatibility of its members is necessary, as well as the existence of any rules (voiced or implied), up to who is the first to take a bath in the morning or who takes the child to school. After all, how many marriages break up because of the notorious unclosed tube of toothpaste, and in general terms, the irritation of one spouse with the everyday habits of the other. nine0004

4. One sexual partner.
As my friend used to say a long time ago: “you can eat potatoes fried, boiled, mashed, in their skins, and in 100 different versions, but it's ALL THE SAME POTATO!. And sometimes you want meat.
Indeed, sex with one partner can be as varied as you want, but it's still the same partner...
And the desire to diversify your personal sex life may not end very well.

In fairness, I will say that this minus of family life is not a problem for all families, someone, on the contrary, appreciates stability. But there is also a category of individuals who definitely need variety, novelty, thrills, etc. Marriage can also be shaken. nine0004

Balance of pluses and minuses of family life

Thus, we found out that many factors can be considered in two ways - from the positive and negative sides. This or that element in different families can turn into both a plus and a minus.
It is important to maintain a balance, to grow the seeds of happiness and love in family life from the pluses, and to neutralize the possible minuses, considering them as a natural payment for other conveniences and pleasures. This is easily achieved when all family members have a desire and are ready to work in this direction. When someone alone is trying to pull the blanket over himself, not caring about the interests of a partner, you should generally think about the advisability of continuing family relationships with this person. nine0004

In a free life, you don't orient yourself to anyone, but you don't rely on anyone. However, if you are an integral and independent person, most likely you will be able to build a harmonious family, where they will respect each other and give some degree of freedom.
Neurotic individuals suffer in loneliness (they feel like a soul mate), but when they create a family, they bring their psychological problems there - either the Karpman triangle is played out in a relationship, or another negative scenario is played out. Is an unhappy family of proud loneliness better? nine0004

Also, the pluses and minuses of a family are affected by the presence of children - they turn the family into a complex system, and there are also many advantages and disadvantages.

Advice: Do not have children in the first year of marriage, this may negatively affect them in the event of a possible divorce. It is more expedient to first get to know each other, and then consciously take this serious step.

And here is the man's opinion - does a young man need a family?

Probably, the decision - to start a family or not, should be made based on the needs of the soul - if you really want to, you need to try and continue to proceed from your experience. nine0004

You might also ask yourself: How important are the values ​​of family life to you?

But in general, the main criterion is your desire. Just listen to yourself!

Pluses and minuses of a big family

I don't consider our family to be big at the moment - only five people. But in many places this is how we are called - both in Russia and abroad. And many more are afraid to start a large family. There are a lot of fears and myths in my head. At the same time - many want, but prick. nine0003

I don't consider our family to be big at the moment - only five people. But in many places this is how we are called - both in Russia and abroad. And many more are afraid to start a large family. There are a lot of fears and myths in my head. At the same time - many want, but prick.

A large family has many advantages, they are much more than difficulties. And I will describe them below. But there are downsides. And I don't want to pretend it doesn't exist. So let's start with them. nine0004

Food runs out instantly. Especially among vegetarians, because fresh vegetables and fruits cannot be stored for a long time. Well, all this is eaten in two counts. To the store every day or every other day. The husband is always in shock, where did everything go. I remember the story of the mother of 9 children that 20 kg of oranges ran out in a day.

It is impossible to please everyone always. With one or even two children, it is easy to find compromises and make sure that everyone is always happy. And if there are three, four, five or more children? Some people are always happy, some not so much. And this is not a tragedy, this is the norm. The main thing is that the disgruntled face changes, and not always be the same. nine0004

Need to change instruments and change yourself (parents). One child can be passed to each other as a banner. Two children can be separated - one in each hand. And three? Four? We need to change all our ways of influencing children. And that means change inside.

Sometimes there are not enough hands.

Sometimes you even want to hug everyone at once - but it doesn't always work out. And sometimes you wash the ass of one, and somewhere else falls. And you need to urgently feel sorry for him, but the priest is still not washed.

You need to set the boundaries of your time more strictly. When you have one child and he sleeps, this is your time. And when there are three of them, and one is sleeping, and two are not? Or two are sleeping and one is not? Whose time is it then? nine0004

Find ways to give everyone personal attention. It can be difficult, but a child does not need much attention - to draw a little together, collect Lego, cuddle.

There is no time to be lazy and depressed, because all the time you need to take care of someone. This can be considered both a plus and a minus.

Even children who love each other sometimes quarrel and fight. Especially boys - and there are always enough reasons. It's hard to bear, but I haven't seen brothers and sisters who never swear. nine0004

Different tastes - in food, for example. You can't always please everyone with one dish. You have to twist.

Collective ownership of almost everything, try to take something of your own just for yourself - from a piece of mango to new pencils. Whoever found it, that and slippers. And someone will definitely find it.

Noisy. Quiet only at night, when everyone is sleeping - and then not for long. The silence becomes so desirable.

More things in the house and more to take on trips. One suitcase for five is no longer enough. And since there are more things, it can be more difficult with order, and with washing, and with laying out in places. nine0004

Traveling is more expensive - tickets, large rooms (they don't always let you stay in one ordinary room, sometimes you have to take 2 rooms or one large one), you need large cars for rent, and so on.

It is difficult for parents to be alone. Only if you run away from home, leaving the children with someone. As one father of many children said - the more children in the house, the less likely it is that there will be more of them ... well, you know what he means.

Need to reboot all the time. What worked for one won't necessarily work for the other. With one there will be some difficulties, with the other - others. There is no single algorithm for educating and solving all problems. nine0004

Don't snap your claws in a large family, as my husband says. If you think for a long time whether you want a banana, you will be left without a banana. This is a minus for those who are used to thinking for a long time. Or like me, I'm used to finding something where I put it.

The husband turns from a family member into a servant. The same is true about the wife - give, bring, stroke, feed, wash, clean.
Functional load increases on parents, even with the help of elders. You have to delegate - and find time for opportunities to just love. nine0004

The more children you have, the less often you are invited to visit, especially those who do not have children.

Things become unusable faster - the more children, the more likely it is that they will paint wallpaper, bed linen, break a vase.

Let's move on to the pluses? There are many more, and I did not write down all of them.

Fun. In general, there is no way to get bored when there are so many different loved ones around. The more children, the more unpredictable the world.

Personal growth. Permanent - for both mom and dad. Whether they want it or not. And this is a plus - you definitely won’t stiffen! nine0004

In many ways, two is easier than one, and three is easier than two. They are distracted by each other, play, build relationships with each other.

Much depends on the older child - the younger ones will take an example from him. Therefore, many say that it is enough to educate one, and then put it on stream. Sometimes it is enough for one to teach something - and he will teach the rest.

A huge portion of the daily "mi-mi-mi", that is, what you can admire endlessly - when they hug and kiss each other. When they are dressed the same, when they share with each other and take care of each other. nine0004

It's beautiful. Photos, family videos, the same clothes - so many different ways to keep memories of the childhood of the little ones!

This is natural. And many things are revealed only after the third child, and some only after the fifth (according to rumors). Many say that three children is not a large family, but a normal family.

All children are different. And in a large family there is a chance to see this in practice, when the same parents have several completely different children. There is less chance that you will fulfill your dreams and realize your ambitions at their expense. nine0004

Real socialization. From which you can’t hide, you can’t pretend to be someone. You have to learn to build relationships, conflict, put up, express feelings and yourself. For real. This is more like the realities of life than the artificial collection of children of the same age in kindergarten.
You don't have to go to kindergarten - why, if you have a real kindergarten at home?

There is always someone to hug right now. Anytime and anywhere. And it's great!

Mom will have to take care of herself and her inner development - otherwise she will not survive. She will have to find a hobby and change her attitude towards herself. nine0004

Both parents will have to "grow" a sense of humor, which is very valuable. Again - because otherwise it will not work.

With the birth of children, you become more efficient - you get more done in less time. The best time management teacher is children.

Large families teach patience, humility, service. Children in them are more mature, more independent, they know how to take care and work, it is easier for them to create families and they understand what to do with children.

And yes, I will highlight this separately. Children from large families understand what parenthood is, what to do with the little ones, what to play, how to care for. For them, the birth of their children does not become a shock or some kind of punishment. They have already gone through the school of a young fighter. And this is very important! nine0004

And when the parents are gone, each other will have enough of them to support each other and be friends.

You can learn a lot - after all, each child is interested in something different. Become a pro in drawing, and in Lego, and go to fire stations, and learn to sew and knit.

Parents finally have to delegate responsibilities - one or two children can be fully serviced on their own. But when there are three or four of them, you have to look for other solutions to the problem. nine0004

According to my observations, mothers of many children are always very versatile and insanely beautiful - both inside and out.

In a large family, the amount of love and happiness increases proportionally - or even exponentially.

And yes, it's not much more expensive than raising 1-2 children - just a different management (things move from one to another, a lot is used more intensively and collectively, the excess is discarded and quite easily).

Space for the realization of the talents of mom and dad! nine0004

You can lead the masses, you can put on performances, you can put together a basketball team!

More joy, positive emotions, inspiration. Every child contributes to this great cause.

Children open this world for us anew. Every time. Every child. And it's amazing.

It's amazing to see in their eyes the continuation of their beloved husband. Each time is different. This is probably the most amazing feeling - to give birth to a piece of a loved one.

A large family is a reason to reconsider your life and move on to a more natural one. For example, moving to the countryside, growing your own food, being closer to nature. With one or two children, you can live in the city. Three or more is more difficult. nine0004

When a mother is busy with an important task, that is, raising her children, she leaves her energy there. While the child is small, he needs one hundred percent, and a lot of energy is spent, she has no time to do nonsense. But as soon as she grows up, her mother gradually begins to endure the brain of her father. Because she has too much energy. It would be possible for her to work, but then she will spend everything there. But it would be better for her to give birth to someone again - and throw out her strength there.

You won't be bored. Guaranteed. nine0004

In a large family, children do not suffer from overprotection, parents have no time to control them, to watch them totally. There is more freedom and independence in their lives.

Children under five naturally radiate happiness. Therefore, the first five years of happiness in the house are so many.

Mom and dad become not just a couple, but truly family people. The more children you have, the stronger your spiritual and spiritual intimacy, the more valuable the relationship, the more love in them.

Faith in God is increasing. You have to believe that someone other than you is keeping your children and protecting, otherwise you will just go crazy with anxiety and the inability to be everywhere at the same time. nine0004

Pluses and minuses... And children grow up, grow up, and at home it becomes quieter and quieter.

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