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“OMG... this app will blow your press the Shazam button and boom, you got the name of the song.”
“So helpful in finding good and new music you truly love.”
“I literally find my song in 1 second…"
“I love Shazam...It is helping me build a great playlist of songs I dont recognize right off hand.”
“This app is literally part of my daily routine…”
“This is the bestest app ever PEOPLE! If you want to know the name of a song or artist, this is the app you want.”
“Love the smooth integration to my Apple Music...”
“Love the lyrics section!!! The lyrics match the words of the song…“

Shazam is THE fastest way to discover music!
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“OMG... this app will blow your press the Shazam button and boom, you got the name of the song.”
“So helpful in finding good and new music you truly love.”
“I literally find my song in 1 second…"
“I love Shazam...It is helping me build a great playlist of songs I dont recognize right off hand.”
“This app is literally part of my daily routine…”
“This is the bestest app ever PEOPLE! If you want to know the name of a song or artist, this is the app you want.”
“Love the smooth integration to my Apple Music...”
“Love the lyrics section!!! The lyrics match the words of the song…“

Shazam is THE fastest way to discover music!

Availability and features may vary by country.
For more information on Shazam’s privacy practices, please read the Privacy Policy, available at

Version 15.20

“Hey Siri, what’s the name of this song?” 

Songs you identify using Siri on iOS 16 now sync to your Shazam App library and Music Recognition History View in Control Center.

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Editors' Notes

Think identifying tunes is the only trick in Shazam’s magic act? Not quite. The app’s an unmissable destination for music lovers, with exciting ways to find tracks by your favourite artists, discover new ones and interact with top streaming services. And yes, we’re still blown away by Shazam’s sorcerous ability to ID songs—especially when it happens on our Apple Watch.

Great in concept

This app used to work great, I loved using it. Fair to say it changed my relationship with music, and became my default tool for deciding my Triple J hottest 100 votes (most shazzams for a song gets my top vote). Unfortunately it’s now supper buggy and unreliable for some reason. I think they changed the way it works? If you didn’t have cell coverage it used to just store a sample for when you get back in range. Now it panics and crashes, or freezes and won’t work, like, 50% of the time. It’s it because it’s so busy downloading ads that there’s no processor left for the actual purpose of the app?

I don’t understand how a great app which used to work really well can get *less* reliable. Please Shazam sort your selves out, I love your app but it’s unusable like this

Great app, could be better

I’ve seen plenty of overwhelmingly positive reviews for Shazam and after using it for only a short period of time I can see how useful the app can be. On multiple occasions a random catchy song has come on the radio that I want to add to my playlist, and Shazam is there to help. Even when the song is really quiet, Shazam can still pick it up. I could barely hear a song playing once and yet Shazam knew exactly which song it was. I would definitely recommend to others, especially since it’s free.
My one problem with Shazam is that a lot of the time I’ll hear a song come on that I love and before I can grab my phone to Shazam it, it’s gone. So now what do I do. Shazam has forced me to get another app as well because I can’t find a song by humming or singing it since Shazam needs to hear the actual song playing. This is a shame since I’m really liking the app. If the developers could perhaps add a feature that allows me to hum or sing a song and have it found by Shazam, that would be awesome. Even Google now has this feature, and from such a great app like Shazam I kind of expect the same.
Overall a very useful app, and if this change happens I will absolutely edit my review to five stars. Developers, I’m counting on you.

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Sothern Baptist Style: LTC 2013 Jamboree contingent ( in a long toned talkin) I said a boooommmm chica booooommmmm I said a boooommmmm chica boooommmm Praise the gospel, praise the gosple chica boom

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Feb 03, 2015 - Jennifer Gutowski

The wolves of Pack 25 (3025 Elim Lutheran, Duluth, MN) will be rocking Blue & Gold with this 'oldie but goodie'! So excited to see the rest of the Pack's reaction to the Star Wars style but also to the 'new' Minecraft Style: I said a mine diga mine I said a mine diga mine I said a mine diga hole, build a village, diga mine

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Harley Davidson Style-
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I said a blah do your homework being quiet blah blah blah

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I said a mine digga mine
I said a mine digga mine
I said a mine digga mine theres a creepa in ma mine

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Stuck on zoom style:

I said a zoom stuck on zoom
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Rocket ship style! I said a zoom chicka zoom I said a zoom chicka zoom I said a zoom Shippa rocket     Shippa rocket shippa zoom! Uh huh   Oh yeah      One more time

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Why? V.


We were alone in the dining room - me and Boom. I dangled under the table with my feet, and Boom nibbled lightly on my bare heels. I was ticklish and fun. Above the table hung a large daddy's card - my mother and I only recently gave it to be enlarged. On this card, dad had such a cheerful, kind face. But when, playing with Boom, I began to swing in a chair, holding on to the edge of the table, it seemed to me that dad was shaking his head.

- Look, Boom, - I said in a whisper and, swaying heavily in my chair, grabbed the edge of the tablecloth.

There was a ringing... My heart sank. I slowly slid off my chair and lowered my eyes. Pink shards lay on the floor, and the gold rim glittered in the sun.

Boom crawled out from under the table, carefully sniffed at the potsherds and sat down with his head tilted to one side and one ear raised up.

Quick footsteps were heard from the kitchen.

- What is it? Who is it? Mom knelt down and covered her face with her hands. "Daddy's cup... daddy's cup..." she repeated bitterly. Then she raised her eyes and reproachfully asked: - Is that you?

Pale pink shards glistened on her palms. My knees trembled, my tongue stuttered.

- It's... it's... Boom!

- Boom? - Mom got up from her knees and slowly asked again: - Is this Boom?

I nodded my head. Boom, hearing his name, moved his ears and wagged his tail. Mom looked at me, then at him.

- How did he break it?

My ears were on fire. I spread my arms:

- He jumped a little... and with his paws...

Mom's face darkened. She took Boom by the collar and walked with him to the door. I looked after her with fear. Boom jumped out into the yard barking.

- He will live in a booth, - mother said, and, sitting down at the table, thought about something. Her fingers slowly raked the bread crumbs into a pile, rolled them into balls, and her eyes looked somewhere over the table at one point.

I stood, not daring to approach her. Boom scratched at the door.

- Don't let me! - Mom said quickly and, taking my hand, pulled me to her. Pressing her lips to my forehead, she still thought about something, then quietly asked: - Are you very scared?

Of course, I was very frightened: after all, since my father died, my mother and I took care of every thing of his. Dad always drank tea from this cup.

- Are you very scared? Mom repeated. I nodded my head and hugged her tightly around the neck.

"If you... by accident," she began slowly.

But I interrupted her, hurrying and stuttering:

- It's not me... It's Boom... He jumped... He jumped a little... Please forgive him!

Mom's face turned pink, even her neck and ears turned pink. She got up.

- Boom will not come to the room anymore, he will live in the booth.

I was silent. Above the table with a photographic card, dad looked at me ...

Boom was lying on the porch with his smart muzzle on his paws, his eyes fixed on the locked door, his ears catching every sound coming from the house. He responded to voices with a low screech, his tail thumping on the porch. Then he put his head back on his paws and sighed noisily.

Time passed, and every hour my heart became heavier. I was afraid that it would soon get dark, the lights would go out in the house, all the doors would be closed, and Boom would be left alone all night. He will be cold and scared. Goosebumps ran down my spine. If the cup had not been daddy's and if dad himself had been alive, nothing would have happened ... Mom never punished me for anything unexpected. And I was not afraid of punishment - I would gladly endure the worst punishment. But mom took care of everything daddy! And then, I didn’t confess right away, I deceived her, and now with every hour my guilt became more and more.

I went out onto the porch and sat next to Boom. Pressing my head against his soft fur, I accidentally looked up and saw my mother. She stood at the open window and looked at us. Then, afraid that she would not read all my thoughts on my face, I shook my finger at Boom and said loudly:

- You shouldn't have broken the cup.

After dinner, the sky suddenly darkened, clouds floated out from somewhere and stopped over our house.

Mom said:

- It will rain.

I asked for:

- Let the Boom...

- No.

- At least in the kitchen... mommy!

She shook her head. I fell silent, trying to hide my tears and fingering the fringe of the tablecloth under the table.

"Go to bed," Mom said with a sigh. I undressed and lay down, burying my head in the pillow. Mom left. Through the half-open door from her room, a yellow streak of light penetrated to me. It was black outside the window. The wind shook the trees. All the most terrible, dreary and frightening has gathered for me outside this night window. And in that darkness, through the sound of the wind, I could hear Boom's voice. Once, running up to my window, he barked abruptly. I propped myself up on my elbow and listened. Boom... Boom... He's dad's too. Together with him, we saw off dad to the ship for the last time. And when dad left, Boom didn’t want to eat anything, and mom persuaded him with tears. She promised him that dad would come back. But dad didn't come back...

Frustrated barking sounded closer and further away. Boom ran from the door to the windows, he yawned, begged, scratched his paws and squealed plaintively. A narrow streak of light still seeped through from under my mother's door. I bit my nails, buried my face in the pillow and could not decide on anything. And suddenly the wind hit my window with force, large drops of rain drummed on the glass. I jumped up. Barefoot, in just a shirt, I rushed to the door and flung it wide.

- Mom!

She slept sitting at the table with her head resting on her bent elbow. With both hands I lifted her face, a crumpled wet handkerchief lay under her cheek.

- Mom!

She opened her eyes, hugged me with warm arms. The dreary barking of dogs reached us through the sound of the rain.

- Mom! Mother! I broke the cup! It's me, me! Let Boom go. ..

Her face trembled, she grabbed my arm and we ran to the door. In the dark, I bumped into chairs and sobbed loudly. The boom dried my tears with a cold, rough tongue, it smelled of rain and wet fur. Mom and I used to dry him with a dry towel, and he raised all four paws and rolled on the floor in wild delight. Then he calmed down, lay down in his place and, without blinking, looked at us. He thought: “Why did they kick me out into the yard, why did they let me in and caress me now?”

Mom didn't sleep for a long time. She also thought:

“Why didn't my son tell me the truth right away, but woke me up at night?”

And I also thought, lying in my bed: “Why didn’t my mother scold me at all, why was she even glad that I broke the cup, and not Boom?”

That night we did not sleep for a long time, and each of the three of us had our own “why”.

Roman Shebalin. GLORIOUS DAYS » Literature. Electronic literary magazine

Editor: Marina Yaure


The smoke has partly cleared. Berthold realized that he had missed, but a moment of weakness was replaced by a sigh of relief - the one he was aiming at was already dead. However (Berthold peered), no, almost dead. Behind a pile of chips, gravel and lumps of dirt, it was difficult to make out exactly in what position the person was lying. Hands, unnaturally outstretched somewhere up, were not visible at all. Lips, disfigured by cuts and earth, trembled.
— Are you looking?
- I'm a doctor, I need to...
- Can you shoot at all?
Shoot? Did you say "shoot"? The armless Frenchman tells me to shoot! Listen, I'm a doctor, doctor, do you understand German? I...
- Madonna, the last person I'll see in this damned war will be a goner horseman with a heightened sense of humor. Well, what are you muttering and giggling? Shoot again.
The dying man spoke slowly but clearly. It’s as if he didn’t say something - and now he is trying to tell it to at least someone, while there is still time.
- Can you hear me? You understand me? I am a doctor!
- So it's not destiny. What's next? Will you pull it out, and then - captivity? Oh shit. Jacques, you were almost in heaven, and they are dragging you back. Or is it just a chance to chat before dying? Just what can I tell you? Glorious days, parades. We then entered Mulhouse(1), my Mulhouse... A square full of flowers. Hell, orchestra. Do you know what love is?
Me? Did you say love?
- You. With your lean and boring face. With such a limp chin and small eyes of a coward. What do you even know about love? You will get drunk on your sour dregs and you will yell songs in chorus with the same goners as you. And then, what are you assigned to there? - an order. And here you are. And the use of you is like a boot without a sole. Would you like to hear our orchestra! We were standing in Mulhouse...
- Mulhouse? Mühl(2), Mühlhausen! Yes, yes, yes, my father took me to the fair, he bought upholstery for the bedroom, he had to somehow settle down, he could not survive the tragedy of Langensaltz (3) and then moved the family from Hagenburg (4) here to Müllheim (5)…
- Anenburg? Mule? I do not understand. Are you also from Mulhouse?
- Hagenburg! It's near Hannover. But I have lived all my life here in Alsace (6). Hannover...
- Well, yes, Annovre. This is clear. And then at first I thought, how can you be from Mulhouse? That's what kind of people you are, Annovers! You only know how to eat your unleavened cabbage and drink your bad liquor! What kind of people are you, with these limp chins, with these marches and guns. But you should have heard how Maximilian plays...
He understood what the Frenchman was saying, well…almost. Summer. Love. Orchestra. Square in flowers. He gives Martha a bouquet of pale blue flowers framed in a crown of bright green leaves. Only the most beloved marches are heard today. Today is the birthday of the great Kaiser (7). So Martha today is surprisingly sweet and smart. They will drink Kölsch(8) to our Wilhelm and, of course, to the health of Herr von Wedel. And they will go for a walk on the new bridge over the Klemmbach (9), Martha, do you remember that bridge? Do you remember the road to Neuenburg(10)? There is now a war, but here - not yet. Although where now there is no war?
— My name is Berthold.
- Name? What do I need your name for, Annover horseman? Will you heal or will you shoot again? Or leave me here to rot? Difficult choice, isn't it?
- Name, name! I, we all have names, French. But you French people don't get it. Here you live in these little houses, and you have fun, you worthless people. I hate these houses of yours, your squares, orchestras, your operettas, I hate your Marseillaise, your depraved women. What are you fighting for? I know: for the prostitutes! You want to make prostitutes out of our women, so that they kick their legs in operettas, an abomination, an abomination! Give you freedom - the world will plunge into chaos. Why did you come here? What do you all want here? I hate.
- Our Annover horseman started talking, Jacques, he ran out of ammunition, he decided to kill you with his fiery speech. A bullet would be more accurate, but you, I see, are not in a hurry? Why was he silent before? Hey?
- Don't be silent, say something, Martha. I promised - soon. And now he returned. Do not be silent. You wanted a girl. You will give birth to me a girl, we will have more children. Do not be silent. There was nothing more I could do. I'm not a killer, Martha, I just couldn't do anything.
- To hell with you. Somehow I'll die on my own, without your scalpels and bandages. I'm tired of you, novice. I don't want to see or hear you. I'll listen to our orchestra, I'll just close my eyes... And then Maximilian will come back and play again... for me... He'll come back to me, my Maximilian...
The Frenchman seems to have smiled. This smile seemed so absurd and out of place to Berthold that he smiled too.
- How long have you not smiled, Marta. I'm sorry, I'm guilty before us, before him. I was in a hurry and I was afraid. He was dying, I was afraid for him. I was afraid that he would die if I operated on myself. But there was no one! I'm a bad doctor, Marta, but as a person, I'm completely useless...
Somewhere the guns struck again. The rumble echoed with a gust of wind, as if a shiver ran down the pillars of burnt trees down to the foot of the mountains.
- Do you remember the orchestra, Martha? repeated Berthold, barely audibly.
- You're still the right horseman. It's just some kind of Monsieur Purgon (11) ... I already feel good from your presence. Do not understand? Shit, how do you know our Molière? Look, my strength will return, I will stand up and kick your ass ...
The orchestra really continued to thunder so that it was now heard even at the new bridge over the Klemmbach, where we fled from your Bavarian relatives. The children were having fun on the bridge then, Marta, they were just playing, don't be angry. They didn't bother us at all. And he wasn't among them. You got it wrong, Martha. We also came to this bridge later, it was not there, it was not. But I beg you, Martha, don't go to Klemmbach alone now, don't, please. You will ruin everything, Martha, you will feel bad again ... This is not the bridge of our first kiss, this is another bridge, it is not there, do not go there.
- These are not your lousy orchestras that only know that "boom-boom-boom." However, now all orchestras are lousy. Tell me, who needs lousy orchestras? Who needs a lousy Maximilian? Who needs a lousy armless brother Jacques?
- I have lived all my life here in Alsace (12), - muttered Berthold, - this is my Klemmbach, my Mühl, my Alsace ...
- He was the best trumpet of our orchestra. He was the orchestra. He was the soul of the orchestra. When he played, I cried. You probably can't even imagine that. Those sounds were tears themselves. But these were tears of joy, of summer. Our little Auguste then gloriously excelled in shooting! Who's going to call him shorty now? The orchestra played in his honor, and Auguste frowned his dashing eyebrows, as if trying to hide them from us. When they dragged him yesterday, they tried a couple of times to put someone else on the stretcher. I shouted: Auguste is there, our little sniper Auguste! They carried him, and then again: where did the empty stretcher go?! And there lay Auguste. It's bad to be short, even if you're the best marksman in the regiment. I wanted to cry then, but I couldn't. I said to myself: come on, tears are right, but I couldn’t.
- Martha, please don't cry. I couldn't do anything, Martha. I am late! You can't be so heartless, Martha. It should be enough for you that I got this position. I will have my own patients. This whole story has had a very bad effect on my reputation. You shouldn't care so much about me, Martha. Don't you dare be silent, no one needs your ridiculous embroidery now. Why does he need a beaded wallet? Well, why does he need a wallet embroidered with beads now ?!
- The sun was reflected in the copper of his pipe. Maximilian said it wasn't copper, but he must have been joking. As if he understands in brass! My father was a blacksmith until we had to get out of Mulhouse right after I was born. I told them: Mom, I'll be back here. I will walk through the streets of Mulhouse with strong adult legs - and the city will be full of flowers! And we came here, and I was going home. I bought Maximilian those very favorite cakes from my childhood. I carried them through the whole city; there were still some minutes left before the curfew, I had to be on time. I would say: I know you have saved a bottle of your southern wine, dear Maximilian! I wanted to say it. I should have said it, but I didn't. You dumb jerk with a jerky chin, I'm late. The orchestra was loaded onto wagons and taken away from Mulhouse, from Old Arman (13). Everyone. Like this. They took and took away. Shit, right? It was the day before yesterday. And what happened today, we already know. Everyone got their butts kicked today. Of course, the colonel knows better - why is there an orchestra in the mountains? It's just shit and smoke. We were standing in Mazvo, and apparently, now we have a skiff. Who is left? Wind and mountains of corpses in the mountains. Glorious were the days, the days of my Mulhouse, when Maximilian and our orchestra played, and I brought him cakes, where once a child ...


— Berthold! Hey old man! Are you deaf, blind? I'm screaming at you. What are you doing?
Yes, Franz, it's me. I am deaf and blind. I'm in pain, Franz, I'm tired.
- Ah, the damn French! Franz grinned knowingly at Berthold's interlocutor lying in a pile of chips, gravel and dirt. “Come on, there’s nothing for us to do here.
— And this one in the infirmary?
- You're really tired, Berthold. He is dead. Come on, there's still a lot of work to do today.

Never, do you hear, never will your Maximilian play his stupid trumpet in my city. Never glorious days will be overshadowed by your vulgar songs, Frenchman. I hate. I hate. I hate. You still dare to talk about love! Why are you giving me this love? Dirty french pig! Why should I listen to you? Why should I understand you? Who are you anyway? Why do you always turn things around like I have to listen to you? No, no, no, I don't want to. You are insufferable, Martha. I'm tired of your lamentations and cries. And I order, yes, I order you ... Now you will be taken home, and I will return to work. He died, he is dead. And you'll be waiting for me at home! Do you understand, woman? Houses. Quiet and at home.
Yes, Berthold.
- Repeat.
- Yes, Berthold. Dead, quiet, at home, as you say.
- You... you see, I did my best. He wouldn't have survived anyway. You have no right to blame me for his death! He is not to blame, I am not to blame, no one is to blame. He just didn't survive. He just fell off the bridge, he just had everything broken...
- Johan. Our son's name is Johan, he has a name. Why aren't you talking to him now?
- Martha, it was just a game. Don't blame yourself, Martha. Don't blame Herr von Wedel's nephew! These are very respected people. Look, we should just forget everything. And then you give birth ... Well, after the victory, then. Did you want a girl? You will embroider a beautiful one for her ... what is usually embroidered for girls? It is necessary to give the clock for repair and talk with the butcher again. Perhaps I will be transferred, our hospital will be evacuated. Martha, you're not listening to me, but more than six months have passed! Of course, I will talk to the butcher myself and take the watch to Herr Stein, but you must do it! I can't dig through the guts of soldiers in the morning and go to Oberdorf in the evening and find out with Herr Bronk how much we owe this or even last month! Martha, well, listen to me, Martha, no one needs to embroider anything anymore! We will not go this spring to my aunt's at the Steinhuder Meer! We're not going anywhere at all. I have no rest, nothing. I have to, can you understand that? Tomorrow we move towards Hartmannswiller, to the forward positions. Do you remember the road to Muehl and Witelsham? Now there is a war. There is now death and war everywhere, even in the mountains. Look at me, Martha, please.
- Berthold, Berthold, what are you doing, Berthold, I scattered all the beads, you are so clumsy, Berthold, whom did you save or kill today, you could not even save our Johan, Berthold, you are so stupid, you men are so stupid, so Johan was stupid, right, stupid, stupid Johan?

Martha looks absently out the window, then at the scattered beads. What she does with them - Marta now does not know herself. Sometimes it seems to her that she is just sorting through them, sometimes that she separates them by color and size, sometimes that she thinks over a new beautiful embroidery. Both Berthold and their son Johan will be there. There is a place for their quiet house in Müllheim, and, of course, for Emperor Friedrich Wilhelm. The beads will shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow, and everyone who looks at this embroidery will definitely smile and say: those were glorious days in our Alsace! But then Marta again does not know what to do and what to think about. She listens to the rumble of cannonade from the mountains, smiles and waits for her husband.

(1) Mulhouse (French) or Mühlhausen, Mühl (German) is a French city in the Grand Est region (Alsace-Lorraine). On August 4, 1914, the French army received an order to advance into Alsace in order to occupy the valleys and large cities. Mulhouse was occupied on 8 August, surrendered the next day, and retaken on the 17th. 25 km north of the Rhine.
(2) After the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71 Until 1914, Mühlhausen (abbr. Mühl) was part of the German Empire, since 1919 it was again part of the French state.
(3) On June 27-29, 1866, at Bad Langensalza, the Prussian army defeated the Hanoverian army, allied to the Austrians, in the "Seven-week" Austro-Prussian-Italian war.
(4) Hagenburg is a town in Germany, in the state of Lower Saxony, south of the Steinhuder Meer lake, near Hannover.
(5) Müllheim (German: Müllheim) is a city in Germany, in the land of Baden-Württemberg, the capital of Markgräflerland. 5 km south of the Rhine, 30 km from Mulhouse.
(6) Alsace-Lorraine - "imperial land" of the German Empire, located on the territory of modern Eastern France.
(7) Wilhelm I Friedrich Ludwig (March 22, 1797 - March 9, 1888) - German Emperor (Kaiser), the first ruler of a united Germany.
(8) Kölsch is the name of a light beer from Cologne.
(9) Klemmbach - a small river (of semi-artificial origin), a tributary of the Rhine, crosses the city of Müllheim.
(10) Neuenburg am Rhein (German: Neuenburg am Rhein) is a city in Germany, in the land of Baden-Württemberg.
(11) Mr. Purgon is a physician, a character in Molière's play "The Imaginary Sick".
(12) After the Franco-Prussian war of 1870-1871, a significant part of Lorraine and almost all of Alsace were transferred to Germany.
(13) Old Arman or Hartmannswiller, Hartmannswillerkopf (German: Hartmannswillerkopf) is a mountain in Alsace on the border of Germany and France, where during 1915-1918 heavy fighting took place between German and French troops (more than 30,000 dead on both sides).


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