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Math games for preschoolers and first graders

The development of a child's mathematical abilities is one of the aspects of preparing for school. It can be difficult for a preschooler to operate with numbers, so experts advise starting a child’s acquaintance with numbers and mathematical calculations from games. Complex and sometimes boring examples and tasks do not cause rejection in the baby when they are presented in the form of interesting colorful tasks.

If a child understands at an early age that mathematics is exciting and fun, it will be much easier for him to master the school subject. By the way, mathematical games develop not only the skills of working with numbers, but also logic and non-standard thinking. What are the mathematical games for preschoolers - in our material. nine0003

Math games for children 4-5 years old

Math games for preschoolers 4-5 years old include simple math examples for addition and subtraction within 10.

1. Math game "Labyrinth"

In this math game the child is faced with the task of seeing the pattern, going through the maze and helping the squirrel find the acorn.

Print the picture. Give the child a pencil. Let him draw a path along which the squirrel can get to the acorn. nine0003

The squirrel has started its journey. She took two steps. What is the difference between 3 and 1? How much more is it? And the number 5 compared to 3? It is desirable that the child himself see the pattern (adding 2 to each previous number). But if it doesn’t work out, don’t worry — explain. Calculate the next step together, and then let the baby go on his own.

2. Math crossword

If a child can count to 10, they may be interested in doing a math crossword. nine0003

Print out the crossword. Tell your child how to work with a mathematical crossword puzzle, how the numbers fit into it. You can explain such concepts as "horizontal" and "vertical".

Explain that each row and column must have correct equalities. Emphasize that a mathematical crossword puzzle differs from the usual example in that an unknown number can appear anywhere in it.

Show that in a crossword it is better to solve the examples not in an arbitrary sequence, but by moving from one intersection to another. And it is very important to do everything right, because a mistake in one place will lead to inaccuracies in another. nine0003

3. Mathematical game "Count the beads"

As in other examples, the picture can be printed.

There are two different tasks here.

On the left picture there are beads that you need to count and write the answers below, as shown in the first picture. Do not give the child the task right away - invite him to think about what the numbers below (in the first picture) mean. Perhaps he himself will find a correspondence between the number of beads and the number below. In this case, he will easily enter all the correct answers. nine0003

On the second, right, block of pictures, the number of beads is the same everywhere, and the number of filled beads is signed below. The kid can also guess about this on his own. After that, he will gladly color the required number of beads in each picture.

With this activity you can explain to your child what an abacus is and how to use it.

4. Mathematical game “Take the bear to the bear cub”

Examples are written on the ice. In this game, the child must complete each task and write the answer on the ice. After that, you can pave the way of the bear to the bear cub along the ice, on which the numbers 1, 2, 3 are written, and then in order up to 10.

Math games for preschoolers 6-7 years old

Math games for children 6-7 years old are a bit more difficult and suitable for kids who can count to at least 20 and solve addition and subtraction problems in two steps.

1. Mathematical game "Insert the missing number"

The meaning of this mathematical game is to insert numbers into empty cells that come in sequence before, between or after a given number.

Thus, the child's idea of ​​the "number line" is formed. nine0003

For convenience, you can first draw this line, on which numbers are indicated from left to right, increasing each time by one. Then the baby will understand what “before”, “between” and “after” means, and will easily do all the exercises.

2. Mathematical game “Put fruits in baskets”

Print the picture, cut out all fruits and baskets separately. The kid must solve a mathematical example that is written on a fruit and "put" it in the correct basket.

These examples show the child that the same number can be obtained in several ways.

Note that the example does not show the same number of ways to get different numbers. So, 7 is obtained by five options: 4 + 3; 7 - 0; 1+6; 2+5; 14 - 7. And 18 - three: 9 + 9; 20 - 2; 12 + 6.

Explain that there are other ways to get the number 18. Give an example or have the child come up with their own.

3. Mathematical game "Find a suitable umbrella"

In this math game, you need to match an umbrella to each cloud. To do this, the child must solve the examples written inside the cloud and the umbrella, and then place the cloud over the desired umbrella.

In this task, you can not cut anything, but simply connect pictures with the same answer. Each cloud corresponds to one umbrella.

Math games for 1st grade

Math games for schoolchildren are suitable for children who can count up to 30, complete examples in several actions and have a basic understanding of fractions. nine0003

1. A chain of mathematical examples

On the path of the butterfly to the flower, do all the suggested actions. Some of the numbers are already in circles, others must be entered by solving the examples given above.

This math task is not for the little ones: here you need to be able to count to at least 30.

2. Math game "How much does a salad cost?"

The picture shows vegetables and their "value". Below are plates with a different set of vegetables. Invite the child to calculate how much each salad “costs”. nine0003

3. What is the fraction in the picture?

Pictures will help explain to your child what fractions are.

The images show circles divided into equal parts. Some of them are painted over. First you need to calculate how many parts there are. Next - how many of them are painted over.

The essence of a fractional number is easy to explain in this way.

For the first example: the circle is divided into 4 parts; three out of four are shaded, i.e. three-fourths. This is referred to as 3/4.

Second example (below): there are 6 beats in the circle, four of the six are shaded - four sixths, 4/6. nine0003

Such an algorithm will allow the child to choose from the options presented the answer corresponding to each circle. To check how the kid understood the material, ask him to show an integer (not a fractional) number on one of the circles, painting over the required number of parts. He will cope with the task if he figured out how a fractional number is formed and how a fraction differs from a whole.

Umnasia offers a large number of mathematical problems for logic and ingenuity for primary and secondary school students. All tasks are presented in the format of an interactive story game with pleasant voice acting and colorful illustrations:

  • logic tasks for grade 1
  • logic tasks for grade 2
  • logic tasks for grade 3
  • logic tasks for grade 4
  • logic tasks for grade 5

Mathematics and logic for children 7-13 years old

We develop logical thinking through solving plot mathematical problems in an interactive game format

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Math games for children from 4 to 6 years old

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  • Math games are designed for children from 4 to 6 years old to prepare a preschooler for the first mathematical knowledge and the ability to count. Here you will find interesting colorful games in which the child will need to find and count the specified number of objects or living beings. Children of this age really like to count, especially in a playful way.

    Math games online - this is the best way to instill in your child a love of mathematics. Indeed, in the form of a game, children receive any knowledge more easily, freely and with interest. The game "Find the smallest number" is designed for children from 4 years old. You need to choose the smallest number out of five...

    The math game "Find the biggest number" is designed for children aged 4 and over. In this game, the child must choose the largest number out of five. The circle with the largest number must be dragged onto the square with the question mark...

    Educational online math game "Put it in the basket" is made for children from 4 years old. The game is based on the child's ability to distinguish between the taste and tactile properties of objects. For example, salty, bitter, sweet, sour, soft, hard. There are 10 tasks in the game...

    New Year's game for kids "Examples up to 10" is a great opportunity to make a little fidget solve examples. It is necessary to choose only those stars in the starry New Year's sky, the numbers on which are the solution of the examples presented ...

    The math game "Find the numbers" is one of the favorite games of all children. Here you must find all the letters hidden in the room. To do this, you are given a magnifying glass that will enlarge any corner of the room to which you direct it. But don't forget, you can't press the same number 2 times - you will lose all points! nine0003

    The math game "Let's learn numbers from 1 to 10" is designed for children from 2 to 5 years old. Have a child sit next to you and ask him to solve these tasks. The game is more difficult because the numbers in the circles are arranged randomly, and not in order.

    Educational online math game "Learn numbers from 1 to 10" is designed for children from 2 to 5 years old.

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