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  1. Free typing tutor for children

    Tux Typing is a free desktop program designed to teach children to type in a fun and stimulating way. Users are introduced to Tux, the Linux penguin, and...

  2. An interactive cooking game for kids

    Toca Kitchen 2 is a popular children’s cooking game where players can experiment with making different dishes and serving them to guests. As a cooking game...

  3. Free Application to Enhance the Mathematical Skills of Young Children

    Math Games for Kids Grades 1 to 5 provides young users with a number of fun and stimulating games to choose from. Suitable for children aged between three...

  4. A free app for Windows, by CLEVERBIT.

    The app is free to use and available to all. Kids will learn English alphabet, phonics, and spelling. They will also learn about animals and how to save...

  5. Best way to learn the alphabet

    ABC Song Kids Nursery Rhymes is an educational game published by 3DAnax to help parents in teaching their kids the alphabet. The game has lively music and...

  6. A full version program for windows

    Learning Games for Kids is a full version multiplatform program (also available for Android), being part of the category Science & education software.

  7. Educational mouse learning game for kids

  8. Get Your Children Learning with Kids ABC Trains Game

    Kids ABC Trains Game is an educational game aimed at children between the ages of 2 and 7. It is designed to help kids to learn the alphabet, in terms of. ..

  9. Learning the Alphabet Was Never This Fun and Effective

    Learn ABC for Kids is an early learning app that comprises a list of fun-to-do educational activities. It should help your kids learn the alphabet in an...

  10. The Best Piano App For Your Kids

    The best piano app for your kids, this educational game is all in one game for kids and parents.No other learning app like this where you can learn music...

  11. Play & Learn Preschool Kindergarten ABC english spelling learning game for kids.

    ABC Kids English Spelling Game is a free app only available for Android, being part of the category Mobile Games with subcategory Strategy Games and has been...

  12. Learning Math with GreySpRings

    GreySpRings Software Solutions Private Limited is a company that is committed to creating and distributing learning games for children. Their games are. ..

  13. Make learning fun for kids with this varied selection of games

    GS Preschool Games Lite is a collection of games designed for kids aged 3-6 years and aims to make learning fun through a series of entertaining games.

  14. Kids Top Nursery Rhymes Videos - Offline Learning for android from Kidzooly - Kids Games Rhymes Nursery Songs.

    Kids Top Nursery Rhymes Videos - Offline Learning is an all-in-one kids educational app for babies, toddlers and kids, with a beautiful and fun interface...


    Kids Learning Word Games is a new game developed by GREYSPRINGS SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED. It is available for both Windows and Android devices....

  16. A free program for Android, by Learning A-Z.

    Kids A-Z is a learning app for kids. It provides kids with a fun and interactive way to learn and understand science concepts, vocabulary, math, logic, and. ..

  17. A free program for Android, by Hatch Entertainment Ltd.

    Hatch Kids - Games for learning and creativity is a learning and entertainment app for children under 8 years old. With over 90 child-friendly games from...

  18. Get Children Learning as they Play in GS Kids! Preschool Games Pro

    GS Kids! Preschool Games Pro is an app for very small children. It offers a number of simple games, along with educational content that will entertain kids...

  19. Fun and engaging math learning app for kids and adults

    Math Quiz Challenge is an educational free game app for adults and kids to help them learn and improve their skills in mathematics. It comes with different...

  20. A free app for Android, by Sesame Workshop.

    Learning to read is a complicated process that can take years. It is even more difficult for children to learn new words, let alone to master reading. ...


Download Children Education - Best Software & Apps


  1. Free painting program for kids

    Tux Paint is a free painting software for computers and laptops that is especially made for children. The entire suite of buttons is on the home screen to...

  2. Fun typing game for PCs

    Typer Shark Deluxe is an addictive education game for Microsoft Windows PC computers and laptops. A free demo is available to try before you decide to buy....

  3. Programming training tool for kids

    RoboMind is a desktop application that teaches programming to kids through the use of a robot. It is an educational program that enables users to learn...

  4. Free Application to Enhance the Mathematical Skills of Young Children

    Math Games for Kids Grades 1 to 5 provides young users with a number of fun and stimulating games to choose from. Suitable for children aged between three...

  5. Help children to take their first steps as programmers

    Portable Scratch is a nice, free Windows software, that belongs to the category Science & education software and has been published by MIT.

  6. A 2D apartment lifestyle simulator for children

    Toca Life Neighborhood places you in one of four apartments where you may interact with the objects and people in each room. You can interact with, play with...

  7. Learning Numbers the Fun Way

    GeoGebra Classic 5 is a dynamic mathematics software for all levels of education. It joins various branches of math—including arithmetic, algebra, geometry...

  8. While away the hours with this electronic coloring book

  9. ScratchJr for Android from Scratch Foundation

    It’s easy for children to learn coding with ScratchJr. You don’t have to have any previous experience or knowledge to create your own interactive stories and...

  10. Physics made fun Swedish style

  11. An app that teaches very young children to spell

    Spelling Collection is a tool that teaches children how to spell by testing them and having them go over their answers. It tells the user a word, and the...

  12. Let your Children learn easily

  13. The Pig Star ePub Reader now offers your children with a more educational way of learning how to read.

    The Pig Star ePub Reader application is the only reader app that works directly on the Windows desktop. All of the books, magazines, and newspapers found in...

  14. Kid-friendly home simulator with potential for lots of fun

    Suitable primarily for ages 4-12, My City: Home recreates a typical family home complete with activities to do and neighbours to interact with. Whether they...

  15. Maths tests and science help for children and adults

  16. A free program for Android, by WowKidz.

    Are you excited to teach your toddler classic nursery rhymes? Or are you looking for children's stories to share as you tuck them in bed? If so, then you've...

  17. Maths against the clock!

  18. Mathematics program that help children.

  19. Learn to touch type for free with Japan's most popular software

  20. Think and Learn - A Mobile App That Offers Comprehensive Learning Programs in Math and Science for Children and Teens

    If you are searching for a mobile app that offers a comprehensive learning program in Math and Science for children and teens, then Think and Learn is the...


10 applications that will teach children to program


? - it's time to do something about it. We have collected 10 useful games for children of different ages that will help you learn programming.

How to teach a child to code? You can probably try to leave it alone with a thick programming textbook, but the result is unlikely to be successful. And certainly not fast. A more effective way is to maintain interest and offer to comprehend the basics with the help of exciting app games. nine0003


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Games for teaching kids to code

Applications for the youngest programmers are extremely simple to operate: the buttons are labeled with familiar symbols, so you don't even need to be able to read. A child will not learn to program in the usual sense, but will definitely develop logical and algorithmic thinking. By the way, not only developers need them. You can start playing from 4-5 years old, but often parents also get stuck in applications. nine0003


This puzzle contains the basics of programming for kids and has been played by over 20 million kids around the world. Teachers use it to explain what procedures and cycles are. The child will control a cute robot whose task is to turn on light bulbs on a 3D platform. At the first levels it is easy, but then you have to think. To solve the puzzle, the child will have to write cycles and it is desirable that they have a minimum of actions.

When a child asks for help, the main thing is to hold on and not go through all the levels for him. Image: LightBot

The child sees the code from the blocks on the right side of the screen. When the robot executes the program, each block is highlighted so that the error can be tracked.

Game features:

  • 50 levels available;
  • has Russian localization;
  • teaches children how to plan, test and debug a program.

Where to download: on the App Store. There is a browser version that you can play for free for an hour. nine0003

Price: $2.99.


A game in Russian to learn programming from scratch for kids who don't know how to write yet or don't really like to do it. The principle is the same as in LightBot. The child writes a program for different robots. One must fix all the tiles on the platform, the second must move the boxes and barrels, and the third must light the lanterns so that the astronauts can rest in the garden.

The base world contains 55 puzzles. And there are other worlds. Image: Piktomir

The game is colorful, bright - it will definitely attract the attention of a five-year-old child. The code is displayed on the right. The main part of the blocks is intuitive, but the child may have difficulty with the meaning of some. So adults need to be ready to prompt.

Hint: The blue button on the top bar helps you test the program step by step. Image: Piktomir

Game features:

  • there are levels for teaching programming to preschoolers and primary school students; nine0034
  • if the child is learning English, you can switch to this language and consolidate knowledge;
  • The game introduces children to different types of algorithms: linear, if-then, loop with repetition, while loop.

Where to download: App Store, Google Play. You can play in a browser or install the game on a computer - versions for Windows, Linux, MacOS are available.

How much: free.

Useful video courses and master classes for children from 5 to 16 years old with a 50% discount - the platform offers an annual subscription for half the price with promo code EARTHDAY50 . Only until April 30th inclusive.

Scratch Junior

This game has been downloaded over 5 million times from Google Play. Scratch Junior is especially interesting because it is a real development environment. There are no specific tasks here as in the previous applications. The child acts as a director and screenwriter who will write his own cartoon or game. To do this, there are many blocks that need to be assembled like LEGO.

Who knows, maybe after playing Scratch Junior your child will decide to become the second Bill Gates. Image: Scratch Junior

The main character is a red cat. He can be accompanied by a crab, a starfish or a polar bear. For each character, you can write your own code, make an exciting cartoon and share it with other guys.

Features of the game:

  • introduces children to linear algorithms, cycles;
  • you can draw your character in a graphic editor - the scope for creativity is very large;
  • you can watch the games of other children and evaluate their code; nine0034
  • clear controls, although the game is mostly in English.

Where to download: App Store, Google Play.

How much: free.


The developers of this puzzle decided to move away from programming robots. Instead, they offer to move multi-colored containers around the sample using a manipulator. But this must be done in the minimum number of actions, if you want to get three stars.

How do you think, with what attempt will the child be able to solve this puzzle? And you? Image: Cargo-Bot

In Cargo-Bot, the child will learn how to write cycles and optimize the code. The number of actions available for each cycle is limited. For example, the first cycle may contain 8 actions, and the fourth one may contain five. This serves as a hint for the child and forces him to look for more optimal solutions at each level.

Features of the game:

  • there are six levels of difficulty, the last one is called "impossible", which already awakens excitement;
  • has hints, but to use them, you need to know English. nine0034

Where to download: App Store. There is a web version - you do not need to register.

How much: free.

Applications for teaching programming to younger students

In these games, the programs that children will write will not be displayed as a sequence of blocks, but will look like a real script, and in English. Therefore, it is necessary to know the simple words step, left, right.


CodeMonkey is an educational platform with cartoon characters. It is used by teachers in Great Britain, China, and the USA. And in Israel, CodeMonkey games are included in programming competitions for elementary grades. nine0003 You can play these games for free for two weeks. Image: Code Monkey A block version of the game that even a preschooler can handle. By the way, there is an error in the "code" in the picture. Find? Image: CodeMonkey

In CodeMonkey, a child takes courses. In the free trial version, which lasts 14 days, 10 courses are available, in the paid one - 20. The developers suggest starting by studying the sequences and cycles that are available in the basic course. And then you can move on to a more difficult level and learn the basics of Python, CoffeeScript, and game design. nine0003 Each time it will be more and more difficult for the monkey to get bananas. Image: CodeMonkey

Two versions are available for programming: block and text. In the second case, the child will see a text version of the code, the lines in which can be changed and the correctness of the script can be checked immediately.

Features of the game:

  • gives a serious knowledge base - the child will learn the basics of programming, game design and improve mathematics;
  • intuitive operation; nine0034
  • you can create your own games, however, only in the paid version;
  • has Russian localization, but the code will still be visible in English.

Where to download: web version only available. You need to register, but an eight-year-old cannot do this on his own - there are age restrictions.

Cost: free for the first two weeks. Then you need to buy a subscription.

If your young programmer decides to get acquainted with the Python language, it does not hurt to supplement the learning process with books:

  • Bryson Payne "Python for kids and parents".
  • Adriana Taquet “Programming with children. Create 50 awesome Python games."
  • Schumann Hans-Georg "Python for children".

Popular books, available not only in Russian. The originals were published in English, but there are translations into many other languages.


If Scratch Junior is designed mainly for preschoolers, then Scratch will simply be of interest to younger students and teenagers who are starting to learn programming. nine0003

Scratch is a development environment in which you can write games and create cartoons. To do this, the child needs to make a program of colored blocks: blocks of one color are responsible for movement, the other - for position in space. As a result, the program looks like a LEGO set assembled from many colorful pieces.

This is what a simple program looks like in Scratch. Image: Scratch Ah, well, it's complicated. Even parents will have to break their heads. Image: Scratch

In addition to the building blocks, the child can create their own and give them the necessary functions. This is not an easy task and may require the help of an adult. nine0003

Game features:

  • on YouTube - a huge number of Scratch lessons. For example, the child will be able to write the game "Snake", football or racing;
  • has a forum where you can meet other young programmers and become part of a large community;
  • you can share your games and watch someone else's code;
  • there is a Russian version.

Where to download: you can play directly in your browser after registration, download the application on Google Play, and install it on your computer. nine0003

How much: free.

You can explore the world of Scratch from books:

  • Majed Marji “Scratch for Children”.
  • Aludden Johan, Vallasindi Federico “Video games on Scratch. Programming for children.
  • Matthew Hyland “We program with children. Create 10 fun games with Scratch."

Available in English, Russian and other languages.


This is a platform for those who want to create animations and games. Similar to Scratch in functionality: the child will also code using colored blocks, of which there are a lot. At the same time, the program for each element of the game opens in a separate window, which simplifies the work of young developers. nine0003 Don't be surprised if after a few days of class your child offers to play his game. Image: Gamefroot

On the platform, a child can create a game from scratch or practice on a school project. The blank already has a background, layers and characters have been created. It remains to study how the code works, check its operation and make your own changes.

Game features:

  • allows you to create complex logic, which means that the child can write an exciting game; nine0034
  • has an animation editor in which you can set the desired movements for the character;
  • you can upload ready-made scripts and upload your own;
  • is available only in English, so that the child can improve their knowledge.

Where to download: platform is available in the browser. Registration required.

How much: free.

Programs for teaching coding to older students

This is almost a professional level - applications for teenagers who already know how to think logically, understand mathematics and are quite familiar with the English language. nine0003


Project from Google for those who want to learn how to program in JavaScript. And although the web service is designed for beginners, a young developer will immediately have to dive into scripts.

On the main page, the child will be greeted by a joyful family of grasshoppers. Image: Grasshopper

Platform training is broken down into blocks. First, a teenager will learn the basics of JavaScript: various operators, working with lists and variables. Next - get acquainted with animation and task automation. nine0003

At first, programming is offered with the help of blocks, which are converted into lines of code. And then the child will write the scripts by hand - all in an adult way.

Completing tasks in Grasshopper, the child will also learn what the flag of France, Poland and ... the Gabonese Republic looks like. Image: Grasshopper And here you can not be afraid to break someone else's code or improve it. Image: Grasshopper

Application features:

  • there is a gallery where you can experiment with the code: change it in the proposed projects or create your own from scratch; nine0034
  • users immediately see the result of the program;
  • is only available in English.

Where to download: has a web version that requires a Google account to sign up. Grasshopper can also be installed on a smartphone by downloading it from Google Play or the App Store.

How much: free.

Additional reading:

  • Nick Morgan “JavaScript for kids. Programming Tutorial". nine0034
  • David Whitney Programming for kids. Five of the coolest games on HTML and JavaScrip.
  • Moritz Jeremy "Learning to code in JavaScript".

Swift Playgrounds

The app's developers call their product revolutionary. Compared to other games, Swift Playgrounds impresses with bright 3D graphics with an unusual character. I want to immediately run the program and start coding.

The character in Swift Playgrounds looks strange, but cute. Image: Swift Playgrounds

A Swift Playgrounds user will code in the popular Swift language, which is used for writing applications for Apple. It is proposed to get acquainted with the language by solving puzzles of different difficulty levels. Then you can move on to interactive lessons and dive deeper into development. The result of the code execution will be immediately shown on the screen - this makes learning more interesting and visual.

How about making a popular game yourself? Image: Swift Playgrounds

App features:

  • code elements can be easily dragged and dropped, which simplifies development;
  • created applications can be transferred to full screen mode and admire your work;
  • Finished projects can be sent to friends if they also code in Swift Playgrounds;
  • is only available in English.

Where to download: is available in the App Store for Mac and iPad.

How much: free.

More to read:

Matt McCarthy and Gloria Winquist wrote Swift for Kids. Tutorial on creating apps for iOS. For a young programmer, this book can become a desktop.


This application is a godsend for parents whose children are ready to play computer games for hours. The environment for learning is the colorful worlds of the Middle Ages, hot deserts and majestic mountains. To lead the hero to their destination or defeat the enemy, you need to write a code that is displayed on the right side of the screen. If the code is wrong, a warning will appear. nine0003 In Backwood Forest, a child learns the secrets of operators, and in the Sarben Desert, cycles. Image: CodeCombat The game is very atmospheric - you can’t immediately say that it teaches programming. Image: CodeCombat

CodeCombat introduces you to JavaScript and Python programming. Users get acquainted with the code elements gradually, immediately applying them in the game space.

One wrong line - and the hero will meet with the ogres. Image: CodeCombat

App features:

  • users immediately write text code, without the help of graphic blocks;
  • you can edit levels and objects for your classmates and friends;
  • app is available in more languages.

Where to download: game is available in web version.

How much: there are free levels and a paid subscription.


Apps that teach coding are often skeptical, but they help keep kids interested in coding. When you're six or eight, building a program out of colored blocks is much more fun and interesting than writing lines of code in C++ or Python. nine0003

Games provide an opportunity to explain complex terms in a language understandable to children. If a cycle is asked for in a block program that a child has compiled, you can tell what it is and offer to make the code simpler. And it's also a great opportunity to spend time with children.

Games and puzzles are the very first steps in teaching children to code. Do not put off getting to know them and offer your child suitable applications right now. And then you can move on to more serious training - courses for beginners. For older students, Coursera's Fundamentals of Python Programming, Envato's How to Become a Web Developer, or, for example, Introduction to JavaScript on edX, are suitable. nine0003

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MyOffice for Schools free of charge | Office software MyOffice for educational organizations: schools, colleges and kindergartens

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- Federal executive authorities, executive authorities authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, local authorities local governments or state institutions centrally purchasing licenses for MyOffice software to meet the needs educational organizations subordinate to them, corresponding established requirements. nine0003

Applications are installed on a PC and do not require an internet connection.


Creating and editing texts





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Viewing presentations

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Suitable for study and work

  • Create and edit text documents.
  • Use spreadsheet formulas.
  • View and share presentations.
    Work without internet connection.
  • Teach programming using the embedded development environment in the Lua language. nine0034

Easy to learn and more features

  • Intuitive interface and a single layout of controls in all applications.
  • Suitable for working with texts, tables, presentations created in other office programs.
  • The "Education" panel inside applications allows you to navigate to added links directly from the editors. nine0034


Russian development

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