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Fairy tale collections: the equivalent of gold for us fairy tale lovers. Who doesn’t love a big, beautiful collection absolutely stuffed full of the original fairy tales?

We do a lot of reviews for fairy tale retellings here on FTC, but what about books holding the original stories? Well, that’s why we’re here today! Arielle, Faith, and I have come together to talk about our most beloved fairy tale collections.

And hey, feel free to refer your friends and/or family members to this post for ideas of gifts to buy you. *wink*

Our Favorite Fairy Tale Collections


I have an absolutely STUNNING edition of Burton’s translation of Arabian Nights. A friend gave it to me for my birthday last year, and I love to take it out and just look at it, even without reading. It’s medium blue with gold and light-blue and white patterning. AND THE ILLUSTRATIONS. It’s DELICIOUS.

I also have copies of Lang’s Violet and Lilac fairy books (birthday gifts from family) that I LOVE and revel in how pretty they look on my shelf.

It’s not fairy tales, per se, but I have a gorgeous black and gold edition of Malory’s King Arthur tales, given to me by my internet daughter, and omgosh, it’s the best thing ever.

And again, not strictly ‘fairy tales’ (depending on your definition), but I have a beautiful paperback edition of The Mabinogion, a Christmas gift from a friend.

All are the kind of books I love to take out just to run my fingers over the pages and breathe the books in and smell them. Light candles and curl up in a corner with them on stormy days. Stare at them on my shelf when I’m thinking.

Fairy tale and myth collections are the best, you guys.


Funnily enough, the prettiest collections I own are from Sam’s Club, and I got them for a pretty good price too! So if anyone is a member of Sam’s, you may want to check out their books section. They have some unique, beautiful editions of all sorts of things!

I have three that came from there—a maroon and gold Grimm collection that has a deliciously spooky forest on the cover (Amazon has it HERE), an adorable blue and pink Andersen’s collection (Amazon link), and then one of my most favorites of ever, a huge, breathtaking black and gold collection called “The World Treasury of Fairy Tales & Folklore” It’s got a bunch of different fairy tales with ILLUSTRATIONS. Definitely one of my favorite books I own. (It’s on Amazon HERE, but, uh, it’s ridiculously expensive there. o.o Mine was less than half of that, so you may want to shop around other places or check Sam’s.) If anyone follows my Instagram you’ll probably recognize it. I use it a lot in pics. It’s so photogenic XD

I also found THIS lovely fairy tale collection put together by Chris Colfer at a bargain mart one day. It’s big and also has some absolutely beautiful illustrations (that, yes, I use in Instagram book pics a lot too XD).

Not too long ago I found THIS hardback Brothers Grimm collection put together by Philip Pullman at a secondhand bookstore and had to bring it home. Not only is the cover just so very Grimm-ish with the sleeping children and crows, at the end of each tale it’s got a brief commentary of that fairy tale and a list of similar tales. Which is a great resource!

Those are probably my “prettiest” collections. I’ve got a handful of others—some paperback, some hardback, some with missing dust jackets—that I’ve acquired for super cheap at thrift stores or our local library sale. I have a few of Lang’s Colored books, an Oscar Wild collection, a collection of French fairy tales, and a couple of more Grimm and Andersen. If you can’t tell, I have a problem. XD I literally snag any fairy tale collection I find for cheap. Keep your eyes out, you never know what you’ll find at secondhand bookshops and thrift stores!

I usually use the secondhand ones to actually, ya know, read, and just keep the others to decorate my shelves with and stare at wistfully. (Who else spends ridiculous amounts of time just gazing lovingly at their shelves? *raises hand in the air*)


For my last birthday, my roommate gave me a GORGEOUS “The Little Mermaid and Other Fairy Tales” collection. This is Hans Christian Andersen fairytales in a Barnes & Noble Collectible Edition that is just stunning and in hardback. (B&N has it HERE)

I have another Barnes & Noble Classics book (this one is paperback) called Grimm’s Fairy Tales. This has a collection of their fairytales and a timeline of the Grimm’s lives and what has happening in the world at that time. B&N has it HERE

I also own a cute “The World’s Best Fairy Tales: a Reader’s Digest Anthology” collection – this is a mix of fairytales from 1001 Arabian Nights, Andersen, Grimm and more. You can find it on Amazon HERE

I have The Lilac Fairy Book, edited by Andrew Lang, which is a paperback and has a lot of pretty illustrations inside. Pretty sure I found this one at Half Price Book store. It’s available on Amazon HERE

And one of my favorite collections of all: Korean Folk-tales retold by James Riordan. I found this jewel at Half Price Books and I snatched it up right away! HERE it is on Amazon 

And finally, I own seven Alice in Wonderland books. I just love having different covers so I collect them whenever I find them in thrift stores or for a good price at Half Price Book store.

What about you? Do you have a special collection of fairy tales?

9 Enchanting Fairy Tale Collections That Will Brighten Any Bookshelf


by Julia Seales

There is something so magical about the phrase “once upon a time.” Fairy tales have been passed down through generations, and they are still influencing stories today; these stories of magic have certainly withstood the test of time. After all, tales that women once told on stormy nights are now the inspiration for TV shows, movies, and books. Show off your love of all things magical with these enchanting fairy tale collections for your bookshelf.

What is it about fairy tales that is so attractive? Perhaps it’s the universal themes explored in these simple stories, or the promise of magic, or the opportunity to rewrite the tale again and again in new ways. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that fairy tales are a favorite among children and adults alike, whether you prefer modern retellings, Disney movies, or the original darker versions.

Because fairy tales are such a literary staple, you should always have a collection or two on your shelf. Not only will the tales remind you of your childhood, but they may also inspire new stories. Plus, many collections have tales you may never have heard, but they’re sure to entertain (or even terrify, because some of them really are dark). If you’re searching for some enchantment, here are some beautiful fairy tale collections that will add a bit of magic to your shelves.

Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales

This leather-bound collection contains all the Brothers Grimm fairytales, the dark forest cover reflecting the dark content of the original tales. If you're a fan of the creepiest fairytales, this is the collection for you.

Click here to buy.

B&N Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales

If you're a fan of the magical and whimsical fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm, here's an alternate collection with a cover that's less imposing. Featuring sleeping beauty, a metallic briar patch, and glittering stars, this beautiful leather-bound edition will look lovely on your shelf.

Click here to buy.

Andrew Lang Fairy Tales From Around The World

This lovely collection features over 100 illustrations from artist H.J. Ford. It includes over 100 fairy tales from more than 50 nations, so if you love to read fairy tales from all around the world, this gorgeous leather-bound collection is the perfect pick.

Click here to buy.

The Blue Fairy Book

This is a classic read for fairy tale lovers. Andrew Lang was a poet who has gained fame for his many colored collections of fairy tales. The Blue Fairy Book is a staple for your shelf.

Click here to buy.

The Complete Fairy Tales Of The Brothers Grimm

If you prefer paperbacks, this gorgeous lavender edition of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales is the key to your happily ever after.

Click here to buy.

The Snow Queen And Other Winter Tales

This collection features wintry fairy tales, and its leather-bound cover adds a snowy touch to any shelf. It's the perfect choice for fairy tale lovers who want to create a frosty bookshelf in time for the winter holidays.

Click here to buy.

Fearless Girls, Wise Women & Beloved Sisters: Heroines in Folktales from Around the World

Many fairy tales feature "damsels in distress," but none of the tales in this collection do. Every heroine in this paperback is fearless and wise, and you'll want to read these folktales again and again for inspiration.

Click here to buy.

Juniper Books Fables Set

This custom set features four classic fairy tale collections that, when placed next to one another, create a tableau of Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf. It's creepy and magical and perfect for the fairy tale obsessed.

Click here to buy.

Classic Fables & Tales

If you really want to splurge on fairy tales, this Juniper Books collection is the one to choose. It includes everything from Aesop's Fables to Gillian Avery's Russian Fairy Tales to the fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm.

Click here to buy.

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Interesting fairy tales from famous writers, popular with children of all ages, suitable for reading from a computer, tablet or any other device. Your child can read them on their own or listen to exciting stories from you. The most famous stories, stories and fairy tales, designed for a wide readership, are collected in this section. A convenient search for the work you are interested in will not take you much time. All texts are carefully checked for errors or typos. The optimal font, in which all the fairy tales are printed, will not put an undue strain on the eyes of the young reader. nine0003

10 best collections of children's fairy tales - in the Book Club!

The tradition of reading fairy tales to children before going to bed goes far into the past. Perhaps it is with her that the most vivid and pleasant memories of your own childhood are connected?

Reading fairy tales is good for children's development! Through a fairy tale, a child enriches the inner spiritual world, gets rid of experiences and fears, gains knowledge about life and its laws, develops imagination and creativity, learns to empathize and anticipate events. nine0003

As a rule, the main character in fairy tales is always active, he is brave and always emerges victorious, making every effort to solve the problem. Thus, fairy tales teach the child to act actively, and not to succumb to difficulties. In fairy tales, good always triumphs over evil, and a black stripe is always followed by a white one.

Collect the world's best fairy tales in your home library! Our selection includes favorite fairy tales by Andersen and other classics, wonderful New Year's stories, fairy tales about animals and even a collection of fairy tales in English! Do not miss! nine0003

Have fun reading!

Your Book Club

1. Collection "New Year's Tales"

What is the most favorite and long-awaited holiday for children? Of course New Year! Fragrant beautiful Christmas trees, funny performances and carnivals, dizzying surprises, round dances with Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden - all this can only happen on New Year's Eve. And on New Year's holidays, kids are looking forward to gifts. And the best of them is a bright, colorful book of fairy tales that children will enjoy reading on cozy winter evenings. nine0003

2. Fairy Tales from Sweden

Unique Swedish fairy tales with charming illustrations by J. Bauer! Legends and traditions are intertwined into a magical tale of mountain trolls, forest sorceresses, enchanted princesses.

3. Fairy tales about animals, G.Kh. Andersen

The famous storyteller Hans Christian Andersen tells the kids about the most important, the most important - about love and faith in the truth, about goodness and honor. Illustrations by D. Makhashvili and Yu. Panipartova. nine0003

4. Collection "Russian folk tales for kids"

Collection of Russian folk tales is the best book for kids. Simple and beautiful language, wisdom and instructiveness - all this is in folk art. Fairy tales will help the kid to get the first knowledge about animals, tell about such qualities as cunning, honesty, generosity, diligence. The collection is wonderfully illustrated - recognizable images of animal characters will turn reading into an exciting game.

5. Collection "Curious baby elephant"

This beautifully illustrated book includes interesting and instructive tales: "Two Mice", "Rabbit who wanted to fly", "Crystal Cockerel" and "Curious Baby Elephant". Thanks to a successful selection of rare fairy tales in a beautiful translation and unusual illustrations by D. Makhashvili and Y. Panipartov, the book will be a wonderful gift for a young reader!

6. Collection “Tales. The most extraordinary book, 400 stickers

This is a collection of colorful, interesting and bright stickers. Looking at the pictures together with your child, you can come up with a new ending to your favorite fairy tale or act out a fairy tale performance with the help of funny stickers. Fabulous lessons with stickers develop imagination, memory and attention, contribute to the development of speech, visual perception and fine motor skills.

7. Collection "Fairy tales of the peoples of the world"

The book contains the best fairy tales of the peoples of the world, including English, Bulgarian, Italian, Lithuanian, German, Romanian, Estonian, Japanese, as well as works by famous writers. The book is divided into sections "For the smallest", "From three years to six", "For primary school age", "For middle school age". nine0003

8. Collection "Favorite fairy tales-cartoons with songs"

It's good to watch cartoons.

Learn more