Common kindergarten sight words

FREE Printable List of Kindergarten Sight Words & How to Teach Them

If you’ve got a child in kindergarten, you’ll want to get familiar with kindergarten sight words and learn how to teach your child to read & learn sight words.

As a child play therapist and teacher, I understand how important it is to understand what sight words are, as well as understanding which activities, games, and apps are best to use to teach them.

This post has been updated to include more Kindergarten Sight Word Resources for parents and teachers (like this Kindergarten Sight Word Bundle Packet). 

Sight words are words that kindergarteners will see the most. Sight words are a commonly used term that usually refers to a set of words that reappears on almost any page of text.  

Kindergarten Sight Words and How to Teach Them

These high-frequency words are seen often.  In fact, between 50-75% of your child’s text will include sight words from pre-primer & primer Dolch word lists.

What are sight words?

To become a great reader, children must master their sight words. It is essential to learn their sight words and to continue to practice them. Once your child has mastered them, it is time to move onto the next list.

Kindergarten sight word list

When your child is looking at these words on a daily basis, they will learn them quickly.  Repetition is the key to fluency (reading smoothly, without a lot of pauses), so practicing these words over and over will help to achieve that goal. Here is a FREE printable list of Kindergarten Sight Words (click here, and I will send you the list)

You are welcome to download this free printable sight word list to help your child prepare for kindergarten.

Or if you really want the complete package, get this Kindergarten Sight Word Bundle Packet. As a child play therapist, I put this packet together so you can help your child learn sight words. You can print it over and over again to help your child learn his or her sight words.

How many sight words are there?

There are 52 sight words that are typically taught in kindergarten.

The Kindergarten Sight Words are:

all, am, are, at, ate, be, black, brown, but, came, did, do, eat, four, get, good, have, he, into, like, must, new, no, now, on, our, out, please, pretty, ran, ride, saw, say, she, so, soon, that, there, they, this, too, under, want, was, well, went, what, white, who, will, with, yes.

These are the 52 most commonly seen words in kindergarten level books. When a child is able to master those words, it not only makes it easier for them to read the words, it also improves their fluency or how quickly and smoothly they can read a passage.

How to Teach Kindergarten Sight Words

To begin, simply introduce your child to the list (show your child, hang it up, read them).

Read all of the words to your child (every day) and explain that he will be learning a new word every day (or every other day). Be excited about it.

On day one, see if your child knows any of the words. If they do, put a sticker, a checkmark, or a smiley face to the left of the word (there is space for that). If not, that’s OK! He will.

Every single day, go over the new word, as well as the OLD words that they know. I start by going over the old words with the sticker and then picking a new word. I say it, spell it, say it again, and ask my child to repeat it.

During the day, we will talk about that word and go back to the wall where it is hanging to look at it. I do this at least three times. I keep my chart in the pantry, so anytime our kids eat a snack or want to grab something, they see the words.

Continue to add a sticker, checkmark, or a smiley face to their new words, until the whole list has been completed. From then on, you can just review them every day or every few days.

As the days go on, find these words in other areas (words in books, service words on signs, flash cards before bed…)



Tracing kindergarten sight words gives children a chance to engage with the words in a new and different way. By combining multiple learning styles in one lesson, kids are more likely to learn and recall their sight words. Here are a couple of methods for creating kindergarten sight words to trace.

  • Rainbow Writing: At the beginning of the school year, have students trace the sight words in three different colors. This repetition helps them develop motor memory while also solidifying the spelling of the word. As the school year progresses, have students write the words independently in three colors. They can overlap the colors or write them three separate times.
  • Dry Erase Words: Kids love writing with different writing tools, so dry erase markers always make things more fun!
     – Print out the kindergarten sight words you’d like students to practice on a sheet of heavy cardstock.
     – Slip the cardstock into a transparent page protector and clip it to a clipboard.
     – Then, with a dry erase marker, students can trace the sight words on the page protector.
    If they make a mistake, it can be erased with a tissue or an old sock!


Technology has made even the youngest students digitally savvy. If you have access to a computer or tablet and a printer, have your students type their kindergarten sight words and print them out.

Kids love working in word processing programs and learning how to type. They can print the words in different colors, fonts, and sizes. Use the sight words they printed to decorate the room or as part of their reading folder.

If you minimize the page size, you could even use their printed words as Kindergarten sight word flashcards!


Learning sight words are important, but kids need to learn how to identify those words in sentences.

For early readers, being able to pick out kindergarten sight words in sentences means they have a complete understanding of the word.

Not only can they trace and write the word, but they can pick it out amidst other words. This is an important skill as they continue to develop their reading abilities.

How do you find them? 

One way to help kids identify their sight words in sentences is to play a modified version of I Spy. Instead of looking for objects, they are tasked with finding sight words. Give them a highlighter or highlighter tape to cover the word once they have found it.

Since kindergarteners have a limited reading vocabulary, make the sentences as uncomplicated as possible. Even three-word sentences allow students to practice finding and identifying sight words. If you want to make it more challenging, add a couple of sight words in each sentence!


Kindergarten sight words are basic words that are seen the most frequently in grade-level books. Many of the words are hard to illustrate because of their simplicity. One way to create flashcards of kindergarten sight words with pictures is to have students decorate them or create an illustration that helps them remember the word.

For example, they may draw someone crawling under a table, or they might draw a picture of a toy that has fallen under a bed to illustrate the word “UNDER.”  

Whatever image helps them remember the word is fine to use. The goal is to help them learn the words so there is no right or wrong.


Kindergarten sight word flashcards are especially helpful for quick practice. They can be useful for reviewing words at home or on the go.

Some people even uploaded them as virtual flashcards to a tablet or smartphone to be practiced while in the car, visiting relatives, or on vacation.

It doesn’t matter if you print them out to review alone, study them from a device, or turn them into a game; sight word flashcards are a great way to reinforce kindergarten vocabulary.

When using Kindergarten Sight Word Flashcards, start with three sight words. When your child knows these three words, add one additional word at a time to the existing words the child already knows.

If you add more, your child will likely become frustrated – and we want this to be fun! Continue adding one word at a time until your child can recognize all Kindergarten sight words.

Sight Word Games and Sight Word Apps

Learning is always more effective when it’s turned into a game! Here are some of our favorite sight word games and apps.

Sight Word Games
  • Go on a Word Hunt: Look for sight words in your Kindergartener’s favorite book! Count how many you can find. You could also print out a list of kindergarten sight words and put a checkmark next to each one you find.
  • Sight Word Hopscotch: Draw a hopscotch board on the sidewalk with chalk and write different sight words in each square. As your child hops from square to square, have him call out the sight word he’s jumping to.
  • Sight Word Water Balloon Smash: Fill water balloons and write sight words on each balloon in a permanent marker. On the sidewalk, write the sight words in chalk. Have your child choose a balloon, match it to the word on the sidewalk, and smash it on the chalked word. Not only is it a lot of fun, but it’s also a great way to stay cool.
  • There are more Games in this Kindergarten Sight Word Bundle Packet, like these puzzles, etc.

Sight Word Apps
  • Sight Words by Photo Touch – Free.  This no-frills sight word app lets kids match the sight words and progress through the different levels.
  • Sight Words List by Innovative Mobile Apps – $1.39. Bright and simple, this app lets you use pre-built lists of sight words or create your own. There are also challenges where kids can pick the sight word out of a group of words. The clear font makes the words easy to read.
  • Sight Words: Kids Learn by Teacher Created Materials – Free. This sight words app features more frills than the two above. The pictures are colorful, the font is clear, and there are multiple games to help students practice their sight words.
  • Print this FREE Kindergarten sight word list – Hang it by your door or on your refrigerator.  Review the list daily until your child can read them fluently and confidently.

You’ll also want to think about helping them even more by using this Kindergarten Sight Word Bundle Packet.

This printable packet is easy to use; you can download it and print it over & over to help your child.  The kids love it & they learn so much from the repetition of seeing the same words again & again.   It’s a great way to help your child learn their sight words, which helps them to learn to read well.

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Kindergarten Sight Words List |

Sight words are words that appear frequently in most of the text people read, but can't easily be sounded out. Learning them helps children become more confident readers. This list of kindergarten sight words includes the most commonly used words every kid should know, also called high frequency words. Although kids won't need to be able to read these sight words until the end of kindergarten, if you've got a pre-K child itching to get started with sight words, this is a great place to start ... before kindergarten rolls around!

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Look for even more resources below.

Kindergarten Sight Words




For more literacy and word practice for kindergarteners, see online games, lesson plans, and more from our kindergarten resources page.

Flash cards help kids learn sight words...without it feeling like work! Check out over 100 brightly-colored sight words in our set of sight words flashcards.

To make memorization even more fun, check out our free online sight words games. Kids can practice identifying these essential words by popping balloons, hopping in mud, and soaring through the sky!

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Feedback from parents on the work of the kindergarten

Thank you!

On behalf of our family, we express our gratitude to kindergarten No. 235 in the person of the head Elena Valentinovna Sergeeva for their attentive and professional attitude towards children. We especially thank the educators of group No. 5: Martynova Galina Leonidovna, Kiryukhina Nina Anatolyevna, Askerova Irina Vladimirovna, Pospelova Tatyana Borisovna.

They are always friendly, very patient with children, have an approach to each child, they will always find the right and affectionate word, without raising their voices, they know how to calm down even the most naughty. In kindergarten, children are doing great: lessons in the development of speech, mathematics, drawing, music classes, physical education and more. And what wonderful performances are being prepared for us - children's matinees. nine0007

We go to kindergarten with pleasure!

Thank you very much!

The Kulikov family (group No. 5, 06/09/13)

Thank you!

Since we are going to school this year, I really want to say a lot of kind words and words of gratitude to our kindergarten.

I would especially like to note the educators of group No. 8: Olga Anatolyevna Grishina, Tatyana Vladimirovna Shishova, Galina Mikhailovna Savina and, of course, the nanny Natalya Yuryevna. Our teachers are professionals in their field. They spend a lot of interesting activities with children: they cut, and glue, and sculpt. They come up with many different competitions for children for the best crafts, good motivation, Sasha loves to participate in such events! nine0007

I am very glad that my child got to such kind, sensitive and sincere people.

I was at almost all matinees and saw how educators take a responsible approach to preparing events and with what attention and care they treat each child.

I can only be happy for my daughter.

In general, it is felt that a very friendly and well-coordinated team and experienced specialists work in the garden. This is also very important.


Many thanks to the manager - Sergeeva Elena Valentinovna, who was able to organize all this, I know that not everyone succeeds.

Afanasyev family (group No. 8, 06/09/13)

Thank you teachers!

My son attended group number 9 from 2010 to 2012. We came from home, we had not visited the nursery before. At first they went to the clock, within a month they got used to it and began to stay for the whole day. Very sincere people work here: Lebedeva Marina Guryevna, Nesterova Galina Anatolyevna, Zarubina Marina Anatolyevna, Filimonova Anna Vladimirovna. For me personally, these people have become very dear. This garden is a wonderful preparation for school. Our teachers are interested in the success of their graduates, and graduates visit their kindergarten. And what holidays they did! This is a delight! One can only guess how much work it cost them. Now we are in the 1st grade, I would like to say a huge thank you for their care, preparation for school. Low bow to you! nine0007

Belova Irina Borisovna.

Thank you!

On behalf of our family, we express our gratitude to the teachers of group No. 1 - Khvatova Svetlana Vladimirovna, Artamonova Rimma Pavlovna, Izyumova Svetlana Konstantinovna for their attentive and kind attitude towards our children. In the implementation of the educational process, in addition to high professionalism, they individually approach each child, taking into account all personal characteristics. They are always sympathetic to parental wishes and requests. Thank them very much! nine0007

Kulikovs, group No. 1, 04/27/2013

Thank you teachers!

I really want to express my gratitude to the teachers of group No. 9 for their attentive attitude towards our children, preparing children for school, beautiful holidays, interesting exhibitions of children's work, informative parent meetings. We still remember the "Funny Quiz", in which parents and children took part.

We came to a bright, clean, recently renovated group, where there are a lot of toys. Children enjoy attending kindergarten. nine0007

We thank the head of the kindergarten E.V. Sergeev for creating a developing environment in the group and a good selection of teachers.

Thank you so much! We make you success!

Parents of group No. 9 (2012-2013 academic year)

Dear Svetlana Nikolaevna, Natalya Igorevna and Olga Fedorovna!

We express our deep gratitude to you. We would like to note your high professionalism, sensitive attitude towards children, care, attention, kindness and warmth, individual approach to each family. The educational process is organized in such a way that all the little things of everyday life in society, in the family and in the team are taken into account. Children are happy to go to the garden, because there they will be met by their favorite teachers, with whom it is easy, interesting for them and they can share children's secrets. A comfortable warm atmosphere reigns in the group due to understanding and equality. You teach our children to be friends and respect each other, to create and fantasize, to appreciate beauty, to be honest, kind, caring. Our children are proud of their achievements, they are happy to show us their crafts, they repeat what they did in kindergarten with interest at home. Step by step, under your strict guidance, children learn about the world around them, the joy of friendship, and their personal abilities. The group is clean and tidy, comfortable and cosy. The children are well fed and tidy. We fully trust you, because it is very important for a parent, when he leaves a child for almost the whole day, to know that his child is in good hands. We are calm for the life and safety of our guys, because next to them is a real team of professionals. We are very grateful to you. Thank you! We are very lucky to have you! nine0007

The Fedorov family (group No. 3).

Thanks to the staff of the kindergarten.

We, the parents of kindergarten No. 235, group No. 7, want to express our gratitude to the head of Sergeeva Elena Valentinovna. Under her leadership, improvements in the life of the kindergarten are noticeable. The groups have all the conditions for the development of children, according to the age category. For our children, the chefs cook in the renovated kitchen. The territory of the garden is always put in order. All wishes and comments of parents are taken into account. At parent meetings, questions on the work of the kindergarten are always discussed, reports on the work done are always carried out. Everyone knows that the work of a manager requires an attentive and reverent attitude towards each employee, while remaining quite strict and demanding in the performance of duties. in our opinion, Elena Valentinovna is such a leader. nine0007

Separately, we want to note the work of our educators Volkova Svetlana Borisovna, Kravets Galina Nikolaevna, speech therapist Chistova Olga Alexandrovna and assistant teacher Mikheeva Valentina Anatolyevna. We would like to note their high professionalism in difficult work with children. We, parents, always look with great interest at all the creative works of our children, which are exhibited in the locker room of the group. It is impossible not to note their work with parents, they will always explain, give advice, our requests and comments are never left without attention. At the children's laying, the teachers made a labyrinth and a slide of snow, which the children really like. At matinees, we watch a small performance with great pleasure and pride, where teachers with our children dance, dance and read poetry! It is always unforgettably interesting. We would like to note the work of our speech therapist. Both group and personal classes are held with children. Of course, we, parents, immediately noticed the positive result of these classes. Our children do their homework with great pleasure, which Olga Aleksandrovna spends with them during the week. Thanks to the teacher's assistant Valentina Anatolyevna, the group is always perfectly clean and tidy. Which is very important for every parent. Of course, the work of specialists (music director, educators in physical education, mathematics, drawing and modeling) makes the stay of children in kindergarten more interesting and varied. nine0007

Step by step, under the strict guidance of these educators, our children learn about the world around them, learn to be friends and respect each other, learn to work independently, learn personal opportunities taking the child to kindergarten, it is very important for any parent that the stay in the group is as comfortable as possible. And with our children a real team of professionals is nearby, so we leave our children with a calm heart, as we are sure that they will be fed on time, looked after, and, most importantly, trained and properly educated! nine0007

Parents of group No. 7: Kuryleva O.V., Skvortsova O.V., Danilova T.S., Antonova E.N. 03/22/2013


We would like to express our gratitude to the teachers of group No. 6, kindergarten No. 235 Tatyana Vladimirovna and Anzhela Mikhailovna. Wonderful teachers: caring, loyal and friendly to both children and parents, have an amazing ability to find a special approach to each child. They conduct developmental classes with the children, sculpt, draw, dance and sing, learn poems and songs (the children even sing at home). Our educators put so much soul into their work, and what matinees they spend with the kids!!! Parents leave the holidays with a lot of positive emotions. nine0007

I would also like to note the skillful and sensitive leadership of the head of the kindergarten, Elena Valentinovna, who creates order in the garden, a friendly and warm atmosphere, and always keeps in touch with parents. After all, without her competent guidance, there would probably not be such teachers working with our children.

Thank you so much for everything you do for our kids!

Our nursery is the BEST!!!

Parents of group No. 6 (30.03.13)

I would like to thank the administration and teaching staff of our kindergarten.

Excellent organization of classes, highly qualified and attentive teachers, excellent professional preparation for the holidays of both children and teaching staff, a cozy atmosphere, cleanliness, excellent food, a child who goes to kindergarten with real pleasure - these are the main indicators of the level of our kindergarten. nine0007

Elena Valentinovna and her staff make every effort to ensure that our garden is always an "excellent student". I am very glad that my child attends kindergarten No. 235, and I wish the team to keep this warm and cozy atmosphere of the kindergarten, which you want to go to in the morning.

E.M. Kalashnikov (group 4) (26.03.13)

Dear staff of kindergarten No. 235!

I would like to express my deep gratitude to you for your upbringing, care, kindness and sensitivity to our children. This kindergarten is attended by my second child, and again we cannot get enough of the warm atmosphere that reigns in the garden. I would like to express my special gratitude to the medical staff. Thank you very much for the constant monitoring of the health of children. For many years, you have been involved in disease prevention. Oxygen cocktails, therapeutic exercises, outdoor exercises, of course, increase immunity. Thanks also to the head - Elena Valentinovna - for the fact that she pays great attention to the medical direction. nine0007

With respect, parents of group No. 3.

Dear Svetlana Vladimirovna, Rimma Pavlovna and Svetlana Konstantinovna!

Thank you very much for taking care of the smallest children in the kindergarten. You have done a great job teaching our children to count, play, dance, sing and much, much more. We believe that this requires great patience, pedagogical talent and boundless love for children. At the cost of your friendly, calm, confident behavior, professional experience, you managed to organize a matinee dedicated to graduation from the nursery, bright, cheerful and unforgettable! nine0007

Parents and children are grateful for everything you have done for us!

There should be more such teachers!

Many thanks to the musical director Ekaterina Nikolaevna.

So the cherished door opened in summer,

Will scatter from groups of children.

To all educators we will bow to the ground,

And nurses, and nannies, and cooks.

You set fire to the hearts of children with love,0007

For children's happiness, praise and honor to you!

Your work is like tributaries by a river,

Thank you very much for being you!

Parents of a group of young children.

Kindergarten No. 235 is the best kindergarten in the city!

Yesterday I bought stationery in the store, and the seller asked me if I was taking my child to an expensive kindergarten. I answered that in the most ordinary kindergarten. “Although,” I said, raising my head proudly, “our kindergarten is the best kindergarten in the city according to the results of the current year. And I want to tell you about the best group, in my opinion, the best kindergarten. nine0007

For two years we were happy to go to the 10th group. And when the time came to move to the mass, of course, there was a lot of unrest about this. Firstly, I was anxiously waiting for a meeting with new teachers, because. it seemed to me that it could not be better than our former educators. Secondly, Nastya's character had formed a difficult one by this time. She does not accept all adults unconditionally. There were also not unfounded fears that a certain kind of friction and misunderstanding might arise. Thirdly, they were afraid how she would join the already established children's team. Will she find friends there, because children are now difficult, and for a child at this age, communication in a children's team is no less important than with adults. And the most important fear was that there were 2 times more children in the mass group than in the previous one. It seemed to me then that no even the most wonderful teacher could cope with thirty screaming, laughing and crying children of this age at the same time. And that day has come! nine0007

We came to the 4th group. It was very disturbing. Nastya was hiding behind me, and she clearly did not intend to make contact. But, having reached the stairs to the second floor, it seemed to us that we were in a fairy-tale meadow flooded with sun, where butterflies were flying around. Such an effect was created by bright curtains and multi-colored iridescent butterflies skillfully attached to the walls. The mood immediately improved, even Nastya decided not to cry yet. After all, the educators who invented and made such beauty cannot be not kind and friendly. The junior teacher Elena Stanislavovna met us. Friendly, active, with kind eyes and a soft, "home" smile. She answered my questions very clearly and competently. Somehow she quickly found a common language with Nastya and went with her to the group. I was surprised: what professional junior educators work in kindergarten. From the very first day, I was completely sure that we were lucky again. In any case, I went to work that day without waiting for the “concert” from my daughter, which I was very glad about. Having taken Nastya home in the evening, I listened to a bunch of positive reviews about Elena Stanislavovna. And even Nastya promised not to cry tomorrow if there was again a “beloved nanny” in the group, as to this day, Nastya calls Elena Stanislavovna. nine0007

We began to wait for the release of our tutors. But there were no more worries about it. I have already seen the group prepared for the children by the teachers. This is a very cozy room, with such a variety of toys, which, I'm sure, is not even in many apartments. All toys are in good condition. And among them there are many developing ones. The new furniture, which is so skillfully arranged, that despite the small space, the group does not look cramped and cluttered. All around cleanliness and comfort. All this characterizes our educators as good housewives, creative personalities and, what is most important for me, not indifferent people. In addition, I heard a lot of good reviews about them from people whose opinion I tend to listen to. In short, we were looking forward to meeting them. nine0007

I write in such detail about my first impressions, because. I still feel the same enthusiastic feelings for them now. And I can say with confidence that our teachers: Tatyana Vladimirovna and Olga Anatolyevna are the best teachers not only in our kindergarten, but also in the city. In no case do I want to offend the beloved teachers of other children, but I am the author of this letter, and I can have my own opinion. I will give a few examples so as not to be unfounded. I often come for the child early. Now I have already got used to the silence in the group during classes or meals, but let's not forget that there are thirty children there. How can you maintain interest, teach something to so many children? I don’t understand how you can be with so many children in the same room all day. And yet I never heard them even raise their voices. I have not seen a single child who would be injured in the group or not calmed down if he fell. With just a look, calmness, professional wisdom, they resolved the emerging conflicts. Our educators gently, with their very appearance, have a sobering effect not only on naughty children, but also on us parents. I have never seen one of the parents speak rudely to any of them. It's just not possible. I, as a quick-tempered person by nature, often learn from them patience and sincere love (note, for other people's children). Rarely does a caregiver become a de facto member of the family, whose opinion is sought after and valued. And Olga Anatolyevna and Tatyana Vladimirovna became truly second mothers for our children. nine0007

I am sure that for a long time, even when we leave for school, we will come to our beloved teachers for advice, and just share our joy. After all, we are already used to the fact that next to us there are such responsive and attentive, balanced and not indifferent, creative and highly qualified teachers.

I could write a lot about those exhibitions and show jumping in which our educators and their pupils took part, became prize-winners and winners. The number of creative works, surprises, drawings and crafts that Nastya brought home simply cannot be counted. How many merry holidays and entertainments passed in the group, not a single child's birthday was left without attention. I especially remember the musical performance in which Nastya played Baba Yaga. The child wants to go to kindergarten and sincerely loves his teachers. And this is the most important thing, because I can safely trust them with my daughter while I'm at work. nine0007

And I would also like to note that our educators are just beautiful young women who are raising wonderful children who have succeeded as mothers and as housewives. Thus, they set a positive example for the younger generation, especially girls. An example of the fact that in our time you can successfully make a career and be happy in your personal life.

Summing up the above, I would like to say “many thanks” to the head of the kindergarten, Elena Valentinovna, for keeping a wonderful team, despite the fact that the state almost does not help her in this. I wish patience, joy and health to the wonderful teachers - Olga Anatolyevna and Tatyana Vladimirovna. After all, including the best educators make our garden the best in the city. Thank you very much for our children! nine0007

Kortusheva Svetlana Lvovna (Group 4),

mother of a pupil of the group preparatory to school

Dear employees of the kindergarten!

We express our deep gratitude to the teacher Perepletchikova Svetlana Gennadievna and the music worker Burmistrova Valentina Fedorovna for exciting, interesting, informative classes, for their attentive attitude towards us and our children. nine0007

We all enjoyed and benefited greatly from the events. These classes are necessary to prepare children for kindergarten, as well as for their overall development and the harmonious development of their personality.

Low bow to you for your care and cordial attitude.

Parents of children of the adaptation group

Dear teachers!

Many thanks for the excellent organization and decoration of the "Toys" holiday for children and parents of group No. 7.

It was a wonderful holiday, everyone enjoyed it very much. I really liked the creative idea and the idea of ​​the holiday.

Thank you all! We wish you creative success and wish there were more such holidays!

Parents of Group No. 7:

Lebedeva N. S., Kruglova E.A., Marshev A.V., Povarova S.E.

Gratitude to the kindergarten

Here is a collection of texts with words of gratitude to the kindergarten. All texts are written in prose, in your own words, and are intended for use at any event (holidays, graduations, parent-teacher meetings, etc.), as well as in personal communication, on any ordinary day. Use the separate collection for a written thank you note. nine0007

It has long been known that all good things begin in childhood. And the further path of the child, his readiness for school life, attitude to the world around him to a large extent depends on the work of the kindergarten, its atmosphere, the professionalism of the employees. Therefore, your patience, work and care will never be in vain. Thanks to the entire staff of the institution for creating a warm, friendly atmosphere within these walls, for a well-organized subject-developing environment. For feedback from parents, readiness to answer all questions, sensitivity and support - special gratitude to you. nine0007

We are grateful that here special attention is paid to the moral and patriotic education of children, the education of love for the native land, family, homeland and the planet, as well as the education of parents through participation in social projects.

We are sincerely grateful to this garden for uniting true professionals within its walls. We highly appreciate the efforts and energy of each employee aimed at solving the problems of preschool education. We sincerely wish prosperity to the institution, and satisfaction to the employees with the results of their activities and successful professional development. nine0007

I thank the entire staff of the institution for their dedication to the profession, high dedication, love for children, responsibility and active life position. Thank you for your contribution to the happy childhood of the younger generation.

I am very glad that today in your kindergarten all conditions have been created for the formation of a diversified personality - the development of intellectual, artistic, musical, physical and even theatrical abilities of children. This is a great merit of your team, which has always been distinguished by initiative, an active life position, a desire to work creatively, improving pedagogical skills. Thank you for your passion and dedication to your work. nine0007

Thanks to all employees of the garden for giving their love to children, teaching them kindness and justice, introducing them to the world of creativity, opening up a limitless world of knowledge.

Your kindergarten is famous for its wonderful teachers, real masters of their craft, the desire to constantly improve the level of competence of the teaching staff through various forms of work, including through scientific support and inter-municipal interaction with preschool educational organizations in the region. We express our sincere gratitude to the entire staff of the DOW for many years of fruitful cooperation. For the preservation and enhancement of the best traditions of preschool education - special thanks to you. nine0007

I will forever be grateful that here the moral foundations were laid in the child, the formation of his personality began, a new world opened up, in which there is a lot of wonder and beauty. And I address special words of gratitude to the educators - for giving the children a piece of their soul.

Thank you for the high-quality child care and the educational process, which is organized competently, interestingly and efficiently. An individual approach is found here for each child, which is why children love visiting the kindergarten and the process of interaction with educators so much. nine0007

Thanks to you, dear employees of the kindergarten, optimists, enthusiasts, capable of creative search and professional prowess, the pupils of your institution become kind and sensitive, diligent and self-confident, in their abilities. We are sincerely grateful to you that children visit the kindergarten with joy, develop their intellectual and creative abilities under the guidance of wise mentors.

I would like to express my gratitude to the entire staff of the kindergarten. Thank you for the friendly and creative atmosphere that prevails daily within the walls of the institution. Special thanks for the high-quality organization of the developmental and educational processes and, of course, for the professional, difficult work of all employees. I am sure that we are really lucky to attend this particular kindergarten. nine0007

You are at the origins of the comprehensive development of children, and, consequently, the intellect of the future of our society. The teachers of the institution are distinguished by a great sense of responsibility for the fate of each child. Please accept the words of deep gratitude for the successful implementation of modern educational technologies, the successful building of partnerships with the parents of pupils, the pedagogical discoveries and discoveries of the team, which allow solving many problems of preschool education in a new way.

Here everything is arranged so that every day of stay turns for a child into a day of joy, knowledge, friendship. Thanks for this.

Here all employees give children the warmth of their hearts, share knowledge and ideas with pleasure, contribute to the formation of character, life values ​​and guidelines. You are making a big contribution to our future. Let me express my personal gratitude to the entire staff of the garden for the painstaking, conscientious and very hard work.

The kindergarten team today can rightfully be proud of their institution, memorable traditions, well-organized educational process, talented teachers - excellent professionals and true enthusiasts in their field. Warmth and care, mutual respect and a positive attitude to life that reign in your friendly team fill the hearts of children and parents with peace and joy. Thank you for the fact that every day you painstakingly create an amazing country of childhood, turning the garden into a truly second home for the children. nine0007

The entire teaching staff of the institution creatively combines the principles of modern preschool education and upbringing with the best heritage of national pedagogy. Please accept gratitude for the pedagogical skills, high responsibility, the desire to constantly develop in the chosen profession.

Thank you for the well-organized work of the institution, for the sensitivity and attention of employees day after day, for patience in everything, for the generosity of hearts and the ability to make the world of childhood bright and joyful. nine0007

Please accept gratitude for the fact that the life of the garden is full of bright events, the embodiment of new ideas and plans. Thanks to the coordinated work and pedagogical skills of the entire team, it is possible to achieve excellent results in the upbringing of the younger generation.

A visit to your kindergarten leaves a warm imprint on the soul. Thanks for this. May harmony and mutual understanding always reign within these walls.

Thank you to the administration, the teaching staff, and all employees for the constant improvement of the quality of the work of the institution, improvement of the material and technical base and creative search. I am sure that thanks to the energy and responsible attitude towards the cause of the entire team, the institution will definitely have a prosperous future, it can handle all the difficulties.

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