Rhymes for story

228 best rhymes for 'story'

1 syllable

  • Tree
  • Spree
  • Re
  • Free
  • Three
  • We
  • V
  • P
  • Knee
  • She
  • Ye
  • Lee
  • See
  • Z
  • Flee
  • Me
  • Thee
  • Fee
  • Be
  • De

  • Pre
  • He
  • Key
  • G
  • T
  • E
  • Glee
  • Plea
  • Ski
  • Thi

2 syllables

  • Glory
  • Horny
  • Coffee
  • Corny
  • Forty
  • Shorty
  • Gory
  • Naughty
  • Normally
  • Laundry
  • Salty
  • Maury
  • Stormy
  • Donkey
  • Softly
  • Corey
  • Rollie
  • Shortly
  • Doggy
  • Audi

  • Foresee
  • Cosby
  • Strongly
  • Frosty
  • Scrawny
  • Costly
  • Bossy
  • Aussie
  • Falsely
  • Auntie
  • Faulty
  • Saudi
  • Orgy
  • Victory
  • Sorry
  • Carry
  • Degree
  • Mary
  • C3
  • Bury

  • History
  • Scary
  • Angry
  • Fairy
  • Agree
  • Every
  • Hungry
  • Country
  • Theory
  • M3
  • Very
  • Cherry
  • Snotty
  • Harry
  • Curry
  • Heavy
  • Movie
  • Tv
  • Envy
  • Filthy

  • Twenty
  • Silly
  • Plenty
  • Honey
  • Copy
  • Journey
  • Easy
  • Happy
  • Clearly
  • Quickly
  • Only
  • Hardly
  • Funny
  • Sexy
  • Deadly
  • Fully
  • Pussy
  • Actually
  • Ali
  • Mercy

  • Highly
  • Surely
  • Probably
  • Crazy
  • Lazy
  • Skinny
  • Sloppy
  • Lately
  • Cali
  • Simply
  • Holy
  • Ugly
  • Molly
  • Really
  • Busy
  • Daily
  • Bunny
  • Sunny
  • Charlie
  • Bully

  • Phony
  • Early
  • Tiny
  • Nearly
  • Money
  • Slowly
  • Truly
  • Lonely
  • Many
  • Barely
  • Fancy
  • Mc
  • Friendly
  • Penny
  • Likely
  • Lovely
  • Hazy
  • Belly
  • Mostly
  • Any

  • Tony
  • Dizzy
  • Johnny
  • Thirty
  • Steady
  • Sunday
  • Id
  • Daddy
  • Friday
  • Maybe
  • Baby
  • Gimme
  • Ready
  • Body
  • Study
  • Gucci
  • Lady
  • Buddy
  • Mommy
  • Army

  • Candy
  • Bloody

3 syllables

  • Poetry
  • Industry
  • Disagree
  • Chemistry
  • Destiny
  • Company
  • Hopefully
  • Exactly
  • Finally
  • Completely
  • Easily
  • Usually
  • Mentally
  • Suddenly
  • Literally
  • Family
  • Heavenly
  • Legacy
  • Constantly
  • Happily

  • Basically
  • Fantasy
  • Lyrically
  • Honestly
  • Totally
  • Possibly
  • Jealousy
  • Recipe
  • Verbally
  • Melody
  • Enemy
  • Nobody
  • Wannabe
  • Versace

4 syllables

  • Territory
  • Category
  • Paparazzi
  • Purgatory
  • Mandatory
  • Laboratory
  • Inventory
  • Allegory
  • Legendary
  • Dictionary
  • Seriously
  • Especially
  • Eventually
  • Physically
  • Definitely
  • Obviously
  • Apparently
  • Ordinary
  • Military
  • Anybody

  • Everybody

5 syllables

  • Vocabulary

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Words That Rhyme with Story - Story Rhymes

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We found 189 rhymes for Story

You can browse the rhymes for Story below. Click on any word to find out the definition, synonyms, antonyms, and homophones.

Rhyme Len. Syllables PoS
Accusatory 10 5 adjective satellite
Alatorre 8 4 noun?
Aleatory 8 5 adjective satellite
Allegory 8 4 noun
Ambulatory 10 5 adjective satellite, adjective, noun
Anticipatory 12 6 adjective satellite
Articulatory 12 6 adjective
Auditory 8 4 adjective
Aurei 5 2 noun?
Basore 6 3 noun?
Belfiore 8 4 noun?
Bonsignore 10 4 noun?
Buonocore 9 4 noun?
Cacciatore 10 4 noun?
Category 8 4 noun
Celebratory 11 5 adjective
Circulatory 11 5 adjective
Compensatory 12 5 noun?
Conciliatory 12 6 adjective
Confirmatory 12 5 adjective satellite
Confiscatory 12 5 noun?
Congratulatory 14 6 adjective satellite
Contributory 12 5 adjective satellite
Corey 5 2 noun?
Corrie 6 2 noun
Corry 5 2 noun?
Cory 4 2 noun?
Coury 5 2 noun?
Declaratory 11 5 adjective
Defamatory 10 5 adjective satellite
Defiore 7 4 noun?
Delore 6 2 noun?
Delsignore 10 4 noun?
Depilatory 10 5 noun, adjective satellite
Depository 10 5 noun
Deregulatory 12 6 noun?
Derogatory 10 5 adjective satellite
Desultory 9 4 adjective satellite
Detore 6 3 noun?
Dettore 7 3 noun?
Difiore 7 4 noun?
Dilatory 8 4 adjective satellite
Discriminatory 14 6 adjective, adjective satellite
Dorey 5 2 noun?
Dori 4 2 noun?
Dorie 5 2 noun?
Dormitory 9 4 noun
Dorrie 6 2 noun?
Dory 4 2 noun
Eleonore 8 5 noun?

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Synonyms of Story

  • Tarradiddle
  • Account
  • Narrative
  • Chronicle
  • Tale
  • Storey
  • Report
  • Recital
  • Yarn
  • Taradiddle
  • News Report
  • Write Up
  • Level
  • Floor
  • Narration
  • History
  • Fib
  • Horizontal Surface
  • Grade
  • Degree
  • Base
  • Flooring
  • Tier
  • Trading Floor
  • Spirit Level
  • Layer
  • Stage
  • Point
  • Stratum
  • Score
  • Business Relationship
  • Account Statement
  • Explanation
  • Bill
  • Invoice
  • Accounting
  • Paper
  • Study
  • Theme
  • Report Card
  • Reputation
  • Written Report
  • Composition
  • Tosh
  • Boloney
  • Tommyrot
  • Bilgewater
  • Humbug
  • Bosh
  • Drool
  • Twaddle
  • Baloney
  • Fiction
  • Allegory
  • Fabrication
  • Invention
  • Myth
  • Romance
  • Apologue
  • Falsehood
  • Legend
  • Novel
  • Fable
  • Figment
Antonyms of Story

  • Certainty
  • Fact
  • History
  • Literalness
  • Reality
  • Truth
  • Verity
Homophones of Story

  • Storey
  • Storie

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Literary genre, which includes both the story, and the essay, and the short story, 5 letters

The answer to the question in the crossword puzzle (crossword puzzle) " The literary genre, which includes the story, and the essay, and the short story ", 5 (five ) letters (first - p, last - a):



Other definitions (questions) to the word "prose" (95)

  1. Severe . .. life
  2. A form of speech other than poems
  3. Poems that have lost both rhyme and rhythm
  4. "Where are the poems, there and ..."
  5. Literature is not in verses
  6. "Hare ... Life"
  7. Benefic situation
  8. Nepomic literature
  9. Not poetic everyday life of life
  10. "Literature" Literature
  11. Story, novel, novel, novel, novel
  12. Main literary genre
  13. Gray everyday life
  14. Everyday, everyday in life
  15. Novels
  16. Life devoid of poetry
  17. "... much stricter than poetry and does not allow me to pass off melodies as thoughts"
  18. Poetry, which tied with the rhyme
  19. non -trained speech
  20. Structural type of text, characteristic of Roman
  21. The opposite of poetry
  22. Literature is not in rhyme
  23. Literature
  24. Rhythmically unexpected speech
  25. life
  26. The antipode of poetry
  27. Literary speech, different from poetry
  28. Tale. Novels
  29. Poetry in reverse
  30. Writer's exhaust
  31. At least a story, at least a story
  32. Literature that does not involve poetry
  33. The totality of works (except for poetry) of any author, time, literary movement, etc. Works not in rhyme
  34. Everything else except poetry
  35. Turgenev's legacy
  36. Literature without any rhyme
  37. Not poetry at all
  38. Everything that is not poetry
  39. Life is not in rhyme
  40. "Poetic Anti -Pais"
  41. Benefic in life
  42. So name the monotony in life
  43. Non -rhymed text, speech
  44. Non -ethotic literature
  45. Alternative to poetry
  46. LOOKS, which include romance, the novel, the novel is included , story
  47. Its types - novel, story, story
  48. Competitor to poetry
  49. Story or story
  50. Artistic work presented in ordinary, not poetic speech
  51. It is born when something goes wrong with a poet
  52. Not poetry
  53. Literature without rhymes
  54. An anagram for the word "constipation"
  55. Poems that have lost both rhyme and rhythm
  56. Its types - short story, essay 90, epic
  57. Type of fiction
  58. Literature of life
  59. Fiction
  60. That which is devoid of brilliance, brightness, liveliness
  61. Genre in literature
  62. Collection of the Afghan writer Gul-Pacha Ulfat "The Chosen . .."
  63. Literature
  64. Life without poetry
  65. Life Non -ethics
  66. Enhydrous works
  67. Text without rhymes
  68. Benefication in life
  69. Life Life Life
  70. Literary genre Where poetry is, there is ..., Mary!
  71. Story, novel
  72. "She is terribly far away" from poetry
  73. Literature without rhyme
  74. Non-poetic literature0016
  75. "Poems and ..., ice and fire"
  76. Ordinary
  77. Ordinary life (colloquial)
  78. Everyday life, everyday life
  79. Having said the word "for" twice, but the first time in Latin, and the second in Russian, You will receive this word, in Latin, the “simple”
  80. genre of literature
  81. Poems on the contrary
  82. Poetry without rhyme
  83. Poetry, “tied up” with rhyme
  84. ordinary, everyday life
  85. Poom
  86. Poetry, deprived0016
  87. Not poetry
  88. Literary genre deprived of muse
  1. non-poetic speech; speech not organized with the help of rhythm, rhyme ◆ Whether she reads poetry or speaks prose, lexical panoramas are born, full of dazzling fire of passions. Zana Plavinskaya, "Reflection", 2003 // "Swan"
  2. literary genre based on the use of such speech; also works in this genre
  3. rev. (figurative meaning), collected. (collective) what is ordinary, everyday, ordinary ◆ Ordinary and prose of the initial task - to build a fence - resulted in protest. nine0208 Maria Ozhereleva, "Count ruins", 2003 // "Landscape design"

Meaning of the word

PROZA , -s, feminine

1. Non-verse speech. Radishchev wrote better in verse than in prose. Pushkin, Alexander Radishchev. Koltsov was completely carried away by poetry and even almost stopped reading books written in prose. Dobrolyubov, A. V. Koltsov. || Non-verse literature. nine0208 His articles in terms of the fascination of presentation are all undeniably among the best that our prose still has. Chernyshevsky, Essays on the Gogol period of Russian literature (variants). The strength of historical prose is that it is needed by its time, is connected with it and is its reflection. Kaverin, Yuri Tynyanov.

2. What is necessary and common in life; everyday life, everyday life. Often people were then surrounded by the inescapable prose of life, that practical side of it, which knows only worries about tomorrow, about the future nest, about narrow egoistic well-being. nine0209 Teleshov, Notes of a Writer. His unexpectedly flared love did not fade over the years and did not descend from romantic heights into everyday prose. Panova, Seasons.

Prose poem watch poem.

[lat. prosa]

Prose (Latin prosa - letters. purposeful speech) - oral or written speech without division into commensurate segments - poetry; in contrast to poetry, its rhythm is based on the approximate correlation of syntactic constructions (periods, sentences, columns). Sometimes the term is used as a contrast to fiction, in general (poetry) to scientific or journalistic literature, that is, not related to art. nine0005

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1. Meaning of the word prose. 2. Synonyms for "prose". 3. Antonyms "prose". 4. Analysis of the composition of "prose". 5. Associations "prose". 6 phonetic analysis of "prose".

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Poetic rhymes

If you have found a craving for poetic creativity and read the previous article, then it's time to move on to the intrashop basics. However, we have already talked about how to write poetry in this article and, accordingly, we have a general idea of ​​\u200b\u200brhyme and rhyme in general. Now let's try to reveal this poetic alchemy a little deeper.

So let's start with the rhyme. For every poet, the word "rhyme" is sacred. It is used in almost all poetic lines, with the exception of rare forms of the poem. For example, verslibra. And often the success of the work, its main idea and conveyed feeling will largely depend on the rhyme. After all, all keywords are placed at the end of the line so that the reader pays attention to them. Quite often I heard from amateur readers: “But there is no rhyme here at all. The lyrics are bad." Of course, one cannot think so flatly, but it clearly demonstrates the importance and value that rhyme plays. After all, we write, novice authors, after all, for the people. For different people. nine0005

Also, pay attention to the meter in this article.

Types of rhymes

Actually, in order to succeed in this area, you should find out a few theoretical points. It will not be superfluous to find out what rhymes are. And they have a lot of classifications.

1. According to the location of the stress.

A merry winter has come

And brought a lot of snow.

Let's make a reservation right away that the examples of rhymes are chosen the simplest and without artistic frills, in order to make it easier to understand the essence of the matter.

May happiness be brighter than light,

And joy will become hotter than summer.

Soldiers came to the baby today in the kindergarten


  • Finally, the most difficult is

    hyperdactylic rhyme

    . If we have already lost count, then we count exactly three syllables and select a word with an accent on the fourth (an example of a hyperdactylic rhyme):

The day combs the birch,

The day combs the birch ...

With exact ones, everything is clear: they are noticed and recognized immediately, they are admired, they are accepted. The sounds of exact rhymes match one hundred percent and do not stand out in any way:

I got up early today

And that's why I'm tired.

Everything is extremely simple. But inexact rhymes are also often used, where phonetic consonance is only partially.

I suddenly can’t sleep today,

I quietly took the knitting needles ...

3. Partial affiliation. In simpler terms, rhymes belong to one or another part of speech.

  • Homogeneous rhymes

    refer to the same part of speech. Either these are two nouns, or two pronouns, or two verbs. For some reason, usually such a combination is not particularly favored, because it is considered extremely primitive. An example of a homogeneous rhyme:

Look at me

Am I good today?

You brought me flowers today

Come on, come on,

My girl is a carnation.

4. Lexical features.

  • Tautological rhyme

    is an extremely banal technique, but which, one way or another, is found in the literature. In this case, the entire word or word form is repeated. However, if such a rhyme is used wisely, then you can reach the degree of a masterpiece. Example of a tautological rhyme:

I once forgot you,

I know that I forgot in vain ...

Our strong marriage

revealed the marriage today.

No way to reach the garden.

What a shame!

  • Paronymic rhyme

    is a combination of words that are only partially similar in sound. Their meanings, of course, are also different. Although they are close enough. Paronymic rhyme example:

“The addressee will send an answer soon,” -

The addressee assured himself.

5. According to the degree of wealth. Phonetic, of course.

The petal came off -

The flower has become sadder.

I drank wine today

And life became easy for me.

Agree, it doesn't look like a rhyme, but it's there!

Original rhymes

are most often found in our day, when every poet strives to surpass not only his competitors, but also himself. Probably everyone remembers the words of Zheka's famous song about love, which is in the soul for permanent residence. Something like this.

Finally, let's dwell on different types of rhymes that do not belong to the classical classifications, but have a certain value. nine0005

No matter how old you are,

If you wear makeup P alet te.

Let thunderstorms rage in the house,

Let the heart of dreams savor.

  • Graphic rhyme

    , at first glance, is a completely useless phenomenon in poetry, because it combines not sounds, but letters: for sure - on purpose. Everything seems to be going smoothly. Now say it out loud? Of course, given the orthoepic norms. nine0005

  • Initial rhyme

    is rather unusual, since in this case it is not the last words in the line that rhyme, but the first ones. Thus, it is also possible to attract the attention of the reader.

Of course, this is not the whole list of available rhymes, but this basic list is enough to get an idea about the structure of the poem.

Types of rhyme

This is the last point worth paying attention to in this article. The moment is very important and necessary. So,

Adjacent rhyming

is the simplest and most common way. It rhymes every two lines. An example of an adjacent rhyme:

I fell in love with you today nine0303


In this case, we rhyme the first line with the third, and the second with the fourth. Cross-rhyming example:

I didn't have to go far:

I forgot my own heart.

It's a pity that the past never came true,

It's a pity that all the cherished doors are broken.

The ring rhyme

acts like a snake holding its own tail in its mouth: we combine the first line with the fourth, and the second with the third. Ring rhyming example:

I have traveled all over the world for a long time.

Did I lose you in it?

Was I looking for myself then?

I can't find the answer.

Intertwined rhyme

is the most complex and confusing case. It is rare, but nevertheless... In a stanza of six lines, for example, we combine them in this order. For example, the first with the fourth, the second with the fifth, and the third with the sixth. Intertwined rhyme example:

Nobody forced you to suffer,

Swap like a thin mountain ash

and cry, as if everything had passed,

After all, we should take from life,

that is given right in the back,

And what came to us with fate.

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