Easy things to teach people

27 useful life skills you can learn in less than five minutes

Skill 1: Change a tire or jumpstart a car

We've all been there at least once in our lives. Why not learn how to change a car tire or how to jumpstart a car, so next time, you don't have to wait half an hour for Roadside Assistance. You'll be amazed at how good it feels to be self-sufficient.

Skill 2: Speed Reading

Speed reading is the ability to read with your eyes only and not use your inner voice while you read. It's a little hard to master at first, but once you learn it's a great skill to have.

Skill 3: Enable Undo Send in Gmail

If you've ever sent out an email that you with a spelling error or maybe you even sent it to the wrong person and wished that you can recall that email, now you can with Gmail. Enable Undo Send in Gmail to recall emails from the world wide interwebs.

Skill 4: Use a fire extinguisher

Any skill that could save the lives of loves ones is valuable. If you have a fire extinguisher but don't know how to use it, what's the point of having it in the first place? The worst time to learn this new skill would be when you're under the pressure of a real fire situation. Learn the basics in just a few minutes and be prepared.

Skill 5: Survive in a rip current

If you live in Australia, or any coastal town or plan on travelling to one, you should definitely know this one! You just need to sit down and watch one episode of Bondi Rescue, to know that rips are really dangerous and you can get into a lot of trouble in a very short amount of time. Without our awesome lifeguards, many lives would have been lost to rips that all too often drag unsuspecting victims out to sea. Fight against it and it's a no-win situation. Here's two good articles on How to spot a rip and How to survive a rip tide.

Skill 6: Righty Tighty Lefty Loosey

My Dad taught me this one and it's one of those skills that has just stayed with me throughout my life and that I actually use a lot more than I thought I would. Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey is a great way to remember which way to turn bolts and screws to either loosen (loosey) or tighten (tighty) them.

Skill 7: Pack a suitcase

Are you the person that shoves everything into your suitcase the night before you leave? Or do you take your time to pack and ensure that you're going to be able to fit everything in and even prepare for having room for bringing back presents and travel keepsakes when you come home? If you're the former, learn to pack your suitcase right and it will make your holiday or travel plans less stressed and hey, who doesn't want to buy more stuff that you don't need when traveling!

Skill 8: Shortcuts on your macOS or Windows 10

It's incredibly useful to learn the shortcut keys on Windows 10 or macOS. Sometimes we get so caught up with working and just doing everyday life things that we forget to stop, take a moment and think if there's a more efficient and quicker way to get the job done. Here's some cool shortcuts that you might not know about for your macOS and Windows 10.

Skill 9: Fold a T-shirt

First there was Netflix and chill, now there's Netflix and clean! Marie Kondo will teach how to fold a t-shirt the proper way, so they stay crisp and clean.

Skill 10: Master a really yummy sauce recipe that goes with everything

This could be my favorite skill to master. One sauce, one thousand different ways. Imagine impressing the significant other in your life every night, with the same recipe! Mind blown.

Skill 11: Time Management

Another particularly useful life skill is time management. Let's face it, you're either that person that shows up first or last - which one are you? If you're the latter, you might want to improve your time management skills. Think about it, if you can manage your time better, there's a lot of useful things that could be done with your new free time. Like starting a new side-business hustle, one that you're really passionate about, or spending more time with loved ones.

Skill 12: Goal Setting

Goal setting helps you keep your life on track and keeps you focused on what you really want. Use it and you will notice the difference. Set your first goal by simply writing down what it is, and the date you want to achieve it by. You can add it as a calendar entry in your phone or get a goal setting app to help.

Skill 13: Use Google to fix computer problems

Did you know that your Grandchildren don't really know how to fix computers, they just Google the problem and wing it from there. Following online tutorials and videos to fix computer problems is a great skill to learn. Try it now. Simply type the exact problem you are having with your computer into Google.com, follow the first or second article that shows and up and voila, you will impress even yourself with the results.

Skill 14: Origami

Origami is the Japanese artform of paper folding. It's a calming activity which can help to reduce stress and anxiety. Get started with some basic origami techniques such as folding the popular Crane, Butterfly or Jumping Frog, then work your way up to more advanced creations like a boat or ice cream cone.

Skill 15: Create an Email Signature

In 2019, there were 3.9 BILLION email users worldwide. Having your own personalised signature included at the end of your emails is a great way of appearing more professional for work use, and isn't something that's difficult to do.

Check out some premade email signature designs for inspiration.

Skill 16: Change a Lightbulb

We've all had that moment where a lightbulb has blown and we've been waiting for our signficant other to replace it, but it just never seems to happen. Sometimes we've gotta take things into our own hands and do it ourselves so why not learn how to change a lightbulb? It's actually not that difficult, just don't forget to turn the power off!

Skill 17: Deeply Relax or Focus

Meditation and the ability to deeply relax and focus can be one of the most useful skills you will ever learn. Do it now and feel the difference a calm mind has on you in a week or two.

Skill 18: Draw your favorite animal or cartoon character

Remember when drawing was fun? Learn to relax your mind by drawing or even just coloring in. Yep! There are adult coloring in books available.

Skill 19: Learn Sign Language

Did you know that New Zealand's third official language is sign language. How cool is that as an entire country!

Skill 20: Say "Hello" in 30 languages

Hola! Bonjour. Nǐ hǎo. These are all ways to say Hello in different languages. You never know when know how to greet someone from another country may come in handy, so why not learn today?

Skill 21: Emergency First Aid

Take an up to date emergency first aid course once a year. Things change quickly in the medical industry, something you learned ten years ago might not still apply.

Skill 22: Find the right food for you

Finding the right food for your body can help you in so many ways. Food is medicine. Just a warning, unfortunately it's probably not going to be fried foods, burgers, pizzas or any other fast food.

Skill 23: Solve a Rubik's cube

Did you know that creating a white cross on one side of a Rubik's cube is the first step to solving it? Neither did we! Learning how to solve a Rubik's cube is great for your memory, problem solving ability and can also be a fun party trick. Get started now.

Skill 24: Tie a bow tie or neck tie (or why not both)

Whether you're female or male, this is a good skill to have. If you're a male, you probably should know it, it comes in handy when you're getting married, or are best man at your friend's weddings. As a female, you might have sons or husbands who need the help and mastering the perfect neck tie or bow tie.

Skill 25: Dress for your Body Type

I'm a big believer in wear whatever you want to wear. My five year old son regularly gets around in the weirdest outfits, boots, dress-ups and I couldn't care less, I love that he's different and I love that people dress differently too. But I must say, when I started looking into dressing for my body type, it helped me understand what clothes made me look frumpy and what clothes made me look not. Most days, I don't care if I look frumpy, but it's the days when I'm going to party and I want to look good that I utilize this skill set.

Skill 26: Sabre a Champagne Bottle

Because it's just plain cool.

Skill 27: Make an open fire

There's something to be said about someone that can still make an open fire even though we probably haven't really had to do this for quite a long time now. Bonus points if you cook something on it too.

20 Fun Skills To Learn In 5 Minutes NOW

Fun skills to learn in 5 minutes or easy things to teach people. Make your extra time productive. Learn More in the article.

Engaging your mind in something new is fun. The hassle of everyday work/college often tired your mind.

Learning tiny, simple things once in a while will relax your mind and a relaxed mind is the most productive mind.

Here are

20 fun skills to learn in 5 minutes or easy things to teach people and keep boredom at bay!



Paper boats and birds always grab our eyeballs at any age. With just a couple of coloured square-cut papers, you can make intricate insects, flowers, and birds that will rewind you from the monotonous day.


ACRYLIC painting:

With just a simple brush and 2-3 tubes of glossy acrylic paints, you can create your own masterpiece within a few minutes!

You can frame these paintings later and use it to gift someone special or simply to decorate the walls of your drawing room.


Learn to say ‘HELLO!’ in 10 different languages

Just to flaunt your curiosity to learn foreign languages among others simply learn a common English phrase in 10 different languages to build up your first impression.

You will just need a smartphone and who knows you also want to learn full language afterwards 😉


Simple VEDIC maths:

You can invest 5 minutes of your life to learn the trick of squaring any two-digit numbers within seconds or mental multiplication and division.

A standard YouTube search will do this job. One of the easy things to teach people.


Learn to SEW buttons:

This will come very handy when you stay away from home. This technique saves your life from changing your outfit all over again just because of loosely held buttons on your shirt.


Learn the basic techniques of STITCHING:

You can invest some time to learn a life long skill, running stitch just for the case of emergencies.


Learn to make COCKTAILS:

If possible you can learn some basic trending cocktails at night parties.

If you host house parties often then this technique should be learned without any question!

One of the fun skills to learn in 5 minutes.

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Learn to COOK a simple dish:

You can go for any cuisine from all the corners of the world and invest some time to make a quick dish to save yourself from the pangs of hunger.


Few classic DANCING steps:

You can devote your 5 minutes to learn some dancing steps that can go with your favourite song.

You can flaunt this later in some abrupt occasion among your family and friends!


Some basic relaxing YOGIC postures:

You can learn various postures to soothe your mind and body after a stressful day at your office.

Many yoga techniques are available online.


Know your WORLD:

Flip through pages of the Atlas and try to learn the states and capitals of various states, names of famous rivers and oceans, gulfs and straits all around the globe!


Learn the techniques of GROOMING yourself:

You can learn some hacks to enhance your appearance.

Learn techniques of contouring your cheekbones or the methods of manicuring your nails.

Grooming Tips For Men


Fun with FLAGS:

You can memorize various flags of the countries worldwide and later show off your talents among your peers!


Learn to blow up bubblegum!:

Yes with a little effort and a few minutes you can master the art of blowing up eye-catching bubbles.


Learn to play SUDOKU:

You can learn sudoku or any Arcade game popular these days. This can be a good conversation starter among newly met people.


Learn some HUMOROUS lines:

You can invest your ten minutes to learn some of them. These lines can be used on various occasions among cheerful mates, once in a while to lighten everyone’s mood or to impress someone special.

You can also learn chandler bing quotes as they are pretty hilarious!


Learn a few short cut tricks of GOOGLE:

You can memorize various commands to be added with your query in the search bar to get to the point information among billions of data available online within a few milliseconds. This will enhance your productivity to a greater level.

One of the fun skills to learn in 5 minutes as we surf GOOGLE so much.


Learn to WHISTLE:

Many of us crave to whistle as the batsman hits the sixer or when a goal is attained after a long time in the World Cup.

Just the right technique and a couple of minutes can teach you this and you are all ready for the next world cup!


Learn to wear a SAREE/DHOTI:

Yes it is possible!
Just a will to learn this technique can teach you to wear a saree or dhoti without any hassle within a very short span of time.

Related: How To Wear A Saree


Learn to make a brewing cup of special tea or Coffee:

Each one of us craves for a perfect cup of tea/coffee after a tiring day.

The aroma of crushed coffee beans or the spices used in tea soothes our mind and relaxes us.

Various spices and herbs can be used in a beverage that suits your taste buds.

-Written by Khansa (Intern at BoldBlush)

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What are fun things to learn?

Acrylic painting, Origami art and dancing, read full article to know more.

What are the most useful things to learn?

Sudoku, yogic postures and cooking are some useful things to learn quickly.

What can you learn when you're bored?

Social Media, flirting and whistling

What new skills should I learn?

Writing, money negotiations and public speaking

Like this:

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17 Useful Skills You Can Learn in 10 Minutes

August 10, 2021Life

Things to do during a break to make life a little better.



1. Calculate mentally

Solving mathematical examples without a calculator trains attention, memory and concentration, and is also useful in everyday life. In 10 minutes, you can learn how to tip, divide by five, or subtract from 1,000.

2. Memorize information quickly

There are special techniques for easy and high-quality assimilation of the material. They will be useful for adults, whose ability to memorize is gradually fading away, and will make it easier for schoolchildren and students to study.

3. Use hotkeys

This greatly simplifies the work at the computer and saves time. In 10 minutes, you can memorize basic combinations or learn a few new ones.

4. Use advanced Internet search

Special operators, which must be entered in the search term along with the query, set the search conditions and allow you to quickly and accurately find the information you need. Definitely useful for work. Learn these search features from Google and Yandex and immediately try it out in practice.

5. Tie a tie

You still need to know how to tie it in at least one way. Imagine that you are late for a business meeting or a gala dinner and have no idea what to do with that damn tie. Of course, you can buy models with an elastic band, but often this is noticeable and looks frivolous and even childish. So practice - it won't take long.

6. Opening locks without a key

It is unlikely that you will be able to learn how to open complex locks in 10 minutes. But it’s worth practicing on interior doors in advance so that you don’t have to improvise at the right time. For example, if a child or an iron is turned on in a locked room.

7. Make a fire

Learn to do this in several ways. For example, using a tin can, cling film or a battery.

8. Measure something with your own body

Prepare for the situation when a ruler or tape measure is not at hand. Measure in advance, for example, the distance between the index finger and the thumb, the middle finger and the elbow, or the length of the foot, and then you will not have to rely only on the eye.

9. Beautifully tie a scarf

In 10 minutes, you can try several interesting ways to tie a scarf and diversify your look.

10. Understand the symbols on clothing labels

Each fabric item has care instructions in the form of icons indicated on the label. Many people neglect them, and in vain: with improper care, things wear out faster. Find out what all these symbols mean and let your favorite clothes serve you longer.

11. Fold things quickly and neatly

There are many effective ways to fold things in a few seconds so that they do not wrinkle and take up less space in the closet. And the wardrobe will be neat, and you won’t have to spend time on repeated ironing.

12. Tie shoelaces in a couple of seconds

Not quite as useless a skill as it seems. Imagine how much time, and sometimes nerves, you usually spend on the usual tying of shoelaces. Just try this quick way.

13. Fold origami

Knowing how to make paper figures doesn't seem like the most useful skill. But paper animals, flowers or stars will one day help to cheer up yourself and your loved one, smooth out a conflict, keep a child busy or decorate gift wrapping.

14. Relieve Stress

Consider and try different relaxation techniques, such as breathing or muscle relaxation. Highlight those methods that help you relax specifically for you - in an emergency or after a busy day, this skill will be very useful.

15. Exercise at work

Office workers often suffer from back, shoulder and neck pain. Find a few exercises and do them right away. Try to remember them and make them a daily activity so that unpleasant sensations do not bother you.

16. Relieve eye fatigue

Eye exercises are especially useful if you work at a computer. Learn and try exercises that relieve stress and, in the long run, help preserve your eyesight.

17. Fall asleep quickly

The skill will help you cope with insomnia, force yourself to fall asleep after a flight to another time zone or during a long trip. Try the technique of fast falling asleep. Even if it doesn't work the first time, it's still a great way to relax.

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20 skills that can be mastered in a day

October 4, 2020Tips

And it’s not at all necessary to sign up for multi-month courses.



1. Solve the Rubik's Cube

For the lessons you only need the cube itself and a little patience. What to do with a multi-colored puzzle, see the numerous videos on YouTube.

2. Making coffee

You can try dozens of hot drink recipes a day. But it is better to taste coffee in the company, so as not to exceed the safe dose of caffeine.

Try ☕️

  • 10 cool recipes for iced coffee with chocolate, banana, ice cream and more

should you dream of this profession.

Look for free courses from online coding schools that explain things like the basics of JavaScript development, and work your way from writing "Hello, world" to more complex operations. Of course, this will be more mechanical repetition than meaningful programming, but still.

Or write a simple game yourself and then play it.

4. Learn a new hobby

A day is enough to master some kind of needlework at an amateur level. Try crocheting or knitting a hat, sewing a sun skirt that does not require complex patterns, molding a simple clay toy, or gluing a simple car model together.

Choose projects where you can quickly get the finished product, so as not to get bored.

5. Cooking a complex dish

Have you long dreamed of trying to cook Napoleon according to a family recipe, jelly or another dish that takes several hours, but you didn't have time?

Now you have a day - you can master almost any dish and even repeat it if the first pancake comes out lumpy.

6. First Aid

This is a useful skill that can save someone's life. Find a volunteer and try CPR, splinting, dressing the wound, and using a tourniquet. When these actions are worked out, there is a greater chance that you will not be at a loss in a stressful situation.

7. Ride a bike

If you're lucky, it will take a few minutes. Therefore, at the same time learn to brake and turn - believe me, this is very important.

Start by trying to catch your balance. You can even temporarily turn off the pedals, turning your vehicle into a balance bike. Find a hill with a slight slope and slide down it time after time.

Once you understand how it works and stop constantly lowering your legs to belay, start pedaling. However, you can just sit down and go - this also happens.

8. Play a simple song on a musical instrument

It won't make you a great musician, but it will add points to any party. Not every tool will work. Ukuleles, bongo drums, harmonica, recorder are considered quite easy to learn.

As a last resort, if there are no tools at hand, you can try to master the beatbox.

9. Juggle

You will need a lot of practice. But then you can easily attract attention to yourself by effectively throwing objects.

10. Glue wallpaper

You will notice for yourself how advantageous panels glued in the evening will look compared to their morning counterparts.

Take note ☝️

  • How to glue wallpaper: detailed instructions with photos and videos

11. Show card tricks

Choose simpler options, otherwise you won't fit in a day. There are a few tricks that you can quickly learn in this video:

12. Use hotkeys

Learn the cherished combinations once and increase the speed of your computer for life.

13. Change tires

Try to do it yourself, so you don't get bored on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck. For this, Lifehacker has detailed instructions.

14. Clean the pomegranate

There are several ways, try them all and choose the best one.

Find out 🍴

  • 3 Ways to Quickly Clean a Pomegranate Without Splashes

15. Organize Neatly

Practice on your favorite T-shirts to instantly tidy up your closet in the future. Try different ways to find what works best for you.

For example, you can store clothes in piles, and to do this, you need to roll them into neat rectangles. Or stack it vertically in crates and boxes using the Marie Kondo method.

16. Draw

You won't become a second Picasso in a day, but you will be able to realistically depict a human eye, ear or whole face if you have at least a fraction of talent.

17. Dance

For success, choose not ballet, but one of the social dances - hustle, salsa or bachata. The basic steps are simple, but they look spectacular. True, for the lessons you need a partner. As a last resort, master the skibidi dance.

18. Budgeting

Devote a day to making a financial plan and you won't forget how it's done. Budget planning will help you spend wisely and allocate expenses. Lifehacker wrote detailed instructions that will allow you to master this skill.

19. Writing with the second hand

If you have always dreamed of raising an ambidexter in yourself, start with copybooks. Remember how you learned to write with your dominant hand, drawing circles and sticks. Again go all this way until you achieve a decent result.

20. Send signals in Morse code

Having dealt with the combination of dots and dashes, you can send secret messages. The main thing is that your addressee also knows Morse code, otherwise the messages will remain a secret for him.

Learn more