Educational games 8 year old

25 Best Games For 8-Year-Olds (Educational and Entertaining)

//  by Seda Unlucay

This wide range of classic party games, family board games, favorite card games, classic dice games, and abstract strategy games are an excellent way to develop critical thinking and strategy skills for 8-year-old kids while having lots of fun.

1. Play a Quick Game of Balloon Stomp

This fun game challenges players to stomp out each other's balloons every time the accompanying music stops playing. It's a great way to get kids physically active while helping them learn healthy competitive skills.

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2. Play a Quick Card Game of Solitaire

Solitaire is a simple card game that challenges players to match up cards while building their concentration and memory skills. The wide range of variations of this basic game is sure to keep kids engaged for hours.

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3. Have Fun Making Art with Zentangles

Zentangles is a fun game for children with only one rule: Each shape needs to be filled up completely with whatever lines, objects, or words kids would like to include.

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4. Play a Game of Magic Maze 

Magic Maze is a fun cooperative board game that features a mage, a warrior, an elf, and a dwarf who must make their way out of a labyrinth after gathering the equipment they need for their next adventure.

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5. Guess My Capital Game for Kids 

This educational type of game is a great way to develop geography and critical thinking skills as kids are challenged to identify a series of capitals around the globe.

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6. Medieval Theme Family Board Game

In this award-winning strategy game with hundreds of 5-star reviews, players try to expand their kingdoms by conquering new lands on the colorful game board. It's an excellent way to develop strategic thinking skills at your next family game night.

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7. Storytelling Game

This engaging storytelling game has a strong educational aspect: players are challenged to tell creative stories based on beautiful, dreamlike illustrations.

Learn More: Amazon

8. Try a Trampoline Game

Trampoline games are sure to keep kids active and giggling for hours. Elevate this fun experience with balloons!

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9. Play a Pool Noodle Game

This collection of pool noodle games includes fun challenges and cooperative games that are perfect for family bonding time.

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10. Yeti in My Spaghetti 

Who thought playing with spaghetti pieces could be so much fun? This hands-on game for 2-5 players requires kids to use their hand-eye coordination and strategic thinking skills to remove a piece of spaghetti at a time while keeping the Yeti from falling.

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11. Rummy-Style Card Game

This classic card game is a great way to develop concentration and pattern recognition skills.

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12. Play Nerf Target Games

This collection of Nerf target games is a great way to develop social skills while getting some solid physical activity.

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13. Play a Classic Dice Game 

The classic dice game is not only a great way to develop social skills such as taking turns but also has a math aspect of developing counting and numeracy skills for kids as young as 8 years old.

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14. Play a Game of Marshmallow Toss

The objective of this classic game is for kids to catch marshmallows in a paper cup that is thrown by their partners. The rapid speed of gameplay is sure to keep kids on their toes.

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15. Play a Balancing Game

This family favorite game idea is a great way to develop hand-eye coordination as well as cognitive and social skills. With hundreds of rave reviews, it also makes a portable and popular gift idea.

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16. Bowling Game Craft

This simple DIY bowling pin set combines upcycled water bottles, paint, and some red Duct tape for a fun bowling game that can be played indoors or outdoors at your next family picnic.

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17. Play a Classic Family Game of Bean Bag Toss

The classic family game of Bean Bag Toss is the perfect game for developing motor skills and developing hand-eye coordination. There are single and multi-player versions to choose from and many fun adaptations that have been added over the years.

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18. Wonderful Game with Stellar Online Reviews

Igloo Mania is a fantastic game that offers a fresh challenge: players are required to keep Parka Pete in place while removing the greatest number of ice block-shaped game tokens. It also makes the perfect gift for those new to balancing games.

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19. Fast-Paced Strategy Game for Kids

Frenetic is a fast-paced strategy game for 2-6 players which incorporates the Periodic Table for science-based learning. It is sure to become a family favorite for providing a highly entertaining game experience.

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20. Harry Potter Game For Kids

This Harry Potter version of Hedbanz is an ideal game for fans of the bestselling predecessor franchise of books and movies. There are various options for gameplay including acting out, rhyming or describing each clue.

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21. Play an Addictive Tile-Based Puzzle Game

This addictive tile-based puzzle game challenges players to create simple equations using numbered tiles. It is an ideal game for developing numeracy skills while creating a fun family challenge.

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22. Play a Silly Game of Sleeping Queens 

As players immerse themselves in this matching game, they will develop memory, letter recognition, and math skills.

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23. Junior Version of a Classic Family Game 

The Junior edition of this favorite board game is an excellent way to develop spelling, reading, and arithmetic skills as players have to tally up their own points.

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24. Play a Game of Battleship 

Battleship is a complex game with lots of learning potential. It's a wonderful way to develop strategy, memory, and logic skills and a great concentration game for easily distracted players.

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25. Play Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

This unique and simple card game is convenient enough for travel while making for lots of laugh-out-loud fun.

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11 Great Educational Games for Kids to Play at Home


Worried your kids will rot their brains on movies and TV? Try these “edutaining” games instead.

If you're stuck inside and your kids are climbing the walls, but you aren't yet ready to let them watch Netflix from dawn to dusk, well, I don't blame you. Here are some games that are sometimes called "edutaining." Think of them as fun games that also teach something, but in a way your kids probably won't notice.

I do suggest setting some screen time limits before handing your children a device, but with these options you can at least rest assured that your kids are learning something.

If you buy something using the links in our stories, we may earn a small affiliate commission. Here’s how this works. You can also support our reporting and reviewing by purchasing a 1-year print + digital WIRED subscription for $5 (Discounted).

Animal Jam

Ages 6-12 (Computer, iOS, Android)

Photograph: Animal Jam

Animal Jam is an online virtual world originally created in collaboration with the National Geographic Society. It teaches kids about zoology and ecology with games, adventures, and parties and online social elements. With 160 million registered users, this is one of the largest virtual worlds for kids. If the online play gives you pause, know that the parental controls are pretty good, allowing you to lock down the game if you desire.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

Ages 5 and up on Nintendo Switch (GameStop, Amazon)

Photograph: Switch

Most Popular

This is a great game that encourages spacial thinking and unique puzzle solving. Kids can pilot Toad through courses based on the Super Mario Odyssey game while hunting down treasures and solving puzzles.


Ages 6-12 (Computer, iOS, Android)

Photograph: Prodigy

This math-based role-playing game is free to play. Kids proceed through the game by answering skill-building math questions to earn rewards. There's an interactive element, too; they can go on quests with friends. The difficulty levels increase as your kids make progress in the game.

Thinkrolls 2

Ages 3-8 (iOS, Android)

Photograph: Avokiddo

Most Popular

This physics puzzle game features rolling aliens that teach your kids about acceleration, buoyancy, gravity, and more. Like games of yesteryear, there are no ads, no in-app purchases, and it doesn't need an internet connection.

Tinybop Games

Ages 4 and Up (Computer, iOS, Android)

Photograph: Tinybop

Tinybop has dozens of learning-oriented apps and we've been fans for years. You can purchase them in bundles for iPhone or iPad (Android users there is one Tinybop bundle in the Play Store which has six games.) My kids love the Curiosity Kit ($16), which includes apps about the human body, animal anatomy, and space. Tinybop is currently offering its Tinybop Schools subscription, which features ten science apps and classroom support, for free through the summer to help out parents and kids while schools are closed (no credit card required).

Dragonbox Math and Chess Games

Ages 4 and Up (iOS, Android)

Photograph: iOS App Store via Scott Gilbertson 

Most Popular

Dragonbox games are primarily math-related, though they also partnered with chess champ Magnus Carlsen to create Magnus' Kingdom, a chess-learning game that's been very popular in my house. It uses an adventure-style approach to teach kids about different chess pieces and how to play. I strongly suggest picking up a real-world chess board (I like this no-stress chess board for beginners $18) as well. Your kids will ask for it. Trust me.

Endless Alphabet

Ages 3 and Up (Computer, iOS, Android)

Photograph: Originator

It's time you let delightful animated monsters teach your kids everything from basic ABCs to complex sentences. It has puzzle games with talking letters and well-illustrated definitions to help your child learn to read. Originator, the publisher of Endless Alphabet, has many other games as well, including Endless Reader, which helps kids learn sight words, and Endless Spanish which helped my kids significantly improve their Spanish vocabulary.

Starfall Kids Games

Ages 4-6 (Computer)

Photograph: Scott Gilbertson

Most Popular

This language, arts, and music learning site has dozens of games and activities to help your kids learn to read, add, subtract, and identify shapes.

PBS Kids Games

Ages 4-8 (iOS, Android)

Photograph: PBS via Scott Gilbertson

PBS Kids has dozens of apps, many of them related to the shows on PBS Kids. If your kids like a particular show, they'll probably really engage with its related game, as well.

Stop Motion Studio

Ages 4 and Up (iOS)

Photograph: Cateater

Stop-motion animation is a fun form of art that teaches patience. This animation app will help your kids start creating their own little animated masterpieces. The interface is reasonably simple, but it might require the help of an adult the first time through.

Or Try Some Kids' Podcasts

All ages (Apple Podcasts for iOS, Google Podcasts for Android)

Check out our guide to kids' podcasts for some ideas on great podcasts that will keep your kids entertained. If you're a podcast fan yourself, you should try using Pocket Casts (great app). I suggest getting a separate podcast app for your kids, so there's no way they'll accidentally end up listening to any adult content you don't want them to hear.

March 25, 9 am: This story was updated to add links to the Tinybop Android app bundle.

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online learning and learning sessions

Educational games / 7‑8 years

All children like developing activities if they are carried out in an entertaining way. With LogicLike, even difficult cognitive and learning tasks turn into in Game.

We have everything you were looking for nine0003

Choose an age to start

4-5 years old

6-7 years

1-2 class

3-5 class

nine0002 LogicLike - DEVELOPMENT IN GAME FORM!

  • 2500 interesting tasks
  • Awards and achievements nine0024
  • Measurable progress
  • Wits + Confidence

To begin To begin

Like it - save your progress and open access to all our games.

Logic games for children 8 years old

Logic games and tasks from LogicLike help develop analysis skills, teach you to compare, generalize and classify, find patterns and draw conclusions. nine0003

Logic tasks

put things in order

Puzzle with matches

nine0002 Sets

Math Games

Count the cubes

Insert a number or sign nine0003

Smart account

Continue the pattern

Honeycombs and Sudoku

nine0002 weigh-ins

Should the lessons be interesting?

The age of seven or eight can in many ways become decisive for a growing child. Too much school tasks that are simple for a capable student in grades 1-2 often reduce cognitive interest. nine0003

It's time to think and reason with your child:

  • about what school subjects he likes and what he would like wanted to supplement them;
  • about his interests, dreams, what he likes to do now and what he would like to do when he grows up;
  • which skills and abilities will definitely come in handy in life, which can be the foundation for academic and career success. nine0024

On the platform, we have combined the best tasks and puzzles in a step-by-step course for the development of logical and mathematical thinking.

Games for attention and memory

Shape games

nine0002 Number Games

Riddles for the attentive

Truthful and liar

Cognitive and educational games nine0043

Simple riddles and questions

Tricky riddles

Guess by description nine0003

Item Addresses (coordinates)

King on the hunt

Go through the numbers nine0003

Educational activities for every day

It is important to dilute the online environment familiar to the child with the right offline activities. Healthy explain to the child that it is necessary to develop comprehensively and purposefully. Okay if it works build a student's day in such a way that it includes not only study and rest. nine0003

For harmonious development, try to add daily sports, tasks that a 2-grader can do care and assistance to parents. Here are some ideas for the harmonious development of an 8-year-old child:

  • Outdoor activities 2-3 hours a day: active outdoor games, quiet walks.
  • Household chores, daily and weekly duties will go for good. nine0024
  • Among the most useful educational toys at this age: puzzles and puzzles, constructors, sets for creativity and for scientific experiments.

Recommended exercise regimen on LogicLike for children aged 8: 20-30 minutes a day, 2-3 times a week.

Board games for children aged 8 years



The legendary game in a new guise

1 990 ₽


Jackal: Treasure Island

Bestseller. Basic Edition and Supplement

2 490 ₽

nine0008 Jackal

Carrramba! It's just a hit!

1 990 ₽


Train Ticket: Europe

Become the best railway company...

4 990 ₽


The Wizard of Oz nine0003

One of the best family games in Europe

1 490 ₽

Jackal: Archipelago

The storm of the Spanish seas, Captain Jackal buried. ..

2 490 ₽


Carcassonne. royal gift

Base game with five expansions nine0003

3 490 ₽


Small world

Become the god of your world and grow your own...

4 990 ₽



Pair of each creature

Big Adventure nine0003

On the path from the unpredictable...

1 890 ₽



Wild West in a box


Svintus. Rules of etiquette

The education of the inner pig will begin right away...

Nothing human? nine0003

"Turing test? No, haven't heard"


Imaginarium. Cassiopeia

Childhood, space, fantasy


You are researchers saving the world from infection

2 990 ₽

7 by 9

Fast Top-Breaking Thing

Imaginarium. Good

Good game

1 990 ₽

Svintus 2. 0

More trash, frenzy and various adventures

Barabashka nine0003

Incredibly cute reaction game

1 290 ₽


Monopoly Rick and Morty

Knot the Multiverse

3 990 ₽




Avengers: Battle of the Superheroes

Captain America and Iron Man again...

Pest gnomes. Deluxe

With addition!

1 590 ₽

forbidden island

Helicopter for artifacts

1 390 ₽


Imaginarium Harmony

Good bright cards


This is not a pencil case, but a game!

Sleeping queens

Get up, Your Majesty! nine0003

Crocodile BabyEasy

Small box for 7 year olds


Tiling art

3 990 ₽


Do you know who the green-eyed cat-dog is?


Train ticket.

Learn more