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Sesame Street Sings the Alphabet

None Come on, get ready! Come on, get set! Join Sesame Street and sing the alphabet! Come on, get ready. Come on, get set! Join Sesame Street and sing the alphabet! All your Sesame friends are ready to sing, and each word starts with a letter of the alphabet. A is for Abby, B is for Bert. C is for Cookie Monster, and D is Cookie Monster’s dessert. Even Oscar’s joining in as he sings his name! Then meet a queen that quacks on Q, T is for Telly and a tuba to blow in, and Y is for YOU! What’s your favorite letter of the alphabet? What words start with that letter? show full description Show Short Description

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Sesame Street Sings the Alphabet

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Come on, get ready! Come on, get set! It’s time for the Sesame Street alphabet! A is for Abby. B is for Bert. C is for Cookie Monster, D for dessert. E is for Elmo. F is for frog. “Ribbit.” G is for Grover. H is for hog. “Oink, oink.” I is for insect, J, jar of jam. K is for kitten. “Meow.” L is for lamb. M is for Murray. N is for noodle. O is for Oscar. P is for poodle. “Yuck.” Q is for queen, a queen who likes to quack. “Quack, quack, quack.” R is for Rosita. S is for snack. “Mmm.” T is for Telly and a tuba to blow in. U for ukulele, and V for violin. W is for worm, wiggling. “Ah-ah, ah-ah-ah.” X is for xylophone. Y is for you. Z is for Zoe and zoo. Now let’s sing it together all the way through. A is for Abby. B is for Bert. C is for Cookie Monster, D for dessert. E is for Elmo. F is for frog. “Ribbit.” G is for Grover. H is for hog. “Oink, oink.” I is for insect, J, jar of jam. K is for kitten. “Meow.” L is for lamb. M is for Murray. N is for noodle. O is for Oscar. P is for poodle. “Yuck.” Q is for queen, a queen who likes to quack. “Quack, quack, quack.” R is for Rosita. S is for snack. “Mmm.” T is for Telly and a tuba to blow in. U for ukulele, and V for violin. W is for worm wiggling. “Wee, ha-hee, ha-ha-ha.” X is for xylophone. Y is for you. Z is for Zoe and zoo. And now the Sesame Street alphabet, the Sesame Street alphabet, (the Sesame Street alphabet is through) the Sesame Street alphabet is through.


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Sesame Street Alphabet Songs

Sesame Street Alphabet Songs

Sesame Street Alphabet Songs video was released in 2014 by Warner Home Video. The theme of Special is alphabet. These segments are compiled from Sesame Street episodes.

Some of the segments in the Special are as follows:

The Sesame Street Alphabet song; It is a song sung by Elmo, Abby, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, and other Sesame Street characters.

Letter A Adventure is a film featured in the video.

Soul A is an animated song about the letter "A".

Film: Two kids love B words and talk about B words they like.

No Letter Better Than B is a song sung by Dixie Chicks. The clip also features Bert, Big Bird, Baby Bear and The Count. This song is also featured in the All-Star Alphabet, Singing with the Stars videos.

Film: Two children who love the letter C imagine C words in the clouds.

C is for Cookie is a song performed by Cookie Monster. It was first aired on Episode 0372. The version included in Sesame Street Alphabet Songs is a 1998 remake version.

Film: Ballerina kids talk about D. Dance started with the letter D. D is for Dance.

Animation: D Dance iPod parody. Elmo, Big Bird and Snuffy dance to the letter D.

Animation: The letter E is pronounced as a Gregorian chant.

E - Elephant Song is the song that features the animated version of Cookie Monster, first released on Episode 4188.

The Alphabet Song is performed by Ray Charles. This is a very old Sesame Street classic.

Film: F is for float.

Animation: Uppercase and lowercase Fs grow in a garden.

Muppets: There are two girls, they find G words. G: The G Club is preparing for the G-gionals. They sings a short song that are about guh sound of G. Sue who is gym teacher and her Geerios arrive. They sing a song that is their own song, it includes stresses the juh sound. When the two groups argue about which sound is the correct one, the letter G appears in order to express he can make both sounds. Both work together. They sing a song.

Animation: The letters G appear along with the song G is Great.

Film: Two children find H words. H is for Home.

Soul H is the version of Soul alphabet songs for the letter "h". Soul H is also featured in the All-Star Alphabet video.

Film: Isabelle says I words.

Traction Jackson's I Song is an animated song that first aired on Sesame Street Episode 4227. The song is performed by Traction Jackson and Kayla. This song is also featured in the Learning Letters with Elmo video.

J Robot shows words that start with the letter "J" in a cartoon.

J - Jacket Song is a song sung by Elmo's animated version to promote the letter "J". Jacket Song also appears in the "Learning Letters with Elmo" video. 

The Alphabet Song, performed by Jamie Foxx. Elmo accompanies Jamie Foxx.

Film: Alphabet Pictures presents letter "K". K is for Kite.

Film: In a film, Ornate K spins around.

Film: A rube goldberg device gradually makes a Giant L.

The song "La, La, La" is performed by Bert and Ernie. The song was first aired on Sesame Street Episode 0321. The song was also featured in "Learning About Letters", "Best of Friends", "Awesome Alphabet Collection" videos.

M is for Monster; It is a song sung by Sesame Street characters such as Zoe, Telly, Elmo, Harry monster. This song was also featured on the All-Star Alphabet and the Awesome Alphabet Collection.

Animation: A boy appears at the N museum.

Celebrity Lullabies is a lullaby sung to Elmo by Ricky Gervais. This lullaby is featured in many specials other than Sesame Street Alphabet Songs.

Film: A child in a submarine finds the O words in the sea.

"Would You Like to Buy an O?" is a song performed by Lefty the Salesman. Lefty the Salesman tries to sell Ernie the letter "O". It was first published in Sesame Street Episode 0364.

ABC Space Song is the alphabet letters-themed song that a child sings with aliens.

Animation: The ants are walking in a picnic like a military unit.

Animation: Foods that start with the letter P appear with latin music.

The Question Song is a song about the letter "Q" sung by a little girl. Grover accompanies the little girl in the clip.

Quincy's Letter Q Song is an animated song in which a boy named Quincy rescues quails.

Animation: A group of kids discover R words.

S Word is a game played between Prairie Dawn and Grover. Grover has 15 seconds to say a word that starts with the letter "S".

Sammy the Snake is a song about the letter "S" performed by a snake.

Animation: A white letter T sings Plain White T's Song.

Muppets: Miles, Herry Monster, Telly Monster, Grover, Zoe, Elmo, Rosita, and Cookie Monster sing ABC Hip Hop.

Song: Smokey Robinson and the Miracles sing U Really Got a Hold on Me.

Film: Alphabet Pictures Presents The Letter V.

Muppets: Letter of the Day X. The Doctor observes Cookie Monster with the x-ray machine.

Animation: Animated Cookie Monster sings X X-Ray song.

Song: Don't Know Y song performed by Norah Jones and Elmo.

Song: Why Do I Love the Letter Y.

Muppets: Over the Top sings ZZ Blues.

Gospel Alphabet is a Sesame Street song sung by Patti LaBelle and some Sesame Street characters.

You can watch the Sesame Street Alphabet Songs video on our website.

Elmo Loves Abby Cadabby's ABC Sesame Street Alphabet Elmo's Kitchen Bells Sesame Street, others, png

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E3340 Playskool Sesame Street Singing the Elmo Alphabet Instructions


Sesame Street
ELMO ABC Singing

Press Elmo's belly to hear him talk and sing about the ABC!

English to Spanish mode:

To switch Elmo's speech from English to Spanish, follow these steps:

  • Press and hold Elmo's belly for 3 seconds.
  • You will hear a beep and Elmo will say a phrase in Spanish.
  • Release Elmo's belly before he finishes talking to stay in Spanish mode. nine0030
  • If you release Elmo after he has finished speaking and hear a beep, he will return to English mode.
  • Repeat steps to switch Elmo back to English mode.
To replace the batteries:

Replace the demo batteries with alkaline batteries. Use a Phillips/Phillips screwdriver (not included).


If Elmo doesn't talk or make sounds, it might be time to replace the batteries.


Retain this information for future reference. Batteries must be replaced by an adult.


  1. Always follow instructions carefully. Use only specified batteries and be sure to insert them correctly, following the + and - polarity markings. nine0030
  2. Do not mix old batteries with new batteries or standard (zinc carbon) batteries with alkaline batteries.
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Report this ad , N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U,
V, W, X, Y, Z. Now our alphabet is ready, singing the alphabet is so much fun! nine0021

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