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Fairy Tales for Little Children (English, Hardcover, Parker Laura)


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    Parker Laura

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    • Language: English
    • Binding: Hardcover
    • Publisher: Usborne Publishing Ltd
    • Genre: Juvenile Fiction
    • ISBN: 9780746098226, 9780746098226
    • Pages: 136




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  • Description

    A wonderful picture book collection of five well-loved stories introducing young children to the magical world of fairy tales. Each story is brought to life with evocative, colourful illustrations and a very simple text. Includes the classic tales Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks, Three Little Pigs, The Frog Prince and Twelve Dancing Princesses. Perfect for reading aloud with a parent or for children to read by themselves.

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    Book Details

    • Usborne Publishing Ltd

    Series & Set Details

    Series Name
    • Usborne Picture Storybooks

    Additional Features

    Age Group
    • 9 - 12 Years


    • 25 mm
    • 255 mm
    • 200 mm
    • 960 gr

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    Popular Fairy Tales for Kids in English

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    Welcome to the world of fairy tales. Here you will find the best selection of fairy tales list, that will enchant the young minds with positivity of the most popular fairy tales. These fables and fairy tale characters have been collected from different cultures, and you will always find something new for the kids,including the ubiquitous king, prince and princess fairy tales. So, just scroll down and enjoy these English fairy tales. Happy Reading!

    Most Popular Fable and Fairy Tales


    Princes Rose and the Golden Bird

    Sleeping Beauty




    The Ugly Duckling

    New Fairytales

    • Irish Fairytales
    • The Valiant Little Tailor
    • Fundevogel
    • The Frog Prince
    • The Dog And The Sparrow
    • The Fisherman and His Wife
    • Briar Rose
    • Hans in Luck
    • Hansel and Gretel
    • The Goose-Girl
    • Cat And Mouse In Partnership
    • The Twelve Dancing Princesses
    • The Willow-Wren And The Bear
    • The Straw, The Coal, and The Bean
    • The Golden Bird
    • Jorinda and Jorindel
    • The Finest Liar In The World
    • Old Sultan
    • A Tale Of The Tontlawald
    • The Travelling Musicians

    Fairy Tales List

    • Little Red Riding Hood
    • Sweet Porridge
    • Donkey Skin
    • Jack and his golden snuff-box
    • Blue Beard
    • The Twelve Brothers
    • The Golden Crab
    • How the beggar boy turned in to Count Piro
    • The magic swan
    • The Magic Mirror
    • Puss In Boots
    • The Golden Goose
    • Celtic Fairy Tales
    • Jack And The Bean-stalk
    • The Frost King
    • Eva's Visit to Fairyland
    • The Enchanted Stag
    • The White Cat
    • Ripple the Water Spirit
    • The Fairy Flower
    • The Little Bud
    • Lily Bell And Thistledown
    • Jack The Giant Killer
    • Monkey and the Dolphin

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    Fairy tales for the little ones - read for free online

    Fairy tales for kids - fascinating and instructive works of folklore and famous authors, whose work can attract attention and interest even the most restless kids. A variety of stories dedicated to heroic heroic deeds, the world of magic and witchcraft, animals, will awaken the imagination of even the smallest. Through these fairy tales, kids will comprehend the world around them, learn kindness, justice, honesty and responsibility. nine0003

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    • Russian folk -Soviet people > Fairy tales > Author's fairy tales > Fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm > The wolf and the seven kids

      The Brothers Grimm

      "The Wolf and the Seven Kids" is a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm, familiar to children all over the Earth. It tells about the adventures of goats and their mother, who confront the wolf. The gray bandit comes to the kids and sings the goat's welcome song as their mother grazes to eat them. They do not open to him, as they recognize by a rough voice. When he changes it, the kids are deceived, let the wolf in, and only one of them managed to escape and tell everything to mother. By cunning, the mother saves her kids and destroys the wolf. The tale teaches independence, courage, resourcefulness and the fact that sooner or later deceit will be revealed. nine0003

      Reading time: 3 min.

      Once upon a time there was a goat with kids. The goat went into the forest to eat silk grass, to drink cold water. As soon as he leaves, the kids will lock up the hut and won't go anywhere themselves.

      The goat comes back, knocks on the door and sings:

      - Goats, kids!
      Open up, open up!
      Your mother came - she brought milk;
      Milk runs along the notch,
      From the notch to the hoof,
      From the hoof to the cheese ground! nine0003

      The kids will open the door and let the mother in. She will feed them, give them a drink, and again go into the forest, and the kids will lock themselves tightly.

      Once a wolf overheard a goat singing. Once the goat left, the wolf ran to the hut and shouted in a thick voice:

      - You, kids!
      You goats!
      Open up,
      Open up,
      Your mother has come,
      She brought milk.
      Hooves full of water!

      Goats answer him:
      - We hear, we hear - yes, this is not mother's voice! Our mother sings in a thin voice and laments not so.

      The wolf has nothing to do. He went to the smithy and ordered his throat to be reforged so that he could sing in a thin voice. The blacksmith cut his throat. The wolf again ran to the hut and hid behind a bush.

      Here comes a goat and knocks:

      - Goats, kids!
      Open up, open up!
      Your mother came - she brought milk;
      Milk runs along the notch,
      From the notch to the hoof,
      From the hoof to the cheese ground!

      The kids let their mother in and let's tell how the wolf came and wanted to eat them.

      The goat fed and watered the kids and severely punished:

      - Whoever comes to the hut, will ask in a thick voice and not go through everything that I lament to you - do not open the door, do not let anyone in.

      As soon as the goat left, the wolf again walked to the hut, knocked and began to lament in a thin voice:

      - Goats, kids!
      Open up, open up!
      Your mother came - she brought milk;
      Milk runs along the notch,
      From the notch to the hoof,
      From the hoof to the cheese ground!

      The kids opened the door, the wolf rushed into the hut and ate all the kids. Only one kid was buried in the stove.

      A goat comes, no matter how much she calls or laments, no one answers her. She sees - the door is open, she ran into the hut - there is no one there. I looked into the oven and found one kid. nine0003

      How the goat found out about her misfortune, how she sat on the bench - she began to grieve, cry bitterly:

      - Oh, my kids, kids!
      What they unlocked, opened,
      Did the bad wolf get it?

      The wolf heard this, enters the hut and says to the goat:

      - Why are you sinning against me, godfather? I didn't eat your goats.

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