Fly guy amazing tricks

Fly Guy's Amazing Tricks (Fly Guy #14) (Hardcover)

By Tedd Arnold, Tedd Arnold (Illustrator)


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Get ready for Fly Guy's wacky new tricks as he saves the day!

In the latest installment of Tedd Arnold's NEW YORK TIMES bestselling Fly Guy series, Fly Guy puts on a show with all the new tricks that Buzz taught him. But when Fly Guy shows off The Backstroke, The Dizzy Doozie, and The Big Booger at dinner-time, Buzz tells Fly Guy only to do the tricks on command. The tricks come in handy when an annoying kid starts picking on Buzz and Fly Guy--and by the time Fly Guy pulls off The Big Booger, he runs away. Even reluctant readers will enjoy this fun, zany story about Fly Guy's exciting new tricks and how they end up helping Buzz and Fly Guy.

Tedd Arnold is the bestselling author and illustrator of the Fly Guy (Zig Zag et Zazie) series, Green Wilma, Parts, and other popular picture books. He is also the illustrator of Detective Blue. He has received Theodor Seuss Geisel Honors for Hi! Fly Guy (Salut Zig Zag!) and I Spy Fly Guy! (Où es-tu Zig Zag?). Tedd lives with his wife, Carol, in Florida.

Product Details ISBN: 9780545493291
ISBN-10: 0545493293
Publisher: Cartwheel Books
Publication Date: August 26th, 2014
Pages: 32
Language: English
Series: Fly Guy
Recommended Reading Level Minimum Age: 4
Maximum Age: 8
Minimum Grade Level: P
Maximum Grade Level: 3

Praise for HI! FLY GUY"Readers drawn by the flashy foil cover will stick around to applaud this unusually capable critter. " --PUBLISHERS WEEKLYPraise for FLY HIGH, FLY GUY!"A shoo-in for kids who prefer their beginning readers funny and action-packed." --KIRKUS REVIEWSPraise for RIDE, FLY GUY, RIDE!"Clear type, bright white space, and careful word choice make this a must-read for children ready for books a little more challenging than Elephant and Piggie." --KIRKUS REVIEWS

Praise for HI! FLY GUY"Readers drawn by the flashy foil cover will stick around to applaud this unusually capable critter." --PUBLISHERS WEEKLYPraise for FLY HIGH, FLY GUY!"A shoo-in for kids who prefer their beginning readers funny and action-packed." --KIRKUS REVIEWSPraise for RIDE, FLY GUY, RIDE!"Clear type, bright white space, and careful word choice make this a must-read for children ready for books a little more challenging than Elephant and Piggie." --KIRKUS REVIEWS

Fly Guy's Amazing Tricks | Book Study Activities by Anita Bremer

Anita Bremer


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More fromAnita Bremer

Help your students dig deep into their reading with this book study literacy unit for Fly Guy's Amazing Tricks by Tedd Arnold. The unit is packed with Common Core aligned activities for First Grade and Second Grade.

This book study unit can be used as a whole class activity, during small group guided reading time, as individual student work, or as part of a book club. Simply copy a pack for each student. You may wish to choose to implement pages that best fit your students’ learning abilities.

Your class will LOVE Fly Guy!


  • student unit cover page
  • story elements
  • making predictions
  • character traits
  • character comparison
  • character analysis
  • can-have-are-need graphic organizers
  • text to self connections
  • making mental images
  • evidence from the text/questions for each chapter
  • who said it?
  • writing response activity
  • story events
  • story clues
  • story retell
  • vocabulary comprehension
  • vocabulary word search
  • syllable counting
  • alphabetical order
  • making words
  • fiction and non-fiction story elements
  • cause and effect
  • problems and solutions
  • giving my opinion
  • giving my advice
  • author's purpose
  • main idea/theme
  • personal response page
  • story notes
  • learning standards checklists for Common Core, VA SOL, TEKS


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Ask and answer such questions as who, what, where, when, why, and how to demonstrate understanding of key details in a text.

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David Copperfield's five most amazing tricks




September 16, 2018

Among the many illusionists, David Copperfield is the first who showed tricks with passing through the wall and learned to fly like a bird. On September 16, the magician and wizard turns 62 years old.

Childhood David Kotkin (real name of the illusionist) was not like the childhood of the future star: the boy was painfully shy, stuttered and considered himself terribly ugly. However, even then, unusual abilities were noticed in him: even without being able to read, for example, he learned the sacred Jewish book Torah by ear. Much less spectacular, but much more fateful: when David was four years old, he immediately mastered the card trick shown by his grandfather.

The boy was so captivated by magic tricks that at the age of seven he performed them in front of the parishioners of the synagogue. At the age of 12, a talented boy demonstrated his own tricks to the entire city of Metachen in New Jersey, USA, where he was born and raised.

David Copperfield in his youth. Source:

As a young man, he was accepted into by the American Society of Illusionists. The guy gave performances under the pseudonym Davino , but then found himself a more memorable name - David Copperfield , like the hero of the book by Charles Dickens . By the age of 32, he had already become famous all over the world thanks to television - he hosted a program in which he showed his amazing tricks.

Amazing 9 birthday0217 David Copperfield, who bribed millions of viewers with his talents, artistry and unconditional charisma, I would like to recall his most amazing tricks.



Disappearance of the Statue of Liberty

Many magicians before Copperfield performed disappearing tricks - they made objects, people, even disappear from sight. But to do what David managed to do, no one else has succeeded so far. In 1983, in front of thousands of astonished spectators, he made the huge Liberty tattoo C disappear.

The Most Amazing Guinness World Records That Shook the World

Setting Guinness World Records is mostly a reckless undertaking, and real madmen go to implement it.

The trick was recognized as unique and got in the Guinness Book of Records . Skeptics immediately began to put forward different versions, accusing Copperfield of cheating: they say that the statue disappeared thanks to a special rotating platform, the magician used an ingenious play of light and video editing...

It was even said that the famous trick video was a clever hoax, that for his trick the magician attracted fake spectators and used not the real Statue of Liberty, but its model.


Niagara Falls

In 1990, David Copperfield wowed audiences with another massive stunt. The illusionist, chained and closed in a fake "coffin", was thrown into the water over a cliff from which Niagara Falls falls. The raft the magician was on fell from a height of 53 meters. The next shot is of David holding on to the rope being lifted out of the abyss by a helicopter.

This stunt was especially viciously scrutinized by ill-wishers. They say that it was not Copperfield himself who did all this, but his double - an experienced stuntman. And they pulled him out of the water dry! And in general, how could he talk to assistants during the performance of the trick (the conversation is heard on the video), if Niagara Falls rumbles so that even a few kilometers away you can’t hear anything and you have to scream with all your might?


Saw of Death

This trick is best avoided by those with weak nerves. Copperfield is placed face down on the table. His hands and feet are firmly chained to the table. The body is covered with a box. A working circular saw is slowly lowered onto the table with the magician from above. To escape from captivity and escape, David has exactly a minute. The artist is clearly nervous, begins to twitch and fuss, unable to free himself... Oh, horror! The saw overtook the favorite of the public and cut him in half ...

Spectators stop breathing, unable to believe their eyes. But only a few agonizing seconds pass - and then the magician and the wizard raises his head ... The assistants push the sawn halves of the table together with the halves of the magician's torso in different directions. Then they are moved again. Someone from the audience shouts: "Move your feet!". And David, thinking, weakly moves his legs. The saw begins to rotate in the opposite direction. After a while, David, miraculously reunited, gets rid of the box and gets back on his feet as if nothing had happened. Stormy applause.

In this case, skeptics decided that Copperfield had recesses in the table, hidden by metal inserts: it was them that the saw sawed, and not the sufferer's body at all. In addition, it is claimed that an undercover assistant is involved in this trick.


Through the Chinese wall

Many tried to unravel this trick, but they failed. On the one hand, , a podium was brought up to the Great Wall of China , on which David stood curtained with a white cloth on all sides. The illusionist entered the wall from one side and exited from the other, inexplicably passing through the ancient structure.

It is believed that the passage was successful thanks to a hole specially laid by fake "bricks". But even the most experienced whistleblowers do not undertake to assert this categorically.



Perhaps Copperfield's most striking trick in terms of expressiveness is his flying in the air. The action is accompanied by romantic music and spectacular moments - for example, Copperfield flies not only alone, but also picking up a girl from the audience, like Superman , and with him a tamed falcon participates in the performance.

Levitation? A clever trick? Magic? Sleight of hand? Many people will have to break their heads over this, although today there are craftsmen who are trying to repeat the trick in the air.

Be that as it may, but Copperfield flies so beautifully and believable that you want to believe: it's not about secret cables and ultra-thin fibers.

Learn more