Fun winter activities indoors

35 Indoor Activities For While You're Stuck Inside - Parent Picks!

It’s winter and we are all looking for indoor activities.

We rarely get enough snow to even make a snowman, but it does get icy, cold, and damp. Leaving the cozy fire and snuggly socks behind to venture out is often not at the top of the priority list!

We have collected the best parent recommended indoor activity ideas for toddlers right up to tween years.

What are your favorite indoor kids activities?

Let’s have some indoor fun today!


I’m planning ahead and have gathered oodles of indoor activities inspiration, tried and giggle tested ideas from fellow parents, to keep my daughter and her friends happy and engaged indoors.

My Favorite Indoor Winter Activities

Let’s start with some of my wintery favorites.  These are unique, clever and don’t take much set up.  All these indoor activities are things that keep my kids busy for hours.

I am curious which will be your kids favorite ways to play inside…

Let’s play inside with these favorite activities.
1. Snowy Toy Car Ramp

Create a toy car ramp inside.  And then as if that isn’t enough, you can add some inside snow to make the driving conditions a little more scenic.  What a fun and frugal way to spark more pretend  play indoors on cold winter days. via buggyandbuddy

2. Create with Air Dry Clay

This air dry clay craft project for kids of all ages turns out very cute no matter how skilled you are at snowman making.  Try this classic winter fun for kids of any age. See the adorableness on Buzzmills

3. Painting Snow- Inside!

Yes!  Let’s bring the snow that is outside…inside!  And then make some colorful creations in a controlled mess kinda way.  Fill a cooking tray with some snow and let them off. See then fun evolve on kitchenfloorcrafts

4. Make A Snow Globe

I love a good snow globe craft and this is simple and adorable.   Gather empty jars and invite your kids to make their very own snowglobes in less than 5 minutes from start to shake. See how to make on MollyMooCrafts

5. Master Finger Knitting With Your Kids

Kids love this because it is so hands on and interactive.  And it is surprisingly easy to learn.  Imagine sitting on the couch on a lazy winter Sunday. . . there’s nothing better! via flaxandtwine

6. DIY Crayon Resist Snowflakes

Grab some crayons and watercolor paints to artfully create some snowflakes.  Each will be perfectly unique!  Playful experiments with crayons and watercolor. So very pretty via Messy Little Monsters.

Oh so many fun ways to play indoors!

More Fun Indoor Activities for Kids

Here are some more winter activities for kids that you can do indoors just in case the snow is piling up or if you are like me and live in Texas, there may be some wintery rainy days that feel just a little miserable.

7. Make Skating Popsicle Stick Dolls

Grab your popsicle sticks and make these adorable dolls that actually skate.   I know that sounds crazy, but it is true and it makes a really fun craft for kids of all ages.  I can see this is something older kids would really enjoy alongside the younger ones.  An exciting new spin on this ever popular classic craft. See how to make on MollyMooCrafts

8. Set up a Snowman Making Station

This is absolutely the best preschool winter activity!  Set up a simple activity tray with bits and pieces from around the house as a snowman making station.  Then toddlers and preschoolers have everything they need already set up to craft. So clever, so cute via Happy Houligans

9. Indoor Snowball Fight

Who doesn’t love a snowball fight?  The downside is the ice and snow and cold.  This is all the fun without any of the cold.  The very best indoor fun! This was the biggest hit in our house last winter. Every playdate was challenged via MollyMoo

10. DIY Tissue Paper Stained Glass Suncatchers

Grab that stack of colorful tissue paper you haven’t used for wrapping gifts and head to the kitchen table to brighten up your winter windows with colorful suncatchers.   Follow the steps with Artful Parent.

11. Indoor Obstacle Course

OK, I should have put this in the list above because this is literally my favorite winter activity for kids of any age.  Why?  Because kids need exercise…even indoors and this makes it fun and easy.  Ready! Set! Go! with loveplayandlearn

This will keep kids busy and active inside on those cold winter days!

These Activities Make Me Glad It’s Too Cold To Go Outside

12. Make a Puppet Theater

Watch your kids’ imaginations come alive with paper bag puppets and a some scrap fabric. You can make puppets from nearly anything and then set up your own home theater.

13. Make Indoor Hopscotch

We absolutely love how you can make Popsicle Stick Hopscotch along with 9 other great ideas for entertaining kids indoors with just a bag of craft sticks.

14. Create Magazine Collage Art

An absolutely gorgeous, simple, and accessible activity for any home and classroom. See the magic unfold on mollymoocrafts

15. Make it Snow Inside

Make fake snow from styrofoam for kids to go crazy. Messy, I know, but the kids’ laughter will be worth every second of the cleanup. See the fun unfold on playtivities

16. Build Elsa’s Ice Palace

And all you need are some sugar cubes to play this FROZEN movie scene. See the joy on leftbraincraftbrain

Crafting is always a fun thing to do indoors in the winter!

Try These Fun and Simple Crafts

Kids and simple crafts just go together all year round, but when looking for the best indoor winter activities for kids, crafts can’t be beat!  Here are a few of our favorites…

17. Make a Ninja

These Toilet Roll Ninjas are so much fun to make and play with afterward. No need to leave the house on those cold days – just grab a few toilet paper tubes and straws and watch the ninja fun begin. 

18. Owl Craft for Kids 

Make Toilet Roll Owls for some fun created from the recycle bin.   Some frugal crafty fun for winter afternoons and weekends. Everything you need to make will be found at home. See how easy they are to make on MollyMooCrafts

19. Make a Hedgehog Game

Create your very own Cardboard Hedgehog Ring Toss.  Upcycle the Christmas gift boxes into this cuter than cute hedgehog ring toss game for hours of indoor play. See how to make on MollyMooCrafts

20. Minecraft Craft

Make this Toilet Roll Minecraft. After just a simple 3-minute construction, your kids will be happily crafting their toilet roll Minecraft creeper too. And everything you need is in the recycling bin! Perfect for indoor winter crafting.

21. Make homemade skis that work

Skiing at home with homemade skis?  You don’t have to have snow outside your house or go to expensive ski resort to have a lot of fun skiing. It’s all about setting up the mood and imagination! Oh what fun! See how to make on Playtivities

Creative indoor play for a cold winter day!

Keep Warm With More Indoor Ideas for Winter


The most fun your kids can have with a roll of craft paper, crayons, and the kitchen floor. via MollyMooCrafts

23. Turn The Bathroom Into A Hair & Nail Salon

Place curlers, bows, makeup, and nail polish around the bathroom. Check out this and 9 other great ideas for indoor winter fun on thechirpingmoms

24. Hosting an Indoor Campout

Check out these 6 things for an amazing camping session with kcedventures. No bugs, I promise!  <–this is my very favorite kind of camping of all the camping types!

25. Diamond Snow Dig

When it’s too cold to play outside,  bring the snow inside! via happyhooligans

26. Learn French Knitting

This looks fun! by Buzzmills

27. DIY Wrecking Ball Block Play

It  so  simple, but  brilliant! LEGO towers at the ready! Simply create your own homemade wrecking ball out of things you have at home.  The trick is to choose something like a toilet paper roll and string it on a short string so it won’t actually damage anything when it hits.

28. Create a Winter Play Scene

Check out all the details on this simple winter toddler and winter preschool play idea with Winter Felt Play Activity.

More Indoor Winter Play with Kids Activities Blog 

  • Print out this free winter fun pages pack of worksheets and learning games.
  • Winter Dot to Dot<–these printable activities are so much fun and will keep you warm inside.
  • January may be the coldest month of the year for most wintery climates, but these January coloring pages will make you feel warm and fuzzy.
  • Snowflake Window Clings – these come with a snowflake coloring page as well as a snowflake template.
  • Check out these cute animal coloring pages that are filled with woodland animals we all love.

What are your favorite cold weather activities? Let us know in the comments!

24 Winter Indoor Activities to Keep You From Going Crazy

My sister, bless her heart, lives in Michigan.

I live in Texas.

One of our favorite conversations is about the weather. It’s January and she has seen a negative fifteen and had warnings that tell them not to go outside more than ten minutes if they have any skin exposed; whereas I am able to enjoy the mid-50s most of the time.

So, this article is for her. With three little ones under the age of six, having a game plan for indoor kids activities is always a good idea. To supply her with even more ideas, I drew up this list of winter indoor activities that will keep the family entertained.

Winter Indoor Activities for Kids

1. Homemade Handprint Twister

I love that this game is a two-in-one deal. For the first part of it, your kid gets to make their twister game, for the second part, they get to play their created game.

Part of the reason the author over at Pint Sized Treasures created this game was so their children could work on learning their colors as well. Love it!

Try this Winter Indoor Activity


Candy Cane Goo

Sadly, this doesn’t have candy canes in it, but the good news is that it does have stuff you already have around the house.

What’s really cool is that the blogger over at Science Sparks made it educational as well. For the little ones, it is a sensory item. For the older kids, it is still fun to play with and they gave the science details to go along with. Very neat!

Try this Winter Indoor Activity

3. Sumo Boys

Why are some of the most fun things sometimes totally slip our minds as adults? In this idea, Allison at All for the Boys comes up with a game of sumo wrestling simply by using pillows and the boys’ father’s T-shirts!

Now that I think about it, this one might not be first on my mind because it gets a bit noisy… but look at what fun they are having. It might be worth it!

Try this Winter Indoor Activity

4. Snow Ice Cream

If you have never had snow ice cream, I recommend you find somewhere with a decent amount of snow and make some.

My mother and I made some when I was little and I loved it. Back when my girls were younger and we lived in Delaware we had a major snowstorm that shut us down for days and I did the same for them, falling in love with snow ice cream all over again (and learned what whipping cream was all at the same time… it was magical!).

This recipe comes from Ali over at Gimme Some Oven.

Try this Winter Indoor Activity

5. Indoor Camping

Charlene over at My Frugal Adventures goes into details about how they made summer fun inside during the winter.

I get this because I, personally, am not a fan of winter after a while. As an adult, I typically deal with the winter blues at around mid-February. Even in Texas!

As a child, though, on days when we had snow days at school, I would set up our living room (the one with the big window) with a tent and our bathroom would be the beach- complete with a pool and a tanning area.

I did this while my mother was at work, think of what we can do as parents to participate in this fun activity that helps us all to remember that winter is only temporary!

Try this Winter Indoor Activity


Use Your Resources

So many people think that television for kids is bad. I am not about to suggest putting your kid in front of a movie screen and walking away for eight hours a day but sometimes using the internet can be your resource.

When my oldest was little, I would allow her an hour a day. Sesame Street was her favorite. During that time I got a lot done.

In Tiffany over at Spark & Pook’s post, she tells you of some YouTube videos that not only get your kids’ attention, but it gets them up and moving as well. That works to the parents’ advantage!

Try this Winter Indoor Activity

7. String Obstacle Course

I did this with my girls a few years back and they loved it. Mine was done in a hallway and it was much higher up. The string was taped to the wall.

Jamie over at Hands On As We Grow did hers a little bit differently. For one, she used chairs and did it lower down. Also, she helped her children learn their number bonds as well. Don’t know what number bonds are? Head over to the blog and find out!

Try this Winter Indoor Activity

8. Laundry Basket Skee Ball

I’m excited about this one.

Anytime we go to the arcade, this is the game I go to first. How fun it is to be able to re-create it at home! Thank you to Sara over at Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls.

Try this Winter Indoor Activity

9. Bozo’s Grand Prize Game

If you want to do something similar, but don’t have the stuff to make skee ball, opt for Bozo the Clown’s Grand Prize Game. I was young when that show was on (not in school yet) but I loved to watch those kids get up there and try.

You don’t have to use a ping-pong ball or the buckets – be creative. Also, I hope you have as much fun as those kids who were on the game show!

Try this Winter Indoor Activity

10. Indoor Snow Games

What a fun idea: to make fake snow and have fun with it almost the same way you would if you were outside. No cold, no melting, just fun.

Jillian over at Confidence Meets Parenting even gives you ideas for how to make the snowballs.

Try this Winter Indoor Activity

11. Paper Bag Snowman Puppet

How cute are these snowmen? Using tape as a scarf, googly eyes, and buttons. The best part is if you are reading this because you are already stuck inside and you don’t have these things on hand- just relax, and use markers!

Don’t have white paper bags? Make gingerbread men puppets. Get creative- bring the kids in from the beginning, you never know what they might come up with.

But to see exactly what Rachel did to make these, head over to her blog at I Heart Crafty Things.

Try this Winter Indoor Activity

12. Color a Box

The article written by Kylie over at The How-to Mom talks about different ways to keep toddlers busy and helps them not destroy the house.

When I saw this picture though, I knew I had to bring up the idea of cardboard boxes because guess what? If you give my twelve-year-old some cardboard, she will be busy for hours. Just two months ago she built a house for our Elf on the Shelf, Zoey, to hang out in while she was visiting us.

Cardboard is an important creative tool for children of any young age!

Try this Winter Indoor Activity

13. Word Building Charades

This is one of the cutest ones I have seen yet. The author over at Understood has word building charades. It goes like this: You stand tall for big letters, straight for regular letters, and for letters that go below the line, you crouch down.

She gives the example of Bag. Head over to the site to see it for yourself.

Try this Winter Indoor Activity

14. Cut Out Snowflakes

We’ve already had snow fights but what about the snowflakes themselves? This craft is from It’s Always Autumn and it has templates and a video tutorial if you or your little one is stuck and don’t know what to do next.

I always enjoyed making snowflakes though I am not as good at it as my older one. She decorates my classroom with them during wintertime!

Try this Winter Indoor Activity

15. Bake Some Bread

Baking bread is such a fun process and has sensory aspects to it as well. Getting your kids in the kitchen is fun for both them and you. Set them up on the counter (but stay nearby) and let them help add ingredients, mix, and knead the bread. Even cleaning up is fun for them when they are little!

Even better- baking means warming up your home and giving it a good smell.

The author, Cynthia over at Rolling Prairie Readers, gives suggestions on helping little ones feel like they are giving back to society.

Try this Winter Indoor Activity

16. Memory Game

Personally, I love activities that have creative steps before actually getting to play. First, have fun making the actual memory cards as an afternoon craft with your kids. Then, enjoy countless nights of memory game fun that even your tweens will enjoy.  

There are so many benefits to memorization games besides watching your family spend time together. Improved problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and not to mention brain exercise in general. The best part? It’s super easy to clean up afterward.

Try this Winter Indoor Activity

17. Garbage Bots

Here’s a cool craft you can do indoors to pass the time that is great for the whole family. Plus, you probably already have all the materials you need right in your house. Unless you’ve taken out the recycling lately.

Get the creative juices flowing and watch your garbage transform into new toys for the kids. Make sure you wash everything really well and to be extra careful with sharp edges on tins.

Things could get messy with all the cutting and pasting but this entertaining indoor activity is worth the extra clean up time.

Try this Winter Indoor Activity

18. A Minute to Win It Games

I’m not big on games, especially board games but sometimes a minute to win it games wins out. My favorite one is the one shown above, where you take a straw and blow in it, seeing who gets their ping pong ball over the line faster.

For more ideas, head over to Kid-Friendly Things to Do.

Try this Winter Indoor Activity

19. Snow Globe

My oldest, who is 12, loves snow globes. This craft would be right up her alley. She’s an artist through and through.

The best part of this craft is it takes little effort on the adult’s part. Simply let them color their paper snow globe and then add the other ingredients.

The full tutorial can be found over at Fireflies + Mud Pies.

Try this Winter Indoor Activity

20. Marble Maze

This is another double layer activity that looks like so much fun. Help them with the first part of coming up with the maze and then let them use the marble to get it in one area and out the proper area.

I like this one because it is good for older kids as well.

For full details, check out Little Bins for Little Hands.

Try this Winter Indoor Activity

21. Karaoke

I originally was just going to suggest having a karaoke contest but then came across this little gem over at I Heart Arts n Crafts. For little ones, this would be a lot of fun and make them feel even more glamorous as they sing along to their favorite songs.

Try this Winter Indoor Activity

22. Moon Sand

My girls received bags of moon sand a few years ago and had tons of fun with it. Heck, even I got involved, squishing the sand between my fingers. When I learned how easy it was to make though, I just had to recreate it for myself.

It was pretty well true to what we had bought. So fun and yes, you can still see me squishing the sand through my fingers!

The full tutorial can be found over at Lesson Learnt Journal.

Try this Winter Indoor Activity


Spinning Nerf Target

Here’s a fun one that even adults will want to play. I mean, they already do, don’t they? The only difference is instead of shooting the target with a nerf gun, they shoot with a bullet style gun.

Obviously, the way this is created is a bit different (and much lighter), but the concept is the same.

So, this is a game, created by our friend over at Frugal Fun for Boys, that will grow with them!

Try this Winter Indoor Activity

24. Fizzy Drinks

After they’ve had all the fun they can muster, they will probably be ready for a treat. This fizzy lemonade made over at Learn with Play at Home is a fun idea to keep their minds active and quench their thirst all at the same time. Just be sure to follow the recipe!

Try this Winter Indoor Activity

Sanity Saving Winter Indoor Activities

I know it won’t be long before we are all aching for the cool, but warmer, days of spring. Until then, I hope these ideas keep you and your little ones active enough to break the winter blues cycle!

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Winter fun: 17 active games and other outdoor activities

1. Making a snowman and other figures

Photo: AllaSerebrina / Depositphotos

If loose and sticky snow has fallen, then it's time to make a snowman! You can not limit yourself to a standard snowman with a bucket on your head, but show your imagination and make something unusual. Watercolors or gouache, old clothes and any other props that come to mind will help you with this.

Show your imagination ☃️

  • 20 snow figures that are easy to make by yourself and with children

Also, making a snowman can be turned into a fun game: who will roll up the biggest ball in a limited time. To do this, you need to divide into teams (it is better that there are no more than two participants in each), note the time (5 or 10 minutes) and give a signal to start the competition. After the time runs out, the participants determine the largest ball, and those who blinded it become the winners. The resulting snow globe can be made the basis for a common large snowman.

Photo: FamVeld / Shutterstock

2. Building a slide

You can build an ice slide on your own property or even in the city yard. It is not difficult to make it: heat the snow, tamp it down, fill it with water and wait until it freezes. Children will be happy, especially if you involve them in the process.

3. "King of the Hill"

For this game, you need to find a high snowdrift of dense snow or throw a snowy "mountain" yourself. Its height depends on the age of the players.

One of the players rises to the top and becomes its "king". He must prevent the rest from taking the "throne", because the goal of each other participant is to become the king of the hill himself. Since during the game the participants will often fall, it is necessary to take care of safety: make sure that there is a layer of soft snow under the “mountain”, and there are no fences, trees, corners of buildings and cars nearby that you can hit or get hurt.

4. "Icicles"

For this game, a circle with a diameter of about 5 meters is drawn on the snow with a small depression in the center. 10-12 pieces of ice are placed in it. It does not have to be just pieces of ice: you can use small pieces of wood, cardboard, and so on.

Players choose a driver who stands in the center of the circle. The rest of the participants are distributed outside of it. Their task is to pull (or knock out) all the ice pieces outside the playing area. Players can enter the circle, and the driver can only be inside it. If the driver touches one of the participants, the "singed" takes his place. The game ends when all the pieces of ice have left the playing area.

5. Snowball fights and building snow forts

Photo: YanLev / Shutterstock

Both adults and children love to play snowballs, as it is a great opportunity to spend time actively with friends or family. The construction of snow fortresses will help to diversify the process. In this case, the snowballs will turn into a full-fledged snow battle. You can introduce a rule: the one who is hit by a snowball is out of the game.

6. “Who is on the mountain?”

For this fun, a big snowball is made, which will play the role of a mountain. Participants stand around him, holding hands. On command, each of them must pull the neighbors to the "mountain" and try not to fall on it himself. Those who still touched the “mountain” are eliminated.

7. Dodgeball

To play this game, the participants stand in two lines opposite each other. There should be 3-4 steps between players, and 12-15 steps between lines. A leader is also selected who will give commands. He must either know the participants by name, or distribute them by numbers (the same for both teams). The host calls the names or numbers of the participants, and after they have responded, commands: “Pli!” After that, the named players must make snowballs and throw them at each other.

It is allowed to dodge and crouch, but not to move. The one who is hit by a snowball is out. The participant who “knocked out” his opponent can throw a snowball at any of the opposing team. The team with no players left loses.

The facilitator must give instructions quickly so that the game does not stall and is fun.

8. Vorottsa

Photo: tammykayphoto / Depositphotos

Ordinary slides can be made even more fun. Below, under the hill, build a gate of snow, sticks without sharp ends or spruce branches. They do not have to be in the center of the descent, because the task is just to slide down and get into the gate. You can ride on anything: on a snow scooter, ordinary sleds, tubing or just on an ice rink.

9. “Battlefield”

For this game, you also need to split into teams: “shooters” and “targets”. "Targets" are divided into two lines and stand 15 steps opposite each other. The “arrows” do the same, standing in two lines perpendicular to the “arrows”. The resulting square is the battlefield.

On a signal, one of the group of "targets" runs to his teammates from the opposite side. His task is to dodge snowballs, and the goal of the “shooters” is to hit the runner on the spot in order to knock him out of the game. As soon as one of the "targets" ran to another line or dropped out of the game, the next one starts moving from the opposite side. After several rounds, the teams change places.

10. "Snowball tag"

For this fun, you need to designate a large square, which will become a playground. All players are on it, except for two drivers. It is impossible to run outside the square, otherwise the offender will join the drivers. They must hit the rest of the players with snowballs: in this way, the drivers knock other participants out of the game. You can add a rule that the dropouts also throw snowballs. Those two, in which they could not get into, become the new drivers.

11. Winter football

If you miss summer and its entertainment, arrange winter football! Mark the goal in the snow, split into two teams and simplify the rules a bit, because playing in the snow is not only more fun, but also more difficult. For example, you can cancel goalkeepers and not penalize random handball.

12. Sled racing

Photo: d.travnikov / Depositphotos

You can arrange real races on sleds if you divide into crews: one person is carrying, the other is riding. You can come up with a difficult route or just compete on a straight line. It is best if parents or older children are carrying.

In another version of the race, you can remove the drivers so that the "riders" ride on their own with the help of their legs. To do this, it is better to find a flat area and mark the start and finish lines on it. For more fun and excitement, participants can sit on the sled in pairs.

Another variation of sled racing can be the relay race. In this case, it is also desirable to choose a flat area with marked start and turn lines. To do this, you need to break into teams with an even number of participants in order to make several pairs of them. The first crews get on the line, start at the signal, reach the opposite side of the site, turn around and come back. Then the next pair goes. The team, all the “crews” of which complete the relay faster, wins.

To add to the fun, you can come up with additional conditions. For example, leave one sled for each team so that the “crews” change each time. Or arrange a relay race in which each participant must pass his stage himself, sitting on a sled and pushing off with his feet.

13. "Who is stronger"

You can also arrange an analogue of tug of war on the sled. To do this, two participants sit on the same sled with their backs to each other and with the help of their legs try to leave each in their own direction. Also, one participant may try to leave, and the second must slow him down.

There is a third version of this fun: participants on two sleds are placed opposite each other. Each holds a rope from the opponent's sled. On a signal, they should try to pull each other to their side.

Unfortunately, not in all regions of our country in winter there is enough snow for the activities described above. Therefore, we offer several options for a situation where there is little or no snow at all.

14. "Two Santa Clauses"

For this game, with the help of a rhyme, you need to choose two drivers - Santa Clauses. After that, mark two lines at a distance of 15-20 steps. On one of them stand the rest of the participants.

To add a New Year's mood (especially if children are playing), Frost can say: "I am Red Nose Frost!", "And I am Blue Nose Frost!" Then they give a start to the beginning of the game: “Well, which of you will decide to go on a path?” The players answer: “We are not afraid of threats, and we are not afraid of frost!”. And the Frosts command: "One, two, three - run!"

After that, the players run to the opposite line, and the Frosts must touch the participants so that they stop on the spot - “freeze”. When all the players, except for the “frozen”, reach the goal, the drivers give the command for the next start. During each subsequent race, participants can “unfreeze” less fortunate teammates with a touch.

Another version of this game involves dividing the participants into two teams and standing facing each other so that there are 15–20 steps between groups. Frost is chosen from each team. On a signal, one player runs out from both sides. Their task is to run to the opposite team. Frosts, on the other hand, try to hit the members of the other team with snowballs in order to “freeze” them. "Frozen" should freeze in place. As soon as the player reaches the opposite side or is “frozen”, the next one starts moving.

15. “North wind, south wind”

For this game, participants choose two drivers. One becomes the North wind and the other becomes the South. The rest of the players run around the court. The north wind catches the contestants and "freezes" them to make the contestants stop. And the South wind “thaws”, touching them with his hand and saying loudly: “Free”. Moreover, the South wind can also be “frozen”.

It is best if the game takes place on a limited area, and the South Wind could not be frozen permanently - for example, only for the time in which he counts out loud to 30.

16. Twelve Sticks

To play Twelve Sticks, you will need a wooden board set on a stone or block so that one part of it is up and the other is on the ground or snow. It turns out a kind of "swing". On the half of the board that lies on the ground, put 12 small sticks. The first driver is also selected.

The game begins when one of the players, having stepped sharply on the top edge of the board, scatters the sticks. After that, the driver must collect them, and the rest are hiding at this time. The task of the driver is to find them. Having learned where one of the participants is hiding, the driver must loudly shout his name, and also indicate the place where he took refuge. If the driver named everything correctly, the one found should go out.

While the driver is searching, one of the participants can imperceptibly run up to the board and, shouting “Twelve sticks are flying!”, scatter the sticks again. While the driver collects them, all the detected players can again hide, and they will have to be searched again. 17. Winter has come . The driver says: “Today it’s warm, the sun is shining, go for a walk!” - and the players run out of cover to the site. When the driver says “Winter has come! Hurry home! ”, the other participants in the game again run for cover. And the driver tries to catch them before they have time to hide.

Dress warmly, go outside more often and enjoy life!

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10+ winter games for a fun company

We have already written to you about how to entertain a child in the winter on the street, so that you can not leave the house. And for more active parents and kids who can't sit still, we offer 10 outdoor games. But all of them are really winter, you can't play like that in summer. So if you don't want to miss out on all the snow fun, pick a game and run outside!

"Snow Bouncers"

A game for a big, fun and noisy company. A snowy area is selected, on which there is enough snow to shell the enemy. At a distance of 30-40 steps from each other, two cities are drawn, that is, sites with a diameter of several meters. Children are divided into two teams. Some will be "runners", others - "snipers".

The task of the runners is to run from one city to another without a single hit. You need to run in turn, in a crowd - it's dishonest. And snipers, respectively, fire snowballs at the runners. For each hit - a point. Hits within the "city" do not count. When everyone runs across, the teams change places. And then we count the points and see who is the best runner and who is the best shooter.


Why Pushkin? Because duel. This is a game for two. Dueling weapons, of course, snowballs. Two opponents stand at a distance of about 8-10 meters from each other. A circle of diameters in meters is drawn around each of them. The second (for example, dad) chooses who will be the first. On a signal, the first player leans over, makes a snowball and throws it at the opponent. Then these actions are performed by the second player. You can dodge as you like, the main thing is not to leave the circle.


If both miss or both hit, the duel continues. But if one hit and the other missed, then another player takes the place of the loser (for example, the second dad). So, after a few rounds of the duel, it will become clear who you have here is "Pushkin" and who is "Dantes".

"Best shooter in the Wild Cold"

We continue the theme of "shooters" with two versions of the same game - "hit the target". In the first case, your target is a bucket on the snowman's head. Each shooter has three attempts to knock down a bucket with a snowball. For hitting on the first attempt - 30 points, on the second - 20, on the third - 10. You can play in teams or together.

In the second case, the snowman remains intact. The target is drawn on the wall of the house. The rules are the same, but you can make changes and make it a game of speed. Two targets - two players. And whoever is the first to cover the entire target with sticky snow is the best shooter in the Wild Cold.

Snowball Relay

Divide the children into two teams with an equal number of participants. Teams stand in one line, each player takes a snowball. The first participants from each team make a throw. The second participant goes to the place where the snowball landed. And he quits already from this place.


The winner is the team that, on the throw of the last participant (the first player goes there, closing the circle), was further from the starting line. You can throw both in one direction with both teams, and in different ones, standing at the start with your backs to each other, but then you need a tape measure or a pedometer.

"Sled Relay"

Let's move away from snow battles and think about other winter fun. For example, about sleds. With them, you can come up with many wonderful fun starts, relay races and competitions. Here are a few of them.

Two kids sit on a sled. Parents plan the finish line somewhere in 7-10 meters from them. Go! The one sitting in front must cross the finish line as quickly as possible, and the one who rides behind must interfere with him. You have 3 minutes to complete. If you play as a team, then for the victory of the player - 10 points.


Another sledge option. Two kids sit on the sled with their backs to each other. The task is to get to the finish line, pushing only with your feet. Think it's that easy? But in fact - a hodgepodge of legs and laughing children.

And the third option. A pair of sledges is placed at a distance of several meters. The players sit facing each other and take in their hands the ropes from the sled, but not their own, but the opponent's. A line is drawn in the middle. After the signal, everyone begins to pull the rope towards themselves, and whoever first drags the opponent to their territory is well done. You can't help yourself with your feet.

Ice Racing

If you have an ice track in your yard, then you have a few more options for games. For example, "ice football player". Closer to the middle of the path, a large piece of ice, a pebble or a bump is placed. Children, sliding on ice, should move this object with their foot as far as possible. When no one in the circle can reach a new result, the winner is the one who last touched the pebble.


Second option for three players. Two people stand on opposite sides of the path, holding a long rope in their hands. The third one is standing on the path, holding on to the rope. The players on the sides take turns giving him tasks that he must complete until the end of the "track". Sit down, ride on one leg, turn around backwards, etc. Then the players change. Whoever did it the fastest and best of all, he won.


Old Russian game. On well-trodden even snow, a circle is drawn (diameter - 5 meters). A small depression is made in the center of the circle and 10 pieces of ice are put there. The leader is chosen, he must stand inside the circle, the rest around him. The task of the players is to knock out all the pieces of ice from the center outside the circle, running into it and dragging their trophies. But the leader cannot get out of the circle, but he can kick everyone in a row, knocking him out of the game. The game will end if all the pieces of ice are knocked out or all the children are tagged.

"Buy a bull"

Another game that came to us from ancient times, but no less interesting and again with an ice floe. We find a large piece of ice, draw a large circle. All children stand in a circle, a leader is appointed. The host should, with the admonition “Buy a bull” (can be replaced with anything, even “Cutlet soup!”, The main thing is a catchy phrase) jump on one leg and try to overpower others.


The task of the other players is to dodge the ice, not "buy a bull". If someone is hurt, then he immediately becomes the leader and shakes one leg. If the leader gets tired, he can be asked to change legs in the middle of the round.


This is a game of ice skating and is best played with children who know how to skate somehow. But it is suitable for a large company - 10-15 people. Four leaders are selected from all, their task will be to catch the treasured item. The item can be a rattle, a flag, a bump, or whatever you find.

One of the players is given a "rattle" in his hands and he quickly flies away from the leaders. And they must catch the player in the ring by closing their hands (two, three or all together - it doesn’t matter). The rattle can be passed to other players, but only from hand to hand, it cannot be thrown. When someone is caught, other hosts are appointed and the game continues.

Fortress Capture

It would be strange not to mention this game. Still, it's a classic. But it also takes a lot of time. First you need to build a fortress, the height of the walls is 1-2 meters. 4 towers need to be made in the corners of the fortress. "Shields" are hung on the towers, ideally - sheets of plywood, at worst - cardboard. A flag is fixed on one of the towers - a piece of cloth or someone's mitten. Three circles are made near the fortress - after 10 m, 15 m and 25-30 m from the wall. It is best to lay the circles with ropes, the drawn lines will be trampled immediately.

Players are divided into two teams. There should be twice as many attackers as defenders. A supply of snowballs is being prepared, and then the capture begins. When captured, everyone is fired with snowballs, whoever is hit is eliminated from the game.


The task on the first round is to hit each shield three times.

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