Funny road trip games

41 Fun Road Trip Games To Play In The Car (Endless Laughs)

These 41 road trip games to play in the car will keep you entertained for hours. Work your way through this awesome list of fun car games to play while traveling to your destination. These car games for kids and adults will provide laughter and entertainment for the entire journey!

There is a wide selection of games ranging from those themed around music, movies, memory, and of course well-known classics. There are word-based games, printable resources, and links to other helpful articles.

There is something for everyone here as we outline a variety of family car ride games. Let us know which of these are your favorite road trip games to play with kids. There is a table of contents for you to easily navigate between the games. Some of the games are outlined in more detail in another post and have printable resources to take with you!


The Categories Game

Start by choosing a category such as famous people, beverage names, animals, etc. Take it in turns to name something from that category. If you cannot think of something then you are out. To make it more difficult you can add the requirement for the first letter to be in alphabetical order (the thing must begin with a,b,c, etc).

Two Truths and a Lie

Think of two true statements and one lie. Tell them to the group and everyone has to guess which statement is the lie! Take it in turns and enjoy the fun. This is one of the best car games to play with kids as you can come up with some fun and interesting variations.

I Spy

This classic game involves someone spotting something either inside or outside of the car and saying the phrase “I spy with my little eye something beginning with…” stating the first letter of the answer. Your companions then take turns to guess what you are thinking of!

Name The Animal Game

This super simple game is one of my favorite car games for kids. Begin by naming an animal such as a tiger, raccoon, bear, etc. Then everyone takes it in turns to name another animal that begins with the last letter of the last animal named. Example: Gorilla, antelope, elephant, etc.

Twenty Questions

Think of a person, place, or thing. Examples could be “Superman”, “The Eiffel Tower”, or “Apple Pie”. Everyone else on the road trip takes it in turns to ask a question with a yes-or-no answer to try and guess what it is. No one can ask more than 20 questions and the first to guess correctly wins!

Sometimes it’s easier to narrow down the options to make it easier. I find famous people to be a good way to play this game!

Name That Song Game

Take it in turns to sing the lyrics to a song. Everyone else then tries to guess the name or artist of the song! This game works great for people of all ages.

Another option is to play a short clip of a song using the stereo and then everyone must guess the song as fast as possible.

Movie Plot Description Game

One person thinks of a movie. They then describe the plot to the movie in the worst way possible and the other passengers need to guess what movie they are talking about. This is one of my favorite road trip games.

Guess The Movie Quote

Say a quote from a well-known movie or TV show. The other passengers then need to try and guess what show it’s from. This simple but fun road trip game can keep you entertained for hours!

The Grocery Shopping Game

This simple game involves someone thinking of an item you can buy at the grocery store. Each player then takes turns to ask a question followed by taking one guess at what the item is. For example “Is it a type of sauce?” followed by a guess at the item. The game is over when someone guesses correctly! The player that wins gets to pick the next item.

If you enjoyed this, you may also like our full list of word games to play in the car.

Simple Memory Game

Start with the letter A and name an item beginning with A. The next person must recite the item beginning with A followed by something beginning with B… and so on. Keep going as long as possible until you reach the letter Z or everyone is out due to not remembering correctly!

Example: A is for ants, B is for bread, C is for crabs.. etc. This is one of those simple games to play in the car that can pass some time.

Conversation Starters

There is nothing better to get the conversation started than some Fun Family Road Trip Questions. Get the chatter flowing with the kids with these awesome talking topics. Are you traveling with adults? We also have some great Road Trip Conversation Starters to keep all ages entertained.

Traveling as a couple? We’ve got you covered with this list of Road Trip Questions for Couples

The Group Counting Game

As a group, count to the highest number possible without saying a number at the same time.

  1. Start with the number 1
  2. Within 5 seconds, someone must say the number 2, and so on.
  3. The catch is that if two people say a number at the same time you must start again!

First One To Spot It Wins

This simple game involves thinking of something that everyone is required to try and spot. An example might be a red BMW or a fast-food restaurant. The first one to spot whatever it is wins that round and the game starts again.

Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament

If you have a full car why not have a rock, paper, scissors tournament! Bounce your fist on your hand three times then choose your attack. Make a fist for rock, flat hand for paper, and extend your index plus middle finger to make the sign for scissors.


  1. Rock beats scissors.
  2. Paper beats rock
  3. Scissors beat paper.

Music Artists Game

This game is similar to the categories game but it is music-orientated, with a twist! The first player names a music artist. The next passenger must name another artist whose name begins with the last letter of the previous artist. The game continues until no more artists can be named!

The Alphabet Game

This game involves one team taking the left side of the road and the other team taking the right side. Teams must try to spot road signs which contain a word beginning with each letter of the alphabet in order. So the game begins by spotting a word beginning with A, then B…. and so on. The winner is the first team to get to the letter Z!

This is one of the best games to play in the car on a road trip.

Road Trip Jokes

Keep everyone entertained if playing a game becomes tiresome. Readout some hilarious Road Trip Jokes to pass the time and avoid the endless “are we there yet” chatter coming from the back seats!

Monotone Song Lyrics

Say the lyrics of one of your favorite songs but with no tune or melody. The other passengers must try and guess the song from the words alone!

Music Battle

This game requires at least 3 people in the car. The judge picks a music genre. The two competitors must then pick their favorite song from that genre and play it out of the speakers. For each round, the judge will decide the winner based on which song they think is the best!

No More Jockeys

This game is not for the faint-hearted as it can take hours to complete! In your turn, name a person and a category associated with that person. The person and category named are then eliminated from the game. The game continues and it becomes progressively harder to name a person and a category.

Top 5 Game

Think of a topic such as movies, songs, or fast-food restaurants. Take it in turns to name your top 5 of whatever the category is! This can be a fun way to learn more about each other and get the kids chatting. This is also one of those fun Road Trip Games for Couples to help you get to know each other better.

Song Humming Game

Take it in turns to hum your favorite song. This could be a song for a TV show or one from your favorite artist. Everyone else in the car must try to guess the song as fast as possible! Whoever guesses correctly gets to hum the next tune!


This continuous story game involves each person adding a phrase one at a time. Each phrase must start with either the word fortunately or unfortunately alternatively. The aim is to make a funny story.

Example: Unfortunately Bob’s car broke down at the side of the road… fortunately his friend Bernard was driving past… etc.

Map Search Game

Take a road map and try to find a remote place located on the map. Pass the map to another passenger and start a 60-second timer. The other passenger has to try and find the place on the map before the time runs out!

Fast-Food Frenzy

Each passenger chooses the name of a restaurant. Earn a point for each time your restaurant is visible either on a road sign, or the premises itself. Set a time limit such as 2 hours and add up the points at the end to find the winner!

Name That Movie Game

Think of an actor or actress. Other passengers must think of a movie that they have been in. The next step is to name an actor/actress that was in that movie. Following this, another movie that they have been in is named. The game continues until you cannot think of an answer!

Another option is to think of letters of the alphabet and challenge other passengers to think of as many movies as possible beginning with that letter.

Road Trip Olympics

Come up with some exciting exercise-related challenges to keep the kids entertained during rest stops. This could be sprints, pushups, or anything to encourage some healthy competition and avoid them becoming too restless!

The Story Game

This simple road trip game for kids involves the adults thinking of three nouns such as “elephant”, “Paris”, and “lemon custard”. The kids must then think of a funny story using these three things!

Word Association

This simple and much-loved game has been played for decades! The first person names a word then each passenger takes it in turns to name an associated word to the previous word stated.

Example: Cheese, cow, farm, farmer.

Going On Holiday Game

The first player states “I’m going on holiday and I’m taking …” followed by an item (toothbrush, suitcase, etc). The next person must state the same phrase, including the previous person’s item, then add another item of their own. The game continues and you are out if you cannot remember all of the previous items listed!

Would You Rather Questions

Play through this extensive list of Would You Rather Questions to get everyone in the car chatting! There is fun for all the family contained within this article from our partner site.

Think Fast Game

In this game, you think of a category such as NBA teams, superheroes, or US states. Then passengers will challenge themself with how many they can name within 30 seconds. Other passengers can then fill in the gaps with any additional entries they can think of when the time is up! Take it in turns to think of interesting categories.

Car Ride Trivia

A good selection of car ride trivia will get the whole family chatting. Test your knowledge using some well-thought-out questions. We’ve got a good selection of options in our article listing the Best Road Trip Game Apps for your family adventure.

Family Story Time

This game begins with an adult saying a sentence to begin an imaginary story. You could say something like “There was once a friendly walrus named Fred”. The next person then continues with their own sentence, and the story continues. This is a great way to let the kid’s imaginations run wild and see what they come up with!

Neverending Song Game

In this road trip game, a passenger begins by singing the lyrics to a popular song. When they stop, other passengers must use the last word sung and think of lyrics to another song that continues after that word. The game continues until you are bored!

The Counting Game

Choose objects, animals, or anything to keep count of while on the road. This can help keep the kids entertained by giving them something to focus on finding while looking out of the windows. Keep score and whoever spots the most by the end of the journey wins! You could use a combination of a few things such as yellow cars, red road signs, and fast-food restaurants!

Road Trip Bingo

Road trip bingo involves looking out of the window and ticking off things from the checklist as you see them! You can either make your own sheets or use our Free Printable Road Trip Bingo Sheets for your car journey.

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt involves working through a list of things to find, collect, and do while en route to your destination. Print off our Road Trip Scavenger Hunt Sheets, or open them up on your phone and work through them with your family!

The License Plate Game

Try to spot license plates from all 50 states. A point is awarded for each license plate spotted. You can play competitively or cooperatively as a family. The aim of the game is to spot license plates from as many states as possible. Print off our License Plate Game Checklist prior to departure!

Podcast Fun

A podcast is a great way to pass the time during a long car ride. We’ve made a list of the Best Podcasts for Road Trips which you can browse through.

Awesome Audiobooks

If you are looking to stay entertained during your long car ride, check out our favorite Audiobooks for Road Trips.

Which of these games to play in the car are your favorite while on a family road trip? Let us know in the comments.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links. This means I earn a commission if you make a qualifying purchase, but this is at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting The Road Trip Expert.


Iain founded The Road Trip Expert in 2019 and continues to manage the website to this day. The inspiration to start the blog came during an extensive road trip around Europe with two friends that spanned several months and involved over 25,000km of driving. He started backpacking in 2014 and has had the pleasure of exploring over 60 countries. Read more on the About page.

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Travel Games for PC

How wonderful it would be to go on a trip, regardless of the thickness of the wallet, doubts, language barriers and difficult situations in the world. And it's good that for lack of such an opportunity, we still have some alternatives. In this compilation, we've rounded up the best travel-themed PC games, from mundane road adventures to fantasy journeys through untrodden worlds.

First, let's decide on the games that will definitely not be included in the selection. You won't find projects with large, explorable worlds like Far Cry or Red Dead Redemption here, nor games with historically accurate settings like Assassins Creed or Watch Dogs: Legion. In search of the best open world games, we recommend that you look here, and in this article we will talk a little about that. nine0003

Let's not confuse adventure with travel. The adventure genre naturally resonates with the topic of the collection, but we would like to focus on a kind of tourism in virtual worlds, cities, or planets, driven by the flow of the plot or the atmosphere of the game. Whether this journey will be fraught with trials or turn out to be a carefree walk - already depends on your preferences.


An interactive adventure in which it is not the result that matters, but the path that has to be covered towards the goal. Gazing at the distant silhouette of a mountain on the horizon, silent pilgrims embark on an exhilarating journey glued together from images and hypnotic sounds. From hot sands to snow-capped peaks, Journey is a small, fleeting, but very rich life. nine0003

Buy Now

Runaway: A Road Adventure

A rarity classic must not miss the adventures of a physics student and his charming companion who, by coincidence, embark on an action-packed road adventure with a bunch of gangsters on their tail. If you like the Hollywood romanticized atmosphere of the 2000s, this point-and-click quest will give you a lot of positive impressions.

Buy Now


In front of the main character, a mysterious martial artist kills his father, and the guy decides to master new hand-to-hand combat techniques at all costs in order to take revenge on the antagonist. In pursuit of the villain, Ryo first wanders the streets of Japan, then goes to the center of the Middle Kingdom, and in the last episode, along with a new girlfriend, plunges into rural life in a Chinese province. nine0003

Buy Shenmue I & IIBuy Shenmue III


The hero Jalopy travels through a procedurally generated world in an old interactive car. Players will have to take care of the iron horse and improve it as much as possible, and in return it will carry you along sultry highways, will not stall on deserted night highways, will withstand blizzards and downpours so that you can visit as many cities and countries as possible.

Buy Now

Syberia series

Syberia is another iconic quest in the steampunk setting, created by the efforts of talented artists and screenwriters. Together with the charming Kate and her friends, players will visit many states of the fairy-tale world. The whole series is one continuous journey with mysteries, colorful characters, fantastic inventions and exciting stories. nine0003

Buy Now

Tomb Raider Series

For more than 25 years of history, the athlete, archaeologist and beauty Lara Croft managed to visit Atlantis and meet living prehistoric lizards, find the Key of Solomon and the source of eternal life. Wherever ancient civilizations once flourished or, according to legend, could exist, the girl managed to leave her mark. The forefather of third-person action games, Tomb Raider is perhaps the most action-adventure game on PC in its genre.


Journey to the Savage Planet

Your astronaut has experienced a hard landing on an uncharted planet. The ship is broken, around an ecosystem alien to man with many bizarre life forms. According to the mission, the hero has to collect as much data as possible and find a way to repair the ship. It's a humorous journey through a layered, colorful world with crafting, exploration, and co-op.


Life is Strange 2

If the first part of the game from Dontnod Entertainment is dedicated to immersion in the everyday life of provincial American students, the sequel is made in the style of a road movie. Two brothers embark on an exhilarating journey through the US Northwest when the older brother discovers the younger's incredible telekinetic abilities. Players are waiting for atmospheric scenery and difficult situations in which they will have to act for sure. nine0003

Buy Now

American Truck Simulator / Euro Truck Simulator 2

A series of trucker simulators in which players make long journeys across Europe and the United States. Thanks to diligent designers, you have the opportunity to enjoy elaborate landscapes, visit historical places and visit many countries. Moreover, recently developers have been experimenting with points of interest that focus the attention of drivers on natural and man-made monuments. nine0003

Buy American Truck SimulatorBuy Euro Truck Simulator 2

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Here is another story about brotherly mutual assistance. Two guys from a fantasy world are leaving on a long journey to find a cure for a terrible disease that is slowly killing their father. Interactive quest is designed for passing together. A kind, instructive and very beautiful adventure with many simple puzzles tied to the joint work of the brothers.


Microsoft Flight Simulator

A new project from the Flight Simulator series deservedly appeared in the gaming TOPs of 2020. Everyone who is interested in the sky can feel like a real pilot of a small or large aircraft here. Despite the strict mechanics and many technical conventions, this is primarily a huge sandbox in which you can go on a free journey around our vast planet and enjoy its views from the air. nine0003

Buy now


A great trucking game with challenging road conditions, realistic physics, wild nature and travel atmosphere. Drivers will have to work near the lakes of Michigan, explore Alaska, skid through the swamps of Taimyr, fulfill contracts in Canada and enjoy the northern lights on the territory of the Kola Peninsula.

Buy Now

80 Days

Inspired by Jules Verne's famous novel, 80 Days is a great text-based game that takes players on an action-packed journey around the world. You have to visit hundreds of cities, meet a variety of people and hear thousands of amazing stories. Unfortunately, there is no Russian localization here, and without a confident command of English wanderers, it will be very difficult. nine0003

Buy now

Journey through England/France/Italy/USA

A very nice series from Alawar for those who love Hidden Object games. Along with avid travelers from the Hudson family, you will visit the most famous tourist sites, learn about their history and enjoy beautifully painted views. Players are waiting for a relaxed and educational journey through the world.


Outer Wilds

I don't think the top travel games can do without the award-winning independent adventure Outer Wilds. An ambiguous, changeable and very atmospheric game will invite you to a space exploration program in which players will visit several different moons and planets, solve many exciting puzzles and try to escape from the time loop. nine0003


What Remains of Edith Finch

Perhaps the most unusual of the trips on the list is for players to decide to visit the old mansion of the Finch family. The object of study will be the personal worlds of each of its inhabitants, who once lived happily together under one bizarre roof. This game is sure to resonate with dreamy, not devoid of fantasy minds.

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The main character of the hand-drawn indie game Spiritfarer is Stella, a ferryman who helps the souls of the dead to cross to a better world. Together with her, players navigate through mysterious waters, explore a stunningly beautiful world and meet colorful characters, each with their own touching story. nine0003

Buy now

Kentucky Route Zero

A David Lynch-inspired mystical journey down a secret highway in the Kentucky area. Over the course of five acts, you will enjoy a magnificent audiovisual performance and observe the life of a wide variety of people and communities living somewhere at the crossroads of the worlds.


The Longest Journey series

Adventure quest, localized in Russia as "Endless Journey". In the TOP of old-school point-and-click games, this game deserves a place in the top three. And all thanks to a superbly crafted plot and several amazing worlds, between which the main character moves. Some people are closer to the classic game of the series, someone loves Dreamfall more, but most will unanimously agree that the journey through The Longest Journey is one of the most memorable. nine0003

Buy Now

No Man’s Sky

The list of travel games on PC is sure to include the magnificent No Man’s Sky, the main essence of the gameplay of which is endless wandering through the vast universe, planetary exploration, mining and crafting. Free add-ons, network play, the ability to connect a VR headset are included. A relaxed voyage through colorful space worlds is the best vacation for a real astronaut.


The Crew Dilogy

A racing franchise run by Ubisoft that invites racers to take part in car, air or water competitions. And in our list, these games were for the reason that both have a mode of free driving around the world. If you are bored with racing, you can go on a scenic trip from Los Angeles to Miami, visit New York, Detroit or Las Vegas at any time.

Buy now

Google Earth VR

Especially for those who like to explore our planet with Google Earth, there is an advanced analogue designed specifically for virtual reality helmets. The application will liken you to the gods, who can be anywhere in the world, modeled using aerial photography. In Russia, the application is not officially launched, but there are alternative solutions on the web. nine0003

Official website

Book of Travels

The role-playing game Book of Travels involves a meditative journey through a fantasy universe. Instead of a linear storyline, the developers have given players the freedom to roam through a world filled with mysteries, with multiple stories and online features.

Buy now

Where the water tastes like wine

Where the water tastes like wine is an atmospheric game based on the life stories of "little" people, and its amazing visual style combines a 3D world map and 2D hand-drawn illustrations. nine0003

You will travel to America during the Great Depression and meet strangers, listen to them and tell something interesting about yourself. Each person will have to choose the right topics for conversations - and only then will they fully open up to you and share their innermost secrets.

Buy Now

Death Stranding

Death Stranding opens the beautiful but ruined world of America to the player, and you will have to travel through its picturesque places, climb mountains, overcome dangerous crevices, turbulent rivers and other obstacles on your own two feet. nine0003

The idea of ​​a post-apocalyptic courier simulator seemed strange before the release, but the genius of the gaming world, Hideo Kojima, managed to create an amazing game: its features lie in the details and a strong plot, which involves famous movie actors.


Road 96

Road 96 takes you on an atmospheric road trip through the fictional authoritarian state of Petria. You decide to escape the regime by jumping into the cab of a car and moving where your eyes look. nine0003

The game will please you with non-linear gameplay - you never know where thousands of Petria routes will lead you, and every kilometer something happens: you will meet various characters, listen to their stories and with your decisions will influence not only their destinies, but also the future of the whole country.

Buy now

Final Fantasy XV

The fifteenth installment of the popular action role-playing series introduces a strong new element to the smooth gameplay - road trips through the open world. Spectacular battles with monsters fade into the background, giving way to the theme of adventure with friends - in his car, the player with virtual comrades will ride through picturesque places and get involved in funny and dangerous situations. nine0003

Interesting details have been added to the gameplay of Final Fantasy XV to recreate a believable travel experience. For example, if the characters do not sleep at night, then during the day they will complain of fatigue and show themselves worse in battles. And if you forgot to refuel, then get ready to push the transport to the nearest gas station.

Buy Now

Wanderlust: Travel Stories

Wanderlust: Travel Stories is not really a game, but a collection of interactive stories of travelers who have gathered in a bar on a distant island and share their impressions. You will experience the adventures of each of them, but you will be able to make your own decisions and end in a completely different way than the narrator. nine0003

Wanderlust: Travel Stories is based on real places and events: the noisy streets of Bangkok, the fields of the Serengeti, the icy expanses of the Arctic and other picturesque locations await you. The only obstacle to travel will be the language barrier - unfortunately, the game has not received a Russian translation.

Buy Now

The Long Drive

Another road movie game that will take you driving through the endless desert. Routes are generated randomly, so each journey will be unique. nine0003

Although the gameplay of the game has mechanics of survival and maintenance of vehicles, they are very gentle - the car will not have to be refueled every 10-20 kilometers, and the character will not constantly want to drink and eat. It is more of a meditative adventure that sets no limits.

Buy Now

Weird West

Weird West opens up a fantasy version of the Wild West, where cowboys and sheriffs live side by side with fantasy creatures. This isometric action game focuses on exploration and non-linear story development - you can go wherever your eyes look, alone or with a team of loyal comrades, and the world quickly reacts to your actions and changes before your eyes. nine0003

It's hard to say what this game is about, because each journey here is created by the players themselves, and it will be different for everyone.

Buy Now


A game that will give you the same emotions as playing Journey - because it was developed by the same people. Here you will once again immerse yourself in an atmospheric journey, but already in the underwater world - get ready to discover unique species of marine life, dive to the bottom and discover ancient secrets, as well as enjoy the charming visuals, coupled with pleasant music. nine0003

Buy Now

Bonus: Uncharted Franchise

As a bonus material we decided to remind you about Naughty Dog's fantastic fantasy series, exclusive for Sony PlayStation gaming platforms. Together with Nathan Drake, players travel to exotic corners of the planet in search of legendary treasures and mythical states. The project has four numbered parts, a spin-off, as well as a prequel for the PlayStation Vita, a TCG and a mobile puzzle.


This is where our list of travel games for PC comes to an end. We will be grateful for your comments and advice, which will help us to expand the selection of missing exhibits.

11 best games on the road - as much as you can in Cities! - magazine Behind the wheel

I put in my backpack, Forbidden words, The best day of life, Numbers with meaning and other non-banal entertainment.

Related materials

3 mistakes when transporting children - we all make them (at first) nine0003

Everyone who loves to travel with the whole family knows for sure that five minutes after the start, the children begin to languish. Of course, for a while they can be distracted by a phone or tablet, put on a selection of songs, turn on Children's Radio or an audiobook. You can stock up on children's crossword puzzles in advance and guess them together. But after some time, this will get boring, the children will want more active entertainment, and then you will need to turn on your imagination.

Fun games on the go are uplifting, and it's great if the whole family is involved. nine0003

I see what you don't see

The rules are simple. The host marks (for himself) an object in the field of view of travelers, and the task of the players is to guess it by asking a minimum of questions. Moreover, only “yes” or “no” answers are allowed. Warning: the game is addictive.

Guess people or animals

Begins: "I think you know him." And then, for example: "This animal can fly." And with the help of leading questions, you need to guess what kind of animal it is. Alternatively, you can guess someone from your family or friends. For example, this person wears glasses. The question is when do you read? Yes. The next question is is it old? No. Does he have children? Yes. That is, in this case, the answers can also be only “yes” or “no”. nine0003

Guess the song

The players alternately hum or whistle the song. Others guess its name or artist. Whoever recognizes the song first wins. Children's songs, famous pop singles, whatever musical memory has to offer will do. At the end, the guessed song can be sung together - this will cheer everyone up.

Hit parade

Together you are looking for a song that everyone knows. For example, "Let the pedestrians run clumsily through the puddles. " The parent assigns in what mood you should perform it. For example, sad or cheerful, in the style of a march or hip-hop. Who won? Yes, who will come out funnier, although here is the case when the process is more important than victory. nine0003

I'm putting in my backpack...

The first player starts with "I'm putting in my backpack..." and comes up with something, like a hairbrush. The next player repeats the item of the first player and adds his own - a comb and a bottle of water. The one who forgets at least one of the previous items will lose. True, it is advisable for the host to keep a list so as not to make a mistake.

Forbidden words

"Don't take white and black, don't say 'yes' and 'no'." There is a leader and there is a player. The task of the presenter is to force the player to say forbidden words, and it is important for the player not to let it slip for as long as possible. Questions should be asked tricky, for example, it can be difficult to evasively answer the question: "What color is sugar?" or “Tell me, do you really like ice cream?” Alas, sooner or later the player lets slip, the main thing is to deftly lull his vigilance! If a word is accidentally said, the players switch roles. For reference, the first question can be answered: "The same as printer paper." nine0003

In the classic version of the game, it always started with the question: "Will you go to the ball?", but today's children may not know about balls, so you can ask any questions.

The best day of their lives

The children are asked in turn to describe how they see the best day of their lives. A serving of chocolate ice cream for breakfast instead of porridge, and then jumping on the bed to exhaustion. Then dress up and go to an amusement park, ride a ferris wheel there, go to an upside down house, eat your fill of french fries, ride a pony, and end the day in a cafe where you can get three cream cakes and a big vanilla cocktail. Or is your child's ideal day completely different? The long journey is a great opportunity to learn about it. You may be very surprised by its history, and some dreams can be realized already on vacation - at least about ice cream. nine0003

Your color

Here each player names their favorite color and then looks for it in things around. The first one to find ten objects of this color is the winner.

"Scary" stories

In the "black-black room sat a black-black man" - remember? Let's create stories together. The host tells the end of the story, others guess how it happened. Example: there are red shoes in the meadow, they are stained with mud, but their hostess is not around. What happened to her? This is more suitable for children 5-7 years old and older, the kids will not understand and may be scared. nine0003

Vehicle signs

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And this is a game for schoolchildren: all participants receive a piece of paper and a pencil. Now they have about 10 minutes to look at the license plates of cars passing along the road. Everyone writes down five numbers of their choice without telling the other players. Then one of the adults tells the children the numbers of the cars that he sees himself.

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