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FREE Printable List of Kindergarten Sight Words & How to Teach Them

If you’ve got a child in kindergarten, you’ll want to get familiar with kindergarten sight words and learn how to teach your child to read & learn sight words.

As a child play therapist and teacher, I understand how important it is to understand what sight words are, as well as understanding which activities, games, and apps are best to use to teach them.

This post has been updated to include more Kindergarten Sight Word Resources for parents and teachers (like this Kindergarten Sight Word Bundle Packet). 

Sight words are words that kindergarteners will see the most. Sight words are a commonly used term that usually refers to a set of words that reappears on almost any page of text.  

Kindergarten Sight Words and How to Teach Them

These high-frequency words are seen often.  In fact, between 50-75% of your child’s text will include sight words from pre-primer & primer Dolch word lists.

What are sight words?

To become a great reader, children must master their sight words. It is essential to learn their sight words and to continue to practice them. Once your child has mastered them, it is time to move onto the next list.

Kindergarten sight word list

When your child is looking at these words on a daily basis, they will learn them quickly.  Repetition is the key to fluency (reading smoothly, without a lot of pauses), so practicing these words over and over will help to achieve that goal. Here is a FREE printable list of Kindergarten Sight Words (click here, and I will send you the list)

You are welcome to download this free printable sight word list to help your child prepare for kindergarten.

Or if you really want the complete package, get this Kindergarten Sight Word Bundle Packet. As a child play therapist, I put this packet together so you can help your child learn sight words. You can print it over and over again to help your child learn his or her sight words.

How many sight words are there?

There are 52 sight words that are typically taught in kindergarten.

The Kindergarten Sight Words are:

all, am, are, at, ate, be, black, brown, but, came, did, do, eat, four, get, good, have, he, into, like, must, new, no, now, on, our, out, please, pretty, ran, ride, saw, say, she, so, soon, that, there, they, this, too, under, want, was, well, went, what, white, who, will, with, yes.

These are the 52 most commonly seen words in kindergarten level books. When a child is able to master those words, it not only makes it easier for them to read the words, it also improves their fluency or how quickly and smoothly they can read a passage.

How to Teach Kindergarten Sight Words

To begin, simply introduce your child to the list (show your child, hang it up, read them).

Read all of the words to your child (every day) and explain that he will be learning a new word every day (or every other day). Be excited about it.

On day one, see if your child knows any of the words. If they do, put a sticker, a checkmark, or a smiley face to the left of the word (there is space for that). If not, that’s OK! He will.

Every single day, go over the new word, as well as the OLD words that they know. I start by going over the old words with the sticker and then picking a new word. I say it, spell it, say it again, and ask my child to repeat it.

During the day, we will talk about that word and go back to the wall where it is hanging to look at it. I do this at least three times. I keep my chart in the pantry, so anytime our kids eat a snack or want to grab something, they see the words.

Continue to add a sticker, checkmark, or a smiley face to their new words, until the whole list has been completed. From then on, you can just review them every day or every few days.

As the days go on, find these words in other areas (words in books, service words on signs, flash cards before bed…)



Tracing kindergarten sight words gives children a chance to engage with the words in a new and different way. By combining multiple learning styles in one lesson, kids are more likely to learn and recall their sight words. Here are a couple of methods for creating kindergarten sight words to trace.

  • Rainbow Writing: At the beginning of the school year, have students trace the sight words in three different colors. This repetition helps them develop motor memory while also solidifying the spelling of the word. As the school year progresses, have students write the words independently in three colors. They can overlap the colors or write them three separate times.
  • Dry Erase Words: Kids love writing with different writing tools, so dry erase markers always make things more fun!
     – Print out the kindergarten sight words you’d like students to practice on a sheet of heavy cardstock.
     – Slip the cardstock into a transparent page protector and clip it to a clipboard.
     – Then, with a dry erase marker, students can trace the sight words on the page protector.
    If they make a mistake, it can be erased with a tissue or an old sock!


Technology has made even the youngest students digitally savvy. If you have access to a computer or tablet and a printer, have your students type their kindergarten sight words and print them out.

Kids love working in word processing programs and learning how to type. They can print the words in different colors, fonts, and sizes. Use the sight words they printed to decorate the room or as part of their reading folder.

If you minimize the page size, you could even use their printed words as Kindergarten sight word flashcards!


Learning sight words are important, but kids need to learn how to identify those words in sentences.

For early readers, being able to pick out kindergarten sight words in sentences means they have a complete understanding of the word.

Not only can they trace and write the word, but they can pick it out amidst other words. This is an important skill as they continue to develop their reading abilities.

How do you find them? 

One way to help kids identify their sight words in sentences is to play a modified version of I Spy. Instead of looking for objects, they are tasked with finding sight words. Give them a highlighter or highlighter tape to cover the word once they have found it.

Since kindergarteners have a limited reading vocabulary, make the sentences as uncomplicated as possible. Even three-word sentences allow students to practice finding and identifying sight words. If you want to make it more challenging, add a couple of sight words in each sentence!


Kindergarten sight words are basic words that are seen the most frequently in grade-level books. Many of the words are hard to illustrate because of their simplicity. One way to create flashcards of kindergarten sight words with pictures is to have students decorate them or create an illustration that helps them remember the word.

For example, they may draw someone crawling under a table, or they might draw a picture of a toy that has fallen under a bed to illustrate the word “UNDER.”  

Whatever image helps them remember the word is fine to use. The goal is to help them learn the words so there is no right or wrong.


Kindergarten sight word flashcards are especially helpful for quick practice. They can be useful for reviewing words at home or on the go.

Some people even uploaded them as virtual flashcards to a tablet or smartphone to be practiced while in the car, visiting relatives, or on vacation.

It doesn’t matter if you print them out to review alone, study them from a device, or turn them into a game; sight word flashcards are a great way to reinforce kindergarten vocabulary.

When using Kindergarten Sight Word Flashcards, start with three sight words. When your child knows these three words, add one additional word at a time to the existing words the child already knows.

If you add more, your child will likely become frustrated – and we want this to be fun! Continue adding one word at a time until your child can recognize all Kindergarten sight words.

Sight Word Games and Sight Word Apps

Learning is always more effective when it’s turned into a game! Here are some of our favorite sight word games and apps.

Sight Word Games
  • Go on a Word Hunt: Look for sight words in your Kindergartener’s favorite book! Count how many you can find. You could also print out a list of kindergarten sight words and put a checkmark next to each one you find.
  • Sight Word Hopscotch: Draw a hopscotch board on the sidewalk with chalk and write different sight words in each square. As your child hops from square to square, have him call out the sight word he’s jumping to.
  • Sight Word Water Balloon Smash: Fill water balloons and write sight words on each balloon in a permanent marker. On the sidewalk, write the sight words in chalk. Have your child choose a balloon, match it to the word on the sidewalk, and smash it on the chalked word. Not only is it a lot of fun, but it’s also a great way to stay cool.
  • There are more Games in this Kindergarten Sight Word Bundle Packet, like these puzzles, etc.

Sight Word Apps
  • Sight Words by Photo Touch – Free.  This no-frills sight word app lets kids match the sight words and progress through the different levels.
  • Sight Words List by Innovative Mobile Apps – $1.39. Bright and simple, this app lets you use pre-built lists of sight words or create your own. There are also challenges where kids can pick the sight word out of a group of words. The clear font makes the words easy to read.
  • Sight Words: Kids Learn by Teacher Created Materials – Free. This sight words app features more frills than the two above. The pictures are colorful, the font is clear, and there are multiple games to help students practice their sight words.
  • Print this FREE Kindergarten sight word list – Hang it by your door or on your refrigerator.  Review the list daily until your child can read them fluently and confidently.

You’ll also want to think about helping them even more by using this Kindergarten Sight Word Bundle Packet.

This printable packet is easy to use; you can download it and print it over & over to help your child.  The kids love it & they learn so much from the repetition of seeing the same words again & again.   It’s a great way to help your child learn their sight words, which helps them to learn to read well.

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Kindergarten Sight Words List |

Sight words are words that appear frequently in most of the text people read, but can't easily be sounded out. Learning them helps children become more confident readers. This list of kindergarten sight words includes the most commonly used words every kid should know, also called high frequency words. Although kids won't need to be able to read these sight words until the end of kindergarten, if you've got a pre-K child itching to get started with sight words, this is a great place to start ... before kindergarten rolls around!

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Kindergarten Sight Words




For more literacy and word practice for kindergarteners, see online games, lesson plans, and more from our kindergarten resources page.

Flash cards help kids learn sight words...without it feeling like work! Check out over 100 brightly-colored sight words in our set of sight words flashcards.

To make memorization even more fun, check out our free online sight words games. Kids can practice identifying these essential words by popping balloons, hopping in mud, and soaring through the sky!

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Short poems about kindergarten

Website "Mom can do anything!" collected short poems about kindergarten. With their help, the baby will get acquainted with the new house in which he will spend most of the day. They will help the child get used to the new environment. These verses can be used both at a matinee and at graduation in kindergarten. Poems about first friends, porridge and sleep for an hour, as well as educators, toys and everything related to kindergarten.


Me and my girlfriend Toma
We go to kindergarten together.
This is not what you are at home!
This is a school for kids!

Here we do exercises,
We eat properly with a spoon,
We learn to order!
Kindergarten needed!

We teach poems and songs
There are preschoolers in our group!
There is no more wonderful place for us!
What is your favorite kindergarten!


The rays of the sun are knocking
At the windows in the morning,
So we need to wake up,
It's time for us to get up from the bed.

Smiling, mother enters,
She's both beautiful and slender,
Let's hurry to the bathroom with her
Drive away the remnants of sleep.

We wash our eyes, brush our teeth,
Let them sparkle and shine,
This is not a joke at all -
If your teeth hurt.

Mom will iron clothes,
She will fasten a bow in her hair,
And we will go along the path
To our favorite kindergarten.


One, two, three, four, five
I'm going to kindergarten again,
My girlfriends are waiting for me
And my favorite toys.

Delicious breakfast and lunch,
It's a pity that there are no sweets,
Peace for a couple of hours,
And then go home again!


Children live in the kindergarten,
They play and sing here,
They find friends here,
They go for a walk with them.

They argue and dream together,
They grow imperceptibly.
Kindergarten is your second home,
How warm and cozy it is!

You love him, children,
The kindest house in the world!


Kindergarten, kindergarten!
The kids are in a hurry to get there.

Look I'm going to the garden -
What grows in such a garden?

Maybe pears, grapes?
I'm always glad to see them!..

– Don't be ridiculous, uncle! –
The kids tell me.

And ten of them shout:
“We are growing in the garden!”


We are in a hurry. At the appointed hour
Good home meets us.
Favorite toys are here,
Friends are here and girlfriends are here.
I'm going, I'm going,
I'm leading my younger brother,
I'm undressing on the go -
We have a lot of things to do in the garden!


The sun has gone behind the houses,
We are leaving the kindergarten.
I tell my mother
About myself and about the guys.
How we sang songs in unison,
How we played leapfrog,
What we drank,
What we ate,
What we read in kindergarten.
I tell you honestly
And everything in detail.
I know, my mother is interested
To know about
How we live.


I need to go to kindergarten,
To be the best at school.
Here they will teach you how to draw,
Write the first letters,

Make a craft -
A bear or a squirrel.
Live according to the schedule.
I will become smarter than you all
And I will go to the first class!


We come to kindergarten,
There are toys there.
Steam locomotive,
The guys are waiting.
There are pictures on the wall
And flowers on the window.
I want to -
I will ride
On a toy horse!
In this house everything is for us -
Fairy tales, song and story,
Noisy dance,
Quiet hour, -
This house has everything for us!
What a nice house!
We grow in it every day,
And when we grow up
Let's go to school together.


Nothing will give children more strength,
Like fruit juice or orange,
A ruddy apple and a pear
It is very useful to eat after sleep.

An afternoon snack is coming, like a birthday,
It's a pity there is no cake and no jam,
But there is fruit and your favorite juice,
Hurry up, the afternoon snack is waiting for us, my friend!


Every little child,
Just jumping out of the cradle
Rush to kindergarten,
Best of his, dressed, outfit.


Kindergarten institution
We always go with a smile
There is a treasure trove of toys
Dolls, bears, pyramids…

A group of our friends there,
They are fun to play with!
On the big planet of the whole
It is better not to find a Garden!


Before dad, before mom
I learned to get up.
I am the most obedient in the morning,
It's time to go to kindergarten!

I'm growing up, I'm trying so hard
Hurry up, like a dad.
I myself am going to the kindergarten,
To keep up with the adults.

I have my own worries
Start in the morning.
Kindergarten - my job
Study and play.


Pines lined up in a row,
Maple trees under the window,
The sun enters the kindergarten
A light path.

He will inspect everything in a good hour
Vigilantly in a businesslike way:
Dip into a clean basin,
Lie down on a tablecloth.

The windows are clean and shiny,
The plank floor is washed,
Wake up, kindergarten!
Good afternoon guys!


The sun has disappeared behind the houses,
We are leaving the kindergarten.
I tell my mother
About myself and about the guys.
How we sang songs in unison,
How we played leapfrog,
What we drank,
What we ate,
What we read in kindergarten.
I tell you honestly
And everything in detail.
I know mom is interested
Know about
How we live.


Our group is friendly -
Clever, obedient,
Singing songs
And very drawing.

I will now paint our entire group
With all colors,
Let our cheerful portrait
Smile for a hundred years!


I wake up together with the sun,
I am glad to come in the morning.
Quickly, quickly going
I'm going to my favorite kindergarten!

Books and toys there,
Favorite friends there,
My faithful girlfriends,
I can't live without them!

The dearest teacher,
Helps us and teaches.
She is almost like a mother to me.
And our kindergarten is the best!


I'm waking up today
I'm going to my beloved garden
The teachers are waiting there,
The nannies are carrying breakfast.

Appetizing! Good!
We all drink milk together,
We eat cottage cheese and porridge
To our health.

We draw and read,
We sculpt, collect puzzles,
Noisy, fun in the garden
I'll be back tomorrow!


It’s a lot of fun in the garden
I’m happy to go there,
To play all day,
Run, sing and dance


I love our Kindergarten
He’s always happy for the kids
We are smiling meets,
Smiling, sees off.

Because he lives there,
Work hard year after year,
I'll tell you a secret,
The best staff in the world!


The breeze barely breathes…
Kindergarten is sleeping under the roof,
Its toys are sleeping -
Cubes, little animals. ..

Soon a new day will begin -
Morning will smile on all of us.
We'll go to "work"
And wake up this house!


We never get bored together,
We walk together and sing together,
We chew donuts with marmalade on the go.
We became friends in kindergarten.

Even when I become the oldest,
I will hang out with a friend
I will not stop,
I will share with my friend
Song and pie.


My dear mother
I'll kiss you goodbye.
Hello, hello, kindergarten!
I am very glad to see everyone!


He always meets us in the Garden,
Teaches us and entertains us.
If necessary - scold
And surround with care.

At a quiet hour she will put her to bed,
Like a caring mother.
Very sweet and delicate
Our favorite teacher!


We have fun in the garden,
We spend time here class!
Here we play with friends,
We have fun and walk.


In the kindergarten we have
Quiet time.
At this hour we need
We said:
Chok! Chok! Chok!
Pull tab.
We close you in a chest.
We lock the chest
On the hook.
All the guys on the bed,
Everyone is silent!
Because we have
Quiet time.
Because we need


I love my kindergarten
It is full of children.
One, two, three, four, five…
Too bad I can't count them all.
Maybe a hundred of them, maybe two hundred.

It's good when we are together!


One, two, three, four, five
I'm going to kindergarten again,
My girlfriends are waiting for me
And my favorite toys.

Delicious breakfast and lunch,
It's a pity that there are no sweets,
Peace for a couple of hours,
And then go home again!


In our kindergarten, friends,
Simply wonderful!
We are like a friendly family
With our teacher:
We sing songs together.
We have fun, we celebrate,
In general, we live well
And we laugh joyfully!
To their tutors.
To cooks and nannies
We say "thank you"
Like our mothers!


Kindergarten, kindergarten!
The kids are in a hurry to get there.
Look, I'm going to the garden -
What grows in such a garden?
Maybe pears, grapes?
I'm always glad to see them!..
— Don't be ridiculous, uncle! —
The kids tell me.
And ten of them shout:
"We are growing in the garden!"


I go to kindergarten in the morning,
I lead Alyonka by the hand…
“This is a real brother!” –
One passerby said.
Well, if people say,
So, we are similar.
A girl Alyonka
I'm not my little sister at all.


This is
Good girl.
Her name is Masha!
And this is
her plate.
And in this plate...
No, not porridge,
No, not porridge,
And they didn't guess right!
Masha village,
Ate porridge -
How much they gave!


I will not be capricious,
I myself will get up early in the morning,
I will wash myself under the tap,
I will dress myself.

Mom will leave all worries,
— Where are you going so early?
asks, “After all, everyone around is still sleeping?”
- I want to go to kindergarten soon!

Poems for children about kindergarten

O. Vysotskaya

We come to kindergarten,
There are toys there.
Steam locomotive,
The guys are waiting.

There are pictures on the wall
And flowers on the window.
I want to -
I will ride
On a toy horse!

Everything in this house is for us -
Fairy tales, song and story,
Noisy dance,
Quiet hour, -
Everything in this house is for us!

What a nice house!
We grow in it every day,
And when we grow up
Let's go to school together.

* * *


Dmitry Sukharev

Kindergarten starts at eight,
And by eight our yard is filled with a swarm.
Human offspring, lover of fuss,
Silent and gloomy in the morning.

It's time for me to go to work, I'm running,
The yard meets me with chirping burr,
And the offspring are already piling up in the snow
Their towers, their labor quarters.

Sometimes a bulletin, hanging out at the window,
I keep looking and watching for a long, long time,
How, free and violent, from dark to dark
The shift is accustomed to order and duty.

And the guys leave at the seventh, in half-darkness,
In a hurry, without saying goodbye to each other,
And they rush and mince across the frozen ground,
Clutching on to mother's warm hand.

* * *

New nurseries

Z. Aleksandrova

There are 9 beds in bright rooms0007 Children will be put into these beds.

Misha holding on to his mother's hem -
Misha came to the nursery crying.

Olenka boldly walks alone,
She herself ran into the manger.

Wash your face more cleanly, do not spare water -
Your hands will be whiter from soap.

Cows eat tasty grass,
They will give a lot of milk for the children.

The guys began to dine in the garden,
Today there will be pancakes in honey.

The new one spilled his milk,
It's a pity that the pussy is far away now.

Grasshoppers chirp loudly in the field.
The boys were put to sleep in the cold.

Plump Petya is still very small,
Start walking and fell on the grass.

The guys sat down to play on the sand,
Seryozha made a tall pie.

Olenka lives happily in the manger,
Likes to dance and dance.

Here came the gray winter,
White hats were put on at home.

New sleds creak in the snow.
The guys were called to the manger for the Christmas tree.

The guys stood in a wide circle,
Someone lit candles on the Christmas tree.

Olenka boldly steps forward,
Little white bunny gives a doll.

Everyone is happy with a good present.
Have fun in the nursery with our guys.

* * *

To school
Z. Aleksandrova

The yellow leaves are flying,
The day is cheerful.
Escorts kindergarten
Children to school.
Our flowers have faded,
Birds are flying away.
-You are going to the first class
for the first time.

Sad dolls are sitting
On an empty terrace.
Our cheerful kindergarten
Remember in class.
Remember the garden,
The river in the far field...
We, too, in a year
We will be with you at school.
The suburban train has departed,
Rushing past the windows...
-They promised well,
is the best to study!

* * *

Day of farewell
I. Demyanov

Sad maples near the fences -
Day of farewell ...
Goodbye kindergarten0007 Goodbye!
We sit at our desks
This autumn!
Even the teddy bear
Doesn't want to sleep. ..
Sitting on the floor in the corner
They said goodbye to him.
Here are some raindrops on the glass
Rolling down...
It's a sad day, we guys have
And merry.
Goodbye, kindergarten.
Hello school!

* * *

Odezhkin's house
I. Demyanov

I'm taking my galoshes home,
Today there's a lot of work...
Odezhkin's house,
My locker,
You are completely empty!
And how full it was in winter - sleeves stuck out ...
It used to be, the door, my locker,
I barely closed
Another kid will take you,
I'm going to study!
Clothes house, my locker,
We say goodbye to you forever, like old friends!

* * *

Quiet hour
E. Tarakhovskaya

The shutters are closing,
The children are undressing.
- Hush, hush, hush, birds,
Do not sing under the window!
Sleeps so sweetly at the quiet hour,
The guys sleep soundly.
Don't clatter, cicadas,
Don't crackle - clack-clack-clack!
The guys need to rest,
They need to sleep for an hour!
Don't croak, frogs,
Under the guys' window!
There are folding beds,
Here the children sleep soundly.
Shutters open
Children get dressed...
Tell me, children,
What did you dream about?

* * *

Why are the toys sad?

Why are the toys sad,
Leaning against a sofa cushion?
They look at each other sadly -
Their mistress forgot about them.

The doll in a satin dress has drooped.
How, how can she walk now?
Who will take a ride in a baby carriage
And tell funny stories?

What happened to the girl Mila,
Cute, cheerful, sweet?
Mom and dad are talking,
That kindergarten is over.

Bought a new leather briefcase,
Books, pens, pencils
And nice shoes too.
Mila rejoices from the bottom of her heart!

Soon, soon cheerful people
Hurry on the way to school.
A girl will become a student,
Mom and dad will be proud.

Hugs toys Mila:
“But I haven't forgotten about you at all.
My sister is growing up,
I will not stand aside,
I will help a little.
Let's play toys together!"

* * *

The years have flown by merrily,
Never forget them!
But the time has come to part -
After all, tomorrow we are going to school!
Goodbye dolls, bunnies, bears!
Now more important than notebooks, books,
Be a diligent student,
Success, happiness, good luck!

* * *

Farewell to kindergarten

Goodbye, our beloved, kind kindergarten!
You and I were together for many years in a row!
And now we're parting - we have to go to school,
But we won't forget you on our life's journey!

Teachers have become like family to us now,
They opened the door to our kindergarten for the first time!
They had fun together with us and taught us,
And now they are seeing us off to school, to the first grade!

We wish them health, happiness and kindness,
We will remember them with love, with joy always!
And when we grow up, we will come to you again
And we will bring our beloved children to kindergarten!

* * *

In September the first bell in your life will ring,
And you will step for the first time on the school threshold!
And the teacher will lead you to the classroom by the hand,
And the first school lesson will begin at the desk!

* * *

Olga Pavlovna N Nydenova

Who will tell you about everything:
How the factories work,
and what are the machines,
and how gardeners are
They break flower beds,
And about the north, and about the south,
And about everything that is around,
And about coal, and about gas,
About the taiga and about the Caucasus,
About the bear, about the fox
And about the berries in the forest?

Who will teach you how to draw,
Build, sew and embroider,
Having seated the guys in a circle,
Will read them a rhyme,
Say: “Learn it yourself,
And then read it to your mother”?

Who will figure it out right now,
Why Oleg is fighting,
Why did Galia and Nina have
He took away the matryoshka,
Why did Misha immediately break the clay elephant?

This is the teacher,
This is Olga Pavlovna.

Olga Pavlovna loves
All her children,
Very Olga Pavlovna
Loves kindergarten!

* * *

New girl
N. Naydenova

New girl
In kindergarten.
To the new girl
I'll come right now.

— Why are you on the sidelines?
After all, it's boring to be alone.
Here are our toys,
Here is a clockwork elephant.

You see -
I turned him on with the key,
Now he will pass
From the wall to the table.

Here are our cubes,
We build houses.
You will also learn to
Build yourself!

Let's go, I'll take you to the guys
All the girls like it

* * *


We invite everyone to the ball songs, speeches,

Hope in the future for meetings,

The fragrance of flowers

And the chirping of children's voices,

Gifts, cakes, sweets,

Chastushek ringing couplets,

An awkward confession in love,

Honor and glory for calling

Great - to love children,

Give the warmth of your hearts,

Where memory will swirl in a waltz:

“Do you remember?. .” “It can’t be… »

«How they grew up… matured…»

«We didn’t have time to look back…»

And eyes wet with tears —

Everything has its time, its time!

Go ahead baby! Go!

You are full of strength, hope, love.

We believe that your destiny is

Always be happy!


* * *

Playing with the herd

Agniya Barto

Yesterday we played with the herd,

And we had to growl.

We growled and mooed,

Barked like a dog,

We did not hear Anna Nikolaevna's remarks


And she said sternly:

— What kind of noise are you making?

I have seen many children -

This is the first time I see such people.

We told her:

— There are no children here!

We are not Petit and Vova —

We are dogs and cows.

And the dogs always bark,

They don't understand your words.

And the cows are always mooing,

Driving away the flies.

And she answered: — What are you doing?

Okay, if you are cows,

Then I am a shepherd.

Please note:

I take the cows home.


V. Moruga

I love my kindergarten
It is full of children.
One, two, three, four, five…
It's a pity that we can't count them all.
Maybe a hundred of them, maybe two hundred.
It's good when we're together!

Farewell, Courland country,
Ridiculous Fiction!
Let's swim, friends, be bold!
Sailing to the land of fantasy,
Far First Class.
On our ship.
Farewell, our fabulous pier,
Both kind and mysterious,
Farewell, our kindergarten!

* * *

Wake up

P. Mazikin

Now the sun has peeped in
And in your window, child,
Unfolded a golden canvas
over the fields.
Get up, look out your window:
A summer day is full of miracles.
Here is a naughty path
She took someone to the forest.
There, on the surface of the sky
The sun is pulling the plane.
Crows cry in the meadow,
The tower-cloud floats.
Joy beats in bird songs.
People are walking in a hurry.
Who goes where, and we go to kindergarten.
Well, get up, mom is waiting!

* * *

Tatyana Agibalova

Today we are all children
Group number eight
Tell us about the kindergarten
We will politely ask.
"There are no secrets," -
Natasha will tell us, -
"They give dinner before going to bed,
And porridge for breakfast."
Kirill smiles:
“We go for a walk,
We are sculpting, making crafts here,
We are dancing round dances.
Children love kindergarten,
He is bright, good,
Just something frown
He suddenly stood at Serezha's.
What happened, what kind?
Answer us right away.
And Serezha says:
"I've been punished since morning."
I didn’t dream
I didn’t dream today
No fairy lands,
And I didn’t hear from the lianas
The cries of birds and monkeys,
I didn’t meet parrots,
I didn’t see the local owls,
And they didn’t frighten me
Roars of lions from behind the bushes.
For some reason I didn’t dream,
It’s not my fault,
Sluggish hippos,
Good-natured elephants,
Camels didn’t dream either,
No matter how I expected it ...
But for some reason I dreamed,
That I was late for school.

* * *


You are a graduate today,
You graduated from kindergarten.
Pen, eraser and diary
In a brand new knapsack.

We wish to receive
Only one marks "five",
A lot to learn,
Kindergarten to remember!
* * *

The last time you came to the kindergarten,
Today you are with all the parade,
In one hand is a balloon,
in the other is a brand new "Primer Book".

The sunny summer will fly by,
And you will come to school with a bouquet
We wish you to study well
And make friends with the whole class!

* * *

On the first day of autumn,
Joyful, cheerful,
In a cheerful mood
You will run to school.

You will meet after the summer
There are swirling friends there,
And everyone in bouquets
Festive asters.

Will be until May
You are now working.
We wish you
Study well!

Mom is very dear
Every step you take,
Bring fives
More for her, my friend!

* * *

Katya in the nursery

Z. Aleksandrova

One, two, three, four, five:
We are going for a walk.
Tied Katya
Striped scarf.

Katya's sledge carries
From the porch to the gate.
And Seryozha on the path
Throws crumbs to the pigeons.

... Girls and boys
They jump like balls,
They stamp their feet,
They laugh merrily.

Why is not dancing
Our new one?
Katya is going to the new girl,
Leading her to a round dance.

… The lights went out,
The nursery fell asleep:
Both Lida and Katya,
And the dolls in the bed.

Only Mishka is awake,
Sitting at the window;
Looking at the moon:
"I can't sleep at all!"

* * *

To the future first-grader
My dear baby, my dear son,
Today you will return home grown up.
You dreamed a lot that you would become big,
And dad and I will be proud of you.

And then it came, this joyful moment,
Before we blinked, it overtook us.
Can you hear the birds singing outside the windows,
The surf is rustling and the trees are blooming?

All this is for you, my dear, all around,
The whole world and the smiles of friends and girlfriends!
Let's not be sad, although a little sorry,
That Ladushki is no longer our way,

That this house will no longer wait for us,
Others will play in the sandbox.
Keep love in your heart
And come here to visit with your friends.

Remember all those who loved you here,
In "Ladushki" you understood what "friends" means,
You met care, warmth and comfort,
Good people and fairy tales live here!

Move forward, tomorrow is a new life!
Take my hand and hold on tight!


V. Tovarkov
Why do they say that?
Kindergarten, kindergarten...
Why do they say that?
We are not aspens,
We are not mountain ash.
Vova, Klava, Mishenka -
These are not cherries!

Kindergarten, kindergarten…
Why do they say that?
We are not leaves,
We are not flowers
Blue, scarlet-
We are little guys!

Kindergarten, kindergarten…
Why do they say that?
Because we are together in it
We are growing as one family!
That's why they say:
- There is a kindergarten in this house!

Since you are here.

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