Learning website for kindergarteners

Best Learning Websites for Kindergarten & Pre-school Kids in 2022

As parents, we need to admit that screen time and an online presence are here to stay when it comes to our children and their education. While yes, it is true that hands-on learning through play is the ultimate and best way for young children to learn, electronic devices are a part of our culture for better or worse.

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The good news is there are so many fantastic and quality educational websites that we, as parents, can use our kids’ desire for screen time to their (and our) advantage. The issue is that there are so many sites out there it can be challenging to decipher the treasure from the trash.

As both a PreK teacher and mom of young boys, I was always on the lookout for the best sites to share with parents, use in my classroom, and have my kids use as well. We’ve taken some of the guesswork out of the equation for you and have compiled a list of the best educational websites for your little ones.

Whether you are an educator, homeschooler, or simply want some additional online resources, we’ve got you covered!

Here are our Top Picks!

  • Best All-Around Educational Site:  ABCya!
  • Best Free Website:  FunBrain.com
  • Best Site for the Nature Lover:  National Geographic Kids
  • Best Site for Little Learners:  PBSKids.org
  • Best Language Arts & Music Site:  Starfall.com
  • Best Substitute Teacher Site:  Brain Pop Jr.
  • Best Interactive Game Site:  Poptropica.com
  • Best Site for Printables & Worksheets:  abcteach.com
  • Best Site for Kids to Self-Navigate:  SesameStreet.org

Honorable Mentions

  • Noggin by Nick Jr. has games, books, and TV episodes
  • Nasa Kids’ Club has science experiments, math skills, and real image galleries with pictures of space, satellites, and more!
  • Disney Now! has learning games with lots of puzzles, mazes, and match games
  • Home Base: Scholastic is a little complex for younger kids but older elementary school kids and middle school kids will likely enjoy the content, and it’s free!


Best All-Around Educational Site

ABCya! has been my go-to site for years now. It is the perfect resource for both parents and teachers and is ideal for kids of all ages. ABCya! can be used for homeschooling and offers daily free games in addition to subscription options. This kids' website is a great way to entice your kids to play and learn simultaneously!


Best Free Website

Funbrain.com is a massive website full of math games, science games, educational videos, and free online books. For example, my son loves to play chess, and this site offers a free chess game where kids can challenge the computer or other players while adjusting the level to their skillset. This is great for him because he can actually challenge himself instead of playing against me!

National Geographic Kids

Best Site for the Nature Lover

I have always loved National Geographic and have purchased several of their books over the years for both school and home use. The site and its print materials are colorful, bright, and super kid-friendly. In addition, the website offers a ton of free material, including quizzes, videos, and games. What I love best about Nat Geo is its ability to cover topics like social studies and world cultures in a kid-centric way.

PBS Kids

Best Site for Little Learners

Even though this site is geared towards kindergartners, we know some parents of preschoolers and elementary-aged kids are probably taking a look too! PBS Kids is chock full of fun games and videos that feature your child’s favorite characters. It is colorful and easy to navigate, making it a top choice for young learners.


Best Language Arts & Music Site

Starfall is a subscription site that is dedicated to language arts and music content for children ages 5-8. They also offer some cool math games and seasonal games as well. A home membership is only $35 annually making it an excellent cost-effective choice for parents.

Brain Pop Jr.

Best Substitute Teacher Site

Brain Pop Jr. was a lifesaver during the COVID-19 pandemic for teachers and parents. It is a jack of all trades site that has interactive games and videos and covers the gamut of topics from science to arts to math and more. My children loved using this excellent resource as a part of their curriculum, and it is a great site at explaining how stuff works, from how a law is made to why we have seasons at a kid-friendly level.


Best Interactive Game Site

Poptropica is the site for the kid who wants to feel like they are gaming but in reality, they will be interacting with educational games. It has all the elements of a modern story-telling game, involves problem-solving, and is an immersive learning experience.


Best Site for Printables & Worksheets

If you are looking for a site with coloring pages, printables, and worksheets, then abcteach.com is the place to go! It is a free educational website with thousands of free resources, clipart, and a monthly newsletter. There is also a paid subscription level as well, and you can obtain a two-year membership for under $70.


Best Site for Kids to Self-Navigate

Nothing says learning like Sesame Street and their kid-friendly website is ideal for young learners to play games without a lot of adult help needed. There are countless games featuring all your child’s favorite characters and each one is easy to navigate and has simple audio directions. There are math games, letters, science, sign language, puzzles, music, art, and more!

25+ Best Educational Websites for Kids that Spark Curiosity

Online learning platforms offer some of the most exciting and unique experiences to kids of all ages. As a parent, you can nurture the joy of learning with the right educational websites for kids that offer multimedia activities, worksheets, games, quizzes, and more.

You can also access these websites periodically to understand the latest trends in kids’ education. Educational platforms often update their information, in the form of videos, games, and rich quizzes, which can be used by your children as supporting material.

With multiple types of learning websites for children, it is ideal to revisit these platforms regularly to enrich your children’s sense of curiosity.

The 15 best educational websites for kids online!

Several academic websites offer immense value to kids across grades, making their time spent online more productive. Through gamified experiences, audio/video content, and fun animated characters, your children can learn about math, English, science, and other important subjects in a fun-filled environment.

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SplashLearn is one of the top educational websites for kids designed to improve learning abilities in math and ELA. It enhances confidence in 80% of learners in 4 weeks and is aimed to nurture academic progress through online tutoring and self-learning app courses. With 4000+ scientifically designed courses, SplashLearn enables kids to experience the joy of limitless learning. 

Age Range – 4 – 11 years

Pricing – $5 a month

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Reading IQ is among the best language websites for kids offering support for reading comprehension. It specializes in improving reading scores, abilities, and understanding of a complicated text. The website also allows you to monitor your child’s progress through their reading journey, as they access dozens of categories and professionally voiced audiobooks.

Age Range – 2 – 12 years

Pricing – $7.99 a month

CodeSpark focuses on introducing your kids to the joy of learning to code. The logic, approach, and strategies necessary to complete coding projects can be taught with this educational website. Kids can learn about the benefits of STEM, coding, and code logic with the help of the site. It is also designed to be self-directed, empowering your children to find their direction.

Age Range – 7 years and older

Pricing – $9.99 a month

Epic is a great educational platform for kids to explore reading and storytelling. The website promotes reading through various titles, videos, and audiobooks with a wide range of books across categories.

Age Range – 3 years and older

Pricing – $9.99 a month

The Scholastic Kids platform is ideal for eager readers who want to improve their reading abilities while also enjoying the art of storytelling through books. The educational website for kids also offers 3D-based learning games and community features that your children can use to explore new areas.

Age Range – 7 – 12 years

Pricing – Per book

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Mystery Science focuses on enhancing student learning outcomes through quick lessons on science, technology, and nature. Your children can experience a new world of engineering, biology, material science, and climate patterns from the comfort of their smartphones and tablets.

Age Range – 7 – 12 years

Pricing – $99 per year

Curios World focuses on platform-centric learning across 8 important lesson areas. It provides an academically aligned learning experience for your children through activities in cooking, crafting, immersive play, and science experiments. It is one of the more interactive educational websites for elementary students, giving new insights through gamified learning.

Age Range – 2 – 7 years

Pricing – $7.99 a month

The Rosetta Stone educational website provides a step-by-step approach to learning the English language. The platform promotes learning through a multisensory approach through audiobooks, immersive learning, and speech recognition.

Age Range – 5 years and older

Pricing – $11.99 a month

The Code-A-Kid platform is for older kids who want to learn how to code games, apps, and features. It provides highly specific coding courses that kids can use for practical applications. The educational website can access Mod creation, Roblox apps, Minecraft coding, and other exciting courses.

Age Range – 8 years and older

Pricing – Starting at $49

Matific is an online educational website focusing on mathematics and optimized learning. It specializes in improving math scores through games and activities within the subject domain. It provides basic animated games that help your children with measurement, counting, subtraction, and other key maths concepts.

Age Range – 4 – 11 years

Pricing – $4.99 a month

Cambly is designed to teach students the nuances of language through direct tutoring and online courses. It focuses on a multi-step strategy to teach English concepts through reading, listening, interacting, and analyzing various constructs.

Age Range – 5 years and older

Pricing – $40 a month

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The educational website for kids focuses on overall skills enhancement for your little ones across math, science, English, and art. It also provides educational information on health & wellness, feelings, and other soft skills necessary for overall development. You can enhance your child’s overall growth prospects when using the site.

Age Range – 4 years and older

Pricing – $7.99 a month

Kodable offers kids a unique opportunity to learn about coding from a younger age. By customizing courses to focus on learning at an earlier grade, the program is easy to understand and absorb. Your kids will be able to learn about the basics of game design, app development, and more through Kodable.

Age Range – 5 years and older

Pricing – $7.99 a month

The “Hooked on Phonics” online website is designed to help kids learn to read phonetically and through active comprehension. Kids can read aloud to their favorite chapters and learn more about how to improve their reading abilities naturally.

Age Range – 5 years and older

Pricing – Starting from $1 a month

Through Brainscape, your kids can explore different flashcards that are being used to help children learn about science, math, English, and other important subjects. When accessing this educational website for kids, they can create their flashcards, access the most popular ones, and use other pro features.

Age Range – 8 years and older

Pricing – $5 a month

Here are the 10 best free educational websites for students

These 10 free educational websites for students can help kids get acquainted with the world of online platform learning. These free educational websites offer the best online learning content that kids of all ages can access. Your children can become more independently focused on improving their sense of learning through these free educational websites for elementary students.

The PBS Kids website offers multimedia experiences for kids, including games, podcasts, videos, quizzes, etc. The platform focuses on enriching a child’s experience when they begin their journey into learning about the world. Summer games, feeling games, storytelling games, and science games can help your children digitally explore the wonderful world around them.

Age Range – 3 years and older

Pricing – Free

Nat Geo Kids has an extensive library of games, quizzes, and videos that kids can engage with to explore their inner adventurer further. Your little ones can learn about penguins, sharks, reptiles, and other nature-based experiences. The online learning website for kids also provides insight on US states, world history, and other subjects children find cool and fun.

Age Range – 5 years and older

Pricing – Free

Fun Brain is filled with interactive games and reading plans to excite kids about learning. The free educational website for kids is designed to make kids play fun games to help them learn math, science, and English better. Its free games, activities, and videos make it an ideal choice for children between Pre-K and grade 8.

Age Range – 3 years and older

Pricing – Free

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The TED Talks educational website offers talks and conversations from kids worldwide. They are strategically curated for your children to find their favorite subjects and learn from heroes creating the way for the future. Your young ones can learn from fascinating teen icons across scientific and cultural walks of life and find their way as they nurture their curiosity.

Age Range – 5 years and older

Pricing – Free

Time Magazine offers a unique news platform for kids to learn more about the world. Your children can read the news from the lens of their academic grades. The website customizes the language, content, and context of the news shared based on the grade selected. The website offers a Spanish language option, with an audible read-aloud option for kids that prefer auditory learning.

Age Range – 5 years and older

Pricing – Free

Science News for Students is one of the top learning websites for kids to learn about science through news and events. Your kids can continue learning about their favorite topics by uncovering advancing scientific innovations and discoveries. Multiple categories of freely available news information from technology to planets help empower children to continue seeking answers.

Age Range – 7 years and older

Pricing – Free

Dr. Universe is a collection of articles, videos, podcasts, and activities on science-related questions. It is your children’s ideal repository of information, giving them virtual backgrounds, printable worksheets, posters, and other cool items. You can ask it anything or start your learning journey with a simple question each day.

Age Range – 3 years and older

Pricing – Free

Ology is a fun-filled educational website for kids focusing on visual learning for optimal results in science and technology. It curates its courses and games by emphasizing the suffix -ology. Zoology, microbiology, archaeology, and other exciting fields are covered within this free educational website for kids.

Age Range – 5 years and older

Pricing – Free

NASA Kids club is an exciting free educational website for kids that covers significant ground on space exploration, intergalactic travel, and what it takes to go to space. From mission information to space games, a broad spectrum of fun-filled information is present on the club website. It is one of the top free sites dedicated to space for kids.

Age Range – 6 years and older

Pricing – Free

Storynory is one of the more unique learning web pages for kids, in that it focuses entirely on audiobooks. Many kids love listening to rich, insightful, and compelling stories, making this site perfect for helping your little ones explore their inner curiosity.

Check out this free audio story on “The Monkey’s Laughing Place” 

Age Range – 3 years and older

Pricing – Free

Wrapping It Up

Now that you’re well-versed some of the best paid and free educational websites for kids, it is time to introduce them to your child. You can select a few of the best sites that are impactful and targeted to your child’s age and grade. 

You can also install the applications on a shared tablet or a mobile device to help them get acquainted with these portals. You can collaborate with your child through audio, gamified learning, worksheets, or quizzes to help them get comfortable with online learning. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are educational websites important for children?

Educational & learning websites provide a new learning mode and creative thinking. They are constantly updated, making it easier for your children to stay one step ahead of educational trends. Children can also nurture their ability to learn independently with the right educational site. 

How do I assess paid educational platforms?

You can assess paid educational websites for kids with the following parameters – 

  • Utility and coverage of educational information. 
  • Convenience of a subscription model. 
  • Technology extensions available (tablet, smartphone, laptop, etc.)
  • Gamification or engaging teaching mediums   
  • Reporting tools or parent dashboard option

How can I best utilize educational sites for my children?

The best approach is to set a specific time for using educational sites within a child’s schedule. You can chart out a few hours a week to start with and guide them through the different features available for instructional and gamified learning.

How do I know if an educational website is right for my kid?

When your child is inclined towards a website and comfortably learning about new concepts while strengthening existing ones, then the platform is right for them.

Top 10 Websites for Child Development

Hardworking and caring parents enjoy the best deals for their children, and do exactly the right thing. Unfortunately, the best solutions are far from always - the most famous, children's sites are no exception. IQsha specialists will help you make the right choice among the most worthy.

1. Maam.ru

MAAM is a site for practicing teachers, built like a blog. Materials for publication are sent by the most talented specialists! Lesson notes and examples of group design for the holidays, children's crafts and examples of games will be useful to any parent who works with a child at home and does not get tired of coming up with new thematic tasks. nine0003

2. Aikyusha

The IQsha.ru site will take care of the all-round development of the child. It contains more than 29,000 online tasks and exercises in logic, mathematics, reading, English, the world around. All games and tasks are aimed at harmonious development the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The site and applications for iOS and Android are safe - there are no ads and external links. Homework, printouts, quests, educational cartoons, convenient statistics to track the progress of classes. nine0003

3. Teacher's Portal

The "Preschool Education" section of the Teacher's Portal also presents specialist materials: presentations, development programs, plans and notes of classes. The indisputable advantage of this content is its methodical forethought, a guarantee of maximum adaptation of the teaching material to the psychology of perception and learning of children. Of course, your child may not find something interesting or as exciting as you would like. But this site has plenty to choose from! nine0003

4. Let's play

"Play" is another site with educational free games for kids. Games are divided into categories: attention and memory, logic and thinking, riddles and rebuses, puzzles, for kids and others. There is advertising on the site, but if the page is handled correctly, the child may not notice it.

5. Miracle Yudo

Portal "Miracle Yudo" is a real treasure trove of educational materials for every taste. Crosswords and puzzles, mazes and recipes, tongue twisters and audio tales, crafts and puzzles for kids - every parent will find something to do for a child of any age! The site is replete with printable materials and descriptions of various offline activities. Even if you don't use any other site for your child, you'll provide homework activities for years to come because site tasks grow with your child. nine0003

Perform developmental exercises from Aikyusha


Child Development

The site "Child Development" is an old-timer in the Internet space for children and parents. A team of professional educators and psychologists never ceases to please us with reviews of educational toys and books, recommendations for didactic aids, as well as descriptions of exercises that are available to perform not only at home, but also outside the home. The site has a lot of developing cards and coloring pages for printing. nine0003

7. Electronic presentations

These electronic presentations have grown children who are now going to high school. Presentations of the highest methodological quality are presented in every variety of topics imaginable: food, the street, history, musical instruments, animals and much more. If your child reaches for the computer, but is still small for independent study, open the presentation and start writing short, child-friendly stories about each slide. You will see, the child will love these educational conversations as much as reading books! nine0003


In warehouses

The site "In warehouses" contains unique games for teaching children to read. Combining letters, warehouses and syllables, the children themselves do not notice how they begin to understand the principles of composing and reading words. The site is monetized through advertising, so parents need to set up the window in which the child completes the task before seating the baby at the monitor. But there are practically no analogues to these exercises in the Runet space.

9. Child development

Child development is the most concise and understandable name for a site that has everything a tireless parent needs. The site is full of specific practical recipes: how to teach to retell the text, teach how to cut with scissors, write numbers, organize a fun birthday party and much more. Most of the articles are live, written from the heart, and not for search robots - this is what attracts the attention of the site.

10. Pochemuchka

Come up with your children and their friends developing holidays, wall newspapers and various educational activities "Why Pochemuchka" will help you. This site has many competitions for parents and children, has its own library and even music and cartoons. In the "Mom's Club" section, all interested mothers can share their crafts and ideas. There is also a forum for discussing the most burning topics. nine0007

Games for children online - a modern way of intellectual development of children.

Top 8 educational and educational sites for children. The case when gadgets will benefit |

Modern children are ready to spend all their free time on a tablet or phone. And parents try hard to prevent this, worrying that the child is watching there. I propose an alternative: give your child a tablet, but offer him sites that will help him develop!

There are a lot of them now, but now let's focus on the top 8. These are educational sites with interesting facts and interactive tasks. Show them to your child - and I'm sure you will be surprised when he does them himself, quietly pulling up the school curriculum or learning something new. nine0003

1.Uchi.ru - more than 30 thousand tasks in the form of a game

https://uchi.ru - an educational interactive site for children from grade 1. There is a free version, then you can purchase a paid part. You can register separately for both the child and the parent, who receives information about the successes and achievements of their child. The site contains more than 30,000 tasks in a game form. The system responds to actions and has the ability to dialogue with the child. If the answer is correct, she praises and offers a new task. In the event of an error, he asks clarifying questions that help to come to the right decision. nine0003

2. Chevostik - 70 audio lessons, from dinosaurs to space flight

https://chevostik.ru - an interactive, entertaining and educational site for preschoolers and younger students. It contains more than 70 audio lessons on all possible topics: from Pushkin to space flights. Children listen to stories come to life. They check knowledge with the help of tests and games for logic and attention.

There are five lessons on the site that you can listen to for free. This is:

  • "Pets" - about where cats are considered sacred, why horseshoes are needed for horses and who is a relative of the wolf. This audio encyclopedia is located on the island for toddlers and is suitable for young listeners who are already 3 years old.
  • "Space flights" - tells when the first artificial Earth satellite was launched. How Gagarin trained and who came up with the idea of ​​dividing the rocket into stages. Please note the update: this lesson has slides with pictures to visualize the story more. nine0097
  • "Fascinating Physics" - about why there are no absolutely identical snowflakes, what is the temperature of lightning and how to demagnetize a magnet.
  • "Dinosaurs and other reptiles" - it talks about which animal has a third eye, whose tongue is twice the length of the body and who can live for several months without food.
  • "Automobiles and Transport" - you will find out who invented the first engine, how people used to move and what conveyor production is. nine0097

The authors of the site are building children's "Internet on the Internet", a safe and useful game sandbox where you can leave your child without fear, winning precious forty minutes of parental rest.

3. Razumeykin - explains school lessons

https://www.razumeykin.ru/ - online classes for children from 3 to 10 years old to prepare for school and improve the performance of younger students.

Thanks to a specially designed program of classes - from simple to complex - the child begins to believe in himself, ceases to be afraid of mistakes and understands that learning is interesting. nine0003

Tasks are divided by age and into blocks: you can solve problems for the development of logic, memory and attention, and also repeat the material covered at school or study science in a separate section. There are about 500 tasks in each of the blocks, so it will definitely not be boring.

Razumeikin is perfect if the student missed the lessons or did not understand the subject - all the school topics of the primary classes are explained here in an accessible way.

For children 3-4 years old, all tasks are free. For the older ones, there are 10 quizzes to decide if you like the site or not. Parents can watch the process of classes, and Razumeykin also issues diplomas and certificates for academic success. They can be downloaded and printed. nine0003

4.Lil School - online creativity lessons

https://lil.school/ - an online educational platform for creative thinking for children. It works according to the following principle: once a week at 17:00, the child watches online lessons and, together with the teacher, creates original crafts using 7 different techniques. Video lessons are stored in your personal account for 7 days, so you can watch them when it is convenient. At the lessons, children sculpt, draw, fold origami, learn the professions of a designer and animator, create cartoons and learn how to work in photoshop. The site states age 5+, but the creators of the resource say that you can start earlier, just the child will need the help of parents. nine0003

The main advantage of Lil School is the absence of clear rules and concepts of “right” or “wrong”. Here they teach to think and fantasize, and not just repeat after the teacher. The site also contains a lot of useful information on creativity.

5. Website for programming games and animation

http://scratch.aelit.net/ - creative programming for everyone. The site contains detailed video tutorials on programming games and animations in Scratch for geeks 6-7 years old and children from 8 to 15 years old, as well as their parents, teachers and everyone who wants to discover the modern world of creative programming. nine0003

After watching the first lesson and completing the tasks, you will see that in the 21st century everyone can easily learn programming! There are examples of games and game mechanics.

6. Website of the project for gifted children

https://nsportal.ru/ap/ - on the website of the project for gifted children "Scarlet Sails" you can try yourself in various types of creativity: literary, musical, scientific and technical, artistic and applied. Especially for young programmers, the course "Learning to create computer games in Unity" and "Creating 3D cartoons in Maya (MAYA)" was created. Children will learn how to create their own computer game and make 3D cartoons! nine0003

7. Solve-Write - useful puzzles

https://reshi-pishi.ru - these are extracurricular activities for children from the "Clever Gang" project on the topics "Logic", "Addition and subtraction", "Spatial tasks ”, “Reading and writing”, etc.

All tasks meet the following principles:

  1. Interesting presentation. Useful puzzles for kids that they love to solve.
  2. Gradual complication. In each series of tasks, several levels of difficulty are given so that a child of any age can turn on at a comfortable level.

    Learn more