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Letter K Worksheets

The activities in our printable letter K worksheets are a killer! Help preschool and kindergarten children key into the 11th letter in the English alphabet with tons of ebullience. Encourage the little letter scholars to cast around and make a list of objects whose names start with the letter K, so you'll find them unleash oodles of K creativity as they step up their game by answering our letter K worksheet pdfs and completing our letter K crafts. Direct the budding learners through the joy of writing and identifying the uppercase and lowercase K with our free letter K worksheets.

Uppercase Letter K

Letter K Chart | Recognizing Letter K

Don't think the kite is just a plaything that amuses children for a while and whose fun dwindles as they grow up! Kite's a kinetic means of teaching the letter K. The good news is this chart's full of such words.

Crafting a Koala | Cut and Glue

The koala that's at the heart of this letter K cut-and-glue activity is worth getting lost in! Cut and the parts and glue them on the letter K to complete this fun task. We bet you would want more such fun!

Tracing Letter K

The word "king" is a whole new K possibility, so is the koala! Set children a task of tracing the letter K in this section of our letter K worksheets. Give them step-by-step instructions on how to trace the letter K.

Making Letter K with Kites

Add bells and whistles to your letter-K practice by cutting the kites and gluing them on K! Take a memorable letter-K flight riding on these kites, buoyed by the K energy. Add yet another word to your K collection.

Identifying Letter K

Scan through all the kettles and scout out the ones that have the letter K. Every time the preschool and kindergarten child hits the nail on the head by identifying and coloring the letter K, the letter K smiles.

Tracing and Writing Letter K

Continue to chalk up letter K victories one after another! This time get yourself happily tracing and writing the letter. Remind yourself of the directions on how to write the letter K so you do a good job.

Lowercase Letter K

Lowercase Letter K Chart

Keep the letter k in good shape with a printable chart! The likes of the kangaroo and kettle, stacked into this letter K worksheet, make the introduction to the letter a most effortless experience.

Tracing and Writing Lowercase K

The pleasure of witnessing the transformation of preschool and kindergarten children into commanding letter K heroes is beyond words! This tracing the letter K pdf is absolutely crucial to the process.

Uppercase and Lowercase K

Uppercase and Lowercase K | Cut & Glue

Hit the height of your letter K preparation by doing a lot in a short time! Write the letter K in uppercase and write the letter k in lowercase. Observe a set of pictures to cut and glue the ones that start with K.

Painting Letter K with Pom Poms

Take the pack of pom poms in your craft closet and let it shine with some letter K work! Color the uppercase and lowercase K using pom poms in this letter K printable for preschool and kindergarten children.

Coloring, Tracing, and Printing Letter K

Watch K senior and k junior together provide a perfect letter K learning experience in this coloring and tracing K worksheet! Take a look at the uppercase K and the lowercase k before you get started and complete the pdf.

Sorting Uppercase and Lowercase K | Cut and Glue

Instruct children to sort the letter k into uppercase and lowercase Ks and glue them correctly. On the side, let them know that the capital K is used at the start of a sentence or a proper noun. Otherwise use the small k.

Cursive K

Writing Cursive Uppercase K

The cursive uppercase K is sheer brilliance! The trick to have children going all out writing K in cursive and develop an urge to excel in cursive writing is to fill them in on the importance of mastering cursive in life.

Writing Cursive Lowercase K

Stir up the cursive practice by learning how to write the lowercase k in cursive! Just to give you a heads-up, gaining confidence in the cursive lowercase K is not all that easy, so spend extra time working on it.

Further Practice for Cursive K

However much you practice cursive, it's not too much. Start by writing the uppercase K in cursive and gear up by writing the lowercase k in cursive. Indulge in a cursive treat by writing a few K words and k words.

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20 Letter K Activities for Preschool

//  by Eileen Zajac

Preschool is surrounded around development. Learning letters is at the top of the list. Throughout the year there will be an intense focus on the different letters. We believe that creative activities will help advance students' understanding and knowledge about their letters. We've compiled a list of 20 letter-building skills activities focusing on the letter K. Enjoy these preschool crafts with your kiddos at home, your students in the classroom, or even at a birthday party! These simple letter K activities and crafts will be fun for preschoolers all over!

1. Sparkle K

Make the K's pop! Help your students outline their letters in glue and then sprinkle with glitter. Not only will your students have a blast with the glitter but this activity really puts a focus on students' pre-writing skills.

Learn more: In My World

2. Letter K Search 

For those fast finishers and students who might just be a bit too quick for a glue tracing activity. Make sure to have another activity ready to go. This Letter K-word search will keep your overachievers working together and focused.

Learn more: DLTK's Sites for Kids

3. Trace Me

Students will need to practice letter shape for the letter K. This could be used in a preschool classroom for an end of unit practice or assessment.

Learn more: DLTK Sites for Teachers

4. Coloring With K

I have yet to meet a kiddo that doesn't enjoy coloring. With this Kk is for Kiwi activity students will be able to color the kiwi fruit and also trace the words.

Learn more: DLTK Sites for Teachers

5. Letter K Puzzle

Building letters is a great way to enhance students' practice and knowledge of letter structure. This puzzle allows students to do exactly that! Print it out and laminate, or just print on cardstock and let students go to work!

Learn more: Teachers Pay Teachers

6. Building K

Another cut and paste activity is focused on letter building. A bit easier than the puzzle this will allow students to picture the structure of K and make it out of a piece of paper.

Learn more: Easy Peasy and Fun

7. K Is For Kiss

This letter K activity is super cute and fun! If snacks are welcome in the classroom reward your students will Hershey kisses to go along with this awesome letter K activity.

Learn more: Our Crafts 'N Things

8. Create A King

K is for king. Hands down, one of the most known activities has to do with kings. Mostly because there are so many stories that can go along with activities like this! Read a story about a king and complete an activity like this one.

Learn more: Homespun Threads

9. Bingo Marker K's 

Fun and a bit messy, this is a great way to assess students about letter recognition. Watch as they choose the K's and make sure they understand and can recognize both upper-case and lower-case K's. They will love the use of colors.

Learn more: In My World

10. K is For Kabob

This is such a cute activity for students. It not only fits alphabet activities but also enhances students' motor skills. Just be careful, the kabob sticks can be a little sharp!

Learn more: Pinterest

11. K Is For Koala

Using paper plates or just construction paper can make students super excited about this activity! Students will love coloring or painting this cute koala while learning their alphabet letters.

Learn more: I Heart Crafty Things

12. Place Caps

This bubble letter activity will provide students with a hands-on letter K activity that will help foster their development and letter recognition skills.

Learn more: The Connett Connection

13. Trace it in Rice

There's nothing better than sensory bins in preschool. Students absolutely LOVE sensory bins. This is a great way to practice letter K tracing and enhance students' pre-writing skills.

Learn more: Pinterest

14. Squishy Bag K's

My preschoolers are obsessed with their squishy bags. These can be made once and used over and over. They are fun to draw in and also keep students' hands busy enough during sensory play.

Learn more: Pinterest

15. Dig For K's

Digging for letters is something you can keep in your classroom for use during stations, rotations, recess, or just regular playtime. Have students dig for and identify the different letters they find.

Learn more: Conversations in Literacy

16. Tissue Paper K

Tissue paper is super fun for students, they will love to crumple and glue the paper into the outline. Students will bring the letter to life and will want to show off their artwork.

Learn more: Izzie, Mac, and Me

17. K with Sticker Dots

A colorful activity that will help build students' motor skills. Sticking stickers into the outline is never easy, but students will love the freedom to pick their colors and they are sure to stay engaged!

Learn more: East Coast Mommy Blog

18. Tin Foil Fun

A fun motor activity like crinkling tin foil and gluing onto the key outline is always exciting for students. Whether they work together or independently, students will be entertained!

Learn more: East Coast Mommy Blog

19. K is For King

Yet another fun King activity. Kid-friendly Letter K crafts to go along with books are always nice to make text-to-activity connections. Using jewels and construction paper students will love this cute fun activity.

Learn more: Pinterest

20. K is For Kite

Kite crafts are something students love and can be extended through so much background knowledge students already have and understand. This exciting velcro or glue activity will have students practicing letter learning all day.

Learn more: Happy and Blessed Home

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Pictures with the letter D. Cards for schoolchildren and preschoolers.

In teaching, a technique is often used in which a visual image is associated with an associative one. So the child will learn the material better. For example, when studying the letter "D", using drawn objects, you can greatly simplify and speed up the process of memorizing the alphabet. We have collected the brightest, most beautiful and cool drawings in one collection.

Card with a letter made of flowers.

Close up.

Volumetric letter.

Picture for preschoolers.

On a white background.

Different spelling of capital and small letters.

Draw with colored pencils.

May be repeated with colored markers.

On a white background.

Letter in the form of an animal.

Beautiful letter.

With pictures for children.

We write the letter "D" beautifully.

In unusual colours. nine0005

Blue letter.

Small and large.


Blurred picture.

Cool design.

With bow and heart.

Slide to presentation.

For a lesson at school.

With fire.

For activities with a child.

Draw by cells.

Drawn with a blue pen in a notebook sheet.

Computer graphics. nine0005

Cool children's drawing.


Multicolour illustration.

On a dark background.

Can be repeated with a brush and watercolor.

The letter "D" in the form of a house.

With dolphin.

Beautiful handwriting.

With a girl on the couch.

Cool art.


By pixels.

With crown. nine0005

Volumetric letter d.

Stained-glass window.

Living letter.


With character.

Black and white illustration.

Yellow letter.

Beautiful letter.


Geometric pattern.

Cool background and cool design.

For a holiday.

Excellent art.

For classes at school with children.

Drawing for beginners to draw.

Gouache drawing.

Kindergarten. Straight out of a fairy tale.

With a cheerful face.

Outline stencil.

For registration.

Card for elementary school students.

May be repeated with colored pencils.

In a fun color scheme.

Picture for drawing. nine0005

Cool art.

Small picture in low resolution.

Devil tail.

We draw with paints.

In a box.


For girls.

With stars.

Photo in good quality.

Openwork frame.

Create the letter "D" step by step.

Khokhloma painting of the letter.

Cheerful drawing. nine0005

Blue ink for crafts.

Water theme.

We write and draw by dots.

Red D.

In gold.

Artistic art.

With a cartoon character.


Children's drawing.

Picture for preschoolers in kindergarten.

Cast metal.

Bright illustration.


From puzzles.

Strong and athletic.

Printed letter "D".

Patterned, monogram style.

Sketch for colored pencils.

Can be repeated even with a simple pencil.

What letter?

Old Slavonic style.

Children draw on their own.

Letter T tasks for preschoolers with pictures

Purpose of the lesson: we study the letter T, the formation of reading skills, the development of speech skills, the improvement of phonemic hearing, the basics of elementary graphic skills. nine0003


  • to introduce the preschooler to the letter T, the correct pronunciation of the sound;
  • to teach to write the capital letter T in the cells;
  • to form an interest in learning with poems and riddles.

Tolya was presented with a drum. Tolya beats the drum with sticks, and the drum beats: ta-ta-ta! ..

Here and below, when pronouncing the words SLIPPERS, PUMPKVA, an adult and a child repeating syllables and words emphatically articulate the sound [t]. nine0003

  • How does the drum sound?
  • TA - what is the first sound here?
  • Who was given a drum?
  • What is the first sound in the word TOLYA?

What is shown in the pictures below:

Tiger nine0337

What is the first sound in the word SLIPPERS? - PUMPKIN?

When we pronounce the sound [t], the tip of the tongue taps on the "bumps" behind the upper teeth. Say: T!

The tip of the tongue taps on the tubercles and prevents the air from escaping freely from the mouth when we pronounce the sound [t].

  1. Vowel or consonant sound [t]?
  2. What other consonants do you already know?
  3. Do we pronounce the sound [t] with or without a voice?

Please remember: consonants that we pronounce without voice are called voiceless consonants. The sound [t] is a voiceless consonant. nine0003

What other voiceless consonants do you know? ([x], [n])
The consonant sounds that we pronounce with the voice are voiced consonant sounds.
Which voiced consonant do you already know? ([m])


  • 1 Task: Printed letter T for preschoolers
  • 2 Continue the phrase
  • 3 Fairy tale about the letter T
  • 4 Riddles for children with the letter T
  • 9 Proverbs and sayings
  • 6 Funny poems about the letter T for children
  • 7 Lesson summary:

Activity: Printing the letter T for preschoolers

Look at the letter T. What does this letter look like? (On an umbrella, a fungus. ) Fold the letter T out of your palms. Write the letter T in the air and once in a notebook carefully in the cells with a simple pencil or ballpoint pen.

In cases where a child is asked to write a whole line of a letter, syllable or word, the adult gives a spelling pattern at the beginning of the line.
If a preschooler has difficulties, then an adult can draw two reference lines, or put reference points that the child will connect with lines, or write the letters in their entirety, and the child will simply circle them in a different color. Calligraphy at this stage of training should not be required. nine0003

Print Download file

Continue the phrase

A horde of clouds across the sky
Leaky sacks roam,
And it happens sometimes:
Water flows from sacks.
Let's hide better
From the leaky ... (clouds).

I am the opposite of noise, knocking,
Without me, you will suffer at night.
I am for rest, for sleep,
I am called . .. (silence).

Always be in order
Your school… (notebooks).

To have a place to write,
At school we need ... (notebook). nine0003

Be at the beginning of a word, period.
Let's read ... (twig).
If so, then ... (grid).
How did the word twig
turn into a mesh?

Tale about the letter T

TV viewer Timka
Papa Tiger bought a TV set, and the tiger cub Timka seemed to be replaced.

- Timka! the tiger cubs cry to him in the morning.
- Let's go play.
- Leave me alone, - Timka grumbles, - they show such things here!

And on TV at that time they were showing how to cook a pumpkin properly. Then Timka watched how useful it is to eat cottage cheese and how harmful it is to eat cockroaches. Then the uncles in white slippers played tennis for three hours. Then the aunts invited everyone who wanted to work in the tram and trolleybus depot. Then the tractor pulled thick pipes and laid them in a trench. Then Timka got such a headache that he had to take pills. nine0003

Timka is lying on the couch with a thermometer, but the TV does not turn off. In the evening, when they began to show about calves (Timka already poorly understood that), on the TV suddenly something would crackle, how it would explode!

And it became dark, dark. Timka flew off the couch and to the phone:

- Hello, hello! Command fireman ... The TV exploded! What to do?
- Throw it out, - said Papa Tiger gloomily, - and flog you.

(G. Yudin)

Riddles for children with the letter T

The whole universe lives in it,
And an ordinary thing.

Through the field and woods
A voice is heard.
He runs along the wires -
You say here, but you can hear it there.

I will turn the magic circle -
And a friend will hear me.

Without arms, without legs, but climbing uphill.

Now I'm in a cage, then in a line.
Write on me if you can.
You can also draw.
What am I?

Do not feed oats,
Do not drive with a whip,
And how he plows -
He drags seven plows.

Bows, bows,
When he comes home, he stretches himself.

I'm running, holding on to the wires,
I'll never get lost.

Frowning, frowning,
Bursting into tears -
Nothing left.

Fluffy cotton wool floats somewhere.
The lower the wool, the closer the rain.

Above you, above me
A bag of water has flown by.
Ran into a distant forest -
Lost weight and disappeared.

The eagle flies across the blue sky,
Spread its wings,
The sun has covered it.

The golden head is big and heavy.
The golden head lay down to rest.
The head is large, only the neck is thin.

Proverbs and sayings with the letter T

A coward and a cockroach will be considered a giant.
A coward is afraid of his shadow.
Labor feeds, but laziness spoils.
Patience and work will grind everything.
Labor feeds and clothes. nine0005 Whoever loves to work cannot sit idle.
It takes three years to learn to be industrious; to learn to be lazy, it takes only three days.
It is hard for him to live who runs away from work.
Who is not ashamed to ask will learn a lot, who is ashamed to ask will forget what he knew.
Who wants to know a lot, he needs less sleep.
Where there is a bungler and a black grouse, there is not a profit, but a loss.
Not the one who can read is literate, but the one who listens and understands.
Not the one who knows a lot who lived long, but the one who studied a lot. nine0003

Funny poems about the letter T for children

A good book is used to respect.
And he gets an A in reading,
Who from childhood is a big fan of reading
And he is used to reading books, like elders.
(Ya. Kozlovsky)

Tiger bought TV,
Asked for the best one.
"I love you," he said sternly,
May there be many stripes!
(G. Vieru)

— What is a Telescope?
Tiger asked,
Wrinkling his forehead.
What is the word? - nine0005 Never heard of such a toucan.
(G. Satir)

Petya is afraid of the dark:
He is a coward, apparently, children!
(B. Timofeev)

The tiger is a ferocious animal.
But still
There is also a quiet tiger.
The tiger is quiet with the tigress,
Because he himself is afraid of her.
(V. Lunin)

Tiger cub
Hey, don't stand too close -
I'm a tiger cub, not a pussycat.
(V. Mayakovsky)

The clouds met each other,
Gathered in one circle
And wept over the meadow. nine0005 Is it with joy?
From fright?
Could not find out.
(F. Bobylev)

An elephant weighs three hundred tons:
A ton is an eye.

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