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21+ Best Reading Websites For Kids

Reading is crucial for a child’s mental and academic development. A recent study states that reading sparks creativity and stimulates imagination among children. In addition, this digital age has made reading interactive with various reading websites for kids of all ages. 

Many free educational reading websites for kids are now available to help teachers and parents. In addition, indulging your students in extra reading material than standard curriculums helps them develop their taste in different languages and literature. 

So, let’s walk through this post to explore the best 21+ kids reading websites and how to encourage your students to read more. 

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Figure Out Your Students’ Reading Levels

Before scouring the best reading websites for kids, you should first assess the reading level of your students. Usually, a child’s reading level is linked to their grade level.

However, some kids have more advanced reading skills than their grade level. On the contrary, kids with ADHD or autism might not have the same reading levels as other kids their age.

So, these are some techniques that teachers can use to determine individual students’ reading levels:

  • Lexile Framework. It is a tool that ranks books based on the difficulty level and scores them on a Lexile scale. This scale describes a child’s reading ability and matches them to books and other reading materials. Lexile score reading level is between 0L to 2000L.
  • Guided Reading Levels. GRL is a one-on-one reading-level examination process. In this technique, teachers give books to students designed for their grade levels and take notes while they read. This technique is useful for determining the reading level of individual students in your classroom.
  • Developmental Reading Assessment. DRA is a standard reading test for students. Teachers set this test based on their students’ grade level. In this test, teachers monitor while students read and rank their skills based on several factors like phonemic awareness, fluency, reading comprehension, etc. 

21+ Best Reading Websites for Kids

After accessing your student’s reading level, you can request them to read books and stories on these popular kids reading websites:

1. Starfall

Starfall is a free reading website for kids to improve their alphabet phonic, recognition, and spelling. This reading website offers skill improvement and strengthening material for kids of all ages. Starfall contains reading material like stories, poems, comics, Greek myths, Chinese fables, and more. There are also many videos and illustrations available to engage early readers. 

Available At:

Grade Level: Pre-K to 3rd grade

Price: Free, but some material requires a subscription 


Storyline Online

Storyline Online is an interactive and free reading website for students. The reading material on the website helps to improve comprehension and reading fluency. The best thing about this reading portal is it contains storybooks narrated in famous celebrities’ voices, including Oprah Winfrey, Rami Malek, Viola Davis, and others. In addition, reading material is supported with lesson plan ideas, activities, and subtitles. All books have videos and illustrations to engage your students.  

Available At:

Grade Level: Pre-K to 3rd grade

Price: Free

3. Epic!

It is a digital reading platform that offers a variety of publications, non-fiction, fiction, and other books. On this website, teachers can monitor their students’ progress and reading skills and ensure they read assigned materials. Epic! contains more than 40,000 books for kids up to 12 years. This reading website for kids is free, with subscription options for educators and parents.  

Available At:

Grade Level: Pre-K to 6th grade

Price: Starts at $9.99 per month 

4. International Children’s Digital Library

Are you looking for a free educational reading website for kids? If so, the International Children’s Digital Library is the best place. It is founded by the International Children’s Digital Library Foundation to promote global literature. You can expose your children to multilingual books in over 59 languages and help them connect with different cultures. This is a perfect reading library to enhance your students’ cultural knowledge and language skills.

Available At:

Grade Level: Pre-K to 3rd grade

Price: Free

5. Read Works

Read Works is one of the best reading websites for elementary students. You can find several passages based on different reading levels and grade levels. Further, you can print those passages along with questions and give them to your students for practice. This website is perfect for improving reading comprehension and understanding among your students.

Available At:

Grade Level: Pre-K to 7th grade

Price: Free, requires registration 

6. Oxford Owl

Oxford University has created this website to help students improve their reading skills through books and stories. It is a comprehensive place for teachers to find interactive reading material for their students. Every session comes with guided lessons and emphasis on skills that the student can learn through it, like phonic comprehension, vocabulary enhancement, etc. 

Available At:

Grade Level: Pre-K to 5th grade

Price: Free, requires registration 

7. PBS Reading Games

PBS Reading Games is an ultimate reading website for kids, free with interactive videos, games, and other reading materials. It has over 70 reading-themed games to improve phonics and comprehension. PBS also offers printable books and activities to practice in your class. Besides, you will get various reading materials, including poems, vocabulary, rhymes, etc. 

Available At:

Grade Level: Pre-K to 3rd grade

Price: Free

8. Storynory

Storynory is the perfect reading website for elementary students. You can introduce this website to your students, and they can listen to audio lessons and improve their reading skills without anyone’s help. To make your students self-learners, this website is perfect. The website contains minimal illustrations, making it ideal for 8 to 12-year-old children. 

Available At:

Grade Level: Pre-K to 5th grade

Price: Free

9. Reading Rockets

Reading Rockets is a national reading library designed to help students who are struggling to read. This reading website contains comprehensive material for teachers and parents to support students with reading difficulties. Teachers can use free reading resources in multiple ways to encourage and motivate their students to read more.

Available At:

Grade Level: Pre-K to 3rd grade

Price: Free; some resources are paid

10. StoryPlace

StoryPlace is the best reading website for preschoolers. The website has interactive reading material with videos. There are many movements, colors, and brightness on this storytelling website that can keep young students engaged and motivated to read more.

Available At:

Grade Level: Pre-K to 3rd grade

Price: Free

11. PebbleGo

PebbleGo is a research resource for elementary children. The website includes several texts on animals, history, and science with a read-along feature. It offers a helping guide to readers who are struggling. However, it has extensive and paid reading resources that require a school sign-on code to log in. 

Available At:

Grade Level: 3rd to 5th grade 

Price: Starts at $1799

12. Vooks

Vooks creates a self-learning environment for students. It offers self-paced narration that students can follow along with the highlighted text. This helps to improve reading comprehension, fluency, focus, and more. With Vooks, you can create a joyful reading experience for your students. 

Available At:

Grade Level: Pre-K to 3rd grade

Price: Starts at $4.99 per month 

13. Bookshare

Bookshare is the best reading website for kids who struggle to read. It is an audiobook site that celebrates good books and learning. You can motivate your students to read more with audio and highlighted text. In addition, it has tailored lessons for students struggling with dyslexia, blindness, cerebral palsy, etc. 

Available At:

Grade Level: 3rd to 5th grade 

Price: Free for the US students 

14. Funbrain 

Funbrain is an interactive and free reading website that offers engaging reading games, books, and principles. It is a perfect website for preschoolers and elementary school goers. You can find many great publications on Funbrain, like the Diary of a Wimpy Kid multi-book collection. 

Available At:

Grade Level: Pre-K to 8th grade 

Price: Free

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15. Read Write Think

Read Write Think is a writing program supported by the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE). This online reading resource contains printables, lesson plans, and activities to help homeschooling students. It is a comprehensive reading website that parents and teachers can use to help children.

Available At:

Grade Level: K-12 

Price: Free

16. Storytime from Space

As the name suggests, Storytime from Space is the website where stories come from space. NASA astronauts videotape themselves reading books about space and the earth, and share them with students. So, to spike your students’ interest in space and science, you can refer to this website. 

Available At:

Grade Level: Pre-K to 5th grade

Price: Free with purchasable books

17. TumbleBookLibrary

TumbleBookLibrary provides animated and non-animated books for students. There are also many visual books, graphic novels, and video curriculums are also available. You can find books in both French and Spanish. 

To log in to this library, you need a school code.

Available At:

Grade Level: Pre-K to 5th grade

Price: Free with school registration 

18. Free Rice

This website improves kids’ English vocabulary and motivates them to help others. Whenever students answer correctly while playing vocabulary games, the United Nations World Food Programme will donate a bowl of rice to the less fortunate. 

Available At:

Grade Level: 2nd to 12th grade

Price: Free

19. Harry Potter Reading Club

If you want to motivate your students to read books, you can get them to join the Harry Potter book club. Reading all the excellent Harry Potter books and interacting with other readers will motivate and encourage your students to read more magical and whimsical books. Also, many writing competitions, reading challenges, and other activities are organized on this website.

Available At: hpread.

Grade Level: 2nd to 8th grade

Price: Free

20. Reading Bear

Reading Bear is a reading website for early readers. It helps students recognize alphabets and create different sounds to form a proper word. It helps to clear basic concepts of English vocabulary. There are also quizzes and phonetic English lessons present to guide preschoolers.

Available At:

Grade Level: Pre-K to 1st grade

Price: Free

21. Reading IQ

It is another best reading website for elementary students. Teachers can get free access to this website to provide their students with various fictional and non-fictional reading material. Reading IQ is a simple website with various reading resources based on grade level.

Available At:

Grade Level: Pre-K to 7th grade

Price: Free for teachers 


National Geographic Young Explorers

National Geographic Young Explorers is an audio magazine for young students. Your students can learn about different non-fictional stories and geographical knowledge with this website. It is a self-learning reading that teachers can provide to their early readers.

Available At:

Grade Level: Pre-K to 1st grade

Price: Not Disclosed

How to Help Struggling Readers in Your Class

1. Scaffold 

As already mentioned at the beginning of the article, selecting suitable reading material based on students reading level is very important. If you choose reading material lower than your students reading level, they will learn nothing. On the contrary, if you choose complex reading material, it will reduce their morale. Therefore, you should use the scaffold technique and create a good reading curriculum to support your students.

2. Make Them Listen

Teachers should first read aloud to their struggling readers and then request them to repeat after them. When students listen to your words, they will learn to speak them too. This technique is effective for children suffering from sensory disorders like dyslexia.

3. Make Them Read

Teachers should motivate students to read in front of the entire class. This will make students conscious and active in reading. In addition, when students overcome their stage fright early in life, they can gain the confidence and courage to express their feelings freely.

4. Explore the Area of Interest 

Reading about science, history, and other academic subjects might not appeal to many students. Therefore, teachers should indulge students in literature niches like fiction, non-fictional, biographies, science fiction, etc. This will help students find the reading material in their area of interest. 

5. Promote Shared Reading 

Many kids might feel conscious while reading alone in front of the entire class. In this case, you can promote shared reading in your classroom. This way, one student will read one paragraph, and another student will read the next paragraph, and so on. This will create harmony and coordination among your students.

Can Games Improve Reading Skills in Kids?

It might sound weird, but games can improve reading skills among young students. That is because reading is not one skill. Memorization, cognitive flexibility, and concentration are also involved in reading.

Games help to improve attention span, leading to better reading skills. According to a study, students who play games for six months have better reading skills than those who never played games.

Therefore, you can make your students play reading games, which will improve their concentration and reading skills in one go.

At SplashLearn, teachers can find various reading games for preschoolers and elementary students. The games have exciting storylines, graphics, and animations to make reading fun.

Let’s Explore The Best Reading Websites for Kids!

There you go! You have explored 21+ unique reading websites for kids to improve their language fluency, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. Now, you should explore all these free reading websites for kids and suggest the best reading material to your students. You can spike your students’ interest in reading and improve their writing/speaking skills with little extra reading. 


Which reading materials are the best to improve reading skills?

The best materials to enhance students’ reading skills are magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias, story books, poetry, instruction manuals, comics, etc.

Which is the most helpful reading technique for students?

Some of the best reading techniques for kids are skimming, scanning, active reading, detailed reading, and structure-proposition-evaluation. However, reading aloud with highlighted text is the best technique for young students.  

How do you choose reading materials?

To select the appropriate reading material for your children, consider the students’ interests and needs. You can make students read different reading resources and observe their interest levels.

11 Free Reading Websites for Kids

Free resources are always a teacher’s dream, but when it comes to free sites to use during reading instruction the choices can be few and far between.  Whether you are looking for a site to use during the Daily 5’s “Listen to Reading” time or want to provide students with a fun early-finisher activity, the sites below are ideal.

Designed for elementary-age students, these reading sites are both free and kid-friendly. We hope you find this article and the free resources in contains helpful!

As always, it is strongly recommended that teachers view the sites before introducing them to their students to make sure the content is appropriate for the grade/age level.

1. Storyline Online

Developed by The Screen Actors Guild Foundation, Storyline Online features accomplished actors and actresses reading some of their favorite children’s books.  Each story comes with a free Activity Guide and can be viewed on YouTube or SchoolTube.  Rainbow FishWilfrid Gordon Macdonald Partridge, and To Be a Drum are just a few of the books available.

2. Free Children’s Stories

Founded in 2008, operates on the simple principle that children’s development is paramount. Their mission is to offer traditional, meaningful storytelling to every child, parent, or teacher around the globe with access to the internet, for free.

3. Starfall

While some areas of Starfall are part of their premium service, they have many early reader stories available for free.  Students can follow along as the story is read to them and can, in some instances, help create their own story.   The website is highly engaging and a favorite of young readers.

4. Online Storytime by Barnes and Noble

From The Kissing Hand read by author Audrey Wood to Pinkalicious read by Victoria Kann, Barnes and Noble’s Online Storytime has popular children’s books read out loud.  While there are no supplemental materials to accompany the stories, this free site is perfect for “Listen to Reading” stations.

Note:  The first story begins right away when the page opens so be sure that your volume is adjusted accordingly before clicking the link.

5. TumbleBooks

TumbleBooks is a pay-for-use site that traditionally sells licenses to libraries and schools.  Many public libraries, such as the Tell City, IN Public Library, offer free access to their TumbleBooks account.  Students can follow along as the text is read them to help improve comprehension and fluency.  Choose from picture books to chapter books.  Portland Public Library also has free access to TumbleBookCloud which gives access to Middle and High School level books.   If your school decides to purchase a school license, there is also access to the Common Core Portal that includes lessons and quizzes to accompany the books.

6. International Children’s Digital Library

Discover books from around the world at the International Children’s Digital Library.  The free site does not read the books aloud, but students can read them independently during Read to Self or free time.  This is a great site for extension activities when learning about different regions of the world and can be used effectively into the middle school grades.

7. ABCya!

Children can listen to short stories read aloud to them as they follow along with the highlighted text.  ABCya! has a variety of educational games in addition to the featured stories.  Free resources and materials are available for grades K through 5.

8. Storynory

Storynory features a collection of original, fairy tale, and classic children’s audio stories.   Students can follow along with the story as it is read to them, as the text is also included on the site.  There are also some great features available that give you the option of downloading the audio to your computer, listening to “catch phrase” explanations, translating text into different languages (especially helpful for your ELL students!), and more.

9. National Geographic Young Explorers

National Geographic Young Explorers is a magazine designed specifically for kindergarten and first grade students.  Children can listen to the magazine being read to them as they follow along with the highlighted text.  It is a great way to bring interesting non-fiction stories into reading center time.

10. Oxford Owl

After registering for a free account, you have access to over 250 children’s audio books that can be used in the classroom.  The book text is not part of the presentation, so students will not be able to follow along as it is read to them.

11. Read to Me

Similar to Storyline Online, Read to Me features popular children’s books being read by famous performers.  There are activity guides with hands-on ideas, discussion questions, and lesson plans that can easily be adapted to the Common Core State Standards.  Entirely free, the site is colorful and engaging.

Free Download

Post a list of the websites above next to your students’ computers so that they can easily access the pages on their own.  Download the  complete 11 Free Reading Sites for Kids List.

Be sure to check out 11 Free Math Websites for Kids and 11 Free Science Websites for Kids too!

By Brandi Jordan

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We offer you to get acquainted with the most interesting, in our opinion, Internet sites that can be useful for children and adults in choosing children's fiction. Many of them contain both bibliographic and full-text information.

Most sites for children have a well-designed search engine and guiding signs. Various colorful illustrations, sound and multimedia fragments are used in the design of the sites. nine0006


Fairy tale house

Read and listen to modern fairy tales for children, fascinating stories and breathtaking adventures in the author's voice acting!

Electronic pampas


Literary magazine for children and adults. Literature is devoted to the section "Front Page", which publishes the works of contemporary children's writers: Andrey Usachev, Marina Moskvina, Furtur Givargizov, Ksenia Dragunskaya, Oleg Kurguzov, etc.

Section "Author!" can be called a literary encyclopedia. The names of the authors of the journal are arranged alphabetically and are equipped with hyperlinks. Here you can always find a biography and a photo of the desired children's writer or poet.

The Children's Resources section contains links to children's resources on the Internet.


Fairy tales, riddles, curiosities, unusual stories, poems, stories, facts from the life of great storytellers. Headings: “Necklace of fairy tales”, “A fairy tale for dessert”, “A poet is our guest”, “Great and storytellers”, etc.



Artists, animators, psychologists, programmers got together and developed Bibigosh's website. There is a lot of useful information, fiction, necessary for the development of the child. Parents of preschoolers can find on the site the maximum number of high-quality children's computer games, entertaining, educational, educational. And also read about child psychology, development, upbringing, consult with psychologists, or discuss your views and problems with other parents. nine0006


The children's portal "Solnyshko" was awarded the Internet awards "" in the category "Site for children and youth". Literature for reading is presented in the headings "Book of fairy tales", "Author's fairy tales".

More than one and a half hundred works are collected here: fairy tales of the peoples of the world, author's fairy tales, children's stories and stories for every taste.

Good fairy tales

Project 'Kind Tales and Poems': children's educational literature. A unique technique - education and upbringing through fairy tales. Tales about family, letters, words, art, native language, music, nature, science, vegetables and fruits and much more. Healthy food. Educational games - more than 600. Children's books for all ages. Indispensable as teaching aids. Fairy tale therapy, presentations, seminars and trainings for teachers, work with children. nine0013

Children's Network Library

Guardian Imenitov Leonid. Annotation from the server - "The library is primarily a collection of not electronic texts, but links to them. The collection has the form of a catalog containing the names of authors, the names of things, an orientation on the age from which this thing is interesting to read, as well as information about the location of the book (link to the electronic version (if any), publications in Russia for the last 5 years and ISBN numbers, by which you can search for this book yourself)". nine0006

Sanka the mad rabbit

Children's entertaining and educational Internet magazine. Games, riddles, stories, fairy tales, stories, Internet guide. The author of this project is the children's writer Sergei Tyshkovets. He came up with a funny, somewhat naive and at the same time smart boy named Sanka and put him on the Internet. S. Tyshkovets wrote and posted fairy tales on the site on behalf of this boy. And very soon the first letters from little readers began to come to him. It became clear that the magazine is needed by many girls and boys. And so a children's online magazine with a very perky name appeared. The first issue of the magazine was published in early December 2000. nine0006

The section "Library" is simply and clearly called, which contains the full texts of children's stories and stories, fairy tales. A huge list of authors: M. Twain, N. Nosov, A. Lingren, M. Zoshchenko, D. Rodary, A. Milne, S. Marshak, B. Zakhoder and others

Catalog of children's resources ""

The catalog contains more than 2000 links to sites about children and for children, nine large sections with subsections. Section "Library" presents: Poems, fairy tales; Science fiction and fantasy; Great Literature; Children's creativity; Modern literature. nine0006

Catalog - nominee for the National Internet Award 2003 in the nomination "Sites for Children and Youth".

Detsky Mir

Created by Tatyana and Alexander Gavrilov.

Everything for children. Fairy tales, sound tales, cartoons, baby animals, poems, riddles, songs and much more It was especially great to see fairy tales in realaudio format. This is a rare and very good site. nine0006

On this site you will find a lot of children - cartoons for children, children's songs, illustrated fairy tales and sound stories for children, riddles, poems, other children's literature and many other children's materials. You are waiting for Russian folk tales, and tales of the peoples of other countries of the world, old tales and modern adaptations of classic tales, songs for children and the words of these songs, simple riddles and nasty riddles of Auster, as well as riddles in pictures.

Today "Children's World" is essentially a portal for children. There are a lot of children's sites on the net, but only here you can see such different topics as cartoons, children's songs, fairy tales, sound tales, photos of baby animals, riddles and much more within the same site! nine0006

Modern Children's Literature

The compilers of the site suggest: “Does your child know how to read, but does not like it? Try to start reading these books yourself, and then, when interest appears, stop reading and invite him to read on his own.

The site presents novelties of children's and teenage literature. Full edited versions of fairy and fantasy novels and short stories. nine0006


The site's mission is formulated on the first page: "Our theme is books and children." More precisely - good books for a variety of children. These are adult conversations about children's reading. Many pages for the whole family. All materials are copyright.

The creators of the "Biblioguide" are experienced bibliographers, authors of the three-volume dictionary "Writers of our childhood", "LIKS-Izbornik". nine0006

The main goal of the site is regular information about modern literature for children and professional recommendations for reading leaders.

The site includes 8 major sections:

1. Book after book. The main focus is on the best editions at the same time, you can find negative criticism on some books.

2. Authors (About writers; Writers about themselves; Acquaintance; About artists).

3. Heroes (Parade of heroes; Favorite heroes). nine0006

4. Readers (Great writers; Reads does not read; “Me”; This is not a joke - distorted bibliographic requests from readers are placed here).

5. Selected (Reading for the soul; Educational books; To kids)

6. Book museum (Portrait of a book; Forgotten books; Journey through time; Journey through space).

7. Calendar (Materials for memorable dates for the current month).

8. Living room (Materials from correspondence with readers to their questions are given). nine0006

Literary magazine "Cucumber"

Electronic version. Cucumber is in English means "cucumber". This is the name of the protagonist of the poem of the same name by P. West. To understand the character and the character, and the magazine with that name, you need to read this poem on the website of the same name.

Cucumber is a colorful illustrated literary magazine for children aged 9-13. It publishes wonderful works of famous and emerging writers and poets. nine0006

Maxim Moshkov Library

The most famous electronic WWW-library. For children, sections "Tales" and "Children's adventure literature" are allocated. Links to electronic children's literature on the Internet are given: "Children's Tales and Adventures in the Anonymous Library" and "Leonid Imenitov's Children's Network Library".

Basket of fairy tales

Collected texts of fairy tales of different nations and writers of storytellers, as well as poems and stories for children.

Tyrnet - Children's Internet

Online games, fairy tales, songs and other entertainment for kids. Articles about the health and education of children. Forum for parents.


Electronic fantasy library for children from 7 years old and adults. Over 1800 authors and over 10,000 texts are represented. This is the most complete collection of Russian-language fiction on the Internet today.


A special site for children, which presents Russian folk and other fairy tales, children's poems, songs, riddles, tongue twisters, counting rhymes. nine0006

Kinderino magazine

Contains five rubrics. The literary heading is called "Green Fairy Tale". You can find fairy tales from different countries and peoples. For example, a Japanese fairy tale about mushrooms, a Ukrainian fairy tale about a cornflower, a Brazilian fairy tale about corn, a Turkish fairy tale about a rose, etc.

Fairy House

Tales of the peoples of the world (Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, etc.).

Audio Tales

A site for children and their parents who will find not only useful, but also exciting information for children. Such as children's educational programs for both the youngest and older children. Different audio tales of famous storytellers, children's songs from our favorite cartoons, frames and templates for Photoshop, different coloring pages and much more. nine0006

Free Games for Girls

The site contains free games for girls online. Most of the games on the site are dedicated to famous cartoon characters and dolls. The site is constantly updated with new free games for girls online.

Shishkin Forest

http://shishkinles. ru/

Internet version of the TV program of the same name for children. Here you can read, play, draw and, of course, the whole family can watch programs with their favorite characters - the inhabitants of the Shishkin Forest.

"Children's literary portal Treasures of Papcha"

Interactive "Children's literary portal Treasures of Papcha" allows the child to post written poems, stories, drawings. Professional writers and artists, if necessary, can give the child good advice regarding his creativity. nine0006

"The most shaggy site for children and their parents"

Shaggy. Website for children. Free children's educational games. Beautiful coloring pages. Wraps for children. Board games print and play. Maze games, labyrinths for free. The development of speech of preschoolers. Other interesting and useful information.

Website for children and teenagers

Welcome to the pages of the site for children! Here you will find all the most interesting for yourself. Starting from games and cartoons, ending with communication and contests with prizes. And of course the children's magazine "Klyopa".

Educational and educational tools"

The site "Educators and educators" is dedicated to children, their development, upbringing and education, as well as creativity. Here you will find articles about children, educational and educational programs for kids and schoolchildren that can be downloaded for free, and the child will certainly want to watch children's educational videos, the best cartoons, fairy tales and books, karaoke, all online flash games for development; there is a broadcast of entertainment and educational channels; for kids - alphabet, coloring books, pictures and much more.

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