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The Best Sight Word Videos that will Engage Every Student

Videos are a truly engaging way to teach and reinforce skills that require a ton of repetition and practice to master. When I think lots of repetition: I think SIGHT WORDS. Can we ever have enough practice? I rounded up the best sight word videos so that you don’t have to!

Quickly recognizing and reading sight words and high frequency words is such an important skill for new readers. The most common 100 sight words make up 50% of any text! For our new readers, that percentage is much, much higher.

Teaching sight words and high frequency words can be challenging because it requires so much repetition. We practice and practice (and practice some more), and even then, some students still don’t quite grasp it.

Then one day, as if a switch has been turned on, they remember them! It’s kind of a magical process. 🦄

But I know it can be exhausting (and frustrating), too. These videos are meant to supplement other sight word instruction to add another layer to your instruction. No matter what list you use, there are videos here to help you out. 👏

Note: Did you know there is a difference between sight words and high frequency words? You can read more about that here!

Miss Molly’s Sight Word Videos Playlist

I think of Miss Molly as the queen of sight word videos. ? This playlist has SEVENTY ONE sight word songs! 😳🥳

Each one covers a different sight word. Each video says the word and spells it several times. It also puts the word into several sentences with visuals.

I especially love these videos because the music is very calming so it won’t hype kids up. 😅 Miss Molly is a go-to for me in my classroom!

Heidi Songs Sight Word Videos Playlist

Like Miss Molly, Heidi Songs has a ton of sight word videos. This playlist has 32 sight words songs that students enjoy to sing and dance along with.

The videos spell the word, say the word alone and in a sentence several times. There are fun actions that go along with the words and they are very catchy. (So catchy, you may find yourself lying awake at night with them running through your head. 🤪)

Meet the Sight Words

Preschool Prep Company has several sight word videos on YouTube that my students really enjoy. The one I have linked is a 30 minute video that I show in pieces as we learn new words in my classroom. It introduces and reinforces several of the most common sight words.

Each word has a short video that lasts about 45 seconds. The letters of the word make up part of the picture and are characters in the shorts story. While the word is said over and over again, it is never spelled out verbally or put into a sentence.

I build understanding by asking my students why the word is doing that action or in that place. In that way, this video is more of an interactive experience in my classroom.

For example, the word “play” is playing baseball. Students can make the connection between the word and what it is doing. I also ask them to look at the word and spell it.

The Sight Word Song

Harry Kindergarten’s sight word song is a favorite for many. The song is catchy, it spells the word and reads it.

This song covers many of the most common sight words so students get the repetition that will help them memorize the words. My kids love, love, love to sing along with this song.

New Sight Words with Jack Hartmann

This Jack Hartmann videos shows the letters, says them and then says the word. It pauses the second time through so that students have the chance to read the word on their own.

Kids love this silly video and it’s catchy tune. They will have the words in it memorized in no time!

Sight Word Rap with Jack Hartmann

This Jack Hartmann video is similar to the previous one but with a different tune and different words! He says the letters and then reads the words. It says the word several times as the word flashes on the screen giving great repetition.

If you students are like mine, they will think Jack Hartmann “rapping” is HILARIOUS and super silly. They’ll also pick it up really quick and rap it back and forth to each other. 😅

Kindergarten High Frequency Words

I think this video is a.dor.a.ble. It is a teacher made video with students reading a word and then saying it in a sentence. The words are on the screen as well so students can see them.

My students LOVE hearing other kids reading to them. The first time we watched this video, they were in awe. When I told them we could make a video just like it, they were super excited.

We made our own video in the spring once we had a good handle on many sight words. Each student chose a word and created a simple sentence for them. I typed each word and sentence on it’s own slide in a powerpoint.

If you want to make a video like this, it is really easy! All you have to do is create a powerpoint, video the powerpoint and let the students read the words.

This list of videos includes many of my student’s favorite videos as well as channels that have tons of videos for individual sight words. Did I include your favorite? Let me know below! 👇

Do you need hands on practice for your students, too? I know the lists of words and number that need to be memorized varies hugely from district to district and from state to state.

That’s why I created this super magical resource! These Editable Sight Word Printables can be customized to any list without any formatting or special fonts downloaded. All you do is type your words and 10 different activities are immediately generated! Like I said: magical! 🦄

5 Videos for Sight Word Practice

Boost student confidence with these Free sight word videos and practice activities perfect for kindergarten, first and second-grade students who are learning to recognize, read, and spell high-frequency sight words.

Did you know that as literate adults we have between 30,000 and 70,000 words we can read automatically, accurately, and effortlessly?  These words are considered “sight words” because we instantly recognize them by sight.

While reading these words feels effortless to us as adults, as teachers we know that sight word instruction and practice is so important for young readers! 

For one, it allows them to free up cognitive resources so they can focus on the tougher words that require strong decoding skills.  Secondly, knowing sight words is a huge confidence booster for students! Strong sight word knowledge allows them to understand the majority of the text, even when their decoding skills are still developing.  

Students spend a lot of time working on word recognition, so to keep things fresh and engaging it’s important we provide them with a range of sight word activities. 

Today I’m wrapping up my series of posts on different ways to practice sight words.   If you missed the previous posts, you can take a look back at the 7 Best Phonics Apps, 5 Best Apps for Teaching Sight Words and 5 Online Games for Sight Word Practice.

In today’s final post I am thrilled to share 5 Videos for Sight Word Practice! 

These online videos will have your students singing, dancing and learning their sight words all at once! 

So let’s take a look at what I’ve found…

Jack Hartmann has created a ton of great sight word videos. I especially like the video series Ready to Read Sight Words! There are 20 videos of 10 sight words.

In each video students will spell and say the sight word three times and then he asks students to spell and say the sight word on their own three times. The next time the sight words are shown and students are asked to say the sight word before we give the answer for higher order learning.

Here is video (list 1) of Ready to Read Sight Words:

Below is the 2nd video of Ready to Read Sight Words. List 2 includes the following sight words: and, we, me, at, come, can, my ,an, with and no.

You can check out the remaining 18 of Jack Hartmann’s Ready to Read Sight Word Videos here!

The Kindergarten Sight Word Dance Song This video gives students sight word practice while also allowing them to DANCE!  A perfect way to get some energy out while learning! 

Phonics Man Sight Word Videos  Kids love Phonics Man! His sight word videos even allow the kids to practice sight words while doing FortNite dances! 😲

Harry Kindergarten is a kid favorite! The video The Sight Word Song (Version 1) practices seeing and spelling 20 high-frequency sight words: like, play, home, this, is, it, in, we, can, see, are, and, the, you, am, my, come, here, mom, and dad to a catchy tune.

In addition, Harry also created The Sight Word Song 2 Practicing the following high-frequency sight words: go, look, to, for, get, got, do, man, be, up, so, at, he, not, an, on, me, of, had, has.

If you are looking for additional ideas to give your students more hands-on sight word practice (without a screen), I’m happy to share some of my very own sight word activities for kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade students!  

Sight Word Practice with Fine Motor Activities

First, there is my FINE MOTOR SIGHT WORD BUNDLE which includes 6 different activities that pair sight word practice fine motor skill development.

Each activity offers a hands-on, engaging way for young learners to develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as they are work to read, write, and spell their sight words. 

Students will use hands-on materials that develop fine motor skills as they play games, fill, cut, trace, and spin sight words.

Take a closer look at the post Sight Word Activities for Fine Motor Development for more details about each activity and to download a set of FREE sight word fine motor activities!  

Hidden Sight Words

Finally, for more engaging and hands-on sight word practice take a look at this post where I share one of my students’ favorite sight word activities, “Hidden Sight Words”. 

Student engagement is peaked by giving them a hand lens to search for the hidden words in the seasonal picture! I love that they have to pay close attention to the spelling of the high frequency word spelling as they write them in word shape boxes. Be sure to grab the FREEBIE to try in your classroom in this post! 

One of the best and most important jobs we have as teachers to young learners is teaching them how to read.  While there are many skills and strategies we use to do so, sight word practice is one that certainly gets a lot of time and attention.   I hope that the activities and resources I’ve shared in this series of posts will help you keep this important practice fresh and engaging in your classroom! 

resources featured in this post


Songs about kindergarten and graduation

To learn an original number for a matinee with your kid or just to cheer up, listen to the best songs about kindergarten and graduation in it.

Listen to songs about kindergarten

  • 1



  • 2


  • 9000 3

    02:47 9000

    0 9000


    9Goodbye kindergarten


  • 8

    Our beloved kindergarten


  • We adore you, kids


  • 9007 41

  • 11


  • 12


  • 13


Songs for babies 9000 separate world2 It is here that the child makes his first friends, goes through an important stage of socialization, learns independence, learns reading, writing.

The charm of this special period of life is reflected in funny songs about kindergarten! They tell about the exciting leisure of the children, devoted friendship, kind, attentive teachers. Each child will be able to recognize himself, his comrades, and teachers in these musical compositions. nine0003

The main feature of these songs is the simple text. If you decide to learn a vocal number with children, such compositions will fit perfectly. Familiar vocabulary combined with rhyme, perky melody will help the baby to show artistic talent! The lyrics of the song are easy to print out for distribution to the children. So the learning process will be as comfortable as possible for children. At the same time, this will be an additional training in reading.

When will nursery rhymes come in handy?

Songs about kindergarten can be used in several ways. nine0003

  • Listen for general development and vocabulary.
  • Study in music lessons, use for charging.
  • Rehearse dance numbers for a matinee.
  • Learn the vocal part for graduation.
  • Develop musical accompaniment, compose potpourri for competitions.

This makes songs about kindergarten and teachers a universal methodological tool for teachers and parents. The compositions will be appropriate not only for the graduation party, but also for other holidays in a preschool institution. Different in plot, complexity, duration of the compositions allow you to choose the perfect option for each occasion, to hold a memorable event. nine0003

Graduation songs

Graduation party is one of the most important holidays for a preschool child. It marks the end of kindergarten, the imminent entry to school. This is an exciting moment in a child's life. Children's graduation songs in kindergarten are full of gratitude to the teachers, joyful anticipation of an even more interesting social experience. They are perfect for:

  • for staging individual and group numbers;
  • musical background when presenting diplomas, memorable prizes; nine0015
  • support of games, contests.

Picking up songs about kindergarten for graduation is not difficult, because there are a lot of provocative compositions in professional performance. Melodies of different nature will help create a festive mood, set the children and parents in a solemn mood.

How to choose a musical composition?

Kindergarten songs for toddlers to choose depends on the event for which they are planned to be used. From an extensive playlist, it is easy to choose a few of the most suitable songs. When listening at home, you can safely turn on all the songs in a row! nine0003

Children's songs - Kindergarten lyrics

View all lyrics Children's songs

We get up early in the morning
Let's go to kindergarten.
We are greeted with kindness,
Good new story.

Kindergarten, kindergarten,
This is a house for kids.
This is a house for the soul,
Kids play here.
Kindergarten, kindergarten
For kids, it's like chocolate.
Come here soon
Here you will find your friends!

Kindergarten one family.
Let's be together you and me
Happy to work
and learn everything.

Kindergarten, kindergarten,
This is a house for kids.
This is a house for the soul,
Kids play here.
Kindergarten, kindergarten
For kids, it's like chocolate.
Come here soon,
Here you will find your friends!

We asked the guys:
“What is a kindergarten?
There are children growing in the beds:
Tanya, Dashi, Vova, Petit?
They need to be watered with water
From a fun watering can together?
"Not!" - answered the guys:
“We don't grow up for lettuce.
We grow here like flowers
Come and join us in the garden."

Kindergarten on holidays
We'll have a masquerade.
In festive attire
We are happy to spin!

Kindergarten, kindergarten,
This is a house for kids.
This is a house for the soul,
Kids play here.
Kindergarten, kindergarten
For kids, it's like chocolate.
Come here soon,
Here you will find your friends!

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Performed by: Children's variety studio "Dolphin"

Music: Konstantin Kostin

Lyrics: Tatyana Kersten, Konstantin Kostin

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  3. Children's songs
  4. Kindergarten

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