Rhyming words for need

236 best rhymes for 'needs'

1 syllable

  • Seeds
  • Leads
  • Deeds
  • Beats
  • Sheets
  • Streets
  • Feeds
  • Seats
  • Bleeds
  • Eats
  • Meets
  • Weeks
  • Weeds
  • Reads
  • Freaks
  • Cheeks
  • Speeds
  • Speaks
  • Treats
  • Keeps

  • Peeps
  • Breeds
  • Beads
  • Pleads
  • Creeds
  • Steeds
  • Heeds
  • Meads
  • Sweets
  • Cleats
  • Feats
  • Cheats
  • Heats
  • Geeks
  • Leaks
  • Creeps
  • Fleets
  • Greets
  • Seeks
  • Skeets

  • Pete's
  • Deets
  • Teets
  • Pleats
  • Sneaks
  • Peaks
  • Sleeps
  • Reeks
  • Streaks
  • Teeth
  • Greeks
  • Creeks
  • Shrieks
  • Squeaks
  • Tweaks
  • Wreaths
  • Meeks
  • Sheiks
  • Sheeps
  • Seeps

  • Leaps
  • Heaps
  • Weeps
  • Leagues
  • Sweeps
  • Breathe
  • Jeeps
  • Beeps
  • Reaps
  • Beefs
  • Leafs
  • Scenes
  • Leaves
  • Ears
  • Dreams
  • Teens
  • Means
  • Schemes
  • Jeans
  • Seems

  • Screams
  • Feels
  • Wheels
  • Briefs
  • Chiefs
  • Thief's
  • Peirce
  • Reefs
  • Bees
  • Trees
  • Leaf
  • She's
  • He's
  • Breeze
  • Squeeze
  • Cheese
  • Knees
  • Chief
  • Beef
  • Ease

  • V's
  • Keys
  • Freeze
  • Please
  • Leave
  • Sees
  • These
  • Deals
  • Debes
  • Sleeve
  • Fiends
  • Tease
  • Nice
  • Peace
  • Cease
  • Eve
  • Hears
  • Steve
  • Queens
  • Grief

  • Heath
  • Heels
  • Beans
  • Keith
  • Breathes
  • G's
  • Thief
  • Teams
  • Beams
  • Meals
  • Thieves
  • Sneeze
  • Weave
  • Beer's
  • Sheath
  • Wreath
  • Screens
  • Meath
  • Leath
  • Greens

  • Sleeves
  • Keef

2 syllables

  • Proceeds
  • Succeeds
  • Exceeds
  • Recedes
  • Misdeeds
  • Precedes
  • Misleads
  • Impedes
  • Repeats
  • Defeats
  • Elites
  • Athletes
  • Heartbeats
  • Beliefs
  • Completes
  • Receipts
  • Techniques
  • Depletes
  • Competes
  • Retreats

  • Deletes
  • Deadbeats
  • Backstreets
  • Mistreats
  • Worksheets
  • Backseats
  • Spreadsheets
  • Beneath
  • Critiques
  • Antiques
  • Boutiques
  • Workweeks
  • Thirteenth
  • Sixteenth
  • Fifteenth
  • Eighteenth
  • Fourteenth
  • Motifs
  • Nineteenth
  • Umpteenth

  • Babies
  • Disease
  • Worries
  • Bodies
  • Degrees
  • Receive
  • Pussies
  • Ladies
  • Movies
  • Stories
  • Achieve
  • Believe
  • Panties
  • Always
  • Intrigues
  • Fatigues
  • Colleagues
  • Bullies
  • Zombies
  • Release

  • Unleash
  • Police
  • Parties
  • Parties'
  • Relief
  • Chinese
  • Nikes
  • Increase
  • Theses
  • Belief
  • Cities
  • Relieve
  • Believes
  • Louis'
  • Countries
  • Deceive
  • Bequeath
  • Honeys
  • Pennies
  • Cookies

3 syllables

  • Supersedes
  • Parakeets
  • Overheats
  • Underneath
  • Seventeenth
  • Enemies
  • Memories
  • Families
  • Masterpiece
  • Mercedes
  • Melodies
  • Overseas

4 syllables

  • Apologies

5 syllables

  • Opportunities

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Words That Rhyme with Need - Need Rhymes

We found 118 rhyming words for Need. These rhymes are great for any poet, rapper, singer, songwriter,etc who is struggling to find words that rhyme with need. You can click on the word you like for more information or for fun you can Unscramble need

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We found 118 rhymes for Need

You can browse the rhymes for Need below. Click on any word to find out the definition, synonyms, antonyms, and homophones.

Rhyme Len. Syllables PoS
Accede 6 2 verb
Agreed 6 2 adjective satellite
Aidid 5 2 noun?
Airspeed 8 2 noun
Alwaleed 8 3 noun?
Aniseed 7 3 noun
Appleseed 9 3 noun?
Aristede 8 3 noun?
Aristide 8 3 noun?
Bead 4 1 noun, verb
Bede 4 1 noun
Beede 5 1 noun?
Bleed 5 1 verb
Brede 5 1 noun?
Breed 5 1 noun, verb
Cede 4 1 verb
Centipede 9 3 noun
Concede 7 2 verb
Cottonseed 10 3 noun
Creed 5 1 noun
Decreed 7 2 adjective satellite
Dede 4 1 noun?
Deed 4 1 noun
Degreed 7 2 noun?
Disagreed 9 3 noun?
Duckweed 8 2 noun
Ede 3 1 noun?
Exceed 6 2 verb
Fede 4 1 noun?
Feed 4 1 verb, noun
Fireweed 8 3 noun
Flaxseed 8 2 noun
Frede 5 1 noun?
Freed 5 1 noun?
Freid 5 1 noun?
Fried 5 1 adjective satellite
Friede 6 1 noun?
Gaede 5 1 noun?
Ganymede 8 3 noun
Gilead 6 2 noun?
Glede 5 1 noun?
Gleed 5 1 noun?
Greed 5 1 noun
Guaranteed 10 3 noun?
Hamid 5 2 noun?
Heed 4 1 noun, verb
Impede 6 2 verb
Inbreed 7 2 noun?
Indeed 6 2 adverb
Intercede 9 3 verb

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Synonyms of Need

No Synonyms Found.

Antonyms of Need

No Antonyms Found.

Homophones of Need

  • Knead
  • Kneed
  • Nied

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45 words with "reminders" that will be useful to schoolchildren and adults - Teacher's newspaper

No matter how you learn stress, you can still get confused at the most inopportune moment. We tried to speak correctly, but many around speak differently, and we begin to echo them. "Gramotator" has repeatedly addressed the topic of stress. But questions from our readers keep coming. And today we decided to offer a mini-dictionary of the most problematic nouns with rhymes for memorization. They will be useful both in life and on the exam. And as a daily cheat sheet, you can use our cards.

Noun stresses

The letter A


The stress in this word falls on the last syllable. The “asymmetry” familiar to many is wrong. Although some dictionaries provide such an option as the only or alternative, they are in the minority. And it is asymmetry that corresponds to a strict norm. Our rhyme will help you remember this.

Allergy occurs,

When there is asymmetry all around


The stress in all forms, except for the prepositional case, falls on -port-. In the prepositional case, the stress falls on the ending when we talk about the place (where) - at the airport, and on - the port when we talk about the airport. Let's learn " memo " and never make a mistake.


Settled in comfort -

Satisfied with the airport.

At the airport (where, about the place)

How the liner is gaining altitude,

You will only see it at the airport.

On aeroPors (about which)

Read news about sports,

And read - about aero -player

Aero -Orthods (multiple)

We love resorts,

We hasten to airpores.

Letter B


This is one of the few disyllabic nouns in which the stress in all forms and plural falls on the last syllable. Here, too, it is enough to remember the word "bow" and simply substitute endings for it, without changing anything. Well rhyme will help.

piping on the shirt,

bows on the head


The word came from the French language, which means that the stress falls on the last syllable. The main thing to remember is that the stress will stand when changing the word in cases and in the plural. And rhymes will help to fix.

Light and shine -

Just chic

This brand new boutique


A “Remark ” will help not to forget:

Accounts (multi -d.), Accounters

Good Harakters

have all accountants,


There are no accountants.

Letter B


The stress in this word always falls only on the last syllable. It does not change with the declension of the noun.

You can't do without « memos »:

Magic for Christmas

Widowhood instantly crumbled.


Despite the fact that many stubbornly say religion, the correct option is only religion. And nothing else. Let's remember the word "know", it will help to correctly place the stress. And you can also come up with rhyme , so as not to make a mistake.

I know - I don't know,

What I confess.

I don't know at all



In the plural, as in "accountants", the stress in the word "age" remains unchanged, on the first syllable - ages. Saying and writing "age" is incorrect. And the classic will help to remember this:

All ages are submissive to love.

Download this flashcard to help you memorize complex accents faster. And we go further - before us are the words with the letter "g".

Letter G


When the word “rake” is changed, the stress will not move anywhere - it will remain on the first syllable, whether we rejoice at the rake, work with the rake or think about the rake.

Rhyme will help you remember easily:

Hands are already cold -

How can we hold the rake?

With a rake

The forehead was covered with drops

From working with a rake.

Rake or rake

There is no rake in the barn,

I had to work with a saber.


Amazing word! Most pronounce it incorrectly, and the emphasis here falls not on the second, but on the third syllable - corrugated. By analogy with "pleated". So let's remember, and rhyme will help in this.

Pleated skirt,

A pleated bow.

Corrugated can be not only a bow, but also hair tongs, and a hose, and metal. However, the emphasis will not change.

Letter D


When changing the word “door”, the accent almost always remains on the root. And only in one case - if we are talking about the door as a place - the emphasis will go to the ending.

To the door

At the door

But (hanging) on ​​the door.

And it’s better to remember and not get confused, it will help rhyme about wild animals:

Wild animals came to the door -

They knew that crackers

The owner left them on the door.


The word is of French origin, and therefore the stress falls on the last syllable. The word "dispensary" does not correspond to the norm. Only the dispensary is correct. The stress will not change when the word is declined. And “ memorizer

Engineer says

The word is correct – dispensary.

Agreement and agreements

Frequently used “agreements and agreements” are strictly prohibited! Only contract and contracts.

Let's remember rhyme and we won't make mistakes:

Have a conversation with a lawyer,

To conclude an agreement.

But talking won't help

Making contracts.

Letter I


Surprisingly, the stress in this word falls on the first syllable. And, although from the word “icon” one really wants to say “icon painting”, this should not be done. Rhyme :

Turned out today

What is right - iconography.


The word, although old, is used in modern speech, including in a figurative sense. As in the previous word, the stress here falls only on the first syllable. No games allowed! And " memorizer ":

Came in a monster costume

At the school for a game.

Letter K


Words ending in -log have different stresses. In the word catalog, as in the words dialogue, monologue, prologue, epilogue, the stress falls on the last syllable. There is no word catalog. Rhyme will help you not to get confused.

We started a dialogue,

We are discussing the catalogue.


And somewhere, probably, there are containers, because that's what they say very often. However, the stress here is stable and in all forms of the word falls on the second syllable - containers. It never carries over to the end.

Let's remember "accountants" and "ages" and just remember.

And again, our cheat sheet, which you can download and use to memorize difficult accents.

The letter M

In a glimpse

Another difficult word, who says “briefly”, and who says “briefly”. Unfortunately for many, the second option is wrong. The stress in the word "glimpse" falls on the first syllable. There are no exceptions. You can come up with your own associations to remember, or you can learn our rhyme :

They write very small,

We caught a glimpse

Garbage chute

If we don't want to push garbage into the wires, then we shouldn't say garbage chute. Garbage can only be thrown into the garbage chute. The stress in this word falls on the last syllable. As in other "wires" - a gas pipeline, a pipeline, an oil pipeline. And it will help to remember rhyme :

The whole rather big passage

The garbage chute occupied.

Letter H


It would seem that this word should not cause difficulties. But it turned out that there is some professional slang - many knitters say nakid, throwing a loop on a knitting needle. However, there are no exceptions here. Only nakid is correct - in knitting and in other cases. "Memory" will help;

We are not very surprised:

In knitting, they make a crochet.


Where the word “intention” comes from is unknown, but it sneaks into our speech quite often. However, there is only intention. The stress in this word falls on the second syllable. The rhyme will help to remember, and to someone to get rid of incorrect pronunciation:

It is better to be more moderate

Talk about intentions.

Letter O


The stress in this word always falls on the third syllable - provision. And it doesn’t matter if we are talking about material support for someone, ensuring an obligation with something or ensuring someone’s safety. The stress will stand in any case. There is no word “providing”, which many dictionaries explicitly warn about.

A rhyme will help you remember this difficult word:

is marked in the dictionary

The word provision


Do you remember the words of the song of the Lyube group: “... from the wide open windows ..”? Many will be surprised, but this is not the norm. In the genitive plural, the stress falls on the first syllable - windows. Not windows. Remember?

What is this cocoon

Do we see from the windows?

Letter П


The stress in this word always falls on the second syllable. It doesn't matter if it's a call to action or a call to the army. Often, when it comes to conscription for military service, you can hear the call. However, in the army, as well as for action, they are called. And there is no reason to change the stress in a word depending on the meaning. In all cases, the emphasis is the same - the call. A from rhyme easier!

The window is open,

We hear the call.


Not a half-over, not a pullover, but only a pullover. Dictionaries do not provide other options. In order not to accidentally put on a half-breeze, remember rhyme :

Beautiful motor scooter.

And a pullover in his color.

The letter P


Perhaps, checking the word "shell", some put the emphasis on the first syllable - shell. And what? A large shell, and a small shell. However, the word "shell" is not a test word for a shell. And the stress in this word is placed on the second syllable - shell. And small, and large, and river, and sea. And to be remembered better, rhyme :

A beautiful toy

From a seashell.


The word has several meanings. This is both the temporary ruler and the conductor of the church choir. But the stress is one - on the first syllable. In M.A. Bulgakov’s novel The Master and Margarita, the “regent” is quite common: this is how Koroviev called himself at the beginning of the work. “Now the regent put on his nose an obviously unnecessary pince-nez, in which one glass was missing at all, and the other was cracked.” If anyone doubted how to pronounce Koroviev's position, now he will be sure that he is regent. Well, in addition to the classics, our " memo ":

Likes to listen to reggae

Hora former regent

And this is the third card from the dictionary. Download it and we will not make mistakes in pronunciation.

Letter C


Remember the asymmetry? One might think that in the word "symmetry" the stress falls on the last syllable. The words are similar! But no, that would be too simple, so in the word "symmetry" the stress falls on the second syllable - symmetry. Here, as in the case of asymmetry, there are sometimes two options in dictionaries - symmetry and symmetry. But only the first one corresponds to a strict norm - symmetry. Remember with rhymes

Likes geometry,

So that there is symmetry.


Concentration can often be heard. But let's imagine how something gathers at one point, and easily remember what is right - concentration. And if the dot does not help, then our rhyme will definitely do it:

The shutters are boarded up,

Silence is concentrated here


For some unknown reason, this word is pronounced insurer. Perhaps, by analogy with some professions in the -man: crane operator, shoemaker. However, none of the modern dictionaries records the word "insurer". There is only "insurer". The emphasis on "o" remains in the derivative words "insurer", "reinsurer".

And it's easy to remember: remember the word insurance, the insurer also stresses the letter "o". And you can also come up with rhyme :

Lviv trainers

Always go to the insurer.


The correct stress in this word is on the last syllable. The profession of carpenter does not exist, no matter how often one hears this word. It's like saying not a painter, but a painter. However, they don’t say that, but for some reason the carpenter took root. And in vain, it does not correspond to the norm. The painter will help remember :

We have a painter working,

But we really need a carpenter.

By the way, the correct plural is “carpenters”, not carpenters and not carpenters. As, however, and painters.

Letter T


Do you remember the word "bows"? "Cakes" from the same company. There are not many two-syllable words that have the stress on the first syllable. Cakes is one of them. The stress will remain unchanged when the word is declined. There are no cakes, not cakes, delicious cakes are welcome, but not cakes. When changing the word in the singular in cases, the stress will stand - there is no cake, I'm glad for the cake, I dream of a cake. A rhyme will help you remember:

We are going to resorts,

We can’t eat cakes,

We want to flaunt in shorts,

But they don’t get slimmer “on cakes”.


Despite the common pronunciation “transfer”, it is correct to stress only the last syllable – transfer. And a "reminder":

Famous collector

Booked a transfer to the hotel.


Contrary to popular belief, the stress here falls on the first syllable. You can’t say “shoe” or “shoe”, only “shoe. And don't forget that the noun shoe is feminine.

Letter X


One of the annoying and often used options is petition. Let's spare the ears of those around us and never say that! Only intercession and intercession. And with the rhyme is easier to remember.

Just a treat for the ear.

When they say "intercession".

Letter Ш


And one more of the few two-syllable words in which the stress falls on the first syllable. We already know about bows and cakes, and now scarves have joined them. It's only right, not scarves. The stress will be preserved when the word is changed both in the singular and in the plural - scarves, scarf, scarf, scarves. Rhyme will help you not to forget.

We play the harps

Scarves are uncomfortable.

Let's sit down to the harps,

Let's take off our scarves

Double (variable) accents in nouns

Good news. No, in all words it is not yet possible to put stress on different syllables at will. But there are a lot of words with variable stress. Let's present some of them.


It sounds amazing, but not so long ago only the pronunciation apartments was considered correct. And some dictionaries still fix this option as the only one. True, in some modern dictionaries you can see "apartment" as a colloquial option. But the majority still consider apartments and apartments to be equal. Both options are standard.


Until recently, only the bungalow was considered correct. Now, the stress depends on the choice of the speaker - both bungalow and bungalow correspond to the norm.


As in the previous cases, only the pronunciation - croutons was allowed before. And in the singular - toast had a masculine gender. Over time, croutons also appeared, and in the singular feminine toast.

Both words are normative, and the choice is yours.


You will be surprised, but many dictionaries record both college and college as equals. True, more conservative dictionaries adhere to the college option. We would also recommend not to stress the second syllable. But in this case there will be no error either.


She stopped being only cookery a long time ago, having got herself a sister - cookery. Both cooking and cooking are recorded in dictionaries.


Here you can taste delicious pizza. And it can be pronounced differently. If strict dictionaries believe that only the pizzeria option is correct, then most dictionaries argue with them, fixing two options - pizzeria and pizzeria.


Don't be surprised.

Learn more