Sentence with my

English Sentences with Audio Using the Word "My"

English Sentences with Audio Using the Word "My"
It's my CD.
It's my job.
My eyes hurt.
It's my treat.
My head aches.
She's my type.
That's my line!
This is my car.
You're my type.
I hurt my elbow.
I'll do my best.
My father is in.
My hat blew off.
This is my book.
Bob is my friend.
He is my brother.
It's now my turn.
Let go of my arm!
My eyes are sore.
My father is out.
My father smokes.
My mother is out.
My nose is itchy.
My pulse is fast.
My pulse is slow.
She took my hand.
Those are my CDs.
Where is my book?
I changed my mind.
I owe him my life.
It's my brother's.
It's not my fault.
My eyes are tired.
My father is tall.
My stomach's full.
This is my cousin.
Where is my watch?
He is about my age.
He lied to my face.
Here is my bicycle.
I admit my mistake.
I clapped my hands.
I fractured my arm.
I give you my word.
I made my decision.
Leave my car alone.
My car won't start.
My eyes feel itchy.
My legs still hurt.
My nose is running.
My parents are old.
My stomach is full.
She's my classmate.
This is my bicycle.
This is my brother.
Those are my books.
He accepted my idea.
He is about my size.
I had my pen stolen.
I'm proud of my son.
My back still hurts.
My sister has a job.
My sister is famous.
My wife is a doctor.
She is about my age.
She is my classmate.
The dog bit my hand.
The man took my arm.
This is my daughter.
Excuse my clumsiness.
He acted as my guide.
He came to my rescue.
He married my cousin.
I had my watch fixed.
I put on my trousers.
It's my CD, isn't it?
My eyes are watering.
My father grows rice.
My headache has gone.
My mother can't come.
My mother cooks well.
Swimming is my hobby.
That's my dictionary.
Where are my glasses?
Don't touch my camera.
I am tired of my work.
I broke my leg skiing.
I can't find my watch.
I gave him my address.
I gave my cold to him.
I have lost my camera.
I have lost my wallet.
I'd bet my life on it.
It's my favorite food.
It's my favorite song.
Leave my camera alone.
My father loves pizza.
My sister got engaged.
My sister often cries.
My uncle runs a hotel.
My whole body is sore.
She agreed to my idea.
She asked for my help.
That is my dictionary.
That's not my concern.
The soap hurt my eyes.
This is my friend Tom.
Those are my trousers.
He accepted my present.
I change my mind a lot.
I contacted my parents.
I had him fix my watch.
I'm looking for my key.
John ignored my advice.
My daughter has braces.
My father is a teacher.
My father went fishing.
My foot's asleep again!
My son can't count yet.
Can I eat my lunch here?
Charge it to my account.
Don't put it on my desk.
Don't put it on my desk.
He's my younger brother.
Here's my email address.
I had my watch repaired.
I have to iron my shirt.
I like my job very much.
I wish to see my father.
I'd better be on my way.
I'm faithful to my wife.
I'm proud of my brother.
My arm is hurting badly.
My father seldom smokes.
My mother gets up early.
My mother speaks slowly.
My right shoulder hurts.
My strength is all gone.
My uncle gave me a book.
My wife loves apple pie.
Please let go of my arm.
Tomorrow is my birthday.
Could I park my car here?
He looked over my report.
I acknowledge my mistake.
I feed my dog once a day.
I have an ache in my arm.
I put cream in my coffee.
I'm serious about my job.
It's for my personal use.
It's in my jacket pocket.
It's my duty to help you.
It's none of my business!
My father is in his room.
My mother is sick in bed.
My shoelaces came undone.
My temperature is normal.
My uncle gave me his car.
My university has a dorm.
Nobody came to my rescue.
She rejected my proposal.
That wasn't my intention.
This is my email address.
Charge this to my account.
Charge this to my company.
Come to my house at eight.
Did you receive my letter?
I am through with my work.
I feed my dog twice a day.
I got some sand in my eye.
I had him repair my watch.
I have to look for my pen.
I invited him to my house.
I'll show my album to you.
I'm busy with my homework.
It's my younger brother's.
My apartment is near here.
My father loves my mother.
My father swims very well.
My father was in the navy.
My pet cat died yesterday.
My wife is a good manager.
She refused my invitation.
The cat scratched my hand.
There's a hair in my soup.
What should I feed my dog?
When should I feed my dog?
Yesterday was my birthday.
You should take my advice.
Do you think it's my fault?
He proofread my manuscript.
I added a room to my house.
I asked them to fix my car.
I couldn't believe my eyes.
I got him to repair my car.
I had the boy carry my bag.
I think I'm losing my mind.
I'd like to change my room.
I'm satisfied with my work.
It's my turn to drive next.

Sentences with My, My in a Sentence in English, Sentences For My

Sentences with My, My in a Sentence in English, Sentences For My

1.  My pleasure.

2. Get my rifle.

3. I love my cat.

4. I’m on my way.

5. My friend came.

6. My wrist hurts.

7. You are my hero.

8. You ate my cake.

9. You are my dear.

10. I tore my pants.

11. I’ll do my best.

12. It was my debut.

13. My jeans shrank.

14. Saddle my horse.

15. I hurt my elbow.

16. Get my tool box.

17. My mom was tough.

18. Where’s my diary?

19. My name is Frank.

20. Hand me my towel.

21. You are my crush.

22. It’s my pleasure.

23. This is my sister.

24. Where is my watch?

25. It’s not my fault.

26. My son likes dogs.

27. My stomach’s full.

28. My father is tall.

29. This is my cousin.

30. Get me my glasses.

31. My wife is Polish.

32. Where’s my parade?

33. My eyes are tired.

34. My room is a mess.

35. I want my own room.

36. I love you my dear.

37. I fell off my bike.

38. Here is my bicycle.

39. These are my shoes.

40. I named my dog Pup.

41. I give you my word.

42. That’s my favorite.

43. Leave my car alone.

44. I’m on my way over.

45. My car won’t start.

46. I admit my mistake.

47. You’re my favorite.

48. I have done my job.

49. She’s my classmate.

50. Alex shook my hand.

51. My legs feel heavy.

52. My legs still hurt.

53. My nose is running.

54. This is not my day.

55. My boots are muddy.

56. I clapped my hands.

57. He lied to my face.

58.  I had my breakfast.

59. I love my new pets.

60. I fractured my arm.

61. I made my decision.

62. I spilled my drink.

63. My eyes feel itchy.

64. This is my brother.

65. I have lost my cap.

66. My brother is lazy.

67. I’m walking my dog.

68. My parents are old.

69. My lips are sealed.

70. Those are my books.

71. This is my bicycle.

72. He is about my age.

73. Welcome to my home.

74. He asked me my age.

75. I don’t dye my hair.

76. My sister has a cup.

77. My new car is black.

78. My throat feels dry.

79. You crossed my mind.

80. My gums are swollen.

81. He accepted my idea.

82. I’m dead on my feet.

83. My pride’s not hurt.

84. They’re my favorite.

85.  Carry out my orders!

86. Will my mother cook?

87. My luggage got lost.

88. I want to do my job.

89. I emailed my friend.

90. My ears are ringing.

91. Calm down my friend!

92. Don’t touch my bike.

93. She is my colleague.

94. My money was stolen.

95. I’m in my underwear.

96. Get out of my sight.

97. Come, sit on my lap.

98. This is my favorite.

99. You are my treasure.

100. He is my sole child.

101. Don’t read my diary.

102. My father spoils me.

103. Where is my luggage?

104. My mom loves butter.

105. Did you get my point?

106. I looked at my watch.

107. I named my dog Pupit.

108. My eyes are watering.

109. My son dislikes dogs.

110. I forgot my password.

111.  Frank is my favorite.

112. My car’s in the shop.

113. Can you hold my hand?

114. You’ve got my helmet.

115. Alex has my sympathy.

116. My friend is Russian.

117. My mother never lies.

118. Alex will fix my car.

119. Love me, love my dog.

120. My mother cooks well.

121. He envied my success.

122. Mark will fix my car.

123. My mother adores him.

124. My watch is accurate.

125. You were my favorite.

126. He guaranteed my debt.

127. I am folding my dress.

128. That is my dictionary.

129. My son is very active.

130. I got my old job back.

131. I’ve lost my appetite.

132. Did you use my camera?

133. Boldness be my friend.

134. My father didn’t show.

135. My house is my castle.

136. My mother is a beauty.

137. That’s not my concern.

138. My mother is an angel.

139. I have my own TV show.

140. My cat runs very fast.

141. My room is just below.

142. You are my everything.

143. My eye has swollen up.

144. We didn’t find my son.

145. My father likes Steve.

146. My parents came to us.

147. Don’t burst my bubble.

148. Don’t stand in my way.

149. I always lock my room.

150. My computer is broken.

151. I must repay my debts.

152. I do love my new pets.

153. My luggage is missing.

154. You can drive my bike.

155. Don’t read my journal.

156. I love my mom and dad.

157. My life is very happy.

158. My mother was furious.

159. Steve entered my room.

Sentences with the word "my"

We found 80 sentences with the word "my". Synonyms for "my". Meaning of the word. Characters. "my" - morphemic analysis.

  • And I am glad that today I can somehow cheer up my brothers, my countrymen.
  • We were drinking beer and talking when a senior administrator, already familiar to me, walked past us and politely bowed to my interlocutors.
  • He listened with the greatest attention to all to my conversations at the table, but he himself did not utter a word.
  • I go into the woods with my gun, with my dog, I make a fire, and the firelight licks the pine trunks.
  • But now I must give my readers a correct idea of ​​my then state.
  • And in general, I began to "sort" Lenin, subconsciously selecting only what corresponded with my views.
  • These grandchildren took over my with attention and with my heart.
  • But it wasn't my decision: celebrity status was not my choice.
  • Painting my friends really liked.
  • To me, and to my classmates , the farewell seemed sad.
  • My collection was kept in a diet egg carton and was my biggest treasure.
  • He is not at all surprised by my unexpected arrival, although yesterday it was agreed that we would not see each other today. nine0010
  • I wanted to comprehend what was happening to my people, my state.
  • Incredible difference from to my dry, well-equipped little Napoleon Solo.
  • In essence, it was he who became my and not only my teacher in the field of genetics.
  • Under my command they die but do not surrender!
  • No one was particularly involved in the upbringing of my , so the main thing is my teacher can be considered a bookcase.
  • A little darkened, however, for me the general triumph of Khmel's order to part with my new, so to speak, work suit.
  • He was destined to become my friend and brother forever, much more than a real brother.
  • The biggest change happened to my dog Tony.
  • And Fred Astaire, who was my good friend , and Gene Kelly, they were always amazed to my dancing ability.
  • But the reader should know that I had no reason to treat my employers badly at the time.
  • Greg was my idol, my protector, even though he was only fourteen years old.
  • David, my brother, was she as cool as she was with me?
  • All of France was watching my ax when they quartered poor Damien, who had encroached on the life of the king himself. nine0010
  • Pete listened to a couple of demos I made with my buddy David Spinoza, and then went over the deal with my father.
  • Gumilyov was my real teacher and mentor.
  • Yevtushenko at that time was my favorite poet.
  • He, like everyone applauding, thought that this was a challenge in connection with my return to the academy, and this came to my soul.
  • One day I woke up from nightingale singing under by my window.
  • He never forgot to send greetings to my family members, and each postcard from him contained bows to my "venerable parents".
  • My party investigator was a short, thin man named Vasily Ivanovich (I forgot his last name) with very attentive and kind eyes.
  • But the greatest, most my favorite, my god is still Dostoevsky.
  • A warehouse of green cutlets was found on the cupboard, I was found out, I was expelled from the kindergarten in disgrace, and tormented my came to an end.
  • The only companion of my was a lieutenant.
  • Under my management "Drum" did not prosper.
  • She was always looking for something, constantly writing in a notebook, asking a lot of stupid questions about my leaflets.
  • And thus the connection, which I pointed out at the beginning, between my dramatic creativity and my own philosophical search is specified.
  • I reorganized the work of the department on the basis of research conducted under my direction at the Department of Cybernetics.
  • Am I really trying to my listeners and "put rose-colored glasses" on the eyes of my readers?
  • Please, my son, do not be careless with my deeds, with my rights.
  • My guests were extremely pleased with the interior of the ship, which was very flattering for me, because it was executed according to to my directions.
  • By the way, about Fru van Daan: I am wildly angry with her eternal attempts to flirt with my dad.
  • And it dawned on her: it means that the meeting with such my appearance was set up.
  • Before my birth, he made a bet with my father that a boy would be born.
  • I worked on all the scripts for of my films to one degree or another.
  • According to my blueprints, it turned out that it was impossible to evacuate the whole of one division out of two. nine0010
  • Krige might add: this is my manure heap produced by me, my wife and children, my farm laborer and my cattle.
  • I began to frantically collect the sheets and caught her eye: she was amazed by my excitement.
  • Of course, I'm just sure that my favorite dish was, remained and, perhaps, will remain forever cream.
  • The villa was called Ashfield, and it was to be my home, now and forever, almost for life. nine0010
  • Petrov worked under my leadership from August 1928 to March 1929.
  • What made the situation especially unbearable was the contrast between my useless and immobile standing and the frenzied activity of the brokers.
  • The fee for a small note signed by my name became my first earnings.
  • I was always doing something, climbing somewhere, and it was very difficult for my parents to cope with my pressure. nine0010
  • I answered that eight years ago I saw him as a child in Naples and his uncle, Don Lelio Caraffa, was my benefactor.
  • It is possible that he was dissatisfied with my political direction or with my little attention to his subject.
  • Perhaps someone spoke for me in my voice.
  • Osterman had to go to Berezov, a terrible Siberian village already known to my readers.
  • So, his ironic observations about modern life became my Babbling Brook, my Autumn Storm.
  • In an instant he became dear and close to me, not just Misha, but “ my , my and only my Misha”.
  • You insulted an honest woman who is under my patronage.
  • I was stunned when I read that women with my name “can cook”, and those with my middle name “do not like to cook”.
  • All of them were much older than me, with the exception of the loader Golubenko, who was a member of my first crew and by my of the same age.
  • And she herself, my mother, I am sure, has now become my guardian angel, and not only my , but also my whole family.
  • My individual master was Kalatozov.
  • He moves close behind me, without interruption, keeping his head over my left shoulder.
  • Is whale my totem, my animal cousin?
  • I did not repulse Petrov's objections and attacks, easily agreeing with his orders, which were opposite to to my .
  • He was Ziggy, he was created and he was my creation then, my theatrical creation.
  • Putting my army under arms, I go out and see how he is going uphill, heading for my apartments, an officer accompanied by a peasant.
  • But I think that both me and my classmates with teachers were more fortunate than my children.
  • I am more than ever proud of my hero brother, to my dear, beloved Lyovochka, who died heroically.
  • According to my observations, it is written twice, thrice, and each time events are interpreted differently.
  • They seemed excessively serious to me, at least in comparison with my own mood.
  • In a way, he was my alter ego, my inner child, my conscience, and my higher self.
  • With my fans of the “red-whites” connected such expectations with the return to the field that my loved ones became scared.
  • I look down at Solo and suddenly I realize that he is my reflection .
  • I present to judge this to my readers.
  • I also recall a sporting event in which my opponent was Prince Frederick Karl[6 - Later killed while piloting in France.].

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Synonyms for "my". Meaning of the word. Characters. "my" - morphemic analysis.

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Sentences with the word "my" 9002 found 80 sentences with the word "my". Synonyms for "my". Meaning of the word. Characters. "my" - morphemic parsing. The meaning of the word mine. nine0003

  • My fellow fishermen amused themselves by looking at my suffering.
  • Some my colleagues will probably look at my literary exercises with disapproval.
  • Against my will, despite my objections, my "memoirs" included phrases denying the existence of the Almighty.
  • My Canadian brokers called me, my financial advisers advised me, and when I got the next tip, I felt that the right thing was done. nine0010
  • And before evaporating from there, we hear a heart-rending cry: "Aaah, my money, my money!" It was class.
  • If you are not convinced by my words, look into my eyes, into your own eyes.
  • This surpassed my ability and my strength.
  • My children, my babies with their shining faces, tender bodies and thin arms and legs never smile at me in this dream. nine0010
  • This at once confirmed all my stories, my "Spanish", "delage", "delai" and "voisins" [5 - Names of brands of cars and aircraft.].
  • Although my eyes were open, I could not see anything because hydrogen sulfide was burning them, and besides, my own hair covered the visibility.
  • He cared neither my worries, nor my sores, nor my worries, nor my difficulties. nine0010
  • My emotions, my feelings surged through me with terrible force.
  • My principles are not affected by the absence or abundance of money in the slightest, but my actions are all the more affected by it.
  • my calls and my questions were alien to her.
  • She guesses my intentions, she anticipates my actions.
  • He didn't attack me, and all are my bad feelings and my difficulties just vanished.
  • When my servants returned, saying that they had left, I ordered that my doors be closed to everyone.
  • But listen, my friends, my colleagues, stop and come to your senses!
  • Sometimes my desires were accidentally mixed up, for which my children are certainly not angry with me.
  • My parents always encouraged my inclination to dream, and with their help I was determined to do my best to my dreams came true.
  • And under the guise of criminal squabbles they hide that the state is killing me, my thoughts, my books.
  • My hands bump into a soft lump that starts to stir and bite my hands.
  • They told me nothing at my doubts and at my worries.
  • A young and noble lady who was at my bed, thinking that my sobs and my words were caused only my m ailment, also began to cry.
  • These were my words, these were my thoughts, Donn said what I wanted to say, but as he said!
  • He used to personally take me to all my concerts, mix my records to record accompaniment, tweak the sound, do absolutely everything.
  • That's why I now become so unpleasant and my former so persistent attacks on the city, and my no less warm praises of the village.
  • It is much more important for me what I think about myself and what my mother , my children, my wife, my friends, my friends think about me.
  • My persistent disputes and cited quotations in favor of the superiority of those caught in my hands of trump cards amused Pushkin like a child.
  • The success exceeded my expectations and I had to stop my search for lack of a place to put my prey. nine0010
  • My dear , knowing my addictions , gave me Plutarch and Leskov.
  • For example, my parents did not interfere in family relations either with my older brother or in my .
  • But I've already been to Moscow, and what the Maly Theater gave me got my grades, raised my requirements.
  • He recalled: " My comrades, young Frenchmen, stole my projectors from me and greedily copied them." nine0010
  • My colleagues were relieved to listen to my reasoning.
  • All my experiences, my perceptions of reality at that moment and my disappointments reflect only my point of view.
  • My persistent disputes and quotations in favor of the superiority of those caught in my hands of trump cards amused Pushkin like a child.
  • He did not seem to be offended either by my advice or 0006 my reproaches.
  • Then he examined my analyzes, confirming or refuting my opinions rhetorically, aesthetically and philosophically.
  • This is a script about where my parents disappeared, my ancestors, and why their souls are circling over the city, over the republic.
  • My interlocutors listen with interest to my stories about our life as irretrievably gone. nine0010
  • Her attention was attracted by my laces, charms, my rings.
  • My eyes, lips, my legs will open to meet you and say everything themselves.
  • These were my university comrades, my peers .
  • She was interested in literally everything: and my parents, and my friends, and my girls, and my income and expenses.
  • I closed my eyes and felt that he heard all my thoughts and knows all my feelings.
  • How could my lawyers protect my interests?
  • It happened that my plans did not work out, and my stock did not move as usual, but in the exact opposite direction.
  • These are, in brief, the events and their consequences that linked my expeditions together, and the role played by my friends.
  • I mean because my brokers were hard limiting my bets, I couldn't play big.
  • He never praised my compositions, and when I commented on the work of other students, he ridiculed my remarks.
  • My teachers, my stage and film partners are precious to me.
  • Since I worked in secret, all my comrades refused to admit that these verses were my .
  • My melodies, he told himself, are cleaner, my ensembles are more inspired.
  • Staff, doctors, my family, my friends, my colleagues.
  • My thoughts and my sympathies draw me towards the peasantry.
  • I have not succeeded in setting out in any coherent form both my moods, and my sins before the Central Committee, before you.
  • But there was something else that, as it turned out later, “thanked” all my efforts, all my efforts, all my weeks of work.
  • Farewell, my kind nannies, my fairy tales!
  • My dreams were there, my friends lived there.
  • For all my fair indignations, my employers stuck under my nose the paper-contract signed by me, where my signature was.
  • And every time I got out of prison, I rushed to my "leaves", in my "madness"!
  • There were my photos with Cas and Camille, and my school photos with white kids.
  • We spent the whole day in the village, and Romeo had to soothe my cries and dry my tears more than once.
  • All my plans, all my thoughts proceeded from the assumption that I would spend many years in Kolymsk together with my comrades and friends. nine0010
  • After all, I thought, my relatives, my friends seem to love me.
  • He put on my blouses and girded them like a dress, put on my high-heeled shoes or father's shoes.
  • I believe in many things that my contemporaries do not believe in , and, on the other hand, my contemporaries believe in much of what I do not believe.
  • He asked me a few questions and listened patiently my answers and then my clarifications.
  • My notes were so good that all my classmates used them.
  • My desperate worries about art, my ideal aspirations in this area were clear to him.
  • Neither my home nor my (all the more so!) comrades thought that I could conceive such a thing.
  • Tom Paine inspired the American revolutionaries with the words: “If trouble is destined to come, let it come at my days so that my children live in peace.
  • My readers have read all my articles and can judge better than me whether there is truth in the words of “a descendant of the great Karamzin”.
  • I'll tell you, there are several pillars in my foundation: my children, ranging from forty-eight to two and a half years old, and my students.
  • I am bored my words, my thoughts, my desires. nine0010
  • All I had to do was tell my benefactors what the situation is my affairs and what my plans are .
  • Now many my comrades, friends, colleagues, my contemporaries, of the same age and older, are writing memoirs.
  • Well, that is, not my , but written by other writers, but then I firmly decided that there would be my later.
  • He ransacked my pockets and all of me and tried to take my fucking meatballs.

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