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The Great Outdoors

Fantastic city trails lead families to the waterfront

By: Heather Larson | Oct 27, 2022

The Great Outdoors

Brilliant, leafy walks and great family photo ops

By: Maegen Blue | Sep 21, 2022

The Great Outdoors

From Tukwila to Olympia, where to see salmon spawn this fall

By: Fiona Cohen | Sep 08, 2022

Seasonal Fun

Top tips for enjoying The Fair with kids in 2022

By: Maegen Blue | Aug 25, 2022


Sweet small-town day trips not too far away

By: Elisa Murray | Aug 18, 2022

The Great Outdoors

South Sound–area swimming lakes for kids and families

By: Tiffany Doerr Guerzon | Aug 11, 2022

Arts + Entertainment

Pack your picnic and frolic on the grass on warm summer days and nights

By: Lauren Valencia | Jul 08, 2022

City Adventures

Bowling, arcades, roller skating and old-school fun around the Sound

By: Maegen Blue | Jun 29, 2022

City Adventures

Grit City shines in this bustling enclave full of super shops and great grub

By: Nikki McCoy | Jun 28, 2022

City Adventures

Take a walk through time in this charming neighborhood

By: Nikki McCoy | Jun 28, 2022

The Great Outdoors

Where to play in the spray around the South Sound

By: Lauren Valencia | Jun 24, 2022

The Great Outdoors

Awesome new train-themed ground your kids will love

By: Nikki McCoy | Jun 23, 2022

Arts + Entertainment

An engaging and awe-inspiring family evening under the big top

By: Nikki McCoy | Jun 16, 2022

Seasonal Fun

Find farm-fresh produce and loads of family fun

By: Kate Missine | Jun 14, 2022

The Great Outdoors

Upgrades include a new play area, pavilion and restrooms

By: JiaYing Grygiel | Jun 08, 2022

The Great Outdoors

Entice the kids on a hike with the reward of a roaring cascade

By: Maegen Blue | Jun 08, 2022

Seasonal Fun

Where to find U-pick berries around Seattle

By: Allison Holm | Jun 06, 2022


Lovely, updated Paradise Inn is open for the season

By: JiaYing Grygiel | May 20, 2022

Arts + Entertainment

Don't miss Professor Dumbledog and the rest of the crew

By: Natasha Dillinger | May 05, 2022

Seasonal Fun

Delight your favorite mom with a special activity Mother's Day weekend

By: Julie Dodobara | Apr 28, 2022

The Great Outdoors

Ride your bikes on safe and scenic trails for families

By: Tiffany Doerr Guerzon | Apr 26, 2022

The Great Outdoors

Get close to pigs, goats, chickens, kangaroos and more

By: Allison Holm | Apr 21, 2022


Enter for a chance to win one of 13 amazing prizes, valued at $2,000 total

By: ParentMap Editors | Apr 19, 2022


Go city to country in just 20 minutes

By: JiaYing Grygiel | Apr 15, 2022

Arts + Entertainment

Tickets on sale now for family fun at The Fair

By: Nancy Chaney | Apr 04, 2022

The Great Outdoors

Little kids dig into nature at new South Sound play destination

By: Natasha Dillinger | Mar 31, 2022

City Adventures

Where to find sweet treats and play stops for kids

By: Tiffany Doerr Guerzon | Mar 15, 2022

Indoor Play

Awesome kid-friendly pools around Seattle, the Eastside and South Sound

By: Kali Sakai | Feb 28, 2022

Arts + Entertainment

Interactive, kid-friendly fun gets young hands on local history

By: Nikki McCoy | Feb 24, 2022

City Adventures

Grab your flashlights and your kids! It's time to search

By: Malia Jacobson | Jan 25, 2022

The Great Outdoors

New park features invite creative play and exploration

By: Natasha Dillinger | Jan 24, 2022

The Great Outdoors

8 great stroller-friendly trails for running and walking with tots

By: Michelle Richards Peters | Jan 20, 2022

Seasonal Fun

Stroll past sparkling light art to brighten your winter

By: Nikki McCoy | Jan 18, 2022

Seasonal Fun

A month-by-month guide to the best Seattle-area events with kids

By: Elisa Murray | Jan 10, 2022

The Great Outdoors

Skirt the snow and wander a trail with kids

By: Lauren Braden | Dec 28, 2021

Indoor Play

Fun and unusual south-sound family activity

By: Tiffany Doerr Guerzon | Dec 21, 2021

Seasonal Fun

Four out of four scones for the Fair’s holiday extravaganza!

By: JiaYing Grygiel | Dec 13, 2021

Seasonal Fun

Family holiday activities to make your season sparkle

By: Nancy Chaney | Nov 18, 2021

Seasonal Fun

All the details for taking the kids to skate in 2021

By: Nikki McCoy | Nov 12, 2021

Seasonal Fun

Where to bask in holiday sparkle in 2021

By: Nancy Chaney | Nov 11, 2021

The Great Outdoors

Explore this fascinating preserve with a private family guide

By: Devon Hammer | Sep 30, 2021

Seasonal Fun

Where to pick your perfect pumpkin this fall

By: Lauren Valencia | Sep 16, 2021

City Adventures

A city adventure on the Tacoma Narrows Bridge

By: Malia Jacobson | May 11, 2021

Indoor Play

Book a visit and get those wiggles out

By: Devon Hammer | Mar 12, 2021

Arts + Entertainment

Pamper PDZA's resident goats at this kid-friendly program

By: Devon Hammer | Feb 22, 2021

Arts + Entertainment

Our reviewer spills on her family's sneak peak

By: JiaYing Grygiel | Dec 04, 2020

The Great Outdoors

Go play (and follow the rules) at Friendly Grove's new playground

By: Nikki McCoy | Sep 21, 2020

Arts + Entertainment

Northwest Trek offers private family jeep tours

By: Nancy Chaney | Aug 20, 2020

City Adventures

A dozen diverting destinations for family-friendly fun

By: Nikki McCoy | Aug 20, 2020

Seasonal Fun

Pack up the kids for drive-in fair treats, music and a movie

By: Nancy Chaney | Jun 30, 2020

The Great Outdoors

Where to go to swing, climb and play

By: Nancy Chaney | Jun 26, 2020

Arts + Entertainment

Get your tickets now for PDZA and Northwest Trek

By: Nancy Chaney | Jun 11, 2020

The Great Outdoors

Wild Drive: Northwest Trek opens to families in private cars

By: Nancy Chaney | May 19, 2020

The Great Outdoors

Search for sweet, hidden gnome doors in a local town's parks

By: Tiffany Doerr Guerzon | Apr 13, 2020

The Great Outdoors

New locations to try out this awesome nature app with kids

By: Tiffany Doerr Guerzon | Apr 02, 2020

Seasonal Fun

Great stuff this month for Northwest families

By: Gemma Alexander | Mar 02, 2020

Arts + Entertainment

5 best bets with kids at Tacoma's film fest this weekend

By: Nancy Chaney | Feb 27, 2020

Arts + Entertainment

Olympia Family Theater’s show balances heavy topics with humor and heart

By: Nikki McCoy | Feb 04, 2020

Arts + Entertainment

Why you should take the kids to learn about black leaders

By: Diana Cherry | Jan 16, 2020

The Great Outdoors

Awesome places to run, climb, slide and play opened this past year

By: Nancy Chaney | Dec 16, 2019

Arts + Entertainment

Light Plantasia dazzles. .. but only for a few days

By: Nancy Chaney | Dec 11, 2019

Indoor Play

Your family survival guide for the rainy season

By: Kris Collingridge | Dec 05, 2019

Arts + Entertainment

Centerstage Theatre’s interactive show totally engages kids (and adults)

By: Tiffany Doerr Guerzon | Dec 05, 2019

Arts + Entertainment

From one-hour versions perfect for tots to the PNB spectacular

By: | Dec 03, 2019

Seasonal Fun

Holiday sparkle for families on a budget

By: Maegen Blue | Nov 21, 2019

Seasonal Fun

Get your glide on as a family at Point Ruston's seasonal rink

By: Tiffany Doerr Guerzon | Nov 14, 2019

Arts + Entertainment

Vintage schooner the Megan D is open for play

By: Nikki McCoy | Oct 24, 2019

Seasonal Fun

Dark and scary for older kids; light and friendly for the younger set

By: Tiffany Doerr Guerzon | Oct 09, 2019

The Great Outdoors

Affordable and accessible family-fun programs that get kids moving

By: Nikki McCoy | Sep 24, 2019

Indoor Play

Where to breastfeed in Seattle, Bellevue and more

By: Elisa Murray | Aug 05, 2019

Indoor Play

Popular Great Wolf Lodge now offering day access

By: Nancy Chaney | Jul 19, 2019

The Great Outdoors

Slides, bikes and family fun by the bay

By: Nikki McCoy | Jul 15, 2019

Seasonal Fun

The quarry pool will open for the summer season

By: Malia Jacobson | Jun 23, 2019

Seasonal Fun

Awesome pump track beckons kids on bikes, scooters, skates and skateboards

By: Nikki McCoy | Apr 29, 2019

City Adventures

Independent Bookstore Day is Saturday

By: JiaYing Grygiel | Apr 24, 2019

Arts + Entertainment

April 27 community parade celebrates the inhabitants of Mother Earth

By: Nikki McCoy | Apr 22, 2019


It's close, it's super-cool and you should check it out

By: Nancy Chaney | Apr 18, 2019

Seasonal Fun

Hop to these family events for Easter-weekend fun

By: Tiffany Doerr Guerzon | Apr 15, 2019


Kid-friendly freeway breaks just when you need them

By: Maegen Blue | Apr 05, 2019

Arts + Entertainment

New Pacific Seas Aquarium celebrates with sea creatures, storytelling, community art and more

By: JiaYing Grygiel | Mar 28, 2019

City Adventures

We R Tacoma: Pro sports options expand at Cheney Stadium

By: Nikki McCoy | Mar 05, 2019

The Great Outdoors

Popular winter recreation programs for families affected by shutdown

By: Nancy Chaney | Jan 08, 2019

Indoor Play

Ball pit, zip line, slides, tea cup spinners and more

By: April Chan | Dec 13, 2018

Seasonal Fun

Ways for families to support families this season

By: Elisabeth Kramer | Nov 26, 2018

The Great Outdoors

Climbing structures, swings, slide, picnic shelters, paved path and more

By: Nikki McCoy | Oct 16, 2018

Indoor Play

Dress up as a sea turtle, touch an urchin, walk underwater and more

By: JiaYing Grygiel | Oct 04, 2018

Seasonal Fun

You'll fall for these fun family outings

By: JiaYing Grygiel | Sep 27, 2018

Indoor Play

Get your tickets for a tasty, hands-on tour of tech

By: Nancy Chaney | Aug 20, 2018

Indoor Play

Climb, swing and pretend at indoor play spot suited to all kinds of kids

By: April Chan | Aug 14, 2018

The Great Outdoors

Tips, tours and on-land viewing spots for families

By: JiaYing Grygiel | Aug 09, 2018

Indoor Play

Bowling, laser tag, arcade games, food and more

By: Nikki McCoy | Jul 30, 2018


5 summer adventures for families around Enumclaw

By: Sarah Wyatt | Jul 23, 2018

Indoor Play

Free play date for kids to support the Games

By: Nancy Chaney | Jun 21, 2018

Arts + Entertainment

Mark your calendars for this new and improved aquarium

By: Maegen Blue | Jun 18, 2018

Seasonal Fun

Adorable baby animals! Plus our best tips for the tram tour, hidden gems and more

By: Maegen Blue | Jun 11, 2018

The Great Outdoors

Free program blends tech and nature into family adventure

By: Tiffany Doerr Guerzon | Apr 19, 2018


Meet the Kent resident and new mom at 40

By: Sa'iyda Shabazz | Apr 17, 2018

Camps + Classes

Get your ideas here!

By: Tiffany Doerr Guerzon | Apr 09, 2018


A Q&A with the president and CEO of the Tacoma Urban League

By: Alayne Sulkin | Mar 30, 2018


A Q&A with the founder of Beautiful Soles

By: Nancy Schatz Alton | Mar 30, 2018

Arts + Entertainment

What you need to know about the new History Museum exhibit

By: Tiffany Doerr Guerzon | Feb 28, 2018

Camps + Classes

8 tips for planning a rich summer

By: Elisa Murray | Feb 01, 2018

Arts + Entertainment

A seasonal arts guide for local families

By: Gemma Alexander | Jan 26, 2018

Indoor Play

Popular South Sound play spot is back and ready for energetic kids

By: Nikki McCoy | Jan 25, 2018

Seasonal Fun

All you need to know about the new light show in Puyallup

By: Maegen Blue | Dec 08, 2017

Seasonal Fun

There’s something for everyone this Northwest winter

By: Gemma Alexander | Nov 27, 2017

Arts + Entertainment

History and culture of local artists on display

By: Maegen Blue | Nov 02, 2017

Seasonal Fun

Bring food donations and get half off admission at Pierce County zoos

By: Nancy Chaney | Nov 01, 2017

Arts + Entertainment

Go inside artists' studios, find a theatrical costume, see family film shorts and more artsy fun

By: Nancy Chaney | Sep 26, 2017

City Adventures

Walk this way for spray park, stunning views, biking, beach play, ship-watching and more

By: Maegen Blue | Aug 15, 2017

Seasonal Fun

Tiny, fluffy horned puffin chick hatched at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium

By: Nancy Chaney | Aug 08, 2017


Enter to win over $1,450 in prizes, from birthday parties to play passes to an overnight escape

By: | Jul 18, 2017

City Adventures

This day trip holds up whatever the weather

By: Elisabeth Kramer | Jan 21, 2017

The Great Outdoors

Kids climb, slide, dig and play at Trek’s outdoor adventure playground

By: Nancy Chaney | Mar 28, 2016

Sounds Fun Mom connects families to local events and activities in the South Sound, created by Puyallup resident Maegen Blue, September 2017

Maegen Blue made a mental list of places to go and things to do with her two sons as they grew up. That list would turn into what is now Sounds Fun Mom LLC, a website and blog that connects families to local and affordable events and activities. Maegen Blue Courtesy

When Maegen Blue moved to South Hill in 2004, she quit her job as a part-time teacher to take care of her two sons.

But she found it difficult to stay at home all day — so she took to the outdoors with them.

“We started going on daily adventures,” said Blue, 46. “Sometimes we’d just try a park. It’d make such a difference for me, as a mom, to get out and be social. I just started keeping a mental list.”

That list would turn into what is now Sounds Fun Mom LLC, a website and blog dedicated to providing information on local and affordable events and activities for families.

“I always thought there should just be this one place that’s specific to this area that should be just for kids,” Blue said.

When she first launched the business in 2010, she wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

“I had no idea how to run a blog, how to run a business,” Blue said.

Her first post was about Pierce County’s Touch-A-Truck event, where children can climb into fire engines and tractors and honk horns. She told the other moms at her son’s preschool about what she started.

From there, it grew. The Sounds Fun Mom Facebook page now has more than 18,000 followers and generates revenue through advertisements. Sounds Fun Mom posts daily blog updates with weekly newsletters.

“Now we have this following and community,” Blue said.

One member of that community is 42-year-old Corey Khan, who lives in the Auburn area. Khan first connected with Sounds Fun Mom in 2010 through a neighborhood mom group.

“Through this moms group I found her blog and used that as a catalyst to share that to other moms in the area,” Khan said.

Over the years, Khan took care of her daughter, Bronwyn, who’s now 9 years old. Khan was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and found that using outside resources was important in entertaining her daughter, since she had difficulties playing with her for long periods of time.

“A lot of parents, especially young families, feel cooped up and don’t know what to do,” Khan said. “... Being able to give new avenues to entertain (their kids) keeps them happier.”

Sounds Fun Mom helped Khan to do just that.

“What I love about Maegen is she want(s) to keep it locally focused,” Khan said. “(She) want(s) to support people in a close geographical range. It’s very much a community feeling.”

Khan said the website doesn’t just help with parks, but recommends pumpkin patches and even dentists.

“I find that she really values what she says and her readers,” Khan said. “She’s in it to actually help people.”

Khan met Blue at an event a year after she started following the blog. They’ve kept in touch, and Khan has contributed to the site several times.

“Other the years we’ve followed each other, helped each other, supported each other,” Khan said.

The website is going strong. And while her boys are now 12 and 14, her network of connections allows Blue to keep people updated with the best spots to visit for all ages.

One of her favorite places in Puyallup? Puyallup’s Wildwood Park, near where she lives with her kids and husband, a systems analyst.

“It’s so big that you can go there for years and never have explored it all,” she said.

Songs about mother | listen online

Kind and affectionate songs about mom - the most touching gift to your beloved mom for Mother's Day, Birthday or March 8th. It is they who are able to move to tears, to give precious moments of happiness, joy and delight!

Listen online songs about mom

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    Mommy Cute

    02:02 9000 9010

  • 9000 13,0002 2 09

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    Sunny Sunny Snow Smiled. Funny



    To learn a good song with your baby

    Learning a gentle and melodious song about mother with your child is an incredibly sweet activity! The kid will not only be able to develop memory and ear for music, but also to please the closest and dearest person with a soulful song performed by himself.

    Songs about mother for children, learned together with beloved parents, will help the child to express his tender feelings for one of the people dearest to his heart - the person who gave him life. And this precious person for every child is his mother. It is this word that sounds equally gentle and loving in almost all languages ​​of the world. From time immemorial, it was mother who was praised by many poets and musicians, artists and sculptors. Only she has the most affectionate and warm hands, the mere touch of which can remove any sorrows and sorrows, relieve any pain - physical and mental.

    Kind and heartfelt songs about mother for children are one of the best gifts. A gentle children's voice, diligently displaying the notes of such a song, will please any mother.

    On what holiday should I sing a song to my mother?

    What kind of events are best suited for children's songs about mother? Best for celebrating March 8, Mother's Day or the birthday of your beloved mom. With such a musical arrangement, any holiday will become a truly unforgettable solemn event filled with tenderness, love and care for a person close to your heart.

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    Mother's Day!

    Children enter the hall to the merry music of "Path-hurry" and sit down.
    1 presenter: Good afternoon, we tell you. It is not by chance that we have gathered today on this autumn day in our cozy hall. After all, it is in autumn that we celebrate such a holiday as Mother's Day. We welcome all mothers who came to our holiday, which we dedicated to the kindest, most sensitive, most gentle, caring, hardworking, and, of course, the most beautiful, our mothers.

    2 host: Today you will meet with jokes and surprises, with songs, poems, in general, you can’t count everything. (Turns to children). But whether it will be fun today depends on you, dear friends. Because we don’t have professional artists, but each of you, I’ll tell you a secret, is an artist, if you encourage him a little and set him up in a lyrical way.
    (The music “Dear Mom” sounds in the background.) He reads the text against the background of the music).
    My light, mirror, tell me, tell the whole truth:
    Who is the wisest in the world. All beloved and kinder?
    And she answered with a mirror: All the girls here are beautiful.
    Of course, there is no dispute about that! Only there is such a word,
    What is more expensive! In this word, the first cry,
    The joy of a sunny smile, in this word - a moment of happiness
    Dear and very close, this word is mom!—
    Mother's Day is not an easy holiday, beloved for our kids.
    May mom be forever young and the most tender, sweet and beautiful.
    Children in chorus: - Mom, my dear! We congratulate you!
    (Children read )

    Today we invited you,
    To loudly and amicably say:
    Dear mothers, we congratulate you,
    And we want to wish you happiness!
    How many of them, kind and gentle,
    Today came to the holiday,
    Let it be cold outside,
    But our hearts are warm.

    Let the song flow like a stream
    And mom's heart warms,
    We sing about mom in it,
    Tender than which does not exist.

    1. Master.
    A woman at all times remains a woman: the keeper of the hearth, a reliable friend for her family. And for each child, his mother will be “the MOST-MOST”. Song 9 sounds for you0146 "The most-most" music. Larisa Nekrasova

    2. Host: As you know, mothers are not born, they become mothers. Once upon a time, our mothers were restless, cheerful girls who loved to play different games. Therefore, today we invite mothers to remember their childhood and feel like little girls again and participate in our game program with their children. I assure you, entertaining questions, mischievous contests, funny songs and musical pauses await you! But, the game program is in the form of competitions, so we cannot do without a strict and competent jury.

    1. LEADER : Let's welcome the members of our jury ( submit):
    (Team leader and teacher. )
    We hope that they will follow all the contestants very carefully and objectively evaluate our participants
    And the motto of our holiday is -:
    We are not afraid of obstacles if mom is nearby!
    2. HOST We start the competition,
    the first competition WARM-UP .
    There are many proverbs and sayings about the mother, whether our mothers know them, we will now check. You need to complete the proverb.
    - When the sun is warm (when the mother is good) .
    - Maternal care does not burn in fire (does not sink in water)
    - The bird is happy for spring (and the baby - mothers) .
    - Maternal affection (does not know the end) .
    - For mother child (up to a hundred years old child) .
    1. Presenter : I think everyone in the audience will be interested to know how well mothers know their children.
    2. Contest “Recognize your child by voice” ( come out 1 mother each. Points to the child, he pronounces the word “ mother”), mother guesses.
    2.Ved . Mom's hands do not know boredom. They knit, they sew, they cook, they wash. We believe and know that mother's hands are miraculous. That is why as soon as something hurts us or we hurt ourselves, we immediately run to our mother. As soon as my mother hugs me, strokes where it hurts, and now the pain is gone. Now we recognize our mother by her hands.
    3. Contest "Know Mom". Mothers stand in a circle, a child with closed eyes walks in a circle and touches the hands of all mothers until he finds his mother.
    4. Competition "Venikobol" Moms with brooms should circle an inflated balloon around the chips to the music
    1 Host : These lines are dedicated to your dear, beloved and only, your mothers.
    1 Reb . Many mothers in the world,
    Children love them with all their hearts.
    2 Reb. Only mother is alone,
    She is dearer to me than anyone.
    Who is she? I will answer: “This is my mommy!”
    3 children I will kiss my mother tightly, I will hug her dear.
    I love her very much, mom, my sun.
    2. Host: I propose to hold a competition that will help test the erudition of our mothers, grandmothers and children in the field of poetry and fairy tales.
    5 Competition. "Find the mistake and answer correctly."
    * They dropped the bunny on the floor, Tore off the bunny's paw. (Bear)
    All the same, I will not leave him, Because he is good.
    * Sailor's hat, rope in hand, I'm pulling a basket along a fast river. (boat)
    And the kittens are jumping on my heels, And they ask me: “Get a ride, captain. ” (frogs)
    * I sewed a shirt for Grishka, I will sew pants for him. (Mishka)
    You need to sew a sock on them and put sweets.
    1. Host: Everyone is probably tired of such a load, you need to take a break. Now I invite everyone to dance together, because not only work, mothers need to rest. Now we will perform dance for you
    dance “Sponges in a bow”
    2. Ved . Well done! Keep it up! Don't be discouraged by anyone!
    Attention attention! We continue the competition!
    We know that you love games, songs, riddles and dances. But there is nothing more interesting than a fairy tale.
    6th competition - "Fabulous"
    We received fabulous telegrams. What fairy tales are they from? (Children read)
    1. Telegram They waited for mom with milk, And they let the wolf into the house.
    Who were these little children? (seven kids)
    2. Gobbling up rolls, a guy rode on the stove.
    He rode through the village and married the princess. (Emelya from the fairy tale "At the command of the pike")
    3. This tablecloth is famous for feeding everyone to satiety.
    That by itself it is full of delicious foods. (self-assembled tablecloth)
    4. “The sweet apple scent lured that bird into the garden.
    Feathers glow with fire. And it's light all around, like during the day ( Firebird)
    5. The duck knows, the bird knows, Where Koshcheya's death lurks.
    What is this subject? Give me an answer, my friend. ( needle)
    6. Like a woman, Yaga does not have one leg at all.
    But there is a wonderful flying apparatus ( stupa)
    7. Run away from the cups, spoons and pots.
    She looks for them, calls, and sheds tears on the way0146 (Fedora).

    8. “I went to visit my grandmother, she carried pies to her.
    The gray wolf followed her, Deceived and swallowed. ( Little Red Riding Hood)
    9. Cinderella fell off her legs by accident.
    She was not idle, but crystal (shoe )
    10. She is the most important of all in a mystery, although she lived in the cellar.
    She helped Grandfather and Grandma to pull the turnip out of the garden. ( mouse)
    Kindergarten children send
    Your musical hello to you!
    2. Lead. Dear mothers, tell me, what is the very first song a child hears in his life? (lullaby) Everyone in the family has their own lullaby, which is sung from generation to generation
    Music is playing “Lullaby” song by O. Kurnosova (phonogram, backing track)
    : 1. 1. 1. HOST Everyone in the world loves music: Both adults and children.
    ORCHESTRA children play a Czech folk tune
    2. Ved. Dear mothers, listen to the oath promises from your children,
    Children's promises.
    1.reb. Forgive us, mothers, it's hard to readjust,
    But don't worry too much about us!
    2nd child We often upset you that sometimes we do not notice,
    We love you very, very much. Let's grow good.
    And we will always try0151 Good behavior! - all the children speak in unison.
    Is there a dad in this room? Ten, five, even one?
    We want to tell you ourselves: “Help your mother better!”
    Dads and moms together should be equal in everything!
    2.Ved. I invite all our dear guests and all the children to stand in a circle with us and dance
    Boogie-woogie dance ( Children dance with their mothers. )
    HOST : And now the floor is given to the manager.

    Manager: We were very pleased to see the kind and gentle smiles of mothers, the happy eyes of their children. For your participation in our holiday and for the fact that you are always with us, for the fact that you are the most, the most. Let me give you certificates for your participation. (presentation of certificates)
    Congratulations to children:
    1. child: We wish our mothers never to lose heart,
    Every year to be more beautiful and scold us less.
    2.child : Let adversity and sorrow pass you by,
    To make every day of the week be like a day off for you.
    3. child : We want you to be given flowers for no reason,
    All the men smiled from your wonderful beauty.

    1. Presenter Let me thank you for your attention to the children, for the pleasure you gave them.

    Learn more


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