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Space Explorers | Stories About Gratitude

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Carlos and Maya dreamed of becoming space explorers. They loved space and everything about it. They were fascinated by how mysterious it is. They would stay in the library after school reading books about planets and outer space.

On their way home, Carlos and Maya saw a display in the window of a toy store. It was a space ship. They went inside the store to see how much it cost. They saw the price and it was too expensive. They reached into their pockets and got whatever was left of their allowance. They tried to pool their money together but it still wasn’t enough.

They left the store sad and disappointed. Carlos suddenly realized that his birthday was coming up. Maybe he could ask their parents to buy the space ship as a gift for his birthday. They both started sprinting home. They were excited to tell their parents about the space ship.

When they got home, they ran straight to their mother who was setting up the table for dinner. They wrapped their arms around their mom’s leg. Their mom was curious as to what they were excited about. So, Carlos told their mom what he wanted for his birthday.

Their family didn’t have much when it came to money. They were in debt and had bills to pay. So, when their dad stopped by the store to see the toy that Carlos wanted, he knew that he was probably going to let his son down. Carlos wanted the big space ship that was at the store. He checked the price and it was too expensive. They couldn’t afford it.

On the day of his birthday, Carlos got up early and ran out of the bedroom, excited to see his gift. He was ready to play with it with Maya. But when he got to the living room, he saw a space ship that was made out of a cardboard box. His dad had made it for him. It had wings on the side and had enough space to ride on. It was a space ship but it wasn’t what he wanted.

Tears flowed from Carlos’ eyes and he ran back to their room. Maya had just woken up and was about to make her way to the living room when Carlos ran past her. He slammed their bedroom door and locked it. She saw their mom as she ran after Carlos. She knocked on the door and asked Carlos to come out. He didn’t want to.

Maya got to the living room and saw the cardboard space ship. She saw their dad beside it, bent down on one knee with his head down. Maya asked where the toy was and their dad said “I’m sorry”.

Carlos was still in his room and refused to come out. Maya didn’t want her brother to be sad on his birthday. So, while she sat in the living room, she tried to think of a way to cheer her brother up. She looked at the cardboard spaceship their dad had made and got an idea. She ran to the kitchen and told their mom she knew how to make her brother happy. Her mom called their dad and they got to work.

Carlos’ stomach started to rumble. He didn’t have breakfast and now he was hungry. He was about to get out of bed when he heard a knock on the door. It was Maya. She said that they had a surprise for him.

He got out of bed and opened the door. Maya was by the door with the cardboard spaceship their dad made. She placed it in front of him and asked him “Are you ready?”

“For what?” he asked.

“For our mission,” she said.

“Mission?” he said.

“Yes. We have a mission. Come on,” she said.

Maya got on the cardboard spaceship but left space in front for her brother. Carlos wiped his eyes. He could see the excitement in Maya’s face so he got on the spaceship. Then he heard his dad’s voice.

“This is mission control. Are we ready for take off?” their dad said.

Carlos didn’t understand what was going on. He sat there silent. He looked at Maya and she just smiled at him. He heard his dad’s voice again.

“I repeat. This is mission control. Are we ready for take off?”

Carlos then answered, “Mission control. We are ready for take off.”

Their dad came in the room and positioned himself behind the spaceship. He then started imitating the sound of a spaceship during lift off and pushed the cardboard spaceship slowly.

When they came out of the room, Carlos was surprised at what he saw. There were stars dangling from their ceiling. There were moons and planets too. He felt like he was in outer space. Then their mom started walking towards them holding gray rocks made out of cardboard on a string. They were asteroids.

“Asteroids approaching,” Maya said.

“On it,” Carlos said.

Carlos shifted his body from left to right trying to maneuver the spaceship away from the asteroids. Their dad steered the spaceship wherever Carlos shifted towards.

After successfully evading all the asteroids, they stopped at the dinner table. On the table, there was a label that said “Best restaurant in Jupiter”. Carlos and Maya got out of the spaceship. As they were walking towards the table, they walked as if there was no gravity and bounced around.

After they ate, they got back on their spaceship. They spent all day on the spaceship, riding across the unknown depths of space. They even took turns driving the spaceship. Carlos and Maya enjoyed letting their imaginations run wild.

The day eventually came to an end and it was time for bed. Their parents tucked them in and kissed them both on the forehead. Before they could leave, Carlos called out to his dad. His dad sat on the edge of his bed and asked “What is it champ?”

Carlos, with a smile on his face, said “That was the best birthday gift ever. I love you dad!”

Carlos hugged his dad. His dad ruffled his hair and said that he was glad Carlos liked it. Their parents left the room and closed the door behind them.

Carlos thought about how much fun he had that day and he realized that he didn’t need the spaceship at the toy store. He had a spaceship of his own now and it was best spaceship in the whole world. Carlos and Maya never forgot that day. It was the greatest day of their lives. It was the day they became Space Explorers.

© Glenn Francis F. Faelnar 2020

Short bedtime story written by Glenn Francis F. Faelnar

Illustrations by Rawpixel, with thanks.


Gratitude, Independent Thinking

1. Do you think it’s always important to give and receive expensive gifts? Why or why not?

2. Why do you think a gift is special?


1. The family in this story try hard to make Carlos feel better about his present. What ends up happening?

2. What might this story say about family?


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Space fairy tales - Space through the eyes of children

"Star Alida"

Author: Iris Revue How many stars

in the sky, big and small, shining and sparkling? So many that we couldn't even dream of. But among them there is the most curious, the most cheerful star named Alida. Pro her and a fairy tale.

To some extent kingdom, in the Space State, there lived an asterisk named Alida. Among she was known as the most curious, inquisitive, and cheerful sisters-stars. And was at asterisks dream: at least with one eye to look at the planet Earth.

Alida heard about the fact that there is a fabulous planet in the Space State on which they live people. They walk, talk, study, laugh. And they do a lot of other things. But mother-star did not let her go on a trip. Mom was afraid that the star would be lost. After all, the Space State is very large.

But one day a stellar rain came from afar. He traveled the Space State and was going to visit planet Earth. Asterisk Alida asked permission from her mother, can it go to Earth with the star rain and return with it back. Mom let Alida go.

And travel asterisks began. They flew many kilometers in outer space, and finally arrived at the planet Earth. Alida carefully looked at the unfamiliar planet. Children ran there, and, seeing the star Alida, they shouted: “A new star, a new star!" And then Alida shone even brighter. And the children jumped and clapped their hands. "Fun there, ”thought Alida, and upon returning home she decided to tell about an extraordinary journey to the planet Earth, sister stars and, of course, mother.

Once upon a time there was a planet...

Author: Iris Review

planet fantasy. It was very similar to the planet Earth. It had mountains and oceans, forests and steppes. The brightest on the planet Fantastica was snow. And from this the whole planet seemed to be shining. Sometimes she was called Brilliant ...

That's just there were no people on Brilliant ...

And now - Attention! Cosmic fantasy reality! Orbital flight continues near-Earth outer space - the ship "Bolid", sent from the planet Earth, conducts research and carries out the protection of the planet Fantastic. Situation On Brilliant, she is normal, nothing threatens her.

And suddenly... What this is? Mission personnel monitoring the planet Fantastica see a her red meteor storm. Shiny is in serious danger! Need something do.

From ship The fireball sends an alarm signal to a star named the Sun. in response to the sun sends powerful beams towards the red storm, which turn this storm into silent cosmic dust. ..

Planet Fantasy saved. She was saved by people from planet Earth. Let fantasy live. And as long as people are watching her, nothing threatens her.

…and somewhere far away, a little star looks at all this and is surprised. She has been living for more for thousands of years, and she had never seen anything like it… Masha and Vitya about deep space, no one knows. But all the time the guys thought about distant planets. They especially liked the planet Mars. And she fell in love because that Mars has two caps. Just like people do.

These two hats They are called the north polar cap and the south polar cap. And so the guys I wanted to look at these hats, that they thought and thought about it all the time, and at some point, an unknown force itself transferred them to Mars.

They are walking along fabulous planet, admire the caps. And hats on Mars are huge crowds water ice. But on the planet were not only hats. And also dunes, dunes, mountain massifs, ridges, valleys, ravines.

weather Marse is harsh. During the day, as on Earth - plus twenty-five degrees, and at night it is very cold - minus eighty. As the night came, the guys went home and got ready. Only how to get back?

And then they met Mr. Wind. The real wind, which is also on Earth. Only he is much stronger than on his home planet.

"Wind, wind, you know how and can do a lot,” they shouted to him. "Help us get home."

The wind rustled, and in the next moment, an unknown force picked up the guys. They didn't even notice how found themselves on earth.

- How good that we've been to Mars! they thought. It's good that we looked at amazing caps of this fabulous planet.

Fairy tale for boys about space "The Adventures of Aliens"

Adventure tale about space designed for boys, but girls will also like it. Little dreamers will be able to travel through the stars and planets, meet a brave boy and kind aliens. It is best to read a fairy tale about space at night so that you have the kindest dreams.

Once upon a time there was a boy named Plato. He loved space so much that his friends began to call him Pluto, after a planet far, far away. If you went to visit Pluto, you would be like in a spaceship. Planets and stars were painted on the walls, and a lamp in the form of a rocket shone brightly on the table. He himself made the bed in the form of a flying saucer, and even pajamas were with aliens.

Pluto has always dreamed of becoming an astronaut and going into space. He wanted to see the planets and stars live, to look at the Earth from above. The boy even wanted to make friends in space - aliens. He imagined how he would tell the inhabitants of other planets about the Earth, about people, about animals.

Only one thing upset the boy - he had to wait until he grew up to become an astronaut. Mom and dad told him that small children are not taken into space. Pluto always ate on time in order to grow faster, and after eating he ran to measure growth at the door using a ruler. Centimeters were gaining so slowly that Pluto had only to read books about space for now. But one day an incredible miracle happened to him.

"Hi, earthlings!"

Once Pluto went to play in the yard. It was raining lightly and there were no children outside. Suddenly the boy heard a roar. He looked around, but saw nothing. And again there was a noise, and then a loud bang. Pluto realized that the sounds were coming from behind the rose bush near the sandbox. He stepped closer to see what was going on, maybe the cat was stuck there.

He saw someone climb out of the bushes, standing with his back, barely able to stand on his feet. . It was a man, but somehow small, thin and strange. He turned to face Pluto, and the boy gasped, covering his mouth with his hands in surprise.

It was a green alien who waved his hand:

— Hello, earthlings!

And fell from impotence. Pluto ran up and checked him out, but the alien was unconscious. The boy looked into the bushes and saw fragments of a flying saucer there. He covered it with branches so that no one would find it, and then he took the alien in his hands and brought it home.

"This is my world, our world"

When the alien came to, he saw that he was lying in a soft bed. On his body were some white stripes with drawings of the planets. A boy sat on a chair in front of him, and looked at him with wide eyes.

— Have you been looking at me all this time?

“Yeah,” Pluto replied.

— What are these stripes on me?

— It's a band-aid, you're scratched all over by the rose bush. This is such a flower, it is beautiful, but it has thorns.

— This flower is probably evil? the alien asked.

— No, — the boy laughed, — he is good and handsome. It's just that he has a specialty.

You weren't afraid of me. Brought to your house, cured, talking to me. You are very brave, usually earthlings are afraid of us, others.

— You are just like us, just different. I'm not afraid, because I'm a future cosmonaut, I've even been invited into space, - the boy lied a little. - I would like to go to another planet and see how you live.

- You, one might say, invited me to visit, so I invite you to my place. Let's fly on my saucer, only it needs to be fixed. I crashed because it was raining, but I really need to get home quickly. My family will worry about me.

A boy and an alien went to the playground with tools in their hands. The stranger put on baby clothes and a cap so that no one would suspect anything. The boy told on the way about the history of his name, and how earthlings live.

The alien also told his secret of his name, that his name is M120, that's the custom on their planet, but relatives call him Pear, because he brings a pear from the earth once a year to feast on.

"Alien Planet"

Pluto and the alien quickly repaired the flying saucer and took off into the sky. The boy could not restrain his emotions, and screamed with joy, and the alien laughed.

They soared high, high, the blue sky changed to curly clouds, and then they disappeared. The guests of the sky ended up in dark space, and Pluto looked at the Earth as he dreamed, right in the palm of his hand.

The alien pressed the button, a sharp jerk in space, through a bright labyrinth, and they found themselves in front of the unknown planet K01, or as they called it "Fruktik".

A bright rainbow encircled it, and the planet itself was multicolored.

- We have clouds of different colors, from which we can predict what color it will rain. The worst one is gold. It does not wash well, but it tastes like sand. And the pink one is yummy. Each time with new flavors: raspberry, cherry, pomegranate.

The flying saucer started to land. Pluto looked with delight at small cities with transparent houses. They were of an unusual shape, not like on Earth. The houses were tall, ornate, writhing now in a spiral, now in an arc. The multi-coloured little men ran below.

— Aren't you all green? the boy was surprised.

— Our body is like your plant leaves. Usually we eat just the leaves, but sometimes you eat some kind of fruit or vegetable, so the color of the body immediately changes. Ate raspberries - raspberry, ate pineapple - yellow.

— Wow, how cool!

— Not really, I once tried chocolate on planet Earth, and the color turned out so-so, — the alien sighed, — although it was delicious.

Pluto and the alien Pear landed and went for a walk along the streets of the town.

— There was a catastrophe on our planet, it was so long ago that no one remembers why it happened. As a result, we had no food left, there was only water. The problem is that we cannot drink it, it does not suit us. The most courageous from our planet went in search of food. Surprisingly, we were lucky to find planet Earth. We took plant seeds from you and planted gardens. We now have vegetables, berries and fruits.

The only problem is that some of them have become square, such as watermelons, melons, cherries and potatoes. And not all plants have taken root. For the sake of my beloved pear, I have to fly to Earth.

— Why do you have such tastes of rain?

— We squeeze juice from fruits and berries into different lakes. They evaporate and rise into the sky. The only thing that is not clear to us is where the golden rain comes from. It's probably an orange, but we have it tasteless.

At that moment it began to rain, and Pluto stuck his tongue out. He tasted currant.

The alien took his new friend by the arm and brought him to visit. It turned out that Grusha has many relatives, as many as 30 multi-colored aliens under one roof.

They rejoiced at the visitor from another planet. Everyone started looking at Pluto, touching his hair and even smelling him. They fed him fruit pies and told him about their planet and customs. For example, when you say hello, you need to make a whole greeting with your hands and feet, with clapping and dancing. Sometimes the greeting can take 5 minutes.

Then Pluto told how earthlings live, and again shared the story of his name. Then he decided it was time to say goodbye. Nobody wanted to let him go, but everyone understood that at home they would worry about the boy.

The alien Grusha brought Pluto back in a flying saucer.

— Thank you for helping me. Without you, I might not have coped, ”Grusha said in parting.

— And I'm glad that my dream came true, I met you and your family, I finally went into space and saw another planet! The boy jumped for joy. But then his face changed dramatically, he became sad.

— Why are you so gloomy? the alien asked.

— Will we see each other again?

- See you all over. I will fly next year, you have the most delicious pears near your yard. And I want to see how you grow up in a year, in case you become an astronaut.

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