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If you were growing up in the 1960’s, you might have watched the first moon landing on television. Back then, space exploration was still in its very early stages…in fact, having a television in the house to watch it unfold was a pretty new luxury! Seeing astronauts making the very first human footprints on the surface of the moon was nothing short of a miracle.

Credit: NASA

Invention and Innovation

We’ve come a long way since 1969. Further exploration and scientific study allowed us to send many more people into space, launch rockets and satellites that observe and provide information about our planet and solar system, as well as providing entertainment. We’ve built a space station to allow scientific research in space over long periods of time, and the Hubble telescope, which sends us extraordinary images of our galaxy and beyond.

Hubble Telescope. Credit: NASA

A Robot Revolution!

Now that we’re ready to explore even deeper and further into the secrets of space, scientists and engineers have designed advanced robots that can withstand the harsh and unforgiving environment outside Earth’s atmosphere and make even more remarkable discoveries about our universe and our place within it. These robots can survive extreme temperatures, an inhospitable atmosphere and terrain that is impossible for human beings to wander. These robots are equipped with cameras and sensors that send back information and images for scientists to study. They also can perform tasks that might be risky for people, or do work like collecting samples, conducting simple tests, making repairs on equipment and taking measurements. This saves more time for astronauts and scientists to perform experiments and keep researching and exploring. Although these robots can cost billions of dollars, they don’t need air, food, water or a bathroom!

The Mars rovers—Sojourner, Spirit, Opportunity, Curiosity and soon-to-be-launched Perseverance have helped us understand our neighbor in our solar system, finding out what Mars is made of. They can examine rocks from different areas of the planet and move over the terrain in the freezing temperatures. Their biggest contribution has been to discover evidence of water and signs of life—or the possibility of life–that may one day make it possible for humans to journey to the Red Planet.

NASA’s Curiosity rover took this selfie on Oct. 11, 2019, the 2,553rd Martian day, or sol, of its mission.
Rover’s Panorama Taken Amid ‘Murray Buttes’ on Mars.
This 360-degree panorama was acquired by the Mast Camera (Mastcam) on NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover .

Another rover, named Puffer, which stands for Pop-Up Flat Folding Explorer Rover, can change its shape and flatten itself to look inside small spaces.

BRUIE, a Buoyant Rover for Under-Ice Exploration, can float and roll along under ice as it takes pictures and gathers information. One day this robot may travel to the moons of Jupiter or Saturn.

BRUIE being tested in Antartica. Credit: NASA

Another explorer robot is called Hedgehog.   This strangely shaped cubic robot has “spikes” on all sides that let it tumble and bounce over rough ground, and works on no matter what side it lands. It is designed to explore space’s smaller objects, like asteroids and comets.

The Hedgehog robot, designed to explore the surfaces of comets and asteroids, can perform a “tornado” maneuver to spin and launch itself from the surface.
Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/StanfordWhile a Mars rover can’t operate upside down, the Hedgehog robot can function regardless of which side lands up. Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Stanford

Humanoid Robots

Space engineers have designed robots with the capability of doing tasks best done by human hands and movements, acting as helpers on the International Space Station for dangerous, time-consuming or simple tasks. R2 is a robot that looks like the upper torso of a human. It can use tools to fix equipment and can provide an extra set of hands for astronauts on board the space station. It can clean, hit buttons and flip switches. One of its most important jobs is testing the air quality onboard the space station. This job requires zero movement, which is near-impossible for a person, and since R2 doesn’t breathe, the results of the air quality test won’t be affected by a person breathing in the test area.

Controlled by teams on the ground, Robonaut 2 humanoid robot holds an instrument to measure air velocity during another system check out in the Destiny laboratory of the International Space Station. Credit: NASA

Valkyrie, also called R5, is a fully-limbed humanoid robot that has more advanced sensors and capabilities, making it a useful tool both inside and outside the space station. One day, Valkyrie may be sent to the moon or Mars to help build a place in which humans can live and work.

Valkyrie. Image Credit: NASA

Robots have a vital role to play in our exploration and understanding of the unknown wonders of space!
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Robot in Space

None Robot is looking for his friend, Melody, who is in space. Help him find her! Robot is looking for his robot friend, Melody. Her spaceship broke down somewhere in space, and he doesn’t know where to go to find her! But he’s resourceful…off he goes to try. Will you help? Think carefully in this interactive story, and your choices will help as Robot travels from one place in space to the other until he finds Melody. show full description Show Short Description


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Full Text

Oh, hi there. Have you seen my robot friend, Melody? I can’t find her anywhere. “Hi, Robot!” “Melody, where are you?” “I flew to space, but then my rocket broke. I can’t get home! Can you come help me get back to Earth?” We have to go help Melody fix her rocket! Should we take a rocket, a spaceship, or my jet boots? Here we are in space! This is the moon. Is Melody stuck here? I don’t see her. I wonder if anyone here has seen her. Who should we ask? Should we ask the Astronaut in space, the Astronaut on the moon, or the alien in the crater? Let’s see if Melody is on Venus. “Melody? Melody?” I don’t think Melody is stuck here. It’s too hot! Wow, I’m going to need to cool off before we look for Melody somewhere else. Should I use a glass of lemonade, a fan, or a sprinkler? Let’s see if we can find Melody on Mars. “Melody!” “Melody!” “Melody!” “Melody!” “Robot! You’re here! You came to help me fix my rocket!” “I did! But what are you doing here?” “I came to find out all I can about Mars. Do you want to see what I found?” Melody found so many things! What should we take a closer look at? The rocks, the plant, or the rover? “I need to get back to Earth so I can tell everyone about Mars! Will you help me fix my rocket? It broke into pieces when I landed here.” We need to help Melody put her rocket back together. Should we use space glue, super tape, or star gum?


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7 in 1 Solar Powered Space Fleet Robot Building Kit - Robot Building Kits - Interactive Robot Toys

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100% original item. Fully Russified branded packaging and instructions. Manufacturer's warranty 2 years. Beware of fakes!

Modern and innovative toy suitable for children from 8 to 16 years old. It will allow you to spend time not only with pleasure, but also with benefit. High quality parts ensure a long service life of the toy.

7 in 1 robot kit "Space Fleet" powered by a solar battery will be an excellent gift for every child on any occasion. This set is able to demonstrate what solar panels are capable of.

  • The child will have the opportunity to choose the robot that he likes by building it with his own hands. This is a great exercise for fine motor skills of the hands, as well as an option for developing imagination.
  • This kit can be used to build seven different space vehicles: space station, shuttle, mechanic, dog, explorer, lunar rover, astronaut.

The kit includes a solar generator. It works effectively from sunlight, and its service life is long. In the process of its manufacture, no harmful components were used. All toys are powered by this solar battery, which delights the child. Give such a gift to children so that they get the opportunity to develop, as well as look for new ways for an exciting pastime. Believe me, he will not be bored, because an interesting toy will entice him for a long time.

You can also join an exciting game, as such a robot will appeal to everyone without exception. Help your child understand all the structural features of the toy design so that he gains new knowledge and skills. Perhaps in the future this will help him decide on his field of activity. You yourself can enjoy a fun pastime, because it is very exciting to understand all the features of the robot.

Model: esk-008

Package size, cm: 25x15x8

The Space Fleet set allows the child to assemble seven different space models:

  • Space Station
  • Shuttle
  • Mechanical
  • Lunokhod
  • Researchers
  • Dog
  • Astronaut

Each model is powered by a small solar panel solar or from batteries

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The company "Robot and I" is engaged in the supply of children's robotics in Russia.
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The company "Robot and I" makes robotics accessible and exciting! We are the main suppliers of HUNA-My Robot Time robotic kits in Moscow and the Moscow region to private and public educational institutions. We also carry out deliveries to other regions of Russia.

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