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Reason Behind the Rhyme: 'Little Jack Horner' Host Debbie Elliott and Chris Roberts dissect the meaning of the nursery rhyme "Little Jack Horner." It's about a real estate swindle in 16th-century England. Roberts is the author of Heavy Words Lightly Thrown: The Reason Behind the Rhyme.

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Reason Behind the Rhyme: 'Little Jack Horner'

Host Debbie Elliott and Chris Roberts dissect the meaning of the nursery rhyme "Little Jack Horner." It's about a real estate swindle in 16th-century England. Roberts is the author of Heavy Words Lightly Thrown: The Reason Behind the Rhyme.


This is ALL THINGS CONSIDERED from NPR News. I'm Debbie Elliott.

You think the real estate market is treacherous today, try England in the late 1530s. That's what the nursery rhyme "Little Jack Horner" is really all about.

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ELLIOTT: Here to explain is our London librarian Chris Roberts. He's the author of "Heavy Words Lightly Thrown: The Reason Behind the Rhyme," and he's at our London bureau.

Hello again, Chris.

Mr. CHRIS ROBERTS (Author, "Heavy Words Lightly Thrown"): Hello. Hi, Debbie.

ELLIOTT: So who was Little Jack Horner?

Mr. ROBERTS: Little Jack Horner was actually Thomas Horner. The name Jack comes up in nursery rhymes a lot, usually to reflect a slightly knavish character, a bit of a ne'er-do-well. So I suspect that's why they changed his name to Jack from Thomas.

(Reading) `Little Jack Horner sat in a corner eating his Christmas pie. He stuck in a thumb and pulled out a plum and said, "What a good boy am I."'

Where to begin with this? This is talking about the dissolution of the monasteries, Henry VIII taking property from the Catholic Church. Jack, as we know, is actually called Thomas Horner. Now he was a steward to the Abbot of Glastonbury during the reign of Henry VIII. This is how the story goes: He was entrusted to take some title deeds of properties to Henry VIII as a bribe so the abbot could keep the main monastery, but was prepared to give away some of the lesser properties.

Now the title deeds were held and sealed in a pie, and Jack's off to London. But instead of delivering the bribe to Henry VIII, he helps himself to the pie, puts his hand in, pulls out a plum piece of real estate--in this case, a place called Mells Manor--and thinks he's very clever for doing this. That's one version of it, that Jack is a thief and he's stealing the bribe that's intended for the king. And he...

ELLIOTT: So was this common? Is there historical evidence to support the theory that bribes were often delivered in pies?

Mr. ROBERTS: It comes up bewilderingly often in nursery rhyme. And it's--I think the pie is used as a metaphor. I think it's not necessarily what we would think of as a pie. It's just referring to a means of concealing a document, concealing anything. It could be jewels in some cases. Now the Horner family, who incidentally lived in Mells Manor until the 20th century, are quite outraged at this slander of their ancestor and understandably so.

And there are actually two rhymes that mention Mr. Horner. The first one that mentions him is: `Hopton(ph), Horner, Smith and Finn, when the abbots went out, they came in.' And a much more likely reading of what happened is that Thomas Horner, along with the other people mentioned in the previous rhyme--Hopton and Smith and Finn--were up-and-coming gentry. They were Protestant, they were local merchants doing quite well for themselves in the area around Glastonbury, and that they bought the property. You could see it as an early example of gentrification. They bought the property at the time admittedly at a knockdown rate, and admittedly the land had been stolen from the Catholic Church by Henry VIII. This seems to be what happened after the dissolution of the monasteries. The king didn't keep all the land for himself; he distributed it amongst his supporters so he then could rely on their loyalty should anything occur in the future, should there be a rebellion in the future. I suspect, though I can't prove this, that the popular `Little Jack Horner sat in a corner, eating his Christmas pie' version is actually the Catholic take on proceedings there.

ELLIOTT: Chris Roberts is the author of "Heavy Words Lightly Thrown: The Reason Behind the Rhyme," and he's a librarian at Lambeth College in South London.

Thank you, Chris.

Mr. ROBERTS: Thank you, Debbie.

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A Short Analysis of the ‘Little Jack Horner’ Nursery Rhyme – Interesting Literature


By Dr Oliver Tearle

‘Little Jack Horner’ has attracted a good deal more speculation than many other famous nursery rhymes, and others have had a fair bit. But for some reason, this little children’s rhyme about a boy eating a Christmas pie and pulling out a plum has been the subject of more debate than 90% of nursery rhymes in the English language. Why has the rhyme of ‘Little Jack Horner’ attracted such wild analysis, interpretation, and speculation? First, here’s a reminder of the words:

Little Jack Horner
Sat in the corner,
Eating a Christmas pie;
He put in his thumb,
And pulled out a plum,
And said, ‘What a good boy am I!’

We mentioned in our analysis of another nursery rhyme, ‘Sing a Song of Sixpence’, that some scholars or enthusiasts of nursery rhymes seem to want to make all of them about the Dissolution of the Monasteries and the English Reformation. But Reformation intrigue also surrounds ‘Little Jack Horner’, and here the case is a little more persuasive and interesting, although nevertheless nothing more than speculation.

The story goes as follows. A man named Thomas Horner was steward to Richard Whiting, the last of the abbots at Glastonbury Abbey. When King Henry VIII was dissolving the monasteries, the abbot sent Horner to London with the gift of a Christmas pie, in which were concealed the title deeds to twelve manors, which were designed to appease Henry in the hope that he would allow Glastonbury to survive the purging of the monasteries. But, when Horner returned to Glastonbury he opened the pie and pilled out the deeds of the Manor of Mells, which he had kept from Henry, meaning the monastery still had some of its own land.

What makes the link between this story and the rhyme of Little Jack Horner a little more scintillating is that we know that a man named Thomas Horner took up residence at Mells not long after the Dissolution of the Monasteries. Neat, huh? But the Horner family descended from this sixteenth-century Thomas Horner claim that their ancestor bought the manor, rather than plucking it from a pie. So it’s difficult to know whom to believe.

‘Little Jack Horner’ was later worked into a longer rhyme, which was published as a chapbook in 1764. (Many familiar nursery rhymes were popularised by the chapbook form around this time: ‘Old Mother Hubbard’ first became a bestseller and household name when it was published as a chapbook in the early nineteenth century.) But it seems clear that the original six-line rhyme of ‘Little Jack Horner’ was of an older vintage, and may well have been penned in reference to Thomas Horner’s acquisition of his Mells estate. Even if the real Thomas Horner acquired his manor fair and square, tongues may have wagged in those divided times. In the last analysis, we’ll probably never know for sure just how closely the events of Thomas Horner’s life and the pie-poking events described in the rhyme were related.

The author of this article, Dr Oliver Tearle, is a literary critic and lecturer in English at Loughborough University. He is the author of, among others, The Secret Library: A Book-Lovers’ Journey Through Curiosities of History and The Great War, The Waste Land and the Modernist Long Poem.

Image: via Wikimedia Commons.

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Mafia 019: Recording - F1RST MAF1A

#2 ProfessorSeverus


Ufrin Djussen - Urfin Djus

Cabinetmaker, antique dealer

Zhevun. Born and raised in the village of Kogida.
In the real world, a successful antique dealer and cabinetmaker. Furniture expert.
Lives in solitude. Often stays in a vile mood. nine0017 Always carries a wooden clown with him.
The pizza delivery girl and the pool cleaner saw a tame owl with him.

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#3 Plushy beard


E went down to the river to catch some fish for dinner. At first he put the fish on the shore, then he began to eat it. I ate my fill - and there are still a lot of fish. Then Enu shouted:
- Whoever wants fish, let him come here!

The hyena came.
- Today I had a successful hunt, and I treat you, - said Enu to the hyena. The hyena was delighted and ate everything Enu caught. He got very angry. And the hyena ate and lay down on the sand. nine0017 At this time, a guinea fowl flew in, sat on a branch and began to preen.
- Oh, if only I had such a beautiful outfit! the hyena exclaimed, looking at the guinea fowl spreading its feathers.
"I can help you," Enu said. - If you bring some white clay and a knife, I will make you an outfit no worse than that of a guinea fowl.
The hyena was stupid. It never occurred to her that Enu was angry with her for eating all his fish. She went and brought a sharp knife and a lump of white clay. Enu told the hyena to lie down. She lay down. Then Enu began to paint her back with a knife. He slashed it up and down, and then covered the scratches with white clay. The hyena howled in pain, but Enu kept saying:
- Be patient a little, and you will have a dress as colorful and beautiful as that of a guinea fowl!

Finally he released the hyena, and she ran into the forest to heal her wounds. And Enu laughed after her:
- Now I have revenged you! Why did you eat all my fish?
Since then, the hyena's skin has remained striped.
So it was.

ED: Mark Henry, Hyena (NPC)

Fuck dat nigga.

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#4 Guillemot

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Rose Turney nps


was sitting in Biggby's office. She did not understand how it happened that she pricked herself while choosing a precious necklace in a jewelry store. Not only Rosa fell asleep, but the visitors and sellers. The sheriff had to use every means to prevent this incident from attracting attention. nine0017 - Yes, Bigby, I'll hire helpers, - she said, - And I'll wear thick gloves.
- You are rich, Rosa, and you can afford strange things.
He let her go, and Rosa went to the Clatter of Hooves. Holly wanted to show her the wedding photos, but Cow Boy stopped her. She agreed to go to a cafe with him. "I heard you're looking for helpers." He handed her the dossier as they sat at a table to talk and drink coffee: "Before drawing up a contract, I need to talk to them, but you know the funeral is coming soon. They will be at this funeral," Shepherd Boy assured her. "Well, I'll be glad if you arrange a meeting," said Rosa. nineShepherd boy Pinnochio was out of sorts, every time before Memorial Day he accumulated anger. It was intended for a fairy who misunderstood his desire. The shepherd sighed. Once he was a warrior and a hero. When the enemy attacked his Homelands. He lost his family friends, his girlfriend, and he, like many, had to flee to the lands of the Simpletons. Of course, he did not lose his skills, like a strong and dangerous warrior, but he used them only in his hour of need to help the Community. The shepherd boy went out to take care of the 300-year-old boy, which was still a headache, but now he had to hurry to meet Rosa Terni. nine0007

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#five Prince Voltetsky

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#6 laion

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Kaomi Ba Jirrah

How it all began
- Hurry, Hurry, They're Coming! - a black big cat, rearing up her scruff, looked around worriedly. The smell brought by the wind reported that the pursuers were already close and their intentions were clearly not peaceful. The panther impatiently spun in place, pushing with its nose a huge half-gray bear, exhausted by a long run. She would, of course, prefer a mortal fight to flight, but the instinct of self-preservation pushed her forward. From somewhere on the right came a hail:
- Baloo, Bagheera! Here! Look! - Mowgli, who grew up "on the paws" of a panther and an old bear, was already waiting for them, overtaking them on the road of vines, which he had learned to use at bandar-logs. A small forest lake, where they often went to drink, was now shrouded in a silvery mist.
- There, in the middle there is an island. In the fog they won't see us. - Baloo shook his shaggy head and, waddling running up to the lake, flopped into the water, heading for the island. Following him, the panther slipped into the water, and after it, without a single splash, Mowgli. They did not know that the silver mist was coming from a magical portal that would take them away from the fairy tale forever...

- Miss Ba Jirrah? Came a package of documents from "GUIA LA BRUNA". The firm's representative made an appointment for tomorrow at fourteen-thirty.

A dark-skinned young woman, graceful and, at the same time, strong and flexible, like a wild cat, thanked the secretary with a nod of her head and, taking the package with documents, left the agency. There was a dark cherry-colored Toyota Yaris parked at the entrance - an inexpensive but very comfortable car that the hostess had purchased not so long ago. nine0017 Earnings of one of the leading models of an advertising agency allowed me to make this "small" gift for myself. The path to the agency was long and difficult - it was not at all easy to get from the farm where Bagheera initially lived to Fabletown and be able to earn money. If not for the help of Mowgli, who managed to settle in the city, who knows, maybe the black panther would still vegetate on this disgusting farm. Mowgli and helped her buy Witch Charms from the 13th floor. And having moved to the city, Bagheera did not lose touch with Mowgli and Baloo. nine0007

Kaomi got behind the wheel, and soon the compact cherry car was rolling towards downtown Fabletown...

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#7 Beaver

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It's no secret that you need money to buy official charms. Much money. Kat gets them with the help of the stock exchange: buying and further reselling - with a significant mark-up, of course - securities at the right time brings her a considerable profit. To be honest, she could have started her own business a long time ago or have a huge house with servants, but she prefers to spend her evenings in a tiny apartment. Why? It's simple: she is used to walking on her own and still does not want to "get stuck" somewhere. nine0007

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#eight Supreme Overlord Malekith

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Lord Gaston LeGome=Gaston Smith

Once upon a time "Chief Man" and a wealthy marquis of a small town long forgotten by history in the dense forests of the Native Lands, who was known as a skillful, brave warrior and hunter, as well as a fabulously strong, agile and hardy tall man. With skillful fabulous male hands capable of all male work and able to easily lift huge blocks of stone, logs, trophy bears as well as three girls with an oak bench with one hand while drinking wonderful ale with the other while fighting off a crowd of annoying drunkards. Not to mention his fabulous skill in hand-to-hand combat, fencing with a blade, working with an ax and archery, a crossbow, and especially with powder firearms, where, as all the inhabitants of the town knew and discussed, he never missed or lost a battle, always returning with a victory and a trophy

However, an attempt to marry a local beauty, the daughter of a mad craftsman and merchant, a cursed bookish bore who fled into the thicket and found an abandoned cursed castle, lay there with a hairy and smelly monster ended in failure, as well as saving her and realizing the terrible truth and ungodly union women and animals who, with cunning and a wet stone floor on the balcony, were able to defeat him and he fell from a great height and broke a lot of branches ended up in the river and then swam back, returning to his town and recovering, surrounded him with walls and towers against monsters, but then times changed and armies of the Enemy appeared on the horizon, which mercilessly seized the lands, destroying any resistance in their path, which forced the heroes to flee, Gaston, having learned that it was not possible to defeat the Enemy, was soon among the refugees, and then, with the help of his skillful hands and courage, made a fortune in " the real world. " nine0007

Now at the present time, being a workaholic and hardy for long and long years of epochs, and even in hard times, having visited many non-fabulous military fronts, having seen blood and changing many names in a cruel non-fairytale world, he earned a lot of money for his eternal life. invested his life in deposits and shares, rented out a couple of ancient estates in Europe for a long-term lease and gave bribes to a couple of people from Disney so that the Gaston character would be given more time and even his own zones with actors in amusement parks. Gaston, who did not need charms because of his appearance, gave to needy fairy tales, especially female heroes and not only in debt, or helped in exchange for very profitable and pleasant services or material monetary interest, shares, shares. nine0007

However, recently, out of boredom and the need for sensations, as a hobby, he worked part-time as a "Real Man For A Couple Of Hours Or For The Whole Hot Night" where women and housewives in need of strong and skillful man's hands and body could for a fee or services to Gaston find satisfaction in help and in his desires that he was able to satisfy.

In the end, "work" if it could be called that and not entertainment "Main Man" with a free, though eventually clogged with orders from women in need, where he drove around the city on his Hummer, was fun and highly paid, Yes, and it was difficult to find in the town of fairy tales and not only, a good and handsome charismatic man with a snow-white smile of perfect teeth, capable of easily dragging weights with a bare muscular torso, repairing, planing, locksmithing, and setting up equipment, as well as excellent frying, peppering, cooking, there was not much to satisfy with a massage and not only, as well as for a fee, even to beat off male monsters annoying women and former ugly husbands who had not yet given the go-ahead for a divorce, knocking them to the very paws, there was not much. nine0007

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"Founder and head of the night mafia-forum role-playing league of vampires and easternists, as well as simply working until late hours, but overcoming at night to participate in the FRPG and mafia games" (c)

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#nine spectrum nine0003

Sent by

Mr. Buster a.k.a. Monster

Despite the nickname "The Beast" given to him by the peasants in ancient times, Buster is by no means such a monster as many paint him. On the contrary, he is a rather polite and kind man to others, at least as long as they deserve it, of course, and do not say nasty things about the Beast himself, his, in spite of everything, still beloved wife - Beauty and their long-term marriage, in which there is everything from love to hate. It is generally better not to stutter about the latter in his presence. nine0007

Due to the loss of all his fortune, Buster had to take on any job, just to have enough money to live for him and his wife. Therefore, where free hands were needed, he went there. Over the years, Buster has been a janitor, a porter, and a builder. Now he is busy keeping the buildings of Fabletown clean and tidy. Well, more precisely trying, with varying success. Still, when he was in his past life, completely different people were doing this. ..

But he tries not to lose heart about it, although the work is low, it is still important. And if you really have to choose between your pride and a more or less prosperous life, then the Beast will undoubtedly choose the latter. As well as always since he met his Beauty. nine0007

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#10 Kurasagi

Sent by

Cheshire cat.
Episode 2 legacy of the crooked.

- Chief...you are not afraid to cross the path of a beard. nine0017 - Mr. beard has his own niche, I have my own, this is what I will achieve.
The hand turned the handle of the fabletown main office. Sitting at the table drew attention to a man in a colorful Hollywood suit, with pink inserts on the elbows and shoulders. The man walked confidently enough to the table and laid a carpet on it.
- 1200 can not be counted.
- I'm very interested in Cheshire... Why did you suddenly start investing in fabletown? You want to wash your soul, every legend knows it's drug money. nine0017 Cheshire adjusted his round gilded glasses.
- You see, I am not indifferent to the fate of legends, and if Mr. Beard considers fabletown a business, then I am home. I live among them, I know their needs and I want to help them.
The interlocutor bowed politely and went to the exit. Leaving the office, he closed the door where two more were waiting for him.
Going out into the street and approaching the car, he sat on the hood.

"Yes, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge, my first love in a psychiatric hospital banged the second"
- Chief, you thought...
- Are you still here? Come check out the production. And yes, it is necessary to resolve issues with the pawnshop of the crooked one faster.
- You are not afraid that the administration will not approve of this, that you are slowly but trying to become the second crooked.
The cat sighed.
- The past taught me something, the crooked one offered an alternative, I was inspired by this and now I understand that prostitution and drugs in our conditions is a way of survival. I don't want to be crooked, I want to offer a place for those who are having a hard time, but a legal place. Let Miss Snow deal with the bureaucracy, the big wolf with the law, but I just keep an eye on the street, and sometimes I solve problems with narrow-minded simpletons. That's what I'm aiming for. The money from the full production cycle that we worked on gives me the funds to invest in fabletown, invested something crooked? I know my place and I want to help Miss Snow control the dark corners of our existence. Truncated? nine0017 The cat jumped off the hood and sat behind the wheel of the car, the hand slowly turned the key...

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#eleven Elli_Pirs

Sent by

Robert White/White Rabbit 9. ©

Rabbit looked at his gold pocket watch and took a sip of whiskey.

- Well, shitty drinks here...

Bear Max, in turn, finished his beer with pleasure, asking the bartender to repeat it.

- It's "Hoofbeat", Rob, it's always been like this here. You probably just got used to it during this year that you spent traveling. nine0007

- I've lost the habit of a lot of things this year. Let's go again, the police of the simpletons covered our "employers"?

- And confiscated the laboratory, - added the Bear. At the moment we are unemployed...

- But ARE WE free then? We still have our network of merchants. We'll find... I'll find new equipment, arrange supplies of raw materials. Fortunately, no one got to my accounts.

- Our network has also thinned out. Many people now work for Cheshire...

White wanted to saddle up another sip of whiskey, but the news prevented him from raising the glass to his lips. nine0007

- Cheshire? It's Cheshire working for us!

- No, Cheshire is now heir to the Crooked Uncle's case.

- Oh, fuck it. White ran a hand through his hair, brushing it back. - Although, on the other hand, I'm on friendly terms with one of the most influential types in this city.

- Do you want to remove him? - as always in his manner in the forehead asked Max, - Or start to cooperate?

The rabbit paused for a while, looking somewhere at the bottom of his glass. nine0007

- Let's see, Max. We'll see.

The bear did not answer. I could hear the clock on the wall ticking.

- In any case, we will not be lost. - Rabbit continued, - Let's fuss a little, break a couple of heads and we are again in chocolate.

- That's right, - Max nodded his head, pouring himself a beer, - By the way, where is "the love of your life Alex"? A year ago, you did not leave each other a single step. How does she like your new Charms?

- I don't want to talk about it, - White answered, finishing his whiskey, - We... we...

- Have you had another fight?

- Not the right word.



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#12 crackerzZ nine0003

Sent by


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#13 Ggleebb nine0003

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Marlon Brave - Mowgli


Works as a tourist.
A dark-skinned, dark-eyed young man of an obviously oriental appearance stopped the bike near a house standing on the outskirts of a small village. He pulled out the ignition key, and, without removing his helmet, went into the house. He did not stay there for long, and soon left, accompanied by a short man. The little man was obviously trying to prove something, but the young man, without even listening, got on the motorcycle and started the engine. nine0017 - And just try to do this again - you will quickly go to the Witch's Well. - he warned the little man and flashed a white-toothed smile. Contrary to this sign of friendliness on the face of the young man, the undersized one somehow shrank back and looked at the young man in a haunted manner.
- Yes, Mr. Marlon Brave, I'll do everything as you say, don't worry. - the young man nodded, started the bike and left.

Ps. Marlon Brave from English is a cheerful brave man.

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-I have the worst job in the world! said the toothbrush.
- Well, well ... - answered the toilet paper. :D

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#fourteen debero

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It was late evening in Fabletown. The last rays of the sun had long since disappeared beyond the horizon, and the time of Night was coming. Its darkness enveloped the city, wrapping houses, benches, trees. Only street lamps resisted her, shedding their dim yellowish light around.
The sky was covered with a heavy sheet of black clouds, through which only occasionally the light of the moon or the glitter of stars broke through. It was raining. Heavy drops drummed on the roofs of houses, flowed down from the yellowed foliage of trees, bubbled on the surface of puddles underfoot. Lightning split the sky in a golden stroke, accompanied by booming thunder. nine0007

He was walking through Fabletown. Outwardly, he looked like a stately man. He was wearing a tight suit and patent leather black shoes. Under a light cloak, open despite the bad weather, a gray scarf was visible, enveloping the neck in several layers. He carried two umbrellas in his hands. One with multi-colored pictures and the second - blacker than the night. But He was in no hurry to reveal them. These umbrellas were not protection from the rain. They were the embodiment of the traveler himself, full of magic, as ancient as the universe itself. They were only used at night. He opened them to people falling asleep, either showering their dreams with bright sparks and goodness from a multi-colored umbrella, or instilling ancient nightmares and horrors in their dreams - from a black one. nine0007

Who was the traveler? He had many names. Throughout human history, it has featured in various folk tales, legends and fairy tales. In some, he was a well-known character: Sandman, Ole Lukoye, Morpheus. .. In others, he remained only a nameless guide to the dream world of illusory reality. But he was everywhere. And his mission was one and only - to decide what kind of dream each living being will see.

Post has been edited by debero: 27 June 2018 - 07:55 nine0007

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#fifteen Darth Kraken

Sent by

Konstantin Dubov

Irina Orekhova

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#16 Verina

Sent by

Julie ( Jali ) Greguar

Legend: Jali, trained goat of Esmeralda 9Ol000

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      #17 Disha_

      Sent by

      For the first Enchantment, Tinkerbell accumulated, with the help of repairs of varying complexity, breakdowns in the homes of the inhabitants of the Farm. Among her own, the fairy had a reputation as a professional with golden hands. The little one, no taller than four inches, had to fly from hut to hut every day to put a couple of earned coins into a piggy bank. Things were moving pretty fast, but lately Tinker had been paying more and more attention to other activities, which could distract her from everyday life and dissipate this stench from engine oil. nine0007

      In addition to the talent given by mother nature herself, Tinker Bell, like any other fairy, loved to dance, but dirty work and washing a huge collection of copper pots were for the most part a priority for a gifted craftswoman until she I saw an announcement about a casting for the role of a leading ballerina.

      The casting took place in a big city, so having sold more than half of her junk, Tinker Bell decided to bet all-in and bought a one-way ticket, thus making the final choice in favor of the fact that she would never return to the village. Even if she failed, at worst she had a fallback option - to open her own car service, which was not a bad idea, because this person's hands grew from where they should. nine0007

      The tight schedule of rehearsals before the meeting with the commission brought the fairy back to normal, even more than. With such a schedule, Tinker Bell stopped noticing the shabby room, where she temporarily settled in and, with burning eyes, ran to the theater at dawn in order to be the very first to stretch, which was accompanied by the screams of the choreographer, always drunk as an insole.

      After a couple of months, the very day X came, when it was necessary to make every effort for the magnificent batman and leave with the graceful posture of a swan to powder the nose for of that chief, who sat in the middle and chose a lady for the evening.

      “Honey, congratulations,” the teacher’s voice came from behind. Get dressed, he's already waiting.

      Tinker Bell looked in the mirror appraisingly, and pulling off the snow-white ballerina robe, she pulled on a black flowing dress that perfectly emphasized the ballerina's figure over her fragile, thin body.

      The contract did not appear on the table immediately, and the director announced the tempting offer only after both had been sitting at the table of a chic restaurant for about an hour and drinking a second bottle of sweet wine. nine0007

      Paid apartments, pocket money, performance fees - the dream of any refugee from a small province.

      A nod to a pile of papers, a signature, a charming smile at a fat purse, an elegant slit on the dress where it should be, and eye contact made with the one who pays all the bills and Charms. Isn't it perfect?

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      #eighteen Selena

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      Jack Horner

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    #nineteen Andy with a face

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    Caliph Aist

    HASID Harun Ar-Rakhim

    AIST Flying ... I can’t fly, I can’t fly a lot . What a pity. nine0172

    Slow, thick smoke gradually raised the aroma of tobacco with cinnamon notes to the ceiling, blurring the dim glow of a few lamps. Having risen above the scarlet draperies that covered the banal energy-saving lamps, the smoke spread along the twists of the mosaics that adorned the ceiling, followed the sloping vaults, got lost in the domed alcoves, and painted, painted and built pictures ...

    ...smoky landscapes rose up, hung from the ceiling a mirror image of the whim of the designer of domes and minarets, flat roofs of shops, verandas covered with ivy, quiet alleys of parks behind high, blank fences, coolness of ponds surrounded by fig trees, low sloping branches, weighted with ripe juicy fruits, above a glass surface, along which a thin -thin ripples from a fish gliding under the very surface; here a large fig breaks from a branch, breaking the reflection of dense green leaves, and a fire blazes in the reflection . ..

    ...and further smoky twists form, into new pictures, into new mirages, hot air trembles between ancient minarets that are lost in the boxes of modern houses, dry wind spreads dust along motorways, from the heat of which melts the tires of cars, new palaces on the ruins of the old, and the ancient, all-remembering sun of the desert shines dimly no longer on damask sabers, but on blued steel and barriers, beyond which there is no longer a road, where other celestials live ...

    The bell is ringing over the front door, the air, smelling of exhausts, is also hot, but in a completely different way - a different heat, a different dust, a different taste on the lips. A curtain swayed, behind which a large glass window for a moment revealed the life of a big city, the new center of the world: the road was noisy, yesterday's newspaper thrown out sadly covered almost half of a random piece of bare earth, on which withered grass made its way through the city dust, businesslike, concentrated pedestrians hurried along the sidewalks who knew neither rest, nor rest, nor a minute that could be spent contemplating, and there is nothing to reproach them for - what to contemplate in the business district, where even the inscription “Hookahs” stylized on glass, stylized as Arabic script, has already served exotic attraction. nine0007

    Smoke dissolved under the ceiling, such bright mirages disappeared a moment ago. The bitter-sweet spirit of cinnamon remained to soar. A couple of banknotes lay down on a low table, crushed by an empty bowl. Again the tip was more generous than one could afford. He got up from the backs of pillows, shiny from many and many varying degrees of accident, and plunged into the unpleasant noise of the metropolis. Maybe he should not have thought that it was worth replacing the curtain of the desert outside the window with skyscrapers blocking the sun, and he would learn to live in a new world, but should he indulge himself with regrets. Fingers walked over the pendant, made in the form of a stork soaring up. At least he doesn't have to think about Charms. And this was only enough for your grace, heaven? nine0007

    He dived underground, and it became easier not to listen to the thoughts drowned out by the roar of underground trains - they only frightened him at first, and then his gaze again became indifferent, staring at the reflection of a thin face in the window and the darkness behind it, as if expecting to see there is something to find. ..

    Funeral? Well. Let there be a funeral today. Not all the same. In this world where magic words no longer work.


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    #twenty ortie

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    Sally nibbled on the hot dog while trying to keep the hood on her head. A long stay in the guise of an amphibian taught me to appreciate the little things. For example, the opportunity to fully experience the taste of food. Now the mustard hit his nose so hard that it darkened a little before his eyes with every bite. The salamander looked around, soaking up the life of the city with every cell of its body. A short stay at the Farm and long wanderings before that had instilled in her heart a longing for crowded streets. nine0007

    When she finished eating, she wiped her hands on an old thin jacket she bought in a second-hand store. It was strange to be in a human body again. It seemed to her that her gait was strange, that her hand movements were too abrupt, and that her gaze was habitually cold or suspiciously fleeting. The purchased charms should be enough, and in case of an unforeseen case, several gems were still stored in a rag bag closer to the body. Her conscience still gnawed at her for the fact that, being a salamander, she ran away from the lover of rarities who sheltered her, having collected sparkling pebbles in her mouth, as it turned out, for a decent amount. nine0007

    Recently, she heard about a man whose features were suspiciously similar to those of her acquaintance from her former life, and for the second day the Salamander wanders around the city in a vain search. But when she heard about the grandiose commemoration of a townswoman unknown to her, she decided to go there. According to rumors, people can gather there enough. Maybe he will be there too.

    Will he be able to help her stay in her original form without the Charm?

    And why doesn't the former spell work? nine0007


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    !!! Erebus "Bible"!!!
    __1.Question: In what faith were Jesus brought up by his parents?
    Answer: Jewish.
    __2.Question: Jesus taught us that the most important thing we need in this life is...? nine0017 Answer: Love.
    __3.Question: Where was Paul on his way when Jesus stopped him with a bright light, starting the transformation in Paul's life?
    Answer: Damascus.
    __4.Question: Jesus was invited by Lazarus to dinner. What was the name of the woman who sat at his feet and listened to him?
    Answer: Miriam.
    __5.Question: God created this world and all living beings in it, but who gave living beings their names? Answer: Adam.
    __6.Question: Adam and Eve lived in the beautiful Garden of Eden. Why did God expel them from there? nine0017 Answer: They disobeyed.
    __7.Question: When Jesus was born, his mother, Mary, did not have a lullaby and she put it in another place. Where?
    Answer: basket.
    __8.Question: What disciple didn't want Jesus to wash his feet during the Last Supper?
    Answer: Peter.

    !!! Erebus "Zoology"!!!
    __1.Question: Which of these animals does not have a backbone?
    Answer: Earthworm.
    __2.Question: What are the main reasons for taming alpacas? nine0017 Answer: For their wool and meat.
    __3.Question: How long can a healthy alpaca live on average?
    Answer: Approximately 20 years.
    __4.Question: What biological family do alpacas belong to?
    Answer: Camelids.

    !!! Erebus "Music"!!!
    __1. Question: Which instrument has black and white keys and two or more pedals?
    Answer: piano.
    __2.Question: What wooden instrument can be played by blowing into the mouthpiece? And it has over 20 sound holes? nine0017 Answer: Saxophone.
    __3.Question: This 4-string instrument is made of spruce wood and is played with a horsehair bow. What is it?
    Answer: Violin.
    __4.Question: What percussion instrument is played by hitting a stick on a stretched skin, just like on the "Bongo"?
    Answer: drum.
    __5.Question: What percussion instrument is played by hammer blows on wooden bars?
    Answer: Xylophone.
    __6.Question: What brass instrument can be played by blowing into the mouthpiece? Does it have three keys that change the sound? nine0017 Answer: Pipe.
    __7.Question: A harmonica is a small instrument made of plastic and metal. How to play on it?
    Answer: With your mouth.
    __8.Question: What 6-tone instrument is used by rock bands along with the sound amplifier?
    Answer: Electric guitar.
    __9.Question: What Irish instrument consists of many strings that the musician touches with his own hands?
    Answer: Harp.

    !!! Erebus "Miscellaneous"!!!
    __1.Question: Which word best describes the union of two parties to form a government? nine0017 Answer: Coalition.
    __2.Question: I have a shiny barrel, I am red and green. Is it about me they say "eating one a day, you will leave the doctor out of work"?
    Answer: Apple.
    __3.Question: How are the words "Midori, Verde, Vert, Gruen" translated?
    Answer: Green.
    __4.Question: Roald Dahl wrote about a boy named James and his adventures on a flying fruit. Is the book called "James and the Giant__"? Answer: Peach.
    __5.Question: Lightning is very fast, but according to science, there is something faster. What is it? nine0017 Answer: Light.
    __6.Question: If there is a full moon in the sky, what shape is it?
    Answer: Circle.
    __7.Question: What is the name of the organ of our body that pumps blood?
    Answer: Heart.
    __8.Question: I am very similar to an orange, even the same color, but the size is a little disappointing?
    Answer: Mandarin.
    __9.Question: Saddam Hussein was the dictator of which country in the Middle East? Answer: Iraq.
    __10.Question: I'm a purple fruit, did little Jack Horner pull me out of a Christmas cake? nine0017 Answer: Plum.
    __11.Question: Peter Parker (Spiderman) has many spider-like abilities. And what are spiders according to biological classification?
    Answer: Arachnids.
    __12.Question: Which of these is the hottest?
    Answer: Sun.
    __13.Question: Superheroes have always fought aliens from other galaxies. What is the name of our galaxy?
    Answer: Milky Way.
    __14.Question: Superman can fly, but what is the name of the law of physics that pulls ordinary people to the ground? nine0017 Answer: Gravity.
    __15.Question: If you have not expressed your last will, then what do you not have?
    Answer: Wills.
    __16.Question: Iron Man's armor can work wonders. Many animals also have a kind of "armor", what is it called?
    Answer: Exoskeleton.
    __17.Question: What happens if you melt something?
    Answer: Change from solid to liquid.
    __18.Question: What is the name of the gas in the air, thanks to which we live? Answer: Oxygen. nine0017 __19.Question: In the 60s and 70s of the twentieth century, many astronauts participated in the Apalon missions. Where were the ships of this program headed?
    Answer: Moon.
    __20.Question: When Violet from The Incredibles is visible, how do people see her?
    Answer: The light reflects off Violet directly into their eyes.
    __21.Question: You can find me on a palm tree. I am brown on the outside and white on the inside. I am very hard and sometimes I fall on people's heads, who am I? Answer: Coconut.
    __22.Question: If a woman gave birth to triplets, how many children does she have? nine0017 Answer: 3.
    __23. Question: What is the last letter of the Greek alphabet?
    Answer: Omega.
    __24.Question: I grow on a vine, I am red and white, and your parents often drink my juice in wine?
    Answer: Grapes.
    __25.Question: Which of these is not a fruit? It can be fried or baked.
    Answer: Potato.
    __26.Question: The amazing powers of the X-Men come from genetic mutations. Mutations are part of what process?
    Answer: Evolution. nine0017 __27.Question: Which of these fruits grows on the vine?
    Answer: Grapes.
    __28.Question: Earth - what is the number of the planet from the sun?
    Answer: Third.
    __29.Question: What does lightning consist of?
    Answer: Electricity.
    __30.Question: Daredevil is blind, but he sees objects with the help of sound, like a sonar. Who else uses echolocation?
    Answer: Bats and submarines.
    __31.Question: Who became the Prime Minister of Great Britain at 1997?
    Answer: Tony Blair.
    __32. Question: Which of the following keys is not on a standard keyboard?
    Answer: Repeat.
    __33.Question: What color is not the main one?
    Answer: Orange.
    __34.Question: From which children's television series are these names taken: Donatello, Michelangelo, Leonardo and Raphael?
    Answer: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
    __35.Question: Writing paper is usually sold in sets of 500 sheets. What is this set called? nine0017 Answer: Pack.

    !!! Erebus "Sport"!!!
    __1.Question: The modern Olympic Games were launched by an organization called the IOC. What does IOC mean?
    Answer: International Olympic Committee.
    __2.Question: For 1st, 2nd and 3rd places taken during the Olympic Games, medals are given. What are their names?
    Answer: Gold, silver and bronze.
    __3.Question: Which city in Asia hosted most of the 29th Olympic Games in 2008?
    Answer: Beijing. nine0017 __4.Question: The flag of the Olympic Games has five colored rings connected together. What do these rings mean?
    Answer: Continents of the world.
    __5.Question: The Olympic flame is carried all over the world. Where does the journey start?
    Answer: Olympia, Greece.
    __6.Question: The Olympic Games usually have one or more mascots. Which mascots are from the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing?
    Answer: Fuwa.
    __7.Question: Who was the first male tennis player to win all four White Slam tournaments on 3 different surfaces? nine0017 Answer: Rod Laver.
    __8.Question: The Olympic flame is carried around the world by the host country. Where does the journey start?
    Answer: Olympia, Greece.
    __9.Question: Where and when were the first ancient Olympic Games held?
    Answer: More than 2000 years ago in Ancient Greece.
    __10.Question: How often do the Summer Olympic Games take place?
    Answer: Every 4 years.
    __11.Question: What city, up to and including the 2012 Olympic Games, hosted the games more than 1 time? nine0017 Answer: London, UK.

    !!! Erebus USA!!!
    __1.Question: In what state are Atlantic City, Somerville, Tenofline, Springfield, and Hoboken located?
    Answer: New Jersey.
    __2.Question: In which northwestern state are Starbuck, Walla, Port Angeles, and Olympia located?
    Answer: Washington.
    __3.Question: In which Midwestern state are Springfeed, St. Joseph, Cleve Coeur, and Cape Girardeau located?
    Answer: Illinois. nine0017 __4.Question: Which midwestern agricultural area includes New Salem, Springfield, Metropolis, and Champaign?
    Answer: Illinois.
    __5.Question: In which state near the border with Canada are the cities of Ker-Dalen, Downey, Idaho Falls and Pacapello?
    Answer: Idaho.
    __6.Question: The Cold War was a war of alienation and hostility mainly between the USSR and which country?
    Answer: USA.
    __7.Question: Where was the US capital for most of George Washington's presidency? nine0017 Answer: Philadelphia.
    __8. Question: Which department of the US Department of Defense creates and develops new military technologies?
    Answer: DARPA
    __9.Question: In which state, named after a European monarch, are the cities of Lafayette, Lake Charles, and Bogallusa?
    Answer: Louisiana.
    __10.Question: On September 11, 2001, there was a terrorist attack in New York that claimed many lives. What building was it associated with?
    Answer: World Trade Center. nine0017 __11.Question: Which Mississippi state is called the "Heart of America" ​​and is home to the cities of Amana, Fort Dodge and Dubuque?
    Answer: Iowa.
    __12.Question: Which state is home to the cities of Missoula, Whitefish, Bigfork and Butte?
    Answer: Montana.
    __13.Question: On what street in New York is the New York Stock Exchange located?
    Answer: Wall Street.
    __14.Question: Which state had many battles during the Civil War and contains the cities of Macon, Augusta, Peachtree City, and Marietta? nine0017 Answer: Georgia.

    !!! Erebus "Topography"!!!
    __1.Question: What is the name of the invisible line that divides the Earth in half? Answer: Equator.
    __2.Question: What method would I most likely use to get to the ancient Inca mountain city of Machu Picchu?
    Answer: On a tour bus.
    __3.Question: Which of the following islands is not located in Europe?
    Answer: Maldives.
    __4.Question: If I decide to go on a Caribbean cruise, which of these island countries can I not visit? nine0017 Answer: Tahiti.
    __5.Question: The country with the smallest area in the world?
    Answer: Vatican.
    __6.Question: Which Asian country do you need to go to visit the Forbidden City?
    Answer: China.
    __7.Question: What is the highest mountain in the world?
    Answer: Everest.
    __8.Question: I am going on a river cruise and I am going to visit Vienna, Budapest and Bratislava. Which river will I sail on?
    Answer: Danube.
    __9.Question: Which of these world capitals is the largest city in its country? nine0017 Answer: Tokyo.
    __10.Question: If I told you that I saw the Daytona500 with my own eyes, what state would I be in at the time of this?
    Answer: Florida.
    __11.Question: Which ocean has the largest area?
    Answer: Quiet.
    __12.Question: Nelson Mandella is a world-famous anti-racist activist. Which African country was he president of?
    Answer: South Africa.
    __13.Question: What is the largest continent in the world?
    Answer: Eurasia. nine0017 __14.Question: What is the largest landlocked country?
    Answer: Kazakhstan.
    __15.Question: What is the longest river in the world?
    Answer: Amazon.
    __16.Question: What Canadian province am I going to if I tell you that I want to see the Calgory Stampede?
    Answer: Alberta.
    __17.Question: Which of the following countries will I go to if I want to see the prehistoric Uffington White Horse?
    Answer: England.
    __18.Question: What European city was divided by a wall, separating capitalism in the west from communism in the east? nine0017 Answer: Berlin.

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