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Different Types of Construction Trucks and Kinds of Dump Trucks

Dump trucks have been around for nearly 100 years. When they were first conceived, they didn’t even have a motor. Now, dump trucks are loaded with complex machinery and designed to accomplish specific functions in construction.

If you’ve been researching dump trucks to add to your fleet, looking to become an owner/operator or to gain a better understanding of your construction supply chain, this guide to the different types of dump trucks and kinds of construction trucks will help you understand the unique features and functions of each. This article will focus on dump truck types in the US and include the different names of trucks used for each truck type.


What All Dump Trucks Have in Common

Most dump trucks have an open-box bed and operate by hydraulics. Dump truck manufacturers in the US include Mack, Peterbilt, Volvo, Freightliner, CAT, Kenworth, and International Trucks. When acquiring a new truck, you’ll have to consider whether to buy used, at auction, or from a dealer. While there are different types of trucks, manufacturers allow for customizations for each type to get the specifications you desire.

Dump Trucks by Type

Standard Dump Truck

Overview: A standard dump truck has a chassis or base frame with a mounted bed. The front of the body contains a hydraulic ram that raises the bed. The back of the bed is hinged to the back of the truck so the front can be raised to dump material out. The body is accessible through a tailgate that swings up or down, depending on the truck’s build. 

Key distinction: The wheelbase tends to be low to improve maneuverability, and if this feature is essential, then the standard is the best choice. These dump trucks have front and rear steering axles, with additional axles for trucks that need to carry a greater load. 

Where They’re Commonly Used: These dump trucks are found in the US and Europe.

Transfer (Truck & Transfer)

Overview: A transfer dump truck has a standard dump truck as its base and pulls a separate movable cargo container on a trailer. The separate trailer is then pulled within the body of the main truck, you can check out a video showcasing this ability here.

Key distinction: The transfer dump truck can carry a variety of common construction materials. The tractor gives the truck greater capacity without having to sacrifice maneuverability.

Materials: Gravel, sand, asphalt, snow, wood chips, construction aggregate, dirt.

Where They’re Commonly Used: Transfer dump trucks are found all over the US.

End Dump (Dump Trailer, Semi-End Dump) Truck

Overview: This truck has a tractor-trailer combination, and the trailer contains its own hydraulic system. The loads are weighted more on the container being pulled rather than the truck bed.

Key distinction: While these dump trucks can carry a large payload, this does make the truck unstable, limiting its applications, especially when the ground is uneven at job sites. The truck can be quickly unloaded onsite. 

Side Dump Truck

Overview: The side dump truck consists of a tractor pulling a semi-trailer. Hydraulic rams tilt the body onto its side, so material goes either to the left or the right of the truck. 

Key distinction: Allows for rapid unloading, won’t tip over while dumping like an end dump can, unless the dump is stopped prematurely.

Materials: Few material limitations, can carry anything from boulders to sand, to sludge.

Where They’re Commonly Used: All over the US; however, in the Western part of the country, they can carry more weight, another advantage to this type of truck.

Tri-Axle Dump Truck

Overview: These hauling trucks are used for smaller loads, short distances.  This is a popular choice in more urban or suburban areas because these trucks are easier to maneuver in tight quarters or down busy city streets, while still hauling a meaningful amount of material.  

Key Distinction: They are lightweight, meaning they can help save on costs.

Materials: The tri-axle can’t handle too many aggregates because the load capacity is small.

Superdump Truck

Overview: These big dump trucks have a trailing axle and load-bearing axle that allows for much heavier loads than other types of dump trucks while still meeting the federal bridge formula standard. Superdumps have become popular out west in the US. 

Key Distinction: Can be rated as high as 80,000 pounds depending on length and axle configuration.

Materials: Very useful for asphalt and concrete paving.

Bottom Dump (Belly Dump)

Overview: Bottom dump trucks have dump trailers with a “clamshell” gate that releases material from the bottom, or the “belly,” of the trailer.

Key Distinction: The clamshell design allows for precision when laying materials.

Materials: The bottom dump is used primarily for stockpiling, material transport, and paving.

Double Bottom (Double Belly Dump)

Overview: The Double Bottom or Belly Dump is similar to the Bottom Dump but with the addition of an extra trailer to increase the amount that can be transported in each trip.

Off-Highway Dump Trucks

Overview: These trucks are heavy construction equipment with major differences from standard and other dump trucks that are used on highways. These are used primarily for off-road jobs like mining and heavy dirt hauling. In fact, the manufacturers of these types of trucks avoid using “dump truck” to refer to them, typically using “haul truck” instead.

Key Distinction: There are two main types of off-highway dump trucks, haul trucks and articulated haulers. 


Getting a Dump Truck to Meet Your Needs

Now that you understand the different types of dump trucks, you may be wondering how to purchase one. You can find out how much a dump truck costs here, and learn how to buy a used truck here if you’re looking to save on upfront costs.

Looking to hire someone with the truck you need? You can find a guide to finding truck drivers looking for work here.

If you own a truck, you need a trusted resource to connect you with work in your local area. 

Trux's logistics platform offers a marketplace where you can find work suitable to your truck type. You can build your own schedule by looking at all the work available with rates so you know upfront what you’re getting into. 

Not only can TRUX connect you with work in your area but we can help you run your business. 

TRUX takes care of creating invoices for work done through the app. TRUX pays haulers weekly for work performed; no more waiting to get paid. If you have a fleet, TRUX offers “Fleet management” tools to help manage all your trucks and drivers.

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muldenkipper, der bereit ist, erde oder schlamm auf der baustelle zu entladen. straßenverkehr baut eine neue autobahn - dump truck stock-fotos und bilder

Muldenkipper, der bereit ist, Erde oder Schlamm auf der...

Muldenkipper bereit, Erde oder Groud auf der Baustelle zu entladen. Straßendienst baut eine neue Autobahn

lagerarbeiter entladen transportboxen in cargo container truck. cargo trailer truck parked loading at dock warehouse. lieferservice. versand lagerlogistik. freight truck transport. - dump truck stock-fotos und bilder

Lagerarbeiter entladen Transportboxen in Cargo Container Truck....

luftaufnahme von semi-trucks loading im logistikzentrum, distributionslager - dump truck stock-fotos und bilder

Luftaufnahme von Semi-Trucks Loading im Logistikzentrum,...

gabelstaplerfahrer verladen von paketboxen in den frachtcontainer. cargo trailer truck parked loading at dock warehouse. versand-lieferservice. versand lagerlogistik. freight truck transport. - dump truck stock-fotos und bilder

Gabelstaplerfahrer Verladen von Paketboxen in den Frachtcontainer.

paketboxen auf paletten, die in den frachtcontainer geladen werden. trucks parked loading at dock warehouse. lieferservice. versand lagerlogistik. road freight truck transport. - dump truck stock-fotos und bilder

Paketboxen auf Paletten, die in den Frachtcontainer geladen...

dump loader lkw cartoon baustelle fahrzeug ausrüstung maschine. nur schwarz und weiß für malseite, kinder buch. - dump truck stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Dump Loader LKW Cartoon Baustelle Fahrzeug Ausrüstung Maschine....

großer steinbruchwagen. laden sie den fels in dummkopf. verladung von kohle in karosseriebetruben. die produktion nützliche mineralien. bergungsmaschinen, kohle aus der tagebau als kohleproduktion zu transportieren - dump truck stock-fotos und bilder

Großer Steinbruchwagen. Laden Sie den Fels in Dummkopf....

lieferwagen seite und rückansicht, und verschiedene boxen. isoliert auf blauem hintergrund. - dump truck stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Lieferwagen Seite und Rückansicht, und verschiedene Boxen....

Lieferwagen-Seiten- und Rückansicht und verschiedene Boxen. Isoliert auf blauem Hintergrund. Lagertechnik, Frachtlieferung, Lagerservicekonzept. Flacher Stil, Vektorillustration.

verladung von lastwagen im lager einer spedition - dump truck stock-fotos und bilder

Verladung von Lastwagen im Lager einer Spedition

blick in einen steinbruch grube. - dump truck stock-fotos und bilder

Blick in einen Steinbruch Grube.

gabelstapler traktor verladen von paketboxen in frachtcontainer im dock warehouse. lieferservice. versand lagerlogistik. frachtversand. güter-lkw-transport. - dump truck stock-fotos und bilder

Gabelstapler Traktor Verladen von Paketboxen in Frachtcontainer...

liste von baufahrzeugen, traktoren und schweren maschinen-ikonen. - dump truck stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Liste von Baufahrzeugen, Traktoren und schweren Maschinen-Ikonen.

Seitenansicht von Kunstwerken von Bau- und Industriefahrzeugen, Straßenwalzen, Bulldozer, Bagger, Bagger, Muldenkipper und Kran.

logistik und warenlagerung-be-und entladung von gütern für den transport per lkw - dump truck stock-fotos und bilder

Logistik und Warenlagerung-Be-und Entladung von Gütern für den...

set von detailgetreuen schweren bau-und bergbaumaschinen im flachen stil auf dem weißen hintergrund. baumaschinen. spezielle ausstattung. vektorabbildung - dump truck stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Set von detailgetreuen schweren Bau-und Bergbaumaschinen im...

sicherung der ladung - dump truck stock-fotos und bilder

Sicherung der Ladung

Umzugsfirma, die einer Familie hilft, aus ihrem alten Zuhause auszuziehen

schwarzer lkw an den laderampen eines lagers - dump truck stock-fotos und bilder

schwarzer LKW an den Laderampen eines Lagers

arbeiter auf der lader lasten lange weiße semi-truck - dump truck stock-fotos und bilder

Arbeiter auf der Lader Lasten lange weiße semi-truck

lkw icons set - dump truck stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

LKW icons set

Trucks Symbole gesetzt. Vektorsilhouetten von Fahrzeugen

konzentrieren sie sich auf die aufgabe - dump truck stock-fotos und bilder

Konzentrieren Sie sich auf die Aufgabe

Ein kaukasischer Zusteller mittlerer Erwachsener, der Brotpaletten nach draußen schiebt, nachdem er sie aus einem Lieferwagen genommen hat. Er ist ein wichtiger Mitarbeiter während der COVID-19-Pandemie.

lkw nach unten nach einem crash auf der autobahn - dump truck stock-fotos und bilder

LKW nach unten nach einem Crash auf der Autobahn

Enns, Oberösterreich, Österreich - 15. März 2019: Großer Lkw überschlug sich bei einem schweren Verkehrsunfall auf der Westautobahn A1 bei Enns in Oberösterreich. Der Lkw steht nach dem Crash kopfüber und die Ladung ist auf der Autobahn verstreut.

set linie icons von lkws - dump truck stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Set Linie icons von LKWs

Legen Sie Liniensymbole von LKWs fest, die auf Weiß isoliert sind. Diese Abbildung - EPS10 Vektordatei.

sattelauflieger ein parkplatz am sunset sky. industrie straßengüterwagen. logistik- und frachttransportkonzept. - dump truck stock-fotos und bilder

Sattelauflieger Ein Parkplatz am Sunset Sky. Industrie Straßengüte

bulldozer und muldenkipper - dump truck stock-fotos und bilder

Bulldozer und Muldenkipper

Ladebagger Maschine Verladung Muldenkipper im Sandabbau

satz von vektor-lkws, transport, transport und versand flache design-illustration in eps 10 - dump truck stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Satz von Vektor-LKWs, Transport, Transport und Versand flache. ..

schwere baumaschinen lkw, müllwagen in monochrom. industrielle maschinen und anlagen. isolierter vektor - dump truck stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Schwere Baumaschinen LKW, Müllwagen in Monochrom. Industrielle...

Schweres Baumaschinen-LKW, Müllwagen in Monochrom. Industriemaschinen und -anlagen. Isolierter Vektor

open-pit mine in deutschland - dump truck stock-fotos und bilder

Open-pit Mine in Deutschland

gestapelt von paketboxen, die in container truck geladen werden. lkw geparkt eladung am dock warehouse. lieferservice. versand lagerlogistik. versand freight truck transport. - dump truck stock-fotos und bilder

Gestapelt von Paketboxen, die in Container Truck geladen werden....

blaue halb lkw und auflieger stehen in reihe kaum nahe dem lager tor unter be- und entladen prozess - dump truck stock-fotos und bilder

Blaue halb LKW und Auflieger stehen in Reihe kaum nahe dem Lager...

muldenkipper ist boden entladen. - dump truck stock-fotos und bilder

Muldenkipper ist Boden entladen.

Zrenjanin, Vojvodina, Serbien – 04. Juni 2015: Schwere Räder arbeiten auf der Baustelle im großen komplexen Einkaufszentrum "AVIV PARK" in der Stadt Zrenjanin.

strapazierfähige konstruktion fahrzeuge symbole - dump truck stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Strapazierfähige Konstruktion Fahrzeuge Symbole

Schwere Baufahrzeuge Symbole. Enthält große Bulldozer, Muldenkipper, Schleppleine, elektrische Seilschaufel, Bagger, Bagger, Bergbauschaufeln, Umschlagbagger, Klapplöffelgreifer, Raupenkran, Bergbaulastwagen und Radlader. Schichtweise und gruppiert für Benutzerfreundlichkeit. Der Download enthält EPS 8, EPS 10 und hochauflösende JPEG- und PNG-Dateien.

chemischen lastwagen-symbol - dump truck stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Chemischen Lastwagen-Symbol

Chemie-LKW-Symbol. Transport icons universal set für Web und Mobile

lkw-fahrer öffnet rückseite des lkw-anhängers bereit, um waren zu entladen. transportdienstleistungen. - dump truck stock-fotos und bilder

Lkw-Fahrer öffnet Rückseite des LKW-Anhängers bereit, um Waren...

dumptruck in aktion - dump truck stock-fotos und bilder

Dumptruck in Aktion

radlader entlädt sand in bergbau-lkw am tagebau - dump truck stock-fotos und bilder

Radlader entlädt Sand in Bergbau-Lkw am Tagebau

entlader des lkw an der lagerladerampe - dump truck stock-fotos und bilder

Entlader des LKW an der Lagerladerampe

Langzeitbelichtungsansicht von Lagerarbeitern, die Palettenheber verwenden, um einen LKW an einer Laderampe in einem Fulfillment-Center zu entladen.

weißer leerer und nicht identifizierter lieferwagen mit offener heckklappe - dump truck stock-fotos und bilder

Weißer leerer und nicht identifizierter Lieferwagen mit offener...

industriegeschäft fracht güter lkw transport und logistik. trailer truck loading paketboxen im lager. lieferung, versandkartons. - dump truck stock-fotos und bilder

Industriegeschäft Fracht Güter LKW Transport und Logistik....

die kartons mit beladung aus container - dump truck stock-fotos und bilder

Die Kartons mit Beladung aus container

semi-trucks in der lagerhalle, luftaufnahme - dump truck stock-fotos und bilder

Semi-Trucks in der Lagerhalle, Luftaufnahme

Luftaufnahme von Sattelschleppern beim Entladen und einem großen Lagerhaus mit Sonnenkollektoren auf dem Dach.

cargo box mit handhubwagen wird in einen container verladen. lieferung. lagerlogistik. fracht fracht lkw transport. - dump truck stock-fotos und bilder

Cargo Box mit Handhubwagen wird in einen Container verladen....

muldenkipper. vektor-illustration. - dump truck stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Muldenkipper. Vektor-Illustration.

Gelbe Kipper-LKW-Seitenansicht. Realistische Vektorillustration

umzugswagen wartet darauf, außerhalb des neuen hauses am umzugstag entladen zu werden - dump truck stock-fotos und bilder

Umzugswagen wartet darauf, außerhalb des neuen Hauses am...

entladen der truck - dump truck stock-fotos und bilder

Entladen der Truck

Mann entlädt Kisten von einem 18-Wheeler

lkw-anhänger mit pappkartons beladen - dump truck stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

LKW-Anhänger mit Pappkartons beladen

muldenkipper-illustration transport von sand, vektorgrafik. truck icon logo vektor design - dump truck stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Muldenkipper-Illustration Transport von Sand, Vektorgrafik....

Vorlage für das Logo des Muldenkippers. Vorgefertigtes Logo-Vorlagenset vektorisoliert. Gewinn je Aktie 10

neue cobar goldmine - dump truck stock-fotos und bilder

Neue Cobar Goldmine

Offene Goldmine, mit Haul-Truck, der die Straße hinauffährt. Das Hotel liegt in Cobar NSW Australien.

ein 40-tonner trägt bausand auf der autobahn. konzept der überlastung der straßen und vermietung eines muldenkippers für die arbeit, kopierplatz - dump truck stock-fotos und bilder

Ein 40-Tonner trägt Bausand auf der Autobahn. Konzept der Überlast

globale logistik import export hintergrund und container cargo fracht schiff transport geschäftskonzept - dump truck stock-fotos und bilder

Globale Logistik Import Export Hintergrund und Container Cargo...

isometrische muldenkipper, bagger, muldenkipper, isoliert. - dump truck stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Isometrische Muldenkipper, Bagger, Muldenkipper, isoliert.

isometrische schwere lkw-fahrten auf bergstraßen. transport von schweren lasten in schwer zugängliche bereiche. vektorillustration - dump truck stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Isometrische schwere LKW-Fahrten auf Bergstraßen. Transport von...

Isometrische LKW-Fahrten auf Bergstraßen. Transport schwerer Lasten in schwer zugängliche Gebiete. Vektorillustration

lade-umzugs-lkw - dump truck stock-fotos und bilder


Umzugsfirma, die einer Familie hilft, aus ihrem alten Zuhause auszuziehen

semi-truck - dump truck stock-fotos und bilder


Sattelschlepper mit Gabelstaplerfahrer beim Entladen

dump truck icon aus der industriekollektion. einfache linie muldenkipper-symbol für vorlagen, webdesign und infografiken - dump truck stock-grafiken, -clipart, -cartoons und -symbole

Dump Truck Icon aus der Industriekollektion. Einfache Linie...

Muldenkipper-Symbol aus industrieller Sammlung. Einfache Linie Muldenkipper Symbol für Vorlagen, Webdesign und Infografiken.

muldenkipper-entladung auf der deponie - dump truck stock-fotos und bilder

Muldenkipper-Entladung auf der Deponie

Ein Muldenkipper auf einer großen Abfalldeponie deponiert Müll in einem Umweltproblem Bild

arbeitnehmer mit gabelstapler lkw-kästen in laden - dump truck stock-fotos und bilder

Arbeitnehmer mit Gabelstapler Lkw-Kästen in laden

lkw-verladung auf einem depot einer spedition - transport und logistik im warenhandel - dump truck stock-fotos und bilder

LKW-Verladung auf einem Depot einer Spedition - Transport und. ..

kipper auf den highway - dump truck stock-fotos und bilder

Kipper auf den highway

das territorium eines großen logistikzentrums mit regalen für die lagerung von waren, bevor sie an den absender gesendet werden - dump truck stock-fotos und bilder

Das Territorium eines großen Logistikzentrums mit Regalen für...

Das Gebiet eines großen Logistikzentrums mit Regalen für die Lagerung von Waren, bevor sie an den Absender gesendet werden.

draufsicht auf containerschiffterminal mit lkws in shenzhen, china - dump truck stock-fotos und bilder

Draufsicht auf Containerschiffterminal mit LKWs in Shenzhen,...

Top View of container ship terminal in Shenzhen, China

lastwagen be- und entladen in warehouse - dump truck stock-fotos und bilder

Lastwagen Be- und Entladen in warehouse

LKW-Beladung Entladung in der Lagerlogistik Transportkonzeptbild

von 100

Top 10 largest mining dump trucks - TTM CENTER LLC


  • 1 The world's largest mining dump trucks.
  • 2 Hitachi EH50000AC-3
  • 3 Caterpillar 795F
  • 4 BELAZ 75600
  • 5 TEREX MT 5500 AC
  • 6 Komatsu 960e-1k
  • 75601 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 Teres
  • 10 Caterpillar 797F
  • 11 BelAZ 75710
    • 11.1 Completes our rating of the world's largest dump truck - BelAZ 75710.

The world's largest mining trucks.

The world is still primarily dependent on fossil fuels for energy production. This means that for billions of people on the planet, the mining industry, along with oil production, remains the most important. Extracting fossil fuels from the earth requires efficient vehicles that can save the cost of extraction.

Fortunately, the modern world can boast of amazing special equipment that works for the benefit of mankind. Today we invite you to see the world's largest mining trucks that transport solid minerals in large quantities. nine0003

Hitachi EH50000AC-3

Dump truck started selling in 2012. This is Hitachi's largest dump truck with the largest iron frame. The truck has a load capacity of 326 tons, and the length of the machine is 15.51 meters.

Body width - 8.6 meters, body height - 7.41 meters. The truck is equipped with a 16-cylinder diesel engine.

In addition, the dump truck uses an electric power unit. The maximum speed is 90 km/h.

Caterpillar 795F AC

Caterpillar 795F AC with a load capacity of 345 tons has two body modifications. One is designed to transport coal.

The total length of the machine is 15.15 meters. The width is 8.97 meters, and the height of the body is 7.04 meters. The weight of the loaded machine is 628 tons.

Belaz 75600

Belaz 75600 is currently one of the largest mining trucks in the world. The car is produced by JSC "Belarusian Automobile Plant". BelAZ produces vehicles for the mining industry. Model 75600 BelAZ has a carrying capacity of 352 tons. The maximum gross weight is 617 tons. Length: 14.9meters, Width: 9.6 meters, Height: 7.47 meters.

Terex MT 5500 AC

Terex MT 5500 AC 360 ton capacity, built for large volume mining applications. The maximum loaded weight of the dump truck is 598 tons. The length of the truck is 14.87 meters. Body width - 9.05 meters. The height of the dump truck is 7.67 meters. The machine is equipped with a four-stroke 16-cylinder engine with a capacity of 3000 hp. An electric motor is also installed to help the internal combustion engine. The maximum speed of the truck is 100 km/h. nine0003

Komatsu 960E-1K

Truck load capacity is 360 tons.

Together with the load, the dump truck weighs 635 tons. Komatsu 960E-1k is powered by a four-stroke 18-cylinder V-shaped diesel engine with 3500 hp. The maximum speed is 100 km/h.

Belaz 75601

Another dump truck of the legendary Belarusian plant BelAZ. The machine can load up to 396 tons of cargo. When fully loaded, the dump truck weighs a whopping 672 tons. nine0003

This is the latest model of the Belaz designed to transport stones that are mined in deep quarries in the mining industry.

Length: 14.9 meters Width: 9.28 meters Height: 7.22 The maximum weight of the machine is 661 tons.

The length of the truck is 15.59 meters. The width and height are 7.42 meters. The huge car is equipped with a 20-cylinder diesel engine with a capacity of 3750 hp. The machine is also equipped with an electric motor. The maximum speed is 100 km/h. nine0003

Terex MT 6300AC

This truck was introduced in 2008. The machine is manufactured by a group that includes Caterpillar. The length of the truck is 14.63 meters, the height is 7.92 meters. The car is equipped with a diesel 20-cylinder engine with a capacity of 3750 hp. The operating weight of the machine is 660 tons.

Caterpillar 797F

This is Caterpillar's latest fresh mining truck. This truck is the second largest mining truck in the world. The maximum loading weight is 687.5 tons. The length of the dump truck is 14.8 meters. Height 6.52 meters. Width 9.75 meters. Carrying capacity - 400 tons. The car was released in 2009. The truck is equipped with a 20-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine. The maximum speed is 110 km/h.

BelAZ 75710

The BelAZ 75710, the largest dump truck in the world, completes our rating.

The dimensions of the dump truck are amazing. So the length of the machine is 20.6 meters. The height is 8.16 meters, while the width is 9.87 meters.

Load capacity is 496 tons. The machine was created in 2013.

Ultra heavy truck equipped with two diesel turbocharged 16-cylinder engines, 2300 hp. The machine is also equipped with an electric motor. The maximum speed of the car is 100 km/h.


The largest Caterpillar dump trucks | TOP powerful Cat models from the manufacturer


In Russia, rich in minerals, mining makes up a significant share of the economy. nine0003

Mining dump trucks are an important link in the production chain.

The cost of mining and transporting rock mass is highly dependent on the performance and reliability of the equipment. Cat® Off-Highway Mining Trucks are well-deserved leaders in the rankings of the world's most productive and reliable mining trucks.

Caterpillar® dealers provide reliable machine service support for efficient and predictable equipment operation. nine0003

Cat trucks aren't the cheapest on the market, but they deliver the best cost per tonne of rock mass hauled with reliability, performance and economy.

The manufacturer offers machines of different carrying capacity, which are suitable for different conditions of quarrying and mining.

Cat 785D

The list of the largest Cat brand dump trucks is opened by the CAT 785D model with a load capacity of 136 tons. The operating weight of the off-road vehicle is 249.5 ton. The large truck is powered by a Cat 3512C HD four-stroke diesel engine rated at 1082 kW for 12 cylinders. Torque increased up to 23%. The characteristics of the engine provide confident movement on the road, including on steep descents.

The model is intended for the organization of mining operations at a height of up to 4267 meters. The Cat 785D is equipped with a mechanical power train. The six-speed gearbox shifts under load. A powerful undercarriage with a reliable braking system ensures the safe movement of heavy vehicles on mountain slopes. The manufacturer produces bodies for the Cat 785D of various sizes, load capacities, purposes and designs. nine0003

Cat 789D

The next place in the list of industrial off-road vehicles is occupied by a model with an operating weight of 324.3 tons. The load capacity of the Cat 789D mining truck reaches 181 tons. The machine is equipped with an industrial Cat 3516C HD engine. The powerful power unit is capable of working in difficult conditions. The advantages of the model are complemented by an efficient braking system that ensures the safe movement of heavy machinery.

Cat 789 Tipper Body WeightD depends on the version. In addition to the standard gable, the manufacturer also produces special bodies. Heavy-duty bodywork, tailgate-less modifications and other custom solutions are also available for mountain models. Caterpillar equips mining equipment with integrated control and safety systems of its own design.

Cat 793D

Next on the list is a mining dump truck with a payload capacity of 218 tons. Operating Weight Industrial Model Cat 793D is 383.7 tons. The power unit with a large displacement is characterized by high fuel efficiency. The Cat 3516B HD diesel engine operates with reduced noise levels. Economical fuel consumption is combined with moderate exhaust toxicity. Electronic control simplifies control.

The Cat 793D is available from the manufacturer in four configurations for mining operations at various heights. Modifications based on a solid supporting structure are equipped with bodies for various purposes. All large Cat mining trucks are equipped with reliable brakes. A multi-disc integrated control system keeps off-road equipment efficient in any terrain. nine0003

Cat 793F

The off-road model from Caterpillar with a payload capacity of 227 tons also took a high place in the list of the most powerful special trucks for the mining industry. The operating weight of the machine reaches 386 tons. The dump truck is equipped with an advanced design turbodiesel. The Cat C175-16 industrial engine features an improved power distribution system for maximum efficiency.

The undercarriage of a mining truck is designed to move up and down steep slopes with a loaded body. The increased resource of wheel assemblies allows long lifts. For safe descent Cat 793F is equipped with an additional retarder. Oil-cooled brakes are installed on all wheels of the machine. Cat® electronics technologies provide control over the condition of functional components and operating costs.

Cat 794 AC

The Cat 794 AC is an off-highway heavy hauler capable of hauling 291 tons of material. This is a dump truck for quarrying and mining with an operating weight of 521 tons. A branded engine with a working volume of 85 liters is installed on a powerful machine. The intelligently designed modular design makes it easy to assemble heavy equipment on site and routine maintenance of mining equipment. nine0003

The Cat 794 AC is a large truck with excellent handling. Reliable dynamic deceleration and effective braking ensure safety in harsh mining conditions. The powerful cooling system ensures uninterrupted operation. Caterpillar completes the model with a comfortable cab. Electronic control with the introduction of control and safety systems increases the efficiency of operation.

Cat 795F AC

Ahead - the largest mining trucks from Caterpillar. One of these positions is occupied by an industrial machine Cat 795F AC with a lifting capacity of 313 tons. The dump truck has an operating weight of 570.7 tons. This is the world's first heavy model with an electric drive running on alternating current. The innovation improves the maneuverability and controllability of large-tonnage cargo vehicles. Improvements have also been made to other features.

Increased cross-country ability and stability on mountain slopes are provided by a powerful transmission. The speed of movement of a mining dump truck reaches 64 km / h. Caterpillar produces two body modifications designed to carry different volumes of cargo without the risk of imbalance and deterioration in handling. Industry-leading deceleration and braking systems add to the strengths of one of the largest mining machines. nine0003

Cat 797F

Topping the list is the dump truck model, with which you can organize mining and quarrying on the largest scale. The machine is equipped with a 20-cylinder power unit of unprecedented power. The Cat 797F has a load capacity of 363 tons with an operating weight of 623.7 tons. The truck is almost 15 meters long and 6.5 meters high. A truly huge car is capable of moving under its own power at speeds up to 110 km / h.

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