Words with flower

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flowered, flowering, flowers

to put forth flowers (reproductive structures of seed-bearing plants)

   2-Letter Words (13 found)

  • ef
  • el
  • er
  • ew
  • fe
  • lo
  • oe
  • of
  • or
  • ow
  • re
  • we
  • wo

   3-Letter Words (15 found)

  • elf
  • fer
  • few
  • foe
  • for
  • fro
  • low
  • ole
  • ore
  • owe
  • owl
  • ref
  • roe
  • row
  • woe

   4-Letter Words (14 found)

  • flew
  • floe
  • flow
  • fore
  • fowl
  • froe
  • frow
  • lore
  • lowe
  • orle
  • role
  • rolf
  • wolf
  • wore

   5-Letter Words (2 found)

  • lower
  • rowel

   6-Letter Words (4 found)

  • flower
  • fowler
  • reflow
  • wolfer

Unscramble FLOWER - Unscrambled 64 words from letters in FLOWER

FLOWER unscrambles and makes 64 words!

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64 Unscrambled Words Using the Letters FLOWER

6 letter words made by unscrambling letters FLOWER

  • flower
  • fowler
  • reflow
  • wolfer

4 words found

5 letter words made by unscrambling letters FLOWER

  • forel
  • lower
  • owler
  • rowel

4 words found

4 letter words made by unscrambling letters FLOWER

  • eorl
  • flew
  • floe
  • flor
  • flow
  • fore
  • fowl
  • froe
  • frow
  • lore
  • lowe
  • orfe
  • orle
  • ower
  • owre
  • role
  • rolf
  • wero
  • wolf
  • wore

20 words found


3 letter words made by unscrambling letters FLOWER

  • elf
  • erf
  • fer
  • few
  • foe
  • for
  • fro
  • lew
  • lor
  • low
  • ole
  • ore
  • orf
  • owe
  • owl
  • ref
  • reo
  • rew
  • roe
  • row
  • woe
  • wof

22 words found

2 letter words made by unscrambling letters FLOWER

  • ef
  • el
  • eo
  • er
  • ew
  • fe
  • lo
  • oe
  • of
  • or
  • ow
  • re
  • we
  • wo

14 words found

How Many Words can be Made From FLOWER?

Above are the words made by unscrambling F L O W E R (EFLORW). Our unscramble word finder was able to unscramble these letters using various methods to generate 64 words! Having a unscramble tool like ours under your belt will help you in ALL word scramble games!

How many words can you make out of FLOWER?

To further help you, here are a few word lists related to the letters FLOWER

  • 6 letter words
  • Words That Start With F
  • Words That End With R
  • Words That Start With FLOWER
  • Words That Contain FLOWER
  • Words That End With FLOWER
  • Different ways to Scramble FLOWER

F L O W E R Letter Values in Word Scrabble and Words With Friends

Here are the values for the letters F L O W E R in two of the most popular word scramble games.


The letters FLOWER are worth 12 points in Scrabble

  • F 4
  • L 1
  • O 1
  • W 4
  • E 1
  • R 1

Words With Friends

The letters FLOWER are worth 13 points in Words With Friends

  • F 4
  • L 2
  • O 1
  • W 4
  • E 1
  • R 1

If You Unscramble FLOWER.

.. What Does It Mean?

Definition of FLOWER When Unscrambled

If we unscramble these letters, FLOWER, it and makes several words. Here is one of the definitions for a word that uses all the unscrambled letters:


  • A figure of speech; an ornament of style.
  • A substance in the form of a powder, especially when condensed from sublimation; as, the flowers of sulphur.
  • Grain pulverized; meal; flour.
  • Click here for the full meaning of Flower
  • Is Flower a Scrabble Word?
  • is flower a Words With Friends word?

More Information on the Letters

  • Permutations of FLOWER
  • Anagrams of FLOWER
  • Words With Letters

Unscrambling FLOWER for Other Word Scramble Games

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  • FLOWER Unscramble For All Word Games

Scrambling the Letters in FLOWER

According to our other word scramble maker, FLOWER can be scrambled in many ways. The different ways a word can be scrambled is called "permutations" of the word.

According to Google, this is the definition of permutation:
a way, especially one of several possible variations, in which a set or number of things can be ordered or arranged.

How is this helpful? Well, it shows you the anagrams of flower scrambled in different ways and helps you recognize the set of letters more easily. It will help you the next time these letters, F L O W E R come up in a word scramble game.


We stopped it at 42, but there are so many ways to scramble FLOWER!

Word Scramble Words

  • ollbagfge
  • ahinazczm
  • loneiivtt
  • spgnipurs
  • irsicttim
  • irditboas
  • psetaiars
  • tndaehurs
  • snniniegg
  • raremcsoe
  • runivvsig
  • uhemhrccn
  • irgnidbgs
  • ipmehrera
  • ahseirsnt
  • ehmibrcus
  • mietiocls
  • arrowfctk
  • erseladds
  • jerotercs

Unscramble these letters to make words.

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Apple + Honor = Aplonor

Hand + Locker = Handocker

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Brad + Angelina = Brangelina

Robert + Katelyn = Robyn

Gregory + Janet = Granet

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You Unscrambled FLOWER!

Now that FLOWER is unscrambled, what to do? That's simple, go win your word game!

Words "flower" morphological and phonetic analysis

Explanation of the rules for dividing (breaking down) the word "flower" into syllables for transfer.
The Soosle.ru online dictionary will help: to parse the word “ flower ” phonetically and morphologically by composition, correctly divide it into syllables according to the rules of the Russian language, highlight parts of the word, put stress, indicate the meaning, synonyms, antonyms and compatibility for the word “ flower” ".

Word flower by syllables


  • 1 Syllables in the word "flower" division into syllables
  • 2 How to transfer the word "flower"
  • 3 Morphological analysis of the word "flower"
  • 4 Analysis of the word "flower" by composition
  • 5 Similar morphemic structure of the word "flower"
  • 6 Synonyms of the word "flower"
  • 7 Stress in the word "flower"
  • 8 Phonetic transcription of the word "flower"
  • 9 Phonetic analysis of the word "flower" into letters and sounds (Sound-letter)
  • 10 Sentences with the word "flower"
  • 11 Matches for the word "flower"
  • 12 Meaning of the word "flower"
  • 13 Declension of the word "flower" by clothes
  • 14 Correct spelling of the word "flower"
  • 50 k16 Associations word "flower"

Syllables in the word "flower" division into syllables

Number of syllables: 2
By syllables: flower

  • color - initial, covered, open, 3 letters
  • current - final, covered, closed, 3 letters
  • How to transfer the word “Flower”


    Morphological analysis of the word “Flower”

    Part Speech:



    Part Speech: Noun name;
    animation: inanimate;
    gender: male;
    number: singular;
    case: nominative, accusative;
    answers the question: (is) What?, (see/blame) What?

    Initial form:


    Analysis of the word "flower" by composition

    color root
    ok suffix
    ø zero


    Words similar in morphemic structure “flower”

    Words similar in morphemic structure

  • spikelet
  • oak
  • knot
  • sprout
  • proboscis
  • Synonyms of the word "flower"

    1. plant

    2. Flora

    3. Grass

    4. Jewelry

    5. Girl

    6. Child

    Estimation in the word "Flower"

    Color-stress falls on the 2nd syllable

    phonetic transcription " flower"


    Phonetic analysis of the word "flower" into letters and sounds (Sound-letter)

    Letter Sound Sound characteristics Color
    c [c] consonant, deaf unpaired, hard, noisy c
    to [in'] consonant, voiced double, soft to
    e [and] vowel, unstressed e
    t [t] consonant, deaf double, hard, noisy t
    about [`o] vowel, stressed about
    to [k] consonant, deaf double, hard, noisy to

    Number of letters and sounds:
    Based on the analysis made, we conclude that the word has 6 letters and 6 sounds.
    Letters: 2 vowels, 4 consonants.
    Sounds: 2 vowels, 4 consonants.

    Sentences with the word "flower"

    When a girl grows up and blooms like a beautiful flower , she chooses her husband, one and for life.

    Source: Milana Miller, Velissa. Unreal #real.

    Some of them grew extraordinary flowers in pots .

    Source: OI Vlasova, Nybuty. Book 3. Through the Glass, 20150004 flowers .

    Source: S. I. Zverev, Triumph will, 2007.

    Compatibility of the word “Flower”

    1. Bright flowers

    2. Field flowers

    3. Free flowers

    4. Chamomile flowers

    5. lotus flower

    6. rose flower

    7. bouquet of flowers

    8. fragrance of flowers

    9. smell of flowers

    10. flowers wither

    11. flower disappeared

    19. flower opened0008

    13. shimmer with rainbow colors

    14. give flowers

    15. love flowers

    16. (complete compatibility table)

    and special flowers). Part of a plant, usually in the form of a corolla of petals surrounding a pistil with stamens. (Small Academic Dictionary, IAU)

    Declension of the word "flower" by terms

    Case Question Singular unit Plural Mn.
    Nominative Name. what? flower flowers, flowers
    GenitiveGen. what? flowers flowers, flowers
    DativeDat. what? flower flowers, flowers
    accusatory what? flower flowers, flowers
    CreativeTV. what? flower flowers, flowers
    prepositional about what? flower flowers, flowers

    How to spell the word "flower" correctly

    Spelling of the word "flower"
    Spelling of the word "flower"

    Correct spelling of the word "flower"

    Numbering of letters in the word
    Numbers of letters in the word "flower" in forward and reverse order:

    • 6
    • 5
    • 4
    • 3
    • 2
    • 1

    Associations to the word «flower»

    • Petal

    • Bouquet

    • Garland

    • Lotus

    • Bud

    • Wreath

    • Wreath

    • Buttonhole

    • Aroma

    • Stem

    • Rainbow

    • Flowerbed

    • Bee

    • Tulip

    • Orchid

    • Lily

    • Vase

    • Tsvetkov

    • Chamomile

    • Bundle

    • Violet

    • Core

    • Cup

    • Carnation

    • Narcissus

    • Fern

    • Dandelion

    • Bunch

    • Cactus

    • Shade

    • Rampage

    • Butterfly

    • Ornament

    • Diameter

    • Kolos

    • Mixing

    • Greenhouse

    • Lilac

    • Combination

    • Painting

    • Drain

    • Pot

    • Plant

    • Gamma

    • Growing

    • Style

    • Cloth

    • Incense

    • Pattern

    • Fragrant

    • Field

    • Yellow

    • Fruit

    • Lugovoi

    • Exotic

    • Color

    • Spicy

    • Purple

    • Fragrant

    • Terry

    • Floral

    • shrub

    • Spring

    • Violet

    • Room

    • Lilac

    • Smelly

    • Single

    • Fruity

    • Outlandish

    • Scarlet

    • seated

    • Lilac

    • Heraldic

    • Embroidered

    • Sweetish

    • Green

    • Tropical

    • May

    • Bloom

    • Bloom

    • Fragrant

    • Bloom

    • Open

    • Flutter

    • Bloom

    • Green

    • Pin

    • Bloom

    • Inhale

    • Pestret

    • Get drunk

    • Fall off

    • Uvit

    • Wither

    • get drunk

    • Open up

    • Disrupt

    • Break off

    • droop

    Meaning of the word "flower"

    electronic dictionaries of the Russian language

    color music


    flowers, pl. flowers and flowers, genus. flowers and flowers, dates. flowers and flowers, m.

    1. pl. flowers, genus flowers. Bot. Part of a plant that is a reproductive organ, usually in the form of a corolla of petals surrounding a pistil with stamens.

    Lilac flowers. Bees collect pollen from linden flowers. Medicinal properties of chamomile flowers. Female flower

    (only with pistil).

    Male flower

    (only with stamens).

    Sedentary flower

    (without pedicel).

    2. pl. flowers, kind colors. A herbaceous plant having such a reproductive organ; a bright, often fragrant head or inflorescence that opens from a bud on the stem of such a plant at the time of flowering.

    Field, water, garden flowers. Indoor, greenhouse flowers. Plant flowers. Plant a flower in a pot. The first spring flowers have appeared. Smelly flowers. Bouquet of flowers. A wreath of their fresh flowers. Vase with Flowers. Pick a flower. Give mom flowers. The rose is the flower of love. Artificial flowers

    (simulating real ones).

    Data from other dictionaries

    Big Explanatory Dictionary of the Russian Language

    Ed. S. A. Kuznetsova

    - fabric; pl. flowers and (special) flowers; m.

    1. Plant part; a reproductive organ, usually in the form of a corolla of petals surrounding a pistil with stamens.

    Collect pollen from linden flowers (about bees). Female c. (only with pestle, pestles). Male c. (only with stamens).

    2. pl.: flowers, -ov. A herbaceous plant that has a bright (often fragrant) head or inflorescence at the time of flowering.

    Garden, field ts. Plant flowers in the ground. Plant flowers. Bouquet of flowers. Natural flowers. Artificial flowers (imitating real or decorative).

    || Book. About a girl, a woman.

    This child is an unopened flower. A lovely flower, someone.

    Hothouse flower.

    Weak, pampered person.

    Flowers of eloquence.

    About high rhetoric.

    These are still flowers

    (about the first, yet not so obvious manifestation of something bad, undesirable).

    C plants.

    Q-seeds. Q pollen. C. pot

    (designed for growing flowers).

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