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19 Activities for Middle School Students to Improve Following Directions

Whether 1-step directions or multi-step directions, students need practice and clear expectations. Students follow hundreds of directions every year at school and at home. In order to improve their ability to process oral directions and listening skills, you can incorporate fun activities into your school day.

Try some of these 19 activities and notice the difference you will see over a period of time, as students improve with following directions.

1. Science Experiments

Incorporate your school curriculum into teaching kids to follow directions. Using science experiments in your school setting will improve academics, engage students, and strengthen students' following directions skills and abilities.

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2. Learn to Code

Further developing science skills and learning to code are beneficial for so many reasons. In addition to helping students learn computer science skills, they can also work on fine motor skills and improve following directions skills. Coding is ideal and appropriate for all grade levels.

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3. Following Direction Logic Puzzle

This worksheet takes on the form of a riddle or secret code to be solved. For students who need a break from screen time, let them try to decipher the code by solving the riddles. The following directions worksheet is a good way to also encourage critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

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4. Paper Folding Activity 

Simple instructions will be easy to follow and form a unique craft! This activity uses multi-step directions to have students create a paper masterpiece. Students will need to pay attention to directions and details to be successful in this awesome activity.

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5. Boat Craft

This fun and challenging activity allows some creative freedom but requires multi-step directions as well. This activity is great for upper elementary teachers or middle school teachers to use with their students.

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6. Building From Scratch

This activity will require key listening skills. Teaching students to make something with their hands is a great way to improve following directions. This is ideal for motor skills as well. Students may have a harder time working with their hands, so making the teacher aware of expectations is key.

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7. Coloring Worksheets

Giving the child directions for this printable activity is key. Lists of directions are included for students to read themselves or for the teacher to call out to them. Precise directions will help students know when to do each step in the process.

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8. Summer Olympics Following Directions Game 

This adorable summer Olympics game is great for following directions. Perfectly themed activity sheets are designed for listening activities that focus on teaching students 1-step directions, 2-step sequential directions, and even 3-step sequential directions.

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9. Leaf Craft

This leaf craft is a perfect hands-on activity for teaching students the importance of following directions. As they listen and perform each task in each step, students' following directions skills will improve with practice.

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10. Following Directions Map

These easily printable maps are easy to use. There are several themes to choose from. Each is accompanied by a list of instructions. Students can read them or listen as teachers read them aloud.

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11. Star Wars Directions Game 

Fun games, like this Star Wars following directions game, are great for helping students practice how to properly follow directions. This interactive game allows students to work within groups and collaborate and interact with others.

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12. Glyphs

Glyphs are a fantastic resource for upper elementary and middle school students who need to practice following directions. Students will use white drawing paper to draw a picture, based on listening to directions and using what applies to them individually.

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13. Before and After Statements

These before and after statements are great for older kids. This is a way to let students interact in groups and follow directions. On slips of paper, you will write in events and use them to complete this activity.

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14. Listening Skills Holiday Sheet

These printable worksheets will be helpful for children with language skills needing improvement or for students to practice following directions. They are holiday themed and ideal for key listening skills and multi-step directions.

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15. Can You Follow Directions Quiz Sheet

This fun quiz-type sheet is helpful in assessing how well students follow directions. This is a great way to see if they can follow targeted directions and if not, where the breakdown occurs so you will know what to work on.

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16. Following Directions: Directions Sheet

This directions sheet is a breakdown of 4-step directions. Each section requires students to look ahead to see what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. They are working to follow directions in each step.

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17. Relay Races

Relay races get students up and moving. Teachers can customize this activity to get students to practice following directions in a nontraditional way. Students can follow directions and work with their teams to see who can win each challenge.

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18. Following Direction Worksheet

This following directions activity is good for working on following directions and literal directions. Students can cut and place items in places, dependent on prepositional directions. This is especially good for bilingual students.

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19. Paper Airplanes

Constructing paper airplanes is fun and ideal for practicing following directions. Let students use a template and guide for directions or orally tell them what to do. Either way, they will get good practice and finish with a nice end result.

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Lessons For Teaching Students To Follow Directions


As teachers, sometimes we give our students directions but then are surprised (or disappointed) that they don't follow them.

No names on papers? No titles on compositions? No answers rounded to the nearest tenth? We all face these problems in our students but we can correct some of these behaviors by teaching the skills required for students to be able to follow directions.

If you find yourself confronting such problems while grading papers, your students may not be paying attention to directions. Although most successful students recognize the importance of reading instructions thoroughly and following them, some students may master the skill slowly. Education World provides five intriguing lessons to help your students read, write, follow, and even evaluate directions. Included: Lessons that make following directions fruitful and fun!

Surprised to see a number of students suddenly leave the room only halfway through an exam, the professor followed them into the corridor. He discovered the students completing the balance of the questions while leaning against the walls. When he asked for an explanation, one student pointed to the third question, which asked "Describe Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea. You may supply a drawing but please leave room to answer."

Sadly, this joke may not ring very true for many teachers today. Unfortunately, in the rush to complete assignments, students often race past directions to get to the "meat" of their work. In desperation, some teachers have hidden the answer to a simple question, or a hint to a tougher one, within the directions of an exam, just to encourage students to read the directions!

There are ways to help students recognize the value of reading instructions before beginning an assignment and following them throughout. Elementary teachers may hold a "bear hunt." Students bring in teddy bears, hide them within the classroom or school, and then create lists of directions for others to follow to locate the bears. Teachers of older students may craft a page of instructions that students must read in their entirety before beginning to work and include as the last one, "Ignore all of the directions above and turn in your paper." The Internet provides even more opportunities to emphasize directions with lesson plans, how-to's, and recipes!


This week, Education World provides lessons about following directions. Click on each of the lesson headlines below for a complete teaching resource. Approximate grade levels are in parentheses.

How Well Do You Follow Directions?
This easy-to-use activity teaches valuable lessons about the importance of listening and following directions. (Grades K-12)

Phil's Fish Shop
Taking on the roles of new employees in a pet shop, students offer advice to customers, answer questions, and create a handbook of instructions for new fish owners. (Grades 3-8)

Critics of Cuisine
As food critics, students follow directions to create culinary delights and then critique the recipes and the flavor of their products. (Grades 3-12)

The Magician's Apprentice
Teaching the skill of following directions requires a little hocus-pocus in this lesson. Students re-create magic tricks, evaluate the clarity of the instructions, and teach an apprentice how to perform a trick. (Grades 3-8)

George Washington Teaches Map Directions
If students follow "directions," they'll have a picture of George Washington. (Grades 3-8)

Parachute Drop
Students experiment with gravity as they follow directions to create parachutes that will carry paperclip passengers safely to the ground. (Grades 1-3)


30 Classroom Procedures to Head Off Behavior Problems
To keep your days running smoothly, establish consistency using these general procedures, daily tasks, and activities.

Free Following Directions Worksheets
Teach-nology provides several adorable coloring sheets with simple instructions to follow.


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Quest Double Proof / Follow the stone slab and collect all the power in Genshin Impact

village of Aaru, you can get the first quest "Double Proof" from the next quest chain "Ancient Language, New Knowledge". To receive the task, simply approach the statue of the Archons or teleport to it. For this task, we will pump the power level of the Red Sands Plate to the maximum and open some portals.

Enter the village with Kalantari

Enter the village and talk to Kalantari.

Then talk to Soheil.

Go to the place indicated by the stone slab

Now we need to follow the directions on the stone slab and go deep into the ruins of King Deshret. To do this, open your inventory and look at the Red Sands Slab.

We've been given another level of authority on a mission.

Go to the third tab, select Duat Hall and click "Go".

A slab marker will appear on the map next to the portal you need to go to. If you do not have a portal open, then you can run directly to it, for example, from this portal.

If you have lost the mark next to the portal, then go again to the third tab of the plate, select Duat Hall and click "Go" to make the mark appear. Now follow her, she will lead us to the right place.

We go inside and run to the closed door.

To open the door, you need to light the second torch with a spark, so let's go look for it.

We go to the left and open the door with the help of the pedestal.

We run to the blades and wait for the wind to ride it up.

At the top we will find a spark. We take it and follow it, do not forget about the wind that can blow it away.

A spark will open the door. The door on the right can be opened using the plinth, but it's just another entrance to the spark.

We go into the room in the center, take the stone and go down.

We bring the stone to the platform. A cell of truth will appear on it, using it you can find hidden torches and light them to open the chest. This step is not required to complete the quest.

We go down even lower.

We go into this cave and follow the mark.

She will lead us to the portal, which is better to activate, it will be useful to us later. After activating the portal, follow the label further.

Here you can take a fairy with you to get a chest. She will just fly in the direction we need.

Activate the portal, take the chest and open the door using the pedestal.

Follow the directions on the stone slab and collect all power

Now we need to follow the directions on the stone slab and collect all the power. To collect power, we need to find sparks and lead them to torches that activate devices to increase power.

Authority in the Duat Hall

The first power can be collected in the Duat Hall. To do this, we bring three sparks to the torches.

All three sparks are located near us next to the symbols, namely on the left, in the middle and on the right.

You can lead them in any order, I started from the left.

Do not forget to wait until the blades stop so that the wind disappears.

The first torch is lit, now back to the spark in the center.

We leave the room with the device and move up the symbols.

We rise on the wind current and cling to the symbol.

We take a spark and follow to the second torch.

Now, in exactly the same way, we return back to the symbol, where the spark was originally in the center. And then we move through the symbols to the third spark.

We take the third spark and go to light the last torch.

Another level of power will appear on the stove.

Authority in the Place of Rebirth

The second power on the assignment can be obtained in the Place of Rebirth, and to find out where it is, open the Plate of Red Sands, select "Place of Rebirth" and click "Go".

The mark will appear on the portal that we opened while collecting the past power. We teleport there.

We fly into the cave next to the Dendrokul and follow the mark.

We jump down, take a spark and follow it, it is needed to light a torch for the device.

After we light the first torch, some of the water will go away.

Now go ahead to find the second spark.

The candlestick with the spark is locked and you must solve the torch puzzle to unlock it. Four torches are already active, there are 4 more torches left to light, but they are invisible.

In the place where the glow comes from, we pick up a stone, bring it to the nearby platform and use the cell of truth to see the torches up close.

After that, monsters will appear and the ability to unlock the spark and follow it.

After the second spark, the rest of the water will go. We run back to the room where the second spark was and turn left to find the third spark.

We run forward to the end.

The candlestick with the third spark will be blocked, and to unlock it, you must simultaneously move the cells with rays to opposite sides.

First, move both cells once so that they are in the center, opposite each other.

Then we kill the monsters and move the cell that is farther from the symbol. As soon as they clicked "Move", it immediately clings to the symbol and run to move the second cell. This must be done quickly, because after a short period of time the cells come back.

If everything is correct, the candlestick with the spark is unlocked and it can be brought to the third torch to get another power.

Power in the Breathing Place

The last power on assignment is given in the Breathing Place. Open the third tab in the Stove, select "Breathing Place" and click "Go".

The mark is located directly on the portal.

Run forward and follow the mark.

We turn left and run into the passage on the left.

Open the door using the pedestal.

We jump down.

Here you need to move the cage and open the door.

To do this, break the pile of stones on the left and move the cage so that it directs the beam at the device that was under the pile of stones.

Having opened the door, we run forward to the cliff and fall down.

The mark will lead us to the portal, which is located at the bottom right of the tomb of King Deshret.

There is no need to take a spark here, we go further for the mark.

Turn left and run forward until the spark.

Take the spark and follow it.

Here we will encounter blades that do not stop on their own and blow off the spark. To stop them, use the pedestal, and then go back to the candlestick for a spark.

The first spark will lead us to the second spark. We kill the monsters and take the second spark with us. Let's take two sparks to the torches at once.

We return to the room with the second spark and open the door in it with the help of the pedestal.

We go up the elevator, which is located on the right behind the door.

But not to the very top, but only to the floor with a spark.

By bringing the third spark, we will light the third torch, we will receive the last level of power and the achievement "Walk like the people of King Deshret."

Follow the directions on the stone slab and go to the Great Hall of Truth

Follow the directions on the stone slab again and get to the Great Hall of Truth. To do this, in the third tab, select the "Great Hall of Truths" and click "Go".

The Great Hall of Truth can be accessed through this portal by passing through the Hall of the Duat.

We fly forward to the mark.

Explore the giant device

We go down and go forward to the mark.

Explore the place and find a way to activate the giant device

Now we need to explore the place and find a way to activate the giant device. To do this, activate the pedestals at each pillar, in total you need to light 4 pillars, two on the left, and two on the right.

Move on

After activating the giant device, we approach it.

Once in the Hall of Aaru, we will get the achievement "Straight Course".

Light the Primordial Torches

Now we need to light the three primordial torches with sparks. Their location will be marked in the game on the map.

Activate device

After that, we activate the device.

Defeat a big man with bad intentions

It will take us to the top of the tomb of King Deshret, where we need to defeat a big man with evil intentions.

Find valuable items

After defeating the big man, open the chest that appears and find valuable items in it.

Return to Aaru Village to speak with Soheil

Return to Aaru village and talk to Soheil.

This will complete the first quest from the quest chain, and we will receive 60 source stones and will be able to take four more quests from Soheil that relate to the chain - "Soheil's Dream", "Invisible Barrier", "Hidden Mercenaries" and "Desert Memories" .

Genshin Impact Double Proof Quest

  • Enter the village with Kalantari
  • Talk to Soheil
  • Go to the location indicated by the stone slab
  • Follow the directions9 on the stone slab and collect all power
    • Breathing Place
    • Absorbing Place
  • Follow the directions on the stone slab and go to the Great Hall of Truth
  • Explore the place and find a way to activate the giant device
  • Light the primordial torch

Quest "Double Proof" can be started on the next real day after completing the Golden Land of Dreams. Near the statue of the Archon of the village of Aaru, you will meet an academy student named Kalantari, talk to him. A chain of tasks called "Ancient language, new knowledge" will begin.

For completing the first quest "Double Proof" you will receive 60 Source Stones, as well as achievements:

  • Walk like the people of King Deshret (5 Source Stones),
  • Straight Course (5 Source Stones),
  • Road to Light (5 Source Stones).

While talking to Paimon about Tirzade and Jeht, Kalantari will intervene in your conversation. He will say that he is looking for traces of the past that the earth keeps. Having specified that it was you who participated in the archaeological expedition of Mr. Tirzad Hindi, the student will tell you that the scientist turned out a revolutionary work.

Kalantari also wants to go to the desert to make new discoveries and asks you to help him in this. Paimon offers to agree...

Enter the village with Kalantari

Mr. Soheil recognizes the academy student in the village. The scientist will say that he is here to stop the youth from further wandering in the desert.

The sage of the academy is afraid that students rushing into the desert might disturb the matra and damage the ruins. Recently, the academy received 46 vacation requests: they decided to do everything like Kalantari so as not to attract attention. Soheil will say that he has already managed to reason with all the students who arrived, except for our new acquaintance. After threatening Hulvani from the Brigade of 30, the scientist manages to send Kalantari back as well.

Talk to Soheil

The academy envoy will introduce himself as Soheil of the Usabi family, a scholar from Wahuman. He thinks that you and Tirzad made up a great story that has nothing to do with reality.

Paimon recalls important material evidence - the Tirzad slab. Pulling it out, you find that a new symbol has lit up on it. Paimon will say that now you can penetrate into the depths of the ruins, where access was previously closed.

Go to the location indicated by the stone slab

In the Quests inventory section, find the red sands slab, find Duat Hall and go to it. The stone slab will point to the teleportation point where you need to go.

To open the central passage inside, you need to light a torch. Remove barriers from both doors and head to the right room for the primordial spark. Launching it on the road, wait for the blades to turn off and swipe down. As a result, you will return to the door through the left room.

Take the pyramid and bring it to the platform to unlock the amazing chest containing decor item Desert Table: Conscience .

Jump even lower, there you will find a regular chest guarded by moulders and a fairy. Along the way, you will come across another group of molders with a chest, and after bringing the fairy to the garden, you will receive a third regular chest. The quest marker of the plate will point to teleportation point , activate it.

To activate the pyro monument at the entrance and get a rich chest, you need to quickly start the left cell and immediately go to the right one. After that, without delay, set fire to the monuments. The easiest way is to use the pyro archer.

Once inside, defeat the mechanism and take the fairy to the right up the stairs. You will enter a room with another teleportation point, do not forget to activate it.

Activate the door and go into the huge room. Paimon will tell you that you have reached your destination and offer to check the stove. Three new dots will appear on it.

Follow the directions on the stone slab and collect all the power

Open the red sands slab again, three new entries will appear in it: a place of rebirth, breathing and absorption. Use the "Go To" button to show markers to follow.

Respawn Place

Go to the teleportation point you opened earlier. To the right of the main entrance you will see a destroyed corner, climb up there and go through the tunnel deep into.

There will be a cliff in front of you. Jump down and accompany the primordial spark. This will lower the water level in the dungeon.

Next, go through the door in front of you to lower the water level even more.

You will find yourself in a room where you need to develop 4 torches. In the same room, deliver the pyramid to the platform so that the cell of truth appears. After activating it, run near each of the invisible torches. After that, you can light them up.

Use your pyro skills to set fire to torches, defeat a couple of mechanisms, and then accompany the primordial spark. The water level will drop even more, and you will be able to go into the side room.

Next to the primordial spark device you need to adjust the cells:

  1. Move both cells to the center positions.
  2. Defeat the monsters.
  3. After that, start one, and then, without delay, the second.

As a result, you will unlock the primordial spark. Escort her to the torch. A new symbol will appear on the stove, Paimon will say that it means "peck organs". The level of power will increase, and a mark (1/3) will appear in the task "Double Proof".

Breathing Place

As before, examine the red sand slab in your inventory and go to the breathing place for the quest markers to appear.

From the teleportation point, move forward until you get into a large room, you need the left passage. There, reach the fan, open the door near it and jump down.

Here you will see a fan and a rotating cage. Break the pile of stones, and then activate the cage - this will open a passage for you further.

After going through the door, you need to go downstairs and follow the markers. Move forward through the huge caves until you reach the teleportation point.

You will find yourself in a huge hall, you need to continue following the slab marks and go into the room on the right.

Go inside and turn left. You will see a primordial spark, accompany it to a room with a fan. Disable it, return for the spark and continue on your way.

Along the way, in the room with primordial mechanisms, another spark is waiting for you, take it with you.

After accompanying both sparks, return to the room where you fought with the mechanisms. There will be a door, go through it and use the elevator. On the way up you will need to get off when you see a spark.

If you accidentally go higher than necessary, then at the very top, simply reactivate the lift and go down.

After activating all the primordial torches, you will see a scene where the power level of the stove rises, and the quest mark "Double Proof" changes to 2/3.

Takeover Location

As before, use the slab from inventory to see the mark. Enter the hall and take the spark on the left. When escorting, be careful that the fan does not extinguish it.

Go back to the teleportation point and take the spark to the right of the main entrance and finish it. After that, also returning to the teleportation point, spend the central spark.

As a result, all power will be collected.

Follow the directions on the stone slab and go to the Great Hall of Truth

Use the slab again, return to the teleport point and go to the Great Hall of Truth.

Explore the place and find a way to activate the giant device

Activate the four "books" around the giant device.

After activation, return to the central device and go into it. You will be transported to the secret room at the top of King Deshret's tomb and receive "Straight Course" achievement (5 Source Stones).

Light the Primordial Torch

The location of all three Primordial Sparks will be marked on your minimap. In the process of escorting you will be attacked by primordial mechanisms.

After delivering the sparks to the torches, activate the central unit.

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