Singing the alphabet song

3 Creative Ways to Use the Alphabet Song to Teach Letter Recognition – Laura Leigh Vance + Reading Therapist

Do you remember learning the ABCs? Learning the letters of the alphabet often begins with singing the alphabet song. Can you hear the off-key refrain,


sung by tiny voices right now? I bet you even sang those letters as you read!


Many students enter kindergarten knowing how to sing the ABC song since most children learn how to say the alphabet around age 4. However, singing the alphabet song and recognizing letters in print are two very different things.


I’ll always remember when a parent asked why her daughter, Leslie, needed letter recognition goals on her Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

“She can say the letters just fine!” the mom emphasized.

I realized then how much confusion there is when we say students know their letters. Leslie could sing the ABC song with ease, yet she couldn’t tell me the letter name when shown in print.


Instruction during kindergarten and first grade should ensure students know the alphabet and can use it with ease and fluency– a big task for sure!

Why not use this faithful classic to increase their fluency with letter recognition? As busy teachers, we can use all the simple tricks to improve student learning!



Squeeze the Alphabet Song into Your Daily Schedule.

Finding it difficult to fit everything into your schedule? Then sing the ABC song during transitions. Have students sing the alphabet song as a daily warmup on their way to small group reading instruction. You’ll be surprised at how many places you can find to squeeze the alphabet song into your daily routine! 


Vary the Ways You Sing the Alphabet Song

When singing the traditional version of the ABC song, kids tend to slur the letters L-M-N-O-P. Encourage students to slow down when singing this portion.  

Or, put a new spin on the classic alphabet song. Sing the song to different tunes such as “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” By choosing a different versions, you can eliminate the “elemeno” problem.  

Not musically inclined? Here’s something to help.

Check out Neuhaus Education Center, which also provides free audio recordings to play in your classroom using the alphabet song set to various tunes, including Mary Had a Little Lamb, Old MacDonald, and more. 


Link the Alphabet Song to a Visual Representation of the Letter

Leslie may have known the ABC song, but I had to find a way to link the letters in print to her current knowledge.  

  1. First, we began pointing to the alphabet chart while singing the ABC song.  
  2. Next, we used an alphabet arc and pointed to the letters as we sang. Not sure what an alphabet arc is? Check out my post “3 Alphabet Arc Activities That Boost Letter Recognition (fast)” to learn more.
  3. And I provided a list of fun alphabet videos to her mom, so they could watch them together at home. Super Simple Songs has a wonderful collection for classroom or home learning. (My own 4-year-old daughter loves them, too!)




Can you hear the off-key refrain, “L-M-N-O-P,” sung by tiny voices in your classroom right now? I hope so because those students are well on their way to becoming letter recognition experts!  


If you had fun teaching the ABC song then you’ll enjoy these blog posts, to0:

7 Simple + Fun Activities that Improve Letter Recognition in 5 Minutes

Letter Recognition Assessment: Start Here. Do Not Pass Go.

3 Alphabet Arc Activities that Boost Letter Recognition (Fast)


If you’d like to try out the alphabet arc I use, CLICK HERE to grab yours for FREE.


9 Fun Versions of the Alphabet Song to Sing with Kids

Learning to sing the alphabet song is an important part of the process of  learning letter recognition on the journey to reading and writing. While I am pretty sure we all know the traditional alphabet song, these super cool versions are lots of fun and fabulous for bringing the letters of the alphabet to life for preschool, kindergarten and early elementary/primary aged children.

The Alphabet Song by The LMNOPs: An upbeat, groovy version of the classic song.

The Alphabet Song by Super Simple Songs: The most traditional version of the song in this collection with a great animation with plastic letters, great for encouraging kids to follow along.

Elmo Sings a Rap Alphabet Song: So Sesame Street has to have the most fabulous of all video alphabet resources, right?!! I’ve featured a few here, including this fun version with Elmo rapping.

ABC Disco with Grover: Now this is classic Sesame Street. In fact, I am pretty sure I first saw it in the 70s when I was a child! You just can’t go past disco!

Sesame Street’s Outer Space ABCs: A more classic song version from Sesame Street with a cool, space themed animation.

ABC Song by Debbie Doo: Debbie sings a catchy jazz version of the classic alphabet song.

The ABC Song by StoryBots: A fun robot animation with cool robotic singing voices.

ABC Phonics Song by The Learning Station: Teaching the alphabet through different musical styles! Love the rock version.

Animal Alphabet by Key Wilde: An fun alphabet story told through a song about fun animal antics with gorgeous illustrations. I can see this inspiring some great alphabet animal drawing with older children.

Have fun singing the alphabet! Do you have a favourite version?

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Christie Burnett is a teacher, presenter, writer and the mother of two. She created Childhood 101 as a place for teachers and parents to access engaging, high quality learning ideas.

English alphabet song

Acquaintance with a new language for us always begins with learning the alphabet. This is the basic foundation, without knowing which it is simply impossible to start the process of mastering any foreign language. The first part of the text will introduce you to the number of letters in the English alphabet, their spelling, pronunciation and correspondence to Russian sounds. The second half of the material will help memorize the English alphabet, a song about which is learned in just a few minutes, but remains in memory for many, many years, and also makes it easier to learn new vocabulary.



  • English letters: spelling and pronunciation
  • English alphabet song to learn
    • ABC Song
    • Learn the alphabet from the names of animals and objects
    • ABC Song level 2
    • “I song 0 song 0 song 8
    • The jungle is called

English letters: spelling and pronunciation

English written symbols are borrowed from the ancient Latin language. In total, the alphabet contains 26 letters, 5 of which represent vowels, 20 are consonants, and a unique letter y can be both a vowel and a consonant in different words. Let's get acquainted with the pronunciation of letters, and a song about the English alphabet, which we will listen to in the second part of the lesson, will help to perfect it.

You may have noticed that many letters have similar endings. This greatly facilitates their memorization, since the entire alphabet is easily rhymed into verses that are suitable for both kids and adults. And if you put cheerful and perky music on them, you get a real song about the English alphabet. Over the years of the existence of the language, many such rhymes have been written by a variety of authors: eminent writers, school teachers who used this technique to effectively teach their class, as well as just lovers of the English language and craftsmen to write poems.

English alphabet song to learn

It's no secret that the brain perceives clearly structured and easily understandable material better. Therefore, when working with children, teachers often use visual aids and musical performances. A song about the alphabet will help to quickly learn the material not only for a child, but also for an adult. Moreover, the choice of compositions is quite wide. The easiest option is to melodically pronounce the alphabet in order. Moreover, this can be done in a sing-song voice to calm music or a quick transfer to an accelerated pace.

ABC Song

This abc song about the English alphabet is one of the most popular in English speaking countries. It is suitable for teaching the alphabet to the smallest kids, because it has the simplest text and a calm musical motive.

Text Pronouncing
A B C D / E F G / AY Bi SI DI / and EF JI /

047 Q R S /T U V / W X Y Z /

QARS / T Yu V / Double-U X / WZ
Now / I know / my ABC / Now I know / my ABC / Now I know / my ABC
Next /time/won't/you/sing/with me? Next Time Won't Wowyu Sing Wiz Mi?

Learn the alphabet from the names of animals and objects

This children's song will explain the English alphabet to preschoolers and younger students by matching letters with the names of words. Thus, the guys will learn new words and remember the alphabet. However, this song about the alphabet will be very useful for those people who decide to start learning the language already in adulthood.

Text Pronouncing Translation of words
Apple / Ball / Cat / Dog / EPL / CAT / DOG / Apple / MACH / DOG / DOG /
ELEPANT / Fish / Gorilla / Hat / Elephant / Fish / Gorilla / Hat / Elephant / Fish / Gorilla / Hat /
Igloo/ Jacket / Kangaroo/ Igloo / Jacket / Kangaroo 8 / 900 ice) / Jacket / Kangaroo /
Lion / Monkey / Nose / Lyon / Manki / NOUS / Leo / Monkey / Nose /
Octopus / Question / QUESH / PIG / PIG / KIUSTOSH / KIUSTOSH / KIUESTSHYS Question /
Rabbit / Sun / Tiger / Tiger / Rabit / San / Tiger / Rabbit / Sun / Tiger /
Umbrella / VILIN / WATCH / FO x / / / Watch / Fox / Umbrella / Violin / Watch / Fox /
Yo-yo / Zipper. Yo-yo / Zieper. Yo-yo / Zipper (on clothes). ABC Song level 2

This is a real alphabet song in English. Her text consists not only of individual words, but also of phrase combinations. And in the chorus, the alphabet abc is listed as a refrain.

9ATH W - / a woman in the wood /
Text Pronouncing Translation of words
A - / A Apple / AE - / ENPL / Apple /
B - / A BAT / BET / E BAT / E BAT / E BAT / E BAT / E BAT / E BAT Bat /
C - /a clever city cat / C - / a clover city cat / Smart street cat /
D - /a dog8 / and 904 Great Dane / End Dog / and
I - /an iceberg very far / Ai - / en iceberg / very far / Iceberg very far /
J - / a jinni in the jar. Jay e jini in the jar. Jin in a can.
Chorus: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z.
K — / a kite / and Kei — / e kite / end Kite / and
L - / a log / L - / a log / Log /
M - / a monster on the mop / mop /
N - / a net / and En - / en net / end Network / and
O - / an ox / Oy - / en ox 40 9047
P - / a postman with a box / Pi - / a postman with a box / Postman with a box /
R — / a ruby ​​in the ring / Ar — /e ruby ​​in the ring / Ruby in the ring /
S — / in the sea / in the sea / in the sea / seagull Es - / e sigal / in ze si / Seagull in the sea /
T - / a tiger in a tree. Tee - / e tiger in a three. Tiger on a tree.
Chorus: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z.
U - / A UFO / Yu - / EFO / UFO /
V - / A Van / VEN / E Wen /
Double-u / e woman in the wood / Woman in the forest /
X - / an X-ray / Ex - / en ex-ray / X-ray /
Y - / a yak / Y - / a yak / Yak /
Z - / a zebra in the zoo. Zed - / e zebra in ze zu. Zebra in the zoo.
Chorus: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z. (2 times).

Rap song

Fans of fast and cheerful recitative will like this song about the English alphabet. This composition will also allow you to replenish your English vocabulary: letter enumerations alternate in the song with colloquial phrases.

9047 play football every day/
Text Pronouncing Translation of words
/ A, B, C, D, E / / He Bi SI SI SI SI SI SI SI SI SI SI SI SI SI SI SI SI SI SI SI SI SI SI SI SI SI SI SI SI SI SI SI SI SI SI SI SI SI SI SIETIS IS AIDE / Stand up and look at me / / Stand up and listen to me /
/ F, G, H, J, K / / FG HJK /
/ i play football every day / / I play football every day /
/ K, L, M, N, O / / K L M N O /
/ I like cake, oh oh oh / / I like cake oooh / / I like cake, oooh /
/ P, Q, R, S, T / / PQ RT /
/ Hey, people! Listen to me / / Hey people! Listn to mi / / Hey people! Listen to me /
/ U, V, W, X, Y, Z / / Yu Wee Double-U Ex Wye Z
/ The alphabet is in my head. / The alphabat is in may head. / The alphabet is in my head.

Song "I can sing"

Another way to express the English alphabet in poetry for children. Let's add light and cheerful music to this text - and we get a new song about the English alphabet.

Text Pronunciation Translation of words
/ A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K , L, M / / ABC D E F G H.I.K.L.M /
/ I can sing the alphabet / / I can sing the alphabet / / I can sing the alphabet / / Ken yu do the seim ?/ / Can you also? /
/ I can sing the alphabet / / I can sing the alphabet / / I can sing the alphabet /
/ I`ve got it in my head! / / Ai have goth it in may head! / / I have it in my head! /
/N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z. .

The jungle is calling

This song will help to turn language learning into an exciting journey to the rainforests and have fun explaining the English alphabet to children.

904 until35 9004 play7 it's time for bed.
Text Pronouncing Word translation
/ A, B, C, D, E / / He Bi SI SI SI SI SI si si di and /
/ i'M in the Jungle Inngle Inn a coconut tree/
/ Do you want to come and play? / / Duo wont to come and play / / Do you want to come and play? /
/ K, L, M, N, O, P, Q / / K L EM N O P Q /
/ I will bring a friend or

two /

V / / RST Yu Vi /
/ A zebra and a chimpanzee / / E zebra and e chimp / / Zebra and chimpanzee /
/ W, X, Y, Z / / Double-U X Wye Z /
/ Wee wheel play antil it's time for bad. / We will play until sleep (night).

Choose the song you like and sing along to the performers! After a few listenings, you yourself will be surprised at your knowledge and perfectly practiced pronunciation. In addition, while learning new vocabulary, you can return to these compositions and replace words in the text with other rhymes. This method is very effective and useful, because you will always remember the English alphabet, and with the edited song, you can also quickly and easily memorize new words. English can and should be learned without boredom! Improve your knowledge, involve your children in a foreign language and learn the English alphabet with funny songs. Successes in development!

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with movements, funny, melodious, about animals, about the alphabet. In our article you will find options for developing songs for children from six months to five years

After the birth of a baby, starting from six months, he can already sing songs that have a positive effect on his emotional state and mental development. First, these are small quatrains that are sung while communicating with the child. With age, songs take on more and more emotional coloring and play a teaching role. In our selection you will find options for such songs for young children.

Contents of the article

  • Educational songs for children from 0
  • Songs for babies 1 2 years old
  • Educational songs for children 2 years old
  • Educational songs for children 2-3 years old
  • Educational songs for children 3 years old
  • Cars educational song for children
  • Traktor educational song for children
  • Educational songs for children 5 years old
  • Educational songs for children about animals
  • Song about the alphabet for children

Educational songs for children from 0

From the infancy of a child, each parent tries to talk to him more, read short poems, sing songs, despite the fact that he, it would seem, still does not understand anything. Meanwhile, emotions, tone, intonations have a favorable effect, they create a feeling of comfort, security and warmth in the baby. Prerequisites are formed not only for the perception of speech, but also for its mastery. There are many different songs for the youngest children, they must be sung for the intellectual development of the child. Mom's voice attracts the attention of the baby, he begins to listen to the words that contribute to the creation of positive emotions in him.
Songs can be drunk while performing any actions, while bathing, when going to bed, dressing the baby.

bath song

After six months, the child can already hold his head and sit. All his movements are also recommended to be accompanied by songs.

stomp your feet with your hands clap your hands

rattle you toy

like our cat has ears on top

ghouls ghouls bunnies

sleep songs

While sipping, the baby is also sung a song or a rhyme, stretching out the sounds. The baby will highlight the vowels in his mother's voice.

morning sips

And, of course, all children sing lullabies from early childhood. They soothe and allow you to fall asleep faster. Over time, the child gets used to the singing mother and falls asleep without difficulty, because the main person in his life is nearby.

sleep songs

bye bye my dear

Songs for kids 1 2 years old

Usually kids after a year perceive short and simple songs very well. You should not only sing, but also play with the child at the same time, so that he develops fine motor skills of hands, ear for music, speech and imagination. By imitating you and making movements to the music, he is more aware of various roles and situations.

children's songs with movements for toddlers

spiny hedgehog rolling

our ducks in the morning quack quack

the deer has a big house he looks

song clap hands

song for kids where are our pens

our ducks in the morning

a horse walks along the bank

chicken ryabushechka where did you go

Educational songs for children 2 years old

When a baby grows up, he learns with interest everything that happens around him. The songs may contain stories about animals, nature, toys.

children's song about winter

ball song

songs for 2 years with movements

children's songs about cars

song little bird

song bunnies and carrots

song two horses

song funny little mouse

song about matryoshka

children's song about a doll

Educational songs for children 2-3 years old

From the age of two, children memorize everything they hear and repeat what they hear aloud. Thus, they develop speech and thinking. At this age, songs should be melodic with a richer plot. If you do not know the motive for the verses below, you can choose your own melody, which you like best.

easy children's songs: about the cockerel, about the sun. chicken, about a cow, a cat, about a Christmas tree, about a sparrow, nursery rhymes

Educational songs for children 3-4 years old

A three-year-old child already speaks well and is able to perceive more complex song plots. It is important to select such texts that have an emotional coloring, talk about what he is familiar with. For example, children of this age know how to wash themselves, a song about hygiene will come in handy, with its help you can turn this activity into a meaningful action. We recommend that you teach your child songs about animals and what sounds they make.

10 songs for children: in the morning, children wash their faces, who knows how to wash cleanly, classics of the classics the main game, a steam locomotive rides, a frog jumps, a buzz beetle, a prickly hedgehog lived in the forest, a horse jumps merrily, a pipe, gnomes

Cars educational song for children

Many children know songs from the popular music show "Kukutiki". It was created for preschoolers who are just beginning to explore the world and is educational in nature. In the song below, children sing about the most important company cars that a child should know about.

Tractor educational song for children

A song about a tractor, also from Kukutikov. In an interesting and cheerful form, it sings not only about a driving tractor, but also about animals that it meets on the way. It is important that the child, by the sounds that the animal makes, knows what it is called.

Educational songs for children 5 years old

Children at the age of five have well-developed cognitive skills, many of them can already be taught to read. At this age, the child is more attentive and learning songs with him is a pleasure. And the benefits of this are obvious, he replenishes his vocabulary and discovers something new.

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